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    MONDAY, JUNE 18, 1917..
bclLl ' THERE'S
mi-u) I SfeS a euy" sign fflyes
lXi&i 3 Stop at the Red Crown Vr&&i
Stop at
Ei'211 for
uniform g asoline. Makes the engine
eager, full of life. Look for the Red
Crown sign.
Pclarine Oil prevents scored cylinders;
lessens engine wear.
-."-ft. f-.s' I
Satu.?.hy night, a i!.'$?3ge. en
tn-.DiiHi uiVn" ItoYt (list
r f .Taciiie junction was! disccvj.J.-tD.
i o e:i fi;c rkerviy afit-v midnight, -anil a
hury-up mi! v;; .--i-::t to thi- city for
a foi-c-o :f sot lien men to aisi.-t in
;t:ir;r the liro :.t. Thvre was not a
jritat tf uam:::;-'o tlonc to tho
i-i i.'iif, alth: uo;h a r.umlKr of the tics
an I .-trii'.rcv.-- wcro ta-tly ch::; ''e-il by
t!o.' 1 !ar.o Lcfo: e they could be cx-th.L'iil-Iie
l. The t. irin tf the fire
i-O'.ris to be P'y.-ierioas as tl blaze
was in a place whore there Va no
iff Ms that inlht haive caught from
s-narks, and tlie fact that there was
Ti" a;j artnt way for th lite to have
i-'tarl'.'d sttni- to h.aicate an incendia
ry mi;vin ft-r the file.
Soar Sloniach.
1 r.i-
a rnihl form of indiirostin.
It is u-;ua'Iy broairht on by too
r.."Mjy or too, or of food not
M.iu-d to year (".icstive or;rans. If
you will tat slowly, niastieate your
fi.Mfi th-'roughly, eat but little meat
and none at all for su;; .-or, you will
raoro than lively avoid the four stom
ach without takinir and medicine what
ever. When y.u have four stomach
take one of Chamberlain's Tablets to
aid. digestion.
T. V. Vahery deiart:.'d this morn
iv : ft: - Omaha in company with his
po'i-hidaw, V.'ao'e Portt-r of Creighton,
whu is f-pendir. a short time at the
Vailcry home, together with his family.
! 1 f :Vj5i :TiAir fTr . ..r-,:LSjTr-rl-f.l
-vji-: ' vn. .vtt-'--.? t't' f Vr. "fifr iff jf
1 liead your car toward the repair shop. Use
''f.i fiictic
f- 5 !
t " Or -ic-ilicn. every drop. Krer s all the power eating up the mile.
-r: ;;cn and over-hf atinj. Adds years to the life of your motor.
k P Polarine sinn it marks a reliable dealer and a safe place
'' Crown Gasoline, the power-full motor fuel.
r St fi
1 .
f 4
AJ.i.i. ,38
ivk ";tv ISS
the Red Crown
clean, powerful,
I2 W
married at Chester.
Card.-- have been received in this city
r.nnouncir.e; the marriujre at the home
of the bride';- parents in Chester, Neb.,
of ?.!iss Ella Mathilde Crouse and Mr.
EIrr.t r Youtr'.y of Lincoln. The jjroom
is a son of Rev. and Mrs. D. A.
Vcutzy, and for a number of years
: Sif,UM . 1u this city. The yeun;? .po
.iit;i reside l: th'e-futur at Ilin
eoln, where the groom is employed.
Sat v.; day afternoon, D. C. Morjran,
recorder of Trio lodge, No. 84, A. O.
U. Y, turned over to Mrs. Frank
Ikinkman the warrant for $2,000,
which amount was due on the life in
surance of her husband, who was
billed in the Burlinjrton yards in this
ciiy some - two months ago. This
amount is in full settlement for the
amount of the insurance policy.
The Woodmen of the World will
give another of their pleasant social
dances Saturday evening, June 23d, at
the M. W. A. hall, and to which the
public is very cordially invited to be
present.. The muie will be furnished
by the Plattsmouth orchestra.
At Coates hall, Saturday
night, June 23d, given by the
Cosmopolitan club. Music by
TT. 11. 1 . .
nony s orcnestra. Admission,
gents ."Oc, ladies free. Come
and enjoy a pleasant evening.
X-I-W- -ii:- s
(Nebraska OMAHA
13 iria a a o
l ?i w' . r W Wn mm n mm mm a
Tom W. Allen'sf Shows Did a Good
Business and Furnished Much
Merriment to Our People.
