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    Complies with ail the National Pure Food Lr, Ciuiw.c No. 204 I, filed V.' l.I:; n.
iL.;drrr j ......
,W gtU'P Ffz'COD)
Itt JlTT fir
( r.v ;. a. i.t )
. ; i : i m. i:m:i -
! v.-;m !: ! v i.y M u i n. .V T '.
i . ! . V ' ' ' ; !.'- t r r j e
! r
( 1 '
it. ..
' - i
!; :U r
f i r r. I ,A f" I " ' I"; '
:iM lj l (.
, i:; m
?":.' ?:-
I I. NI 'i'i 1 1
I i
r I . 'I . V. - . f (;. .... .
' . .' ..-' i .. I., ii -
' .,-- ' . i . .-!. ! ...:i-
i i : .; . .1 - . Ml I. II 'I ( .1 M.. .1 I :,. .
M . il , ; .i : ,r I III.' i-' :i . II I'-.'ll.' 1:1 " !'
t '.:' I it 't I I ;, ri'H' m i f - ! I m 1 vi' I - ' -.
i I .. i;il l. -mi- f nil v t v. i'd tin- l .i!
I ii; Ii 1 1 I I'l ;i '. i I I'M II !i-'-'vc 'i
' i ' i-l i i i"ili'-il ! i ii i -f I i '1 : i-i :t . ii ii: - ! -
... I u h hi 1. 1 . n t l.w .il .'h:i I l i I :- -:
I 'nil y-li -. .f il:ii r-it in I r HI. I - '
II y !; I I 1 1. Ti hI I. to (.i (. i i.-i- V. . ! I -f-.r
IIh- rt':i.ori lii:ii llii- :i'ii' liai ' it
i i I...- iH'fli-.'i ivamn' : 1 1 i I i .f ii-c i 'I ;
' .' I H :l yill fur I l.i- (Mil- I I i' ! .:l l.f a i I -
in' i I . a-i. ii i'il mi llii' Si, 'I ml dv.
i r'.-r i,l ,-i-iM i. hi I i.l 1 1 -t: . . i 1' i ! :n .1 mi -
1 ' ', I ". l--llllll l.. I .' V I I . Il Nl' I I I
r ':i 1 1 it. fi il' I In- 1 1 a v in thai 1 1 - ;mn- li:nl
ami li- n-' i-t uas m' i .! I i,f
.1. :. ,1 li.'.-r." iii-ll,.' l:. II. .1.1.,.
. ' . : -. ! v '. 1 1 1 it'' ,. ' i : ' ri i -1 I a n , f -
. i". -I i .f ! .it t-;. :i n-' ,. ' I . I . '.' 1 1 1 1 i . :; .'
. !-..'. I'l I'.rai nl . I . 1 1. .1 I hi I
I ;i. Half l.f t Ii'- M . .i !, v -I i.iiai :
i.l...' . -,!. in .1 ll,v a..l I '.ri'litl'l'-!
I . , . ' ''. lT'Ili'!'! ''II. ' II1 .''.''' llii'. "i
I I I . I ' I ! I' V I ' 'i I : '', ', : . i , .
. ! . i i .i, i:ii ii. , : : 1 1 :;.:
...!..;-.::' i. ;: . ., . I . 1 1 1
. '! ,i 1.. 1! ,. a:- - ! i -
I- I! -. ... ' .
l:: : a:
N ... a-. . . i
l . . " : t.- . .
- ,.. ., ... ; ..f I . i.
- . A. I. ; :- I '!
-. , i ;' : i. Vv. .
V. . :,. i . i. I . :i.' I
:. .lav : .1..! I" ..
!i. v : v I Yi: ! -
..: .1
. i. . I ' i A i '!'.;.
i rli:i.l l.l : V..i; v.M
!.:! .ri 1 hi- "a il .la v of .laniiaiv. i lliani
I. au. W:iinl iir. Iil.-i lii- iiii.": in i In- I i,l n-t
( ..nil of a C.iml.v . .Ni l.i a,!.a. a-aiii-l .on.
