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(Coates' Hall the Scene of Great Pleasure and Much Merriment,
and the Entertainment a Pronounced Success
The annual bazaar and entertain
ment given by the members of St.
Mary's Guild of St. Luke's Episco
pal church, opened last evening at
Coates' Hall and It promises to rival
that of last year which has been
conceded to be the best ever given
in this city. The attendance last
night was not as large as hoped for,
owing to the inclement weather but
Hill it was flattering and made a
liandsome return to the ladies for
1heir work and outlay. In fact, they more than encouraged over the
receipts and are sure that tonight
will bring them in a better income
than even last year.
There were many features last
tight of much excllence. To start
with the hall was very handsomely
decorated and the" several booths
represented a great outlay of time
und money. To enter the hall was
-almost an approach to fairyland,
owing to the handsome design of the
several booths and the artictic ef
fects of their decoration.
The theme of the bazaar is the
"Seven Ages of Women," something
novel and out of the ordinary. It
was proposed to have seven differ
ent booths representing the seven
hges but one booth was necessarily
postponed owing to the illness of
Mrs. George H. Falter, who was to
?iave been in charge of it. 'This
Sooth was that of the spinster. It
is a matter of general regret that
Mrs. Fatler was taken 111 as her
booth would, without a doubt, have
teen one of the handsomest in the
The first age Babyhood, and the
Kixth age Motherhood were combin
ed together and occupied one booth.
This was a very pretty design, be
;ng In the form of a cradle with
colors of white and blue something
well worth witnessing. In addition
to the cradle there is a huge doll
at this booth which Is also handsome
and especially attractive to the Ut
ile folks. At this booth is sold var
ious articles of baby ovear and any
thing connected with Infancy can
!e found here. Mrs. C. W. Baylor
and Mrs. E. W. Cook have charge
of this booth.
Childhood is represented by a
very pretty booth, erected in the
orm of a gingerbread house, and
here all the toothsome delicacies of
fhlldhood are to be found. Ice
cream, candy, pop corn, and the like
and a grab-bag, where you never
will know what you are going to
get, from Just a few of the attrac
tions at this booth which Is In charge
of Miss Kittle Cummins. The lit-
-He folks, who were at this booth
dressed in the quaint german cos
tumes of Hansel and Gretal the
little German' lad and lassie of ro
mance and they were quite charm
ing In their make-up. The little
ladies included Misses Helen Gass,
Nora Livingston, Margaret Donelan,
Edith Dovey and Lillian Dwyer
Girlhood was a booth in form of
it garden party with pretty flowers
and dainty green foliage which de
lighted the eye. This booth was a
very tastily gotten up affair and at
tracted much attention. If was in
harge of Mrs. T. P. Livingston,
whose youthful appearance was not
ihe least attractive feature of a
handsome booth. At this booth the
')dor of delicious coffee was much
in evidence and also- the appear
ance of Boston baked beans.
Maidenhood was the booth in
charge of Mrs. Edith Donelan, and
It was much of a novelty, being
built of what was supposed to be
fish nets, .into the meshes of which
were woven handsome flowers. Mrs.
Donelan was assisted at this booth
In serving oysters, cold slaw and
the like, by a number of handsome
young ladies who were dressed in
white and who attracted much pat
ronage to the booth.
The matrons booth was in charge
of Miss Barbara Gering and Mrs.
Walter Scott. They were dressed In
the quaint matronly costumes of
many years ago and presented an ap
pearance at once pleasing and home
like and a genuine picture of domes
ticity. At this booth 's found all
kinds of fancy needle work, em
broidery, pillow covers, aprons,
towels, and the list might be extend
ed Indefinitely, all the products of
the members of the guild.
