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5,000 Special Vote Coupon for
Every $15 in Subscriptions to the
Daily or Semi-Weekly Journal
Now is the Time to
Announcement made today
of special certificate good for
Tj. m.I. s with each tuurned
in ia ul-t-rijiti'n i 1m .1 li now and
old , and w ill meet with the great
est a.j'i al of Hi' candidates and
their friends. Every interested
candidate will now liu-tle to get
together as many subscriptions
as possible lo take advantage of
this offer. The proposition is
perfectly fair to all. as it ?ivts
arh candidate an equal oppor
tunity. of course, there is no such
alu- in tliis offer as was riven
with the double vole offer. In ac
cordance with the promise of the
Campaign Department, that was
the biggest offer to lie made in the
entire content, and the present
proposition is an adidtiou stimu
lant to the interest of Ihe contest
which U certain to reap its re
wards for the many hard-working
The et offer means that when
City of Plattsmouth
At Least Three of the Prizes will be Awarded
to this District.
Charles E. Martin . . .
Mrs. Sybel Head
Miss Adelia Sayles . .
Mrs. Joseph Droegp .,
Miss Iorolhy Iiritt . ,
Rev. F. M. Druliner
Miss Anna lleisel .,
Miss Marie Iionnelly
Miss Madeline Miner ,
Miss Marie Spies
Miss Ferris York
Outside The City of Plattsmouth.
At Least Three of the Prizes will be Awarded
to this District.
Mr. Henry Hirz, jr 57105
Miss r.raee II. Nolting 231G5
i ? Joi lisi 1 3 j3
Miss Mildred Leo 15385
Mr. Martin Nelson 1500
Miss Vivian Fitzpalrick 18770
Miss Trudie Long 1500
Miss Etta Nickels 1500
Miss pearl Mclteynolds 1500
Mr. I iwight Propst 1500
Mr. Leo Tighe 1000
Miss Jenetle Young 1800
Miss Marie I'routy 3330
Miss Alma Wiedeman 8 585
Mis Daisy Langhorst 18280
Miss Elsie Opp 2280
Paul fiohrey 1500
Miss Ruth Harrison 1000
Miss Edith Peterson 2520
Miss Eula Weaver 3300
5,000 - Extra
For the two-week period of The Journal's Big Booster
Campaign, beginning Tuesday morning, July 7, and end
ing Saturday night, July 18, at 9 o'clock p. m., the follow
ing special offer will be in force:
For each $15 turned in during this period in subscrip
tions to the Daily or Semi-Weekly Journal in pay
ments of $1.50 or more, an extra certificate pood for
5,0H) votes will be given. This certificate is additional
to the regular number of votes given on subscriptions
as shown by the regular vote schedule. Everv $15 .
will be considered a set, and the extra votes will be
given on all subscriptions.
There is no change in regular schedule.
There are not so many votes with this offer as were
given during the double vote offre. It gives no one can
didate advantage over another.
Further information cheerfully given by the Campaign
Make Yourself the
of a Prize
si 5 in subscriptions (no pay
ment to be less than $1.50) has
been turned in. in amounts of
$1.50 or more, until the total
reaches $15, the contestant turn
ing in the money will be entitled
lo an extra 5,000 votes. This i.
in addition to the regular sched
ule. As manv of these certificates
will be issued as sots are furnish
ed bv the candidates. This offer
annlies lo both the daily and
Read special offer on page i.
Get Busy Now.
This great contest continues,
and a genuine contest it is, with
real friends in the race and real
honors lo win. As the time prows
shorter and the count at the
finish of the race is less than
four weeks off, the excitement and
nublic interest increases. Now is
I tie chance to produce me resuus
that will mean an auto or piano
free of expense to you.
Now is C.KT 11USY TIME
Watch the standing!
4 ll 90
3 1 880
Votes - 5,000
Alvo Notes
'' Mrs.' Fred Prouty.went to Lin
coln AVedhesday morning'.
firandma Foreman was. on the
sick list last week.
Joe, John and Noel Foreman
spent the Fourth in Lincoln.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Johnson, Sunday, July 5, a son.
County Commissioner C. R.
Jordan had business in Lincoln
Several from Alvo enjoyed an
outing- at the beach at Lincoln on
the Fourth.
C. T. Edwards and family spent
the Fourth at Peru with relatives
and friends.
Mrs. Liza Craig- returned Tues
day from her visit in Omaha with
her daughters.
Henry Underwood of Omaha
visited Saturday and Sunday with
O. P. Foreman, sr.
Oive your chix coop a renovat
ing with Lee's Lice Killer. At
Alvo Drug Store.
