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Cheap Postal Service.
The cheapest postal service In tha
M Is that of Japan, where letters
aro conveyed all over the empire fur,
two sen about seven-tenths of a pen
py. This Is the more wonderful con
sidering the uillieuhie.s of tiansport
over tho moiiataiiioiis and lingular
country, while wagons can pa over
only a lew of the chief rouda und the
steamers connect hut a small number
of (oust stations.
Beware of Ointments (or Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
a mrrur will tutriy di-in.T ih irn v r.f .m, i
at rompirlrly ili-ranm wholr wl.fii
nilrrluu It llinmnh ihr mucin, .urn..,-. s,.n
arllil lnull iirvir Im at.-ii p,,,,.,,.,.
il. in In.iu rfi.uti.lile pliy.l, I.,,., , , ,.'
III U.i l If ii lulil tu II, y p.,.,;,,,. d,'.
lr tr.nn IIii-mi. lUll'n t .turrit t tin-. iimniuai-iiirrd
! r. J. t hfnry O.. LiU-il... o.. . ..iii.ln. n,,r.
rllty.auil U lukvn liitrraally. acting Ulrf. un.n
tl.a l.l..l anil unlt-mit iirtjrr ..I I'm .-,.,, 1.
lu- tttic ll!l I ,iurrli ( urn am v,,,i ,t' u
uulnr. It It l.kru ImrriKlly an.l ma,i In l,iru
I'll!", hy r . .1. 1 ln-nr I 11. I ! 1 in.mU free '
Sulil hy UriwuMa. I'rli-l- TV. prr li.illl
'iako llan'i Family 1'llla for 'uuiliti,.a.
Thorp 1110 a few self made men and
h lot of seirtnade blonde women In
the world.
Any girl who things us much of a
man aa she does of herself will do to
tio to.
Klllt KKNT OK NtlK
bena Ul lltU J. MIXIIALI., .Sioux City, low
There Is one school
dellgnta to get into a
a Florida hoy
school of mill-
The ten commandments are
examples of broken English.
Itollanre atarcn IH guaranteed big
pest ami best or money refunded. 16
ounces, 10 cents. Try it now.
To sec what is right and not to do
It Is want of courage. Confucius.
True happiness consists, not In tho
multitude of friends, but In tho worth
ind choice. JolniHon.
riRO'sCuro cannot bo too hlRhly spoken of i
acoinitt curt). J. YV. O lluiLN, ifcsj Third Ay,
li., lilunen nulla, Muiu., Juu. 0, 1UU0.
Occasionally a man manages to beat
n woman in an argument hy keeping
his mouth shut.
A man who puts a new mat of kal
Fomino on his past often thinks ho
has really reformed.
for St.GU Sioney Order.
The John A. Knlzcr Seed Co., La
Crosse, AVIs., mall postpaid l.'i trees,
consisting of Apricots, Apples, Crabi",
("lurries, Plums, I'l'iii hrs anil Pears,
just tho thing for city or country
cartleii, Including the great l'.lsmarlt
Apple, all hardy Wisconsin utricle, are
Bent you free upon receipt of $1.6j.
you Ret SUfllcleiit seed of Celery, Car
rot, Cabbage, Onion, Lettuce, Hudiah
it ml Flower Seeila to furnish buslU'ls
nf t holee flowers and lots of vegetables
for a biff family, together with our
treut riant and seed catulou.(W, N. U.)
Knowledge is
priceless and
a treasure at onco
Imperishable). Ulad-
Ii'a a pity men can't iiostpone their
trials as easily as a lawyer can slave
them off in court,
If you had $2,000.00 insurance in tut
ANCE CO. tho past eight years It cost
you $31.00 for Fire, lightning and
Tornado. Do you know what Old Lino
Insuranco would have cost you? Why
not Invest about $10.00 of the saving
In live stock, and soon buy another
farm? Write to the Secretary for rn
formation. R. R. Stouffer, Secretary,
South Omaha, Nebr.
Rorrowlng Is not
begging. Leasing.
much better than
If tombstones are truthful the cem
eteries contain more good people than
ever lived.
You never hear any ono complain
about "Defiance Starch." There ll
none to equal It In quality aud quan
tity, 16 oun'8, 10 cents. Try It uow
and save your money.
Faith Is a smaller word than genius,
but it is a better guide.
