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Setting the Stage.
Ili'Iti; aic two interviews
which should be mentioned
here If lor no other reason
than merely because they
were both so entirely the outcome of
Miss Sarah's Christmas party. Neither
of them was lonjr. The last one which
took jilace between Wiekershaui and
the girl lie w;:s to marry was the brief
er of the two. liut her prettily seri
:r.s nrcrument that the 1st of May was
too early a date for their woddiujr in
view of the work which he had to lo
and her own state f unprepa redness
left hiin so white of face that she felt
guiltily sorry for him for many days
to follow felt faultier still at the relief
she experienced when she had estab
lished that reprieve. The other inter
view was longer and took place days
earlier, but it was no more of a delight
to Archibald Wicker sham.
Iexter Allison had returned home al
most a week in advance of his daugh
ter, pleading stress of business, but in
trite of the demands upon his time and
attention he had found it impossible to
forget the ni-ht of the dinner, when he
had watched his daughter's eyes upon
Stephen o'Mara's face.
He had been troubled more than a
tittle .since his Christmas trip to Mor
rison. The niht ;-: fore New Year's
Wickersham was announced at 1. He
was thinking of ISarbara's mother
when he beckoned his guest to a chair,
shook his head over his red cheeks and
offered a cigar.
"Devilish cold weather,", he grunted
none too gia'iously, for he had not
wanted to be disturbed just then.
The younger man admitted that it
was. His mind plainly was not upon
the weather, but l.e found difficulty
in introducing a topic of his own choos
ing. Outspokenness had never been
no of Archie Wickersham's boldest
characteristics, so Allison assisted hini
now. Allison liked a man to be out
spoken. "
"Well." he demanded, "let's hear it.
What's on your mind?"
There are times when hatred will be
tray almost any man. Hatred now led
Wickersham to speak not wisely, but
with venom.
"I want you to refuse to renew your
name on the Hast Coast notes." he said.
"They are duo on the second."
Few men had ever said "I want you
to' to IexUr Allison and. as he put it.
"got away with it to any great ex
tent." And of all nights this one in
particular was the least likely to prove
propitious for such an attempt. That
was Wii'kersham's oversight.
"So:"' said Dexter. "So! Well, now
for your reason."
Wickersham had not learned until
after r.arbam's departure that she was
spending the holidays in Morrison, for
he had himself expected to be away.
And it is only fair to the girl to say
that' she had honestly forgotten to ap
prise him of hor plan, in her real ex
citement at going, but linding it out
for himself had not made the fact any
plcasanter to Wi -kersham.
"It should be clear enough without
explanation" he enunciated each word
nicely 'if you want that road they
are buiiding."
Allison glanced up, surprised at the
tone employed.
"Meaning of course I do," he mused.
"And yet and yet I don't know!"
Tear burned in the tall, thin man's
eyes that night fear that made his
hatred for the absent man who was
teaching him fear anything but a pret
ty thing to watch.
"I've tried to buy off their men." He
was holding himself with an effort that
irfndo hini tremble. "I've held up their
supplies on every track that we con
trol, but they've had the luck with
them. They've made up lost time by
working day and night. I've"
"You've set a drunken fool to steal
his plans," drawled the other with
deadly sarcasm, "like :i second rate
one night stand villain. Don't forget
tr mention that tool" His lounging
lrdy shifted a little.
"Archie do you remember what I
t 'ld you nlnuit that woods rat, as you
called him once? Did I tell you that
he would tight? Well, listen, and listen
closely, while I repeat it for you. He
han't even warmed to it yet!"
Wickersham went yellow- at that, but
his icy self control held firm. He did
not break into vituperation this night,
lis smiled, though his voice was only
it whisper.
Men have dropped out of sight be
lore now in those woods," ho husked.
' I'll win or I'll see that he lies and
rots in one of his own sink holes."
A big
at times
voice is a wonderful weapon
Allison's Looming bass made
Wickersham's threat seem only mean
:id -hollow when the heavy man leap
ed to his feet and shook a finger under
that high bridged nose. 4
"No, you won't!" he snapped. "No.
you wou't! And if I didn't know, after
hearing ou talk, that you tavea't stuff
enough in you to dac;5rcu3 I'd fix
you to you'd be in no condition to
bushwhack anybody for the next six
luontLs. I'm in a bad jnopd toniaht.
Drop "out dTsight.-eh?" You'll play this
fair fair at least as I see it by my
Standards, and they are better stand
ards than yours. You've come dictat
ing to me, ordering me to slip a knife
into their backs. Are you that kind of
a sneak? Did you think I was? Now.
listen again, and listen well, for I
mean "What I say!
"I want that railroad if the man who
is building it is too weak to keep me
from taking it away from him. Hut
if I don't get it on such a basis I'll
know that there is a man at the head
of it who is big enough to take care of
my share of it. Have you got that?
