The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, November 04, 1912, Image 6

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M'f fUnll rmn1
DWUiiiuii 9 ran uuui
The more particular a woman is in
regard to the sort of Shoe she wears, the more she
will enjoy seeing the new styles we are now showing. Every Shoe
is a masterpiece of the expert shoemaker's skill. The choicest of
leathers, such as Tan Nubuck, Gray Nubuck. Suede, Patent Calf,
Dull Calf and Tans.
Porte Applies to the Powers tcr
toTThen look at these prices and they'll at
once convince you that with all our Shoe ex
cellence we're not high priced. We have Shoes
S2.50, S3.00, S3.50 Upto S4.50
Declines to Accept Suggestion Made
by French Premier Remnants of
Nazim Pasha's Forces Falling Back
to Defense of Constantinople.
""""'.'1 is now prepared to sell the very BEST
Come, see how much better Shoe Satisfaction
your money will buy here than elsewhere.
zsr's Shoe iters
Rev. J. II. Sieger was received
by a large audience at I. lie morn
ing service at SI,, Paul's church nu
Sunday. 'I'lie liatlle liyinn of I lie,
Reformation, thai much beloved
poem written by the hero of Re
formation, "Kin feslc Hurk ist
miser (iolt," was sung by Hie con
g regal ion, with the enthusiasm
proper to I'rolcslanl (ierman
services. The iiiinisler spoke
a li ii 1 1 111 oMM'-blessed work of
reformat ion, that glorious ami
splendid achii'veinenl, ol llie re
formers, which was the cause of
civil and religions liberty, and o
the sacred right of thinking and
' reasoning; and aiding to the con
science of the individual. The
reformat ion was a return to
primalive Chrisianily and Pro
testant ian stands Tor it. In ad
vocating primal ive Christ iauily we
are seeking to apply the Protest
ant principle to its logical limit
and we therefore repmlialc all
doctrines and practices which rest
Upon (radii ion or ectdeast ical
authority. This leads ns to exalt
Christ, as the only and all-suf-llcienl
saviour from sins, and to
reject all snbstilnles for a per
sonal faith in Mini, as "The way,
the truth, and the life."
The collection taken up for tin
educational institutions of the
synod amounted lo .".'IS,
To the Public.
Having discontinued the de
livery of meat, we will now be bet
ler able to serve our customers,
as to quality of meals and prices
We are the only ones in the city
Ilia!, slaughter their own cattle,
and are therefore better enabled
to serve yon with a better quality
of meat, than can be procurred
from the packers. We hanilel our
meats in the most sanitary man
ner, ns we are not Handling any
oilier products, such as groceries,
vegetables, fruits, coal oil and
gasoline, and our meats do not
become tainted with such articles,
and we are able to give better
Oil. $ Montintgro declares .j,
.. ur asuitiht Turkey.
t. 1 -Monti iienrins invisi,
I arabusch. x
iil. 14 .Muniene;;! ins tako.
i u.shi.
(Jot. lo -Tun o -Italian wai ciiUr. 4
Oct. 17 S 'lvia and lireeeo de jj)
( line war u.vudsi. Turkey'; Turkej
.. in.., j : ,,
till! lill iil.
? l,.t 1'1 ! lie n hin j i.'ii.hil'. i"
' M in-.inpha I'iisliu. '
I Ocl. au Huk-nrlans attack Ad
! Out. 21 Turkish squadr. J
; . liqui ds Itulgariun ports.
! Oct. 22 Servians take I'rislin J
; Oct. 23 Servians take Novlp: 4j
(ht. 21 Unitarians captu;
Cirk-Kilisseh; Greeks captw - 2
nvn of Servla. ( ' T
r Oct. Servians tal-p Kuniani 4
jva and other Turkish cities. t
! ()(t. i., .Servians Culture V. 4
, liiip; Montenegrins Invest Scutar. 1
Oct. 27 Unitarians capture Ei 4
I Uaba, near Adrlanople. 1
Oct. 30 Bulgarians capture Ltd 4
, Burgas. 4
Nov. 1 Bulgarians occupy L. "I
!mot.lcn, cutting coninuinicntlon.iv
'between Adrianople and
. tinople:
T Turkish cruiser
Greek torpedo boat sinks
Nov. 2 Turks driven back in
n n
on the market and furnish you plenty of hard coal at the lowest
market price. Remember we furnish you good coal with each
$ and every Base Burner purchased of us.
