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XZbz plattsmoutb journal
Published Semi-Weekly at Platttmouth, Nebr.
Entered at the Postoffice at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, as second-class mall matter-
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Subscription Prloej S1.50 Per Year In Advanoe
Col. V. 11. Price of Lincoln has
contumeliously refused to stand
aside. Secure or his place in the
hearts of his countrymen he has
boldly proclaimed himself a can
didate for congress without wait
ing for the aid or consent of any
other democratic leader on earth.
The situation makes us trem
ble. Having: been given his
orders by a superior officer, Col.
Price has rebelled and raised the
black Hag- of insubordination and
the red Hag of defiance. He must
be a bold man, careless of the
object lessons which bestrew the
pages of our history telling the
stories of the sad fate of other
ambitious malcontents. Col.
Price is not, like President
Huerta, a drinking man. lie is,
furthermore, of a calm and
judicial temperament, modest to
a degree, and with a record for
self-sacrifice that has made his
name a household word in demo
cratic circles. What can such a
man be thinking of when he
takes such a stand, at such a
time, when all good men should
be rallying about the leader and
waiting fop their instructions?
We very much fear that Col.
Price, with all his temerarious
ness, will find himself, the first
thing he knows, obliged to
apologize- and lire a salute of
twenty-one guns, lest a worse
fate befall him. World-Herald.
Now, will Mr. McKelvie be
pood? We would think so.
The recent rains have made
vegetables jump and the lawns
have put on their carpets of
green in great shape.
- :o :
It's an ill wind that blows no
business. Ten thousand khaki
uniforms for Mexican rebels are
being made in Houston, Texas.
Have you noticed that the
prices have been reduced to any
extent since the "Low Cost of
Living Convention" in Omaha
last week?
"llope" may be all right at
times, but yon can't get as much
good exercise from it as you can
by helping your wife spade up
the garden.'
Chicago's score in the past
two years is fourteen women ac
quitted of killing men. Chicago
is about to start a campaign for
malo suffrage.
Our "eminent" congressman
says he stands pat on his recom
mendation, of A. V. Johnson for
the Lincoln postollice. Mr. Bryan
is for Frank W. Brown. Now we
will all see who is who in this
Lincoln postollice fight.
The State Journal company
loses out in trying to stop the
printing board from letting con
tracts to foreign corporations.
The Journal seems to be losing
out in a great many things these
days. The Journal has had its
way too long already in the mat
ter of state printing.
:o: -
Evidently the Nebraska Re
publican was started for the only
purpose of fighting Governor
Morehead. But the editor, who
seems ashamed of his little
bantling-, will find that the peo
ple of Nebraska know the gov
ernor too well to Relieve anything
that an editor of such a paper
may say against John H. More
head. The people have no faith
in such little flybythe-night
sheets as this Cantling, anyway.
Have you planted your pota
toes yet? Better get at it.
The straw hat seems fo be very
slow in making its appearance in
Who will win out in the Lin
coin postollice fight Bryan or
Maguire? We are betting on
The Hawaiian heiress who has
secured a divorce by wireless
will probably take her next
honeymoon trip on an aeroplane
Considerable "clean-up" work
was done in Plattsmouth yester
day, but there should have been
The story from Oklahoma
that alfalfa has been killed by an
April freeze must be a slander on
that handy plant.
Of all the heralds of spring are
here, including the base ball fan,
and the latter is much more than
circumstantial evidence.
It was strange that a technical
charge had to be brought against
that Arkansas man who had ac
quired fifteen unlawful wives.
They say Huerta has been
drunk for six months. He'll be
sober enough by the time thf
United States gets through with
Huerta refuses point blank to
accede to President Wilson's re
quest, and now he must be com
pelled the contrary, drunken
old whelp.
:o :
Don't forget to use that road
drag since the late rains. It is
just the proper lime. By all
means let's keep the roads in
good shape.
:o :
One possible reason the Mexi
can commander at Tampico re
fused to salute the American flag
was because he didn't have
powder enough.
Along about the third week in
July the forecast, "fair and
warmer," may become rather
tnonotous, but at this season it
is mighty gratifying.
The leading newspapers of the
country defend the policy of the
administration in the canal toll
controversy. The fact is, Presi
dent Wilson is always right.