Very well. And now go back to your
melodrama if you want to. Steal his
"It is wonderful wonderful wonder
ful!" men if he will let you. Fight him
every inch of his construction that is
your job and I'll still insist that it is
his fault if he is tardy on the 1st of
May. But it's you and O'Mara from
now on, Archie. I'll be a spectator
now. And, by gad, don't you ever
conic- aear me again with a .request'
that 1 don't you ever let me bear you
threaten that 7ju"
Allison's face was suffused before he
finished, and Wickersham, astounded
past utterance, slid from hi chair
away from that flourishing hand which
had become a fist. It was no scene
to take place between a man and his
prospective son-in-law. liealizing that.
Allison tried to laugh deprecatingly at
his temper.
"Go out and get him, Archie," he in vited.
"I'll be watching, don't doubt
that. And I know how much you
want to win. It's a bigger stake than
most folks realize!"
The same day that more than half of
O'Mara's men went on strike and de
serted to the reserve company's pay
roll the- news reached Allison that a
trainload of laborers had been shot
in to take their places thot-e very
types of laborers which Steve him
felf had warned Elliott would not last
an hour in the event of trouble. For
a week Allison wondered that there
was no clash between the displ.u-ed
men who believed that the river was
theirs alone and this new corps which
Garry Devereau was handling at the
lower end of construction, not by phys
ical prowess, as Fat Joe had ruled,
but just as surely and all because, as
Joe himself put it, he could damn a
i man merely by bidding him good morn
"Honey crossed north today to have
a look at his winter cut," Joe would
observe to his chief at supper at
Thirty Mile, and before the night was
many hours older Allison, too, ii Man
hattan, would have learned by wire in
less picturesque phraseology that
Archie Wickersham was missing no
"They have now finished hauling
their logs to the river," Joe told Steve,
one night after a prolonged scouting
trip. "They are turning their atten
tion to their float dams now."
And when that news was relayed to
the big man who never ceased to
watch he understood why there had
been no violence w hen the - rivermen
went on strike.
It was the bitterest January that
the hill country had known in twenty
years, but mile by mie that month the
twin line of steel crept steadily into
the north under the urgings of Garry's
smooth voice. The snowfall for Feb
ruary broke all records for half that
period, but Steve, with his handful of
men at Thirty Mite, put his piling
down. Amlthen it rained it rained
until small brooks ran torrents and
th? tiver tumbled white and thunder
ous its entire length. 1
The saow went off the last of March
that spring, and the gorges could not
carry away the water. The sun turn
ed summer hot. It burned the higher
ridges dry while the valleys still lar
hidden in flood. It was August tem
perature the third Sunday in April,
when Stephen O'Mara stood and
watched beneath the- glare of kero
sene torches his bridge at Thirty Mil?
go into position between dark and
There was no man among them that
day who did not show upon his face
the strain they had been under. They
were few, they were unshaven ami
dirty and lean as hungry hounds, but
they were the men whom Steve had
once bidden Hardwick Elliott to
watch, once they had begun to seeut
combat. Fat Joe was no longer plump.
Steve was worn down to actual thin
ness. And it would have taken a care
ful eye to have selected the chief from
their ranks that Sunday.
The huge timbers had dropped into
place like bits of jig sawed puzzle. At
3 in the afternoon, too tired both in
body and soul for elation, Steve watch
ed them drive home the last spike and
heart their hoarse effort at a elisor.
He had turned to start toward his
shack, not like a man who knows that
the end of a well nigh hopeless task is
in sight, but like a beaten man. The
1st of May meant more to Steve than
any clause of the Last Coast compa
ny's contract could convey. He had
not had even one letter since he put
her upon her train. Wickersham's iin
pearance on horseback at the head of
the valley, jacking his way around the
flooded meadow, halted him in his
heavy footed climb. A whistle shrill
ed far to the south of them, down the
completed track. And then, after ten
years and more, they were face to face
"That bridge will have to go down!"'
Wickersham was breathing hard, for
all that he had been riding.
going through with
He had dismounted,
"You're a whole
my drive to-
Steve smiled at
week previous.
Wickersham.'' he said wearily. "I'll
be signaling for your first load of logs
in less than sir.ty hours."
Archibald Wickersham wished that
he could have believed it impossible,
for it would have given him couraue
and lent conviction to his stand. I'.ut
he knew just h v fast those few le
maining miles of ojr.-n roadbed would
be spanned. His eyes were furtive.