Most people would rather blame a
man for what ho rtnosn't than give
him credit for what lie does.
riTe pwiKn'MtrcnrKl. N'n tllnornrrfimro'tNt
I 1 1 0 ilrnt il.v ' iim(. ir. Kllnr'n limit N-r- KK".
r. IwiiiI fr t'lll i: J.OO trial li.illl.' ulnl tnull.fc
l. U. U. Klw, UU., Ul Ana SUvot, CHI Iplila, f
A mother's tears are tho same lu all
It may be all right to give credit tr
whom credit Is due. but spot cash is
always preferable.
a cltidal I hat one should never
waste Is the stronghold of a good con
fltopn the OomrIi nmt
Work Oir I lie Cotit
Laxative liroino ijuiujo Tublots. rrieoi"c.
A man rnnnot
cannot find him.
go w here t cm lit at ion
Try me Ju.;t
to come again.
oneo nnd I ntn sure
Defiance Starch.
Truth cannot be expressed where
ulncfilty Is suppressed.
Salirr't Horn Daltdrr Corn.
go niunej bri-auKt 60 ncipn ,roduccd
o heavily that lt prtHtt1!! built a
IhvpIv homp. Pee Sulxer' cutalog.
Ylclilrd In 1903 In 1ml., Km bn.. Ohio
160 bu.. Trnn. !S bn., nnd In Mich.
bu. por aire. You inn beat this record
In 1904.
watt i0 TOO TniNar or tatM Tiilm
I ra ai aat
1:0 bu. TVardlem Hnrley per acrp.
tul .n Kiilier'H New Nat. (lilt per A.
SO Im. .al7iir Speltx Macaroni Whoat.
1 Km bu. IVdlKroe Potatnos per aci-p.
14 ton of rich llllllon 1I. C.raaa Hay.
r.o.OiHi llic. Victoria Uape fur sheep acre.
lixuieo His. TfoslntP. tbp finldcr wonder,
LiniHi lli Siilrer'n Superior Fodder
Corn-1 li b. Juicy fiildcr. per A.
Vuuf aneh viel.ln vim tun have. Mr,
rnrin.r. In L"4, If ou will plant. Sal
ter's seed".
jt uT atsn tni NOTt. R Nn ItV
In t:iini. In John A. Sul.T Pi'ed CO.
1 f r.m.n Uli. nnd receive their
cppAt (Mtn'lorf and lot of farm seed
ample". (V. N. I' )
It Is Impossible to patch up a repu
tat ion so (he patches won't show,
ark torn ruvritRi r.nof
TVp. Red Criwa Kail Ulup and makp thrri
lilto BKnin. l.nrt; 'i ot. pacaA I, fi ctuU.
Self conquest Is the greatest of vic
tories. Tho rennict
ties mut b
with self and selfish
fotifiht out. Ooort
Men Who Will Assist in Managing
Various Displays.
Members of I he executive rotnmit-
tee of the htaie board of a
have chosen the following io assist
In the management of the various ills
p!uyn: (leiiciHl Kiiptrinteiident, Wil
liam Foster, Suiltillo: chief of police,
('. J. Tracey, I.oup City; superintend
Mit aRriciiltural hall. V. K. Kwitis,
Kiankltn; master of ttaiisportation. O.
M. lliuse, l.incolii; siiprriuteliilelit of
jjaies, U. M. Searles, jr., ()j:ailala: su
perintendent of amphitheater. (!. K.
Williams; superintendent of fUh ex
hibit and fish hulldiiiK. W. .1. O'lltien.
South liend; sitpi nnieiiiient of speed,
R. J. Flick, Lincoln: landscape gar
dener, J. II. Haaklnsiiii. Omaha: su
pei Ititeiident of horses, David llanna,
Wood Lake; nsistant supeiiutenib'tit
of horses, (J. 1. I leiuleishot, Hebron:
superinteiiilent of cattle, FJijah Fin
ley, lleynolils; assistant superintend
cut of cattle, W. A. Appersou, Tecum
sib; Kupcriiiti'tiileiit of swine, L. W
Leonard, rawnee City: assistant su
periiitendent of sw ine, V. Arnold, Yer
don; superintendent of sheep, K. M
Woli'ott, Falnier; superintendent of
poultry, V. M. Loweiiing, lirownville;
Ktipei'lntenileiit of farm products, L.
Morse, lletiklenian ; suiiet inteiident .of
textile department. Mrs. li. II. Hever
in, Omaha: superintendent line1 arts
Mrs. F. M. Hall, Lincoln; superintend
ent dairy, A. L. Hacker, Lincoln; su
perintendent education, Charles For
dyce, I niversity Flare; superintend
ent bees and honey, L'd. Whitcomh,
Friend: .superintendeiit machinery. W.
