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    The Plattsmouth Journal
ntureii :il Hi"'.oilli'e at riatlarnouth,
hriihUa.ussiy-ond class matter.
The Nebraska legislature will be 23
majority democratic on joint ballot.
Newspaper men will be pretty well
represented in the next legislature.
$1.50 Per Year in Advance.
It in sure (lovernor Shallenberger,
Lacked by a democratic legislature.
It is now Congressman Maguire sure.
The Journal extends congratulation?.
The Nebraska legislature will be
democratic by a good working majority.
Eveky democratic candidate for state
office in Nebraska was elected Tuesday.
It is now in order for Roosevelt to
issue another Thanksgiving proclama
tion. To the democrats of Missouri: A
party divided against itself, cannot
stand. Shame.
Nevada and Colorado voted for
IlryanJ Where Jmoney jwas notjUrsed by
the republican: Mr.-j Bryan came out
ahead.', democrat, seeins to have
been elected governor in Ohio. This is
a litHe more consolation to the Jdemo-crats.
At least five democratic congress
men have beea elected in PNebraska
including our J. A.JMaguire, who de
feated E. M. Pollard.
Now it is in order for the republican
national committee to publish their
campaign contributions. But will the
people ever know how much they sbent?
Not much.
Everybody is scrambling to get back
into business, after a season of depression.
There is no reason why neighbors
should not live in peace and harmony
after elect:on, as well as before.
Well, the election isoverand we are
all entitled to a rest from the turmoil
of a strenous political campaign
John Tanner, another newspaper
man, has been elected to the Senate
from Douglas county. We'll be with
you, John.
The State Journal and . Omaha Bee
are so eager to save the legislature to
the republicans that they are endeavor
ing to count in some republican candi
dates who acknowledged their defeat
early Wednesday morning including
the Hon. Marshall T. Harrison who was
defeated for float representative in
Otoe and Cass counties by M.A. Bates.
Is this reliable Journalism?
W. C. Pool editor of the Tecumsch
Tribunal, has been elected to the legis
lature from Johnson county. Here's to
you, Charley !
Senator Patrick has been defeated
for re-election. Cranks always get their
dose at some time or other. Mr. Pat
rick i3 an extremist.
It is some consolation to democrats
to know that the next congress will not
be as overwhelmingly republican as
at the present day.
And the Weeping Water murderers
have not yet been captured. There is
some hope now', as the SheritY of Otoe
county is on their scent.
It would seem from the returns that
Coward, democrat, has lost out for
governor in Missouri. It is a great
calamity to the democrats of the grand
old state if this proves true.
The republic-ins should pay Governor
Folk a big fee for bursting up the dem
ocratic party in Missouri. We pro
phesied four years ago he would do this,
and our prophesy has come true.
Th2 democrats can thank God that
there is one green spot which they can
claim and that is the grand state of Ne
braska the home of the greatest liv'rg
American William Jennings Bryan.
Indiana elects a democratic governor
state officers and control the legislat
ion. This insures the election of John
W. Kern, late vice-presidential candi
date to the U. S. Senate from the
Hoosier state.
The democrats of Otoe county have
just cause to feel good over the elec
tion results in that county. The Journal
editor feels good to know that he will
have excellent company from our neigh
boring county in the legislature.
Following are the majorities re
ported for congressman in this district.
For Pollard Cass 91, Johnson 160,
Pawnee 315. For Maguire Otoe 196,
Nemaha 190, Richardson 199, Lancaster
400. Majority for Maguire about 900.
We are pleased to note that Senator
Buck has been re-elected from Otoe.
Mr. Buck is an able man, besides being
an elegant gentleman. We will join
hands with the Otoe delegation to the
legislature in promoting every reform
The rejoicing over the election re
turns is about equally divided, and con
sequently there is not much crowing in
this section. The republicans get the
president, while the democrats get the
governor, state officers and both branch
es of the legislature in Nebraska.
Again the greatest American citizen
goes down in defeat. But his memory
for his magnificent manhood and great
interest in the welfare of the common
people of this Republic will live long
after the memory of William Taft, the
tool of the corporations has been forgotten.
For it more years of Teddy and the
"big stick" is the verdict of the Amer
ican people. The election of Taft is a
signal for a trial of "my policies."
We have not noticed any dispatches
from Taft to Vic Rosewater congratu
lating the editor of the Bee upon his
skillful management of the campaign
in Nebraska. Have you?
