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    The Avoca Department
News Iterns Githirad Each Wok by
Harve Marsuardt went to Omaha
J. R. Peckhara was a visitor at
Omaha Mouday.
Wm. Morley was an Omaha visi
tor Friday.
A. B. Lewtcn was a Syracuse vis
itor Tiiosdav
John and Dick Xeumeister were at
Omtiha Tuesday.
H. G. Wellonseik was a Lorton
visitor Tuesday.
Addison Johnson spent Sunday
with Union relatives.
Our implement dealers have been
busy the past week.
Fred Hillman and Dr. Schall wevo
here from Berlin Tuesday.
Geo. Cotton was here from Au
burn several days this week.
Dr. B. F. Brendel was over from
Murray the first of the week.
J. II. Schmidt, of Bridgeport, wvs
in town several days this week.
Mr. Shackley, sr., left the first of
the week for his home at Denver.
Dr. Tuck was down from Weeping
Water Wednesday on business.
Louis Carsten Is at Lincoln tak
ing the baths at a sanitarium.
J. II. Busch was a business visitor
at Omaha tho first of the week.
J. M. Dunbar and family', spent
Sunday with Nehawka relatives.
Carl Schroeder has been very
much under the weather this week,
C. E. Tefft and family were down
from Weeping Water Tuesday even
ing. Dr. J. W. Brendel was attending
to business matters at Omaha Tues
day. Sam Johnson and family went to
Lincoln Sunday via the gasoline
Fred McGrady and wife entertain
ed relatives from Weeping Water
The Avoca Supply Co. are hating
their new implement building
Prof Zink and wife entertained a
few friends at Somerset Tuesday
Mrs. Chas Woods of Talmage vis
ited at the Dunbar home a few days
last week.
A merry crowd gathered at Fred
Bookman's Tuesday for a birthday
Miss Julia Nutzman has been vis
iting with her sister, Mrs. Jno. Ruhge
at Murdock.
Roy Fahnestock loft this week for
Farnarn this state to work, for Jo
seph Latimer.
The entertainment at the hall by
Mr. Davis, was post-poned until a
future date.
Supt. Mary E. Foster was here
Wednesday taking the report of the
school directors.
Straub Bros, are having a larg3
cattle barn erected on their farm
southeast of town.
O. Baicr is having his residence
painted of town. Jeff Weleher
is doing the work.
Mrs. Sam Johnson returned Tuois
day from Lincoln, where sho had
been visiting since Sunday.
The Misses Wilma and Mabel
Hanger of Lincoln are visiting their
aunt, Mrs. Samuel Johnson.
Orin Grafe's home was the scone
of a Jolly company last Sunday, who
were gathered to celebrate his birth
day. Hush Tcwnley of Union was here
this week painting and papering the
residence of J. II. Itehrns, east of
At the school meeting held Tues
day evening it was voted to have
eleven rmdoH tuul cr.iplry four teach
er -i next year.
Coo. liri'c.ele and Edward Hons
ley were hero from Berlin several
days this week lathing L. J. M.vr
quardt's new residence.
Ward Pitt man was operated on
fnr nppendicltios at Omaha lust week.
Ills father was up to see him and
reports him as doing well.
Everything in the paint line at
Copes' drug store. If you are going
to paint your house and barn come
and see us. We can save you money.
.Mrs. George Wanderer went to
Omaha Tuesday, accompanied by Dr.
Brendel, where she will undergo n
Forious operation at one of the hospitals.
S4a)e illA.MSlaMM1MMA44.4llMtiai!iMA
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7 Avoc&, . Nbra.ik&,
a Spscial Reporter for This Department of the Semi-Weekly Journa
Edward Shultz gave a birthday
dance last Saturday evening at the
home of his brother-in-law, Chris
Nutzman. A large company was
present and report a fine time.
Mrs. Wolf and Miss Eva Munu
were at Omaha Tuesday to take lit
tle Gladys to an occulist. He pro
nounced the right eye sightless. She
was kicked by a horse several
weeks ago.
Rev. Cokjer left Monday for
Crete to attend the commencement
exercises at Doane college. His little
daughters are visiting Mrs. Oliver
Harmon during his absence.
