The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 18, 1907, Image 4

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    The Plattsmouth Journal
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4 i. t-rs or 1 in ts it - - i i-rs f .-t!!i
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'I 'in-; I leinoi rat i- i.artv is content to j
.-land on the Constitution, hut the Rep
ublican party n-s further and wipes j
its feet on it. j
Ik ilarriman has any remaining illus
ions, they are douhtless shattered by
the explosive reMrt of the Interstate
( 'ommerce 'ommission.
Fka.ntk ohjects to our tarilL So do
the United States, as a majority of the
voters will demonstrate if the politicians
ever give them a chance.
Thk sex of the American Eagle is the
subject of a spirited and interesting dis
pute, hut we think it is easy of deter
mination. She is a female, undouhedly.
Otherwise she wouldn't "scream,"
"Thk Constitution contains certain
mandatory provisions," says Governor
Hughes in an address, thereby disquali
fying himself for the support of his par
ty. Manifestly no man in thatframeof
mind can be relied on to carry out the
Roosevelt policies.
There are numerous lady county su
perintendents in Nebraska, and they are
conducting the duties of their offices in
a most efficient manner. Cass county
should have a lady in this position be
cause the rural schools are taught by
ladies. . There are a number well fitted
for the M)sition.
While the Japanese statesmen are
asseverating that there is no cause
for a war scare, they might go a
step further and explain that the send
ing of the Atlantic squadron to the
Pacific coast is only meant for political
purposes to bolster up the waning pop
ularity of Mr. Roosevelt.
The assessed valuation of the property
of the state has been increased by
nearly $13,000,000 this year. Of this
the railroads will have to stand for $5,
ouO.OOO and the people for the remain
der. With increased valuations there
should be a reduction in the levy or a
lessening of the public debt, or both.
The war scare over the possibility of
hostilities with Japan has been peaches
and cream to Richard Pearson Hodson.
It will result in a bigger navy and make
Hobson's talk less visionary and war
seem less improbable than when he began
the agitation for increased naval
strength for Uncle Sam. It's an ill
rumor that blows nobody a reputation
as a prophet.
If John Temple Graves makes a few
more breaks he will be eligible to James
Hazen Hyde's class. It will be remem
bered that it was said of that expatriat
ed individual, when he was upon the
witness stand and had admitted being
vice-president of the Equitable Life In
surance company but that he did not
know a thing about its affairs, that the
renowned Mr. Dooley exclaimed, "if
Jimmy Hyde had just a little more sense
he would be pretty near half-witted."
"What is a progressive democrat?"
queries an esteemed contemporary. A
progressive democrat is one who has so
advanced that he can and does vote the
republican ticket.- Lincoln Star. Right
there is where the Star's off. A pro
gressive democrat is one who stands by
the constitution written by our fore
fathers after they were delivered from
the tyranny rule of Great Britain. A
progressive democrat is one that regrets
that the president and his office-seeking
clan are endeavoring to over-ride that
sacred document, showing by their every
act how little they respect the same, on
ly when it suits their purpose. A pro
gressive democrat is one who is disgust
ed at the manner in which Roosevelt at
tempts to make himself a dictator, in
stead of an executive elected by the
voice of the people in this free America.
The Sheldon Clipper is very timely in
the following : As the time for the hold
ing of the primaries for the nomination
of candidates draws on apace, people
are wondering more and more what
effect the new law is going to have on
the nominations, and especially are the
aspirants themselves in considerable of
a quandry. There is one thing certain,
and that is that like all new laws it will
probably take several years for the peo
ple to become thoroughly familiar with
all its workings, and until they do be
come familiar with it, it is bound to
prove more or less unsatisfactory. The
Australian ballot law in its infancy was
anything but satisfactory and there was
much complaint about it. but now the
people would not go back to the old
method for anything. The old method
of holding elections is now a back num
ber, and so it will be with the late way
of making nominations after we have
given the primary system a fair trial.
The new method is an innovation that
is bound to prove popular with all ex
cept professional politicians, and the
dear people don't need to worry much
about them: they are capable of tak
care of themselves.
The Journal always leads never fol
lows. T:ik democratic county central com
mittee meets Saturday, July 2. Re
member the date.
