The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, November 22, 1915, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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of ihp
f rtlar "r-k.
Articl 1. The iiaun- l.y whioli this
irt"! at ion !iM lie known is. Kirst tse
earilv l:.uik, of Cedar .Vf k, Nfb. -
Article '. The prn.ciial ilace of
lnincss rf 11 1 is corporat ion slia.Il be at
'filar t'reck, county of Cass, State of
Article n. Tlie object for which this
corvoi ati'-n is formed is to can v on a
:iiiiir-ia 1 banking business under the
jaws of Hit Siuu of Nebraska.
Arii. l.' . Tl.o ant liorizi'd capital
stock of t'.'is i-oipora t ion shall be TVn
T!iiusitnl lollars. ( wliicli at least
Veil Thousani! 1'ollars shall have lieen
laid in at tin? time oi tiie com menie
nient of business, which shall be
ls.s-.ieil in shares of the par valne
of One Ilundreil (100 Oollar each.
N'o trans f- r of the stock of this cor
jMiiiuion shall be ojierative unti: enter
ed the books of the corporation.
Article The indebtedness of this
corporation shall at no time exceed the
amount of its i"i'l in capital and sur
plus except l'H- deposits.
rtice t. This corporation shall be
j;in business on the 'Jth day of Sep
tember. lHI'i, or as scon thereafter as
aut i ori.ed ) the State Kankins
B-i;u-l ol th- State of Nebraska, and
shall terminate on the liytli day of Sep
tember. i:40.
Article 7. The a.Tairs of this cor
poration shall be under the control
and niancqrement of a board of direc
lorh, consisting of not less than three
nor mure than five shareholders, whose
t'-rni of office shall be for a period of
one y-ar. or until his successors are
elected and iinalitied. not less than a
majority of whom shall be residents
of the county in which the bunk is
hxated or counties immediately adja
cent liieieto. It shall be the duty of
tiie hoard of director- to ele?t from
tleir number a president and secre
tary, and select a vice-president and
.as!.ier. and they may also select on
assistant cashier and such other clerks
and assistants as the business of the
corporation mav require The terms of
ofti--v of the olrcers of this corporation
shall be one year, or until their suc-ie.-s-rs
are elected and qualified The
board of directors may adopt uch by
laws for the regulation and manage
ment of the annus and business of the
corporation as it may deem proper.
Article !. The refri.lar fmmiil meet
ii'U oi the st oik - holders of this curpor
ato'a stall be held on the second Tues-
ia v .Ian uary car!1 year, at which
to-etinic the l-oaid of director above
pro i.b-d shali ie selected. A majority
f the shares of stock of the corpor
ation at any regular or special meet -inir
shall constitute it quorum for the
transaction of business.
Arth-le y. i'ach stockholder shall at
:iti- regular or .-pecii l meeting be en
titled in one vote, cither in person or
l.y proy, for each share of the stock
Article 10. These Articles of Incor
poration may be amended at any reg
ular of special mcetiiiir calied for that
purpose by a two-thirds vote of all the
ill: Win. Si'HNKI I KK. I'rcs.
.Ml: Win. II. l.oHNKS. Vice-l'res.
Mi:. .). I". KkKKMAX. Cashier.
Ilonril f IHrrrinm,
ill:. AVm si'jim:iii;i;.
jif:. .1 V. FOKEMAX
J. F. FOREMAN, Cashier.
11-: Jv
.ii ; tii i iii:nniiiis
lu the inify fturf f Ihe County f
I im, rlirkll.
In 1 K.-tate of James Barwick,
Notice is hereby piveu t'nat hearings
upon all claims against said estate will
be lad at the office of the Countv
.1 a-icc. Court House. Pin ttsmou t h, Cass
Cuunn, Nebraska, on the 14th day of
I ecein hi r. .. I. 1 J 1 r,. and on the
day of Jun-. A 1 . I'.'Hi. at l'l o'clock a,
in. 'in :o h of said days. All claims not
tiied before said hour on said last day
of hearing, will be forever barred.
I'atid this .".th day of Novemlwr, iyi5.
Kv the Court.
ALI.HX .1. nmcso.v.
County -lu-iye.
