The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, November 30, 1905, Image 6

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Murray Department
.1. M. T NK. Pi;j.-ii.i:vi. 1 1 A -. PA M M I.I.I. V
(."llAs. . M N 1.. t -m:i.i.
Murray State Bank
Alurraj . NcbrasKa.
pmlpamlp in tiik intkuksts i tiik plopli: of mpkmay am vicinity ii'!-:ci.L!.y mi: tiii: joi knal i::;apkm
I r : i 1 1 ; i ' t n t.tii f ,i ; KiriK.;i,' Ku i i : t ,is :iml sell- l. . in
:i t :i i n hi n i . .Mi m - V I ; t m I i i i ' h.i I 1 1 -, rn t I '.
1 1 ii ii i of tin i i ml, ,s i'f I In . h hi i ii ill !. it' in i i' ii . i a-', .1 i i , i :i' i i r ii , i ill iii ii' iiiticttt i ,i fit !. I'fi n i ii nil "il i inn il hii' tn tins ''''''' ' n'li np,,in-' I'mhr tln. i.i ml i it' I .
Hi. irilnt nil ill ins nt inh its'. - Avi .' in . i '.
IIcv. Mitchie is putting i.p :i new
wind mill.
Mrs. M. '-. Churchill went t o Omaha
Monday evening.
P.M. Lloyd and wife were county
seat visitors Monday.
Miss Kosa Wood lias heen ipiite sick
for the past few days.
rate Pa vis was an hnaha visitor
last Saturday evening.
i t i t.,.....,i hi.
.he sick for a few .lays. I imi Lil& AUUienue dllQ IIIB UUUdi.UH
Misscuviic itoM wasa riattsmouth One of Pleasure.
visitor last. Friday evening. Wednesday at the High school a
L. Musterholt . and wile were in j food sized crowd enjoyed the rhetori
l'iattsinouth last. Saturday. . caU. The delate which was the prin-
Pate Kavis shipped one carol- Ik.-.',
t.. South Omal.a last 1'riday.
1 il. .1 i i -i ! I vv ri s. :i I k i i r o
i;toi i!i the co'Mity .vat last S:itui
i ; v.
i. II. Maimers, of Weeping Water.
v.. hi ..lurray list Saturday an I Mm -
I . ( '. Khoden lias been havinu n:ite
a busy time in the livery ham the past
Howard Craves and wile came down
from Mynard Sunday for a short visit
w ith home folks.
r. M. Manners and Miss Marie l!er
uer were Plattsniouth visitors last
Saturday evening.
The Holmes & Smith stores Mur
ray or Mynard will pay cents per
doen for fresh et-'t-'s.
Miss Margie Walker, who is attend
ing normal at Peiu. will spend
Thanksgiving at liome.
Miss Carrie Allison spent last Satur
day and Sunday with the family of W.
K. Fox in Plattsmouth.
Hr. Ii. R Itrendel made a business
trip to Omaha and Lincoln yesterday,
returning home on the late train.
lKvit;I)t Kecd. of Lincoln, represent
ing the Hankers' Life association, has
heen working in Murray this week.
The Holmes Smith stores Mur
ray or Mynard will pay i'o cents per
pound for jjood fresh country butler.
Mrs. Mont Kobh returned from
Wyoming Tuesday eveniim where she
had been down on the farm visiting
1 -loseph Shrader shipped in two car
lo ids of tine cattle Tuesday afternoon
that will be placed on feed for the
w inter
The farmers are nrettv busv in the
Is these davs. AH" bands a.e try-
ctuwt their com out before the
L l. Carroll, of the tbVowao I ::u
i-.- works, is inttiii' ii! : line :ii''tiu-
::.:, f..rthe P: I ma:: est :. t - in l-,- MtJ
! cemetery.
T. .1. M!i"tK'n. wii.'i has Iv. :i u!ver
with a sever" attack of -viatic
: : .-. t: ::;a; .-in :ori.:e p:;-: ti;rie weeks
ltKS' !
i- .!... !- inii r'ivi: '.
Mi 1 Helen Wiic-x. wlio has been
isitw-.L.' at t lie b' aie of her aunt. Mrs.
Het'.l'V It' V.'J. (il'i'-nt f( 1 i:e-f;av tor 1
- 1
- - ' 1
:io::;e i;i r:enanf:oa!i.
Jr.'.i!i'.'S smith will pay "" cnts
p v pound for L'oorl butter and "J". cents
p. r dozen for iio Iresh e'-'s-'s, in trade.
K'-:s must be fresh, not l acked.