St. Luke's Guild had charge of a
porch party which represented old
age and comfort a pretty little
scene properly staged and quite in
place. Here the old folks of the
congregation held foijh while the
younger members did the business
of the evening at the several booths
As a pleasing feature cf the en
tertainment, a minstrel show was
given on an improvised stage, a
number of the young ladles ap
pearing in a genuine blackface act
and making about the handsomest
colored poulatlon ever seen in Ne
braska, or anywhere else. The pro
gram was a typical minstrel one,
and solos, gags, Jigs, reels and every
Including singing, both ensemble
thing which goes to make up a real
minstrel performance. The opening
chorus was a medley of popular
songs ' which had been especially
arranged for the occasion by
II. S. Austin and it was a
pleasing effect. Solos were given
by Miss Gladys Sullivan, who scored
a distinct hit, and mention of whose
work as an endman or woman, as
it might be, should be made. Miss
Sullivan seemed thoroughly at home
in her gags and also in singing and
carried off much aplause. Miss
Gretchen Donnelly also favored the
audience with a solo which took
exceptionally well, Miss Donnelly
having a sweet voice and one well
suited to the show. Miss Helen
Kline, who is also well known as a
splendid singer, rendered a solo of
much beauty and also met with her
share of approbation. .Miss Edna
Petersen Ms also deserving of special
mention for her work , which was
high class and which divided the
honors with the others. Miss Mollie
Seivers favored the audience with a
dance which made a distinct hit
Miss Seivers is a handsome young
woman, and proved last evening that
she was a dancer of more than
ordinary ability. The generous ap
plause which greeted her from the
audience served to emphasize her
success. .Mrs H. S. Austin also gave
a solo in her own inimitable man
ner. and carled away her sharo cf
the honors, as is I'&ucl. - All told
the minstrel was a huge success
and aided largely in making the en
tire entertainment a big one. So
great was the success of the perfor
mance that a second rendition was
necessary to accomodate all who
wished to enjoy it. fn addition to
those spoken of above, Misses Flor
ence Dovey, Varna Hatt, . Bernice
Newell and; Dorothy Brltt deserve
special mention for the excellence
of their work In the performance.
The young ladies were dressed in
white shirts and black dress coat
wjth large white, paper chrysanthe
mums as butten hole boquetts, some
thing very distinctive and out of the
It may be said In connection with
the bazaar that it has been intend
ed to Tiold the market at the spin
sters' booth but this was changed
owing to Mrs. Falter's illness and
It was held at the girlhood booth.
It was a grand success In every way
and netted a fine sum of money.
The bazaar and entertainment is
repeated tonight, and there Is every
prospect that it will draw a record
breaking crowd. It surely deserves
to do so.
Mrs. Henrichsen Demonstrates
Her Qualities at a Hostess.
One of the most pleasant enter
tainments held in the city in some
line, was that tendered the mem
bers of the Kensington club, a local
organization of ladles, by Mrs. Will
Ian Hlnrichsen at her charming home
on North Third street. The enter
tainment took place from two to five
o'clock and was thoroughly enjoyed
by all. For the occasion Mrs. Hln
richsen had the house handsomely
decorated, especially the dining room,
where an elegant collation was ser
ved the guests during the course of
the entertainment.
The afternoon was spent at cards
and music, the latter consisting of
both vocal and instrumental selec
tions while various games of the
former were indulged in. Just pre-
0113 to the close of the entertain
ment the dining room was thrown
open and the dinner served. It was
such a repast as Mrs. Hlnrichsen
knows best how to serve and was a
constant source of delight to the
guests. After the dinner had been
served the guests departed for their
homes, extending their warmest
thanks to their hostess for the splen
did entertainment she had afforded
them. ,
Those who were present Included
Mesdames Olga Croskary, Flora
Waddick, John Lutz, George Bruhl,
Andrew Kroehler and Fred Hezner.
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Among the members of the petit
Jury drawn for the next term of
federal court at Lincoln are John
Albert, of this city; Peter Eveland,
of Murdock; former Congressman
B. M. Pollard, of Nehawka; and A.
V. Sturm of Nehawka. The name
of John A. Donelan appears on the
list, also from Weeping Water. The
Jurors are summoned to report on
November 29, at 2 o'clock p. m.