It was fortunate that the
naval paymaster, arrested in
Tampico (over whom all this
trouble is about) was not carry
ing the pay mil at the time.
:o: J
Paul Topping, it seems, is de
termined to keep in the limelight,
if nothing more. He is now a
democratic, candidate for the
nomination for county attorney
of Otoe county.
Wu Ting Fang, who put in so
much of his time while Chinese
minister to the United States in
asking- questions of folks he met,;
has written, a book about
America which should prove in
teresting. :o:
Spring calls for a genuine!
"brushing up" with paint. Noth
ing adds more to the looks of the
property, and, then, strangers
speak of the prosperous and
enterprising citizens. They talk
about Plattsmouth. And that is
just what we want. We done
well last year, and let's do the
same this year.
Many a man who, in early
youth was driven from the farm!
because he had to milk a platoon
rf lirinHI n r i ' jr fn 4 nn pit MlOIP
. a,
enthusiastic offsprings to drink
from a pail or apply perpetual
motion to an old-fashioned
churn, may go back again if the
cientists come up to their ad-
vanced notices. The particular
Ci.-arrtn. inn.. nnHnT nnn o Ifloro
f iiti ici r mrln .j a m i I L- iml rrnol'u
" "
milk, nor mare's milk, nor
camel s milk, as are used by some
nomadic people, but eythetic
simi lo jju iiiaiLuidCLuri'U hi u
rv t i i .1
comfortable laboratory, which
won't kick the bucket over, or
switch one in the eye with a
rapid-lire tan lull oi cocKieourrs.
rw . t . it 1
J. lie Dasic property oi me nuim
made milk will be casein secured
from the soy bean, which can be
grown in waste places, and other
ingredients can be added and
sweetened to taste, until a milk
as good as the journeyman Jer-
onvc hnvn i ifTr r n ri lw nr'n.
auceu ai smau cost, anu wuuout
assuming a perilous position on
1 1 1 ! 1 1. 1
a tnree-ieggeu siooi oy ine siar-
board side of an uncertain cow.
This is a large promise, but
we can ininK oi wouiu
add more lo the joys of rural life,
lhe only milkmaids who have
any fun are those sometimes
seen on the stage amid other dis-
AI lo.-l lli'll li;r lio Cilwl fin-
... .....
congress in the Jrirst uistrici,
and he stands about as much
.-ti,tii of vnl I !nv Htik nom inn f ion
as tue man in tne moon
Tli -k n r cnnniL $ t Ka no orvCt I
..un, t, wu 11W
lion to tho nomination of Judge
Jepley in Otoe county, and the
indications are mai ne win nave
no opposition in the general elec-
The Fremont Tribune says,
fhe bull mooser who imagines I
le is a progressive republican
... i
hould get his eyes open to the
ituation. The progressive re-
publican party is the republican
Senator Hitchcock and the
emocratic members of congress
rom this stale will protest to
the federal reserve board against
Nebraska being placed iu the
tenth regional bank district
vansas City.
The primary system of nomin-
ating candidates ostracises the
ousiness man anu also the poor
man from striving for office, be-
cause, on the one hand it disrupts
business, and on the other it is
All! I li i nnnli f Id.. . . . M .i.-kl
. I'""' cxu
on account or its expense.
Already some people are talk-
? of a successor to Speaker
Clark. Better wait awhile, at
east until Champ speaks. lie
will probably have something to
ay about the matter. And please
ear in mind his friends are
egion throughout this great
country of ours.
Is it not an outrage and shame
i!,n ti,.. ..n.,i- i ..p 4i.
democrats of Nebraska have to
otter along through life and
await the notions of a few lead-
Tf il.ov Unni- w
do those democrats who furnish
n. n. ,
ill., iu CSUJ 11. U iSUIlIU .
Not much, Mary Ann. Why have I
not the federal appointments that
belong to Nebraska been made?
Simply because those who con-
trol that business at Washington
can't agree upon who they shall
be, and as a result of this tardi-
ness in Avhat is simnosed to be
their duty, the rank and file are
to stand this tomfoolery, and at
the polls go down in defeat in
conseciuence. The inanv irood and
true democrats, would like to
aspire to different state offices,
but do not care to do so under
present circumstances. They are
the democrats that have lo suffer I
not those drawing pay at
May parties will soon be in
order by the young people.