Local News
Kmil Ohm was down from Oma
ha over Sunday visiting with his
parents and other friends.
Lyman II. Howe's Pictures, the
talk of the town, at I'annele
theater, Monday, November .
W. W. Moore of Auburn came
up Saturday evening and visited
prices and (pialilv than can be $'nrceaayS nnu.e 10 icon.,
1 . . 1 . . . X Vim 1 Tnrl.-u In full rr'tri
procured elsewliere. Ilesiecl fully,
Kunsinaun llamge.
over Sunday
with relatives and
Death of Little Boy.
Friday evening Vernice, the lil
lle 3-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs.
W. M. Smith, passed away as the
result of an attack of croup. The
funeral was held this uiorniuk' at
I he home on West Pearl street,
beinn conducted by llev. J. II.
Sieger of SI. Paul's church, and
interment was made in the Rock
Muffs cemetery, south of this city
The IturlinKton freight shop de
part men t sent 11 most beautiful
remembrance, the father of the
little boy being one of the em
ployes in I hat department.
There is one reform that
should be instituted at the Rur
liiiglou station in this city and
Dial, is the heating of the depot.
Passengers who are compelled to
wait for the evening (rain, which
arrives here at 11:45, or I lie early
Chicago train, No. 10, have to
shiver around in a cold room, as
e tires are allowed to die out
early in the evening ami none are
started until the next morning.
This road gels a large per cent of
I lie travel out of Platlsmoiit h and
I hey ought to try at least and fur
nish the proper beating facilities
for their depot, instead of leaving
the parlies waiting for trains to
either freeze or pace up and down
the plal'orui in an effort to keep
Journal office.
in paper at the
Is our husband cross? An ir
ritable, fault-llnding disposition
is often due lo a disordered stom
ach. A man with good digestion
is nearly always good natured. A
great many have been permanent
ly cured of stomach trouble by
taking Chamberlain's Tablets.
For sale by V. 0. l'ricke & Co.
Frank (lobclnian, painting and
paper hanging. 4-
Uf.lerchanl Tailors:
are now ready for that new Fall and Winter Suit, also solicit
all kinds of work in their line.
LodiGs' and Kent's
We are prepared to do all kinds of hulh-grade tailoring for
both ladies and gentlemen. All styles and qualities of goods.
Our prices are seasonable, and work guaranteed in every par
ticular. See us for your satisfaction in clothing.
Vejvoda & Kalcek,
Plattsmouth, ... Nebraska
OonHtantlwr.lo. Porte asks
mediation by t tie powers.
Ixaidon, Nov. 4. The Turkish army
s in i"U retreat on uohkuiuuiiwiu"-
nnd Uia Turkish government has asked
the powers to intervene..
An odieiid bulletin was issued hy
the Kovernnient nt Constantinople ad
niittlni? del'ent at the hands of the Hid
garlnns in f!i" great hattlo on the
Thrnrean plains. ' :.
Application' was mndo to Uif mbu?
sies In Constantinople for mediation
by the powers to end the ho-st Hit
nnd arrange a peace n&ref nient.
TIip ambassadors, prior to this, had
.inked the porte to grnnt permission
lo each of the great powers to send
ono warship through the Dardanelles
md this reqeebt had been compiled
with. The only guarantee of safety
for the native Christians and perhaps
foreigners In Constantinople Is to be
found in the presence of the warships
of the great powers In the harbor of
the Turkish capital.
It la th- general belief that Hill-
gnrl.i will refuse to listen to anything
the way of intervention until the
Unitarian army Is at the gates of Con
htantlnople and will insist that Tur
key make au appeal direct to the allies
without Interference from the powers
The powers have not been able to
agree upon tno trencn premier s tor
inula of "territorial disinterestedness,'
which ia not acceptable to either Aus
tria or Germany. They are taking
Btepa. however, for the protection of
Christians and their own political in
terests In Turkey. One warship In ad
ditlon to the vessels already dls
patched to ports will be sent
through the Dardanelles by each of
the powers.
lleyond the statement that the
Turkish army is retreating to the last
line of fortifications outBlde Constanti
nople, there was little news received
from the seat of war. Fighting was
reported alons the line from Tchorlu
to Pearl, which was the outcome
loulditless of the effort of the defeated
Turks to retire within the Tchatalja
lines, which the Bulgarians are doing
their utmost to prevent.
