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    "felattemoutb Journal.
plattsmoitii, m:iu:aska, Tiirusn.vY, .u;ist i. i;ni.
M' :n
Culled, Clipped, Penciled and Prepared fcr
the Readers of the Journal.
.lust U lni; happy
Is it tint' thlun m il;
Looklnif on tin- hriidit Ule
lOilher limn tlic hlue;
Sad uinl sunny nui-iin:
Is liirp'ly U llii' i'IhkisIiik.
Anil iiisV Ix'lni; liupiiy
Is hrave work mill true.
Not very many farmers coming town
these days-all ton busy
deputation is a bubble tliai a man
blows and then punctures.
Several additions to the shop force
have been made in the past month.
Many improvements are being made
on residence property in various parts
of the city.
Some men in this town would rather
fret the short end of an argument than
Many a man who imagines he could
run the earth can't even manage a mall
garden successfully.
Large quantities of homegrown
peaches are coming in daily. And of
the finest qualities, too.
Give your home merchant an appor
tunlly to sell you goods before going to
Omaha to get them cheaper.
How about those broken sidewalks?
Fixed, are they? Terhapsthey will be
after someone gets a leg broken.
"KowIiir down thp Ktreain "f lift-,"
With a churminK little wife;
W'oulil 1 lovely. If the (Iciir
DHlu't always want to steer.
A New Grocery Firm.
John 1. Tutt and his s"ii, K. S.
Tut t, have become tin- owners of the
grocery store of Capt. L. I. llennett,
and took possession of the same
Monday morning.
(.'apt. llennett is one of the pioneer
merchants of I'lattsmonth. Last win
ter lie suffered a severe attack of the
grippe, since which time lie has not
been' in the enjoyment of his usual
health, and expects to go to California
in t lie hope of recuperation.
John T. Tutt is no stranger to the
people of t'asscounty. lie is a pioneer
of the county, and for about lifteen
years was a partner of Capt. lieunett
in the grocery business. His son, K
S., is one of l'lattsmouth's most pop
ular young men. a good business man,
and the Journal bespeaks for t lie new
firm a splendid business.
An enterprising exchange suggests
a Keely cure for gossips. An institu
tutlon of this kind would do well in
Nebraska City girls are said to wear
pieces of sandpaper on their knees to
rruike a. sound like the swish of satin
If the reputation of being a "good
fellow" means the contracting of bad
habits, ask yourself If the reputation is
worth the sacri lice.
Farmers who are caught with fat
cattle, empty corn cribs and no mar
kets on account Of the strike, are not
very happy Just no.
"Get rich quick," Is the motto of
some people. "Fraudulantly" if not
possible otherwise," the motto of oth
ers, but anyway, "Get rich quick!"
The bosoms of the new-fashioned
trousers look like a feather bed after
the housewife has made a requisition
upon it for filling for several sofa
Gradually the B. & M. shops are be
ing tilled with workmen, and by the
time for snow to fly it is thought that
every place made vacant by the recent
turnout will be tilled.
Au old bachelor friend says it's awful
easy to convince a girl she's too pretty
not to be kissed. How about convinc
ing some of the old maids in town that
they are too old to be kissed?
The Flattsmouth Republican Ring
have their county ticket already nom
inated. There Is no use of holding a
convention. Their will seems to be
the law with the republicans of Cass
"American Beauties" Is the name of
ball team at Nebraska City, but the
members are not girls, as might be in
ferred. On the contrary the home
liest set of boys that could be raked up
In that town.
A great many threshing machine
owners will not take their machine out
this season at all. In some localities
they say they cannot make enough, ow
inn to the poor yield of wheat, to re
pay them for the wear and tear on the
Farmers with whom we talked last
Saturday are not agreed as to the corn
cron outlook some contending that
the yield In Cass county will be far be
low that of 1903, while others argue
just as strongly that prospects are bet
ter than at the same time last year.
An exchange says that "the enact
ment of a law or an ordinance Is one
thine and the enforcement another."
No enactment at all is preferable to
Twin -mfrirfpmpnt. The latter breeds
UVU Vtlivt
r.ontemDt and increases lawlessness,
Laws and ordinances that become dead
should be repealed.