II i'.:nes& Smith are doimr a land
o--e business in the poultry line this ,
week, but the popular fhanks-i vin- .
i-ird seems to be "sorter" scarce
flood fresh es -c per doen
Mutter 2 cents per jiuund. in trade. ;
delivered at th? store of Holmes
Smith, either Murrav nr Mvnard.
.1. A sell w as a passenger for Platts
mouth Tuesday evening, iroin from
there to Omaha, havinir some of his
cieice work t deliver in both places.
Several new members are being
taken into the M. W. A. lodre at this
place. A deputy has been in town for
several days and seems to lie doinn
tr jud work.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith, residing
west of town, are rejoicing this week
over the arrival f a 11 pound boy at
their home Tuesday morning. Motli
rtr.liier and the littie one are d"in";
cicely and Tom is the happiest man in
P.... C. H.-.M mi.' t'i -i-.i' .it di.n t '
with a congestive chill l;.st Saturday '
. . . ' i
..fir..-,,... ,,i fi.r s. imp t 1 r-e w as l n a ,
' ii..-. - ...... ,
v.o-v serious condition. Pr. Cook was .
ca'.Ied in consultation with Pis. P.reti-1'1,
del X Mrendel. and at this time he is
-.. . ly improvin'. b:it isii"t considered
out of danger.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. M. Stone. Mrs. P.
C. West and daughter. ;iadys. of Ne
I.awka. Mrs. K. A. Hill and daughter,
Addie, and Miss Kmma Wolf, of Peters
burg. Carl Stone, wife and daughter,
i f Ncliawka, Cbas. Stone and Leslie
Hall spent last Sunday at tlie home of
M. M. Stone and family south of this
J. IL IFostetter an 1 sop, Claude,
Plattsmouth last Saturday !
were in
m:i-K ilr, ,;iril, i,,i.s b r the hoy to
i return to Sioux City. to which
place lie departed Sunday morning, to
i take up his study of ii.u-.ic. 'J'he lad
j bas almost recovered from his attack
of appendicitis, and the many friends
sincerely hope he may never experience
the second siege.
. I 1 .. J I
, ril,:i1 Icatureof the pro-ram was very
j ri:el i ve as well as ontcrtainiri?.
joe ioi:r cieoaiers acMUiut-ii iiiem-
;se:es ery ci uu i aui aiei , oe niuyes.
Mt-r. Tldd. WilidliUlii atid Salisbury.
.Willi more l ll.-M OKIlliai (llllll). oe-
. tiat ti. aninnative had .me and
j ,.., ,lnl!) p,,im.s j,, excess of the
i negative. The program closed w illi a
talk from Hon. l. P.. Windham in
which was detailed in a very interest
ing marine;' the benetit and help the
public library is to our schools and the
public in Keneial. All others who
took part did exceptionally well. The
pro-am as arranged and presented was
as follows:
Ueadiii': Eva Jones
Instrumental Solo . Marie Mookmeyer
Debate ""IJesolved. That the study of
history is more valuable than liht
Allirmative I'red Iuwsoti and Will
Negative Kirk Mates and Charles
Ma pes.
Mediation Vesta iKniylass
Vocal Solo Miiford Mates
Talk M. M. Windham
The Plattsmouth schools closed this
afternoon until next Monday morning.
Miss May me Lacey and Miss Annet.ta
Woods will spend Thanksgiving in
Weepinir Water. Miss Luna Towle in
Wabasll. Miss Kmma Lnyle will he'
entertaitied by Miss Matthews in Au
burn. Miss Llcaimr Wirt in Council
M! nil's. Miss Oiive (lass in ('lenwood,
la.. Mi.-s Amelia Martens in Nebraska
Citv. Miss : race Montiromerv in Lin-!
, . . i - i- i
coin. Miss Anna Heisel in Lincoln
Mi-.: ".. rr. W'hi.l i .1 AcM'il.rl
. 'Al.. ..11. -1.IVI III Al. .1.1.
"- n ., . .
rfQll road MOteS.
A special from Omaha sas that on
htceinber 1. .1. Kussell. superintend -
ent of the Omaha-Katisas Cit v division
cd tl.e Mi.-souii Pacilic railroad, tc-
Uether with the office of chief enuirieer
i .,. , ... , . , . .
w:,l he removed irom Atchison to
( ,!"a,':i 'orM-Il et aid : Superint
ent Mussell's territory is from
to Kansas City. 1 1 is sa i.i the Missouri t
Paciile w ill in tlie next year or two
l.niid a number of short, feeders in '
Nei-.a-ka. and it is anticipated that:1'";1 '" ,,v'''
t.'ic business will tie L'lvatly increased. ; tlte c.mimmil ..; I.iei.t, ii.-mt
Without inc'.uditi'.' the Murlinton s .