Vic Rosewater must feel bad. He
was selected as a member of therepub
lican national committee for his great
influence in Nebraska. "What a fall
was there, my countrymen?"
The entire vote of the independent
party in Georgia is 85. This must be
very consoling to John Temples Graves
the vice presidential candidate of that
party, whose home is in that state.
Along with the many bright spots
for the republicans, there also beams
up a few for the democrats. Nebraska
is democratic, and we will have an ad
dition of at least 25 members in the
next congress, and several hew mem
bers in the senate.
We feel proud of the vote we receiv
ed in Plattsmouth. Our majority is
significant, not withstanding the efforts
of some parties to defeat us, who ought
to have been out attending to thier own
business. But they soon found out their
influence had suddenly vanished to the
four winds of the heavens.
If two weeks before the election W.
J. Bryan had gone to the trusts and
money power of the east ar;d said, "I
will be your tool," he could just as
easily have been elected president as
Taft. But he would rather be honest
with the people than be president.
And today, in the hearts of the common
people a warmer feeling than ever
exists for him.
A good citizen in explaining that the
valuation of lands was increased be
cause the land3 are worth more, did not
seem to understand that that alone is
not the trouble with our present system
of taxation. If the valuation of lands
is going up, why are not the tax levies
going down? It is certainly unfair to
have the valuations always going ud
and the tax levies, too. That becomes
a burden.
The Prevalence of Crime.
The past three months in Cass County
has been marked by a very serious re
vival of crimes of different sorts in
cluding several murders, and the sit
uation has become such that imperative
steps should be taken to suppress this
condition. It is an unfortunate fact
and one which the people of the county
know too well that many of these crimes
have gone without the perpetrators be
ing captured or an inadequate punish
ment meted out to those brought to
trial. The most glaring instance of
either negligence or worse is the escape
of the murderers of Constable Ralston
of Weeping Water. It seems incrideble
that in a county like this with a net
work of telephones and the telegraph
reaching the uttermost recesses that
two men could deliberately shoot down
a citizen and make their escape, yet
such seems to be the case and there
seems little likelihood that the murderer
will be apprehended. In connection
with this there are serious charges of
incompetency or worse with the officers
and this fact should not go unnoticed.
These men should have been apprehend
ed at all hazards. They were of the
very worst type of bandits and no citi
zen is safe with them at large. With
their apprehension comes the question
of punishment. That so cold-blooded a
murder should meet with swift punish
ment everyone recognizes and no ques
tion of mercy or sympathj should enter
into the case. This will be the case in
a short time everyone recognizes.
Justice can never be secured by unjust
punishment of any man and no jury is
justified in convicting a man whese
metal capacity is unquestionably wrong
merely that he may be an example.
Such characters should be confined in
the asylum where they may receive
proper care and treatment.
In short the situation in this county
seems to require that public officials
exercise more real work in the appre- J
hension of criminals and those officials
whose duty it is to look to their punish
ment use their powers to that end to
the fullest extent commensurate with
The apprehension of Ralston's mur
derers calls aloud and when that is done
and justice overtakes them the preval
ence of crime in Cass County will end.
Let the work be speedy.
C. P. HALE, President
W. R. BRUCE, Secretary
GjjQDirc7d swkh Uerfc
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rjt' ri.r .is i
Lawson Sheldon Monument Erected by Us in the Nehawka Cemetery.
We manufacture our work from all kinds of standard granite, which we pur
chase direct from the quarries, in the rough, in carload lots, using' power ma
chinery and automatic tools. See one of our salesman, or call at our plant
before placing an order for memorial work. You will receive prompt and cour
teous treatment whether you place a large or small order with us or not.
The silly people who are urging Gov
ernor Sheldon to call a special session
of the legislature fail to realize the
foolishness of such a course. It is
doubtful if their schemes could pass
the legislature and even if that were
the case, whether they would remain
upon the books long is seriously ques
tioned. Governor Shallenberger and
his legislature were elected upon the
promise to enact legislation just oppo
site what these partisans want and they
will do so.
The suggestion is made that the city
i3 being unusually infested with hoboes j
and bums and it might be well for the ;
police officers to start a crusade upon 1
j this class of men. The robbery yester-!
I day at Ashland, it is claimed, was done
! by a thug who followed his victim from j
! this city. Clean them all out.
us make a move toward lighting our
streets so that the winter nights may
be made safe for travel.
Now that election is over let U3 get
down to business and light the streets
of the city.