Mrs. Orvil Quellhorst and her
sister, Mrs. Mart Mikel, were trad
ing in Lincoln Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Schuyler Wolfe
came down Saturday from llave-
lock to spend the Fourth.
Paul Frohlich went to Lead, S.
D., to visit a cousin he hail not
seen for a number of years.
Mr. and Mrs. John Leach of
Omaha took dinner Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Foreman, sr.
District Supt. Rev. Embrey will
preach here next Sunday morning
and the quarterly meeting will be
The Misses Anna Thurason and
Welma Oeftyz of University Place
visited Sunday at the Foreman
Ed Linch and family of Uni
versity Place spent Sunday with
Mrs. Linch's mother. Orandma
Walter Rathbun and two chil
dren left Saturday morning to
spend the Fourth in Louisville
with his parents.
Why let the Hies bother your
horses, when a morning and noon
application of Dr. Hesse's tly
chaser will keep the flies away?
U Alvo Drug Store.
John Murtey shipped the first
car of new wheat to the Chicago
market Tuesday.' It was raised by
S. C. Boyles. His crop will aver
age 30 bushels or better.
Mrs. Herbert Moore and daugh
ter, Blanche, visited friends in
Lincoln from Thursday until Sun-
dav. Mr. Moore joined them for a
few hours Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Snavely
entertained at dinner July 4th
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clark, Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Parsell and family and
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Roelofsz.
Among those going to South
Bend the Fourth were: Mr. and
Mrs. E. Coon and children, Oeo.
lardnock and niece, Mrs. Hard-
nock, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Shaffer
and J. II. Stroemer.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Barrett and
Mr. and Mrs. filenn Armstrong
eft Friday evening for a two
days' fishing and camping trip on
Salt creek. They returned Sun
day evening, plentifully supplied
with fish.
Mr. and Mrs. John Murtey en
tertained the following guests
Sunday: Thomas Murtey and
family of Weeping Water, Harry
Towle of Wabash, and Mr. and
Mrs. Oeorge Towle and daughter,
Rhena, of Lincoln.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Bobbitt and
daughter. Hazel, of Lincoln, visit
ed Mrs. Bobbitt's mother, Mrs. fr.
Foreman, sr., from Wednesday
ill Friday. Miss Rodrick accom
panied them and will remain for
some time with Mrs. Foreman.
Mr. and Mrs. George Curyea and
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Curyea
motored to Weeping- Water Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. deorge Curyea,
granddaughter, Lillian, and Mr.
and Mrs. Sam Cachner autoed to
Slmwood Saturday evening to see
the display of fireworks, which
were fine.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cromwell of
.incoln, Mr. Melvin Kear of Plain-
view and Mrs. Fred J. Kear ana
son of this place left Lincoln in
an auto for a trip to Yellowstone
park. They expect to be gone a
month and will return via Den
ver, Colo.
Tuesday evening at the beauti
ul country home of Charles God-
by more than thirty young people
helped enjoy a most delightful
awn party, given to the winners
of the Epworth .League contest.
The lawn was appropriately dec
orated in red and" white, the Ep
worth League colors.. Ice cream
and cake and lemonade were
"erved-ftn3 a"-spIefldTd"4ime-e-njoy--
ed by all.
Statement pf the Condition
Of Plattsmouth, Neb., on the 30 day of
June, 1914.
First mortgage loans
Stock loans
Real estate contracts
..$130,323 09
.. lM.70i 00
.. 2.731 2
50ti f
Delinquent Interest. Dremlums and
ftetfc and dues 1.564 08
Rent account -tft 44
Insurance and tivps nald and ad
vanced 645 5S
' Total .....f 154.742 35
Capital Stock nald ud I140.C25 4S
Keserve runa ,uue m
Undivided profits. 3.710 70
Other liabilities-bills payable 2.400 00
Total ...
f 154.742 35
Receipts and Expenditures for the Year
Ending June 30. 1914.
Balance on hand July 1. 1913
$ 10.072 09
'23.4:10 00
11.070 36
Interests, premiums and fines
Loans repaid
Real Estate Contracts
17.0H6 70
25 16
f 03.494 31
Loans $ 29.00 00
Expenses 1.449 95
Stock redeemed 2J.i4t5 11
Cash on hand 500 "7
Insurance and Taxes paid and ad
vanced l.40V 46
Rent and Repair 444 9i
Total 03,494 31
I. C. G. Frlcke. secretary ;of the aliove
named association, do solemnly swear that the
foreiroinur statement of the condition of said as
sociation, is true and correct to the best of my
knowledge ana belier.
C. U. r KICKK,
Approved: Secretary.
