The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, February 02, 1914, Page PAGE 2, Image 2

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S I P m a a. m. a m
Local Piew:
Here they go all that's left of our odd suits and
overcoats at just two prices
In Two Months Season fop Im
provements Will Arrive and
We Must Prepare for It.
Da fir.
of Av.'C:i
morning to sn
here looking after
cam in
ml a few
at the court house.
Xuw during the winter months
the Commercial club of the city
.should begin to outline
R. L. Fstes 4,f Sidney. Iowa i
in Hie cny today looking after
business mailers with tin- lirm of
W. E. Rosencrans & Son.
This is the final windup and your greatest opportun
ity to save money. Don't miss it. See
them in our windows
Miss I.Uflah
ray. armed tin
4 . 4
.Mi's I,'o!;i l;artu went to Fails
City last Saturday to visit with
Ii.-r brother, i-iu lSarton and
Miss Ada porter of Lincoln
came Tuesday to make a i-it
with her si.-trr, Mrs. J. C. Suave
ly, near this v illage.
Charles Anderson ami wife
came in We.lne.-day night from
Randolph. Neb., a;id are visiting
tln ir relatives in this vicinity.
James ;. Faster arrived home
Monday from the .-late of
Wyoming, where he .-pent seve
ral days visiting and attending
to some matters of business.
It. M. Wilson of Osmond, Ne
braska, departed for home last
Saturday, after making a few
weeks' visit with his sister. Mrs.
V. II. Panning, and his brothers,
Thomas and James Wilson.
Mrs. Rachel I'ell and Jesse
lliixhsoji departed Tuesday
morning for Walthil!, where
they will spend .several days
visit intr among their delatives
and friends in that town and vicinity.
Kverell Hunt, who was suffer
irr' with a very -evere attack of
inflanimalory rheumatism, de
cided to try the treatment at
mineral springs at Burlington
Junction, Mo., and on Monday he
left for t lint place, accompanied
by C. F. Morton.
Christ lieil. Fred H.-il, Charley
Sehwaab,- Joe lieil and Jimmy
Conn, gool citizens of Kenosha
neighborhood, were in town on
Wednesday, bringing several
loads of fat pokei:s to this mar
ket and selling them to Abe L.
Pecker, the ITnion stock buyer
who does business.
Exa Frans, who was operated
upon for appendicitis a few
weeks ago in an Omaha hospital,
was able to return home Monday,
accompanied by his father. Chas.
Frans. The y.ung iian is now
gelling along very well and will
probably soon be enjoying Hie
best of health.
I- O. Sandin. D. V. M.,
v graduate of the Kansas City
Veterinary College, is per-
inanently located in Platts
J mouth. Calls answered
z- day or night. 'Phone 233.
5- Oflice GOO Mais.
with their son, In. J. W. and
Mrs. J. M. Iuiibar came over
from Avoca Tuesday even in? and
took the two little Palmer chil
dren back with her. while their
Miother was in Omaha a day or
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Carroll
and little daughter returned to
their home near York Tuesday,
after spending a week here with
Mr. Carroll's father. The old
gentleman has improved slinht-
Oreenwoo., in the western
part of the county, had a disas
trous lire last week, and a
usual when the fire started the
people were powerless to slop it.
Nchawka would burn just as
ireeiy n a nre once got under
way here.
Ouy Rood came in Mondav aft
ernoon from one of his periodi
cal swings around the circle
Cny has a girl living in one o
j i -1
iii1 thosi lnarcossinio nnvns in
- .11 -w . via.
.m'iui .mcnca. it woman i
fair to tell where it is. but vour
guess of "Crete branch' is
warm one.
A little excitement relieve.
the tedium of affairs Wednesday
mornmir ariout n o clock wnen
some:ie discferei that tin
smokehouse belonprinpr to Ceortr
l.a'o's, who lives in the ('ruber
hotel, was on fir". Prompt ac
tion on the part of the bucket
brigade soon nut it out, ami the
damatre consisted in the pre
mature roasting1 of about liftv
pounds of pork.
Splendid Official Steps Down and
Out, and We Truts Just as
Good Takes His Place.
4 4 4 4
The town was pretty well d
silled luesday while McCon-
nell's sale was frnjntr imi.
N. IJ. Catlin of Lincoln cam
down on the train ve-terdav
ee;iinir. The gentleman is a
brother-in-law of . I. Adams.
Mrs. Rutherford, Mrs. Stewart
Hough, Mrs. Tom Mason
daughter, Ella, were passengers
to Lincoln Saturday evening.
