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    The Avoca Department
(Special CorrjponJeuce. )
News Item Gathered Each Week by a Special Reporter for Thl Department of the Seml-WeeWy Journa
Harry Nutzman was at Omaha
George Cotton was here from Au
burn this week.
Arthur Ward was down from Wa
bash this week.
Miss Elsie Opp was a visitor at
Nehawka Saturday.
Mrs. J. H. Busch was at Omaha
several days last week.
Several weeds ave been murdered
around town this week.
Roy Fahnestock arrived home
this week from Bertrand.
John Everett and wife were at
Nebraska City Wednesday.
Jeff Welcher is painting the large
cattle barn of Straub Bros.
Jake Frey and wife of Syracuse
are visiting Avoca relatives.
The largest line of post cards in
town is at Copes drug store.
Miss Myrtle Wolfe was on the
sick list a few days this week.
Ralph Graham is entertaining one
of Job's comforters this week.
Dr. Schall and William Knabe
were up from Berlin Tuesday.
The Misses Fleishman are enter
taining relatives from Missouri.
Orlando Tefft reurned Wednesday
from a trip to weetern Nebraska.
Mrs. J. L. Nutzman left last week
for Wisconsin to visit relatives.
Mrs. John Benecke is entertain
ing relatives from Council Bluffs.
Mrs. B. C. Marquardt and Mrs. F.
W. Ruhge were at Omaha Tuesday.
Henry Martin and wife are the
parents of a baby boy, bcrn July 2C.
E. B. Taylor was a business vis
itor at Omaha the first of the week.
Muller Shackley, who has been
very ill, is reported as being much
Mrs. J. M. Dunbar and son Glen
were at Nehawka the first of the
J. C. Zimmerer, T. H. Straub and
Fred Ruhge, Jr., autoed to Lincoln
Charles Stroble, west of town, is
having an addition built to bis residence.
E. Hensley and force of men are
plastering L. J. Marquardt's new
. TPHtrtpneA.
H. G. Wellensiek was called to
Lorton Wednesday by the death of
a relative.
Samuel Johnson and family made
a trip to Omaha one day last week
in their auto.
The farmers have been busy the
past week threshing wheat. A good
yield is reported.
James and Charles Everett went
to Nebraska City Saturday to attend
the camp meeting.
Dr. J. W. Brendel and W I.
Smoots made a trip to Cook Thurs
day in the Maxwell.
Henry Pell and wife of near
Union were visiting with Avoca rel
atives Saturday and Sunday.
Joseph Zimmerer and wife of
Pierce arrived Saturday evening for
a visit with Avoca relatives:
Miss Wilnia Hanger and a gentle
man friend from Lincoln visited the
Samuel Johnson home over Sunday.
H. G. Wellensiek, R. A. Nutzman,
Gustave Buss and Henry Franzen
were at Weeping Water Saturday.
Clyde Bogard left Monday for Ne
hawka, where he will amputate
whiskers at Buskirk's barber shop.
Samuel Johnson has purchased a
new gasoline engine to be used to
Dumo water on his farm, west of
Miss Birdie Fahnestock enter
tained a number of her friends at
her home north of town Tuesday
' L. U. Hupp, the real estate hust-
Harvesting and Treshing in Pro
gress Can See What Land
is Producing.
Tuesday, August 3. Is the date of
the next excursion to "Sunny Al
berta," Canada. This will be the
best time of all the year for pros
pective purchasers to look at Al
berta land a3 small grain will just
be ready for cutting and threshing.
One can see at a glance exactly
what the climate and soil will pro
duce. Crop prospects in this fam
ous wheat belt have not been better
in 20 years, which means that the
price of land there will continue to
advance in price.