D. B. SMITH. 1
C. A. MARSHALL. J-DIrectors.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 7th
day of July 1913. A. L.TIDD.
Iskai. Notary Public
My commission expires Oct. 5, 1915
Harold fi. Streigiit was a pas
senger this afternoon for Omaha,
where he was called to look after
some business for the Uurlington.
Henry A. (iulhmann of Murdock
motored over .yesterday from his
home and spent a few hours here
visiting with realtives.
Miss Blanche Robertson was
among- the visitors in the me
tropolis today for a few hours,
going- to that city to look after
some matters of business.
Mrs. C. X. Hansen of near
Weeping Water was in the city
today for a few hours looking af
ter some matters of business at
the court house.
If you're sheltered by a landlord
And have long been paying rent,
Get a home of your own.
Till you are your own collector
You will never he content
Get a home of your own.
If you add up ten years' rent bills
You will see just how you stand,
You have paid out all the house
was worth
And possibly the land.
When you might have bought a
pretty place
And had a deed in hand,
Get a home of your own.
The I'lattsmouth Loan & Build
ing Association will make you a
liberal loan.
For Sale.
A good driving horse, wagon,
y and harness. Harry John
- -1 t
son. o-9-tar.
No. 1914
At Plattsmouth, in the State of Ne
braska, at the close of business
June 30th, 1914.
RESOURCES and discounts S254.3T7.0
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured.. H.7:5.tS3
IT. s. bonds to secure circulation 50.000.00
Other bonds to secure Postal Sav
ings. B.U00.C0
Premiums on U. S. bonds 500.00
Bonds, securities, etc 7,577.00
Stock in Federal reserve bank and
all other stocks .nou.ou
Ranklnir bouse, furniture, fixtures... 14.800.00
Other real estate owned 7.007.88
Due from national banks (not re
serve airents) 7.57
Hue from aoDroved reserve acrents. .. 44.215.73
Checks and other cash Items 2,173.01
Notes of other national Danxs.
Fractional paper currency, nicKeis
and rents 71.88
Lawful money reserve In bank, vl.: .
Specie... fiu.aan.iw
Trnl-tndnr notes 7.280.00 23.835.00
Redemption fund from U.S. Treas-
urer taper cent or circuiauonj.. s.aou.w
Capital stock paid In
Surplus fund -j.uw.uu
Undivided profits, less expenses auu
National bank notes outstanding.... 4.I00.00
Individual deposits subject to check 8tt.20i.3
llaminii rortlWt.o a of deposit. 5,tc3.U2
Time certificates of deposit payable
within 30 days " -M0-'8
Time certificates of deposit payable
after notice of 30 days or lonirer. i-.w.ip
Deposits of Postal Savliun 2.498.27
Total .. '
State of Nebraska I K , ,
rvtimt v nf ru. f M T. II. N. Dovey. cashier
of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement is irue 10 me wi ui
my knowledge and belief.
. H. N. Dovt. Cashier.
Correct Attest: Frank E.Schlateb
ti. KNAPP.
.. : Directors.
Subscribed and sworn. tQ before me this
8tb,-day.t-J-uJi.M4. -l O. Owtk. -
I Seal J - nur ruuiw.
My commission expires Autrust -J. 1914.
Political Announcements
All announcements MUST BE
the following rate: For Con-
gressman, $15; State Senator,
S10: Representative. $5: for
County Officials, $5 each.
For Congress.
We are authorized to announce
the name of Wilber W. Anness
of Dunbar, Otoe county, for con
gress from ttie rirst congres
sional district of Nebraska, sub
ject to the will of the republican
voters at the primary election on
Tuesday, August 18.
We are authorized to announce
diaries .warsiiau oi tiioe couui
rL. i -r . i. 1 1 f y--v i ... i
as a canuiuaie ior congress irom
tne rirst district, suojeci to me
win oi me voters at uie primary
election on Tuesday, August 18,
191 i.
For Senator.
A. r. Sturm, or iseiiawKa, is a
candidate for senator from Oloe
and Cass counties, subject to the
will of the republican voters at
the primary election Tuesday
August 18.
We are authorized to announce
the name of John Mattes, jr., as a
candidate for Senator from Cass
fn,i nino Pnnntine snhionf t. ih
decision of the demoerativ voters
at the primary election on Tues
day, August 18, 1914.
For Representative
M. G. Kime, of Nehawka pre
cinct, will
be a candidate for
member of
the lower house of
the state legislature, subject to
the will of the democratic voters
of Cass county at the primary
election to be held Tuesday, Aug-
USt 18, 1914.