There was no body to h'.s voire
"My mer. are on the hanks,
blu.-tored. "My first Load of log-:
started down. It's too late to :i
now too late for your promises
none but foo's ever believed."
sure irrevocability of what he v.v.s
ing blanched his clunks. "1
o ruled.
wait for a
mlracl? to be 5 'jr
Mv timber must come out on
flood. v
Stephen O'Mara had whipped hint
once, but men had interfered. This
day chance or d-.-siiny or fate what
ever vou may choose- to call it saved
him from destru
weary mai: who
tioii. The lean .'UK
hail mt been out cf
his ( lothes for three days and thr-. e
nights, save for a plunge in the hy
liver, had taken his first step forward
when the w histle screamed a m ater
She had ' told him that sin? would
come to see the lini-h of hi; ?i;
he had long sin. o st pp:n ;.e !
that. And now when she stocd and
waved her hand at him from the brass
railed observation platform of Ar
son's private car which a switch en
gine, out of patience with the gradu.
was shunting across the lower end of
the clearing he could only stand and
stare dully, no faith in his eyes.
The loud pi;1 id of her father's garb
flashed behind her in the doorway.
"Are you that kind of a sneak?
you think I was?"
Hardwick Elliott's line face .peered
over his shoulder. And Wiekershaui.
who had not seen his fiancee in a
month, had started toward them, sthny
erect in his immaculate habit.
"You should not be here," was all
Steve said to her. "This Is no place lor
He shook hands with the men. me
chanically. Allison quizzical. Elliott
concerned. He went bac k to his bridge.
The water had come up a half foot in
the last few minutes some one Fat
Joe, perhaps told him. It was suck
ing greedily at the piles. And in the
north the ominous murmur had be-"
come a rhythmic- roar.
Wickersham's men were driving the
river. They were singing "Hanigin.
That's Me!"
(To Bo Continue.
Those who bpoke for calves. r,i?asc
call at my home between now and De
cember 1st and get them Some are
registered and some are grades. A.
F. Nickels. ' ll-20-2twkly
mm rr m mrt K Rl B Btfc. -
Anna-Doyle-Davis Held in St.
Louis as Companion of
John J. Davis.
St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 24. The beau
tiful dream ol Mrs. JS.nv.-j. Doyle-Davis
of 2723 Douylas street, Omaha, that
the would retrain her broken health by
an open-air tour of eastern Kansas and
Missouri in an iiutomobile. was shat-
tered to lay when she was arrested in
a room at .'5141 Washington avenue, as
the companion of John Joseph Davis,
1512 Ncith Twenty-eighth street,
Omaha, and Charles English, alias
John Alfred Lewis, whose attempt to
rob a drug store at 3201 Olive street
ycsterclny rr.orninp: resulted in the
death cf the former and the serious
wounding cf his companion.
Mrs. Davis was arrerted in a voi m
which she raid had been occupied by
her and English. In another room,
which she said was used by Murphy,
the police found a satchel containing
a large coil of fuse, several dynamite
caps, a bottle which had apparently
contained r.iti oglycerin and sixteen
cartridges of :'S caliber.
Murphy was shot down in his tracks
during the holdup by Sergeant John
riaharty of the i.aclcde station, and
English, alias Lewis, was ?eiiously
wounded bv "Francis J. Curran, 20
vcars old, night clerk
the drug:
Although th.2 bandits reached St.
Louis, according to the admission of
English and Mrs. Davis, only last Sun
cay afternoon, from the amount of
ammunition found in Murphy's room
the police believe their intention orig
inally wa.; not to do any holdup work,
but devote their attention to safes.
No Relation to Dead Dandit.
iIrs. Davi.--, who claims to be no re
lation to the dead bandit, said she did
not know the men were engaged in
anv unlawful business.
had. met Lngnsh about two rr.omns
' T.
ago in a chop-suey resort in Omaha,
and had seen him two or three times
"We left Omaha a week ago last
Friday,"' said Mrs. Davis. "At the
time English a.d:ed me if I would like
to take an automobile ride to Kansas
City. I had bec-nn poor health, hav
ing gotten out of the hospital only a
short time b?fore, and I thought the
trip would do me ?rood.
"We arrived i?i Kansas City Sunday
evening". English had $:0 when we
left Omaha, and we f-pent four days
in Kansas City. I did not have any
reason to believe that the men were
robbers. English was with me most
of the time and thy never talked
anything like crime before me.
"After remaining in Kansas City
for four days it was suggested that
we go to St. Louis, and we took the
overland trip here, arriving last Sun
day. "We obtained rooms at 3241 Wash
ington avenue.
"When I reached here I decided that
I had made a mistake, and English
told me to go home. I had packed up
my clothes and was ready to depart
Wednesday night, when he induced
me to remain with him a w hile longer.
I did remain over last night, but had
fully made up my mind that I would
go today or tomorrow."
T.Irs. Davis said she was 'married,
but estranged from her husband for
the last two years, during which time
she and her 4-year-old child lived with
her parent-. Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Doyle. She declared that she had not
the faintest idea of the profession of
her companions, believing English to
be the son of wealthy father, who
had promised to "set him up' in busi
ness, as he put it to her.
English remained at the city hos
pital today, a pri?oner. The hotly of
Murphy was unelaimen at the morgue.
