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"Hut lloil," tin- favorite cigar
LVad llayden liro'sal In this paper.
lr. Marshall, il.Mitlst, FltgeraM
The I n"st soda wati-r In the woild at
Cum ing Co 's.
.1 udije Tra is was ill i w ii if NrluasUa
City Fnday on business
Pr. Frank 1.. Ciimiiiius, ili'iilist.
Ptliiv with lr. K. I Cummins
That real, sir.. ml h. tasteful icecream
soila Costs oti! "'i'. at CotllV , Co.':-
Cruslieil fruit of all kinds wilh itv
cream soda, mily at I i i 1 1 v; Co.'s
Mr. ami Mrs A. C. l.odor ot Green
wood were I'lai iMiU'iit li visitors Fri
day. II K. i lerini; went to Fremont Tws-
tlay t" at tend a state meet ink' of drug
gists. Mrs. K. L Itniis ' ami suns ile arteil
Siturlay inorniiu.' for Kiwanee. III.,
where they w ill spend t he summer.
K C lull eaine ilnw n from Tekamah,
Neh , ami spent Sunday wit h his par
ents in tliiscity. returning: home Mon
day. Mr. Calvin .1. Lois mil Miss Lot Ho. I.
Kodgcis uf Miirdni'U, were inarrled in
Ciiiineil I'.luffs. la., Thursday, .'line J.,
The name that. nieansiiiallty Is Pat
ton's Sun Proof l'aint. Sold only by
Gel illg & Co.
Prof. K. L. Utilise went to York,
Neh., Saturday, where lie Is encaged as
tine uf the Inst rut-tors lu county Insti
tute work this week.
M is. C.C. Parmolo departed Tuesday
for llroken Mow, Neh., to attend the
state meet lot; of the 1'. K. . sin-let y,
of which she Is president.
Mr. and Mrs. August Mumm of (ill
icit e, W yo., are visiting relatives In
this vicinity. Mr. Muinm Is an em
ploye of tin II. M. atC.illetta.
County Superintendent Wortman
left, two silver dollars in our colTers
Monday to renew his own subscript ion
and that of Ids father at South Itend
Mr. an.1 Mrs. Henry lioeck departed
Monday for SI. Louis, where they v
spend a week viewing the sights at tlie
exposli Ion and Isit inn his hrothei and
A niairkigo permit was issued to It
I-'. !! y nobis, aged forly-tive, of Penver
Col" . and Miss Sarah llonegor, agt d
twcnivcight, of Weening Water, last
Tin sday.
I'iliv illlesple, a ureat friend of tin
Journal, w'u.s here from Mynard Tues
day nliiht to attend the initiation of
three c ndidates into lloo-IIoo mysto
ry of 1 1 to Klks.
The city council met as a board of
eiiualiat Ion Monuay evening and ad
Journed to Thursday evening, June 23,
and will contlnuee to meet; for the two
following evenings.
Mrs. i race P.onnctt Miller of Klvci
side, Cal., arrived Intheclty yesterday
morning for a visit with her parents,
Captain and Mrs. I- 1. Itcnnclt, and
other relatives and friends.
Mrs. Louis Finest, F.vansville, hid.
"Ilolllster's liocky Mountain Tea Is
splendid. Makes sick people we
Cured me after others failed." Tea or
tablet form. J.1 cents. (Soring & Co,
Misses Kmina Koessonor, Margaret
Weber, Mav Larson and Kebecca
Haines, all of whom were recent gratl
nates of the I'lattsmoiith high school
left Saturday to attend the summer
term of the state normal as Peru.
(Jeorge Horn and wife were In from
Cedar Creek Saturday. While Mrs
Horn was having some dental work
done George found time to step in tt
see how the Journal was getting along
Mrs. A. Howman and son, Albert
who have been making their home in
I'lattsmoiith for the last two years,
left for (,uincy, 111., Saturday morning
where they will make their future
Mrs. Julia Atkinson, daughter anil
sister of the Journal family, came in
from I onver, Colo., Friday morning
for several week's visit, at the end of
which time her husband will join her,
and together spend some time. taking
In the sights at the St. Louis fair.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Live
Tablets are just what you need when
you have no appetite, feel dull after
eating and wake up with a taste In the
mouth. They will improve your appe
tite, cleanse and invigorate your stom
ach and give you a relish for your food.
