The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, December 27, 1906, Image 4

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The Plattsmoutn Journal ,
U. A. HATES, rim.isiiKK.
nlenil slths p,ilomYv t I'UtUmoutta. N
drunk, ss siVoihIi'Iism inattrr.
Diaz shouM have no trouble in
suppressing revolutionists since
there is a surplus of .'.OOO.OOO, in
the national treasury.
It will lw a long time before
Teddy forgets "Dear Marie." And
only think of it, she is the aunt of
the president's son-in-law.
Why waste so much time on the
matter of tax upon income and in
heritance, so long as you are with
out an income and expect no inheri
tance? A mkssac.k every week day cer
tainly entitles the president and
the public to a rest on Sunday.
Here's hoping that every day will
be Sunday by and by!
Ai'TKK the first of the year we
will have noMiing but "pure whis
key," nt least that is what the pure
food commission says. This sug
gests the query: "Is even pure
whiskey a food?"
I.iy MorT!mi;k PrK.wn's re
ference to Mrs. Roosevelt's obliga
tory 5-o'clock teas as departures at
the "republican court" b'nds royal
significance to the president's cen
tralization scheme.
With Kentucky counties going
"dry," one after another, on the
liquor question the Hourbon com
monwealth may soon have nothing
left of her former prestige but fair
women and fast horses.
It is a good thing, perhaps, that
Governor Mickey's pardoning pow
er is not curtailed to two weeks to
come. There is danger that he will
liberate about all the worst thugs
in the state penitentiary.
It has been suggested that a bill
be passed by the legislature this
winter prohibiting non-residents
from enjoining the collection of
taxes. This, it is thought, would
cure the railroad tax-dodging.
Thk Storer-Roosevelt episode ha:
produced a most unpleasant iin
pression and one that, in our judg
ment, will not readily le dissipated.
Mr. Roosevelt's intemperate denial
is ineffective and leaves all the
graver elements .in the case unan
.-swered, or, at best, ignored.
1 hi-: Minstmas mails nave never
Wore been so heavily burdened,
and though they have made the
holidays the season of the very
hardest work for the men who assort
and carry the mails, the work has
liecn done in the best Christinas
Thk deathly silence that has pre
vailed in Nebraska since it was un
derstood that Norris Ilrown will in
all probability be chosen to succeed
Senator Millard, has been broken
by the gentleman himself, who
wants to organize both houses o
the legislature so that it won't, by
any chance, break away from him
A good edict comes from Judge
Sutton of Omaha. He declares
that no boy or girl under the age
of sixteen years will be permitted
to work in a store during the holi
day shopping season. He say
they must cease to work and go to
school where they belong. H
sends officers throughout Omaha
among the factories and children
found working under that age are
sent home or to school.
OfR Lincoln friends are now busy
figuring how big an appropriation
they can get out of the state for the
1907-1908 period. They are want
ing several thousand dollars more
for state fair purposes. If we re
member correctly, there was a big
balance left this year after paying
all expenses. Why should Lincoln
always be carrying its hat around
for state help to institutions that
ought to 1 and are seif-sustaintng
Tin: President says he would like
t0lm.chaathe,)0vvcr to put the
.......... .w.r.1 tAil.- lttl Tliis
IlVlVJ MUltUIIVVI.) ,u viittui a .....
is Russianization instead of central
ization. Thosic "doubting Thomases"
scored iu the canal message are in
imminent danger of receiving pros-
lential appointments in the Ana
nias Club.
Tin: president is going gunning
n Virgiuia for small game during
le holidays. Perhaps he will have
more luck than he did with big
game in Washington.
Thk senate orders presidential
messages to be printed in normal
pclling. This is a rap over the
nuckles for those who try to mutt-
ate out mother tongue.
i t
Thk president is evidently deter
mined that the Japanese in this
country shall be well euucatcu,
since he considers them better
orkmen than the whites.
This is the week in which to
purchase your Christmas presents,
and the advertising coluins of this
aper will indicate to you where
you can get wliat you want to tnc
est ail ventage.
Von the year 1906 agriculture
urnished 56 per cent of all the ex
ports trom the Muted Mates. .And
our fanners did not realize one cent
y reason of our tariff system. So
ong as they support that inimical
system they should not complain of
their lot.
Many of our local exchanges
came to us in the past few days with
eautiful Christinas editions. We
commend the enterprise of the
uiblishers as well as that of the
merchants whose liberal patronage
nables the papers to make a big
bowing for their home town.
President Rooskvklt's special
message on the agitation growing
out of the establishment and main
tenanee by San Francisco of separ
ate schools for Japanese residents is
by all odds the most dangerous and
revolutionary that has ever come
out of the White House. It is rev
olutionary lwcause in it the presi
ent bullies the Californians and
threatens them with all sorts of evil
things which the constitution and
the laws of the United States give
lini no power to do unto them
The founders of our government
made it plain tnat tne tedcrai gor
erment has no control whatever
over the institutions and internal
attairs ot t'v states. mere was
not a man in the convention of 1787
who would not have been shocked
y the claim now advanced by Mr.