.t. ,i ... ..u 1 ..1--. .... !
j'H'.i 1 Li'i caicolo'o i" .-ait "i ;
ithe Milwaukee's Paeilic coast line, it ;
is estimated that about ..000 miles ot
new railroad wih be cf.nstructed next
vear !v western and north western i
1 t .... ,r-...t ..... .... ti.-iii i-)ii
11.11.1 ul .ill Ulil.lll l.'l 111'" 11 LI. .Ill . 1 T .
I I loO. Oi0.
Uobrlli t llServf.r: The Muriin-t.
,ia s t W leeUanys at Wtrk here ,-
placing the litfht rails now 1.1 use with i
.M. pound steel each way from town.
Tliey also have a ani; here putting in
poles and w ires Of their own to be ;
used in the future instead Of the j
H estem I nion Wires now in Use. ,
Tbe Murlington has placed a recent
order for fifty locomotives. The Mis
souri Paeilic is liguring on :,000 addi
tional freight cars. Moffat's Denver
Salt Lake road has ordered eight new
cars for passenger service. The North
western has ordered thirty new
coaches and ten baggage cars
Murlington has ordered :M0 re frige ra-
tor, 2"i ore and 1.000 gondoh
n-i -v-. . 1 . . ... . : . . 1 . . . . ... 1 v ,1
A11C .Mil llltui I .Itiin. iia.s uiuuini
ore cars, and the Creat Northern has
,..,1 ...J,,.nf,;.,I.vntf. 1 iMULnv -1 , 1
U1UL II.-.I'i. i.'""' tr v. mm
... ... '
As a risiilt of the I'avid L'Hv mass
!fnvt't,nf Y' aySnU'e
Jottrnal. 1:0 iess than three letters
, I..,..,, r.-vfr-i vz-.d in t in-., o it i n 1
. . " .. .. .. !
..,?.. .... . .-. . . t ! , , ii.if .1 M 1
I .t Oil v wi i ihi uinn. i i l . v v.- i o. iv io i
i shipments made hereafter to the writ-1
: crs from h eal jobb-ino limtses n:ti--.t be
; made over the NtTth western railroad.
: The Northwestern paid its taxes iast
year and also this year without put
ting up a light, and asa result it is the
chief beneficiary in Mutler county if
the feeling of antagonism aroused
against the Murlington and the Cnion
Paeilic. In other counties the Rock
Island and the Missouri I'acitic will
gain new business if this Pavid City
idea spreads, for both of these roads
sided with the Northwestern in pay- : .
ing up w ithout a fuss
Czar of Russia Afraid to Use
His Troops Against
Nayy jn the Same Condition
Startling Arrest Made.
1 ,. ,.; , ,,. .. , .... , ,,,, ... ... vs.
I'i-;wieis .lo-epli ol .nsli-ia (Jrauts
tlllVlls.iI Sutliane ait lli- IVn-
pie's Oe,..;.ud-;.eai a-
t:o,,:,Meino:,-i a-
St. Peters!. nr-. Nov. "Jfi. The
soldiers attaehe.l o. the niiiiiarv seli.H,!
of fleet rieitv ha e I it el i a nest ei 1 liy four
liattalions of Ihe Pal)-ky rev.:inent
and taken to the fortie.-s of St. Piter
and St. Paid. .
St. Petei-shiilir. Nov. i!i. Tile
last day of irrnee aeeorded the inu'.in-i-ers
at Seba-toni e.iireil a! inidi.iidit
with no siuns ef surrender n the part
of the men. The hills towering aliove
Ih" harbor of the Kn-sian st ronuhold
ill the Plaelv si a niav resound v. !
as they did in the davs of tin 'rinieaii
war with the roar of musketry audi
famioii. should the overiiinent at -
tempt to carry out its antiomiead tn
tentioa of crushing the revolt witli the
mailed list. The rebellious sailors are
playing a wailinir irame. and apparent
ly heve full foutideiieo llial the iruns
of the lleet will not be turned airainst
Will He Tcsr Their Loyalty'.'
Whether Ceneral Nei.Iu-iT. the com-
mandant of the fortress, wh. has been
i-f leased by the mutineers and h is re-
lieved Ceneral Paron Meller Cako-
molskie. will dare to accept the dial-
leii'e ot the nnilnieers an I slake tl.e
i -
,;s. ; ,.1;.... .....i i,.,.,i,,- ,v,iv ,,r ti,.
I discipline ami to.xain not o,n. ot xne
I . . . .
III. fe'...ri.lS.IISI.,.w.ll.l.T,.IIimi-.-IJ.I,.l
. i " . -. ........