About 30 or 40 farmers, business
and professional men of Cass coun
ty have already made purchases in
Alberta. Land-seekers from some
15 or 20 states are flocking there by
the thousands, most of them buying
a quarter Bectlon or more before
they return. Six years ago this land
sold at from $2 to $5 an acre; to
day, it is selling at from $12 or $15
ler, will leave next ween ior wesi-iup t0 j50 an acre
em Nebraska witn a party oi iana Xne Canadian Pacific Rv R. Co,
seekers. advanced the price of its lands 20
Mrs. Fred Freudenberg enter- per cent on July 15 and further ad
tained a number of her friends at vances are sure to come as the home
her home, south of town Thursday, seekers continue to rush Into that
That date was her birthday. country
Colonel Bates was over from W you cannot possibly get away
Platsmouth Thursday attending the to go on Aug. 3, you can go on the
picnic and securing several subscrib- next excursion day, which will be
prs to the best naner in Cass county. August 17
E. Nutzman, accompanied by
Chris Nutzman and family, automo-
blled to Murdock Saturday to visit
the family of John Hugh, who are
having a siege of typhoid.
Alberta grows the best wheat to
be found, the yield being from 30
to 55 bushels per acre. Oats yield
from CO to 100 bushels and barley
40 to' 80 bushels. You can pur
chase first class dry land within 2
3 or 4 miles of a market at $18 an
acre and irrigated land at $30 an
Where can you buy land at
Choice Nebraska Land for SaK
I have made a contract for 20,- acre
000 acres of land lying between the tnat prlce tnat grow Buch large
North and South Platte rivers in crops?
Keith, Duel ana uneyenne coun- Terms: One-tenth down and bal-
tles that I am selling at right prices. ance ln nlne equal annuai
Good soil, big crops, fine climate, mentg
splendid rauroaa facilities; Dom lm- For further particulars, call upon
proved find prairies: easy terms. or write, Gorim L, Farlev,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Local Agent,
Coates Block, Plattsmouth, Nebr.
Looking One's Best.
Fred Dreamti and family depart
d Sunday evening for Denver, Col.,
to spend a few weeks visiting.
John Casey came in Sunday even
ing from South Omaha to help his
sous, J. D. and W. E. during the
hay making season.
E. M. Stone and brother-in-law,
Bert Kitzel, went to Plattsmouth
Saturday evening in Mr. Stones
auto, and on account of the rain
Sunday returned home on No. 17
Sunday evening.
George Leibhart and wife were
passengers to Lincoln Sunday night.
II. S. Ough and son Chester went
to South Omaha Sunday to visit Vic
tor Ough, who is in the employ of
the C, R. I. & P. railroad.
Miss Ethel Stewart went to Lin
coln Sunday night on No. 17.
F. E. LInch of Lincoln was in
town Friday and Saturday of last
Mrs. Andy Sutton returned from
Lincoln Monday.
Henry Bennett of Waverly was ln
town Thursday.
Commissioner Jordan was busy
with county work last week.
Mr Nettle Powell and Bister,
Violet Ough of Lincoln, visited in
town a couple of days last week.
Mrs. J. V. Parsell was burled in'
the Alvo cemetery last Friday after
noon. Rev. Story delivered the last
Several people of this vicinity at
tended the holiness camp meeting at
Lincoln last week.
R. A. Stone returned from Om
aha last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Rosenow drove
to Eagle on business Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. Knott and her father, Mr.
Bossey, visited at Ed. llurlbert's
Miss Cora Stout is clerking for
Dreamer & Cashner during Mr.
Dreamer's absence.
T. N. Bobbin and wife are spend
ing this week ln University Place
and Lincoln with their sons, Charles
and L. E. Bobbin.
George Hess returned from Platts
moutli on the Tuesday evening pas
senger train.
The Plattsmouth Telephone com
pany are moving their booth from
the postofflce to the Alvo Telephone
company's office this week.
John Foreman went to Lincoln
Tuesday evening.
J. M. Campbell and wife were do
lng trading ln Omaha Tuesday.
Mrs. George Foreman, tr.. and'sukness and death cf our beloved
Mrs. Marlon Prouty were passengers j wife, mother and sister, and also for
the beautiful floral offerings.
Joseph V. Parsell.
for I.liipf.ln Siimtav nliht nn V'n 1? !
C. R. Jordan is helping make hay
this week.
Arthur Klyvvr is lulling Fred
Leiddig thresh.
Miss Marie Stroemer has been vis
iting In the county the past week.
Andrew Parsell.
Edward Parsell.
Fay Parsell.
Guy Parsell.