Did you ever notice that when men
are at work on a building, mere are
&1 waysalot of oldgeysers,with nothing
else to do. standing around in tne way
tellinir the workmen Just how this and
that should be done, when It Is none of
business? We did the other, and the
workmen became very much annoyed
Another farmer was Is town Monday
tsv rannlva I hll ndrpd nound sack of su-
tar ha hurt fir dp red from Omaha. He
was surprised to learn from one of our
erocerymen mat ne cou.u uuj
um urade of surar of him for 2A cents
less on the sack besides saving 25 cents
fniffht nharirrs. Moral: Try your
home merchant before you go to Oma
William Wettenkamp Died Monday Morn
ing at His Home Near Mynard.
Another Cass county pioneer has
passed over to the Great Beyond. At
about six o'clock Monday morning,
August 1, 104, William Wettenkamp,
one of the prominent German farmers
of this county, died at his home near
Mynard, at the age of about seventy
live years.
Several months since the deceased
suffered a stroke of paralysis, from the
effects of which he was thought to be
slowly recovering, as he was able to
get around, and In fact had been able
to visit riattsmouth on several occa
sions. However, on Sunday his condi
tlon became alarming, and finally re
sulted in his death as above stated.
Mr. Wettenkamp had been a rcsi
dent of Cass county for nearly half a
century, and by his indomitable ener
gy and perseverance had become quite
wealthy, possessing several valuable
farms and other property, including
two business blocks in this city. The
funeral occurred yesterday (Wednes
day) afternoon at two o'clock from the
late home of the deceased and inter
ment made in the Eight Mile Grove
The deceased was born in Germany,
coming to America at an early age.
Four grown children survive him.
One That Will Soon be In Operation on
All the Railroads.
Several of the daily papers of this
state and Missouri contain the follow
ing account of an invention of Kay
Wiles, a former l'lal Isiuoutli boy:
'Hay Wiles, now supply agent for
the Itiirlington at Hannibal, Mo., is
the originator of a new Invention
which may eventually be adopted by
the railroads of I lie west.
His invention is a patent slot ma
chine planned for providing oil to
nglneers at the round houses as it is
needed. Its success Is said to lie as
sured. His plan is to providecngineers
with numbered shins, and as they need
the oil they drop them in the machine.
For each slug a pint of oil will be
measured out.
'The railroads all keep a record of
the amount of oil used by each engi
neer, and at the end of every month
Issue a table showing the mileage
made by eacli engineer and the amount
of oil he has used. With the new
measuring device an engineer must
present a ticket. With the machine
the engineer's number on them will
show how much oil he has taken from
the machine. It is said the machine
will not only be introduced on rail
roads, but in other lines of business as
well. The idea of the company man
ufacturing them is to have them
placed on public roads used by auto
mobiles, so that when the owners need
gasoline or other oils for their ma
chines they can procure the amount
desired by dropping the required
amount of money in the slot.
"The idea of such a machine first
originated in the mind of Mr. Wiles.
He did not think much about the plan . Question.
at uui BiJKScaicu u it. vi.
White, a manufacturer of slot ma
chines at Chicago. The latter Imme
diately recognized the merits of the
Idea, and after turning out a model
bad It patented. It Is to be placed on
the market Immediately."
Farm House Burglarized.
Saturday last, while Carl Ad'.lph.
who lives near Nehawka. was out in
the lield at work, vine parly or par
ties entered his house and carried oil
a number of art id, s of wearing appa
rel. Including Ills best suit of clothes,
undonvcur, several tine shirts, overalls,
etc. In one pocket of the vest was a
ten-dollar hill. KH'orts will be made
to capture the thief or thieves, and
t he amount of k'omls taken would in
dicate there was more than one. Il
seems that Ailolph is unmarried and is
keeping bach. This is another argu
ment In favor of matrimony.
Another Twist in the Kupke Case In the
County Court.
Before Judge Travis last Saturday
the application of the German F.van
gelical Synod to vacate the order of
the county court disallowing the Kup
ke will was hus ained and the or
der and decree obtained by the smooth
Mr. Folk, denying the probating of
the will, was annulled.