Thk Lincoln republican ring is going
t nominate Judge Sedgwick whether
I lie people want him or not. Lut how
do they propose to elect him'.'
I. claiming that the scientists of the
agricultural department have, during
the past year, saved untold millions to
the people of the United States, Secre
tary Wilson proceeds on the politicians'
theory of "claim everything."
A LADY teacher will soon announce
for county superitender.t. She is said
to be abundantly well qualified, and has
had ten straight years of experience in
the school room. She is right up to
date on all matters partaining to school.
Mr. secretary Takt, President
Roosevelt's weighty single-footer in the
presidential "free-for-all," has stopped
for a little breathing spell at the quar
ter jxxst. A vacation of 30 days is an
nounced for the ponderous race-horse.
Forty years after a baptism of blood,
the Ripublican party bids fair to force
the old issue of state's rights again.
This time the battle will be by ballots
and there will be no suggestions of sec
tional lines. Neither will there be any
doubt of the result.
Ik Taft had jumped into any lake to
save a drowning woman, or even to
have given himself a plunge bath, the
waves caused by the displacement
would have inundated the lowlands up
on the coast. Fairbanks has him beat
en in water heroics.
Females are not looked upon with
favor as federal officials by the Mexi
can Herald and it gives its readers this
characteristic advice provoked by the
proverbial curiosity of the sex: "Uncle
Sam has 7,000 postmistresses. If you
have any confidential messages to send
worth, don't use post cards."
If the opinion of the attorney general
holds good there will be no fusion at the
state primary to be held in September.
Mr. Thompson, in answer to an inquiry
from the county attorney in Merrick
county, hold that no person can affiliate
with more than one party at the prima
ry and that he must state with what
party he ffiliates.
The folding bed is in evidence again in
various sections of the country. Ten
years ago a Missouri country editor
said that the unloaded gun, the gasoline
stove and the folding bed were all do
ing business at the same old stand, and
that the undertaker just smiles and
smiles and smiles every time he thought
of either one of the deadly contrivances.
An exchange in discussing the chang
ed and rapidly changing conditions, says
that in times past when a man got a
pain in his stomach his wife laid a red
hot stove lid on him and next morning
he was ready to slop the hogs, feed the
calw and kick the cat. Now if he gets
an uncomfortable feeling back of his
waistband the doctor calls it appendici
tis. The man who has held office for ten
or twelve years begins to feel that the
people owe him a living and that he
must either have a place at the public
crib or go to the poor house. The same
amount of effort made in any other dir
ection will yield a greater return than
in pursuit of office, and will at the same
time build up a man's character if there
is anything to build upon. Give others
a chance at the public crib.
Mark Twain in endeavoring to be po
lite to the English seems to be falling
into both palaver and error. He de
clared the other day, by way of prais
ing the strawberries he was eating,
that they were better than the berries
we raise in this country. If Mark only
knew it, the only first-class strawber
ries to be found on the tables of Brit
ish royalty come from his old home,
Forty neckwear cutters inja New
York factory, who prided Jthemselves
on being neat, are on a strike because
"the foreladies got fresh andj called
them slobs." Resolutions have been
passed to remain out until the term
"slobs" shall be withdrawn. We have
diligently searched Mr. Webster's well
known book of wordsin vain for this
peculiar and awkward-looking thing.
The language seems to be getting more
rubbery and resilient every day, thanks
to the colloquial and to presieential cor
It begins to look as if the country
publisher is up against a proposition
that will be hard to overcome. The
cause for his laying awake nights is
brought on by the gigantic paper trust
allowed full sway in this country. The
price of all kinds of printing and writing
papers continue to advance and it is only
a question of but a short time until all
papers will have to advance their sub
scription prices, especially the weekly
papers which have been selling for $1
and $1.50 per annum. The price of
news print has advanced something like
$1 per hundred pounds and is still moun
ting. The price promises to double
within the next six months,
On Tuesday Fairbanks took water to
save a drowning woman and on Thurs
day took lemonade to save himself from
the prohibitionists. He has Taft back
ed clean off the bridge.