Our young friend, H. G. Wellen
siek, cashier of the bank at Avoca,
and one of the rising young attor
neys of eastern Nebraska, called on
the Journal today, previous to his
departure for home. He was here
attending to matters in the district
court. It ic always a pleasure to
have Herman give us a call.
Pigs for Sale.
A pair of fine Berkshire pigs, sub
ject to register, for sale. Wm. Gil
mour, Plattsmouth, Neb.
Poland China Pigs tor Sale.
A few fine Poland China pigs for
Bale. Wm. Gllmour, Plattsmouth
f arm for Rale,
A 102-acre farm for sale; goo
improvements; seven miles south of
Plattsmouth and four miles north
east of Murray. W. II. HAKES,
riattsmouth. Neb.. R. F. D. No. 1.
William Gllmour, tne well known
Rock Bluffs farmer is in the city
this afternoon attending to business
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a weak Stomach if one goes at it cor
rectly. And this is true of the Ileurt
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Dr. Shoop first pointed out this errr.
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those organs must surely falter. This
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where to dispense and recommend Dr,
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Miss Etha Crabill is among those
spending today in Omaha, going to
that city this morning on the early
Mrs. John Lutz was a passenger
for Omaha this morning on the early
train, going there for a visit with
her niece. '
Mrs. Emmons Ptak is spending
today in Omaha with friends, go
ing to that city this morning on the
early train.
John Brady is among those spend
ing today in Omaha, having gone
to that city this morning on the
early train.
Mrs. M. Howiand Is r. visitor to
day ytn Omaha, having gone to that
city this morning on the early Bur
lington train.
. Sliss Florence Dovey la among
those spending the day In Omaha,
having been a passenger for that
city this morning.
Misses Matilda and Christine
Soennichsen are visiting with rela
tives today in Omaha, going to that
city this morning.
Mrs. John Geiser is spending to
day in Omaha, going there this
morning on the early Burlington
train for the day.
Attorney Gurley & Woodruff of
Omaha, who now represent W. W.
Coates In the Coates-Herold case,
rre in the city today on that busi
ness. Charles Helms nd wife of Green
wood, who have been attending to
business in the city for several days,
departed this morning for their
John Chapman, who has recently
been suffering from appendicitis,
has so far recovered that he was
able to make a trip to Lincoln this
morning, going there for a brief
visit with friends.
Philip It. Melsinger 'came' In this
afternoon from his farm in Eight
Mile '(Jrove precinct to look after
some business matters. He reports
the roads as very slippery hut In
good condition otherwise.
James W. Thomas is visit(ng the
Horticultural show In Council Bluffs,
la., today, going there on the morn
ing train. Mr. Thomas who la a prom
inent fruit grower of this vicinity,
intends to place an order for more
fruit trees for spring delivery and will
develop the industry in fine shape.
T. W. Benson and wife of Earl-
ham, 'la., who have been visiting
with their daughter, Mrs. Mark lies,
were passengers for Council Bluffs,
la., this morning. Mrs. lies accom
panied them for a day's visit The
party drove In this morning from
the lies home.
Funeral at Weeping Water.
The .funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth
Drum, wife of Ord Drum, was held
from the Methodist Episcopal church
at Weeping Water Monday afternoon
The services were In charge of Rev.
Mr. Chapman of Elmwood. Mrs.
Drum is survived by a husband and
two children. She was born in Cass
county and was thirty-one years of
John Wunderllrh, the well known
Democrat, and excellent citizen of
Nehawka precinct, . came up last
evening to look after some Important
business matters, returning home
this morning.
Ed. Donat was a visitor today at
the hospital In Omaha with his wife.
It is pleasant to note that Mrs. Donat
is getting along finely and doing just
as well as could be possible after
the severe operation she underwent
There is now small doubt but she
will speedily recover and will soon
be able toreturn to her home quite
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Mrs. Ralph Towle of South Om
aha, Is In the city making a visit
with her pareuts, A. N. Sullivan and
Peter Campbell, one of the good
citizens of Rock Bluffs precinct, is
in the city today attending to busi
ness matters.