C. Caley. Creighton; superinleiuleut
county collective exhibits. W. K.
KwIuk, F'ratiUlin; Kuperintcndenl. spec
ials, Charles Mann, Chadron: superin
tendent agricultural instruction, T. L.
Lyon, Lincoln.
Such a Decision Is Handed Down
Attorney General Prout.
Attorney tleiieral Front lias ham
down u decision that the gambling
law of tliis stale making gambling a
felony is invalid and of no elTec'.
The reasons given by the attorney
general lor Ins decision are tlie same
us mentioned in this column several
days ago when the matter first came
Up. lie holds that the liile of the
bill is not proper, in that the body
of the bill contained wider matter
than was shown by the title, and
I hat all of the bill which was change I
lifter it passed the senate, where it
originated, was not read three tituvs
in each house, as provided for in the
einiHlitutioii. This decision leaves
the old gambling law. which provided
a penalty of a line of $loo or three
months in jail, still in force. The
county attorney of York county wrote
lo the attorney general for the opin
ion. A number of prominent Lincoln at
torneys do not agree witn the attorney
general on his stand. Former County
Attorney Manger, who fought out the
whole thing in the local courts six or
seven years ago, said that the attor
ney general certainly did not go en
tirely through the matter or he would
not have arrived at such a conclusion.
"I have all the records, including
the senate ami bouse bills, pasted to
jrether In my otllce nnd I not only
believe the law to be good, but it lias
been so passed upon by the district
court. Judge Holmes aud Hall silting
on the case.
Tabulating Land Values.
Land Commissioner Folleni is work
ing on a tabulation m laud values that
will be placed before the State Hoan'
of Equalization, ubich is expected tc
materially assist the board in nrrivlnj.
at something like the true assesmeiit
of land throughout the state.
Fallmer has a or is securing a
record, of all (he li-mi sales iti every
county in the state, with the price
Not Signing Any Contracts.
LINCOLN Athletic managers af
the state university have cased sign
ins contracts for spring athletic
events. This litis been done on ac
count of the action of tho hoard of
regents In the location of the physics
building", the construction of which
will encroach on the athletic Held.
Students hope to get the regents to
reconsider their action.
Betts Brought to Lincoln.
LINCOLN. Frank Belts, a youthful
forger with many names, was brought
to the city by Detective Benlley, who
pot the prisoner from the authorities
at Milwaukee. Since last December
Betts lus forged paper to X lie extent
of more thou $.",0ini. He swindled Lin
coln j.'wclers out of more than $iiod
and for this ho will be tried Oue of
the exploits of Retls while In Minneu
jhiIIs wus to buy a grocery store Willi
a bogus cheek for $:0. of Territorial Dayt.
PA PILLION Joseph Whit ted re
ceived from friends at Florence. Neb.
some relics of the early days of that
town In the shape of some $1 notes,
(laled 18.ri(. Recently an old sufe had
been opened nt Florence and in it was
loiind a bunch of 'heseolil bank miles.
The notes ore not slgied, but were Is
sued by the Bank of Florence and a;i:
In perfect condition Mr. Whitted was
an early settler of Florence and In ills
ti'lhtiting the iin'is iit.iongst those liv
ing In Florence in t'l it year Mr. Whit
ted v ns not fo.'g itti ;i.
Funds Awaiting Investment.
LINCOLN. Stale Treasurer Mort
etiscu still has on hum!, awaiting In
vestment. 1 1 l.T. ST. 1 :. of the pennant tit
educational funds. He bus just paid
out $100.0110 for the purchase of the
Massachusetts state bonds. Resides
the permanent funds now on hand
tli'Te Is n large amount lu the gen
eral fund, waiting for the call for
llo'i.nou (,f general fund warrants.
lilch. will take effect Friday. Feb
ruary 2il.
t-lightly In
Goiiciol fund warrant
cces:i of $.''io.tM'i) will be
redeemed dining Fibr.iaiy.
The Roosovcit club at Osceola is ar
ranging for a celebration March 1.
The tool house of the Union Pacific
at Columbus was destroyed by tire.
I Mrs. Julia Thomas of Sarpy county,
'four score aad two, died a few days
n go.