A few of the fi lends of Joseph
ZImmerer and wife gave them a
pleasant surprise on their seventh
wedding anniversary, which was Fri
day, June 25. They were presented
with a silver gravy ladel as a little
remembrance. Ice cream and cake
was served before the uninvited
guests departed.
Miss Philippine Opp of Nehawka,
visited relatives at Avoca from Sat
urday until Monday.
Mrs. Gus Mohr and Mrs Henry
Franzen drove to Weeping Water
Tuesday afternoon.
Mesdames B. C. Marquardt and F.
W. Ruhge were at Omaha Tues
day. Union services are to be held at
the Christian Church Sunday morn
ing, July 4, at eleven o'clock. Rev.
Osterhout of University Place will
deliver the sermon. Special music
by the choire of the two churches.
John Op has a position as travel
ing salesman for a new account sys
tem. The little son of Thos. Christian
died Tuesday, June 29, aged six
months. The little one has had a
struggle for life since Its birth, and
at last the feeble breath was stilled.
Paul was one of a "pair of twins and
the girl survives. Tho funeral ser
vices were held at tho Christian
church at 1 p. ni., Rev. W. Contman
conducting the services.
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It was Dr. Shoop that first pointed
to this vital truth. Dr.
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dose the stomach or to temporarily
stimulate the heart or kidneys. That
old fashioned method Is all wrong.
Dr Shop's Restorative goes direct
ly to those failing inside nerves. The
remarkable sucess of this prescrip
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ing organs. And it is indeed easy
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r,000 acres of good farming, hay
and grazing land In Keith county, Ne
braska, nil prairie. On account of
the - proximity cf the two Platte
rivers plenty of rainfall'' U assure.
Handy to get to, being ilx to twelve
miles from a good town on the U. V.
R. R. Pri.-e 51 0.00 to Ji:,.no per
acre. Terms in desired. Address to
owner, J(,lm M. Livingston,
Nebraska City, Nebraska.
Tailoring and repairing done by
lames Sochor who has gotten well
enough now to work again.
Henry Presses-,
Contracting, Plasterinp. I'.riek and
Stone Work, Concrete Foundation!
and Walks. : : : : :
I bono 107, mwoori, Neb
- --www-.' W W r
(Special Correspondence.)
A. I. Bird and family took dinner
with Walter Hardknoek and fam
ily at their home south cf town Suu
day. Peter Bates of Plattsmouth visit
ed his neice Mrs. W. Hardknoek
Claudia Compton went to Lincoln
Mrs.' Fred Prouty and Miss Pearl
Clltes drove t6 Greenwood Tuesday
morning to take the Burlington
train to Omaha to meet Paul Prouty
who came home on a brief visit. He
is in the U. S. navy at San Francisco,
Miss Pearl Reefer went to David
City , Neb., to spend a week at the
home of her uncle Charles Kiles and
Jno Clltes returned frni Lincoln
Saturday where he has been tak
ing treatment for rheumatism.
Andrew Parsell and daughter
Aletha of Lincoln spent Sunday at
the home of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. V. rarsell.
Mrs. Sarah Parsell left Thursday
for Denver to visit her daughters
Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Peters. She
will be gone indefinitely.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cashner enter
tained Elton Snoke and family Sun
day. (
Mrs. Elmer Bennett went to Lin
coln Friday evening returning hime
Saturday with her father.
Mrs. N. Knott spent a few days
with Mrs. Ed. Hulbert last week.
Miss Bessie Prouty is the proud
possessor of a new piano, which she
received Tuesday.
The Misses Alta Linch and Emma
Jordan took their Sunday school
classes out to J. R. Earl's Tuesday
afternoon for a picnic.
Mrs. J. II. Stroomer and daughter
Marie drove to Elmwood last Thurs
day. Mrs. Lou Keefer and daughters
went to Lincoln Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Allen who
have been visiting tho home folks re
turned to their homo nt Ulysses Sat
urday. Paul Frolleh of Lincoln came to
visit his daughter Mrs. C. C. I!ush-
neil Saturday.
Frank Cook went to Omaha Mon
day. Mrs. Minnie Bobliitt who has been
visiting relatives returned home
Mr. and Mrs. Grove of Cedar
Rapids, Neb., are visiting Mrs. Chas.