Folk, the readers of the Journal w ill
remember, by his remarkable shifti
ness, became possessor of t he estate of
Ernest Kupke "forasong'Vsome,-
000 of the hard life-earnings of the old
German farmer passed like the glim
mer of the marble in the shell game to
the professional and the Kupke chil
dren, with the beneficiaries of the old
man's will, were left wondering "how
It was did!" When the will came up
for probate Mr. Folk had, by means
wholly unjustifiable, obtained a deed
from Kupkc's children, and then by
rushing matters In the county court,
obtained a decree disallowing the will
Ttje True Facts.
A near neighbor of one of the gen
tlemen who recently had a team stolen
from his barn was in the Journal office
last Monday evening, when the horse
thief question was sprung, and as to
the mystery of how they eluded the
officials in this as well as in surround
ing counties. He said that it appeared
to him that as long as the county was
paying the expenses of the officers in
pursuit of the thieves that they could
keep constantly at work on such cases.
Now, this gentleman appeared very
much astonished when we told him
that Sheriff McBride had to defray
his own expenses for every day that he
spent away from home in his effort to
capture thieves. There is no law by
which he can get one cent for his
work, and there is not a farmer In this
county but who should understand
this fact, as many are under the same
impression as the above farmer.
Sheriff McBride has been diligent in
his search for the teams that have
been stolen, and also In his efforts to
apprehend the thieves. He has been
a great many dollars out of pocket
which will never be returned to him
unless the thieves are captured and
convicted. The law Is very lame In
this respect, and we refer to the mat
ter simply from the fact that many
are disposed to believe that the county
pays Sheriff McBssde's expenses while
he Is out In pursuit of horse thieves
and other depredators.
farm and there found a team of horses
as to whether the will should be al-
titiU'li unltnrl ntirrutun hnttnr
They unharnessed the mules, hitched lowed or not. That hearing resulted
d the Horses, placed me mules in me n Judirc Travis decision uiaia square
barn and then set tire to the building, (1(,al slloul(1 he krve ),y u,e court to all
"r"' XKVlJ. " "rl .? " narties Interested. To this decision
secoitu icam. iu trace oi me uiievea ......
had been secured yesterday. all honest people win say amkn.
The Cass county authorities are Our readers, of course, know thai
Are You Going to the State Fair?
Make your arrangements to attend
the Nebraska State Fair at Lincoln,
August 2!ith to September 2d. Striker Drooed.
Asa state fair you will tind It up-io- Tiinmil, Marksberrv. with two oth
date in all particulars arm in every ue- r S()Utll ( ,ma)a strikers were camp
partment. hvery class full and over- lm, ..... rlver at t a i-i;itte. It
making desperate efforts to apprehend ,,olk and the Kupke criiid ren have had (lowing w ith exhibits. anoears that on Sunday last, Marks-
y .!( i i f i . a. .1 1 tl.A ilA of al't in vor nl i no nun I P II nPtil, I. . . . i ... i. I, rl
have taken place in Lass county, ana iion in ouiaming me uecu inmi uic u.c ....o rurstjain, aim a companion who mm
not a single rig has been recovered. heirs, and that Judge Jcssen set that specimens. started with him went back to the tent
Since the 1st. of last January elirht deed aside. Now. those lltlgants-the In live stock all the Improved breeds f . On his return to the river
horses and two head of mules have Kupke heirs and Attorney Folk-are will bo. reprenenteci arm me opporiun- k he couM w.c noUln (,f Marks
been stolen from this county, instead in the air, as the the title through Ity to sec the choicest and most valua- U, The unfortunate man Is said
of twenty-two as printed above, and which thev both claln is pending, un- ble Individual animals. t0 have ,)(,en su,ject to epileptic flta
etrano tn nay nr.t. rmf nf ti.P nnimalK determined n the county court. in ine nne ari unii ieuie iii pii- rps..ni0( ,i,at wt,ilc In one
hRVA rpn eantiirert Hut as in t lie "Ch ckens will come home to roosl," menis me om umip na.e ..iiu nf these snells he fe Into the river.
thief or thieves it Is yet believed that and the "get rich quick" practices stricken out and the "new fancies" ,,ls )K)(ly was recoVpred about 400 feet
iha man VTthn who nnw Hps tn tliP R imetimes Involvecrucl complications, provided for. i...
nw whore It went down. Tuesday.