In- ol.ji-.-t ami irai-r nf u.-li !' i' ion is '
'inn liivmvc fpmi jnui'ii il.i- t'ti.'.iiiiN il t
ri ii hi.
Vmi an- riiuiril l- :r.i-wr ai.l ii-l i' ' m
r U-fore lln- Iillnla.v IVIn nary. I'n.. r
iicl-iiii'iii i.f iijviM-i' uilll- i-iiu-iiiI -irin-i
vi u. ami in favnr nf viiil l.laiiniiT. as lMayi!
"i f in j.:nl l-i il i hi.
lU'i-il tliis;inl ilaj- . .f .Ti.pia ry. In '7.
Wil l i X l.r.
I. . I r.
Au.-.i-iji-y ria'.iit";:'.
K. . ".ui-.-li will laU- in.ti.-i'. t.Wut m -the
7llnla irf .lapu.iiy. r.7. M . A n-lii-r. a .1 uM iif
i if llii' Tiri-of 'a,sir.Tit.v. Ni-lirtlca. is;irol
iiiiunli riif ilUi-liiri-fit ft r tin- ,i-.m nf ?4i. in
an arliiCT rwniliiisr Iwff.irv him. wtn-ii-in Ti-Iit
(mis is iaiiiiff. uid K. . Imr h is ili-fi'inl-am.
that t-M-nrwrty "f iWi'iiilfJit. ronMMinjr
if iiiuni-v 1ji tin- rs-v.siiii nf tin- aiil C It. .V
tj. Ka.lway Co. has --ii attai-hpcl nr.ih-r sai.l
..iili-r. Sai.1 rju' as foul itiwi'fl toliif Colli
ilay of n-ni uary. Ii'T. at '.iiM-l. k A. M.
I'etek lions, flaimitt.
State or Nebraska. ' , ((ir.n, v Court.
C ass l iirvn.
! n tl manor of tin i-Mni.' of William "WVst
laW . ilfO-aM-il.
Noti.-i- is hfi-v ?ivin lliut the rrortitors of
saiil rti-i-ia-rf'il will imi-i i In-Ailniini-t mini-of
said st aw. lM-f..n-mi-, f ount y .1 wliri' of t'ass
Cotnty. Ni-Vn--.ka. uiiln- l ouiity I'oiirl room
.n in said ('miiii v. on ln' .th day
of Man-h. I".in7. ami on tin- :;rd day of Si-ili-m-NT.
I'.1;, al li' oYlm-k A. M.. i-ai-h day. forllw
IHI1-IHM' irf piii'iit in:.' t !ii-ir i-laims for t-xami-nai
ion. ml iust mi'iit uiul allowanri'.
Six iiiontk-.o. from Man-li .'itli. I!i7. an al-Iowi-d
fur tin- .ii-dilois of ,aid di-.-i-asi'il l.i
ln--nt tlii-ir i-laims. and oiw yi-ar and six
iiionths for tin- Adir.iiii-t rator to si-nli- said
-tati-. from tin- -I,' day if .1 a unary. I'.'7.
Wilni-ss inv hand and si-al of -aid oiint y
fo-.n-t. at I'lai tMiioii: h. N.ln a-Ua. t hi, tS'lli day
i'i .l.inary. lii'7.
1 1 it i:v I . 1 i: vis.
i-i 1 l y in!-'.'.
i?j -w
it's a sin cf coal satisfaction. Want
to hear the music in your kitchen?
Easy order coal from this ortice and
yard. The output of the Trenton
mine the fuel we handle has no su
perior anywhere, its equal in few
DUnilC VlaTtsmomh No.
rnuni. j.jj No.a.i.
.c Ued Damask at Vm. ."".c Ke
Damask at -c. 4 X; Red Damask at ?0c
at Coates Dry Cuods Co 's I'pIoadSale.
