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Murray Department
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If any ofthereaderi of the Journal know of a ootid nt oranitern of interest in this vicinity and triZJ mail tame to this oic it mil appear urUr this Keating
Wiuxint ali item of intend. Editor Journal)
And you are always in debt. It doesn't pay to be behind
in money matters any more than in anything else.
A Checking Account will aid you in keeping affairs straight;
it will be the means to put you ahead in life's game.
If you are not familiar with the ridvantages, we'll be glad
to explain how it will benefit your personal business.
Murray State Bank
A Complete Surprint
After the chicken pie supper last
by about twenty-five others, repaired
to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nick
Frledrich, a mile southeast of town,
and gave them a complete surprise.
Mr. and Mrs. Frledrich were soft In
the "Land of Morpheus, wnen tne
band opened up, and soon there was
a stir in the house. When everything
was In readiness for the reception of
the midnight marauders, the doors
were flung open and all were Invited
Infslde. It was a most complete sur
prise and after spending a short time
very socially, the band and party re
turned to town. , Mr. and Mrs. Fried
rich were somewhat embarrassed be
cause they were not prepared for the,
reception of the party as they would
like to have been, and on taking leave
they were extended a very cordial
Invitation to come again when they
would be better prepared for their
Several Residences and Other
Property Saved by Heroic
Efforts of Neighbors.
Visitors in the city from down In
the neighborhood of Murray and Un
ion report that several disastrous fires
broke out yesterday while the high
winds were blowing and threatened
to destroy a great amount of prop
erty before they were gotten under
control. The extent of the fires can
be judged when it is stated that many
farmers for miles around were sum
moned to help fight the flames which,
fanned by a high wind threatened to
sweep a vast stretch of country. One
fire, which is supposed to have been
Wedding Anniversary. started by sparKs from an engine on
lit -a i 11 - j l
Friday. March 25. 1910. occurs the lUB r' B'"tttU ,,ul ovur " BU,a"
4 8th wedding anniversary of Mr. and 8,riP of C0UDtry 80uth of Murray but
Mrs. W. II. Heck, of Elmwood, Nob. was otten under contro1 without a
These good people are now 73 years great deal of damage.
Anotner tire was started near me
II 6i.
Our Easter Shoe Show
is Ready!
You will certainly take pleiis
ure in seeing) these handsome
shoes and we will certainly take
the greatest pleasure in showing
thera to you.
Then, if you buy your Easter Shoes here, there will be an
other pleasure in store for you in the way of satisfaction afforded
you, by your correctly dressed feet.
There's a touch of style and well-bredness to our shoes,
and we have such a variety of models and leathers that you're
sure of finding here
Mrs; Minnie Stokes was shopping
In Omaha Friday.
Alf Nickels has a son down with
the pneumonia.
I). C. Rhoden was an Omaha visi
tor in Omaha Inst Friday.
Some great bargains In shoes.
Holmes & Smith.
Frank Mooro Is reported quite sick,
but nothing serious is apprehended.
Mr. and Mrs G. VV. Iloedeker took
In the play at the Parmele on Friday
Highest prlccH paid for lard, but
ter, eggs and poultry. We need them.
Holmes & Smith.
' Mrs. J. V. Edmunds visited rela
tives In Shenandoah, Iowa, last week,
returning home Tuesday. f
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Connally de
parted for Wnuaa, Neb., Tuesday to
visit her brother, Albert Harm.
Mrs. Chas Muti and Mrs Mlnford
were shopping in Nebraska City last
Harry Baxter la reported on the
kIcV list. Kd.Midklff has a son also
numbered with the sick.
Little Nellie Rhoden, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Rhoden, is quite
III with what threatens to be pneu
monia. t Miss Isabella Young will entertain
Saturday afternoon in honor of her
guest, Miss Anna Jacobson of Beth
any, Neb.
In order to move them quick, we
are going, for one week only, to sell
12 1-2 cent peaa at $1.00 per down.
Holmes & Smith.