! army on tl:- cast is. how-ve.. doubt-
I'nl I lis-.-. l.-I.e- rmn. -i r -i r
I l,n- 'I m iioui a s i .n -
ris-ms in Unssia show that Hie kind
j forces of the empire are in a stale of
i discontent, and any order la the troops
" " "I"'" '"" ' '-"i. .i.-e- . ,.,e -,-
'V.'', '":,!,"'h tl,,r s"' v"', . !t
sibly precipitate a uemral and wide-
n..i(, Iim(inv
Cars I'owcr Is I i ra ly cil.
. On the other hand I, would be dim-
"'""iinlt To starve out H,e sail v 1 v a
Omaha: :.,,. sietre. as provisions and
can b" obtain d by them ami a- they
are under the -ims of m.t unfriendly
warships. The report that Hm v.hcl-
of the rVuiscr oifhaki.W: is incorrect.
,. ., .
1 1 1 r 111- 11 l.' I o
(Im-ni ce Admiral KlMer
ai.ortive demonst ra 1 i m ::iraiui the'
tiiuliueers on the Kuia. Poteiukino
now the I antelei n. at o.!e-a
i.rol.-.I.Iv ?T1 l.e n-iil.le t . -V.t-im o'-edi
P'ona ii w id i.e u.1.1 ..i i . n.. ..em-
ence 01 ine men 1 or u:e c.irrvii:- our
f any measures a--aiusl their com-
People lc...amir,.i rsal Su.lrae an.l
r.ancis .loscpi, says. All Kiul.t.
Vienna. Nov. ut. Yesterday marked
n new ep.H-h in Austrian history, for
the Austrian , pm throughout the
entire land made know n to the crown
tlwir demand for eipial suffraire. and
even as this demand was licinir voiced
the crown, throujrh Premier P.aron I
tbiutch von Prankeiithuni. iu parlia
ment, was assuring the j.eople that its
will would be done. The premier prom-
ise.i o. minv' in oy me en.i oL i eof.arv
i litll k -ii 1 i ii ft it n i"n?I l't'im
,1Miv,M.S;ll. , .,.un:llul suffrage.
1 - '
. . . : i i ..... i .i : .... it 1
rrigera-lnJ'd l. a si-ries ef men-ti r iIciiii'm- j
.... I
a cars. . snali-ms in :.ll the pnm-ni:,! en s and ,
red oOO; towns.,: ,h, -i.un.r.v. Iron, only o- j
rn has'"wn. Austrrlitz. ai-.s serious disorders
, .to., I -rt, !. 1 ii .....I ..r. '
......i- ... ' ' ...uni.... i i..ii. . uni .mi- i
'"wn. Austcrlitx. are serious .iiso.deis '
l'C p. I f I I'll . Ttl,-.. HlC III.. MS fired otl'
i'is- rderlv dcie in-! ra i :s. !, 1 '. i n r tv.o
..:, vci:in!i:: thiiiy. :th -rw the ;
I. M . i I ra i ion- v. ':' cliar:
.- by :
I'.e mail:;, nance of order and di-uitv.
Hmtdr..;- of imc-amls of ,,, pa-
. ... ...... ..i.-.-iYin-- tt.. . 1 ..... . ,
1 . ! 1 1 . I . I I . i - . 1 1 . I i.i -I m 1 , h ! 1 . !i H .i In I
, .. .
d freed'. m. Such a tbMtioti-
. . . ... . . . : . . . . .
sll.i.i.'.l as in i tr "n nn w iiriessi'ii ji
Au-tria. Parlianu -n? ....eni at 11 a.
m.. ami ar n"n Pre:i:i-r P.aron latUi h
-;: l-'raTd-Lcnt burn autinmcid th , of snli'rae 0 Ihe i p,.. f;,..
w. en b a. m. and r. r. m. fully 17."..-
ami women mat ch. -d past the j
pa i iiament building:-:.
rson i
ed band
' u:g en to-.
in a i
b. a: ':iL.' .v oi ds i u p. t :; i i el.v dcnr:i i-.Hng
tl..- gvat ti: - :' ' ..ral f,;a-e.-
O.-ie !)i"s in a II I'ire.
Ka t i-r. I. oi is. til.. Nov.. "'.i. Ore
n:::n wvis le;i :ed t .Vi-Hi ,-iad st .icr-J
v : - ' -i i iii.-il ill-
" :'. r . -I ev?t4ri'!i Sler.d
v ,,
If), son il' Hie owner of the llfttcl. ami I
New York. Nov. At :i mcrlimj
of the 'olumhia uni ersit y nil in it lee
oil st intents' nrgnniali ms il was lie-
i i ... :.i..,iisi, f.M.t i ... 1 1 as .. ..r
! recognized si... its of the luiiversin s
i MtuieiiK.
r"-f ;.'."''