Huilds up waste tissue, promotes ap
petite, Improves diiie.-tion, induces re
freshi.'ik' sleep. nvc renewed strecth
and health. That's what Hollister's
Cocky Mountain Tea does. 3- cents,
Tea or Tablets. Gerintf & Co.
I'ioe Salve Carbolized, acts like a
poultice; highly antiseptic.extensively
used for eczema, for chapped hands
and lips, cuts, burns. Sold by Gericg
Sc Co's drup store.
Your money refunded if after using
three-fourths ( 5 ) of a tube of ManZan,
you are dissatisfied. Return the bal
ance of the tube to your drupgist, and
your money will be cheerfully re
turned. Tade advantage of this offer.
Sold by Gering .S: Co's drug store.
i i : ; i
i ::.ut';.' v.. I:, :.!. i!i to
'i'.. L' :.:.-. : (.'-!:fi all
So:::!:.rn .rls. I'ciYonr.lly
!: - Clifr:-:.:". l Jtirsio::s.
TO D5::VER: Jt'UA'iY 20, 2;, 22.
Wiile i.'r ;..l.ii-r cw--vi"i::i how
to '.'. fr-j '.-' ncrc.s of ovcr:i-r.-.'-.'.t
!a:i '. i:i Xcbravka for r.ii::c-d
f . '. r : : 1 i ! : : . n 1 1 a i r : : ; .u: .
"A Good Dairy District," "The
Iiis Horn Uasin." "irrigatcil
Lands in the Billings District,"
2-"astcrn Colorado," "I'ersonally
Conducted California Kxcur
sion," and "To the Great
U W. WAKELET, S. P. ft . Cir.tii. Kea.
Sons of Hernvarwu
Ttie Plattsmouth Lodge, KSons ol
Hermann," have decided, in order to
increase their membershi-p, to lower
their initiation fee from to S3 for
the next thirty days. This is done
to give every German in this com
munity an opportunity to join
the 3'Sons of Hermann." A few
days ago the grand depvrty., Paul Ham
pel, of Talmage, Xeb., was present at
the regular meeting to install the new
officers for the comirm term, as follows:
Emil Walters, president; L. Leiner,
vice president: F. G. Egenberger,
treasurer; II. '. Soennichsen, secre
tary; Wm. Stark john, trustee. An
invitation is exteuded to all Germans
to join the "Sons of Hermann."
The ntlre stock of the defunct
toeb Clothing Co.. llalstcd St,
Chicago, Ravine fceen stld to the
Guaranty ClaiJifn? Qcb at 45
cebta ft (l &tSKZ9 Shipped
to ca fS at teix rt?mlses,
X5l9"iS2C VSVl& SC- ete are a
few earaple'l et 1tht yoa can
lave Men's Fut Coats, some
as low as $5.00. better prades
$7.90. Men' Suits or Overcoats
worth up to $12.50. your choice
$4.83. Men s Pants worth $2.25.
for SS cts. Genuine Cravvnette
Coats $4 6. lien's Suits and
Overcoats, actually worth $0.00.
sale price $3.90. Pants worth up
to $4.00. your choice $1.90. Sheep
lined Duck Coats $1.93. ITeavy
Overalls 39 eis. Silk Mufflers
worth up to $1.50. your pick 25
cts. All kinds of Men's Shirts,
your choice 25 ct. Heavy Jer
sey Shirts 4S cts. Boys fancy
rv.ade up Sweaters 23 cts. Boys
Suits 93 cts. All kinds of Gloves
15 ct3. Fierce Undershirts
25 cts. Men's Heavy Sweaters
25 cts. Men's Wool Socks 9 cts.
Good .Shoes a dollar a pair
Heavy Winter Caps 25 cts., and
hundreds of similar articles for
Men or Boys' wear at same
ridiculously low prices. Take ad
vantage of the Liow R. TL. Fare,
come to Omaha and look for the
Guarantee Glothina
1519-1521 Douglas St.