The besieging forces are tightening
their grip around Adrlanople, and the
bombardment U bocomlng more vigor
ous. In other directions the allies are
consolidating their occupation of Turk
ish territory. The Greeks have taken
Nlfopolls and Prevesa and have landed
a division at Stavros, which Is march-
Ini to attack Salonlkl. An uncensored
dispatch from the latter town Intl
mnt"s the likelihood of Its surrender
without resistance.
Kdvvard Kanka came down from
Omaha Saturday afternoon and
visited over Sunday with his rela
tives in this city.
(ius Olson was a business visit
or in the metropolis this afternoon.
To nite is the nite to see Lyman
II. Howe's pictures at the Par
mele theater.
Owen Clifford departed this af
ternoon for Weeping Water lo
lowk after business matters.
Misses Florence White and
(iertie lieeson were visitors in
I he metropolis this afternoon.
Miss (ierda Peterson was a pas
senger this morning for Omaha,
where she visited for the day with
Oliver Edmunds departed this
morning- for Glenwood, where he
is employed on the state institute
E. Ji. Thrall departed this, morn
ing for Omaha, w here he will visit
with Fred Denson at the hospital
for the day.
Mrs. M. llowland departed Ibis
morning for Omaha to look after
some business mailers for I lie
Mr. and Mrs. C. 1. Ends of
South Omaha spent Sunday in
this city, visiting their many rela
I ies ami friends.
Joseph F. Iladraba. wife and
little sou were visitors in the
metropolis yesterday, spending
the day with friends.
II. N. ioey was a business
visitor in tin metropolis today,
being a passenger for that place
m No. 1 5 this morning.
I Take
j friends
I picture
! only.
w here
ing in
at I lie
the children and your
to see Lyman H. Howe's
; at llie I'annele tonight
Huhla Spahnul was a pas
tliis afternoon for Omaha.
she visited friends for a
C. A. Hauls returned yesterday"
from Illinois, where he had been
for several days attending to
some legal business.
Mrs. Frank L. Cummins was a
passenger this morning on No.
ir fur Omaha, where she spent
the day wiLli friends.
.Miss Lucy Hnidway was a pas
senger this morning for Omaha,
after visiting over Sunday with
relatives and friends here.
Victor Sherwood and wife of
(irand Island came in Saturday
evening and visited over Minnaj
wilh relatives in this city.
Comforts tied at 50c. Uuills
made at ibe lor earn spooi 01
thread used. Mrs. J. W. Thomas,
7 1 i Pearl street. 11-i-twk-d
Harrison Smith of Rock
was in I he city today, coin
to hear Col. liryan speak
court house.
.-Mrs. II.. S. llarlliobl ; departed
this morning for lenver, where
she will visit her daughter, Mrs.
Carl Halter, for a short time.
(Hen Smith of Lincoln, the
county bridge contractor, is in
the city today looking after some
matters of business.
Miss Marcia Ethridge of Pleas
antville, fowa, arrived this after
noon and will be employed in the
store of her cousin, P.. A. Mc
Elwain, in the future.
Miss Lillian Bookmeyer return
ed to her home in Omaha this aft
ernoon, after spending Sunday
here with her mother.
Do you remember Lyman
Howe's pictures? It will be here
again at the Parmele theater, one
night only, Monday, .November 4.
Miss Muriel Harlbold returned
to (llenwood this morning, afler
spending Sunday here with her
parents, II. S. Rarlhold and wife.
Countv Commissioner Jordan
came in tins morning on o. o
fiom his home at Alvo and will
look after some county business
Floyd Kuhney and wife of Have
lock returned to their home this
afternoon, after a visit over Sun
day with relatives here.
Richard Clark of Omaha re
turned home this morning after
enjoying a short hunting trip in
this vicinity. He was quite suc
cessful, securing quite a bunch
of game.
One of lite most interesting and
entertaining programs at the
Parmele tonite. It's Lyman II.
Howe's Travel Festival.