W. A. i: BKi:TS N, Atlornev.
11-S-4W ks
mhm i; or t iiN i ii.1, iiit ri vt.i:
Not h e is hereby civen that by virtue
of a ehattt 1 morti;atre ilated on tlie "7th
iav of Jui.e. 1'Jl:;. and duly tiled iu the
office of the Courty Clerk of Cass
County. Nebraska on the 9th day of
July. aim a ctaltel niortiasre dated
on the id day of January, iyi4. and
niilv tiled in the office of the County
Cierk of I'ass Count-, Nebraska, on tiie
"-tit dav of January. anl executed
by John II. Kunc to The Minneapolis
Threshinsr Machine Company (an in
i oi -porated company of West Min
neapolis. Hopkins. 1. ., Minnesota), to
secure tin- payment of the sums of rjl
Ircn 1 1 urnl rt'il Tuentv-Six Dollars and
interest, and Seventeen Hundred One
I "oilai " and interest, respectively, and
i:on whi.h l!i"ie is now due the sum
of Nine Hundred Twenty-Six and
:n)-lno I io, lai s: dt fault havinir been
made in toe payment of the said sums
ai:i no suit or other proceedings at law
hain been instituted to recover said
debt, or any part thereof, therefore the
i; mtersii: will sell the property here
in described. viz: One Minneapolis
separator with L'S-nicli cvclinder. 4-
incl: rear. No. 1"77. Out Minneapolis
Hand Cutler and self b eeder No. e.:8
i im- .earless Wind Stai ker No. U6S:5.
ne Main luive lit-lt 1.0 f-?et Ions. 8
inches wide. 4-ply canvas. One Weisli
or No. j::.",. one 1-barrel Wood Water
Tank. 'I.,,, port Huron 1K-H. I. Com
pound Steam Trait ion Knslne No. S54.
ne Iooomotive Call. ne Pump and
Hose outfit, and one Jiartli Lifting Jack,
at public auction on tlie Northwest
n';iirlf r of Section Two l. Township
Ten (l'H. Fiance Nine , Kast of the
SiMh P. M., adjacent to the town of
AIM', Cass County, Nebraska, at 10
-'clock in the forenoon of the 4th day
of I lecem Ix-r. A. I . 1 1. 1 i. .
T 11 K MlXXKAl-hiUS TilUE.SlIlSC
M A CHI X I : COM 1'A N V .
J:-. .1 C. Cooper. State Asent.
liated November 11th. 1915.
G'ea&ed t d Prksed
teVVe briD5 the new look
back and pre3s them better
then when new. For we
press that natural body
shape into each one.
Bilsch Tailoring Co.
Odorless Dry Cleaners,
Hotel Riley Building.
Tencils, penholders, ink, erasers;
tablets, and almost anything in sta
tionery line can be found at the Jour
nal office.
.J,jmj9mm $m!',jmimu ,fmt
4 4
. . . .
Mrs. M. Peterson has given up
housekeeping and for the present will
make her home with Mr. and Mrs. W.
F. Diers.
Mrs. William Anderson was called
to Omaha Monday on account of the
illness of her daughter, Mrs. Earl
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Diers gave a
birthday supper on Monday evening
in honor of their son, Billy's, sixth an
niversary. Mrs. Henry Lehnhoff of Lincoln
stopped over night Friday on her way
home from a visit with relatives in
Plattsmouth. to visit her brother, John
Mrs. H. Sundstrom entertained a
few friends on Monday afternoon at a
birthday party in honor of her little
daughter, Esther's, fourth birthday.
Ralph Twiss left last week for an
extended western trip. He will visit
relatives in Wyoming, where he ex
pects to spend a Tew days hunting.
From there he will take in the exposi
tion at San FranciFco, and also will
visit in Los Angeles, California, be
fore his return.
Mrs. Edward Fiddock and daughter,
of Elsie, Neb., arrived last week for
a visit with her sisters, Mrs. P. C.
Stai-der'and Miss Edith Shryock. Mrs.
Fiddock came to bring her daughter
to an Omaha specialist for an opera
lion to remove adenoids and also her
tonsils. The operation was success-
fuly undergone.
Mrs. Martin Keichait came down
irom Omaha last Thursday to be pres
ent at the party on that day in honor
of Grandma Reichart's birthday. The
latter was taken ill at that time and
lias been bedfast ever since, but hr
friends hope soon to hear of her re
covery and trust she will live to en
joy many more birthdays.
On Tuesday afternoon, Xovembe-
16, at the home of her stepson, J. J
Meier, at Weeping Water, Mrs. Min
nie Meier fell peacefully to sleep to
awake no more in this life. The fun
eral occurred from the M. E. church
in Louisville Thursday afternoon at 2
o'clock. Rev. W. A. Elledge of Weep
ing Water officiating. Interment was
made at River View cemetery.
1-I-M-M-M'I i t..;..T .m-i.
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Johnson return
cd Wednesday evening from their visit
in Minnesota and South Dakota.