THE Jap who was arrested for sketch
ing the forts at San Diego, Cal., has a
double defence. In the first place, he
didn't do it, and secondly, the fortifica
tions at San Iicgare not worth sketching.
"Al.L this talk of trouble between the
United States and Japan is simply bob
tail rubbish," says Senator lien Tillman.
When the arch fomenter takes the sit
uation so calmly, assuredly the dogs of
war are in no danger of rabies.
Uncle Sam snokes 22,oW),ooo cigars,
10,000,000 cigarettes, and chews half a
ton of plug and fine-cut a day. And
when you consider the amount of whisky
and beer he consumes, the wonder is
that hm keeps so hale and hearty.
A brand new and highly terrifying
conspiracy has just been discovered
with a purpose to dethrone the Czar of
Russia and set up a democratic govern
ment. Will Oyster Bay cable sympa
thies to St. Petersburg?
Officials of the United States and
Canada are now going over the bound
ary line between the two countries and
replacing the old monuments with a
series of new ones. Too bad they can't
pull down the old Dingley tariff wall as
they go along.
Little Rock claims the meanest man
in the 1907 contest. He is an under
taker named Bud Jackson and the city's
poor from the county hospital. He
was fined and jailed for six months for
stealing shrouds from the bodies of the
dead pe p'e. His title as "mean
est man" of the year will not be ques
Shakespeare would have made a good
anti-monopolistic modern editor, as wit
nessed by the lines: "I can compare
our rich misers to nothing so fitly as to
the whale, that plays and tumbles, driv
ing the poor fry before him, and at last
devours them all atone mouthful." He
who threw the harpoon so well, how he
would flay the octopus!
Secretary Cortelyou is the man
for the Republicans to run for Presi
dent, if they want a typical Roosevelt
man. He bought the President's elec
tion with the money of widows and or
phans and is a pastmaster in all the
election corruption practiced by the Re
publican party.
"Wave the big club and holler like a
Comanche, but don't hit the octopus.
He's our pal. Don't hurt him. This is
a play, not a duel." So says Root to
Teddy. And Teddy plays and hollers,
while John Temple Graves and the other
political urchins wildly applaud. -Is it
a comedy or a tragedy?
The way to make the old town hum
now after flood is to stand up for every
enterprise in it. There is nothing here
but what there is room for, and there
is ample room for much more. We
must invite new enterprises, but first of
all we must maintain and build up those
that we have. Stand up for the town
and everything good that there is in it.
It was a "hello" girl in a town in
Kansas, who, when a terrible torna
do was bearing upon the little burg, stood
by her post and in the very jaws of
death sounded a warning that saved
scores of women and children all along
the line over which her voice traveled.
Think of that the next time you go to
scold the girls at the central office.
For over a year the price of wheat
has been below the cost of production,
although it was protected by a tariff
tax of 25 centa a bushel. Now the
price has advanced 30 per cent in con
sequence of the fear of a short crop.
Do the Republicans claim the advance
is due to an all pervading Repudlican
prosperity produced by tariff protection?
If so, how do they explain the low price
of wheat that has prevailed before the
fear of unkindly nature caused the
spectators to boost the price?
Roosevelt deformed spelling receiv
ed its death-blow Thursday out at Los
Angeles when the National Educational
Association resolved to resume the old
time spelling of the words "though,"
"through" and "thorough." This is
the last straw to break the broncho's
back as those three words were the
only ones which seemed to need any
sort of simplification. And now even
they are restored to safety and sanity and
Oyster Bay is being churned into frenz
ied fury by an irate and baffled Bom
bastes Furioso.
The Republican conspiracy to pre
vent the people of Oklahoma from se
curing statehood because the Democrats
will carry the state, now includes all
the leaders, and President Roosevelt is
being urged to pull the political chest
nut out of the fire by declaring the con
stitution, the people are to vote on, does
not provide for a Republican form of
government. Democrats and honest
Republicans will watch this conspiracy
with solicitude for the result of it will
be more far-reaching than the loss of
Oklahoma's seven electoral votes. If
the Republicans prevent admission, the
unfairness and partisanship will help the
Democrats in every doubtful state.
Indiana has a pair of noble fishermen.