Douglas county Jail bound over for Let the merry war go on. mere win ue acres m r.i.u,w an(1 was tai,pn to South Omaha for
stealing a team In Sarpy county, Is the . rm impiemcnu.., uukk-, burlal
eiC, anil It win ue me tiuyi iuiiiij ui
Failed to Identify Him.
Last week's Journal contained an
account of another burglary, in which
a gold watch, the property of Mrs.
W. Gamble, was stolen from the resi
dence of F. J. Iean at Union. The
theft was reported to Sheriff McBride
and he immediately set out to capture
the thief and recover the property
Soon the watch was located in a pawn
shop at Omaha, and the sheriff was In
formed that a negro named James
Bradley was under arrest, under the
supposition that he had given the
watch to a negress named Minnie
Dines, who had pawned it. Bradley
was brought down from Omaha Satur
day noon by J her ill McBride, but the
Union parties falling to Identify hlin
he was turned loose.
'TIs said a bottle and a glass
Will make a person mellow,
But Bocky Mountain Tea's the drink
Of this proceeding in the county
court the Svnod had no notice, and
the estate of Kupke was unrepresent
ed by counsel. The w itnesses were be
fuddled by the astute attorney, and
the real facts so colored and clouded
the court denied the application to
probate the will. Material witnesses,
living, who were present and witness
ed the execution of the will, were not
Somewhat Magnified.
In the Council Bluffs department of
the Omaha World-Herald of last called, and the hearing wxs, from
Thursday appeared the following item: loRai standpoint, a miscarriage
A tale of horrible cruelty was con
tallied in a notice received by tele- i(,nnen nf the will, learning of the
SlYSffifW pneeedings appeared in the county
and harness in Cass countv. Nebraska, court by petition and demanded that
The thieves stole a team of mules the decree denying the probating oi
from a farmer, drove to the adjoining the wm ))e vacated and a hearing had
After Building a Fine Pen tor His Plgshlp
Chief of Police Joe Fitzgerald Loses It.
(gillie a IHIilihel of the llules ami
several invited quests enjoyed a uiiitf
niliivnt least at the expense of Chief
of I'ciliee .I i.,. I'lierald, last I'ri lay
ninht at the liable indue room. The
pie, roasted and prepared for the oc
casion has unit o a history. The Kagles
purchased it to he yiven away on the
I'ourt li of .I lily to tiie hoy who could
catch It. it was rancid by a buy who
had no use for It, and lie sold It to
Olllecr Weldy for lilt v cents. Keeping
It a few days Charley sold It to ,loe
for J.on. A nice pen was built for it,
and every morning Joe would piout o
see how much his oil' had crown, and
the last nnitning be missed liiiu, hut
was unable to perceive how it not out
of the enclosure made for It.
Mrs Fitzgerald mid children were
visiting in Louisville at the t hue. The
pig being In line order for an occasion
of this kind, while Joe was attending
to his official did ies, Louis ( ttiiat t and
several other members of the Faglcs
conceived the Idea of "taking In"
Joe's pig, having it prepared and then
Invite our clever and elllclent-Clilcf of
Police In to partake of It. The pro-
grain was carried out to perfection.
The pig was butchered, taken to ('lias.
Merger's Bakery, where it was roasted
and In the evening taken to the lodge
room. When the feast was all pre
pared a committee of Invitation was
sent to escort Joe to the lode room to
help "get away" with his own pig.
Joe never once "smelt a mouse," hut
late In the evening he was called to
Louisville, by telephone, from Mrs,
Fitzgerald that one of the children
was sick, w hich was certainly a great
disappointment to every one present.
After masticating the sclmat It was
the intention of the boys to Joke Joe
about eating his own hog.
Those attending the bamiuet enjoy
ed it hugely, and they say thev never
partook of anything that was so sweet
and juicy uh Joe Fitzgerald's "Fourth
of July greased pig." When Joe found
out what a nice time the Ixiys had at
his expense he enjoyed Hie joke along
with the others, but said he was sorry
lie didn't eet some of it. When Joe
The German Synod, after the disal- ()es ,n lhp (r(.c,(l ()f tic vacant pig
pen now, his wife can hear him sing:
l't!liy. pldliy. where lirl IlieeV
Never inure they ferni I'll see.
l,oule ( Is to lilume.