Cart Gregord. son of J. R. C. Greg
ory, who has been dangerously 111 for
romp time. Is now on the Improve,
and In a fair way fo a permanent recovery.
Miss Pauline Oldham went to
Louisville Wednesday morning to in
struct some young people who are
putting on a play at that place.
Mrs. Marmond Heck entertained the
following Invited guests Sunday at
llnner: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jame
son, of Weeping Water, Mr. Torrence
Klemming ond family, and Mr. and
Mrs. A. L. Raker and daughter Opha.
Rev. T. K. Surface, who formerly
resided In the Mynard neighborhood,
but now of Shelby, Neb., has been
viKltlng at Mynard and here sinco
last Friday. He lectured at the
Presbyterian church Wednesday even
Mrs. .1. F. Urendel went to Avoca
Wednesday morning, where her hus
band has been for some time looking
after the patients of Dr. Will Drendel
who has been quite 111. We are pleas
(! to learn that he Is now In a fair
way of an early recovery.
Mrs. Mini McDonald entertained a
few of her lady friends at dinner Tues
day. Those who were fortunate)
enough to be present were: Mrs.
Lloyd Gapen, Mrs. A. L. Maker, Mrs.
II. F. Urendel, Mrs. Frank Moore,
Mrs. Dave Young, Misses liita Nick
els and Annabel Moore.
The many friends of Uncle lUlly
Wiley will regret to learn that he is
iuite ill. Uncle Hilly is one of the
arly plonoerB of Cass county, com
ing hero In the early 50's, and his
friends are legion, lie is quite aged
and his friends 'hope that nothing
serious will result from his present
John Dararon has moved onto the
I). J. Pitman farm, where he will as
sist Dick Pitman In farming.
Mrs. Will Stokes took the train
here Wednesday morning for Weep
ing Water, where she went to visit
Mrs. Jake Miller.
Re sure and get a glass pitcher.
Dig assortment on sale at 19 cents.
Holmes & Smith.
The Ladles' Aid society of the
Christian church will give a Dutch
Market Supper at the church on Sat
urday night, March 26, 1910. Every
body come.
Do sure and look at our fine line
of dress hats at $2.00, $2.60 and
$3.00.' They are up-to-date.
Holmes & Smith.
Mrs. W. C. Rrown departed Wed
nesday morning for Vlllsca, Iowa, to
visit her parents for a couple of
but he will recover
of age, and are living on the farm
which they homesteaded In the 70's.
They are the parents of Mr. Har-
mond Reck, living west of Murray,
who is a great friend of the Jour
nal, and who always likes to remind
Midkiff place and swept over quite a
section of land before the flames were
gotten under control. This fire
threatened to spread into some woods
In that vicinity and develop Into a
the old people of their anniversaries rogular freBt flre but by dlnt f hard
worn on me pari oi tne larmers irom
adjoining property it was put out and
the adjacent property saved.
The most serious fire was that
with a suitable present in honor of
the event. Thla time Harmond pre
sents his father and mother with
thnt profit hmiHphnld nereflfritv. the
m tu i i t, ...Bl wnicn siariea eariy yesterday morn
Plattsmouth Journal to the extent of '
ing some nve to six miles southeast
one year's subscription, believing that
they will appreciate this present as
fully as would anything he could give
them." The Journal hopes Mr. and
Mrs. Beck will live to celebrate many
more anniversaries.
There are handsome Patent Leathers, Suedes, Gun Metal
and Cravenettes, in Oxford?, Ties, Pumps, Ankle Strap, Sailor
Ties, just shown for Spring, so we say
Come, See Our Easter Shoes
U u . kzj u sza La m 7 t. .
Shoe Store
of Murray. According to Frank LII-
lie who came up this morning from
his home near that neighborhood a
tract somewhere between one hundred
and two hundred and sixty acres of
land on the old Woolsey place was
burned over and Frank Vallery who
Mr. and Mrs. Churchill returned lives on the place suffered quite a
I T M !. X - - - fc
home Monday. Mrs. Churchill visit- 8 in ournea umuer ana ience poms,
ed her husband's sister in Lincoln, the fire sweeping his fances before It.
while Mac went further west on a Tne general supposition seems to be
hunting trip. Mac says he enjoyed his that this fire was ignited from some
and destroyed fences will be quite
heavy. Mr. Vallery was deeply grate
ful to his good neighbors for their
timely assistance.