Dr. Canfli ld. a
died last
for many years
at Kdgar,
Rouvrl meetings have been started
at Columbus and will continue two
lhe second week
meeting at Osceola
of the revival
is on with con-
tinned success.
lames 1). ltrown. a pioneer of But
ler county and a wealthy one withal,
died last week.
Rakers of Lincoln are discussing
the advisability in view of the increas
ed rate of wheat.
Farmers are showing much Interest
in institutes being held here and there
throughout the state.
A four weeks' revival has just clos
ed at Crab Orchard, the result being
a great spiritual uulilt.
I;r. Offerman. a pioneer of Nemaha
county, died last week. He was for
many years a leading practitioner.
Tin1 Omaha Mitten and Manufactur
ing company of Oinana has tiled arti
cles of incorporation with the secre
tary of state. The firm has a capital
slock of $100,11(10.
At a meeting of farmers and cili.ens
i of Kenesaw at the Exchange bank It
I was voted to incorporate a local tele
J phone company with a capital of $10,
duo and put in an up-to-date plant. "
I The Stale Hank of Elwood, has Tiled
an application with the comptroller
I of the currency to reorganize and form
a national bank, to be known as the
Fust National bank of Elwood.
Onirics Roitricfi nn old soldier, who
has been acting rather queer of late,
was taken before tho commissioners
on insanity at Nebraska City and de
clared Insane, tie will be taken to
the asylum.
A Weaver of Rockford. tlage county,
was in Beatrice recently with a three-year-old
son who was bitten by a pet
ilog. Mr. Weaver went to Wyniore in
tending to have a loadstone applied
to the wound.
Tin1 spring season of district court
of Hall county is about, to open with
but lil'ty live civil cases, none of any
great importance and but live crimin
al cases, of which only two will pro
bably come to trial.
The Beatrice l'roduee and Cold Stor
age company, which was recently in
corporated in Beatrice with a capital
stock of $2011. noil, expects to erect tt
cold storage building and lee planl
there the coming spring.
The ground of the Jefferson County
Agricultural society were sold at
sheriff's sale and were purchased by
Fairbury for park purposes for $8,500.
Tho grounds are thirty acres in extent
and only four bloocus from the court,
The Fulton bloodhounds were sent
to Seneca, Kansas, at Beatrice, to as
sist In the capture of two men sus
pected of robbing the bank at tioff,
Kans. They were driven overland to
Marysville, where a train was cauglt
for Seneca.
While he was prying at a window
at night, the prowler who has dis
turbed residents of Grand Island for
some weidis post was shot at and con
lidently believed to have been hit by
Mrs McBridc, the wife of a Union Fa
cilic conductor.
A disastrous fbo. which broke out
in the basement ot the opera house at
Greenwood, destroyed that building, a
mill and an adjoining food store and
caused the dentn of Manager Culler
of the opera House. Mr. Cutler was
nsieep in the basement, where the lire
out. and was hurtled to death in
his bed.
For the first time since Imprison
ment of Frank Baker, the alleged
double murderer, his mother visited
Mm at Red Cloud and the meeting was
one of great sorrow to the stricken
mother and her evidence of grief was
great. The prisoner was uncon
cerned and showed no sorrow at tlui
trouble that has overcome him.
An Important discovery in the Bar
ker murder case lias been made by Ihu
finding of a :!2-culihre revolver in ihn
barn of the murdered man. Tinea
empty chambers were found which tab
ics with the number of bullet holes
found in the bodies of the victims.
The weapon was found beneath thei
hay. The prisoner has not yet been
apprised of the finding of the gun.
A number of farmers in lhe vicin
ity of Cedar creek have recently made
complaints that persons have visited
their Uirtis recently during the night
time and several Hit Its have been com
mitted. Jerry Sehroeder's barn was
entered Sunday night and four of his
horses were poisoned, it is supposed,
by mixing rough-on rats with feed.
John J. Moor, a wealthy cituen of
Coleridge, bus gone to Ireland, his na
tive hind, to spend a year in recrea
tion and recuperation.
The state board of public lands and
buildings will accept an offer of the
Van Horn Iron works to put 1Mb cells
In the state prison for the sum of
$Sit.Oort. The members hod made a
contract to allow the concern to place
Kill cells in the penitentiary for $!!,
Fire destroyed the born of E. A.
Spur near Belmont, entailing n loss
of probably $2.ihii and almost consum
ed the barn of James Strlno, across
the alley from the lirst named.
The county commissioners of Hall
county propose to sell the old court
house and build u new one.