" :o : . .
if "April showers bring forth
I t ....... . .. . . 1. 1 j ... 1. rt -I
hua' "uwll8 e uubul
plenty of nature's beautiful.
The friends of -radium should
publish a-list of folks who have
been cured by its use, to, offset
the list of deaths.
I utunioi
I lri L 4 K n . i ... m 1 1 .
nu i opening "I ie wanKMip- tri.s nm rhildren? It is
season, along with the base ball
season, how are the fans going to
keep tab on both?
i n ,
The American public finds it-
self in doubt which it detests the
more the barbarity of Villa, or
the cool insolence of Huerta.
In the excitement over the
war, don't forget the fight that
we ought to continue lo make on
the dirt about the premises.
Secretary McAdoo does not
nnnn ,,r... n. .!!.- ..r V.:.. I
rtL - llvu uic uaiu ui wis
I ... . - ..I
wedding is changed, so long as it
is brought nearer with every
The Nebraska militia are ready
i -
for the fray with Mexico, if it
.i.i aiuj luiAii-",
comes to that
Two regiments
are ready to depart at a day's
Massachusetts has more
en than men. There is likely to
I... .. 1..1: ... :r n. I ..
UB u muuiuiiii u Mi.e seuuie
passes the bill to license cats, al-
ready passed by thc house.
ti : . ..... i . . i . i 1 1 . i I
it iiuUB. au-t-t .mu
Huerta, seeing his inevitable
J .. 1. I. ,1 . 1 . .......1,1,,!, was uec.ueu lie ou.u
rather be whipped by Uncle Sam
than wait to be whipped by Villa.
Farmers are clamoring for
help, and crreat. big. husky fel-
lows can be seen on the streets
very day "lo(king for work." Do
they expect the farmers , to bring
it to them?
The Washinsrton disnalches
disclose that Congressman Flood
h.s chairman of the house com
mittee on foreign affairs. Doesn't
he really belong on the rivers
and harbors committee?
it would seem, from all re-
ports, that Congressman Dan
St.eohens has criven better satis- ,
r. J c
faction than any of them in the
. . i j: . i I
manner in vwucii ne nas uisposeu
f the poslotlices in his district.
v. lth a man like George Berge
for governor, Governor More
head for congress, John Mattes,
jr., of Otoe county, for senator,
1. 1 11 1 ,1
you nave a comoinauon mat sure
will carry the democratic Hag on
to victory.
A Los Angeles, California,
youth shot himself lo death be-
cause he thought his fiance was
too good for him. With such aff
absence of conceit this young
man nucrhf. to draw something
pretty good from St. Peter.
The chemists insist that
ah.chol made from corn will
..n.. r
gasoline. An automobile propel-
led by insidious draughts of corn
iuice will be a dangerous thing
i" i
...,.f i Ki.v hi.lm-nv
:o: -
t. . i
J. lie MlLIll ULlllUH "111 VvJll. II I
lion of Lancaster county failed
to give Senator Ililchock any en
dorsement- in fact. Dolitely
ignored him entirely. Maybe
that was because Senator Bitch-
cocy has been ignoring his
friends to such an extent that
f hev do not cue.
Don't think for one moment
that the bull moosers will give up
the shin not bv a 2o"od deal,
Over at Indianapolis .Jast week
they met, and besides booming
Roosevelt for president, Beverage
for senator, they nominated an
entire" state ticket. They were
simply enthusiastic for Teddy for
president in 1916.
Why not interest the schoo
children of Plattsmouth, and in
everv other town in Cass county
for that matter, in waging war on
insect pests which attack and
blight shade trees, following an
nTamnIft in SOPvil.n m.aeticed in
nnormia n,Pr and
lowns iu lhe , American re-
1 i- i ii 1
public with commendable
suits in making more healthy am:
withill thfi )f such .
I)lovemcnt to save the com.
munity's shade trees from partial
or t.f destruction. tlierehv ad-
ding to the bcauty anJ cuuteuU
m . nf .npo MnI,invpP.