Ayers and other relatives.
Chas. KIrkpatrick and family left
the 21th ult for Denver, Col., on
a visit.
F. E. Davis went to Omaha Thurs
Mrs. J. H .St roomer and daugh
ter Marie drove to Lincoln Wed
nesday. Joe Knhou;ek Is In Omaha today
consulting Dr. Clifford for n throat
affection which has been troubling
him considerably of late. It Is to
be hoped that tho trouble Is nothing
serious and that Is the general belief
of his friends but It was thought best
to have un examination made at once
before the trouble became serious.
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mil tt it i Mitt plivMriiin tui jy to tin1 !rk. "I
will, mil of in v own iMx l.i t, .i fur ) u.wli
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aim fuf '.'0 y.!,M It. M.imiiii ii. . ';.-!:, linvt-1
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liiimlft in Anu rii'ii. 'l in y un n-;ti ly taml
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mil linvi It fr'h In mlii'l, li.iiitirrnw liwi r
hih. ir. Ml.i, III ! 1J, I'.IK Idf, Vii.
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Weeping Water.
From the Republican.
Mr. and Mrs, Hiatt of Plattsmouth
pent Sunday visiting the Misses
Dates. Mrs. Hiatt Is their neice.
We hear it said that J. W. Col
bert will move to Lincoln In tlnio
for school this fall, and while they
expect to educate their children
there, Mr. Colbert contemplates en
gaging in the real estate business.
Pool & Colbert sold a half section
of land belonging to Peter Olson, lo
cated in Chase county to Mrs. Wm.
Erhart. Mrs. Erhart has secured a
bargain and will find that tho pur
chased price is only half its worth bo
fore many months have rdlcd
Messrs Hageman & Lee have dis
continued further exhibition?' of tho
moving picture show.the last moving
dure we noticed was the departure
'. Mr. Hageman for Omaha, or some
other point. The engine is here and
we understand efforts have been
made to dispose of the same.
W. J. Philpot took 34 head of cat
tle to Omaha Friday. They were his
own raising, Short horn and Here-
fords, and brought him SG.Iol per
hundred. Mr. Philpot says he fed
them exclusively on alfalfa and corn
and put on 256 pounds in 5 months.
The average weight was 1616 pounds
and each ateer netted him over $100.
fi. H. Dennis with his force of car
penters are getting alons fine with
ne house of Wallace Philpot. It Is
2fi.32 two stories coiKRlnimr nine
rooms, besides bath room and closet.
lie will have a gas engia u pump
water. Wallace was going to bulla
on to the old house anrj then con
cluded to move it away and do the
hing right, and In a fjw weeks will
he living right, in a comtno.llou i and
hnrdsome residence.
Tain cny where stopped In 20 min
utes sure with one of Dr. Shoop's
Pink Tablets. The formula Is on the
25 cent box. Ask your Doctor or
Druggist about the formula! Stops
womanly pains, headache, pains any
where. Write Dr. Shoop. Racine
Wis. for free trial to prove value. All
Hard on Outside Laborers.
One of tho linemen of the Platts
mouth telephone company Is report
ed to have been overcome with the
heat this morning while working on
Chicago avenue. It Is said medical
attention was necoBsar to restore him
to his normal condition. His con
dition Is not regarded as serious. The
two telephone companies are hav
ing a great deal of trouble In keep
ing men during the hot spell, several
of the men having quit and and left
for cooler climates. The work Is
particularly hard on the men owing
to their having to be out in tho sun
for so long. In a number of In
stances where It was possible can
opies are erected under which the
men work. These servo to break
the sun's force and make the work
at least bearable. The thermometer
today hovers around the 100 mark
as It has been doing tho past four
days and there seems small prob
ability of a change soon. Another
thing to make the heat particularly
oppressive is the great amount of
humidity In the air. Owing to the
excessive rainfall of the past week or
ten days, the air Is full of moisture
and this makes the heat appear worst
til'-" the thermometer, shows
Weather Indications as given by the
weather bureau are for generally fair
today and tomorrow.
K.tin Yesterday.