It has been almost one week now
since the murderers of Charles A. Ral- ;
ston disappeared and the public wants !
to know why they were ever permitted I
to get this long lead over the officers.
A specific for pain Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil, strongest, cheapest lini
ment ever devised. A household
remedy in America for 25 years.
It is reported that the government
agricultural department has at last
found a method of utilizing cornstalks
for the production of paper. Not only
wrapping, but the finer grades of white
paper, it is said can be made from the
stalks. If this be true, it is one of the
most important discoveries recently
made. For years an endeavor has been
made to find some substitute for paper
material other than the rapidly dimin
ishing spruce and for a long time the
stalk of the corn has been looked upon
as a possible source of supply. Up to
the present, however, all attempts to
produce paper from it have resulted in
failure. If all kinds of paper can be
made from cornstalks, it will result
not only in a cheapening of that article,
but will also make a market for a pro
duct of the farm now going to waste.
The metorological summary for
October was: The highest temperature
was 86 on the 14, and the lowest 29 on
the 30th. The mean temperature for
the month was 53, which is nearly nor
mal. The precipitation was 2.34 hund
reds. There were fourteen clear days,
seven partly cloudy, and ten cloudy.
While it is proper and timely to ad
vise people to clean up and stay clean
at all times, it is not any more proper
than to tell other persons not to attempt
ta lull people into a sense of security
when danger is abroad and that this is
the time to be strictly on guard with
t ;e little tads who are too young to
understand the nature of the danger to
which they are exposed and with which
they are innocently thrown into contact.
It is better to have every child sent
home to remain there under the parents'
care until all possible danger has pass
ed, than to suffer one of them to die
through a false feeling of security by
those who ought to know better.
The democrats of Cass county owe a
debt of gratitude to Dr. J. S. Livings
ton for the magnificent manner in
which he conducted the campaign. He
displayed great excutive ability, and
proved an incessant worker in the in
terest of the whole ticket. Dr. Livings
ton deserves great credit and is to be
congratulated by all demefcrats. While
the Journal does this we are prepared
to say that there is no one in Cass
county who could have done as well at
this time.
Vic. Rosewater's publicity bureau
has not yet ceased work. The republi
can papers are filled " with announce
ments of factories opening and rail
roads taking on more men, while pri
vate advices show the actual facts to
be that the reverse is the case. How
ever, Vic. is still earning his reputa
tion, even if Nebraska did repupiate
Despite the fact that defeat has
come to the head of the national ticket,
the Journal feels that the democrats of
the country, especialy the democrats of
Nebraska have much for which to feel
thankful. All indications to date point
to democratic gains and no losses. We
have elected democratic governors in
several states to replace republicans,
while there is no reason to doubt that
the national congress has been materi
ally swelled by the addition of a large
number of democratic members.
Many of the leading stand-patters in
congress will not serve in the next
house, including Pete Hepburn, in Iowa,
and Overstreet ard Landis, in Indiana.
A prominent citizen of Cass county
desires the Journal to ask Sheriff Quin
ton what has become of the Manley
bank robbers and the muderers of
Officer Ralston at Weeping Water?
And, also, why he came to Plattsmouth
on Monday evening, remained over
until the next afternoon? Was his
effort more in the direction of defeat
ing some people at the polls than in the
direction of his duty as an officer?
We hear that one prominent business
man has said that if Pollard is defeat
ed there will not be a brick put in for
the postoffice building. Great God, has
it come to such coercion as this? Does
the sun and moon rise and set on the
person of Ernest Pollard? A man who
would talk such rot as this, is a man
without manhood and thinks his fellow
citizens are all fools of the first water.
One thing seems to be reasonably as
sured the people of Nebraska and that
is they will have a bank guarantee law ;
within a very few months.
w,th Dr. King's
Nev; Discovery
Coming back to earth once more, let
One of the duties tnat confronts the
railway commission in this state should
be that of making the Missouri Pacific
Railway put its roadbed in safe condi
tion for travel and also try to get its
trains through on time. This would be i
something which the general public, es
pecially those in this city, would appre
ciate. i
During all the depression , which has j
prevailed over the country for the past 1
year, Plattsmouth has gone steadily j
forward with improvements and the I
year now drawing to a close bids fair !
to be one of at least as good a record j
as the past years. This speaks well
for our people as a whole and shows
them to be a thrifty and energetic set.
The Hon. Jos. W. Folk seems to
have reformed the democratic party in
Missouri and himself out of public office.
Perhaps Joseph feels well satisfiid now.
B0ul7 &
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