Tho police will endeavor to have the
men identified through the Ucrtillion
bureau. Lewis was shot in the back
and is in a serious condition.
Left Omaha Three Weeks Ago.
Mrs. Anna Doyle-Davis left Omaha
three weeks ago. She packed her
trunk and sent it to. the Union depot,
inttndmg, according to relative?, to
leave for Hot Springs, Ark., on an
evening train.
The next the relatives heard of her
was last Saturday, when her mother,
Mrs. Edward Doyle, received a regis
tered letter from Kanras City. In the
letter were the trunk check and some
money to pay storage charges on the
trunk. The mother had the trunk
taken to her home.
In the letter to her mother, Mrs.
Davis wrote that she had taken the
trip by automobile at the last minute,
snd after arriving at Kansas City had
decided not to go on to 'Hot Springs.
She wrote that she would be home in '
a few days.
Mrs. Davis has been ill forseveral
years. Only last September she under
went an operation at the Lister hos
pital, arroidincj to her father.
Davis Was Neighbor.
"I am sure my daughter did not
Know that the automobile was stolen,"
-m ner lathe- last nignt. She did not
hnuw John Davis, who was killed, al
though he lived only a block from
here. She has not been able to climb
up the hill from the car line for a
long time, and I have not seen her
here for more than a year."
John Joseph Davis, the man who
l.ilirn, but if "- loose it is called
was killed, has nine brothers and sis
ters living in Omaha, and his mother,
Mi-s. Hannah Davis, 1512 North
Twentv-eighth street. Charles Kling-
i er,
Dodge street saloonkeeper and
brother-in-law oi me siain man, nas
t f i i i
gone to St. Louis to bring the body
here for burial.
Davis was arrested in Omaha last
April on suspicion of being connected
with a gang of horse and automobile
thieves, but was released because of
lack of evidence. He went to Mon
tana. Neighbors of the Davis family
say that they saw him in Omaha three
weeks ago. the day that Mrs. Anna
Davis left.
The famous old "tow line" of the
Omaha World-Herald that has so ofte:
served to aid many good movements
is now extended in an effort to secui
a CniiMmas treat for the boys o
the Fourth and Fifth regiments doing
patrol dut" on the Mexican border an
already is meeting with a very" gener
ous response. In order that tne
riattsmouth people may have an op
pert unity to get in on the good work
Mr. M. S. I'riggs, the local rep re
sentative of the World-Herald
authorized to take care of all con
tributions that raav be made in the
aid of the Christmas fund. The boy
cn the border should have a big
Christmas dinner as a gift from the
great, state of Nebraska and its citi
;:er.s from their abundance can wcl
fi'ord to contribute a small sum to
push the good work along. Tbes
l.T'.'d young men have given up thei
home life, their business as bieat
winners and their comforts to go to
the front to defend their country am
protect those at home and it is fitting
that thev should be given this little
tribute of affection and good cheer
If you have any sum that you may do
sire to add to the fund that the Worh
ii.r.dd is preparing, call on Mr.
Uriggs'and add your amount to the
Henry Kchne, one of the old resi
dents of the vicinity of Manley, camcj
in this morning on No. 4 to spend -.the
day here visiting with his many
friends in the county scat and to look
after some matters at the court house.
While here Ivlr. Kline found time to
call at the Journal office and renew
his subscription, as well as to enjoy
a short visit with the publisher.
fill N TV i t'.
i ijt ok c ss
I:: re; estates of Iv.ckial W.
AlmeJa Ke-iiri'd , dee-eaxed.
Order l'er lle-nrin.
Now on phis 1Mb day of November.
A. !.. trip!, comes Charles U. Kennedy
and files his petition in llii.-i e-ourt al-le-.j-j-i
, j .,, -.ekial W. K"nn"iiy, a resi
dent aa.l inhabitant of 'ia 1 1 smou I h,
Cavs eounty. Nebraska, ilied intestate
on the I'lth day of January. 1!'", seuz'-d
of the lie simple title- to b three ii!),
block twejUv c'0. Citv of riattsmouth,
of the vaiio- ef'1.00 which was the
l orn -s-e-nd e(" said deceased and 1 is
fp.mUy. and that ti e said deceased left
survivinj? him as bis sole and only
licir.i at taw his widow, Almeda Ken
nedy, and three children known as f..
r;iincb Nortlx-utt. Bertha I.. Crabill
and Charle:- il. Kennedy, all now if
leral as?, end that "no application has
oy.-r been made in the State of Ne
braska, or e-tse-where, for the appoint
ment of an administrator of said es
tate, and that more than two years
have ejaeseil since the de-ath of said
Kekial W. Kennedy: that on the l.".th.
day of September, 1 !')!!, for a valuable
consideration, the three children above
mentioned quit-ela itned all their risrht
ai'fl inl--re-st in the above described real
estate to Almeda Kennedy: that on the
J'.th day of April. l!li. AInie.ia Ken
nedv died intesrate, seized in fee simple
of the above described real estate, ;nd
left, surviving her as her sole and
only heirs, at law tie- three children
above named, wliieli said children upon
the death of said Almeda Kennedy be
came vested with the e-ntire owenersi in
of said nbove described premises: that
the said real estate above described is
wholly exempt from attachment, execu
tion or other mesne process, and is not
liftble for the payment of the elebts of
sa'd decedents, or either of them.