. :r;ii i. .
i r. : i i I . . ,
n.;iii . .
: " p
i: -t r.'
, tj-:;i n. in.
, io;.Vi ;i. in .
.1:11 p. in.
, 2 :.") p. in.
. iu;iil . .
, L'icai.
:i::iii. . .
; Mr. an 1 Mrs. if. II. left for
1 South JXeii'I. 1 ric.. Wee! :ie -day after
I !K)';:i.
Freu West'.ake. visit od relatives in
tliis b;:r.,' last e'!:.
i The M. V. A. of .Murdoek are au'ita-
ting the erection of a tine large hall t"
' bo L'l:: , '. and e::pcct to start w.-rk
Mrs. I;. i;. Cnx is entertaining her
;cMisin, Mr. Lee Miller, .f Campljei;,
: Nebraska, this week.
. Miss IMit!: Moon visited in ourbur;r
this week.
'Juite a rimnher Kr young pe.'-ple
were entertained at the home of Krai!
; F. Lau Friday night. A very good
i time was had and we'll all go hack
i some of these times for more treat
; ment of this kind.
i Uev. J. E. IJaun-gaertner ison the
! sick list but is improving.
! The Misses Xeitzel entertained
'about twenty young lady friends at
their home Saturday evening.
A. M. Cole and Floyd Cole visited
here Monday and Tuesday.
Clark Xewlon and Mrs. Katie Xew
lon visited at the home of the Mills'
last Wednesday.
Miss Xutzman, of Avoca, visited the
Langhorst's and Kuge's several days
of last week.
Miss Selma Thicngan ison the relief
list, at present, Dr. II. J. MacArthur
has the patient oq the mend and she
; will soon be able to be back to wort.
Miss Maude Gorsage s taking Irtx
place at central for the present.
A very good crowd ticmed out to the
wolf hunt Friciay, but they failed to
corner any of the wilycreatures.
Mrs. L. X-e4tzel returned from
Chicago Sundty.
Our local ice meca are very busy
putting up their suramer's supply of
ice this week.
Mrs. C. J. SLeis entertained the
Kensington Wednesday afternoon.
Skyle Miller and Bessie Schreve,
both of Elinwood, were married at
Council BluCs Monday, January 28th.
A box social will be given at the
j Rose Valley school house on Friday,
February sth.
Dr. and Mrs. 51. J. MacArthur enter
tained a number of friends at their
home Monday evening.
Henry and John Westlake trans
acted business at (Plattsmouth Mon
day. Miss Anna -Goehry is home again
from her recent visit in Iowa.
Our local veterinary made a profes
sional call to Phillips, Neb., Monday.
Chas. Melvin was in Omaha Tues
day. When the cold winds dry and crack
the skin a box of salve can save much
discomfort. In buying salve look for
the name on the box to avoid any imi
tations, and be sure you get the origi
nal DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve.
Sold by F. G. Fricke.& Co.
Mothers who give their children
Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup in
variably indorse it. Children like it
because the taste is so pleasant. Con
tains Honey and Tar. It is the Origi
nal Laxative Cough Syrup and is un
rivaled for the relief of croup. Drives
the cold out through the bowels. Con
forms to the Xational Pure Food and
Drug Law. Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Bee's Laxative Cough Syrup contain
!ng noney and Tar is especially appro
priate for children, no opiates or
poisons of any character, conforms to
the conditions of the Xational Pure
Food and Drug Law, Juoe 30, 1900.
For Croup, V hooping Cough, etc. It
expels Coughs and Colds by gently
moving the bowels. Guaranteed. Sold
by Gering & Co's drug store.
ManZan Pile Ilemedy put up in con
venient, collapsible tubes with nozzle
attchment so that the remedy may
be applied at the very seat of the trou
ble, thus relieving almost instantly
bleeding, itching or protruding piles.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money re
funded. Sold by Gering & Co. Drug
Cold Crowns and Brldee Teeth $3.50 op. ' Porce
lain crowns 93.50 cp. i-ulings 50c up. I TeeUl
Extracted Painless. New set same day.