Roosevelt that rights strongly safe
guard by the constitution could be
taken away by any treaty made only
y the president and the senate.
An investigation into the coa!
.unine that has existed in various
parts of the country has shown that
it was not for the lack of cars but
rather a lack of motive power that
has made it impossible to handle
the freight. It appears from re
ports that there, are hundreds of
cars standing idle in the yards at
Kansas City and other termina
points which cannot bejscnt out to
the country for lack of engines.
also seems that a great many cars
at starting points are left standing
loaded and ready to go forward
but there are no engines to take
them. Certainly the business o
the country has outgrown'the facili
ties of the transportation compan
Secretary Georgk D. Bennett
of the state board of equalization
and assessment is sending out
sample property schedule blanks to
county clerks for the year 1907.
They arc made out according to the
new form prepared by Mr. Bennett,
which lists automobiles, harness
and saddles, cream separators and
jewelry in separate classes by them
selves. He believes that this will
add a considerable amount to text
year's assessment. The number of
items on the schedule is eighty-six,
the same as heretofore, some of the
less important ones being taken off
or bunched together to make room
for the new property classes.
Makes i Difference
Li-lit-'. UY.kly.
Considerably different face is put
upon the exclusion of Japanese from
San Prancisco schools when it is
known that those excluded are said
to be principally grown men. In
the east, as well as in the west, and
n the case of pupils of the same
race, such separation is enforced.
'veil the most enthusiastic advo
cates of racial equity cannot find
ault with the objection of parents
to having their children of tender
years closely associated in school
with adult pupils of an entirely
alien civilization. If, as reported,
there are separate schools for these
adult Japanese, the sensibilities of
their government should not be
wounded by the San Franciscans'
policy of segregation; but we still
fail to see the appropriateness or
justice of barring Japauese children
rom attendance at the ordinary
public schools. Certainly, if the
excuse offered is not disingenuous,
it should Ih; possible to discriminate
between Japanese adults and chil
dren, so as to avoid all grounds of
complaint on either side.
Tin; Lincoln Star says that State
Superintendent McPrien has solved
another free high school law for
submission to the next legislature
and he hopes it will have a better
reception in the hands of the su
preme court than that of its three
predecessors, which have been de
clared unconstitutional because they
called for double taxation, in the
opinion of the court. The proposed
law calls for the tuition of the pu
pils admitted into high schools free
of charge to be paid from the ac
cumulations of interest from the per
manent school fund. The bill calls
for a "more equitable distribution
of the interest accuring from the in
vestment of the permanent school
Congressman M. P. Kinkaid
wrote a letter from Washington to
his nephew in Denver, in which he
spoke a few words complementary
to that city. In return, one of the
Denver newspapers "plays up"
Mr. Kinkaid as the man who "thrice
defeated Bryan." Inasmuch as
Kinkaid ever ran against Bryan for
any afiicc in his life, and as Mc
Kinley is the only man who ever
defeated Bryan even twice, the
Denver paper has certainly made a
discovery that is all its own.
Thk president's fantastic notions
of his powers under the constitu
tion have carried him too tar along
the dangerous road of centralization
and political revolution. It is nec
essary for the welfare of the conn
try and the perpetuity of its institu
tions that he be brought up with a
round turn before he goes further
The fight upon which he is enter
ing with congress is tolerably cer
tain to end in that wav.
President Roosevelt defiance
ofeongress "to the point of im
peachment" is nothing but :
"bluff." He knows that he is safe
ou that score. Before the govern
ment under the present constitu
tion was twenty years old this
check upon misconduct on the part
of executive, civil and judicial offi
cers was tested to the limit and
found to be a failure.
Why Refer
to Doctors
Because we make medicines
for them. We tell them all
about Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
and they prescribe it for
coughs, colds, bronchitis, con
sumption. They trust it. Then
you can afford to trust it.
Ask your own doctor.
Ths beet kind of a testimonial
"Sold lor OTsr sixty Tears."
Mule by . O. Arf 0., lawell, Ma
aim MiMiim i
haii viooi.
We trltt W
h fbraatM f ll vr dlsUM.
Aver' Pill grvatly aid th Chrry
Pectoral In breaking up a cald.
Prominent New Yorkers lUrgo
Uncle Sam to Move in the
Cono Matter.
Abutrs That Have lVrn DUcmrml
by lh King' Own l'oiiiinlion
No llrt'urin in Sight Yet.
Nr York, Iec. 20. A lettor signed
by J. ricrpoat Morgan, Dr. Lyman
Abbott nml other prominent cltlxeim of
New York has bwa addressed to Sec
retary of State Hoot directing bis at
tention to conditions Iu the Congo Free
State, where. It in asserted, "flagruot
pit. lyman Acnorr.