And Hll I Miy. An t It H sluiine."
Oerlng Withdraws.
When the democrat ic conwnt ion of
Cas county was held in t he .spring It
was announced (hat Henry I!, tiering,
now mayor of I'lat Ismoiil b, aspire I lo
the Ion hr congress at the
hands ol the demoerals of this dis
trict. 1,'esolul ions in his favor were
passed ami he wascm n permission to
select his own delegates o 1 1 1 1 ' Con
gressional con enl Ion. In Hie last is
sue of the l'lal I siin'iil li .1 1 hi ma 1 Mr.
Celine, published a caul in which lie
t lianhs his 1 1 lends for what they have
done in Ids heliall, and stales Ihat
from a business si, indpoint lie cannot
think of entering a race lor a congres
sional nominal ion. The News Is soi ry
that lleiirv lias seen lit. I o w il hdiaw as
II candidate because we helleve that
he would have proved a winner. Ne
braska ('ity News.
Locates in Weeping Water.
Ir. .1. M. (ireen was In Ihecily Tues
day evening. He came down from
( linalia, w here he had been lo purchase
l supply of medicines lor bis olllce al
Weeping Water, In which city lie has
concluded to locate The Ir. has been
a very successful pract hmeer in this
city for t wo years and Is a nice clever
gentleman. He sold ot. I. Ills business
here several weeks ago, since which
time he has been looking around for
another location. The good people of
Weeping Water will tind In lr. (ireen
every Instinct of a gentleman and also
a first -class physician in every detail.
An Impregnable Fortress.
The Britons may have the Ciberal
tar, the Busslans their I'ort Arthur,
declaring these forfllicatloi.s Impreg
nable, but our own nat ion lias a much
better stronghold. It Is our healthy
and strong people, active au untiring,
clean and courageous, and thus In
vincible. As long as our nation will
possess such virtues, It will withstand
the attacks of the whole world. Let
every individual get healthy and
strong by using Trlin-r's American
F.lixir of Hitter Wine! The weak and
sickly body will become a fortress
against all diseases. This pure grape
wine remedy acts directly on the
stomach, In fact, cures every stomach.
No matter what you eat, everything
will lie thoroughly digested and trans
formed into pure, healthy and rich
blood. In all diseases associated with
loss of appetite and loss of strength,
Triner's American Flixir of Bitter
Wine Is the only perfectly reliable
medicine. At drugstores, or directly
from the manufacturer, Jos. Trlner,
?i!i South Ashland Ave., Chicago, Ills.
l'ilson Station.
man who did most of this stealing.
Cass County's Lucky Ones.
Mm venrfor intending purchasers to Was la Poor Meaun for Tears.
1 CrnT Ncnro Soldier. " seems that Uiss county iarea compare, and then Intelligently Ira W. Kelley, of Manstiem, ra.,
Thomas Roane, a colored soldier ab(ut as well as any of tne counties order or purclia(e writes: "I was In poor health for two
from the Twenty-fifth Infantry, who ll,at cnanceu we un... n me i-nc- The speed program is me oesi pro- years, sunerit.g irom Kinney mm uiu
had gone insane after service in the bud reservation. Following Is the list V(ied for In the state, and as an extra der trouble, and spent considerable
Philippines, passed through I'latts- ot mose wno were lucny in u.c uuw inducement to lovers or "last, norscs," money consulting pnysicians wiu.ouu
Saturday evening from Fort Crook to Ing, and their respective numbers: iian Batch, the swiftest pacer In the obtaining any marked benefit, but was
Washington, D. C, accompanied by 2-9 Robert Troop, riattsmouth. world, will go against time on Tues- cured by Foley's Kidney Cure, and I
twonf t hAhnsnit.alrnrns. Tim unfor- MO-M. Blair, (Jrcenwood. dav. August 30. desire to add my tcstimoney that It
As an outing, a trip to the state fair may be the cause or restoring me
both pleasant and profitable and j8 health of others." Refuse sultltutcs,
two of the hospital corps. The unfor
tunate man's hands were fastened to
gether and his feet were shackled,
and to prevent him from talking in
cessantly In Spanish and English at
the top of his voice It was necessary to
keep a cloth drawn through and over
bis mouth. When allowed to talk he
would become very boisterous and ex
cited. He had to be carried from one
train to another and held by one man
323 Thomas Barnum, Union.
1U3-A. J. Trlllty, riattsmouth.