, It Is announced that he Northwest
tin will rebuild thirty miles of Its
Lne between Fremont and Oniifha this
year, beginning in April. Sixty and
I sixty live pound steel rails will be
used. Last ear the entire line be
tween Ml.isourl Valley and Fremont
was laid with seventy two pound rails.
Major McLaughlin and Captain Eb-
I I lie were In Nebraska City and 111
'speeted Company C of the Second Ne-
brosko Notional Guard. The Inspec-
tlou was public nnd a large asseni-
i plage of representative clilcns was
'present tu encourage the company to
, Its best Ptnlt nvors.
What Viceroy Altxieff Saya of
Recent Nival Engagement.
ST. I'ETF.HSBl KG. A telegram
from Viceroy Abxicff to the caf
"At I:!., o'clock on the morning of
February :'. numerous Japanese tor
pedo boats attempted to attack tho
battleship Hetian. 1 here were sev
eral largo stiamers loaded with in
flammables. The Ketvuan was the
first to ol.sene the torpedo boats and
opened a stt ing lire on them. She
was supkrtcd by the laud batteries
Slie destroyed two steamers near the
entrance of the harbor: they were
coming directly toward hur. One of
them went on the rocks near the
lighthouse on Tiger peninsula, and
the other sank under Gulden Hill. The
Retviau observed four steamers in
a sinking condition and eight torpedo
boats departing slowly to rejoin the
waiting Japanese warships; A por
tion of the crews of the" Japanese ves
sels was drowned. The grounded
steamer U still burning. The enemy
Is observed In the offing of Fort Ar
thur In two lint's. i
"The Japanese crews saved them
selves on boa's, and it is possible that
some of them were picked up by the
enemy's torpedo boats.
"Iain proceeding to examine tho
coasts. The entrance of the linrboi
is open. 1 attribute the complete de
rangement id the enemy's plan to the
brilliant action and destructiveness of
the Retvlan.
"Floating mines are still visible In
the roadstead. 1 have recalled the
three cruisers sent in pursuit of the
enemy in order, in the lirst place, to
clear the roadstead of floating mines
e have no losses."
Appraicrl cf Estate Shows it is Larg
er Than First Reportea.
CLEVELAND Dan R. llanna anil
bis attorney reported to the probate
court Friday thai tho estate of the
late Senator M. A. llanna showed a
valuation of $7 eeo.doo. This is more
than double the amount reported at
the time of the presentation of tho
will for probate This makes it the
largest over presented for probate in
Hie county.
The holdings of the late senator in
the Cleveland Electric Kuilway com
pany are valued i't $2.0lin,000. He
also was a heavy stockholder in the
American Shipbuilding company,
Pittsburg Coul company, Cleveland &
Pittsburg railroad, as well as in M. A.
llanna & Co. His interests in the
Pittiibui'g Steamsnip company, the ma
rine wing of the United Slates Steel
corporation, wire disposed of but a
short time before his death, lie was
als.o Interested in a Lumber of other
corporal ions.
In local bank stocks he held 1.000
shares of the Union National bank, of
which lie was president, valued at
108 a share; in the Bank of Com
merce. I'oo shares, valued ni 201; In
the Federal Trust compnny. forty-five
shares, nt tin; Guardian Trust, 2.10
shares, at 212.
Small Part of Business Carried
on Under American Flag.
WASHINGTON The development
of the Philippines commercially and
Industrially for the first nine months
of 1903 is the subject of a special bul
letin by the bureau oT Insular affairs.
It is shown that both In Imports and
exports there was on increase, coin
pare'd with a corresponding period in
tho preceding year. Heavy exports in
hemp and copra offsetting heavy im
ports of ll -e, explained the increase.
. During the period named the Im
ports were $2U,103.fi0l, against $21.
3.18,322 for 1H02. The exports amount
ed to $23,503,128. an increase of near
ly $4,500,0(10. The rice import were
the only ones that Increased and there
was a falling off in the general trade.
1 Ro United Slates losing 10 per cent
and the United Kingdom 10 per cent,
while Spain has only two-thirds of the
umount of Its trade In 1!I02.
United Stales exports increased
from $7,232,111 to $!).3S0,03ii and the
trade with Spain was practically the
same. But a small part of the United
States business is carried under the
American flag and all but 5 per cent
of the general trade of the islands is
done in foreign bottoms.
The Tax Lien Foreclosure Case Comes
Urt for Discussion.