Reports from various points in the
state tell of great fires at different
places and much loss of property, the
trouble being that the high wind fan
ned the flames and carried the fire
over much country.
outing very much.
A large number of Murray people
attended the Randall sale Wednesday,
Will looks somewhat forlorn, It was largely attended and every-
sparks left Bmoldering from a brush
flre which Mr. Houston bad been
burning the night before. G. W.
Shrader noticed the fire in the early
The "Sunshine Band" of the Chris- worth
tlan church will repeat the "Rainbow Mrs. Joe Cook is down sick with
Klniona" play at the church on Sat- remlttant fever, but Is Improving,
urday night, April 9. Don't fall to Doc Long's little daughter Grade,
attend and thus encourage home tal- 1r ill with pneumonia.
ent ability.
The "Sunshine Band" of the Chris
tian church will render the play, "The
thing sold well, bringing all they were morning and was worried over the
smoae ana tne size or it doc it was
not until the flames bad gotten Into
the woods on the Woolsey place that
the seriousness of the situation dawn
ed on the neighboring farmers. Many
were at the Kandall sale and these
hurried to fight the flre while many
People who are looking for a good others fame down from the north and
Rainbow Klmona club,".at Nehawka reasonable priced home one where east and assisted In the fight. At the
on Saturday night. April 16. The the ,ncome U reater than the ,n' t,rae the men howed u" the name8
.ood neoole c,f that burg will do well investigate these aescnoea do- were within
a few feet of Mr. Val-
lery's houses and his barns and but
160 acres V mile from town with for this timely assistance of the
40 acres broken,' 50 acres hay, bal- neighbors, his property would have
No improvements, been lort. By back-firing, the flames
to attend and note what home talent
can do.
Tnn Vlllnirtnn nnd wife were here
,.. u !,. anco In pasture,
over Sunday visiting old neighbors . . ,
and friends. They were former resi
dents of Cass county but moved to
P.lalnvlew, where they resided for the
past seven or eight year. Having sold
out there they expect to make their
future home In Colorado.
After the services at the Presbyter
Ian church last Sunday night, the
congregation derided to issue a call
for Rev. J. Smith, who was pastor
of the church here threo years ago.
Mr. Smith Is now attending a Presby
terian college at Pittsburg, Pa., and
has signified his Intention of accept
ing the call.
The chicken pie supper at Lough-
rldge's hall last Saturday evening and
the band concert In connection there,
with, waB a grand success In every
particular. The supper was given
by the Missionary society of the Pres
byterian church and the ladles of the
unolittu ilannfvn errant nrnitlt fnr ttlfl
J " " " v . T7l- ... A .
i .u, ,.l.,f .fflr luuic. ran Uuuc,Su u1Ul
luminal in ttiuiu iuio t-n-ftnufc ,!. i
was conducted.
Commenced Action.
In district court Earl R. Blish has
commenced an action against the Cf
B. & Q. Ry. and the Relief Depart
ment of that road for $2,000 dam
ages for the loss of bis foot which
was taken off in the collision here
last July and for which he recently
recovered a Judgment against the
company of $10,000. The petition al-
lges this amount due blm under the
terms of his membership in the re
lief department.
In county court today two matters
were set for hearing. In the matter
of the estate of Frank G. Brown, de
ceased, the accounts of the adminis
trator, II. N. Meeker of Greenwood,
were examined and allowed and he
and his bondsmen released from the
liability on his bond. In the matter
of the estate of B. J. Hudson the
hearing on the appointment of an
administrator was postponed.
Sandy loam clay sub-soil. Price $52.50
per acre.