Mrs. Frank Schaffer was called to
Tama, Iowa, Monday by the serious
illness of her father, who is 94 years
Mrs. J. W. Amick went to Haddon.
Kansas, Friday to surprise her moth
er by visiting her on her 80th birth day,
which was Saturday.
About 300 head of sheep were un
loaded here Tuesday and driven out
to the Dick Koester farm, where they
will be fattened.
Andrew Olsen and J. W. Swindle
were on the South Omaha market
Tuesday looking for feeders. They
didn't find what they were looking Tor,
o left their order.
Rev. Father Higgins of Manley took
the train here Wednesday morning for
Wyrhore to attend the funeral of
Father Freeman, who died Monday
niornin'fr, the funeral being held
Thursday. .'
Charley W. Lodge of Leetonia, Ohio,
visited his old schoolmate, E. F. Mar
shall, from Tuesday until Thursday
morning. Mr. Lodge has spent the
summer in California and is on his
homeward trip.
Mrs. N. J. Dix of Stockton, Kansas,
who had been visiting at the John Mc
Kay home and with other friends here
and at Avoca since the funeral of her
father. Jake Evans, left for her home
Sunday night
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Orton left Tues
day for California, where they will
impend the winter. They will be at
home in Fullerton after a visit to the
exposition. On the same train were
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Koester and little
daughter and Mrs. Koester's sister,
Mrs. Henry Hillman, of Berlin, who
expect to visit the coast until the
To be given at Coates hall
Wednesday, November 24th, by
ttie Cosmopolitan club. Every
holder of a 50c ticket will be
given a number which entitles
him to a chance on a turkey,
which will be given away FREE.
Everybody cordially invited to
attend. Admission: Gents, 50c;
ladies, free. Music by Holly's
V imager. v
J. T. Reynolds is completing a nice,
new, modern barn on his farm.
George N. LaRue is slowly recover
ing from his illness of stomach
Hugh Robb made an auto drive to
Salina, Kansas, the latter part of the
L. G. Todd, who has about the finest
barn in this section of the country,
has it almost completed. It is 48 feet
The W. B. Banning Construction
company has been given the contract
to raise the Brandon Bros. Lumber
company's shed. They will put in a
concrete wall around the place.
Frank Brandon, wife and daughter,
of Sidney, Iowa, paid Union a little
visit last Saturday. It might be that
Frank could be enticed to move here,
if he was coaxed a little.
Biil Joiner of Nebraska City has
completed hanging paper in the new
home of Rev. and Mrs. W. A. Taylor.
Bill might just as well move to Union
and be done with it, as he is here
woiking about two-thirds of his time
William G. Jones of Madison. Neb.,
made a short visit here Monday and
spent the time meeting his friends.
Mr. Jones and family were residents
of Union twenty-two years ago when
Mr. Jones was engaged in the lumber
business and blowing the "big horn"
in the band.
Marvin Balfour, a real estate dealer
of Fremont, came over and spent
about two weeks with his parents, who
reside southwest of here. He certain
ly enjoyed his visit with home folks
:tnd no doubt always feels better after
a good feed on the farm. It's quite
different from steak and pork chops
three times a day, year in and year
'.''l ..........
H. L. Swanson, who has been hold
ing down the Missouri Pacific agensy
at Wyoming, Neb., has been trans
ferred to Union.
H. K. Frantz and family moved
down from Havelock the first of the
week and are occupying the Reitter
property on Main street.
Mr. Lillie, who was struck by an
automobile some weeks back, receiv
ing a badly crushed leg, died at a
hospital in Lincoln last week.
Mrs. Paulina Oilerman and Mrs.
Bertha Vance and son, of Osceola, Ne
braska, arrived here Wednesday night
for an extended visit with relatives.
Frank Lanning has purchased the
Umland property just south of the
South German church on Main street
and will move in from the country the
first of the week.
Ed Weaver was laid up with the
grippe the first of the week, couldn't
even cut a steak, and when Ed can't
pull off this stunt there's something
decidedly wrong.
Joe Sack and family and Mrs. Ivy
Sack and Ed Purdy of Bosworth, Mo.,
arrived here about 11:30 Wednesday
rirrht of last week for a few days'
vif it with relattvc-r..
Mrs. Sarah Lilly, mother of Mrs
Adam Winklet.leck, and who is stay
ing with her daughter, passes her
eighty-sixth birthday on November 21
rnd is quite spry and well for one of
this age.
The following took dinner at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Trum
ble, Sunday, November 14th: Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Rivett of Bethany, Mr.
and Mrs. James Rivett of Lincoln, Mr.
Richard Rivett of Chicago, 111.; Mrs.
