The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 31, 1904, Image 6

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KUncj Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost errlxly who nails the ir-ws-jmpcr
U sure to luow of the wonderful
cure wane iy ur.
Kilmer's Swumt-
koot. the L'reat kid-
. liev, liver und Mad-
j ' i..
r uer itracuj.
It is the j;re:it mrd-ii-al
t r iiutij li of the
nineteenth century ;
i I ..r. "
1 i i, i iiistuvereiiaiier jeais
-vavjj of scientific research
Vy l'l. iiiuiei, itic
eminent kidnev and
Madder specialist, and is wonderfully
iuecessful in promptly curing lame hack,
uric acid, catarrh of the Madder and
Iirinht' Disease, which is the worst
form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Sw amp-Root is not rec
ommended for everything hut if you have
kidney, liver or Madder trouhle it will le
found' just the remedy you need. It has
been tested in so many ways, in hospital
work and in private practice, mid has
proved so successful in every case that a
special urriuiKenicnt has heeu made hy
which all readers of this paper, who have
not already tried it, may have a sample
bottle sent free by mail, also a look tell
ing more alwut Swamp-Root, and how to
find out if you havekidney or bladder trou
ble. When writing mention reading this
generous offer in this paper and send your
address to Dr. Kilmer f'flZ--
& Co., l!inKhamton, j$iipw .V,!jEa
N. Y. The reKular6M--SCg
fifty-cent and one
dollar size bottles are of Swamp-Root.
Hold bv all kooi dniKKists. Don't make
any niistake, but remember the name,
Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
mid the address, liinhamtoil, N. Y., on
every bottle.
The True Sentiment.
Speaking upon tlio tarilT, Ucprcscn
tativc Williams, In his recent and
widely read address, exhibited the
sound and discriminative views which
characterize the democratic attitude,
(saying that his party had no desire to
demolish the tariff at a single blow, to
explode it with dynamite, or to pull
down its pillars and throw clown the
structure with a'crash. It would re
quire a considerable time to recon
struct a tariff on democratic principles.
In his opinion, though, the party's
final Intent was clear. To democracy
a tariff virtually represents a tax upon
consumers. A democratic tariff, there
fore, should as nearly as might be pro
vide, for equal taxation of consumers;
for an equalized charge upon con
sumption, or the thing consumed.
Mr. Williams thus correctly inter
preted democratic conservatism. He
publican conservatism is a misnomer,
unless the English language has suf
fered a distinct loss of meaning. The
republican party stands pat on its
federal scandals, on the trusts, on the
tariff, and especially on its machine
organization now in the (lower of de
velopment. The republican party Is
loath to forego the more abundant
fruitfulncss which eight years' perfec
tion of a machine holds forth. It is
obliged to seek vindication upon its
past record, its past policies: it is rigid
ly held by circumstance to the defense
of its career, its purposes, its attain
ments. Change of attitude is utterly
denied it. Its forced position from
which the times admit of no escape is
expressed in the unfortunate phrase
"stand pat;" signifying extreme nega
tion; excluding the Idea of determina
tion to act, to improve, to move at all:
denying intention and suggesting im
potence of will. "Stand pat" is the
position of a dire extreme, a party
forced against a wall. Can there be
conservatism In such an ultra attitude?
The country is thoroughly tired of
"stand pat" which denies not only the
possibilily of remedy hut the existence
of essential wrongs. Democracy will
move along a middle course, carefully,
guarding against unnecessary damage,
seeking gradually to effect desirable
Worthy of Emulation.
The spectacle, of Charles Francis, a
Harvard graduate.and son of David 11.
Frauds, the president of the World's
Fair company, working daily at the
World's Fair grounds, handling freight
at $1.) a month, ought to lie an inspi
ration to every youth of the country,
to labor. We certainly hope that some
of l'lattsmouth's unpromising loafers
might emulate this example of indus
try. The lesson taught, Is that labor
is honorable, and that only in honest
labor can happiness and comfort be
found. Young Francis proposes to
keep at it for a year at least. The
value to him, in experience and health
ns a treasury to draw from in the
future, will be incalculable.
At the last regular meeting or Sedg
wick post, of Kearney, the following
resolution was unanimously adopted:
Ilesolved, That E. Benjamin An
drews Is an unsafe man to preside over
the university ofthestateof Nebraska
and should not only be asked to resign,
but should lie tired bodily and driven
from the state: that he has challenged
the contempt of every liberty-loving,
loyal citizen of the state, and especially
old soldiers, who sincerely cling to the
memory of our martyred president,
Abraham Lincoln: and further, that
we commend the World-Herald, of the
city of Omaha, for the stand It has
taken in opposition to the proposition
of erecting a Koekefellermonumcnt on
the university ground and will support
the said paper by every means in our
The Turners' Festival.