He piavs the court for an eirder fix
inrr time and place for a liearinic upon
raid petition: that the regular ad
oi i p i .-1 rn t i'l'i of said estates, and each
of them, may he dispensed with, and
for findings 'of facts upon the alle-f-cit!of's
in said petition cjntuined, and
for a decree of heirship.
Whereupon if i erdered and adjudged
that said cause be set down for hearing
or. the UOtii 'ay of I'ecember. A. !.,
191f. at the hour of 10 o'clock A. M.
at the County Court Room in th City
rf I'lattsmouth, Cass County, Nebraska,
sind that all persons interested in said
estates mav be untitled of such hearin,?
bv publication of tlds order fer three
sroeessive week-" pi iej.- to said day
hearinp in the
lMattsmouth Journal, a
r published in said
lcyral newspaper
Count v and s-tate. a
ml that if tliey rait
to appear anel e-ontest said petition, the
Ce'Tt may enter a eiecre as abked.
Bv the court.
Judre of County Court cf Cass County.
Ne l.raska.
Attorney for Petitioner, 1021 W. O.
W. Bids-, Omaha.
Mirici; or- ntmt vTK ttv wii.i..
In the County Court of Cass County,
In the Matter of the Instate of Hans
C. Nielsen, deceased.
o William Nielsen, Sophia Nielsen, and
II other persons interested in the es
tate of Hans C. Nielsen, dec-eased.
i on are hereby notified that a petl-
ion lias, been filed in the Count v Court
of Cass eoiir.ty.-Nebraska. itrayintr for
he allowance, and admission to pro-
ale, of a certain written instrument.
now on tile in said Court, purporting to
the lasst will and testament fo said
loceast'd: that a hearing: will be tad
upon said petition, before f.ild Court.
n the County Court Uooin. at Platts-
mouth. in said County, on the 2"ttli day
f November, 191, at the hour of ten
clot k in the forenoon, and if vou fail
appear at said time and place, and
how cause, if anv there be. whv said
iistrument should not bp moved nl-
owed and admitted to probate, as the
m win ami testament ot said de
eascd. arid to show cause, if anv th re
e, why the execution of naid will ml
the administiation of said estate should
",L ce granted, and letters testa
mentary issued to William Nielsen, who in said will, as- executor
ttiei-eot the Court may allow and admit
!-all Will tO Tll-flhnln !r,,l 1..
VieVir.r!,,a,iy f""""". to said William
said estate .-c-im-nu-isi oi
1'atcd this 4th day of November T.tlC
Al.l.KN .1. HKKSON,
u in y .1 mi e.
11-6-:: v.ks weekly.
Id the
UiMtrlct rrl f
C'smn Coil iily.
Adolpli Wesch I'l-Ontiir -i-
Teipel, et al.. defendants Kath"
v-.:, . 1Xo,''' f Sale.'
" ce la iieieny ITlVen. t)i;lt
by virtue i
"i uii vitn-i eiiivieo ,)o tin
October. 11C, bv tl. e i ijst
Cass County, Nebraska
S'oiiiK' en titleel cause. 1. ti' ,.
sole referee appointe-d
wiil on the 27th day ef .'
' 1Mb dav of
rict Court of
in the fore-undersine-il,
said Court,
v e mber. 1!il;
at 10 o clock. A. Al. at
of the Ctiurt J louse
tl'e South door
III ti e I'il v ,.
j ..I l i ii. M i ii, in as eounev, -Nebraska
offer for sale, to the highest bidder' for
cash, all of Lots One (1) and Two i i
in block Kiprhteen ft 8) in Yuuns "&
iiayK -otiamon to riausmoutli, Cass
county, AeorasKa.
Dated: Plattsmouth, October 21. 131C
Atty. for Plaintiff.
10-2u 5 weeks.
i tiii: cdiMi ro i ii r or Tin:
(dl TV !' NhillltskA.
In the matter ef the estate of James
Jl. Cassity, dee-easeet.
-soticp is hereby yive-n to all per
sons interested in the above entitle'd
estate that the administratrix eif said
estate filed her petition asking the court
ta enter its order ascertaining wlio all
ot the heirs of said estate art-, and also
e nte-r its oreler allowing and approv
ins; her final account hle-el with saiel
petition, and for the distribution of the
residue- of the estate in her hands to
such persons us are by law entitled
A hearing on said petitien and ao
eount will be hael at the office of the
County Jndare, I'lattsmouth, Cass
County, Nebraska, on the 7th day of
November, lUKi, at the hour of ter)
o'clock A. M.