,ho rhii( npn t'hl in lllB
lore of nature and city forestry.
are given something to do and
think about out-of-doors and
are developed into good citizens
by being imbued with a new
civic spirit otherwise unlikely and
possessed of the satisfaction of
ervice well rendered to their fel
lmvmen. The latest eitv to adont
tho plan js lliUsDlir pa xvhore
, 5Q0 g t h.e hn en
listed in a warfare against shade
tree pests in the city under the
..:....,. ,, :...,...,.. .n.
uiiixiinii i in; toy loresier. xne
. i u t, in- ,i
i , cciift ninth Inn pixlillmrr Tiwtlli
and thc ovster-shell scale will be
Jh( rhir of :,lln,k of.
forU being lnad,. t() destroy lho
f i
Pi w in O luifol'ii lllit oiL.'nl)tL.' or
worn-h,.,.,,!,..;, , ,,k ,.,.or,, ,
,rouble the caterpillers would
, jf all,m0li to cet a slart
patrols of 1Jov Scouts Iiave bl.un
into districls and one natrol lias
been sct oyep cach djst,.ict The
g ts , b provided with
:nl . , ,
t ,huJ the cocoons and scales
havo s0, .(J wurk ,vilh
They will also note and report
all broken tree guards and all
diseased trees. Scoutmasters
are expected to keep tab on the
efficiency of their work and re
port the number of cocoons de
stroyed and trees treated. The
efficiency of this method of en-
.. ......
llllll lUUUlL'll 111
work of
the city forester has been proven
already in East Orange. X. J., and
j,t.av0I.f Pa., xvhoi.c the school
children have almost eliminated
insect pests which had made
reat inroads upon the shade
trees of these communities. Not
only are the IreesHn these cities
ing protected and saved from
,.(t.,,,-, ..l,;!,!,.,,,,
inti10. ,vork are beintr
traillPd Ul practical, beneficial
citizenship. Their service is
bui,dins? them for a belter life
and more capabilities later in
life. What Pittsburg, Fast Or
ange and Beaver are doing may
be accomplished here in a like
manner and the community at
one and the same time will be
growing both better trees and
more conscientious citizens im-
)ued wilh civic prid(? Giyo ,ho
boys a chance along with the
Lhade lrvcs of the city
A good asset, young man, is
cheerfulness, look around and
vou will lind those who succeed
apparently the easiest are those
wno go annul ine s work cneer-
1U"'' i,,u '-"'
peryone on exery suojeei, out
-""1U l-
i ' . i l : ..
opinion anu u you must disagree
u" s" lum,u"' a,iU ,,tl
turedly. rIhe grouch never gels
lhe LImwood Leader-Leho
has changed hands. George
Blessing is the new man at the
helm, and we trust the change
will indeed prove a "blessing" to
the patrons of the paper. No
town in the west has a more
enterprising class of business
men than Elmwood, and they
demonstrated a willingness to
support a good paper, and we
hope Mr. Blessing is of the kind
that will bring that which tjie
good people of Elmwood have
been praying for for lo, these
many years. Success to the new
At the beginning of the Span- There are numerous matters
ish-American war a great deal that need the attention of the
was said by Spaniards about up- Commercial club, as well as thc
holding their- honor. Dictator city council, and they should get
Huerta is making the same kind their peepers open to the many
of a bluff in defense dT what he things that ought to be done for
designates as Mexican dignity. the benefit of the city. Don't de-
;0 . lay in these matters until sum
Folks who marry to surprise mer has come and gone, but get
their friends usually end up by a hustle on you. Remember, a
surprising themselves and some- stitch in time saves nine. '
times the surprise - isn't, alto- :o
gether pleasant, says Anna Carl- Bill Price is still in the race
son. And Anna is about right for something, but he cannot tell
about it, too.
If an old drunken whelp like
. ...
Huerta is allowed to insult the
merican flag- wilh impunity, we
should haul in-our declaration
that the emblem of purity rep-
resents thc "Home of the Free
and Brave."
We note from, our home on
High School Hill many improve-
meats already started. New didate for the democratic nom
residences entire, repairing old ination for sheriff, in the person
homes, building new outhouses, of A. L. Wallinger of Stone Creek
planting shade trees, etc. De- precinct. Mr. Wallinger is one
notes lively times in Plattsmouth of the very best men in Cass
again this season. Let the good
work go right on unceasingly.
. :o:
President Pena of Argentina
las written a book in which he
ridicules the Monroe doctrine as
The Guttapercha Message."
Senor Pena should dwell more on
what the Monroe doctrine did for
lis country when it was weak
md young, and not indulge in
idle fears of the future.
