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    N6b SUU Historical
1!U 1.
Return Home Victorious by the De-t'i-ie
Score of i to 2 in Their
favor and Highly Elated.
Tr-.n-i FrHayV Da:!y.
The f,t b!l warriors of Ilavelock
yesterday Cutiif down in force from
their home in the Lincoln suburb and
vc:e lucky enough to depart for their
horre, taking with them the scalps of
the local foot hall artists by a de
cide sco-t- of ; to lk The frame was
attended by the largest crowd that
has beer; j"v.-ent at any frame this
ea.-o:. and much enthusiasm was
shown by the rosters when the Platts t-:im va in the lead. The
visitors b-oueht with them quite a
dt-ictrat ion o t, osters. who were very
enthusiastic. Tile fake forward pass
wa u-ed fTectively by the Ilavelock
k:yt :. wi'iilt- the locals were unable
to successfully cany out their passes
Will Sure Be Here.
From Fr May's- Pally.
The committee that is arranging
for the holding: of the Young Men's
banquet at the Methodist church on
next Thursday evening, in learning of
the auto accident in which Congress
mar -elect Reavis was mixed up, call
ed up the new member from the First
I district and were more than pleased
to learn that he would be able to be
with them on the nifrht of the ban
quet as the chief orator of the oc
casion. Mr. Reavis expressed his
thankfulness at being; spared serious
injury in the accident and that the
members of his family were also
t:ns repeatedly
line of playing .Tirousek.
. .vmes and Worstadt were
troublemakers for Platts-th.-y
were effective against
:rh from Lancaster county
s. and ir. fact were about
r.v effective
:.!..: io-t (
Ir. the
Han.: hre-
the chief
n.outh. a-th-
la,: r
at :.'i 1 i r: :
tht or.'y
tack:i;.g i'
The game
ter. the ;
ba-k of t
l i-ion- were a'! to the pood, as his
lor.;' experience or, the fastest team in
the west ha- equipped him to handle
hi.- positii r. most effectively.
I'.att.-TTiO-jth opened up stronjr on
the vi--ior-s and were soon right in
their territory and were successful in
pu-hir.g the Ilavelock bunch over their
ov:; goal line for a safety that netted
the only scores made by Plattsmouth.
Then the team seemed to grow rattled
The .Misses Barbara, Janet and Har
riett Clement and Dorothy Britt
Entertain at Dancing I'artv.
On- of the Most True-lo-Life Stories
Stories Ever Rendered in
he early half of the prame.
a- referee 1 by Herb Pot-
Missouri valley quarter
( ornhuskers. and his de-
unable to d
on tne (leHT.sive
From Friday's Daily.
One of the delightful social func
tions of the holiday season was given
last evening at the Modern Woodmen
hall, when Misses Barbara. Janet and
Hai riett ' Clement and Miss Dorothv
Britt entertained a large number of
their friends at a most charming dan
cing party of some forty couples, who
spent several hours most pleasantly
in this delightful pastime.
The hall had been very prettily pre
pared for the occasion with the long
streamers of orange and green draped
artistically from the chandeliers to
the different parts of the hall. This
color scheme was carried out thor
oughly in both the dance hall and in
the dancing room, where the decora
tions consisted of die orange and
green streamers. During the evening
delicious punch, as well as wafers.
r,v concerted jwere served most charmingly by Miss
or of- i Nora Livingston and Muriel Streight
a- their runners were left
j'-otectior! when carrying the
tackling the visitors they
wee not anv more successful, as the
Ha v .-lock fu'ihaek. Miner, worked his
fake pa-.- several times in succession
for iiea'. v ruins into the Plattsmouth
t'"-ritory. and
liav had come
in Lhe dining room. The programs for
the dance were in the general color
scheme of orange and green and were
very artistic with the initials C and
B decorating the cover.
The music for the ball was furnish
ed by the Holly orchestra, and it was
in a few minutes of i shortly after S o'clock when the grand
. - i . r , i.i i... it:.., t
over tne goal line lor I'laicu i luimcu, eu lii. i-uss, iiui-
' r-tich.iov-
Va 'ory.