Fairbanks pulled a servant girl out of
the water and Beveridge has just caught
a great American heiress.
TllK. original Star-Spangled Manner
has been put under a glass case in the
National Museum. And the constitu
tion bids fair to follow the tlag as a
curio of antiquity.
As a rule the man who writes the
charmirg essays on "how to get rich"
ploughs furrows into his face thinking
how he will manage to meet his bills on
the first of each month.
There is no room for laggards in
Plattsmouth now. Plenty of work for
all. He who prefers to loaf rather than
work, should be made to hit the road.
Loafers are a pest in any town.
Now it is Harry Orchard's dead
grandfather who is on trial at Bise.
I For mercy's sake don't carry the inves-
i tigation back many more generations
and discover the common ancestor
i through whom we are all related to
: Harry!
The property holders on Main and
Sixth streets cannot get a hustle on
themselves any too soon in arranging to
lower Main and Sixth streets. When
the council meets be right there to have
your say.
Fairbanks having heroically saved a
drowning woman at a lakeside resort
in the Yellowstone park, the Indianapo
lis Sun is hard pushed to keep up its
daily jibes at the lengthy Vice-President
because he dares oppose Roosevelt's
choice for the Republican nomination.
The publisher of the Sun surely must
be postmaster at Indianapolis.
Woman brings us into the world, wo
man is our first teacher, woman makes
the world what it is, from century to
century. Out of all the teachers in Cass
county, there are not to exceed a dozen
rural male teachers. Then why not
have a lady county superintendent to
supervise the schools in a county where
there is such a preponderance of female
j A Missouri exchange threatened one
: day last week to publish the name of
the young man who was seen with his
; sweetheart's head on his shoulder if he
J didn't come across with a dollar on sub
j scription. Twenty-seven young fellows
I slipped in and subscribed and paid the
j dollar. The editor has letters from two
1 or three others saying they will hand
him a dollar the first time they are in
i town.
The Columbus, Ohio, Press-Post con
tinues to be unafraid of the Big Stick
and prods the touted trust-buster in
this exasperating manner: "Of course,
one must take into consideration that it
is midsummer weather, when he looks
in vain to see the fragments of some
busted trust gyrating above the line of
the horizon. The President, moreover,
is at Oyster Bay, and there are no trusts
there which have been listed for bust
ing." The Burt County Herald, a republi
can newspaper, arising to remark, de
poses and says: The action of H. C.
Lindsay and Victor Seymour in flooding
the state with petitions to keep Judge
Sedgwick on the supreme bench is not
meeting with much favor in this part
of the state. Their presumptuous con
duct merits a severe rebuke. Both of
these gentlemen are holding positions
appointive by that court, but that is no
reason why they should play the roll of
dictators or political boss for the old
machine. We believe that the people
of Nebraska know how to vote to pro
tect their own interests; that was
demonstrated at the last election, and
they want more legislatures like the
last one- therefore they want a supreme
court that is absolutely fair; one that
will administer justice with a steady
hand; one that will not permit the
state to lose hundreds of thousands of
dollars by opinions that appear to us to
be based on trivial technicalities.
The president's announcement that
the thoroughly good understanding with
Japan has been confirmed by a long and
satisfactory interview with Admiral
Baron Yamamoto will be gladly receiv
ed by the country as another assurance
that the so-called "Japanese-American
-situation" has all along been only a
tempest in a teapot. The futility of
war with Japan makes it exceedingly
unpleasant for the great bulk of the
American people to- think of the possi
bility of a rupture of the friendly rela
tions between the two countries. Ready
as are the Americans to resent a real
insult or to punish a wrong, they much
prefer to be at peace. It seems that
in his conversation with the president
Admiral Yamamoto has only confirmed
what Ambassador Aoki has all along
been telling the president. We may
readily accept his assurance that the
government of Japan is friendly toward
the United States. As a man of influ
ence in his own country we may take
it for granted that he is better inform
ed about the real temper of its people
than are the noisy agitators of the
Progressivist press in Tokio. It is
pleasing to believe that the rumpus has
had no deeper significance than that
these reformers in their new activities
have been altogether "too fresh."