The end of the copper mine
trike in the lake penisula, by
the miners . accepting what they
could have got long ago without
the loss of $1,000,000, is an
argument against exempting
abor mines from government
regulation and control as trusts
in which the trust is often mis-
Every county in the slate
should hold an old-fashioned
democratic convention some time
utervening- the state primary. It
s the best plan iu the world to
'lithuse and get the party in
shape for the fight this fall. Let
us hear from those interested
uid set the ball to rolling in that
Uncle Joe Cannon is a stand-
pat republican and don't like a
democrat anyway, but he is loyal
o his country, every inch of him.
lere's what he says in reference
o the Mexican trouble: "The
president is entirely competent
to act. I hold that the country light any cbuntry on earth that
should support him and will sup- insults the American flag. The
port him. For the country is not United States has more natural
a divided one, but united." soldiers than any nation on
:oi earth, so what are you talking
We nolo that the merchants in about?
many of the towns and cities ;q;
throughout the stale have ar- One thing about Governor
ranged wilh the picture shows of Morehead's candidacy for con
their towns to give free shows to gress is that he is well known in
farmers and their families who the First district as a farmer,
come to the city to trade. Plaits- then a merchant, county treas
mouth merchants are able to do urer, representative in the legis
what most any other towns can lature, state senator and lieuten
d'o, so why not try it here? ant governor and then governor.
:o: Tn all these positions he acquil-
The house voted lo uphold the led himself with credit to himself
hands of President Wilson in his and won the confidence and re
stand on Mexico. They could not spect of all the people. Such a
possibly do otherwise. The sen- man is able to represent the First
nte will take action today. Presi- district as it should be represent
dent Wilson is right in this mat- ed. He is a man of the people,
ter and the American people are and it is the people he appeals lo!
with him, notwithstanding a few :0;
republicans, like Mann of Illinois, Says the Nebraska Cilv Press-
who opposes the proceedings
simply because the administra-
tion is democratic, and nothing
"Prohibition never will be en-
forced in a ChrisLinn ninnlrv "hp,.,,..,!
. Jt
says Cardinal Gibbons. "While ties are doing. Besides, news
I am an ardent advocate of tern- papers must have aomethin fo
perance, I am intuitively per-
suaded that prohibition cannot
be enforced in this, country. It
is calculated to make hypocrites
and lead to the manufacture of
illicit whisky replacing the good pressed for something sensible
material wUh the bad, while at to say, politics, of course, con
the same time robbing the gov- stituting a very sensible and
eminent of the legitimate tax." timelv Snhie,fcna,;m . ,
yet wiiat. ne wants 10 run jum
where he can do the most good
for the little cotorie in Lincoln
. . i I Ml - V AnMj'lwl
who want 10 Kin on some mmuiu-
ates they do not want. Bill is
pretty clever in some ways, and
be will go just where he sees the
most money in it for Bill. Bill
Price is a hanay man.
:o: -
There is another good man
coining lo the front as a can-
county, and is very popular
among all who arc personally
acquainted with him. The Elin-
wood people think he is just the
man for the place.
Huerta is not as much of a
dictator as he would like to be.
He bit off more than he could
chew when he refused to salute
the American Hag, and took it all
back. We have no love for Villa,
but it will prove a Godsend when
he slips upon the blind side of
the old butcher and riddles him
with bullets and then flees the
country himself. Then, maybe,
there would be some show, for
Governor Morehead, in his
aspiration for congress, is be-
coming more popular everv day.
The name of John II. Morehead
is a household word all over the
J First congressional district, and
that is the best indication in tho
I world that he is the coming man
for the place. They know he is
honest, competent and possesses
theabili ty toiepresent the peo-
pie of this congressional district
las they desire to be represented.
The Omaha Examiner says the
"United States has no army."
Maybe not a very large one, but
it has millions of young Ameri-
cans of which to make one of tho
greatest armies in the world, and
it would only tae a very short
lime lo get them in readiness to
Cass county is riot slow in pro-
ducing men for county and slate
ollice and people who believe
Otoe county has been a little pre-
mature in offering candidates at
this early -date si,i.i
Uiullu U1IU f.j-L. n;u oiner roun-
talk about, and as Nebraska has
an election only once every two
years - the earlier
into the fiffhi lhe i.n..... rnnUu
editors, who. so often