After the
!.-. til
v;. (
I a'! :
a vai
ak hough
I 'iev ve:
tooK a
last n;
.' of til!
een h--
as the
which looked good for
t half of the game the
race on themselves and
bara Clement and Mr. Edward Pettit
of Lincoln, and moved throughout the
hall, opening the most delightful
event, which was enjoyed until near
From Friday '. Da 11 v.
One of the prettiest stories placed
on tne stage is emoouieil in that ot
"The Good Samaritan," by W. Beal
forci Nettap, and which was presented
here by a company headed by W. B.
Patton, one of the cleverest actors en
the stage today. The play is one fill
ed with rare opportunities for the
clever actor, and the leading role, that
of Tom Hodge, taken by Mr. Patton,
war. a very strong one that moved the
audience alternately to laughter and
tears in the more griping portions of
the play. The humor displayed by
Mr. Patton is a style particularly his
own and gave the finishing touches to
the clever production. As June Mer
rill. Miss Phylis Mackay was charm
ing and sweet and displayed a most
delightful stage presence in her en
actment of the role of the minister's
daughter. A great deal of the comedy
of the play lies interwoven around the
characters of Dick Wilde and Mazie
We-t. which were taken by Gerald
Powell and Juliet Festa, both of whom j
were extremely clever. Deacon Ed- j
ward Carson and son. Ernest, were
Enjoys Fine Thanksgiving.
From Friday's nal!
A most delightful home Thanksgiv
ing was held yesterday at the co.-y
home of Mr. and Mrs. George Dodge
on South Sixth street, when they
entertained the memher of their fam
ily at a sumptuous dinner in honor of
the great tiny. Those v. ho gathered
around to partake of the delicious re- j
past and to enjoy the day were: Mr. i
and Mrs. P. E. Ruffner, Dr. and Mrs.
Roy Dodge of Omaha. Miss Violet
Dodge, Sperry and Horace Ruffner of
iiiday afternoon
of his nephew.
Automobile Goes ()er Bridge, Hi
b-y Hind Wheels, Throwing
Occupants Inio Ditch.
Has Stroke of Paralysis.
Frrm Satiirnav l.aiiv.
M Frank Daly was seized with a
stroke of paralysis S
while- at the home
Call Dav's. where he and his wife had
go-K for Sunday din e-r. I'. was .- o
! severe that he could not be moved
I .. . , . ,
I un; i .'! oinia v. when tie was taken to
his home. I'is right ride is affected
arid also hi- speech is somewhat af
feited. On Wednesday his condition
seemed to be rather improved, al
though he is confined to his bed. His
P. 0. E. SOf
From Pa i: Mia v's T
On Tuesday aftt
idle accident occur:
of this city at the
eoir.nioniv known
sou. (!v
arrived Mori
Wednesday :
of Huron,
ay ami
South Dakota,
His son,
The Thanksgiving day of 1 1 4 in
Plattsmouth will long be remembered
bv rvervone v.- one of the most heauti-
rnoen an automo-
i'd two miles south !
bridge on what is j
as the ( ) street
road, when an auto containing Mr. I
:tn:l .Mrs. is. o. Oenner and also their
daughter, of Blanchard, Iowa, who
i. run off
Osv.ega. X. V..
brother. George
Weeping Wa'
M Sl
ha s a i i ivi-i.
Day. of Lorain. Ohio,
.r Republican.
The Memorial
Ser lie-. ill ( ( ur
uti.Iuy Aft-rnorr :.! fh
Parnu ie Tin :i t r.
ful davs in the whole vear
v.cre on tneir way to I.mco
the approach to the bridge.
and the ! Thev v.ei t- driving at verv moderate
fresh, balmy weather made it an oc- rate of speed r.nd in tuir ing to cross
casion for all who could to get out; the bridge the steering gear failed to
and enjoy the glorious offering of the j work or the strain on one of the
sunshine. Throughout the city there wheels in turning caused the spokes
were a great many home gathereings. ; in the wheel to break and the ma-
where, under the parental roof, fam
ily dinners hail, been arranged for.