Dr. M. U. Thomas and wife
came down from Memphis Mon
day evening and spent th-j night
You may need an
and we want to inform vou
that dates can be made
at this office for
the Weeping Water Auctioneer
People everywhere are talkin
of the quick and line results
Foley Kidney Pills give in back
ache, rheumatism, kidmv and
bladder troubles. You cannot
take them into your system with
out good results. That is becausr
Foley Kidney Pills trive to thf
kidneys and bladder just what
nature calls fnr to heal these
inactive organs.
weakened an.l
For sale bv all
K. & L. of Security, Notice!
The Knights and Ladies of S
cunly will hold their regular
meeting at their lodge rooms on
Wednesday evening, February i.
instead of Thursday evening, on
account of lh . Commercial club
banquet. All members are urged
to 1m? present, as there is busi
ness of importance in connec
tion with the anniversary of the
August Steppat of Oregory, S.
I., who has been here for u few
days visiting with relatives, de
parted this morning for his
home, going on the early llur-
lington train.
Get your harness oiled for 1
at John Gordcr's.
Careful Attention to Public Sales
jRates are Reasonable
Obtainable to buy build or improve
farm, ranch and city property or re
move incumbrance therpfiom; un
usual privileges and reasonable
terms. Address Loan Dept., for piop
osition, 1527 Busch Bldg, Dallas, Tex
From Friday's Dally-
The change in the postmaster-
ship at the local po-toHice, which
has been in view since the an
nouncement of the confirmation
of 1). C. Morgan, will probably
take place on .Monday, as it will
be the beginuig of the new
morUn, and Postmaster Schneid
er, who has filled that oiiiee for
the past three years, will retire
in lavor of Mr. Morgan.
T" l I .
Anere nas neen lew persons
holding otlice in this city whose
retirement will be felt greater
than that of Mr. Schneider, wh
uuring me time m? nas served a
postmaster nas alwavs been the
same courteous gentleman every
day in ttie year and the patrons
of the otlice have received at his
hands every attention, and Ik
can lay down the reins of office
feeling that he has filled it in a
manner that is not only a credit
to himself, but to those win
i ti . . .
w.t-ve nan nusmess in transact al
the postoilice, and he has always
exerted himself to the utmost, to
see that the service given tin
people was the best possible.
Mr. Schneider, in addition to be-
ir.-' an aide official, has also been
one of the liveliest proposition
hi me way oi noosimg lor in
advancement of the city and its
n:iereis arm mere nas neen no too dillicult for him to un
dertake if he felt that it was for
the best interests of Plattsmouth
and its people, and his friends
are hopeful that he may decid
to engage in business here and
continue to make this citv his
t. . ....
ii'Miie, H.s ins removal wouni ne a
severe loss of a good live boost
ei as well as a most r ensnut
nlleman. He has. during hi
a lminisiraiiou oi me omce as
postmaster, worked for the ad
vancement of the oflice nn.i t
Mace it m the most efficient
1.: .i . ...
""'Mi!- onier and w ii in
ome instances he mav not have
ached the desired end, he ha.-
.. . . .
.iiwajs none nts utmost to im
prove the service, and his suc
cessor, iff? lie fills the nosiHon
plans for the work of the sum
mer months in the wav of nr
vidmg entertainment for the
visitors to the city and making
them feel it was worth their
while to come here to trade.
It is essential to the welfare of citv fodav
the town that then? be something ing after
of this kind provided, as if some
effort is not made in the direc
tion of entertainment, the resi
dents here, as well as in the
country surrounding, will seek
piaces wnere inis can be pro
the great and unqualified
success of the special davs that
have been held here points th
way clear to making a success of
I I. .. n .i i i .i
me euori 10 uiaw nere tm
residents of this section of th
couiny and mere nas ijeeu no
celebration or special event that
has not brought hundreds her
wno would probably oilier-wise
seek a large or more attractive
place to shop and make their
(ratling point. Even the concert
given here by the Burlington
band gave great pleasure to a
large number of the country peo
ple who drove here in their car
to enjoy the delightful mu-ii
ami iook advantage or me oc
casion to do their trading and
shopping here.
The time (o arrange Ihest
special ieatures of the summer
season is iluriiig I he winter
months when everything is slack
antl business men can give their
attention to these matters and
prepare a program of events to
keen the interest of the citizens
in the (dd town fully aroused in
its advancement, and first among
the matters to be considered i
that of arranging for a celebra
tion e,f the Fourth of July, which
is the big day of the year, and
even now our neighboring citv of
Aubmn is agitating this question
and if it is really desired to hold
a ceb-bration here the ball should
be started rolling now.
It. T. Frans of Union was in
the city today for a few hours
looking after some bu-dnes mat
ters and visiting with his
friends here.