For sale by all druggists. ,
Geo. Horn and lr. Foster of Cedar
Creek, and Geo. Woods of Louisville,
furnished amusement for the F.Iks
Tuesday night. The mysteries of the
order was revealed to the Uiys In the
most approved style, and they returned
home feeling that they had run up
against a hard proposition when they
attempted to ride the Klks' goat.
"I have been troubled for some time
with Indigestion and sour stomach,"
says Mrs. Sarah W. Curtis of Lee,
Mass., "and have been taking Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets,
which have helped me very much, so
that now-1 can eat many things that
U-fore I could not." If you have any
trouble with your stomach why not
take these Tablets and get well? For
sale by all druggists.
John J. Itultery of Lincoln was a
business visitor to l'lattsmouth last
M.u.i me Lehnho!! went to Newton,
la., where she will spend the summer
w itli her grandmother.
Mis. William Atwood anil lit i grand
daughter, Mrs. .1. V. Newell, are visit-
iiic 1 1 lends iii I 'hlcago.
Mrs. C. II. I'arinele went to Lincoln
1 111 lav, W l.ele she Is isit ill): lie) 'daugh
ters. Mrs. At wood and Mrs. Acnew.
,1. lilies Cole, after a brief visit with
his brother William, in this city, n
t urneil to Haw-luck yesterday morning.
Fred Cox departed for his home in
I leiiM r vest en lav morning, altera wry
pleasant visit with relatives in this
Miss Kit a Staals, who has been ul-
leudiui: the state university, returned
home Friday to spend her summer's
leal ion.
"A lllg Show fur Little Price." Such
Is Klgluny Clark's Mammoth Pavil
ion I 'nolo Tom's Cabin, in this city
1 iievlav, June 1 1.
W. A. Tub no Is a new reader of the
niriial this week lie says he has
done without the best paper In Cass
oanty lougeiiough.
Painting, decorating and sign wili
ng. Work guaranteed. Leave orders
it Friclie-.s drug store.
L. Baldwin.
tl A. May Held ol ' the tireen wood Fn
terprise was a caller at then- head-
liiarters Tuesday. Ceorge reports the
little burg on the boom.
1. K. lumbar has retired from the
management of Illley Hotel, and his
son, I . II., assumes the governmental
reins of that hostelry.
L. C. W. Murray, ot mar Murray,
was lu hero Tuesday. Mr. Murray be
Moves the corn crop in his vicinity wil
lie the best for several years.
(i reen wood has organized a band com
posed of twenty-lour members, and
they expect to be in shape for playing
for the Fourth of July celebration.
Into each life some ruins must fall,
Wise people don't sit down and bawl:
( )nly fools suicide or take to lliglit,
Smart pontile take Kooky Mountain
Tea at night,. tiering Co.
About, twenty-live members of the
local camp of Woodmen went to ( mu
ha Sunday to attend the general mem
orial ceremonies of that order, which
wore held lu one of the parks.
Mr. William I'.owlesaud Mrs. Mahala
Woodward were united in marriage by
Judge M. Archer Tuesday evening,
June 7, l!H)t. The groom Is twenty
eight years of age and bride forty-seven.
Hotli colored.
Now Is the time to take a spring
tonic to purify the blood, cleanse the
liver and kidneys of all Imphritles
Ilollister's Kooky Mountain Tea will
do the business. X cents. Tea or
tablets Goring t Co.
The Masonic Home in this city will
he formally dedicated this afternoon
by theCtiand Lodge of thestate. It is
said that about four hundred members
of the order will arrive on a special
train from Omaha at 2:110, returning
at il p. m.