After a week of merriment and
mirth the city has resumed its usual
grind and the joys of the carnival are
only a fond memory to the inhabitants
of the city. The Tom W. Allen shows
closed their engagement here Satur
day evening after one of the most
successful week's in their tour of Ne
braska, and during which time they
have had fine weather conditions, for
the first, time since hitting into this
state. The fire department will realize
as the result of their share of the
proceeds of the carnival something
like $37.r, that will be applied on a
fund to purchase a chemical engine
for the use of the city.
The stay of the Allen company in
this city has been a very pleasant
one both to the members of the shows
and to the public, as every one of the
people with the carnival company
proved to be perfect ladies and gen
tlemen in every sense of the word, and
their departure was much regretted
by all those with whom they came in
The attendance at the carnival Sat
urday night was the largest of any
evening and the streets were packed
with the merry throng to spend the
last few hours in taking in the sights
of the big show. It was close to the
midnight hour when the last attrac
tions closed their doors, and the sight
seers wended their way homeward.
The carnival company departed at
9:15 yesterday morning for Red Oak.
Ia., where they will appear this week
under the auspices of the Elks' lodge
of that city.
Each and every one of the mem
bers of the staff of the Allen com
pany have been most pleasant while
here, and especially Mrs. T. W. Ro
deckci", press representative, and Mr.
Sydney Landcraft, special agent of
the company, who were frequent and
pleasant visitors at the Journal of- j
The people of Red Oak can rest as
sured that they will have nothing to
regret in booking the Allen company
for ther city.
The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Pres
byterian church will be entertained
by Mesdames Robert Troop and W. T.
Adams, at the home of Mrs. Troop to
morrow, Tuesday afternoon, at 2:30.
This will be the last business meeting
as the ladies will not hold meetings
during the summer months. Every
body invited.
Cholera Morbus.
This is a very p&inful and dangerous
disease. In almost every neighbor
hood someone has died from it before
medicine could be obtained or a phy
sician summoned. The right way is
to have a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic
and Diarrhoea Remedy in the house so
as to be prepared for it. Mrs-:. Charles
Enyeart, Huntington, Ind., writes
"During the summer of 1011 two of
my children were taken sick with
cholera morbus. I used Chamberlain's
Colic and Diarrhoea Remmedy and it
gave them immediate relief."
Yesterday morning Nick Vogtanz,
Joe Rek and Martin Sekarla, three
residents of Omaha, were caught' joy
riuing in an automobile down the
sdiewalk leading down high school
hill just about the time the church
going public were en route home.
Chief of Police Barclay placed the gen
tlemen under arrest and brought
them down to the city jail, where they
arranged to furnish a casdi bond for
their appearance this mornirg. When
Judge Archer , opened court today the
three gentlemen Ave re missing from
the court and bonds were declared
forfeited to the city and the treasury
enriched thereby. The police are de
termined that the ordinances and laws
covering the driving of motor vehicles
be observed and thai those who violate
them are punished as their offense de
Cheap, for cash, if taken at once
My home place in Cedar Creek, Neb.;
3-room house, electric lights, cellar
under house; fdur latflall fenced tight,
good "well; oneT lotlttft in small fruit
trees. Good clear title. S. J. Reams,
Cedar Creek, Neb. 6-18-2v,-ks-wkly
Upright piano in perfect condition.
Price $75. Inqitire vt Avrd Sz McLean
Yesterday was observed by the I.
O. O. F. and Daughters of Rebekah
of this city as memorial day, when
the members of the two fraternal
organizations tendered a tribute of
remembrance to the members passed
away to their reward. In the morn
ing the committee from both lodges
visited Oak Hill cemetery, where
sleeps so many of the former mem
bers and friends, and with tender
hands places on the graves the ilow
ers of remembrance and love.
The memorial service of the Odd
Felows and Rebekahs was held at
2:30 in the afternoon at the lodge
rooms and was very beautiful and im
pressive to all of the members pres
ent. The oflicers of the I. O. O. F.
had charge of the service anil the
ceremony was one of great impres
siveness as the members tendered
their tribute of loving memory to
those who have passed before them
ini:o the mysteries of the hereafter. A
short address on the ritualistic work
of the order was given by F. II.