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Tac Simile Signature of
vjip -.miu n-
; Let us be up and doing if we would
prevent any more floods. Main and
Sixth streets should be lowered, and the
work should be done as early as possible.
Of late a great deal too much space
has been wasted on the liar. The liar's
case is simple. The greatest philosoph
er since Shakespeare (Frederick Upham
Adams) has lately disposed of him as
neatly as pinning a butterfly on a card.
A liar, says he, is one who by direction
or indirection seeks to deceive. The
man who lies to an enemy is a diplomat;
the man who lies to give harmless play
to his imagination is an artist; the man
who lies to his friends for the purpose
of taking advantage of them is a scoun
drel, and the man who lies to himself
is a fool.
Governor Hughes of New York has
thrown the glove squarely into the faces
of Root,, Taft,, Roosevelt, Knox, and, in
fact, all the "leaders" of his party, by
this bold defiance and indirect denuncia
tion in his Jamestown speech: "Politi
cal leaders who have preformed the function-of
clearing houses for legislation,
and who, while posing as party workers,
have served under a retainer of special
interests, careless alike of party princi
ples or puhlic justice, are passing from
the stage." It would be real rich to
know just what the saintly Cortelyou
thought of such tale-telling out of
Long Live the King.
Is the popular cry thrrughout Euro
pean countries; while in America the
cry of the qresent day is "Long Live
Dr. King's New Discovery, King of
Throat and Lung remedies!" of which
Mrs. Julia Ryder, Paine, Truro, Mass.,
says- "It never fails to give immediate
relief and to quickly cure a cough or
cold." Mrs. Paine's opinion is shared
by a majority of the inhabitants of this
country. New Discovery cures weak
lungs and sore throats after all ether
remedies have failed; and for coughs
and colds it's the only sure cure.
Guaranteed by F. G. Fricke &Co. drug
gist. 50c and $1. Trial bottle free.
Not a Bit Discouraged
W. A. Young, who had a severe loss
last spring, in the shape of hogs with
cholera, amounting to about $1,500,
during the storm of a week ago sus
tained a second loss, though not so
severe as the one of the hogs, yet
coming as it does just in the wake of
the other one, is of a nature so serious
as to make one scratch his head and
think how long will this be kept up.
The hail beat his crops into the ground,
but like the boy on the Fourth of July,
is up and at it again. Wash says that
no such things as these can discourage
him for he is not built that way. He
has his sleeves rolled up to his elbows
and is after success, which he expects
to make his own.
Simply the visible sign
lir i j i
' r-V
q are not forming rapidly enough.
Q Lack of nourishment is the cause. Q
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j entire system. Stimulates and makes bone.
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The Kind You Have
Always Bought
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For Over
Thirty Years
mm tb m
In the Wheat Harvest"
H. D. Travis, who some time since
since purchased a farm in Trego county,
Kansas, is going down to inspect the
harvest of some two hundred acres of
wheat which is now in operation and of
which he is much interested. A. C.
Carey was passing through that county
not long since and while the train was
stopped at some point, farmers who
were in need of help came in the train
and offered five dollars per day for some
one to work. Mr. Carey stopped and
worked for a while. The Judge says
that in case they will pay high enough
wages he will work for there is not
enough doing here in his office to make
it interesting. At least he will see to
the harvesting of his own crop.
Settle With Wurl
The various insurance companies
have settled with E. A. Wurl, and paid
him the amount of his insurance on the
stock which the fire damaged and des
troyed. The invoice taken showed the
amount of $8,222.38, on this the amount
of insurance was $7,500 and was paid by
the various companies carrying the
risks, they taking the goods. These
goods were advertised and a number of
bids were received on them the highest
being made by M. Fanger of this place,
which wrs for $2,505 and was accepted.
This was on what goods were in the
store room proper, and consisted of the
stock of general merchandise, mostly
dry goods, but of which there were
quite an amount of groceries.
Besides this there were in the cellar
some six to eight hundred dollars worth
of groceries which were injured by the
flood which were not considered in the
fire settlement. These Mr. Wurl has
for disposition and which will probably
make his return fyr stock near $3,000,
upon the fixtures he carried $500 insur
ance, and upon same was allowed by the
insurance companies $275, they con
sidering them worth something.
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