We are authorized to announce
William H. Puis for Float Rep-
resentative (inne and t.ass mini-
ties), subject to the will of the
democratic voters at the primary
election, Tuesday, August 18.
For County Judge.
tinaries j... cj raves or union is a
candidate for the nomination to
the ofiice of county judge, sub
ject to the decision of the
voters at the primary elec-
tion, held on Tuesday, August 18,
1 J 1 fl
Frank J. Libershal, the present
countv clerk, filling said ofiice by
appoinlmonf, is a candidal.' for
the nomination to said ollice, sub-
ject to the decision of the dt nio-
cratic voters at the primary elec-
tion, held on Tuesday, August
18, 1914.
John M. Creamer, of Wabash,
is a canumate lor couniy cierK,
subject lo the decision of the re
publican voters of Cass county at
the prirnary election held on
Tuesday, August 18, 1915. Your
support will be appreciated.
I am a candidate for counly
clerk on the republican ticket,
subject to the will of the voters at
the primary election August 18.
A. L. Anderson.
B. Cm. Wurl announces that he
is n candiadte for the office of
counly clerk of Cass county, sub
ject to the will and wish of the
democratic voters of the county
at the primary on Tuesday, Au
gust 18, 1914.
For Register of Deeds.
Mont Robb is a candidate for
Register of Deeds of Cass coun
ty, subject to the decision of the
republican voters of the county
at the primary election to be held
on Tuesday, August 18, 1914.
Candidate for Treasurer.
Major A. Hall is a candidate for
County Treasurer, subject to the
will of the republican voters at
the primary to be held on Tues
day, August 18, 1914. He will ap
preciate the support of all repub
licans. For Sheriff.
We are authorized to announce
F. R. Cunningham, of Nehawka
precinct, as a candidate for sheriff
of Cass county, subject to the de
cision of the republican voters at
the primary election August 18,
We are authorized to announce
William Dowd, of Salt Creek
ffireenwood) precinct, for the
ofiice of sheriff of Cass county,
subject to the will of the demo
cratic voters at the primary elec-
tion on Tuesday, August 18, 1914.
John Wunderlich, of Nehawka
precinct, is a candidate for sheriff
of Cass county, subject to the de
cision of the democratic voters of
the county, at ... the primary elec-
tiorr tQ"j3e hetd on Tuesday, Aug
ust 18, 1914.
Carroll D. Quinfon, the present
sheriff, is a candidate for the
nomination of said office, subject
to the decision of Ihe republican
voters at the primary election.
held on Tuesday, August 18, 191 4
I desire to announce lo the
voters of Cass counly that I am a
caniddate for the oiliee of sheriff,
subject to the wishes of the re
publican voters at the coming
primary election, and Ihe support
of the voters will be appreciated.
Hel t Heed.
County Commissioner.
We are authorized to announce
Charles It. Jordan," of Alvo, as a
candidate for Commissioner from
,hp Tnirf, ,j,ricf i,ir.ct in n,,.
1 1
decision of the democratic vot
at thft prirnary election on Tues-
aav .,...-. 18 101.
C. E. Heebner, presrnt commis
sioner from the Second district, is
a candidate for re-election, sub
ject to the decision ()f the r,.
pubilcan voters at the primarv
fc,eclion U) h ho1,1 011 Tuesday,
AU3usl 18' 1J1 1
Henry Snoke, of Tipton pre
cinct, will be a candidate fop the
office of Commissioner from the
Third district, subject to the de
cision of the democratic voter?
i t"e primary election on lues-
M-ld vu0ust is, l.Jii
We are authorized to announce
I). Koesfer of Weeping Water pre
cinct as a candidate for commis
sioner from fhe Third district.
subject to the wishes or the dc-
r-ision of the democratic vofers at
primary election Tuesday,
August 18
Gets Divorce Decree
District .Tuda-.' James T. I?
ley has granted the prayer of fhe
petition of Louis Simons thai he
h,0 p-jVf.n ins freedom from ih.
nuptial bonds connecting him with
I) ),dja Simons, and a decree to h.
effect has been eniei'ed in the
dlice of Ihe clerk of the district
court. I He case was not com es
ed fiv the deiendan and
Hie di
ll f!ie
vorce was grained o
grounds of cruellv.
Among the latest in tangos,
hesitations, cne-stens nnri f.pofn
to be rendered at the dance Sat-
I iipHau ounninn at r-nilnc' hall txill
nJh.e!p Way to Wexico," "Every-
MV"y " " ,I,S ine
Life," "Across the Great Divde,"
"" a CI
",uuntdm vv,, ine
I mm mmwm m m m m '
neT" Tor. mrs- KiP vanvvinKie
wnen K.p vweni Away.-
Have your .-.hoi's n-nair d at the
uo-to-da e ! ecfric S loe S oie.
hj.dlom prices and neat work. So. street.