Half section 1 mile from town, 160
acres broken, 10 acres trees, 70 acres
hay, balance pasture. Fair Improve
ments, consisting of house, barn, corn
crib, granery and windmill, small
orchard. Price $45.00 per acre.
160 acres 1 miles from town with
fruit. Barn granery, corn crib,
provements. Price $24.00 per acre.
103 acres M mile from town, with
50 acres broken, 15 acres tamo grass,
10 acres hog pasture, 35 acres past
ure, goou bearing orcnard, small
small fruit. Ram, granery, corn crib,
windmill, hog house. All fenced and
In good shape. Price $65.00 per
360 acres 1 V4 miles from town,
200 acres hay and bottom pasture,
140 acres In cultivation, running wa
ter, 5 acres timber, 10 acres hog
were confined to a narroy space. As
Loss of Weight.
A constant loss of weight is al
ways a symptom of a serious sick
ness. The loss of weight Is always
followed by loss of strength and many
other difficulties. The only way to
regain your health, Is to excite a
vigorous appetite and a perfect dlges-
tion of food. In this respect we can
heartily recommend yoa Trlner's
American Elixir of zTuer W ine as a
remedy you can depend upon. It
will not only force the organs of
digestion to resume their normal
work, but will also give them enough
strength to do so without exertion.
Begin with the treatment soon la
order to prevent the sickness to reach
a point where it will resist all treat
ment. When your complexion be
comes pale or yellowish, when your
weight and strength decline, your
appetite is poor, the digestion is im
perfect and you get easily tired, then
there is time to use Trlner's Ameri
can Elixir of Bitter Wine. At drug
stores. Jos. Triner, 1333-1339 So.
Ashland Ave., Chicago, 111.
Smoke "Acorns," the cigar with a
Attention, Horsemen.
The Journal office is better equip
ped than ever to print horse bills, and
we want your work in this line. We
have a full line of horse and Jack
cuts and can do your work promptly
and in a first class manner. Let us
it was the loss in burned over forest reputation. Made by Ptak & Bajeck. Ihave your order.
A Meo LittU' 1'arty.
Monday evening a little party gath-
civd at the Loughrldgo hall and spent
several hours in social enjoyment.
Cards was the principal amusement,
and after tiring of this a lunch was Latllo nnd hay bnrrii 8cnlt8 aiul wlnd.
crib, granery, rattle shed, chicken
houso, windmill and hog house. Price
$65.00 per acre.
160 acres 44 miles from town, 30
acres tame hay, about 40 acres past
ure, balance under cultivation. 50
acres fenced hog tight. Good house,
good barn, corn crib, granery, largo
(33 - -J
- s SI s
I oo ts oc
, O 3 CZ
s 1 CO
It you're looking for something particularly attractive in Easter footwear
you'll find representation in our Easter window. Don't mar the effect of your
Easter attire by wearing shoes that are not proper.
spread. It was a lato hour when they
adjourned and departed for their res
pectlve homes, feeling that they had
mill. Price $65.00 per acre.
These farms are all close to town,
good schools, churches, rural mail
spent the evening most enjoyably. routes and telephone. We have others
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. whk.h mny gult you thofle do not
. t. Iirown, or. and Mrs. u. H. Oil- We rnn ala0 how you cneapcr unm
more. .Mr. ana airs. . u. ruman, provod WPRtern lands at bargain
Mr. and Mrs. o. A. Davis; Misses prl(m Call and see ua or write to
Mattle Mannear and Tessle Stokes, WATSOX LAND CO., Brunswick,
and Mr. Albert Young.
For Sale or Rent.
Blacksmith shop with an abund
ance of tools, gasoline engine, etc.
R. R. Nlckles and his estimable
wife made a trip to the city today
I to attend to some business matters
in connection with the spring crop
in Patent, Gun, Calf, Tans, in conservative shapes
or snappy styles
in Tatent, Tans, in Ribbon Ties, Pumps and new
Spring Creations
$3.50 $4.00 $4.50 $2.50 $3.00 $3.50
!hirwdl x on
Good opening for the right man.
James Loughrldgo,