WASHINGTON Justice Day hand
ed down the opinion of the supreme
court of the United States alllrnilng
the Judgment of the supreme court of
Nebraska In the raso of Alvln P.
lieigli against Henry S. Green. Involv
ing tax sales of property. The court
held that the owner of a tax lien may
foreclose the lien upon notice by pub
lication, which shall being In anybody
nnd everybody Intended, nnd that In
the exericse of tie taxing power the
states may delegate that right and
authority, as was done in tnis case, to
the purchasers of the tax sale, and
that such procedure Is not violative
of tbp rights guaranteed by the four
teenth amendment of the constitution.
Shipping to the Philippines.
WASHINGTON The house com
mittee on merchant marine and fish
eries listened to the arguments of
many representatives of the ocean
shipping Industries of the country In
favor of the Fryp-Llttlcfleld bill, pro
viding that the commerce between the
United Stales nnd the Philippine Is
lands shall be carried In American
ships, but exempting the Inter-Island
trade In the Philippines from lhe op,
ei-atlon of the navigation laws of the
United States, which ure. under exist
ing laws, mode applicable after July 1.
Lively Times In Wheat Pit.
CHICAGO-Wheat for May sold
Tuesday at $ 1 OS'-j a bushel. A Jump
of " cents above Saturday's final
figures. The cause was u scsation
ndvnnce In prices nt foreign grain
markets, apparently due to growing
fear of European complications over
the Russian-Japanese war. A lerrlfln
slump followed, ,'ne to profit Inking
May wheat made n sheer descent of
4c. dropping to Jl.ul'i,. The market
developed on extraordinary whip-saw
choructPr. n actii.g full cent
to $1.05 'v.
Benjamin F. Hawkea.of Washington, D. C, Is One of tho Throo
Living Comraclos of Gonoral Qrant In His Cadet Days at Wost Point
In a recent letter from till G Street,
ft. W., Washington, 1). C, this vener
able gentleman says of IVruna :
" have tried Peruna after having
tried In vain other remedies for ca
tarrh, and I can say withsut reser-t
vation that I never felt a symptom
of relief until i naa Riven nruna
the simple trial that its advocates
advise. I do not believe it has a
superior, eiiher us a remedy for ca-
1 tm rrh nw ma m 1nnlt. fur rftp nriecjW
mntl rUnitipil rnntlJtlnn u hti h l:x
!one at the effects of the disease." -Benjamin
F. tlawkes.
?AAC BROCK, a citizen of McLen
nan County, Texas, has lived for 111
Years. In speaking of his good
henlth aud extreme old age, Mr. Brock
says :
"Peruna exactly meets all my require
ments. It protects me from the evil ef
fects of sudden changes; it keeps mo in
good appetite; it gives n;u strength; it
keeps my blood iu good circulation. 1
People ruled by the mood of
attract to them gloomy things.
If yon don't get the biggest and
best it's your own fault. Defiance
Starch is for sale everywhere and
there Is positively nothing to equal
It In quality or quantity.
Good breeding Is
all over the world.
a letter of credit
Ea and South.
Special rates on sale daily to all
Winter resorts of the South. Half
fare round trip plus $2.00 on first nnd
third Tuesdays each month to many
points South.
The only line with its own station
at main entrance of World's Fair
grounds. The Wabash runs on its own
rails from Omaha, Kansas City. Dog
Moines, St. Ixmis nnd Chicago to
Toledo, Detroit, Niagara Falls and
Buffalo with through connections be
yond. All agents can route you via the
Wabash. For World's Fair descrip
tive matter and all information ad
dress, Hurry E. Monies, G. A. P. 1).,
Omaha, Nebr.
A good hand-me-down Is sometimes
better than a new nilslit.
Moravian HnrUy ami Sptltz.
Two gi'pat cereals makes growing nnd
fattening bogs and cattle possible In
Dak.. Mont., Idaho, Colo., yes every
where, nnd ndfl to above Salter's Bil
lion Dollar Grass. Teoslnte, which pro
duces SO tons of green fodder per acre,'s Earliest Cane.'s fid Day
Oats and a hundred of other rare farm
seeds thct be offers.
jesr ctt this oct ANn mrim it
with lno In stamps Io the John A.
Salzer Seed Co., 1. 11 Crosse, Wis., and
get their big catalog and lots of farm
aecd samples. W. N. U.)
An Enthusiastic Reception.