Tlie various classes of the l'latts
mouth Tumvcreln are very busy prac
ticing for their festival Tuesday and
Wednesday, April and ('.. The pro
gram will be out next week, and an
Invitation Is extended to all parties
Interested in physical exercises, to see
tho work that Is done by the classes of
Tumvcreln. The Idea of the com
mittee Is to nit' kt these evenings en
tertaining as well as Instructive to
the public in behalf of physical culture.
Dancing will lie the concluding feat ure
rach evening, and refreshments will
1k served In' the dining room by the
ladies. Admission 2" cents.
y T 1 J I I
1 lH t I I
Ten New Commandments.
I. halt not go away from
home to do thy trading, tmr thy mhi,
nor thy daughter.
J I. Thou shalt do whatevcrlicthin
thy power to encourage and promote
the welfare of thine own town and
own people.
III. Thou shalt spend thy earn
ings at home that they may return
whence they came and give nourish
ment to such as may come after thee.
IV. Thoii'shait patronietby home
merchant and thy printer, for yea.
verily doth not thy home printer
spread all over the laud tidings of iliy
goodness and greatness tliat the peo
ple shall patronize thee.
V. Thou shalt not ask a printer to
take less than his price.
VI. Thou shalt not ask for credit
as goods cost money, and the mer
chant's mind is over burdened with
hills. Mis children clamor daily for
bread, and his wife ahideth at home
for lack of such raiment as adorneth
her sister. Blessed, yea thrice blessed
is the man that pays cash.
VII. Thou shalt not suffer the
voice of price to overcome thee and if
other towns entice thee, consent thou
not, for thou may he deceived. Kt'in
cmber the fate or the calf that left its
mother and followed a stray away
from home and lost its supper.
VIII. Thou shalt not ask for re
duced prices for thine "Inlluenee'' for
guile Is in thy heart and the merchant
readeth it like an open book, lie
laughest thee to scorn and shouteth
to his clerk, "ha ha!"
IX. Thou shalt not ask thy printer
to take two dollars for a three dollar
job because some other printer will do
it for less money. The other printer
may use cheap stock and may under
pay his help. If thou trade with such
as he, thou art accessory to his crime.
X. Thou shalt not hear witness
against thy town wherein thou dwell-
eth, but speak well of it to all men,
that thy home town and thy people
may he proud of thee.
As to City Affairs.
The day is rapidly drawing near
when the voters of I'lattsmoiith will
he called upon to elect a mayor, clerk,
tresurcrand one councilman from each
or live wards. That it is important for
every citizen to lie interested in the
outcome of this election, goes without
saying. Every citizen of the city Is
mere or less interested in having a
clean, conservative anil business-like
administration of the affairsof the city.
It is Important llrst that the interests
of the taxpayers be carefully guarded,
that franchises, when granted, should
he given on terms equitable both to the
holder and to the city, that the treas
ury of the city he carefully and zeal
ously guarded, and that expenditures
be judiciously made and economically
practiced. All this is necessary as wel'
as to sec that the city Is kept within
the bounds of its resources. We have
good material to select from, and it is
important that every .qualified voter
should exercise his right as an A inert
can citizen by voting for no man who
is not in favor of "Kqual rights to all
special privileges to none," in admin
tering to the welfaref the city of
A Favorite Remedy For Babies.
Its pleasant taste and prompt cures
have made Chamberlain's Cough I!ein
edy a favorite with the mothers of
small children. It quickly cures their
coughs and colds and prevents any
danger or pneumonia or. other serious
consequences. It not only cures croup,
but when given as soon as the croupy
cough appears will prevent the at
tack. For sale by all druggists.
Time Table
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Lincoln, Omaha,
Chicago, St. Joe,
Kansas City, St.
Louis and all
points Mast and
Denver, Helena,
Hut to, l'ortlaml
Salt Lake City,
San Francisco,
and all points
Trains Leave as Follows:
.o. ,;i -Local to I'ai'llli' .1 ii iii-t li li:. u 1111
No. 4 l,(M'iil express, (hilly, all points
east anil south IO:iK am
No. .HI I reltflit. ilally except Sunday,
to l'aiillc .liiiiclliin 2:lii pin
No. Ill- Local to I'aclllc .liuicllnil 4 : 1 .". phi
No. 5 -Local express, I" Iowa points.
t'hlcajjii ami the east J pm
No. Ill- 1'ust express, ilally, from Lin
coln to SI. Joseph, Kansas Chy. SI.