Charles St. John and Hubert
Willis of Xehawka were in the
for a few hour-. l.k
some matters in the
county court.
ans of near Mi;r
aflenioon ! :d-
lend the performance of "l.iff's
Shop Window" at (he Parmel
this evening.
Children Cry for Fletcher's
I 7a
x. - v V v
Tlie Kind
iu UVJ
You Have Always Bon-lit, and wWdi La lffn
for OTcr HO T ars. JUA4 lwni: "-";'"'
ST rS?s-sZ sonal upcli!on dnc lt y.
Its, Imifatiorn ari'l ".eeea-,-t
'. it. tritUt witU rrul-tnu'i r t!.' lu vl'li cf
Mark Furlong i---turned this
afternoon from Omaha, where he
visited his little son. Earl, at the
hospital. It w as found neessai v
to perform a second operation.
and the parents departed for that
city on the early Mis-ouri Pacific
ami Mrs. Furlong will remain
with her son for a short time.
John Mcisinger ami wife of the
vicinity of Cedar Creek came in
vesterdav from lln-ir hoi.. atul
lejiarted on "o. 2 f.-r Pekin, Il
linois. whtM-e Ihev will iit with
relaties in the old home. Mr.
and Mrs. Meisimier resided in
Illimd's for thirty-eight year- be
fore coming to Nebra-k'i. where
they have iv-ided for the pat
twenty-three years.
Frc.m P.iturday s IJaUv.
Ib nry Ii-helder of Creek
came in ttiis morning from his
home to attend to some tradim:
with the merchants.
All .'oxinterfe
liifanU and Children Uiiriciitc itMil. X-j;crir.trnu
What is CASTOR J A
Castoria U a Jinrml" sn?titife f.r Oil. Parr
Boric. lrops :inl Sothing: n:r. It 1- pi';-.nt. It
contains m-ith r O; iui:i, .Morphiiio tit .t!: r .Tot..s
substance. IN arc i It par.uitcc. It I-tr Worm
and aLiv I'everisbiM . Yr more tl.irfj jm IS
has lCMi in emitant Ir the rfli-f of u-ti;u:n.
Flatulency, "Wind Colic, all Ti-rthlrs" TrnuLl - ar.d
lLxrrhL-a. It reg!il.t t!io Menu U and lin'I,
assimilates the Vl, t:i intr healthy aid natural fclccw
The Cliildxcu's Iana tu The lothcr'i 1'zlcuiL,
i Bears the Signature of
The Kind Yon Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
- h . . ... . -- - . -ir'n-11 il
me.- in:
i;ig h-'d
in i i
Sent to Insane Hospital.
1 l:
: a r s
t .
Mr--. J. dm V.'ib-- ;::
Mrs. J. dm It. . km tr.
W'ib--. jr.. w. ie pa--.
morning I-v umatja.
I .1
ISO .f .'-;
r- llr -
V- Jlov
! V.
Mis IiiK'Iah Sans
fl-parted Ihir
ille. v.loMe
she will
f Mnrrav
for f.mii-
aitend th
teachers' meeting' in that city.
.Mrs. Henry jjorn and Mrs. i:
Trilsch came in tin's nioinin
from their farm homes near thi
city ami wtM-e passensers on th
early IJurlinglon trafn for Diiia
ha to visit for the div.
Miss Alma Holly, who is teach
nig in tiie viciniiv oJ Avoea. cam
in this morning on No. t to vi
over Mintiay.
From Friday's Dally.
The many friends of Ceorge
I'oisall in this city will be greally
pleased to learn that he is feel
ing' much better since going to
Kansas City, and he is receiving
great benefit from the treatment
at the hands of the specialists
there. Mr. Poisall has not been
in good health for the past year,
but during the last few months
!.. iir...,.i .,....11.. ,,-;ti
iiuj r ti i j i I . J c- 1 l iX l l oui
tomaeh trouble and his conditifm
was a ouree oi a great tieai o
worry to his family, but. sinc
going to Kansas City he ha
ained four pounds in weight am
is ame now to eat almost any
thing he desires, which seems t(
point to his improvement, a
.vhen here he was not able to re
tain mufh food on his stomach
ft is generally Imped that (hi
worthy gentleman will son be
able to return to his home here
feeling a great deal improved in
health, and his large circle o
friends will await with interes
any news from turn.
Hen I)i!l of near Murray wa
nere toiay ailemiing t sonn
trading ami week-end shoppjn
with the merchants.
. J. M. I.eyda and mother
li!Tenbai.igh, of "dra-ka
and Miss Kllen I.cjda am
. O. Moore were among tin
visitors in the metropolis today.
well, may feel satisfied he has
duty in the fullest sense
It'iie hi
of the word.