and these events, drawing together
children and parents and young and
old. combined to make the Thanks
giving day a most delightful one
The public Thanksgiving service
wa- held this year at the Christian
chuich. where a large number as
sembled to take part in offering up
their thanksgivings for th prosperity
was thrown out
the wing of the b
its eou
The an to cr. tight by the hind wheels
on tlx1 top of the wir.g, holding fast,
but the oreu'K! nts were thrown viol-
r. .!..... - i ;
On l e-.t S:.',day a
mouth !,(.' 'e No.
hobl tkeir a! -.ual in
at the Pa' nu-ie th-at.
get, era! J,t ! lie of ti.e
to !e pre-t-nt. Tic
I h'cen.ber- j .-et ;:
the d..y tt:.-oUL:'t!ort
;tlie mem'ne-s ,f
: lodges g:it!:er t og
V. ! . I
!o irig
Vr'T.i Saturday's I;:ily.
i ae w ondei' ciocK, v nicn is on t!i
I'lay in the west window of Weyrich
A: jrfadraba's drug store, lias attracted
almost universal attention bv its
the b
the bold bad men of the play, and in
the hands of Frank Brewster arid
Henrv W. Locke were enacted in a i
i an:l happiness given to them in the
iveai just closed. Tile Rev. A. G. Hol-
ilnwell li.-isir of the rlirvck offer t-d
up the prayer at the opening of the
services that placed the hearts of his
hearers in condition for rendering un
is fo'-turutti
had it fall;
t'r.e occujiants.
1 -oueht to own 1
received medical
eka r lady was
the f.
m of the ditch.
tiiat th.e machine held.
would have fak
Th women
David. Ku
wunderful timekeefdng, and large
crowds have been drawn to it almost
every day. We have had a number
of requests to give a solution of the
oue -tion of the manner in which the
uid give the following
is the correct answer of what makes
with the nio-r
the Elks, a it
!of the univer--
' order.
It has be.-n
' riattsmouth 1
: service and
ten,.e.-- : ;'
e pr -e-
feel ti
1 r.'
en on t-U.c Ic oper'ates
nz an.
the clock
t c e
splendid manner, showing the false I
pretence of religious piety which they j
1 1 . 1 il, .!,. Tl,,.
nau vvmrn uiuuitu uioii,-,ci v , . . .
, r. n , , ithe'r voices in the w(rus of thank.-
was taken by Miss Hazel Mikelson
in a most winning way. The play
wa? well staged and throughout was
rnf rf tVio tist in i linf th:it h;i;
, , A,. , fort was one verv pleasing to the en
been offered here this season, and ..
'giving ana p'w
j The adores - of the morning was de
llivned by Rev. II. G. McClusky of the
t; eatment.
somew hat
nd her- hand.-
v cut. Ti.e nam and. ''oimei
e-enjie i without injury.
As tl.ey were making the trip they
witness an anto accident at Hamburg,
Iowa, where an auto was run over by
the cars ard two people were killed.
11. A. Williams went out and got
the auto. It had to be lifted out by
, ! The revolution of the earth or
bruised j axK- everv tv entv-l'our hours
were s
la 'v ,
means :i oe
( First Presbvterian church, whose ef- was br-oken
ick. One of the wheels
keep such excellen
ot tlie eartn on l
both a retarv and centiifugal
fojee. Tlie rotary force is tieutraiized
u we do not notice it by the tremend
ous size of the earth's sphere and the
i , a. -..!: i t... Jeuiogy
uiiu ii ui:,;j i'.-;te iK o liil
magnetic attraction which causes ar
ticles to fall instead of fiy out into
spate when dropped. By supplanting
this neutralisation of the rotary
motion oi the earth m its ilawv
tvervone v.
most pleading ar
lias been a":arie
and the cor.rni
feature that .
eent one of the
history (f the
o'arion of the :
i:i'-il(- to ;
ind be :'
. I '
lilt t i
w (
of 1
l an.'
w i!l
e. 1!,
I . V.
greatly pleased the large audience
present to witness it.
.rter of tlie contest put 'the midnight hour. The costumes of
best exhibitions of foot
this season, but to no
;ime was too shott, and
y battled desperately,
d several feet from the
the ladies were beautiful bevond de
seription. while a great number of
the gentleman prcrent wore the
til -V battled desperately, regulation eemng iu.uuiiit.