Thomas L. Campbell, one of the reli
able patronsof the Journal, wasacaller
while In thecity Monday, and renewed
for another year Mr. Campbell lives
three miles south of Kock P.lulTs, and
has Won a resident of Cass county for
forty-eight years.
Ignite a large delegation from this
city went to Omaha Friday to attend
the annual state tournament of the
Nebraska ltohemian Turners, which
was In session in that city Friday and
Saturday. Another large delegation
also went up Saturday.
The greatest mystery yet unsolved is
how nil the horse thlevesolude pursuit
and evidently make good their escape.
H. P. Sturm's team, taken a week ago
last night, was tracked as far as Spring;
Held, and there all trace was washed
out by the rain that followed.
Some few days since Mayor (Soring
addressed a communication to mana
ger of Nebraska Telephone company
requesting the a-moval of their polls
from Main street to the alleys. He
received a very polite reply stating
that the matter would receive an early
L. F. lhinkack of Avoca, accompan
ied by William Peters of Loup county,
Nebraska, while In the city last Fri
day gave the Journal a pleasant call.
While here Mr. IHmkack renewed for
another year. They had loth neen
attending the democratic convention
at Omaha. Mr. Peters Is a former res
ident of Cass county, but is now asso
ciated In the cattle business with V.
M. Hunter near Kurwell, Neb.
The democratic city administration
Is getting along swimmingly, thank
you! Thirty-two thousand dollars of
floating warrants have been called In
and cancelled, and there Is still
In treasury. Mayor Gerlng Is a hustler.
If he receives the democratic nomina
tion, for congress he will make Wow
hard lturkctt move a more rapid gait
than he ever moved to save his hide
from being well tanned. The First
district needs such a representative as
Henry (Soring In congress, and not a
wall-llowor of Wind-bag F.urkott
The reports of all the deputy asses
sors are now In.
John Kvans of South Lend was In
the city Tuesday on business.
lr. Hanes, the dentist, has tone to
Fremont in the hopes of finding a bet
ter location.
Three cases of scarlet fever are re
ported at Avoca. this county. (no
death lias occurred. The I lock Island
afeiit at that place is one of the vic
L. F. suavely was down from Lin
coln Monday. He Is a former citizen
of Cass county, and graduates from the
aw depart meiit of the stale university
this week.
We notice from our neighboring ex
langes that the acreage in corn this
year will he considerably less over
former years, owing in part to the
backward springand wet weather.
Mrs. Kd Olive, who has been the
guest of Miss Kiltie Cummins and
other I'lattsmoiith friends, departed
Monday for Texas. Mrs. olive was a
resident of this city several years ago.
lo you need more blood, and more
llesh, do you need more strength this
spring? Ilollister's liocky Mountain
Tea will bring them all. If it fails
your money back. X" cents. Tea or
tablet form. Coring , Co.
Displayed wonderful nerve, hut our immense display of
Is still more wonderful and attractive.
New Shirt Waists
Wash Dress Goods
Hosiery and Underwear
Queen Quality Shoes
i ij
If iv Oxforils Just Roa'ivL'il. 1
Carpets, Mattings, Etc.
How about that new Carpet? If you have not bought
it yet, we have Plenty of Choice Patterns
to Select From.
E.G. Dovey &Son
Dies in Old Mexico.
Mrs. McCauley of this city received
a letter from her son, Fred, who Is at
present sojourning In the state of Ox
lea, Old Mexico, In w hich lie states that
a young man by the name of Thomas
Mast died there about the tirst of last
month. He also says In his letter that
the dead boy's parents reside i,n Eight
Mile Grove precinct, this county. Ef
forts have been made to locate the
parents, hut so far without success, al
though there are several families by
that name living In other localities of
the county. Tcntepec is the name of
the place where Mast died, and Mr.
McCauley seems very anxious to have
his parents advised of his death.
SrnoKlng tq a Powder Magazine.