I.ouls. CIiIi'iik'o. anil all Milnts tut.
anil south s::.T pm
No. Ill - IxhmiI express, dally, Omaha,
Lincoln, lienver ami Inli rnii illale
stations T:.M am
No. I.'" - Local express In Omaha, via
l'l. Crook anil South Omaha, ilally
except Siinilay !l:'.'.'i am
No. ?.i l,ocal freight. In Cellar Creek,
louhillle anil South lleml. ilally
except Sunday (1:10 am
No. 7 Fast mall, dally, to I iinalia and
Lincoln 'MS pm
No. H Throntfli vesllliuled express for
all points east ?;SS :im
No. 3 - Vislllitiled express. dally, ii u
ver. all ihiIuIh In Colorado, I'tah
ami California ri : .'Kt pm
No. I.'l Lincoln, tlraml Island, black
Hills. Montana and I'aclllc nnrrii
west n:'S, ,
No :i:i lical ex press. Louisville, Ash
land, Willi. mi, Schuyler, daily ex
cept Sunday 3;
No. Si) I'rom Omaha ,"1:17 inn
Sleeplm;, illnlnir and riclluliiK rlialr ears
(seats free) oil throuuli trains. Tickets sold
and liuitiMife cheeked In any point. In the
l ulled Nines or Canada.
Lor Information, lime tulilrs. maps and
ll.'ki'ls.'all on r wrlie to V. I'icki'tt. I.xnl
aniiit. I'latlsiMonth. N"l.. or.l. Francis, u
eral passenni r iiifent, Omaha. N li.
Missouri Pacific Time Tabic
i .5 :i: ii dt
5 4d pm
N' 2 II :il pm
No. ISS. Im'Hl frelithl y x am
Wall Paper
I liavo jut iwcivc-il my now
i-tuck of Wail Paper.
Remeinler, our slook is all
now no paper left over from
lat year.
Come in and let us show
you what pretty patterns wo
You'll lie surprised to learn
how nicely you can paper a
Geo. W. Oilman
Zhc JDnuifltst
Perry's Restaurant
I (,nd Short Order House
H North Side - Main Street S
V - o
t,,.. ....... jl
illf Hatching
Write for prices and description
of muting.
W. C. Hamilton, p- 2A0X
riattsmoutli, Nebraska.
And inarcliing
ntiaiglit to
Ueelbael? ?o,
where- you will bo re
paid for your trouble
by Kettintr the best
on tho markets.
Canned Goods,
fre:-li daily from the markets.
gathered frt fsh every morning.
'Phone 54.
Wiilernniii llloek I'liiUsmoutli.
ATTiiliNKV-A'l'-I.A W.
I'hilsmimth : : NehrusKii,
Probate, Commercial Law, Real
I'state Litigation
and fonvlosureof niorttranesa specialty
rrep:ir!nu' nlistrui'H of lllle. runveyiineliiK
nml eviiiiiinliii: lilies to mil esdie a hieehil-
ly. W'nrk iimperlyil ami ehuiKes rensnn-
ulile. uiliee:-Hduins li nml John IoiihI
llulliline. near Cnurl llmise. I'latUinoulli,
Indigestion Causes
Catarrh of the
For many years It has been snonosed thai
Catarrh, of tho Stomach caused indigestion
and dy.-pepsia. but ths truth (3 exactly tho
orposile. bulirc.llon causes catarrh. R.
realcd allacks of Indigestion Indames th
mucous momoranes lining the stomach and
epo:Mt!ia nerves of the stomach, thus caus
ing tha glands to secrets mucin Instead of
tho lulces of natural nVi--.!ir,n Thi. !
called Catarrh of tho Stomach.
Ko Jo! Dyspepsia Cure
relieves all Inflammation of ths mucous
membranes lining the stomach, prolects Ilia
nervei. and cures bad breath, sour rl-.lncn .
sense of fullnrss after eating, Indigestion,
ayspepsia anj ail siomactl troubles.
Kodol Digests What You Eat
mane mc aiomacn awect.