Steimker, one of the oldest members
of Platte council, and the eulogy of
the occasion delivered by M. S. Rriggs
who gave a very beautiful outline of
the principles of Odd Fellowship and
its effect upon the life of those who
were heart and soul members of the
order and allowed its fraternal ideals
to govern their daily walks of life.
Those of the fomer members of the
order now sleening in Oak ilill ceme
tery are W. Ik Shryock. Eli i.'a.-der,
Ik C. Kerr, M. Schivollbachcr, Jesse
Fox. A. John.-rn, Charles S. I)t'cker,
M. McElwain, ShepV"-d Duke, S M.
Chapman. John Thompson, Harry
Ilov.iand. Henry Martens. O. C.
Smith, Wiiliam Her. 'Id. A. II. I lager,
Ntls Argard. S. If. Fi.-her. K. K.
Parmele. Edward St a mm. John Wha
ler, John (ieiger. L. C. Andets.m, 1).
II. Wbe.k-r, John I'rod-crirh, Levi
(loltting. R. J. Ik Tatt,
C. S. T'vi.-s, William
Wynm C. M.
V. D. ThrVs. Horry Thirrolf,
Sucre. II. C. .Miller, Peter
Prn Saturdays T.-;?:.
at a.
c o'lkim and
ha, who v.-ere
(-;'. id iy I.) .'
br'v,i'-!it to
t the charge
Nick Mi-ivy
ar'-ftcd in
Sherilf (v
io. ( i Or.:
taat t:iV
to am
o. .-laving stolen int
r r.
Richavd,..;u fro:.-. N.
:'tre L
T h u : : - d :. y evening,
ye.-.tcrd.iV afternc n
J.uhj; Allen J. Rreror
h.-.ving- stole;! the car
value of t;-e :iU?o ::1 i
e arraigned
the court of
"i ; ci'i.rce ( f
d .-rrf iv -c tko
s ;:n of 20.
The two men "( .',..!
or iv
guilty and on
e ve '.once
.t it was
si'flirient to bind them over.
cordin'.dy the two men were put u.:dt
bonds of fU.'M'O each for ttvir ai
pearance in ui.-tnei court. 1 no aato
mobile ha:; been returned to Mr. Rich
ardson ami the authorities are con
fdent that thev have ' ecu.ed the two
men who committed the ;,ct"of tat
the car, as thov were :ccn hero
Thursday evening by several persor
loth are well known cr.a ratters
around the Third ward in Omaha.
From S:it unlay's I'iiii.v.
Reports from the l;edside of AndceAV
Dill this afternoon are to the effect
that he has grown a great deal weaker
and the general condition cf the pa
tient gives but little hope of his re
coA'cry, and from present indications
the end is not far off.
Has a Good Opinion of Chamberlain's
"Chamberlain's Tablets arc a Avon-
der. I ncAer sold anything that beat
them," Avrites F. 13. Tressey, Rich
mond, Ky. When troubled Avith indi
gestion or constipation give them a
Fred Westlake and John and Her
man Smith Avere in the city Saturday
evening from the Aicinity of Nehawka
to look after some business matters.
Charles Schomaker and Avfe and son,
Albert, and John Wiles and wife from
near Nehawka, were irrthe city Satur
day cA-ening to enjpy a short visit and
take in the closing hours of the car
Miss Florence Rummell departed
Saturday afternoon for Peru, where
she will enter the summer school work
at the state normal school.
- liter -
Wc sell for
Local Mem?
From Fi ii:;
Harris, of Ud-n. w:
s :.i
V w
aiterroon ;-'r a
I'AU-v .'-mc busi:
lu,u:v. "
ink (iortcn of Danbar, Neb., mo-
torcd up this morning from his homo
to look after a few business matters
and to call on his old friends.
W. S. Smith and wife of Murray
wcio in the city last evening for a
few hours Aisiting with relatives and
fronds anil taking in the sights of
the. carnival.
Jack Pattt rson ..f the Hank of Un
ion, Avas in the city for a few hour.;
to, icy visiting with relatives an ;
:':'e als and looking after seme mat
ters of hurdiies. "
Adam Hlld came up Ikis morning
fi cr.i hi:; home r.ear My nurd to spend
a :-hort time vk iilng Avith rclaii'.es
ar.u ir:enis aru lov'-nng alter some
matters of buslr.c-s.