Is courting death more suddenly but
not more surely than neglecting kid
ney disorders. Foley's Kidney Cure
w ill cure a slight disorder In a few days
and Its continued use will cure the
most obstinate cases. It has cured
many people of lhlght's disease and
dlalxjtes w ho were thought to be Incur
able. If you have kidney or bladder
trouble, commence taking Foley's Kid'
noy Cute today, before It Is too late
For sale by F. 0. Frlcke & Co.
William Teague was over from Mills
county on business Saturday.
John Creach of Fremont county. Ia..
was in Plattsmouth on business Satur
day. Wade Windham, who spent several
months in California has returned
If you are a judge of a irood smoke,
try the "Acorns" 5 cent cigar and you
will smoke no other.
It costs a little more but is by far
the best. Patton's Sun Proof Paint,
(lerlng Co., solo agents.
Attorney P.ayard of Omaha was in
the city Monday tm business connected
with the sale of the gas and electric
light plant.
The large posters advertising the
Fourth of July celebration at Platts
mouth, were printed by the Omaha
Printing company.
Mr. Ceorge A. Weberof tliiscity and
Miss Kate Johnson of Cedar F.lulTs,
Neb., were married in South Omaha,
Saturday, June 4, 1W4.
Frank Hull, for the past four years
an inmate of the county poor bouse,
died Monday morning, June li, l'.tol, of
dropsy, at the age of sixty years. The
remains were taken to Weeping Water
for interment.
For Sleeplessness.
Anton Lypcnn of Lattlmor Minos.
Pa., suffered greatly from sleeplessness
but at last found a remedy which he
w ishes to recommend to the public. "I
advise all to whom sleep is denied, es
pecially as the result of a stomach mal
ady, to use Triner's American Elixir
of Hitter Wine. For more than four
years I was a sufferer from a stomach
disease and could neither eat nor sloop
No medicine gave me relief, until 1
tried Triner's Hitter Wine." There Is
nodouht that Triner's Americau Elixir
of Hitter Wine Is the only safe and re
liable remedy for the stomach. By
strengthening the stomach and the In
testlues It makes them able to accept
and digest all food. Thus new, rich
blood Is made, such as Is needed for
perfect health. The nerves and the
muscles receiving nourishment from
such rich blood, become strong and
healthy. This remedy contains only
pure, old grape-wine and Imported
herbs. At drug stores. Jos. Trlner
manufacturer. Tim So. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, 111.
$4 00 for Selling 25
of our Champion Flat Iron Cleaners
Sells for 2ic each and everybody wants
one. Write for particulars. The At
kins company, Uox iJ, Omaha. Ne
ljTI fJfff?
Not how cheap but how good. Pat
toon's Sun Proof Paint. Sold only by
(Serin,' & Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Hansen of Weep
ing Water spent Sunday with relatives
in this city.
Mrs. Olga Croskey and child went to
(Salesbnrg. III., Monday morning to
visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. F.
After a brief visit with relatives in
this city Mrs. Carrie Wilson and son
departed for their home in Lincoln
Mrs. Anna I is of Havelock. lorm
rly Miss Anna Adamsof Plattsmouth,
has boon awarded damages in the sum
f if.'imt for injuriessustained sometime
igo at l Diversity Place, by the care
lessness of a trollv car conductor.
Miss Katie Mcllugh of South Lend
ainodow n Saturday and w ill assist her
uncle. Thomas Walling, in his otticial
duties. Miss Katie is one of Cass coun
ty's most handsome and estimable
young ladies, and will be a popular ac-
uisition to Plattsmouth's young, so
Father Hennessey of the Mauley
Catholic church, came in yesterday for
i short visit with Father Bradley, and
in company with that gentleman made
the .Journal a brief call. We wore de
lighted to meet Father Hennessey, and
found him to be a most elegant gen
William Weckbach of Omaha, and
Mrs. J. V. Weckbach of Lincoln are in
the city, called here on account of the
serious illiness of Henry 'Weckbach.
who has lieen lingering between life
and death for several days. At last ac
counts he was entirely unconscious,
md his demise momentarily expected.