Thaddeus Anderson.
In Menioriatn.
DIED At her home near Alvo,
Neb., on Wednesday, July 21,
1909, at 2:40 p. m., Sophronla,
wife of Joseph V. Parsell, aged
68 year 2 months and 20 days.
Sophrania Anderson was born at
Homer, Licking county, Ohio, May
1, 1841, and with her parents she
moved to Peoria county, Illinois, In
the fall of 1846, and resided there
until her marriage to Joseph V.
Parsell on February 11. 1863. With
her husband and family they came
to Nebraska ln March, 18S2, set
tling on the farm near Alvo, Cass
county, which has since been her
home. To this union six children
were born Andrew, Olive, Edward,
Ray, Fay and Guy, four of whom
survive her, and were all at her bed
side during her illness and death,
assisting In every possible manner
with their presence and sympathy
to alleviate her suffering. Besides
her husband and four sons she
leaves four brothers to mourn her
loss. George of Brookfleld, Mo.;
Andrew of Los Angeles, Cal; Thad
deus of Skldmore, Mo., and Squire
of Crested Butte, Colo. The funeral
was held at the Alvo M. E. church,
Rev. B. L. Story officiating, and the
remains were laid to rest In the
Alvo cemetery.
She was universally respected as
a loving wife and mother and leaves
a large circle of friends and rela
tives to mourn her loss. No sac
rifice was too great, no labor too
arduous for her and she enjoyed an
extreme happiness ln providing en
tertainment for her friends and rel
atives, and all who ln any manner
were thrown upon her hospitality.
Those attending the funeral from
a distance were Thaddeus Ander
son of Skldmore, Mo.; William rtil-
ver, wife and son of Kenesaw, Neb
Mrs. E. A. Wood of Tecumseh, Neb.;
C. M. Bailey, wife and daughter of
Lincoln, Neb; Mra. F. E. LInch of
Lincoln, Neb.
A Ited-Hot Day.
Today has been one of the hot
test and most depressing of the sea
son. Last night was a very hot one,
there being no breeze blowing the
entire night and this morning dawn
ed very sultry and hot. A breee
has sprung up during the day and
tempers the fierceness of the sun's
rays somewhat. The thermometer
Is not as high as one would think,
registering 96 degrees at noon.
The weather Is reported to bo
playing havoc with animals, and
many cases of horses being over
heated are reported. Dr. W. D.
Jones states that he is kept on the
go by the cases reported to him, all
directly attributable to poor Judg
ment of horse owners and drivers
ln handling the steeds.
The weather bureau predicts
showers for today with fair weather
tomorrow. Little relief from the In
tense heat Is promised for several
A falling tiny nerve no larger
It's a woman's delight to look her than the finest silken thread takes
best but pimples, skin eruptions, from the II eart its impulse, its
sores and bolls rob life of Joy. Ls- power, Its regularity. The Stonach
ten! BuclUln'B Arnica Salve cures also has its hidden, or Inside nerve,
them; makes 'be skin soft and vel- it was Dr. -Shopp who first told us
vety. It glorifies the face. Cures it was wrong to drug a weak or
pimples, sore eyes, cold sores, crack- failing Stomach, Heart or Kidneys,
ed lips, chapped hands. Try It. In- His prescription Dr. Shoop's Res-
fallible for piles.
Paint that Pays!
That's Fatton's Sun Proof Paint. Why? Because it covers
more surface, wears longer and looks better than any other
high grade paint on the market.
It adds greatly to the beauty and attractiveness of a pro
perty, and often helps to sell it at a profit much greater than
the cost of painting.
Get our free booklet and color card.
25c at Gerlng & toratlve is directed straight for the
cause of these ailments these weak
and faltering Inside nerves. This,
no doubt clearly explains why the
Restorative has of late so rapidly
In popularity. Druggists say that
those who test the Restorative even
for a few days soon become fullj
convinced of Its wonderful merit
Anyway, don t drug the organ.
Treating the cause of sickness Is
the only sensible and successful way.
Sold by all Dealers
Curd of Thanks.
We desire to return our heartfelt
thanks to the many friends and rel
atlves who so kindly assisted us In
alleviating the suffering during the
Change on August 1.