Lawrence Freadrich of Lincoln, and
Mrs. W. P. Tyson and little daugh
ter, Winnifred. of Springfield, Oregon.
Mrs. Tyson, a sister of Mrs. Trumble,
is visiting her this week.
. .
M. II. Tyson was here between
trains Friday en route to Beatrice,
where he is locating.
L. F. Langhorst went to Falls City
Thursday to attend a democratic com
mittee meeting of the First congres
sional district.
Vernon and Alma Clements went to
Lincoln Tuesday evening to see Miss
Minnie Sutherland, who is still con
fined to the hospital there, but slowly
E. T. Comer and C. S. Hart departed
on Monday for Edgar, Neb., to again
enjoy the sport provided for the
huntsman amid the lakes of those
parts by the feathery tribe of the wa
ter. Ducks are reported to be again
quite numerous out there.
C. E. Butler and family returned
J Beacon. 4
Tuesday afternoon from their Colo
rado trip and visit. They were in the
snow over 10,000 ft. high and could seo
down in the valley to a distance of
ever twenty-eight miles. He reports
that they had a splendid time.
G. L. Berger and wife were over
from their farm hear Murdock on
Monday shopping and visiting their
old friends. Mr. Berger is sporting a
fine new horse and buggy. He says
that he can now cover the ground
more rapidly and will visit Elmwood
more frequently.
Mrs. J. P. Cobb departed Saturday
for Kansas City, where she will visit
with her brother, C. W. Streeter.
While there she will attend a reunion
of her old club, "The Class of '93."
She has many friends in Kansas City,
having lived there eight years. She
will be gone several weeks.
Last Saturday A. N. McCrory sold
his residence property in this city to
Allie Waltz of near Wabash. The
property is now occupied by E. C.
Burke. It is the intention of Mr.
Waltz to move to Elmwood in the
spring. He is moving to Elmwood so
that his children may have the ad-
antage of our public schools.
News was received in this city on
Monday that Mrs. Myers, wife of Rev.
Myers, who was pastor of the Chris
tian church about a year ago. had died
at her home at Bethany on Sunday.
This is sad news to the many friends
of the Myers family at this place, as
Mrs. Myers was a good woman, of a
kind and lovable nature and had won
the confidence and respect of all with
whom she had come in contact. The
body of Mrs. Myers was taken to her
old home in Kansas on Tuesday for
J News. v-
i-i-i-i-! 14-:
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wills of Seat
tle, Washington, are visiting at the
home of E. M. Pollard.
Tom Mason left Thursday morning
to take in the sights at the exposition
for a short time.
Charley Stone and wife came in
from Plattsmouth Tuesday for a vis'.',
at the home of D. C. West.
A new piano arrived here last Fri
day for the Auditorium. It is a nice
looker and will be a great improve
ment over the one they had in th-j
first place.
Henry Gruber, accompanied by hlj
mother and two sisters, Miss Anna
and Mrs. F. L. Eurdick, motored to
Nebraska City Sunday and spent the
day with relatives.
R. Ketelhut autoed to South Omaha
last Saturday-and bought a car of cat
tle. John Rough also bought a car,
and they drove them up from Union
Sunday morning.
Joe Felthauser, the Nebraska City
real estate dealer, has been in our
midst real often of late. He took .1
few parties to Kansas this week and
is doing considerable business in this
John Swartz, who has been paintinc
in and around Plattsmouth the last
two or three months, returned home
from work the latter part of last week.
His last contract, which he just fin
ished, lasted six weeks.
Upon receipt of a marked copy from
Duvale, Washington, we $ee that
Mesdames J. J. Pollard, G. C. and V.
P. Sheldon are now at the coast having
a big: time. The following paragraph
is taken from the Duvale Citizen:
"Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Pollard, Mr. and
Mrs. George Sheldon and Mr. and Mrs.
Vilas Sheldon, all of Nehawka, Ne
braska, were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
C. Baedon Hall on Wednesday and
Thursday of this week on their way
to San Francisco and Los Angeles."
How to Prevent Croup.
It may be a surprise to you to learn
that in many cases croup can be pre
vented. Mrs. H. M. Johns, Elida,
Ohio, relates her experience as fol
lows: "My little boy is subject to
croup. During the past winter I kept
a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy in the house, and when he began
having that croupy cough I would give
him one or two doses of St and it
would break the attack. I like it bet
ter for children than any other cough
medicine, because children take it wil
Iing!y o"d it is safe and reliable."
Obtainable eevrywhere.
Fred Schroeder was among the pas
sengers this morning for Omaha and
will visit for the day in that city and
Council Bluffs.