Inhumanity exists." and urging him on
behalf of the people of the United
State use the "moral support" of
tlio T'nlted States government to cor
rect the nbuses the Congo natives are
alleged to be suffering from. The com
munication is as follows:
Condemned by II 1a Own Ilonrd.
"Over n year lias passed since the
report of the commissioners chosen by
the chief executive and virtual owner
of the Congo to investigate conditions
In that state was published. In spire
of their nntural desire to give all pos
sible credit to their sovereign the com
missioners felt constrained to rcpirt
the existence of measures and prac
tices of flagrant Inhumanity. Among
these measure and practices an the
Doing That Are I'nrlghtcous.
"Ui The exaction of a lalor tax so
oppressive that many natives on whom
It falls have little If any freedom.
, "(2) Appropriation of land to Mich
nn extent that the natives are prac
tically prisoners within their own ter
ritory. "(.".) The employment under author
ity of the government as sentries of
cruel, brutish blacks, chosen from hos
tile tribes, who murder, pillage and
rspe the people for whose protection
the government Is avowedly estab
"(4) The abuse of the natives by
white representatives of officially rec
ognlzed conipnnles.
"(.") The binding of little children
to yenrs of labor nt uncertain wages
by contracts they (In not understand
and even more serious maltreatment
of children supposedly under the Im
mediate care of the government. '
"0Ti Creat injustice In the adrninls
tration of the courts, so that the na
tives dread the name of Noma, the
place where the judicial system is i-eii-trnlized.
"(71 The sending out of punitive ex
pcdltions. not for the .purpose of estab
llshlng pence and order but for the
purpose of terrifying the natives Into
paying n tax. which, as administered.
even the commissioners regard as In
xot iu:mkiyixg thf: f.vii.s-
Power, Thrrrforr, Should 8"cur Ac
tion in the Matter.
Tlio letter then proceed as follow
'"It In to Im? remembwl tbat tb?
are not cliarires broucht airalnst tb
Congo government, but finding of tb
coramlaxlon which wm appoint! by
th chief executive of tfie poverDttent
to Investigate and rvyort on the fart.
Acting upon these flwliDgf a rotA
commission-. also appointed Ljtbekltig,
ha recommended incisure of rfcnn.
Nf step have been taken to aVirt
them. There Is do evidence that tb
Conco government In undertaking ari
outly to remedy these evlla. The por
era which created the Conuro govern
ment have clearly a right to call
government to account
"Inasmuch n the United State Kar
Its moral miiiort to the etabiiahiinot
of the Congo government It In Juntlftwl
In giving Its moral support to any un
dertaking to secure conditions In th
Congo that will not disgrace civiliza
tion. We wish to assure you that for
any measure you may ndopt In order
to give the Powers such moral sup-
pfirt o( the.V'nlted State jroiLwIll have
earnest ana urgent upproTni.
The letter I signed by Rev. Messrs.
I.ymnn Abbott. Henry Mottet. Wllford
L. Robblns. (Jeorgo William Knox,
Charles II. Tarkhurst, John P. Teters.
William R. Richards. Anaon P. Atter
bnry, Terry S. Grant, and Messrs. Wil
liam Jay Schleffslln. William H. Doug
las, Chas. A. iJcbleren, Speacsr Trask.
Gaorgo Haven Putnam, Everett P.
Wbaeler,' Robert C. Ogden, J. Plerpoot
Morgan, IV Willis Janiea, R. Pulton
Cottlng, J. CleveUms Ca4y and W. i.
Sf! Ill
A Boston schoolboy was tall,
weak and sickly.
His arms were soft and flabby.
He didn't have a strong muscle in his
entire body.
The physician who hed attended
the family for thirty years prescribed
Scott's Emulsion,
To feel that boy, arm you
would think he was apprenticed to a
If Senator Foraker is playing per
sonal politics in his caustic attacks
upon President Roosevelt the mo
tive behind them is considerably
broader than the desire to have the
support of the Ohio delegation in
the republican national convention
of 1908. As a candidate for the
presidential nomination of his party,
Mr. Foraker would want, of course.
the support of republican delega
tions from the southern states and
in the election he would, if nomi
nated, need the negro vote in all
the debatable state, reaching across
the country from New York to Col
orado. If this is what he is bid
ding for in his defensed of the men
whom the president has denounced
as mutineers and murderers, he is
simply following the familiar lines
pursued by all previous republican
aspirants to the presidency since
the death of Abraham Lincoln.
The people of Plattsmouth en
joyed the usual Christmas festivi
ties. The day was propitious
for ontdoor exercise, and people
promenaded the streets equal to
September weather. There were a
number of family reunions; in fact,
they were so numerous as to make
it impossible for the Journal to give
an extended notice. Not wishing
to show partiality to any, we omit
the publication of them entirely. It
is not necessary to remark that the
home-commers were made to feel
that "Let it ever be so humble,
there's no place like home," at
A newspaper asks: "Does it
pay to be beautiful?" We have a
very near and a very dear friend
who thinks that it does.
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