1.1 Grippe Leaves Its Victims
.--ome victims fir la grippe
never fully recover the health of
I he lungs, and per.-istent cough
ing is weakening. The quick ac.
lion of l-olcy's Honey ami Tar
makes it valuable in severe la
grippe coughs. F. (J. l'revo. Bed-
id, Ind., writes: 4 J.a grippe left
me with a severe cough thai
'oley's Honey and Tar cured, and
am back to my normal weight.
'or sale by all druggists.
Notice to Stockholders!
The annual meeting of th
Stockholders of (he JMaitsmouth
Loan ami Ituibliug Association
will be held al Modern Woodmen
Hall on Monday evening, March
2d, at 8 o'clock. All (he Stock
holders are requested to be pres
ent. E. P. Lulz.
The Best Flour
on the Market
160 Acres of Land.
Will trade 1G0 acres of land in
rkins count for Platlsinoulh
uoperly. V. R. Iiryan.
East results are secured by ad
ertising in the Journal.
Ceorge C. Sheldon of Nehawka
came up tliis mttriMiig to look af
ter some matters of business for
a lew Hours.
Mrs. Everett Wiles was a pas
scnger this afternoon for Omaha
lo visit her husband at the hos
pital for a few hours.
William Pub
(he city today
looking after
business ami
friends here.
tr .Murray was m
for a lew hours
some mailers
visiting with his
.Mrs. MarK ruriong came in
Ibis ati'Mnooii from Omaha,
where she had been vi-iling with
her little sou at the hospital in
that city.
Mrs. ;eorgie Creamer came up
this morning from her home.
souiii or tins cny, ami win vi-ii
here and look after some trading
with the merchants.
(Jeorge P. Mei.-jnger of Cetlar
Creek came down Ibis morning
on No. i and will spend the day
here attending to some trading
with the merchants.
htle h
fleets ,
th.- dav
Imni.'ii!';.-! h---p
j r . ''-M M'i:ig f.'-'-r.i
his broken tiii-h.
r-.-i f
- n.
l.y j..-eiai arrai:-.
1 1 .'l t ; kill Seed Ho'.l-e .
t.-;t!i. Iowa, will mad
their Hig ill i Ii!u-t:
Hook, and a samp!.- of
mis ''Inamond Jo.-"--e.-d
corn that ha
ot-r ;Miu bu-h.-is per acre
eery r.-ad'-r ..f thi pa
no ;it
f SijeP.
a -.!-
: u-
I 1
: fa::i-
i:.' Whit-"
a .'oid of
fl'ee to
r wii
- i
: - i i
. r.
r... r
l.e int. !
plant. Thi- 1-comp.-::.!inm
farm and J-ard
I hey
tells how to i:r
al! about le-t
corn for your
Oats. Wheat.
tirasses. Cb.v
iu t h Cf.'p-
k i- a f-.-.-i;-of
farmir .
n - t-. Ii
w bi- crops a; d
A'arieties ,.f ... d
cality: ;i!-o S.-.-.J
Parley. Sp.Mz.
. .uaiia. ra-i ur-
'A I
d :
w Ii
r -
Tho Want Ads set results.
and I. awn Mixture-. .
and all other farm
seeds. This -.-id boo
tlollars to ail in want
any sort. It's fr
read.-rs. Write f.r it
tion (his pancr. The
d P. tat.-
i . : I gar.J. n ;
k is woj th j
f .is of .;.
to a;! ourU:
and Tii.-n- ;
; -s ,' A
nr.. I
I it.
M';rrav. .. ;,.
' to c-y o:j-nra;;'.-.-
1 Co;
.! v.
Shenandoah, Iowa. Box 227.
ran b
of Ci
Tie.ulh. N-l... ii
ny :af. l:;:;k. M :r
dVi: ME A Tr.I.M..
I -I
. . . ."".-..--."- --
t.. t:::t 7
'. II. Meisiuger drove in (his
afternoon from his farm near
this cily and looked after (he
week-end shopping with the mer
chants for a few hour?.
Mrs. L. M. McYey of m ar
Lnion came up today from lier
ioiqe and was a passenger on (lie
afternoon Hurlington train for
Omaha, where she will visit her
i-ler, Mrs. Walker, for the day.
Misses Mavola Propsf. Flor
ence Hicnardson ano liacliei Liv
ingston were passengers thi-
luornnig for Louisville. wti- i
hey will attend the teachers'
K mi
'; . -.1
I'- U
Spring and Summe
x woolens recently
us by Ed. V. Price A- To . LV
viiio IUU.
You may select your pattern -inv
time now. and have your cIoi!...s ..... i r
delivery. -iou.l made up for future
Easter comes en April 12th.