Several Ai-re.-ls l;l llnciii'
1 1 i li 1 S-ool llo.v.
j Ten-- Haute. 1 ml.. Nov. ".).
! There wa- -i.-. ,t ej-ii.c" Sit'id.-iy
,,.. ., ,,,.,,,, v,.,.; t(l ,.
the laws. :;il s. :mi -Is w re
Iliade ol" s.-ih. tl:!e:-n i '"!: -ale '!
; i;.,,, (i- srn-piiiim.-lv l.v -hoot !, -L-.-.-iV
, for .-..nsumpli n . !s.u li-Te th.-m m a -aused oiisi.ler.;li:e iliiinken-
The eiirhtv saloons mitside 1he
i ity are fOinplyin. with the law.
'l l.e lioard of sal'eiv w ill uie the i.o-
li(-" "ideis tn prevent turkey rallies in
aloons. as also th, nsnal ratllim.- of
liottles ol iiiii ir. jars ot eamly : 1 1 1 I otli-
Christmas arlieles. Orders will bo
issued against shaking diee at ,-iirar
r-om.ters. A ei.r was lined a
few- ilavs ji-. for eonduetimr
' ...i i i 1....1
nil lll . . 111 I I . ' ll.l.ll 1..., II. I. ,P-
fessed slealinir from his parents
ind said that he Inst the money in the
ciyar slore
yi' I he ';i luinel ami llei-la .Mine
Is Somel hin Yori h lla int lor
a -ISainy lay."
; Calumet. .Mieh.. Nov. "J'.i. - I i videmt
disbursements l,v I.ak, Superior eoi- ! bu.-ns. the Mataafa. are believ d to
' . . . . 'liive nerisln-il
pi-r i in ii 1 1 1 ir c iinpa mis ilurim;' the cur- piisihu.
1 '
-v,-i,r uil "Uesl since 1MHI. ThirlfC,. Hours of t;U:
and I'.ioo. ami witli the exception of The wrecks are the Crescent City
those years the larirest in the hi-lory and the Mataafa. of the Pi 1 1 i.M r-
of the district. Already this year t he j St ea n.'ship company, a:::! the p. W.
diideni payue'iits of the Miciiiiran 1 I'nuland. owned by the lailanil T ins-
copper mines a-ure-ate more than ss.-1 oortalion .mpanv. of Clexi land. As
j (N.. ,1U The eari.intis .,f these mines
iu im;.-, w ill be Ihe lari:. st -ime a tive
! ,t .,.., ( i,ts u ere c. m lnenee.l i u I his d is-
j , ,.j,.r .,,,,,. t ha n si l.v yea is au...
Calumet and llecla's toial di v i.lend
i...iit..i.- nil. .ii i. .( illi. ol .... i-.ii
, a .'i-e'.a te s:r' .:., nn a record not
payircnls will al the end of the year;
j eipiaiio ny any inner nimimr comi.any
iu nM. world. While the Calumet" and
i , i i -.- . - r
( iiccla lias a ma imi In-cut past its fu-
! ....... Is ,,..,. ..,,,1 .1,,. will
. .. ..
; M. ., prominent factor hi the copper
. ,ni:,imr world for many years to
L'lirle Sum's il i.en s W bo A ic Trvin S
t Itai-c Cain wilt. C.,a Are
iive a Throw - Iown.
. asilllmtoll. NOV. 2I. Sccr.t.-.rV
Pool has a.hbess, ,1 a '..ilrr l,H '
. , ,. ;, ,, .. ,, .., ,
U;Miiard. piesideiil o! the Amoilcau
S.H-iety of the I- f Pi., -. statin-
psj,tvely that i:i his judcinetit the
1 "f 1i",'s M " t-,!l;;!'
,..u- ...i,-!o.., ,1,.. i-if...i ,..:
... ..... .... ........ .........
s t-itiins there to submit themselves to
,.,,1..,,, 1..,,.
lie tel's lli ttct tl:e tl-. ill- T...M-
I "1 ! 1 1 tl IT the seuad olilV ace ifds
10 una w 11.ii w a s m ;-s ; a a ceo; 1 ia nee
will, interna I i. .11.-1 I law and in-li.e"
and that the I-le -"is not and ne er has
e ,,,, Tll).rc. Ait Kiuhr.
rtica. .Mid).. Nov. vit, a
, note to her husband savin- th.-c he
j would find her body in the ciso-rn.