BAILEY.Th Dentlati
Established 1888. Paxtoa BUc OriAHAj
-N ( ..
" rv.-rV. r?s-,tiri rv-r?t
Motr.rr riicln't n;r: (rc-h rr -',-!
she hid Arbucklcc
vihe vay to get a rood cup c f cr.f."ec i'.'.at C'Xn. S;
ltes li!;o CcfTec with all dc" fever iLy
ar.d crcrna intact, h to buy n package c lTic Cy.''
ii i a i ii n lv a - i
did criminal A:ouck:cj iv! Jj.', z:l ,
gri'i'J it as you wjr.t to u. c :'., f;r.i; .--rr.-.!: i ' !- I j j ' ; '
dz:cr the flavor end rr.zV.-i l::-j f::r;d." ca:". C.;:'ec I '
z::. il: iJ:r:lliy z Coffer; zSlz: !!.: -. ., ! c l::;:o-. J .:; i ' ; "
the clr and u easily ci:.tar:;!:.;-.:jd by r..;:ra!'.vw-. I
-i c -. t 3-;r
Cliarles Hai. ;!. pnt u; i.v: " 'i. "
liay. Mr. and Mr. '!! ('..wrr. visit.- d .'.t
the letter's i, r Siiniiay.
j Mr. and Mrs. Looker visited fri-nds
! in tiiis locality Snnday.
j Mrs. Chuhner Switzer visited -.vith
! lier sister, Eva Tucker, Monday.
The Kehekah lodge will have instal
lation of oilicers Thursday evening.
John Knabe, Henry Sturm and a
number of others put up ice this week.
Miss Xora Unrigley, of Weeping
Water, is stajiug at L. S. Todd s at
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wunderlich were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Keptling of
Eagle Tuesday.
Mrs. Bert Tucker has been quite
sick the past week, but at, last reports
is improving slowly.
Mr. Thiele and sisteT departed for
their home, near Syracuse, Tuesday,
after a few week's visit with Mr. and
Mrs. F. C. Schomaker.
That's the house the Doctor built,
The biggest hcuse you see;
Thank goodness he don't get our
For we take Hoi lister's Rocky Moun
tain Tea. Gering & Co.
Jacks and Llules
K&ie motet and evt neb 9DC
Flo lrte Jacks, Jenny -and
Mute. M to 1? bar.df hlKli.
we!b from 700 to 1600
t?ooJ one, cbeap now. Will
pay a part of buyer rallroac
fareandhtppini took (ru
raoleea. Write tor prlestoaaj
kr ckler'i Jack Farm,
Wert Hlktoo. Oteio.
The YoHmer Clothing
CcjTipany's lease
Our stock of Men's and
Gov's Clothing:, Fur
nishing Goods, Hats
and Caps must
be sold.
C20.0C Overcoats, ffQ no
Ulsters and Suits. . W7.70
$10.00 Overcoats, &a 50
Ulster and Suits. .O4-.70
I S9.50 Overcoats, ff o no
- Reefers and Suits. Oe)70
$4.95 Overcoats, ff nr
Reefers and Suits. .BlsD
$3.00 Reefers and
Many of onr farmer friends
have already taken advant
age why not you? Buy your
self a Fur Coat, Buffalo, Coon.
Gallaways, Dog-, Salt Seal
Flushed Lined, Otter and
Cloth Coats, etc. Now is the
time to come to the city to
make your purchases. It
Bennett Company's
Omaha, Neb.
am li mm irTT-rr in-ga
"Pineules" (non-alcoholic) made
from resin from our Pine Forests, used
for hundreds of years for Bladder and
Kidney diseases. Medicine for thirty
days, SI. Guaranteed to give satisfac
tion or money refunded. Get our
guarantee coupon from Gering & Co.
We just received word from Mr.