Then? was a teriffic rain yester
day afternoon across the rl.or in
Mills county, (Monwood, Tabor,
Hartlett ami Tliurnian ropoiiln,? an
excessive ruin amounting nlinoiil u.
a (ii)iidb;ir;;t. It is reported th it IV
rainfall nt tiloiiwood iimoiiulcl to
five Inches and that the croc;:, ,n ',.
bottom are out of their banks. One
or two vlsjtorrt from acrosn the rivr
report that the rain was teriffie. hi
this city there was a short r:.ln
storm Tor fifteen nilnut's tlurnM n
which was iulte heavy while It l::sl
I'd and caused n heavy flow of water
down Main street. This storm wont
straight west from this city and for
several miles fleld.t were deluged.
South of the city lo Hoik Illuffs no
rain foil but from Itock lllulTs south
there was another violent storm and
crooks won very high. Thin storm
also went west and extended iuifo
a ways Into the country.
Col. II. C. McMukoii last evening
was ngreenbly surprised by n vlnlt
from the quartette composed of (iar
erne Stunt. Joniilnr.H Solvers, Ceorge
Falter mnl (;en Scott who treated
the Invalid to a line serenade. The
boys are all excellent singers and
they nil sung a groat number of
i harming melodic which the Colo
nel greatly appreciated, lie has Jut
been able to he out after U Severe
attack of pneumonia and their little
tribute to hi,,,, touched him deeply.
Coming us It was entirely unexpected
and unheralded, It was doubly wel
come and ho appreciate, It all the
III. d.
Hot Weather calls for Cool
Clothing and Cool Footwear
We are showing a nice line
of Pumps and Oxfords at
reasonable prices for first
quality goods.
New Tan pumps at S3 00
New Tan pumps Col. tie 3 00
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Castilian Bluchcr Oxfords pat 3 00
Grecian Bluchcr Oxfords tan 3 00
6th Avenue Blucher Oxfords pat 3 50
Piccadilly Button Oxfords 3 00
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to 4.50.
Black and Tan Blucher Ox
fords, $2.00, 2.25, $2.50
N B Oil F.'J IT' U JMrfBT
The Old Missouri.
'lie Missouri river, contrary to :
I tt'ttlons, is still on the rlie, reg-
isieilnp quite a rise yesterday morn
ing with Indications that it wil go
still higher and possibly 1:1 alio the
high mark for the year ald'oiiiih
will be but a little In excessof 11
feit. The highest mark regslcred
so far this year is 11. 1 fe;t. The
liver yesterday stood 10.3 and the
rise since has been .2 inakin;; it in
the neighborhood of 10.5 feet with
water still coining up at Slou.: Jity.
niair and Omaha and almost s!ni bin
ary at Hismnrk after a small decline.
Continued rains on the Missouri
watershed are responsible for I lie
rise and unless they nt. once there
Is every probability of a higher stage
tomorrow and Saturday.
Hip-rapping has commenced in
earnest today at the big bend op
posite the city, the bridge forces uu
dor Master Carpenter Iledengren
bending every energy to save the
riprapping put In there several years
since. At that time 1.500 carloads
of willows vvl 400 carloads or rock
were deposited (here making what
I !e ream Soda !
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iS As fn flypast wc give tho g
g BEST and the MOST for t
Money. If you have never
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losing money. : : : : &
was thought to bo an empentrable
mut. Tho river has now covered this
mat completely and has eaten Its way
under and behind It. It Is Impossible
to tell what damngo will be dono this
spring as tho water Is still rising and
will not rocedo for several days. As
soon as It commences to go down,
It Is fenred It will commence to cut
nnd If this is the case serious
trouble may result. Kvery possi
ble effort a being ut forth to stop the
stream by tne company whoso big
million dollar bridgo Is Imperiled.
A work train Is now at work hauling
willows and rock and these are being
woven into mats nnd placed In n posi
tion to stop the ravnges of the
V.. If. Woscott who has been In
att liilaiice of the Epworth League
convention at Tecumseh, has return-'
ed home. Mr. Woscott reports this
convention ns one of the most suc
cessful In the history of tho league
in this district with a very largo
and enthusiastic ntt-mlance. The
session nt Ticiinifeli was held In a
largo now church eliHce, one r (
(lit to Tecumseh riul Its people.
v & m
U Mil WI