The out-of-town guests were as
goa1 w hen the whistle blew and the j follows: Raymond estcver, Omaha;
tafi wa, ofT. leaving Ilavelock the j Marie i'ettis, tdward I'ettis, Donald
Pettis, Lincoln: Helen Jess. Tecum
seh; Victor Sturm, Ralph Sturm.
Gertrude Sturm. Nehawka; Herbert
Potter, Harvey Lanabaugh, Lincoln;
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, Charles City,
Iowa; William Goiner, Seward; Clar
ence Staats, Lincoln; J. M. Patterson
and wife, Union; Mrs. E. 0. Steihm
and Mrs. Edward Pettis, Lincoln.
victors ir; the contest. In the rushes
in the ia.sf ef the game B. Arries and
Streight were the chief figures in
bearing the pigskin through the
enemies' line.
The members of the band who were
down in the city during the afternoon
decided to aid.
in the work of boosting
the game and paraded to the ball
park, where they played a number of
select":' ns tl :
el. In the
I lu1 iru:,' j .,,
' were very much erjoy-clos-ing
of the season
'Irishes what has been
a very eeei!ert season, and while two
defeats ha- e been chalked up against
them, by the Columbia of Omaha
and Haveloek, siiil they have put up a
t-ood showing an ! if their regular
line-up had been in the game in these
two hard ba tles the story would have
been far difVrent. The faithful and
loyal members of the team who have
played in th1 games with the de
termination of putting riattsmouth on
the foot ball map are certainly to be
oo.r.merided and have no reason to be
ashamed of the record made.
Visits Here With Relatives.
From r naay la!lv.
John Vallery, general agent for the
Burlington at Denver, accompanied by
Mrs. Vallery. arrived in the city yes
terday to spend a short time here at
the home of Mr. allery's mother and The ladies of St. Mary's Guild will
sisters in this city. Mr. Vallery is one j 5erVe coffee and doughnuts Friday
New Jail Getting Popular.
From SaturdaVs Dai'y.
The new city jail in the basement
of the city hall is becoming quite a
popular place these cool evenings for
the hoboes and homeless wanderers
who are quartered there by the police.
The place is not entirely finished, but
makes a very comfortable place to
quarter these people from the cold
weather, even if the couches provided
are not covered with swansdown. The
police can keep their eye on these
wanderers here a great deal better
than before, when they were allowed
to wander around over the city, and
by rounding them up at night they
can be kept from getting into trouble.
It will be some time before the formal
house-warming of the jail, when it is
entirely completed, and the police are
in hopes of having the event made a
great success.
of the leading railroad
Colorado metropolis.
Fred Jess returned this morning to
Omaha after a week-end visit here at
the home of his parents.
men of the . afternoon, and on Saturday a de
licious hot lunch will be served any
time after 11 o'clock in connection
with the Christmas Shop, which will
be held Friday and Saturday, Decem
ber 4th and 5th, in the Riley block.
From Friday' Daily.
The district court closed its session
for the week on Wednesday evening,
when the case of Frank Bergman vs.
Charles Gerlach was submitted to the
jury, who retired to deliberate over
the case and brought in a sealed ver
dict yesterday noon in time to allow
the jurymen to enjoy their Thanks
giving dinner free from the worries
of the case which they have had un
der advisement.
Judge Begley has announced the
trial list for the cases appearing on
the docket ard has set the following
dates for the leading cases: Solomon
Keckler vs. the Fidelity-Phenix In
surance company, November 30;
Oliver C. Dovey vs. George E. Dovey,
et al., December 2; Mollie A. Berger
vs. Cass county, December 3; in the
matter of the estate of William
O'Brien, deceased, December 4; in the
matter of the estate of Jane A.
Dovey, deceased, December 7; Mc
Carthy & Sturm vs. the Missouri Pa
cific railway. December 9; State vs.
Cummins, December 10.
jtire audience and one that covered the !
observation of the day as one on i
which it was fitting and just that the j
nation render up their words of
praise for their blessings. The re- j
.1 -tiiii I
tne w:nu snieic. in oKen. , revolution bv a counterbalancing in-
I ten. ter ouster am: ra nator mjureo. jfluence
! Flmwood I ea ier-Fiho.
marks of Mr. McCluskv were thor-
Pays Visit to Old Home.
From Friday's Daily.