BoMlM . l-'wi'ir vr: $1 00. h"ldm 24 tlmal
In Iriil whi.-h i.L r.n .
frtar.d by E. 0. D.WITT CO., Chicago, III.
j$ Mcnl.s Served at Kegulnr S
$ Moul Honrs. S
I Fresh Oysters k
J Fish or nu ythiii in Market. K
$ O0O03O3GOO 8
g (ilVK US A CALL. S
j P. UTTERBACK, Proprietor,
For Sole by F. C. FRICKE & CO
r '
Frm and Ranch Lands
In Adams, Phelps,
$12 to $45
Depending on Location and Improvements
For Price Lists and Maps write to
W. Al. Lowman or E. A. Paine & Co.
212 Lincoln Ave. Oxford, Neh.
Hastings, Nebraska '
contributes to l c matervaK
Ts:...;t Company' - up".
. .rntrctcd. The Biscuit. Crackers vcn
iTTmpany ate
door. SBP Lcc. as Acy baked.
II 1 1 II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I'll 1 1 II 1 1 II I ill 1 IT1 1 ITTTTfTITITI 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
' ' T'lLIXU,,', a a. . i, B
Example r
instantly recognize their H
you ever tasted. They contain
hanced hJ
Harlan and Furnas
New Fabrics
For Spring
In MiitiiiijH. (rotiHorinH nml for
ovorcdiils ure m;v to 1h kocii in all
llio latest, novrllii's from English,
Scotch and Anicrican nintiufactii
rcrn. Wo will uiako your Spring
overcoat or unit in tho liont and
BWi'llosl htylo anil of artistic elc
anco at a reasonable price.
Frank McElroy
Fifth and Main Nts.-rpstalrs
lUPORTltD AM) lllll'.l) DT
M. L. Ayres, Shenandoah, la
Fnrlylntlm full I nrrlvixl with my
liwt ImiHirtallon nf IVitIipi-oii unci
lli'lKlun HtiillldhH, Hit nf tlm iiihhI Hurt,
hi-iivy Ixiiin, low dnwn, bluckj kind.
llliirkH, Imys and KriiyH.
(n liunOrnl or ninin Hi'oorilcd Anl
miilmin fiirm ti HPlcrt friiin. VimII
hII with it eiinrmili'vtoliavirf:p IohI
Ki'tKTH. Wn aid In iirKHiilrlnit cuui
liHnlm to hiiy. V kIvh Iiiiik tlnnuin
limikiililn impcr Dt hit pop c,Mit. If
ynu wimt ii k. id iiuliiiitl comii umi ico
me. fend lur t'utulnir.
Wrltn or tolpphono tiio and I will
mp'l ynu ut tln depot.
Tlio pli'lurn In of lllandc, tho liopit
1'iirclmmn Btulllon In AmiTlrn, m
ported by unl lit the hid nf M. L,
Ayr' Stud of IVroliernn Htitlllona.
W -0 ia
i,nno. -ri
. ..
placed in air do not
As an example of this nerfWr k,,,:
P-kage of Graham Crackers,
- J Cnckcrs-
nl 1 Graham cs
f e best Graham flour, cn.
V Absolutely
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
ovm ttKiNo
' t! Reliable Store
The saving possil-ilities our low prices create should
appeal to all thrifty shoppers. We want only satisfied cus
tomers, therefore we guarantee perfect satisfaction or cheer
fully refund your money. The thousands of satisfied cus
tomers we have in all parts of the country attest the good
ness of our ";oods, the Lowness Of Our Low Trices.
Special Showing
. . OF . .
Spring Shoes
4.50 and 5,00 ever
fl.7r Women's Donolii luce shoos at .1, 2.2" Womon'a Vlrl KM
(.'ood Year wolt oxttMiHii n polo slnws at 1,59, Mon'it and Wihihii"b Fin
Vici Kid niid jintont colt choes tnu'lo to xull at 2.5l. :!.0H, ami M.'.n at 1.96
ham: you i-vi-u mvrN ot R
Millinery Department
A mail oinIit'.' If not wliy not? At nrisctit wo aro tiflcrinc bi
totiUhiny xmIuph In STKKKT II ATS at l,t)S In :i nilir.
WIumi writing dtute color '.vanti'd, or whether you diro a Har
or face stylo.
Write lor prices on anything everything. In
please mentionJHs ai
16th and Dodge Streets.
Pownrn ro., nrw vornt.
All the Newest Styles arc here, the best
leathers, the best makes In endless vo
rlety. We have striven to make our
SIIOK STOCK complete In every detail
uiid have succeeded In the fullest sense
of the term.
You will nml nnr SIKii'S
Always l't"t in quality mid
Lowest in l'riru
The greatest line of Fine Shoes
2,50, 3,00, 3,50,
shown in the west,