M M H f tt!S
In order to Clear Out a lot of Odds and Ends,
we quote these Tempting Prices. We offer:
45 Pieces of Wash Goods
Figured Nub Crape Embroidered Crape
Satin Stripe Crape Corded Crape
Jipson Tissue French ginghams
All the above 25c merchandise at, per yard.
Dress Ginghams and Chambrays
25 pieces 27-in. wide Gingham, at per yard; 8Jjc
20 pieces 32-in. wide Chambray, at per yard, 12J-c
10 pieces good bleached Muslin, at per yard, 7K'c
10 pieces better bleached muslin, at per yard, 8Jic
50 pieces Gingham, 5 yards to the piece, at per piece, 35c
Muslin Underwear at Clearance Sale Prices.
Ladies' Muslin Pants at 15c, 19c, 29c, 35c and 45c
Ladies' Muslin U Skirts, at 49c, 59c, 79c and 93c
Children's Muslin Pants, at per pair. 8c, 10c and 12c
Children's Muslin Waists, at each, 8c and 10c
Children's Muslin U Skirts, each 10c, 19c and 35c
Knit Underwear
Gentlemen's separate garments, a good lot, at per garni., 25c
Our Gentlemen's Union Suits at $1 each is a $1.25 item.
Our Ladies' Union Suits at 25c each is a bargain.
Our Ladies' Vests at 25c is also a bargain.
Ribbons of all Descriptions
We give you GO pieces to select from, many G inches
wide, at per yard, 25c
50 pair of Ladies' Oxfords and Low Shoes, we offer them
to close out at, per pair 79c
Our 5c Lace and 10c Embroideries are on display.
!VW! ......
Alvin .eil.e Sundaed vulii hi-;
Miss Anna Amuwert was home
a few days last week.
Xurse Meta Neitzel was lni ie
over Sunday is if in y. her par-en i s.
Hev. llf-aden came Monday
viil I'efep Kvcland and familv.
.Miss Ida
her sisler
A nnmliei
-ipent (heir
the beaeh.
Kiyhl mailer
Wishiel was
near Elinwood a-l.
of people from I,. ;
I-'otirlh in Lincoln nf.
chafer and Kmm. I
spent f he l'oiirl h i i
!I;u-!-y Icllonald
lfnib.'ck iiK'tiUfd Id
and I.i v is
Lincoln o:ie
day last wi-ek.
'Slv. and Mrs. Fd Taylor and - i,
I'll 1 1 I.eltoy, spent the l'illlll
with relatives In-re.
The Misses llnyc, I.ullit' ;.l
VA.i Maiier vi-ifed friends ami
relatives in Ithaca, l.'i-l week.
The two ba-e ball games thai,
our In-ys played the I'ourlh at
I'.Imwi i id were as fnllows; I'.lin
W'M.d v. Murdoi-k, -J to I in Mur
diiek's fai'i nine innings: Ivile
vs. Munl'irk. 1 lo 0 in T-'agle's
faoi seven innings.
Mr. Herman Kupke died July
." at her inmie from eaneei- of Ihe
sloniaeh. and a- buried July 7
at the (.erinan Lutheran ehurrh.
two miles iiMith of town. She
leave to mmim her ile.ilh a hus
band, ei-ht ehiblreii
friends and relatives.
and many
Energy to Work.
Mr. Vladimir Seiuan of Su
perior, Wis., wrote us Ihe follow
in'' b'lfer: "I received Triner's
Ainei-jcan Llixir of Milter W'iiie
and musl confess ibat f am ery
Weil sfiljsli,,! j(. because it.
braces up tin. whole body-and
gives a man new energy lo work."
The body musl, in order lo be HI.
lo Work, J:e perfectly cleaned out
and l ivii-1 liened to accept and
digest Hi.
necessary amount of
nouri-hing" food. Lor lhal we
wish lo recommend Triner's
American Llixir of Miller Wine
which works in a natural, pain
less and a'j reeable manner. This
remedy being composed of medi
cinal herbs and excellent red wine,
has a beneficial effect upon the
digeslive organs, by expelling
waste mailer out of tin- body and
by giving' new slrenth to ex-hau-le.l
organs. Try if in dis
eases of he stomach. Ihe Iier
and Ihe bowels. At drug stores,
.b.s. Triucr, Manufacturer. 1 :::;.'!
!.;"! 9 So. Ashland Ae... Chii'.T-o,
111. Lackache will usually yield
quickly to Triner's Linimenl, I lie
enemy of ain.
n a