The many old friends of J. R. Sex
ton, an old-time Plattsmouth boy,
were greatly pleased to meet him yes
terday when he arrived to make a
short visit, in company with his wife,
at the home of his sister, Mrs. W. T.
Scotten and family. Mr. Sexton left
Plattsmouth, where he was reared, in
1890, and since that time has been en
gaged in railroad work in different
sections of the country, being located
at present at La Junta as mechanical
superintendent for the Santa Fe rail
road. This is the first time for some
years that Mr. Sexton has been here.
Mrs. F. W Robb and little daugh
ter are here for a short visit with Mr.
and Mrs. Mont Robb at the Riley,
coming over from Elmwood, where
they have been visiting the parents
of Mrs. Robb, Mr. and Mrs. L. A.
oughly enjoved and taken to heart by j
those who were fortunate enough to j
be present. Teh benediction was pro
nounced at the close of the service by
Rex. J. H. Steger of the St. Paul's j
chuich. and the large audience in at
tendance wended their way homeward
filled with a feeling of gratitude be- j
yond expression.
secured bv means of a
jbi-e'-ting spheroid to which a mag
netic compare is attached, and by
astronomically calculating the proper
reduction in Mze so that the circum
ference of the clock's dial bears tlie
same relationship to its axis as the
of the departed
Brother Allen .T. Bee-on.
wood orchestra will be p
sist iri the ler.di'io" of vr.:
be appropriate to the - l
casion and a number of
"he ;:
r-.t to
that 1
r -1 -
i e
tions wi;
leadir g
will be
solemn thoughts
touch th.e chords (
ne er -for gott'-n i-' i
as well
in keeping
given by
a s a r up 1
of tlie ci
1 1
ila v
1 1.
circumfei ence of the ea
rth bears to
I lodge a'f
linfir fir P.IDI? U UnnM the axis of 4h earth. :md also utiliz- !
From Sate, r
The (k:"i
I 'ail v.
:rdies' Aid society met
at the Henrv Horn home Wedi esday,
November Ik" 1 h, at if o'clock. It being
.y there was a large crowd
, civ
ttenadnce, numbe; mt
ally link
was cal'ed to order by
. Mrs. Ik J. Hennings,
attraction ef the moon to the
th. v.
!l"t-' f!
v henever held, an-
i say the sor i
' attended.
Tire meet! i
the preskk
and after the business session tlie
time was most enjoyably spent by the
company in visiting among themselves
and talking over the plans for the
hich is found to be felt upon
the hour hand of the clock when th i
above mentioned scientific discovery, j FORMER PLATTSMOUTH
then th.e hands are avowed to rotate
in accord with the revolution of the
earth, the same as the earth rotates
on its axis, except that the calcula-
i ,i . i i
is sucn mat tne n.a:..:-
c'.o -k
s o:e
ke two revolution.-:
of the
to th
winter work of the society,
appropriate hour the hostess
some verv (
icious coffee and coffee
From Saturday's DaiTv.
A most deUghtful box social is re
ported from the Pleasant Hill school
on last Saturday evening, November
21st. This school is located some four
miles west of Murray and the social
drew out a large number to attend rv.h indelted to the hostess for her
and take part in the pleasant event.
A delightful program had been pre
pared for the occasion, which was
given in a manner reflecting the
greatest of credit upon the teacher,
as well as the scholars taking part.
As tire audience arrived they were
escorted to their seats by ushers
garbed as clowns, and this feature
proved a pleasant eiiversion of the
cake, which was very much appreciat
ed by all who were fortunate enough
to be present. The ladies are very
kind hospitality and splendid after
noon's entertainment afforded them.
Tlie next meeting will be held at the
home of Mrs V. J. Hennings on Wed
nesday. December 30th, and all mem
bers are requested to be present.
Mrs. Tuey Is Improving.
Fr-m Saturday'"1 Dan v.
The manv friends of Mrs.
J. E.
program rf the evening. This school ITucy in
is tauirht bv Miss Elizabeth IIollv of learn tl
Plattsmouth. and as this is her first
year of teaching she feels very much
pleased over the result of the social.
Fmm Saturday's D?ily.