' "' A. Anderson, wile of n
m....: ......
he discovered the note. He had aw ak-
ened at 4 a. m. and n..f tiiidui": at
his side beau a searclu
Same Old Trick; Same Old Id-suit.
.Mount Pleasant. .Mi.-Ir.. Nov.
rnMl v..V(..., ,..,, S(ri (.t- , ; . ,j.
Pa-e. was leadmir a colt to wate.- and!
' ''r f. T TUn Hm't " ZX'r' vor" Z Z
about the yard, breakiiiir the l.ov s 1 "i .l.e r. .m.ii - iafi and : He-
;1( ,,,,,,.!,- his !il:n. He was ' vicinity of Whin li-h Point, wait;,, for
u whcu ;, dearer wvath.-r. Tll(. til... ; ..(ents
,,, iU,vU. ;..,,,, , (-
lti' Illnu-Oiil l' ;.!. .
ve;i picked m
l!i- HloU-Olll OftlS
II.;li.u's;i,li. 'J'e.x.. Nov. l1. A terric
blow-out of ..-is has oi-eurreij :;i the
Hmelile ! licld. t;-.:ri;ig a :-..s- In the
vat Hi !' ;r.-l :
, ; . ; i i !
. e- U.e
: . ;i
and ,: , l,i: c-y l,r ,:
011.1, i ....i
! " ' . . . i i .. i . ' . ,
ii-l -;'!; e a
i:u!':ii .-a.-u-.f . liiinii;.- ii.-s
Havana. No
mai cm.'I'iIs
.-ivrlii;".' f-if ; . i -1 r 1 1 1 - iii the
Western disiri- '.- of tin- pro-, in.-e of;
,ibvnna. No develop,,. ems Have y t
occurred. I!itl.-ssii- is rep ,ried in
some other r. tioiis. but no overt acts i
jh - iM' I con report e,l.
! lie ".at ultr SviHe uretl.
New York. Nov. Jeorge A.-ker-nian.
years old. fotin tiil-rf illegal
vot'iiK at the recent city ami county
election, was -rtem-ed to lue ..imira
refonnarosy ot'-'not less than fourteen
mo-iiths. tie pleaded guilty to vutiufi
tw ice.
i r , . -
j Crew. of the Mataafa, Twenty
Six Men, Die at the Mouth
if Duluth Harbor.
Inland Seas Swept by the Most Ter-
rific Gale in Years.
P.Iia:-d r.lnus in the I ).i 1. , .! i Iin
in sola, i -i -oii-i it ;ii:cl Mu Ii
ia n I ji Snow II. -.
f 'l w '.i. i .
ii' rior. i-.. v.., . e -a v-
1 '! s ;. Illiahle to Uel tile III t, i.'' the!
, Mataala. 't he -hi. :; - broken in tu,
, I. lit the ih-. ks are -till out of water.
,, js ,,,.,... ..sK ......
i ' "
1 r.l.
i ""'' Mi'in.. Nov. l".i. -I,, o,e- of
I the most I Ii.. .. . l..s . . , i .. . I .
j . ... ,.. 1.1. W
Wisconsin and the ureal lakes, even
surpassim; in fury the terrible storm of
;lst Septeniber. in w hich s, n'any men
lost their lives in the xicinity of the
Apostle i-binds. tliree I . i ri lake sir
'i's Mie ilii.n ashore within siirlit
of the lighthouse at the Imhith en-
traine to the harbor, and sever -
a I ineiiibei s of t he ercw of one ..r t he
! soon as int. rrupt. d telegraphic com
mii'iicalion witli ollir la! c ports is
i resnnied it is expected Unit lurthet re
ports of wrecks will be rceivd. for
t h- storm is thou-ht to have been a
record l.reakinu' one. I'm- third e:i con-
.1 ; src.llixe horns, lielwe. n 71 p. m. Moil-
i . .
nay aim il' i n e-i.-r.iav .tlie eloc- i . . . . . .. ( .
it v of the wind a vera -ed' si M v miles i"'"" ''' X "' " "V "' ' ,"
i . ... . . ' . i 1 a res. i n one uroii iid or a in il her a 1 1 I he
an hum-, and at times Mew at th-- rate:
of v mil. ati oih.i- 1 r.-. n. I, ,s.. mani.d !.;
; llie ieeiano cn inniii'ii prop ion:,
.Mataal'a Is Sm c a te l.. '."I celil fares ha l-beeu set aside ,y !!,
The .Mataafa is beinir si . l.v pound- com is in litigation inspired by ihe op
ed Oi pieces. The crew of tin- Crescent j position c. , 1 1 1 pa u ies. The curt ha now
City escaped, bill the I mat is a Iota! j reversed I,.- .judymenl of llie cinuii.
wreck. Captain K. W. Mn-la ml is thel,.,,,,,-, ,, ,, ;l ,, county iu Ihe ea-.-only
man who left the Piiidand. The I of tin. l'n..i I'iiv I ; .-. i I w :. v coi,n.::i,.