Henry Meisinger and wife were
among the visitors in the metropolis
Saturday, returning home on the, af
ternoon Burlington train.
Adam Stoehr was among the former
visitors in the city Saturday to look
after some trading with the mer
chants, motoring in from his home
near Cedar Creek.
"A want ad will bring you a buyer.
We have made a special effort to supply you with
all the good things for that Thanksgiving dinner:
Leaf Lettuce, bunch 5c
Large ellad Lettuce, bunch lot
Large Cranberries, quart 10c
Fresh Tomatoes, pound 10c
Cauliflower, head 15c to 25c
Home Grown Sweet Potatoes, lb...2ic
Illinois Sweet Potatoes, pound.. 4c
Fancy Jersey Sweet Potatoes, lb . . 5c
Michigan Celery 5c
Jumbo Celery 10c
Cooking Apples, peck 15c
Jonathan Apples, bushel
75c and 1.00
Grimes Golden Apples, peck.... 30c
l ine larpre Banaiuis, dozen 20c
Large Oranges, dozen 50c
Hubbard Squash, pound 3c
Emperor Grapes, pound 15c
Grape Fruit, 6 for 25c
Fresh Cabbage, Turnips, Rutabago,
Parsnips and Carrots.
1 -jm
Local IMevvs
Robert Wohlfarth was a visitor in
Omaha today for a few hours, attend-
inpr to securing some repairs for his
farm machinery.
Ed Tutt came up this morning from I
Murray to take up his work as a mem-J
ber of the jury panel at the session of
the district court.
George Budig of Havelock came
down Saturday evening to visit over
Sunday here with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. William Badig.
The Cosmopolitan club dance en j
Wednesday evening ill be a most j
plcasurcable affair. Be sure and be :
present.' A turkey given away and a
chance with every .jOc ticket.
B. E. Jardine and family drove in
from their farm home Saturday to
attend to some business matters and
visit county seat friends. Mr. Jardine
was a pleasant caller at this office.
will be the next
Ml 111 mmh MM I
Storns S?s1
a a
and be ready for the cold weather that arrive here in a ishort time
Remember we are in a position to quote
the best prices oii aii kinds of
buiEdhig material
J!n Jn
Sweet, Sour and Dill Pickles.
Mammoth Olives, jar 25c
Preserves 25c and 10c
Finest gi ade canned Peaches, Pears,
Black and White Cherries, Apricots,
Sugar Drop Plums, Blackberries, Lo
gan Berries, Red Raspberries.
Asparagus, can 15c and 25c
Pineapple 25c and 20c
Cream, Brick, Swiss and Chili
21 kinds of Soup 10c
Oyster Cocktail, buttle 15c
Chili Sauce 15c tnd 25c
Finest line -f canned Vegetables.
Pimentoes, can 15c and 25c
Mushrooms, can ....20c, 25c and 35c
Yacht Club and Durkee Salad
Full line of Dried Fruit for mince
meat, etc.
C. C. Jac-kman of Weeping Water
precinct was here today attending the
district court as a member of the jury
J. S. Rough of Nehawka was among
the members of the jury panel arriv
ing this morning to take up their
work in the district court.
Henry Haslam of Weeping Water
came over this morning to assume his
duties as a member of the jury panel
at the session of the district court.
F. G. Hull, residing south of this
city, drove in from his farm home
Saturday for a visit with county seat
i'l lends ana to attend to important
business matters. Mr. Hull and fam
ily have resided in this vicinity for
about one year, coming from North
Des Moines, Iowa. Mr. Hull gave this
office a p!ea.:ant call and while here
ordered the Plattsmouth Jourr.ol sent
to his addrc-is in order that ho might
be kept posted on the happenings in
this vicinity and throughout the
item that you will need
1S O H!.T5
Mrs. Arthur Troop was among the
visitors in Omaha yesterday, going to
that city on the early Burlington train
r.nd spending the day there with her
relatives and friends.
Mrs. John W. Chapman and little
son, who have been visiting at Lincoln
and Sioux City for a short time, re
turned home Saturday evening on
No. 2.
'Remember that the best dance of
the season ill be on Wednesday even
ing next at Coates' hall, hi-n the
Cosmopolitan. club will hold ihi-ir big
turkey dance. Come out and try your
Mr. and Mrs Frank Oliver of Janes
ville, Wis., arrived in this city Satur
day morning for a short visit with Mr.
Oliver's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Oliver, of this city, and other
1 datives in this vicinity. They re
turned home last evening. While
here Mr. Oliver was a pleasant caller
at this office and had his subscription
to this paper extended another year.
about your home
zzz2 U n