Pated this 17th e'av of November,
19 Pi.
Hy the Court.
County Judtre.
At torney.
First publication, Monelay, November
.0. 1H Pi. i week.
in Ke Estate of John Kelly, deceased.
To Mil rv Kelly, wideiw. M;ia ui ' S!ie'.
hnn. John Kelly. Edward Kelly. Nellie
Kelly, William Kelly anel to all persons
int e res ted :
You are hereby notified that a pe
tition has been tiled in the above court
alleging that Jedin Kelly, a resident n-id
inhabitant of the Countv of Cass, Ne
braska, died teyfate eiri (letohor ti. P'Ti.
and i oi.uest in:; that an i est rn men t died
therewith be allowe-d as the last will
and testarne-nt of said deceased, and ad
mitted to probate and that Letters
testamentary Issue to Alary Kelly and
William Sheehan. respectively namei
executrix ar.d executor thereof: that a
hearing will be had upon said petition
at the office- eif t lie County Judjre, Court
House. Pin. tt smou t h, - Cass County, Ne
braska, em Iiecember Jltli. 1916, at
o'clock A. M. before which hour all ob
jections thereto must be filed and at
which time orders will be entered in a-
eoroanee with the findings ef the e-ourt
Hy the court this 10th day of Novem
ber, a. i)., iyp;.
County Jtnlfre
W. A. Hobe-i (soon,
- ttorne-y.
First publication. Nov. '0, 1916. .". wks.
i.i;;i, Minn:.
In the Ctimity inrl.
State- ef Nebraska,
County "f Cass.
In the Matter of the
Kurtz, ''ecease-d.
Estate of Adam
Neillee of I'liuil Svt t Irriien I.
All persons interesteei in said estate
are hereby notified that o-i the- lttl
day of November, lit Hi, Adam M. Kurtz
tio-o his petition in said County Court,
praying that bis final administration
aceeoint filed herein be- setl'ed and al-lotti-il,
that he be discharued from his
trust as administrator, and that the
real estate and the residue- of the pe-r-sonal
property be asitrn"d to tl per
sons entitled thereto by law. Th:tt a
hi-arinfr will be had upejn said re-'Mt
ami petition befeoe- this Court in the
Court House, at Plattsmo-.ith. in said
County, on the 11th day of Iiecember,
Ptpi, and that if yon fail t' appear be
fore said Court on said llth eliy of
December. P.Uei. at ten o'e-lock A. M. and
contest saiel petition, the Court mav
arrant the- prayer ef said petition and
make sue h either and further orders,
allowances and decrees as t'i this
Court may seem proper, te the end that
all matters perta In iiK te srald estate
may be finally settled and determined.
Witness m band and the seal of the
Countv Court ef said Countv this pith
day eif November, A. 1 1.. Hi Pi.
County Jude.
( Seal, i
First publication November I'O, 1 D Hi.
Milk in Winter.
Why do your cows give less milk
in winter than they do in summer?
Just because nature doe3 not sup
ply them with grasses and "jreen
food. But we have come to the as
sistance of Dame Nature with B. A.
Thomas' Stock Remedy which con
tains the very ingredients that the
Krcen feed supplies in season, only,
of course, in a more highly concen
trated form. .We guarantee that this
remedy will make your cows give more
mjij- and better milk with the same
j '
t teed.
H. M. Soennichsen.
Puis & Gansemer.
CREAM. 37c,
at Dawson's sore,
Mi rn i; in ici:iiii iit.
of Nebraska,
In County our.
In tie mutter of l he estate of Harmon
Best or, deceased.
Notice is heieby uiven to tie- clcdil
ors of s;i id deceased that In ai iims will
be lu.ii inion claim Tib-d dtrainst mid
estate, before me. County .linie of ';ts
County. Nebraska, at the County t'-oirt
room in I'iattsmoiM h. in said t'oinitv.
on the Jtith da' i f Ixiembt i. 1'.U;, ami
on the L'-it!i day of .lime. 11)17. at M
O'clock a. m.. cadi e'ac for e :i :o i n a -tior.
adjustment ami allowance.
All e-lalms 1'iest be tiled in said o ut
on or before said last l.oar of healing.
Witness mv ha ml and s'-al of seel
Coiintv Court, at Plat tsinoul b.
Ua, tb'is L'Tth oav of November. i.
a i.i.i :n .1. i ;i:r:s"N.
( vie ) "o 1 1 M t y .1 ud o.