J. (J. Lo' eanie in this m- 1
; 1 e
ro. ins nome west ol tr.e citv aru e-
jariod i,n the early Uurlington trair
ft:- Omaha, v. here l:e was called to se-
cure some
1 opr.
for his farm ma-
Mrs. Glen Yadcry went to Omaha
Tuesday morning to be Avith her sis
ter, Mrs. Harve Gregg, who was to
be operated on that day at the Im
manuel hospital. Mrs. Gregg has been
in Aery poor health for the pa.-t year.
Maivin Allen departed this after
noon for St. Louis to meet his daugh
ter) Miss Annabel!, Avh.o is returning
from Nashville, Ter.n., and Avill spend
the summer here. Mrs. Allen accom
panied her husband as far us Omaha.
II. K. Keil of Altcna, S. D., ar
rived in this city yesterday afternoon
for a rhort Ah-it Avith relative.? and
fiiends. lie was a pleasant caller at
ths ofl'.ce, and Avhile here had his sub-
criation extended for another vcar.
Mr. Keil .-tates that the cror" in
South Dakota are looking much bet-
tor tlian in this vicinitv.
He also
stated that near Sioux City, many
fields Avere covered with water.
C. E. Ht-im, John Spanglcr and J.
O. Ward of Loui-ville motored to
this city yesterday afternoon to at
tend to some business matters and
visit friends for a rhort time. While
here Mr. Hoim called at this oflice
aad had the subscription of the pa-
In the matter of the Estate of Lota
Oldham Moore, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that in pur
suance of an order of James T. Bog
ley, judge of the district court of Ca sr;
County, Nebraska, made mi the ISth
day of June, A. D., 1917, for the sale
of , the real estate hereinafter de
scribed, there will be sold at the south
front door of the Court House in
Plattsmouth, Cass County, Nebraska,
on the 10th day of July, A. D., 1017, at
11:00 o'clock a. m. of said day, at pub
lic vendue to the highest bidder for
cash, the following real estate, to-
Wlt: .
Lots nine a&1lj"!) and 10) in
block eleven ( 1 la&JwiJth Park addition
to the City of .Plattsmouth, Cass
County, Nebraska. Said sale will re
main open one hour.
Dated June lth. 1017.
Executor of the Estate of Dora Old
ham Moore, deceased.
Wash Tub Troubles
HER E is a wash(suit that takes the grief out of
summer wash togs. It is made of a very excel
lent galatea cloth in either plain white or plain
blue. Each has two separate extra trims which can be
washed separately. For instance the white has one blue
and one tan trim besides the white. The blue suit has
one white and one tan besides the blue. The trim con
sists of separate collar, belt and cuffs which are easily
You know how difficult it is to get the dirt out of while
without boiling it. This plan enables you to do so
without fading the contrasting color. The price of this
garment is $2.45 or about 85c each for 3 different suits.
e sna ke glad to demonstrate this suit to you. If
you cannot come 10 ine stoic piiunu io. uu emu
will gladly bring a suit to your home for your inspection.
less be-
glTS ca :?se
per going to Theo Ileim at Louisville
extended for another y-ar, and had
his name placed on our list in order
that lie might be kept posted on
happenings throughout the county.
From S.itMi-ilny's IV.ily.
Miss Rose Mae Creamer Avas amang
those going to Omaha this afternoon
for a visit of a feAV hours.
Frank Yakery of Murray was in
the city for a feAV hours today look
ing after some matters of baoiness.
G. P. Mcisinger, jr., came in this
morning from his farm homo to lock
after some trading Avith the mer
chant.". James Tei ryberry came in ycater
day afternoon to spend a feAV hours
looking after seme trading Avith the
Miss Margie Walker of Murray
in "the city last cVening visiting Avith
friends an' enjcyiig the pleasures
of the cai nval.
J. L. Smith of near XohaAvka came
up this morning from his home anil
departed on the afternoon train for
Omaha to look after some business
A. A. Weter.kamp of near Mynard
came i;i this afternoon from his home
and departed on the afternoon Bur
lington train for Omaha, to spend a
few hours.
John W. Chapman returned this aft
ernoon from Montana, where- he has
been for the past Aveek preparing to
engage in farming in that state, and
the family will at once arrange to
move to that locality.