Ilerold that he had made another
large shipment from our store at Wy
oming, 111., which will arrive in a few
days. Coates Dry Goods Co.
i.l I
4 i
r.-.T-r. '3
L -
s '
IM:. i '.
LCHriZ or.O:..
Groceries, Provisions and Cecals
1st Prize I-DISOX
l'honograph and
12 Records SoO vn
2nd l'rize Century
Camera and Out
fit 15 'Hi
3rd Prize Imported
Japanese fcYase ... 5 v-1
Total amount. .550 0
' Contest will ojen November 1st, 1906, and close
May 1st, 1907. Coupons will be given with cash pur
chases only. Every S2.50 worth of coupons gets one
draw number. Begin when the contest begins, per
haps you will be the lucky one. Cost you nothing to
mwaj m awa-i j. . mii iv v - n
First House West B. 5c M. Depot
We Solicit the Farmers Trade
and Guarantee Satisfaction.
When in the City Give Us a Call
!5he Perkins Hotel
2 . -.V l VT
Weak. Nervous
ana miaaie-aeed; lack
i.vJ weak. Oar treatment
liealthT. hiinr man.
-4Driln ninnqiisfi
Hydrocela, Phimosis. Stricture
w a i - -
for II f by one treat-
No cutting, no pain.
no detention from work.
P'lfin ured quicker than at Hot
tuLiil Snr:n?s. At once PTery
OR. SSARLES & SEARLE5, Specialists.
"n-rwEAST Cosner I4th and Douglas St.. ... OMAHA, NEB
Constipation causes headache,
nausea, dizziness, languor, heart palpi
tation. Drastic physics gripe, sicken,
weaken the bowels and don't cure.
Doan's Eegulets act gently and cure
constipation. 2oc. Ask your druggist.
Stops itching instantly. Cures piles,
eczema, salt rheum, tetter, itch, hives,
herpes, scabies Doan's Ointment. At
any drug store.
8c Outings at 5c, 10c Satine at 5c,
15c Black India Linen at 5c Mill
Ends at Coates Dry Goods Co.'s Un
loading Sale.
Aihv;Vcz l!,; r.
. r .a h f , !,
i I i ! '.I t!:. o , ,!.;,-, ;:l :
..' : :.d
. . i.:. . .... . I
! :
: I f I ,- ' -. r i r . u.1 it .
' ri
?. ...
t .u' n 1 1 J auiii-gaj gi
Authorized to treat Chronic, Nerroaa ami S'prclal IHnfnrn.
All nodlclne furoUbcd ready for niie. J.o moruury or Inl a
rloas drugs used. o detentloo from business.
Patients at a distance treated by mail and express. M'dlrlne
sent free from gaze or breakage. Charges low. Our record tliou
sands of cured cases. State your cae fully and send for terms
Consultation free and coclideotial.
from exc'tses. Nerroni Debility erexbaattloa.
WssiiDf Weaknrsi with early decline In young
or t1
m. T:or ana strenttB. who onravt liopairca and i
restore you to wkal cature lDtended, a caie.
with all powers vigorous and perfect.
Cared with nw anl poi'.tire treatm-nt. No In-
struments. eo pa
struments, eo pain, no aeteDtion rroin Dus!ai-f.
permanently uurea w.ihout
pain or dancer.
trace of the olease disappears, (sorts in mou'.n.
throat, tongue, hair isIIIdk out stopped at ones )
Contalnlcfr fall description of oot n
diseases the effects and causes' c
free, in plain envelope upon application. f.
Death Near Eagle.
The Lincoln Journal of this morning
contains the following: "Mrs. V. G.
Standley, at:ed twenty-one years, died
yesterday morning at her home, three
miles southwest of Eagle. She leaves
a husband and three sons. The funeral
services will be held from the home
Friday at 2 o'clock.
"Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil is the
best remedy for that often fatal
disease croup. Has been used uith
success in our family for eight yra's."
Mrs. L. Whiteacre, Buffalo, X. V.