On next Sunday, August 1, the
Burlington train No. 1 will run via
Omaha Instead of over the old main
line, and will therefore leave Lin
coln for Denver fifty minutes later.
Train No. 44, on the Billings line,
will leave Billings one hour later,
after August 1, but It will arrive at
Lincoln the same time as at present.
One of the express trains on the
Spearflsh and Englewood line will
be taken off August 1. Tho new
railway mail service has not been
Inaugurated on the Burlington be
tween Alliance and Denver on trains
No. 303 and 304, as the appoint
ment of the clerks have not yet been
made. As soon as these appoint
ments are made the service will be
promptly put Into operation. State
Henry Proooer,
Contracting, Flustering, Brick and
Stone Work, Concrete Foundations
and Walks. : : : : :
Phone 107, Elmwood, Neb
Glcnwood Chautauqua
Cass County Lund for Sale.
I am offering some good farms
for sale in Cass county at prices that
are right ln any size you may want
them. From 320 down to 20 acres,
Improved and unimproved. Don't
get the idea that our lands are too
high, for they are still going higher.
Reap the benefit while you have the
chance. See me for prices.
Plattsmouth, Neb.
0 '"TO emphasize the difference between fictitious sales
.1. and a real "value giving" sale like ours, we urge
you to direct your earnest attention to the following
y guarantee, which operates throughout the entire sales
period, now well underway practi
cally everywhere:
"Buy a suit of clothes from us and sec the
same kind for less money in any other retail
clothing house show us and wc will refund
to you, IN CASH, not only the difference in
price, but double that amount."
The Commercial Club, through the Chautauqua Manage
mcnt, lias arranged for the debate to he given by
Who so ably presented hi xlnt of view, of this topic, at the
1m Moines Chiiutauqiut, and
Rev. Miss Gertrude von Peizold
Who romi'H from London, F.nghind, tho present "Hot Bed" of
the MilTrngo movement.
Tills Is heroining I In mo-t pertinent topic of the duy and
Is a movement Unit is fust spreading.
Mis von Pet .old Is n woman of Httrartlve, dignified iip
peuninco mid Is a bright, rnp.ihlo Mudent of her subject and
fully nlilo to present her vles In n masterful and persuasive
innuner. A I'.nrc Trent nunlls the pulrons of this nc-slon in
this debate.
Ho not delay getting jour sea-on thkets n( once. Thevo
lire for sale ut inu-t of the Mores and nil the hanks.
President Helps Orphan.
Ilundieds of orphans have been
helped ty the Presidents of The
Industrial and Orphan' Home at
Macon, Ga. who writes: "We have
used Electric Dlttera In this Institu
tion for nine years. It has proved a
most excellent medicine for Stom
ach, Liver and Kidney troubles. We
regard it as one of the best family
medicines on earth." It Invigorates
the vital organs, purifies the blood,
aids digestion, creates appetite. To
strngthen and build up thin, pale,
weak children or run-down people It
has no equal. Rest for female com
plaints. Only CO cents at Gerlng A
(1 H M$
Here Is j nut what you want 63
acres, one mile from town, good 6-
room home, new Imrn, other out
buildings, fine lot of fruit, spring
wnter In pasture, a nice bunch of
farm land; price, $:... 00. $2,r.00
cnun, imiiinte live years nt 0 per
cent. See J. P. Falter, Plattsmouth.
Neb. 7-24-C
There is no Question
about the guarantee of quality, style, etc. Hart,
Schaffner '& Marx label or your own knowledge of
clothing covers that situation, in a general way at
least. Hut when you are led into a store by the bait
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surance have you that you could not have bought the
same identical garment for less money elsewhere?
Our guarantee protects you unconditionally.
Three-Button Novelty Said,
- No. 561
Suits worth $22.50 to $30.00 for $17.50
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9.00 to 12 50 7.50
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The Home oj Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes
13 cesztct GIZSJ
Mir. Frank O'Neill and daughters,
MIsneH Itlanrlip nnd Pearl, and koii
Raymond, were passengers this
morning on the early train for Om
aha, where they will spend the day
visiting with friend.
hattan Shirts