Frank Ii. Johnson and son, Wal
ker, of near Weeping Water, motored
up last eerdng from their home to
spend the day at the J. W. Johnson
home and 'n their return home Avere
accompanied by Mrs. J. W. Johnson
for a short visit.
lummer is
Why not have
fort with it?
ciomcs com-
1 . 1
Dressy clothes don't mean
that you must feel "all dressed
We're now displaying the new sum
mer models from
We have some nobbv hVht weight
woolens, in ir-0-Weave or Palm
Beach fabrics.
And they are all tailored up to the
excellent Kuppenhcimer standard.
In woolens $22.50 to $35.00
In Air-O-Weave or Palm Beach $10
to $10.
s sens
we buy for less!
J. W. Holmes. Avife and son, Mr.
and Mrs. C. A. RaAvIs and Mr. and
Mis. Ii. G. Rawls and little daughter
were in Murray yesterday for the
day, visiting at the home of Mr. and
.Mrs. W. S. Smith.
Paul MeDri.le came down from
Omaha to enjoy a visit in this city
with his relatives and friends for a
short time. Paul is now awaiting or
der:; to join the navy for service.
Mrs. C. L. Jean and daughter, Mrs.
P.. Ik Lloyd, and Mrs. E. II. Spanglcr
came in this morning from their home
near this city and departed on the
early IJurlington train for Omaha to
speml the day,
Mrs. John Coughlin departed Sat
urday evening for Chicago, AAhere : he
goes to look after some matters in re
gari) la losing her home .there and , ,
removing back to this city to reside.
or- in: m;im, ami jm i:
v.y ruin! in: k u 1 1.1,.
In ;-i- "uii nt - urt tif ;i.s :mt.'
N i.i Mskii.
Stiit.- of NiO.'i'sk.i, 1
t'oOMt of fS. i ss.:
'!"o .-.;! pcrsKii-i o.-ti 'I in too e.- -
t;;:-- of " .mini H. ';0',-i . ! -:is.-l:
):i 1 i-.'iiii r:r ;!.i- of l-'nuin s
A'iill'.v ;n-.i i n tin- in-t: nm i.
jio.-.i in i-:p ;! on ii,t- jjin i:;iy ;
.ih:.-, :.. ;ir,.l u i ntc to !' i,.
will ;tril tt:-t!":o M! of t!i- i, ! ,
:, !. :.:.;- In- im i'Vi il ici'l nKinvn!,
f.-ooi-i.-.l ',, List will Jitiil t.s-
1:-Ml.!t of C.,:!-.ol ii. ",i!!!y. .1. -.-t-l :
I' .if .-.-li.i i i.. t umont In- .-o'.niitttil t
ji ',.;! t . the :i Iministrittion of Miii
tsl.ftc !.o y i ;i !i ' oil to lliit Mei i n.n.f
iilltl I 5 r 111 i M i i n - -. ;S l-X .ill t OIS.
It is !nT' !, oi-'it-icl tliat Vim. iin.l nil
I-'T.-nMi Iti'.-i-!
ci! in
inr'Ttor. ni;iv.
:lVi' li
:i )!ii'' :it tl.i' -onnty '.mt to
in aiol for sai-1 u;i;v. on tin
. of July. A. f. 1'17. Jit I'
A. M.. to s limv rausf. if ntw
'. v. hy tl'. Ir;lVi- of tli,. pi-!:-!o
h!1 not ho UTanti'il. ami that
f tl:- iiiiib-n"-- of .-..ijil iirtitioii
l -o
i (a
t ai-i
ti'lt ic
.'tin! til'1 llf-il I - i 1 1 ii" tloMl
to ail p. i -oTis it-l-i ti 1 in
1 In-, n ivi :i
till ti i-
!t- pu i.-lu .).-- ;i cojiy of 11, is lrdi i- in
t', ! M;i 1 1 .;:no-ii h .! ourti.-' I. a woi-kly
'n- .-p;; jiir -!inli-l in suil oiint, for
t 1 1 1 siM--'ssic wi-i ks jn-jor to .-; ji!
la of ln-.i !-in
Witao.-s in v liainl, ami si itl of sa i.l
court, tiiis 10th ilav of Juno. A. I . i'JIT
(Si:.i.) ai.i.::x .1. r.i:i.s. x.
t'outilv ,i.iV.
T "CI,
Coprriclit 1317
rO .: r Ss
t l.
mm T'S
mi ki
Mm ii
,ik M
' t'A wriMYM. ,?.. ,, ;.rr,.', ; .