I. Pearlman came down this af
ternoon from Omaha to loog after
some business matters in, the city
for a few hours.
Mrs. Alex Blsanz and Mrs. Bru
bacher of Pekln, 111., were two pas
sengers this morning for Omaha,
where they will spend the day.
Mrs. Fred Kunsman and daugh
ter Miss Elizabeth, spent yesterday
afternoon in Omaha, being passen
gers for that city on the morning
A healthy man ia a king in his
own right; an unhealthy man Is an
unhappy slave. Burdock Blood Bit
ters builds up sound health keeps
you well.
Miss Josephine Burlanek Is a visi
tor today with friends In Omaha,
going there on the Burlington train
this morning.
Carl Kunsman is spending today
In South Omaha attending the cattle
market, going to that city on the
morning train.
Thomas E. Parmele came in this
morning .from Louisville to look
after, business matters in the city
and visit with his family.
Mrs. Pearl Bay less and two child
ren are expected to arrive in the city
this afternoon for a visit of a week
or ten days with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John Brady.
H. T. Comer, one of Liberty pre
cinct's enterprtalng farmers. Is In
the city today attending to business
matters, driving up from his home
this morning. 1
John Janda, who has been farm
ing near Fairfield, Neb., for some
time past, is In the city attending
to syne business mntters, coming
In last evening.
W. C. Brown of Murray came up
on the early morning train to look
after some business matters, return
lng home on the 10:15 train. Billy
says he enjoyed his recent outing
very much.
The county treasury was some en
riched this morning when the Mis
souri Pacific paid into the treasury,
the sum of SI 6,265.18 in full for
their personal taxes. This makes
quite a valuable addition to county
funds at the present time,, payment
being made to county treasurer
William Chalfant, one of Liberty
precinct's best and most prominent
citizens, drove In this morning to
attend to business matters and fav
ored the Journal with a pleasant
call. Mr. Chalfant returned to his
home this afternoon, driving back.
Adolph Rhode came down this af
ternoon on No. 92 from Lincoln for
a short visit with his mother In this
city. He was a caller at the Jour
nal office for a few moments and
the boys were all glad to welcome
him. He was accompanied by II. G
Peate, vice-president of the Llncol
Typographical Union No. 209.
A party of ladies visiting today
in Omaha Is composed of Mesdames
Bennet Chrlswelser, her daughter
In-law Mrs. Capple Chrlswelsser
Mrs. Thomas Sullivan and Mra. Will
lam Taylor. Mrs. Capple Chrisweiser
formerly lived in Furnas county and
Just recently moved back to this
county, where she and her husband
will make their future home.
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Montana Exhibit.
The Burlington has Issued a
schedule of the Montana exhibit
ar of the Great Northern rail
road. This car which Is Ivl.
harge of W. E. French, contains
an exhibit of the products or the
state cf Montana and is said to be
very fine collection of them. It
is too be taken all over the Burling-
on system and is to arrive in this
Ity on train No. 30 at 3: 50 p. m.,
on December 4tli, to remain over
night and depart on No. 15, at 8:16
m. on December 5th. The car
will be placed upon a siding where
will be convlcnt for public in
spection and where it can remain
during the period for which it is
scheduled. A representative of the
Great Northern road will travel In
advance of the car vlBlting each
place where it is scheduled to stop
with advertising matter which is for
public distribution. Owing to the
short stop which the car will make
in this city, those desiring to visit
It and inspect the products which
it contains, should bear . the date
In mind. There will be grains, both
small and coarse and fruits of all
kinds as well as an exhibit of the
mineral wealth of the state.
John P. Haugh, Charley Ander
son and son Arthur, all of Green
wood, who are here attending court
as witnesses, gave the Journal
pleasant call thla morning, and while
here Mr. Haugh bad his name en
rolled for the Old Reliable. Mrs.
Haugh accompanied her husband to
the city.
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