H03 (Jus Koesner, riattsmouth.
ttir Elmer Oilmore, Nehawka.
1140 J. T. Evans, South Bend.
1,127-Walter E. Balling, Greenwood.
1073-T. J. Reynold, Weeping Water.
lUdh nleasant and profitable
nut mneivp A one-fare rate on all E. (. Frlckc k Co.
Mortgagt Record for July.
The following Is the mortgage rec-
Will They Succeed?
The Journal Is reliably Informed ord for Cass county and the city of
19ti-Ed Kennedy, Weeping Water, that a certain "legal light" of this riattsmouth for the month Just closed:
2000 II. E. Mason, Weeping Water, city is engineering a scheme by which karm ritorKurv
While there may be several dlsap- cveral of the heaviest delinquent tax- Filed s,&oo
' "J - . . . ... , . . . ,, ... . . ... n. i J
. , ... , m.. ... . . j nil nimnnn n I mir iv. k iuui. mmr I na vprin ik rjiuiii v r 1 m-ci, laj i kioi'iisi'ii m," '
wnue in tne train, j ne omcer staieo v,,v" " , - -r-
n,.n,.h.H.i.i. i tv. iwi. In mind that out of a registration of out of paying their back taics. U11 city imioi-kuty
vov ijivj vmv iu . uiv vivi'. i ... ..... I . . .. ... I .... m Ala
for about one week. nearly 500 from thisclty and vicinity the law release them and compel the Filed 'i01
mme were bound to "get left." other delinquent taxpayers to pay ne leased
Flnt Peaches. , theirs? It lecertalnly a poorlawthat Nine farm mortgages were filed ana
A. A. Wettenkamp. of near Mynard. "00 ',0, ll" muui will release those who are aoie to pay nine released; in city property !...
presented this office last week with a A man not a thousand miles from and compel those who are not able to were filed and six released.
hacirot r.f t.iia flnncf .Mi.c ... , u I Tlo 1 1 amont h Rent to Omaha a few nv or hav the r nroDertv sold. I nisi
WMBnv V v. V..W lltlVflV JV V.I I. T.V IIU ' V I . w v .......... - - - - I " " W . I .! . .
seen this year. They are of the large days ago and bought a sack or sugar, scheme needs watching, and wnen tne war Against tonjurniH'uu.
red variety, and very finely flavored Ills neighbor came to riattsmouth the Journal becomes more fully advised AU nations are endeavoring tocheclc
and very toothsome. Mr. Wettcn- next day and bought the same grade regarding the matter, It will nave theravagesof consumption, the"whlto
kamp has a large quantity of this and weight for 30 cents less than the more to say. The poor should receive piauc" that claims so many victim
fruit which he will place upon the wise man did at Omaha.
market this season, and It would be of your borne merchants.
well for those who desire sny of It to
order In time and get the best. The Auburn. Neb.. Chautauqua.
Journal force can attest as to Its ex
Moral: Buy the same favors as the rich. If one Is each yctri Foley's Honey and Tar
released from paying back taxes the curcs coughs and colds perfectly and
others should be also. hat is sauce vmi .ro tn no danger of consumption.
for the goose should be sauce for the nol rRix your health by taking
August 13th to 21st, one fare plus
50c for round trip tickets. Ticket
ralntlng, decorating and sign writ
If vou arc a iudire of a uood amoke. Mild 11 wern these dates will be good Inir. Work guaranteed. Leave orders
try the "Acorns" 5 cent cigar and you until August 22d, via Missouri l'aclGclat Frlcke'sdrug store.
9ome unknown preparation when Fol
ey's- Honer and Tar Is safe and certain
In results. Ask for Foley's Honey ana
Tar and insist upon having It. F. G.
That livens up a leiiow.
tiering & Co
will smoke no other.
ha again, and save money.
L. Baldwin.
Frlcke k Co.