The Journal's old and reliable friend,
Jacob Tritsch, one of the best citizens
of Cass county, dropped in Tuesday to
see how we were getting along, ana
ilsi i to subscribe for the Journal for his
son, J. W. Tritsch. whose postotlice
address is Cedar Creek. Mr. Tritsch
says most of the farmers in Ids neigh
borhood have finished replanting corn.
The editor of the Journal has receiv
ed a numberof very encouraging letters
from leading democrats of the First
congressional district regarding the
candidacy of Mayor (Soring of tliiscity.
Among which is one from that sterling
young democrat. Hon. H. II. Hanks of
( Hoc county, who made the race against
Ulowhard Hurkett two years ago.
Henry's nomination for congress is al
most a foregone conclusion.
Oeorge Jung, who has Just closed a
successful term of school at the Her
man Lutheran church, southwest of
Louisville, was in the city Tuesday,
and while here called and enrolled his
name for the Journal. Mr. Jung Is
one of Cass county's most successful
and energetic teachers, and he is justly
entitled to spend a part of his vaca
tion viewing the sights at the St.
Louis fair, to which point he expects
to go next week.
The Prodigal Son.
A paper in a neighboring town says
"We cannot let a day go by without
suggesting that the only way to build
up a city is to keep money at home.
The parable of the prodigal son is a
case In point. He took his boodle and
went down into another country and
spent it. And what became of him?
Well, he was glad to feed with the
swine before lie could get back to the
old place where they patronize home
industries. There is only one way and
that is to keep your dollars at home
working for you and not sending them
out to feed the merchants of other
Asthma Sufferers Should Know This.
Foley's Honey and Tar has cured
many cases of asthma that w ere cotv
sldcred hopeless. Mrs. Adolph Hues
ing.701 West Third street, Davenport,
la., writes: "A severe cold contracted
twelve years ago was neglected until
it finally grew into asthma. The best
medical skill available could
me more than temporary relief. Foley
Honey and Tar was recommended and
one fifty cent bottle entirely cured me
of asthma, w hich had leen growing on
me for twelve years, and If 1 had taken
it at the start I would have been saved
years of suffering." For sale by F. (S.
Frlcke & Co.
Arrested for Stealing Money.
In compliance of a warrant Issued by
Judge Archer yesterday, Sheriff Mc
Brlde arrested Joseph Hela on the
charge of purloining from Mary Ptak
the sum of I.mO. Hela was arraigned
More Judge Archer last evening and
the prellnary hearing set for this af
ternoon. The prisoner was released by
his father going on his lond for his ap
pearance at the stated hour.
Mrs. J. Benson, 210 S. 16. Omaha, Neb.
Children's wash dresses. Yoke dresses
In white months to three years .1.1c
to Colored 1 to 4 years 5c to
M."1. Princess, Hishop and Kilts Klc
to 1."0 In white colored, ,1oc to 1.1. 75.
Infants' wear of all kinds. Anything
you wish In children's headwear.
Paint Bargains-Special.
Linseed oil, raw, 4.1c per gallon.
Linseed oil, boiled, 4.1c per gallon.
Carter's white lead. Km-I per 100 lbs.
Southern white lead, KM per 100 lbs.
Patton's Sun Proof paint, f 1.75 per
gallon: 5 gallons or more. Lto per gal.
Turpentine, 7.1c per wall' ri.
(StltlNit Co.. IU'UgglstS.
Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Eighmy & Clark's Uncle Tom's Cabin
company will be iu Plattsmouth next
Tuesday. June H. The Journal fam
ily has known Hell Eighmy, the seuh r
member of the firm, for the past tw enty
years, having been almost next-door
neighbors for a number of years. The
fact that this company is under the
management of Mr. Eighmy is enough
for us to know that it is a good one.