.... . ., 1 : ..;,. , ,1 , I . " .
' ', '' ! '' r'""'' ' '" ' '
, , V " "m""' , r "' ' 'T" ""' """""" "
. . . . , .' ' '11,, 1 his ishnal.
erew Willi Illetlelp.I ,1 l.lcec.-s :,,o.
: T1;'' Mataala's ac idei,: was the In .st:
"iiioi imiaie ei me nine. i,c --;nie:;
. .
111 'lol'Ih l;lel' 1-! 1 . 1:1 r 1 a- e' ! r-i 1
h-Ie making h. r way im , the harbor
and was imabb- 1.. .-. :i, ;.,,,-!, tin-
S''" ''l""1 . s"!'! Ir:!"
-'-' ""'"' ! '" ''!
. . , ,
sue is now n. ii:-- ralx'-u l.v tl..-- v. -i e
siviii'T i;v a ;i:i:t stuiim
i.a.-s -.upei-i..:-. iiioi::i. an.i fiuron
. ,-ei t in- i on n ..i r.ote.i-.
1 ictroir. Nov. l':. Lake ';e. rior.
from i 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 tu the S
"!:: pen
insula of ,M i. hiua n. tlie ei.
' "r
in rt I., in ....not:. f I ... m .
have been sw.,,t l.v a ierri!e wind and
snow storm. Th,.'l,!im,-,: .,...! w it .,
velmitv of f-.n f..nv t ,:vu- ,',',
.m h)(i; ,,,,.' ,,..,.; ,.,.,
h;lk. ,,,,,,, ;m,,
! Supeiror are tilled with vessels w hich
: ,i:,v'' ''"" '" l'"1' shelter.
It is report d from Sanlt Ste. Mari'
, that the wind lias fallen totwelve miles j
illi hour, and althoii-h the barometer
; is fallimr the -weather situ-itinn is re
: -a rded a s iival ly i mpro ved. AllbonTs
! - .
oil tlie lower end or Lake Saperie are
e I !( it e s ... . i : . - ... . . ,
.. , i.
M a !'; 1 11. 1 i e re
.. ;. .. , .- .
w ith drifts . . i --
1 ra i ; i : i s, -r -, i. , ; : ; i .. d ! a '. i
d-.i-iye-l. Tr. - . a-' - .-: e ; I
'il i .a ke S:t: . ,;v .'(.;..;. ' :
!..:!. and nn -! ; ::; :, a in;'' i:
Vioing "Ut tl
water there.
1 '
ii i
O- a; d tl.e
fomtiiiitiiea : u va
j.. )f (,;.. j,,,,.,. ,h
foot of snow had fa!I :i ai oiit M:.r-
I Iplette.
The gnat est da mag" fepnrted from
Lake Huron a a result of the gd.- is
nt Alpena. The vva t erloire.I oarg
Harvey P.issell. which was at a
dock, was torn t pieces by the gale;
the barge Yinlan.J broke away from
her consort and is aground, and tin
prnall fiassenger and freight steamer
City of II id la Ml went on the ioks
while tr.xim.: t' make tin- barbo'- (it
Uiicrs City. The passenger : 1 1 1 I crew
were taken from the steamer In safe
ty ly a crew from shore. I loch ; ami
other waterside properly su-l..inisl
lie.-r y damage at Alpena. Mu.-hdaui
av;e was aI- done on Thunder P. ay i-s!
a ud.
It.irue tiroi-ycr Is All IIIMI.I.
Sheboygan. Wis.. N.. 2'.. Tin
liai se ( leorgcr. w Inch il had lieen tea Id!
foundered niter being eiit adrift by lhn
steamer '.Vhltncv. agi'iund pear Port
i V. ashii.Kion. has i pt-.w.-t l:i hero
,,v :1 ,:
l,M i oi;i;i.i wiril snovy
"iea ill i ln 1" I- l' lo I lie I 'em -e-Toji t
wil'l I 'niiiii; fill In l.
.M il nio-e, Nov. 'J'. '. Sioi:n piei..!.
i et ei . I 1 1 n- ale a - loll v, - .
Ashland. Wis. The -ip.v. I all '..i
I ee'l e I ra o i i i na I . '1 I:' - 1 10 1- . . .