Sir Harry itawson was welcomed ns
governor of New South Wales with
the greatest enthusiasm. One port
greeted him In a novel and interesting
way. There wen1 no guns big enough
lo salute him with, so nn enterprising
loyalist lilt on the happy Idea of util
izing kerosene tins. With the assist
ance of plugs of dynamite and a fuse
tho sulute was duly given, resulting
in a round dozen of loud bangs, the
same number of flying kerosene tins,
and distracted natives fleeing for their
lives In all directions.
ha Durabal Waif Coating,
Won't Rub Off)
Decnnso it etmtnta to, nnd
is not atuck on the vail w ith
decaying, auitiml ftltio, ns are
tlio vnrions so-called "wall fin
ishes," which aro knlsotuiiua
sold under fanciful names.
Tog can apply lliki.line.
Do Not Believe Pe-ru-na Has a
Superior for Catarrh."
. I
have come to rely upon it. ulnio-t. entirely
for (lie inuny little, things for which 1 uivil
"When epidemics of la grippe first be-g-itl
to make t in-1 1 appearance in this
country 1 was u sufferer from this' dis
ease. "I had several long sietret with tha
grip. At, first I did not, know ih,-a IV
iiimv was a remedy for this disease.
When I beard that, hi grippe was epi
demic, catarrh, I tried I'eruna for la
grippe, and found It to bu just tho thing."
Isaac Brock..
l'eru-na Used in the Family for
Mm. E. West. 1:17 Main Street. Mennshn.
Wis , writes: We have uset'. IVi unit in our
family for a number of years and w hen I
say that it is a Hue medicine for catarrh
anil colds, I know what. 1 am talking
alioul. I have taken it, every spring and
fall for four years and I find thai it. keeps
me robust, strung, with splendid appetite,
and free from any illness. A few years Hgo
it. cured me of catarrh of the stomach,
which the doctors li nil pronounced incur
able. I am very much pleased with Pcruua.
I am K7 years old." Airs. E. West.
Do what Is worthy of reward and
desire none Claudius.
lira. Winttow'a SmtHtlng- h,rrnp.
Fort-tiUilrt'D Irothliiir, sofieDft the ttnmi, nuluceii 1n
Uamuiatluu,alla)iiiilD,curiii wtmlcullu. ,c a Lr nilo.
Be loving, und you will never want
for love. Mrs. Craik.
.-Ta. ...
At Hi Follow liijr.
4 barrel
1 barrel
nt I2.S0
at 4 :'.rt Pr bsrrel
Gas Drip suld
oriAHA, neb. OMAHA
Vi vi - 1 1
Laundry Blue
DIRECTIONS FOR USE:-Wlolestlck Aitorxn iv the water.
WiqnleStkk t.ArNnr.T m.tT won't spill, break, freeze norspot clothes
Costs l(le and ennuis '.'Of worth of nnv oilier bbiintr. If vour croeer does not. Wen,
it send 10c for sample to THE LAUNDKY
II ICY.lllllll
E3M lltfMHUJ mi
t . 1 J 'J t ? it f M
The Only Sanitary and Permanent Wall Coating
ALABASTINC la not dlteaacbratdlng, hot wittr ln wall flnMi, fnrnMi
but Imlirmrnt and liartmr -crtmml for dlM-aie trcrma; it N a natural, rork-1'an
composition, la viliitt. a:nl m.i ,y cTipil iielr beautiful tint-. ; In jsiwdt r form, reatly
f.r 1 y simply tiiltl:it Willi cold wataf. Aiiyuno run bneh U on.
ALABASTINC ctmeata to Wal!, dWroya tlNeaw p. nun and Terrain, and nnTr mi s
off or realm. Oilur wall n: lug, under fanolful namas, and n-ually mlxetl Willi hot
vatof. aro uiilimltlitid kaltm!i., stuck 0:1 w wall with Blua, whloh soon rots
imurUii Bt rmit of tbitdly d: .n, nil-, and pe,., sH.llin waIN, clothlnR ami furnllur.'.
Win n it ii-ery to n-nu!'h, tho old ca: mu.t bo h,,1 off-n iipenslve, na-ty,
tllsaur, lilt. J..),, timklnK the ntpm damp a id nniU to live In.
When wuIN ara cart, nsitid ::h AlaU.tln... auivtllnu rtta may bn appllnl, yrar
after yrnr, without wa-liln the wall, tltux saving gr.-at t-nt and aniitiyance.