It is now time for you to plan
lo attend the Art Exhibit at tnc
High school, November 14, 15 and
10. IlenelU of the public schools.
Admission, 10 cents.
A. W. Crites of Chadron, Neb.,
was a visitor over Sunday in this
icly, being a guest of his sister,
Mrs. H. S. Ramsey and family.
Mrs. Arthur Copenhaver and
Miss Clara Copenhaver of near
Murray were in the city today and
were passengers 011 No. 15 for
Omaha, where I hey looked after
business matters for the day.
Mrs. W. T. Scott en was a pas
senger this morning on No. 15 for
Omaha, where she will visit her
daughter for a short time.
The Helpers of the Christian
church will meet with Mrs. II. C.
Yanllorn on Wednesday after
noon, November 0. at 2:30. Lunch
will be served. All are invited.
A. J. Tippens and wife of Lin
coln, who spent Sunday in this
city with Mr. Tippens' brother, W.
C. Tippens and family, returned
home this morning. Mr. Tippens
is employed in the Burlington
train service running from Lin
coln to Ravenna.
Mrs. Earl Blish was taken to
the hospital at Omaha this aft-
Mont Robh, steward of the peni- ernoon, where she will take treat-
tentiary at Lincoln, came down ment. Mrs. Blish has not been in
this morning lo look after busi-lvery good health for some time
ness matters for a short lime. land had just gotten over an opera-
1 1 ion when she came from Montana
John Orandoville of Lee, Neb., 'and finds (hat it will be necessary
who has been here for a few days, for her lo again enter the hos-
visiling his brother, Charles and pital.
family, departed this afternoon 1
New Mate for Taft Not Selected,
New York. Nov. 4. After a confer
ence between President Taft and sev
eral numbers of his cabinet and Re
publican senators and representatives,
It was officially announced here that no
successor to Vice President Sherman
on the Republican ticket would be se
lected until after election. Governor
Hadley of Missouri Is known to be fa
vored by President Taft and many of
tho leaders.
Charles Chriswisser and family
of Nehawka were in the city Sat
urday, Charley visiting with his
father, while his wife and Mrs.
Bennett Chriswisser were visit
ing in Omaha.
Frank Itestor was a passenger
yesterday afternoon for Omaha,
where he visited for the day with
his wife at Inimanuel hospital.
Mrs. Bestor is improving every
dav and will soon be able lo re
turn home.
Drug Trusty and Saw Through Bart.
nakersflold, Cal, Nov. 4 After
Jrugglng a trusty, sawing through two
Iron barriers and scaling a Jail wall,
four former Inmates of the Kern coun
ty Jail aro flo Ing through the hills
with two posses In pursuit.
Pnul Morgan came in
morning on No. 0 110111
Springs, Neh., lo make a
visit with his mother, Mrs.
rude Morgan. Paul is now en
gaged in the real estate business
at Hav Springs and is making
quite a success in that line.
for his home.
Mrs T. II. Pollock and daughter.
Miss Ellen, were passengers this
afternoon for Omaha, accompany
ing Mrs Pollock's sister, Mrs.
King, that far on her homeward
Mr. and Mrs,
were in llie city
to hear Hon. W,
were pleasant
Frank Ploetzer
today, coming in
J. Bryan. They
callers at this
otllce while here and renewed I heir
subscription to this paper for
another year.
Mrs. C. II. King and daughter.
Mary, who have been visiting rela
tives here, departed this after
noon for their borne at Waukegan,
Illinois. Dr. OHmon4 and wife
and Mrs. J. A. Walker and Miss
Margie Walker motored up from
Murray with Mrs. King.
"It is a pleasure to tell you that
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
I he best cough medicine I have
ever used." writes Mrs. Hugh
Campbell, of Lavonia, Ca. "I
have used it with all my children
and the results have been highly
satisfactory." For sale by F. C.
Fricke & Co.
Spends Day In Country.
. Taking advantage of the nice
weather yesterday, George Dodge
and wife and Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Steinhauer and daughter, Miss
Gladys, motored out lo the farm
home of John Busche, near Cedar
Creek, and visited for several
hours. Mrs. Busche has just re
turned from the hospital and is
doing nicely and feels much im
proved. The party greatly enjoy
ed the ride, as well as the de
lightful visit wilh Iheir old