The adver t of the Christmas time
brings more and mor e to mnd the
fact that the time for the purchase of
gifts is growing shorter each day and
the Plattsmouth stores are already
getting in shape to handle the rush
of the Christmas trade. One of the
first firms to get ready for the shopper.-
is that of Weyrich & Hadraba.
who are now getting ready their large
stock of Christmas goods. One of the
! from Saturday's Dallv.
j This morning the bo 'y or Mi
j Minnie Baunieister a' -i:ed r. t!
j city from h kite hoTe at S . I . r
I Kansa.;. where she a--t i avay .
rie.-day evening. Mi -s I.a:.:a-i '
! was a forrr. r reside! t of ti :- i
having resided here with her pa'--up
to tlie time of tkeir- r,
Kansas sortie t h i rt y yea'-, a---',
which state they have :(' Ma
their home. She vi.- ois'y ii! a
a week, and the news of he- o- .
came as a great -ho.d; to t! ie!..t,
and old friends here. . he v. a-
years o, age
esteemed by ;
was a courin
Kroehler an,'
! this citv. The
a la
1 who l,i.
s I
ot ..!!;
re w
rr v
Jiiera! .-
1 I..
s V
Arrival of a Tine New Daughter.
From Saturday s Da1'i.
Last evening the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph McCarthy, in the south
part of the city, was gladdened by
the arrival of a fine new daughter
who is of the regulation size and
weight and proves a most deeply ap
preciated Thanksgiving present to the
happy parents. The little daughter
and the mother are both getting along
nicely, while Joe is standing his new
happiness in fine shape.
this city will be pleased to j ptot.,;s t.arried pv this firm is
at this lady is getting along ; .,,..mi:.i asortment of cameras and
t tne Atetnouist nospuai phflo;rra,,hic supplies, and those who
Omaha, where she has been for the
past week recovering from an opera
tion for appendicitis. Mrs. Tuey is
feeling fine and every hope is held
out for her continued improvement
and it is to he sincerely hoped that
she may soon hea hie to return home
to her family in this city.
Purchase New Residence'.
From Saturday's Daily.
Bert Knorr and wife have decided
that the outlook for the continued im
provement is such as to warrant them
in investing in property and have ac
cordingly purchased the residence
property rf Herbert Cotton on High
P. Schultz and family returned ' School Hill, which they will move in-
dellghi in the work can find anything
they desire here, as well as a remind
er for their friends who are camera
fiends. The line of box candies car
riied by thi firm is very handsome
and the beautiful boxes filled with the
tempting productions of the Lowney
con pany certainly looks good to the
lovers of sweets. In the line of per
fumes and cigars the firm is able to
fill the needs of everyone of the most
discriminating taste and have omitted
nothing that might appeal to their
trade. In the way of toilet articles
and manicure sets there is a very neat
and tastv line carried here that ccr-
fu-l-r.oon at '2:' from '
home (if Andrew Krookier n W.i
Bluffs at 11:1.", it has be n Mated ?k
Rev. Ik M. Drulincr of the Ir
Methodist church. The ser ices v.
attended by a large nun':,"- of t
sorrowing rekitives and ol 1
who gathered to pay ihe:
to this most estimable
interment was
u O.l'r
Here to Attend Funeral.
From Monday's Daily.
William Baumeister. who was a
resident of Plattsmouth twenty-five
years ago, came in Saiurduy from his
home at St. Francis, Kansas, to at
tend the funeral of his niece, M-s.;
Minnie Baumeister. Mr. Baumei.-ter
tainly will appeal to the careful shop-'has been euite successful since loca
p?r at all times. A call here during i ing in Kansas and now is the owiht
home last evening from Missouri 'to at once. This is a very pleasant i th.e Christmas shopping season will j of several hundred acies of the finest
Valley. Iowa, where they have been 'little cottage and should make a most ' certainly not be regretted and many i land in that part of the ftate. While
over Thanksgiving visiting at the
home of Mrs. Nellie Hennessy, a
sister of Mr. Schultz.
pleasant home for these young peo
ple. It is situated on Vine street be
tween Twelftn and Thirteenth.
choice and handsome articles can be
found awaiting the coming of the
here Mr. Baumeister was a most
pleasant caller at this office arid his
visit was very much enjoyed.