Hot and Cold Water Kalsomines Have No Merit
R.mir-tbulers try ton 11 flit m.btiylnif them cVap. and trying toaell on AlabaattutTa demand
Until sorh time a their rwtonirra lrn of tha lnisnltlon
If yon cannot buy All-llr.a of yenr lianlwan., paint nr drng tlmlrr, rfni all
Imltallons. and rile n. We will t.ll yon whrrti y,m ran ft AtatwHtne without tblar.
or wlllt to y.m direct. $800.00 GIVEN AWAY. Write for ttartlculara.
I.i-anrt nf dalntv tlnt. Mn an decnratlnc,
tllyinc lh home, I f,,, lltir Alal.tlne ui.ljlu
Alabastine Company
IV-ru-na is a Catarrhal Tonic
1. specially Adapted to the
Ik-tlining Powers of
Oid Age.
III olilj age the lnueoin membrane In
come Ihitkt-ucd und partly lose iLeir luuc-
This leads to partial loss of Iichtih.
smell and taste, as well as t'-igt'slne tlev
lVniuit corrects ull thla by it rixt itiff
opei-alitui tm ail the mucous meuibruiiif
of I ho body.
Ono bottle will convince anyone. Oncj
u-etl and Peninit becomes a life lei j
stand bv with oltt and voiing.
Mis. F. E. Little, 'l'oloim. 111., wiite-i
"1 i nn recommend IVruna as n good uittk
iciae lor cliroino ca
t.trrh of tho stomach
icid bowels. 1 have
been troubled, re
vel cly vviih it for
over u year, and nlo
n cough. Now my cough is all gone, suit
all the distressing symptoms of eatarih 14
t he stomach anil bowels have disappt artit,
1 will recommend It to all as a run1 n 111.
eilv. 1 am so well I mil contemplating n
trip to Vellmv Stone Park this coining smi
son. I low is that for one 71 years old ) '
In n biter letter sho sjijs: "I am only
too thankful to you for your k'ml tulvne
and for tbn good health, that 1 mil en
joying wholly from the so of your Fo
rma. I lava bi-cn out to the Yellow Stout,
National Vark und many other places if
tho west, and shall nlwuva thank you lot
your generosity." Mi-s. i K. Little.
Strong and Vigorous at the Age of
Rev. ,T. N. Parker. Utlca, N. Y writof
'in .lune, l'.Kil, 1 lost 111 v sense of bean
I11K ent irt ly. Mv hearing lutd lieen mime,
what impaired for several years, but not
so touch allected but that I could hold
convi-rso with 111 v friends; but in June,
MM. my sense of liearing left 1110 so t !.'.
I conlil bear no sound whatever. I was
also troubled wilk severa rheumatic piiiiui
in 111 v limbs. 1 commenced taking l'i-
runa and iioiv mv hearing Is icsinrcd as
gooil ns it. was prior to .lune, l'.n l. My
rheiiniat it: pains are all gone. 1 cannot
seak too highly of 1'eruim, nnd now
w hen eighty-eight years old can sav it
has invigorated n.y whole system." Rev.
J. N. Parker.
Mr. W. 11. Scbnodcr, of Terre Hill, 1 a.,
"1 got sick every winter, and had a spell
of cold in February, lsmi, I could not h
anything for almost two months. Jn
DecenilM-r, ls'.HI, I say one of your bonk
about, your remedies. Then 1 wrote to l.
Ibtrtninii for ml vice, and bo wrote that
should commence the use of I'eruna, and
how to take euro of myself.
"I (I id not lose onu 'day Inst winter Hint
T could not tend to my stock. I am sixty,
three years old, nnd I cannot thank you too
innch'for what you have done for inc."
if you do not, derive prompt nnd satisfnn
tory'resit Its from tho use of Peruna, wrilo
at, iiui-e to Dr. llartman.civiugBftillftiite
ment of your case and lie will be pleased
to give you his valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hart man, President of the
Ilartmau Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
No wonder some are tired of rclig'
Ion when they take It all In kangaroo
DuDanco Starch Is put up 16 ounces
in a package, 10 cents. One-third
more starch for tho samo money.
Hvlivcrnl In Ouialia:
barrels at 4 00 pT barrtl
' 10 liarr
is nt i. 10 per ban el
at same
20th and HntolnAie.
IlLUB CO., 19 Michigan St., ebteago.
and our artlata un-iwilata . k....-
mi 10$ Wilrr Jt, Rrt Tart City.