And this being the case the Journal
feels privileged to recommend it to its
readers as tirst
class in every respect
and well worthy of their patronage. If
you have not seen the play for some
time bring your family in to see this
one. It will pav vou. We .no sure it
will be the onlvone hero thk
A Strong Heart
is assured by perfect digestion. Indi
gestion swells the stomach and puffs it
up against the heart. This causes
shortness of breath, palpitation of the
heart and general weakness. Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure cures Indigestion, re
lievos the stomach, takes the strain off
the heart and restores it to a full per
formance of its function naturally. Ko
dol increases the strength by enabling
the stomach and digestive organs to
digest, assimilate and appropriate to
the blood and tissues all of the fond
nutriment. Tones the stomach and
digestive organs. Sold by F. G. Frlcke
& Co.
Grocery Store Burglarized.
The grocery store of A. Hach, at the
lower end of Main street, was entered
on Thursday night of last' week and
several articles, consisting of tobacco,
pipes, shoes, etc., were taken there
from. Entrance was effected by cut
ting out the glass in the transom over
the rear door. The cash drawer was
pried open, but two or three empty
pocket books was all that met their
gaze. It is supposed to have been the
work of tramps, simply because several
were seen in the city the day before.
The Grass-Cutter.
'I'lic thrifty man looks nt tils lawn.
"Tliiil xruss." In1 says. "I'll i-ut at ilatvn."
Ami tills li liotv tt looks nlu-n oYr
Thr lann he runs his ilull law n-niuwi r.
i -- i -- i -- r ; -- ; --i i
"I M'f." say hi'. "It's tni ri'lv hi nt."
Ami hark lie (fit's, thoucli well nluh sja-nt :
))))) I ) ) I 1 )))))) )
"Well. I'll he switched, fi nfotiml such hay!"
He cries, "l'il to the other way.
( l ( ( ( I ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 1 ( ( (
Crown desperate now. thi'shear- he snatches
Anil cuts the crass 111 jftihs ioid patches:
- rr: -mi-:-v v-nii -v v v Min-vv '''-
Only t" Mini next day at dawn.
A ilanilell'in-s)anv'led lawn:
Ice Crearr) Social at Mynard.
An ice cream social will be given by
the M. W. A. at their hall In Mynard
on Saturday evening, June 18. l!W4.
The Woodmen of the Mynard camp al
ways do things in the proper style, and
those who attend this social will re
ceive their money's worth. Don't fail
to attend.
Three Physicians Treated rjim With
out Success.
W. L. Yancy, Paducah, Ky., writes:
"I had a severe case of kidney disease
and three of the best physicians in Ken
tucky treated me without success. I
then took Foley's Kidney Cure. The
tirst bottle gave immediate relief, and
three bottles cured me permanently.
I gladly recommend this wonderful
remedy." For sale by F. G. Frlcke &
Co. '
Quite a Curiosity.
E. L. Metcalf and wife, living south
of Plattsmouth, were in thecity Fri
day doing some shopping, and brought
with them a curio in the shape of a
recently hatched chick with four feet,
two forward and two backward, and
with three wings. It died soon after
it was hatched. This is no tish story,
but cold facts.
Worthy of Imitation.
The new (thin m.'i itI:ick liw nc
'1 aiH' t)assi' ,lV tlic 'eK'islature
ui iimu Muie provitios mat uic oncie
must have lived sixty days in the coun
ty where license is asked; that both
bride and groom appear In court: that
drunkards and Imbecile persons be re
fused license." Tills law will lessen
Less than Half Rates to St. Louis
V and Return.
On Mondays, June (, 111, -0 and 27,
the P.urllngton offers tickets to St.
Louis and return at ..10, good for
seven days considerably less than one
fare for the round trip.
Tickets are good in coaches and chair
cars (seats free).
The magnificent exposition is now
complete ar.d in harmonious opera
tion. You will regret it all your life if
you fall to see this wonderful exposi
tion. Illustrated folder free, and full In
formation on application to llurllng
ton Iloute agent or to L. W. Wakeley,
General Passenger Agent, Omaha, Ne
braska. That Throbbing Headache.
Would iUlckly leave you If you used
Ir. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of sufferers have proved their match
less merit for sick and nervous head
aches. They make pure blood and
build up your health. Only 25 cents,
money back If not cured. Sold by F.
(S. Frlcke - Co., druggists.