First publication 1 1 - -T -1 '. I i- I wk-.
m:;ai. Mini i:
To Kbenexer (3. Laiil.lin and Alice
Lauhlin. his wife, Johnson,
widower, 1 'ove Johnson and .Myrtle
Johnson, his vifV, S-th Johnson and
Neva Johnson, his wile. Simon Jolm-s-on.
wiibo.-e', Kmma Coleman and W il
liam Coleman, her husband. Mury Pear
son, wido.v: and Nancy llyslatn and
Villi J. her husband. Anol'a
Carter and Tiler fatter, her hu-'..ind,
William S. Ibllcl and llallie P.clii.l.
his wife, i: le. Paul, widow, liny Paul
and Mrs. liny Paul, ir-al name un
known! his wife, 1 bo.' Il iwm. II and
Mr::. i;y 1 In w m ; tl ileal i ui t 1 1 un
known! his wife. Kate .eit'ler ami
Alva Zeinler. 1 or hu.!al d. Amelia 15.
Clark, widow,; e ' aik. single.
Lulu .'laI"k Cook and P. M. Cook, her
husband. P.eitha Clnk I.v.n and T. I ..
il.vo.ii, ler husband. Francis II Lomi,
lohri l.iomis, widower. Prank lblh'l
id Mrs. Frank l.clhel ire il nam- im-
knowni. his wif-; 'i11iam Pant. Wil-
' i ; I ' h;i r... Ill Ilic and his heir..-,
ovisoes. legate e-s, Ihim'ImI repres-tit a -
ti.s and a '. 1 i-ei'voiis iiili.U" in 1 is
ite, I i. c. pcaYson. aho hn iwii as
na C. lealsnn. I'. Matilda Pearson,
ahi.ka IS. Piaison. l:oa IS Pe.iivon.
if I e'.rs. llejs(CS. I. -late.-; . !,.; -
-o,;i i i ,.pr, s. nt t i i
ihteresu , in i
-aid 1 . C. 1
Ada'.a-ka IS. l'e:.i.o;
'"'i. iiiiO the
ciiii::-..: r,t' if the ii
'' 1 -ta;.-, ti-wii :
and ti. ;.oith of :
southwest Ti.Ml.-l'
'i'.iii O r of S(. -it.,,,
i'.ial ler of 1 1,,. .,,
lion i; ,. i .... .
.OI, l ! -:. M,;:,,-., .
lUil I! I 1 of the .. . ,
see-lion -jn, ti ...
- e t ion -' 1 , I I e : o ;t
llvll t heas 1 e i i I . r .
the- north w-.-t Mm. -,
in ton ns hip " j, i ., :,
Neliruskn, and
ela iniin-r to ha e ; ,
terest therein, 1 '
Vou. ami eae-h oi
;' I.. ! .ill oiler pe I -
1 : i .1 1 i of i I.e.
. M.i I ,1.1a I a rso:,.
and lsi IS. I'cjii-
w n o w i i i and
'I'lV i 11 de.-i 1 i I.e.J
. . I
.1 -1
n I
of lets 'J.
'i eek, in
t ! e :-.eM i
I i."
e :-.e'.l i e.i-t
.' 1 1 ! 1 1 :t r-1
!.l! 1 . I' of . ei -
a I I.'...
lit of
I t. I of
. oi i
e-t .,
1 i ll.l ! I
- t
: .1. and
I i n . 1 . a : I
- Co. I .
1 it
oi '
nee: that Otto F
t i
u:s fileil an action a;
of you, with others, i
Court for Cass Countv.
ol.iect and purpose ,',f v. ,. y
uuiet and e-onfirm in the- p.,,
title- to jind possession ( ,,,
describe-d real estule-, lo-wit:
lots 1', u, -4. a atnl 0 north of si:i ;
1 1
'I t !
in the southwest ouarter of tlt. r.'
east iiuarter of see-tjoa 0; u,0
east uuarter eif the- soiuheat iuaio
of section L'O; tlie- northwest Muart.r
eif the southeast ouarle-r apil the south
east iuarter of the southeast iuarter of
section "0; the southwest ouarter of
section 21: the senitiiwest iuarier of th
nerth east uuarter of section lit. ami
the liort h we-st iiuarter of section 21: all
in township 12. ra:m- ih 'as County.
Ne-braska ; to currt i I e'-rtain irn-Kn.
huitie-s in the- re-c'ird title- In said i ea I
estate-, to re move- clouds cast upon tho
title to said real estate-, and to pi i -potual'y
enjfHU you, and each of you.
and anyone claiming by, ll.tnuli
under yu, ejr any of you, limii i-vciv
claiming or assort in;; any i i ir Ir t to or
int.'-re-sl in said e-Matc, or anv pa t
tlu-reof, en- the posse-ssiori thereof, and
lor srcnerul e-iuitalde re-lief.
Tluit service' upon yoa. an! e-ach of
you, was authorized by an order of il.o
Histrict Court for Cass Cojiity,- Ne
braska. Vou are reuulre-d to answer said pe
tition on or before Monday. I ii-ceiii bi-r
J.". Hi lei, or said title- will l.e iiiiiete-d ami
the l clie-f grunted as pi a e-d
PI a lot nr.