1'eiiee 1 1 ij i- i a 1 1 1 i I I - 1 1 I i ea ' I 1 .
I : : i ' ih ej it i-.
W.i -hlmni. . Tl..- -n.e.-. I; it
il : i I I - I i oim one I 1 Oil i !i i i a :
tile li!.e . T il I'.l. Imi l.'i.ll I !l
, t a l -.
Mai l: ilia v 'il , .lr!i. I he , mil i
I ..
l'oll ei-j!it miles . -1 " liolir lloiil tile
soul Ii w e
and there is ihiik
' ' '"'-
. Sr. Paul. Nm, '"... A lilanii- hind
j su"''' ,U" sK-v '"!
brush of white. . i w,i -now
Willi llllPMIs ll-l- over and .1-1111.-:
everything and piling il in drill e -irywhere.
Out in ihe prairie tow n- o
North and South Pakola in Hie l-ill-.
of the Keil Kiir alle.v and in lh
hills and dales of .Minnesota and Wi--i
nnsiii there was sia-h a t lorm as ha
j not I 'ii witness ,., ;,i time of th..
.v,,;l '" ' 11 ma n;. y ea i s.
! Pi oba bly 1 he mo-l -ev ei e lo.n-h of t h
, kV u:,s; '" l"IIMMI n.eii.i.
i ... ...
! u ,'v,"'"""- l""-n.-iii..v
-Sliownl miller. 'J lie street lailua.N S. s
: lenis ol the two cities at lln.' head o'
,,. .,.,.s U;l ,.,,, p lei el., k.lockci out.
; wires were pr .si i ;i i. , .hhI railioai
( i , ;l ,,, in some i n-1 mi s entirely
I sllsp(.i, . 1 1.
At ii-eipl of a Company lo li.ali.lal
; ,,s Conn-art, I- H.-.nlcil OI7'
Colmiibu-. .. N'.m . LM.. P.y a d.-
,-isioii of ihe -ujiiei oiirt court .Ma;.
I .... i I , ,, ,. -ol ,. of Cle n !.I,. :.
. .1. I ay. an-:
f the
' 'jj,,. franchise "ivril ill llelini..;, a
. ,.,,,. the Core-: C,iy J.'aiiua.v co-
. panv am C.reene pr.n . .- lor
i- I . . . .1 .
Lbiv'i,, 'the ' in.ce-t of ,,'opo-
: ,-otni-anie-. enjoined ;!,. :,a.iy tr..:
-" '" ' :'" '' '
w; s no- .!! vi..n .-.!.
Will - I'.l "il.-. nil llie 1 It. ..I M .
, ... Vl...
1 '"'"-, -' oo. . . i inn
i . i .: , - ,. .. . . .. .
, v,..i: ,,
a 1 I - - . . I i . - ! ' ' e ' J i I'o
; i with '-.,;!:;;.! an I f;,i-e t - i j i V-
.-elilalioii lo ii. i ,!. lo i a board
! .'''oii.l iVc- of'i-Vo!' ", "wh!
1 :iV '....Sic' "', -.
i .r i.-.. on t:.- i..,'ii,'in
, h,-a p.-., k- ba n . s-l,.,. k w a -. held lo;
. ;i hearing
Three policemen who-.- u.i:,:. Hi
department will not divulge have bi-c
ordered for trial lu for lite p.iii. e
board of iiijurijv on. tie- . Iijivi- of ai l
ili; those -aid 1 !.' iiLia' d in ill.-
i Uilllv "'i'l""- nu n
I -)
'i -it-. I lie ,ulop- siiiti-i.
I Annapolis. Mil.. Nov. -U. Tin ati
,u I,,., .. ,. w a
... ; .- ,. , .1 11..
i ;., ., ;;, ;, , , . x
i .J ' ,. ' ' .M ; ,M"f
f A!'.",u'.n ' ' ": '' - ' or
..o:v 1 ' : -. ."- ' -. . : '. I - a i-:
r.'i.,: i::-a!:-:: ii., i i: ;
w.t.i hi- . rj.i :i -.
loo Modi I iiiiilili- lor lino.
prin.giielil. II!.. Nov. U'.. '.:.-i.'i,in
!ii- personal I'lopeitv i,
i pa.
creditors .fol.u H. "roiiey. a stock br k
er. eolilinitteil suicide at hi- l";t Iltt liea."
('ascade. Ilk. l.v hauling hini-.-lf to a
rafter in his bam after ib inking car
bolic acid and strychnine. Worry over
debts, coupled with the fa. t that hU
wife i- i'i a lio.-pital recovering from a
sec .in I operation f r a pprln 1 ici t is, i- as
signed as tin- cause of ihe act.