H. E. II ENI iUICKS. Att y..
Wahoo, Ne-b.
First puhlieiitiori 1 1 -1 :;-Hilti. 1 Weeks.
Stale- eif Nebraska,
Cass Ceuinty,
In the matter e.f t
Stanillcv, e I e e a s d .
tap' eif Laura
In th- County Court.
Nnlii " is here by ivi n to tie- e redit
of Miid elecease-d that hearings will
be- upon e laims f i I 1 aiiinst said s-tate-,
before- me-, ('eeiintv Judxe if Cass
County. Ne-bt:isk;i, at the- County Court
room in I'lattsmouth. in saiel County,
en the- llth elay eif I -ce rn be-r. Hi Hi and
on the PJth elay of June, Hi 1 7 at P
o'eloek A. M., i-ae h day for e-a m ilia t ion,
adjustment and a I leiwa nee-.
.ll claims must be- tile d in said i unit
em en- before saiel last hour of hearing.
Witness my haiul and seal i f sa el
County CouM, at PlatPmouth. N bia. -ka
this H)th elay eif No-i ruber, p.ipi.
allen J. i:i;i;so.v.
(Se.-al.) County Judif
puo'uation 11
uii: t in n on ht or tiii:
( lltMl l-" S?, Mdllt sk .
I n t he ma Her eif t lie
tale e.f Willi. .in
M. Stari'lle-y, ele '-e-a.-e-ei. .
Te all pe rsons inte-re--te-d in s ii-l e-. .
tale, creeiitors, arid In ii.s, lake- ieil
that l.'lysses . St a rel b-y, I, a- liN-d !..
petilion, alb-nin tliat l.'illiam
StaneJIey, eU-d intestate in Cas., Co.n,' .
Nebraska, on oi- about the lilh o.iy e,f
(le tobe r, Hli"., be-in- a icsident and n -iliibitant
eif Cass Co'irity. Ne hra-ka. a' -l
the owne-r of ff e 1 o I Jo v I n ele.aii he !
leal estiite, to-wit:
Southwest etiatter e.f e(tiou II. nt
:;i.ll township te-n ( pi i rane- nine c i
east fith P. M. Cass eimnty. Ne-b-a.-k i;
Le-avins' as his -nle- and mih l.e-irs ;il
law, the- fnlleiwirnr namel p i s .n , to
wit: his widow, Laura Starulb-v, ri I
the following ii.itr.i'l h i Id ! . n ; ' 1 ;i. ,.
J. Standley, now Ea e- .1. I.'ille.n;
'ht'lirhte-r; I ; 1 1 1 ii M. Srantevt .or.;
l-'lor e-ne-e- H. St. indie; , row i-loi. j'
Shaw, elatirhte-r ; I i -1 H. Star die., :..!.-I'lys.-es
;. S'.iindley. sou; all e.f wh'.oi
are now ..f lawful a--, ;.rnl pi .ink' i"i
eie-e re-e birrriiiK elaim-;
That sai'l ileer-eler. 1 died iMe;,.,;
That ne a;.plie--itien for .-ulmiii si i , i j.,-,'
has been mad--, arol th- e-state of ;, o
nce-e.lent Tias not be-e-.i ailm i ti u t .. r...i ...
ti. State of Nebraska, and that II..
heir.s at law of said ch ee-ibnt as l eu ,,,
se-t forth shoubt he de-i-( ed to . p ,.
ow ners in fee simple of the- a ben e -srribeel
real estate, which 1,.-. i ... ,
ror hearing on the tth diiy eif Dec-cm b i.
l y 1 1.
l'y the Court:
County .!id
publbaliori. ll-Pi-J-jp;. -
First e
CIIVITEL MOICl; t;i; ..;
Nedbe is "iven that t.v iiri,,..
Chattel XIorlSiiKP. elated Aoe.iJi
e.f !
HiL". onei file.! in jfii. or t.7.'...'
Clei-K of Cass County, Nebraskii e,,i 1 1 .,
same date, executeel ,v (;,.,.,.,. e- M.
sen and wife anel now due ' ,
'j'.i.r,',: Iiefault has been nii.,1.. .. ....
rnent of said sura anel no suii u t !.,- ! . .
Ireen instituted Hej ree-over v.ii.i a..r -
thjiefore I win sell the pre.pcitv'
therein elescribeel, viz: 1 bav n are ate
in years, weight iubl i. minis ,.
'Nellie." 1 Express wairon ml uiro.i
harness, at public- auction at Oti ami
.Main ssireeis in t'lattsiiiouth on the sr
jay -ot uecemoei-, l'JJt,, at 1 o clock
D. O.
Dated November 15. 1916.
'First publication, Nov. 16, 191C. 3 wka.