The news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1909-1911, February 17, 1910, Image 8

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From Monday's Daily.
John Hiltor and wife Bpent the day
in Omaha, going on the morning train.
II. C. McMaken was a business
caller at the metropolis this morning.
Mrs Itickard Osburn was a pass
enger to Omaha on the early train
' W. A. Robertson, returned from
Omaha this morning where he spent
Sunday with friends.
Frank Gobelman transacted busi
ness in Omaha this morning, going
on the early train.
II. Tarns went to Omaha this morn
ing, having spent Sunday with his
family in this city.
Ed Sehelif returned to Glenwood
this morning having spent Sunday
with the home people.
Judge Travis returned from a. trip
to Kansas this morning, and opened
the term of the district court.
A. Fomoff, of near Cedar Creek,
was a Plattmiiouth visitor on business
this morning.
Will Fritclmian, spent Sunday with
his family, returning to Council Bluffs
this morning.
E. E. Wurl and John Nowacck
were passengers to Lincoln on the
early train today.
George Wood, the Canada land
man was in the city today looking
' after his rcalcxtate business.
Edward Duffy departed for Sheridan
Iowa on No 4 this morning for a ten
days visit with relatives. ,
Mrs. E. Schutafch and three daugh
ters spent the day in Omaha, going
on the early train this morning.
Col Pelf A. Barrows, Editor of
the News was a Nchawka visitor
Saturday, and a guest at the commer
cial club banquet in that thriving city
hat your dinner at the A. 0. U. W.
Hall Tuesday (tomorrow) evening
from 5 to 8 o'clock, served by Uie
ladies of the Christian Church.
Don't forget the chicken dinner to
be served by the ladies of the Christian
Church at the A. 0. U. W. Hall Tues
day evening Fevruary 15th.
. v
George I Hue, the Union citizen,
who looks after the interests of the
republican party in Liberty precinct
was a Plattsmouth visitor today.
Christian Church dinner at the A.
O. U. W. Hall Tuesday evening Feby.
loth. Many good tilings to eat. A
genuine chicken dinner.
John Bogard and E. L. Dowler,
of Avoca, are serving on the regular
panel this week, having arrived on
the early train today.
B. A. Rosencranz, who has been
with the Lincoln Construction Co.
at Lincoln for the past two years, will
come to Plattsmouth and become
associated with his father, W. E.
Mrs. John Urish and Bon Henry
("id daughter Miss Mattie, drove
ia from the farm and boarded the
morning train for Omaha.
Mrs. MeLeunen, of Fairbery and
Miss Biddlecom, of Havelock, who
have been guests at Mrs. Judge Travis
for a few days, departed for their homes
this morning.
J. W. Bullra, John Domingo, and
TI. A. Hart were three Weeping Water
t ten registered at the Perkins, who
will ftssiiH the court in the trial of
law cases this term of court.
Joseph Mullin, William Kun of
Elmwood were summoned to Tlatts
moutU this week a.nd appeared today
to serve on the petit jury during the
present term of court.
Sam Kohem, of Omaha, was an
ocr Sunday guest at the home of
1 is sister, Mrs. Max Herman, Mrs.
Herman accompanied her brother to
' maha thu morning.
jv. J. Staddlcman and wife and
' t-tlc son arrived Saturday and visited
lattsmoutli friends over Sunday.
Ir. Staddlcman is in the telephone
dustry at Norfolk.
A. Nasi of Nchawka was in town
jay on business and called on the
" itor and loft some of those little
round things which go so far to make
life worth the living.
Mrs. M. Wintrob spent the day
with friends in the metropolis, going
on the early train today.
Mrs. Will Shera, of Rock Bluffs,
is reported quite sick, but yesterday
was said to be some better.
John Chapman, visited his mother
and family overnight, departing on
his run for the west this morning.
Mrs.. Will White and Miss Carrio
Oliver were among the Omaha pas
sengers going on No 15 this morning.
James Archer and wife, of Omaha,
spent Sunday with friends in this
city returning to their home this
George Sitzman, of Ceder Creek
does not improve as much as his
friends would like to sec him do, and
is very weak.
Mrs. Geo. Lushinsky and Mrs.
Joo Wales spent the day with friends
in Omaha, going on the first train
this morning.
C. F. Harris of Union, is a Platts
mouth visitor this week, assisting in
settling some knotty litigation in the
district court.
Mrs. J. R. Hunter and daughter
Jennie, went to Havelock to spend
the day with relatives, departing
on No 15 this morning.
J. O. Sitzman, wife and children
returned from Cedar Creek this mor
ning, where they had been to visit
Mr. Sitzman s father, who is seriously
Cecil Thomas who is managing an
auto garage in Omaha, spent Sunday
with Plattsmouth friends, returning
to the metropolis this morning.
John Kruegcr of Minard was in
town today and dropped in at the
office to see the editor. Mr. Kraeger
is serving the county as a juror at
the present term of court.
Miss Amelia Martin the Kinder-
garden teacher at the Central building
was reported on the sick list this
morning, and required J,hc service
of a substitute in her room. -
Charles Jackmnn of Louisville, will
serve his country this week acting
as one of the twelve good men and
true, in the adjustment of difficulties
in the district court.
A. Fomoff and his brother Philip
accompanied by J. P. Falter the land
man, will depart for Plainview, Neb
raska this evening "to look at a real
estate proposition offered there.
W. A. Endecott and wife returned
to their home at Glenwood this morn
ing having spent two days in the city
in the Ilolliness meetings held at the
residence of . I. B. Green in South
Miles Drake, prominent Louisville
citizen is in the city having received
a written invitation from Sheriff
Quinton to participate in the adjudu
cation of controverted cases in the
district court this week.
Victor Peterson and Charles Ramel,
of Omaha came down last evening
to put a new flue in the condenser
at the light station. A leak caused
by the defective flue was reason for
light .action last evening.
The Knights and Ladies of Security
are progressing nicely with their
preperations for their fourteenth an
niversary, wh'ch will be celebrated
next Monday evening at their hall
in the Coates block. Some of the
National officers have already signi
fied their intentions of being present.
George Larue of Union was in the
city on business Monday and made
the editor a pleasant call. Mr. Larue
wears one of those little bronze buttons
which always appeals to the editor
and he feels like it is always an honor
to grasp the hand of the man who
faced flying bullets in tho CO's.
John Wcidcman and F. M. Davis,
of Greenwood, were in Plattsmouth
today having come in to act as witness
es before the matters pertaining
to ttio nnal naturalization papers of
four Greenwood gnetlemcn. The
gentlemen becoming full fledged citi
zens of tho United States are: James
and Henry Green, natives of Ireland,
William C. Boucher, native of England
and Carl G. Anderson, originally from
Mr. L. G. Larson was employed,
today repairing the show window
for William Holly s clothing emporium
at the cornor of Maine and Fourth
streets. When finished Mr. Holly
will have one of the nicest show
windows in the city.
From Tuesday's Daily.
Remember the Motion Pictures
at the Parmcle.
G. R. Taylor, of Auburn, transacted
business in the city today.
Peter Kcil of Ceder Creek, tran
sacted business in Plattsmouth today.
C. E. Metzger, of Cedar Creek,
was registered at the Riley today.
Henry Horn of Cedar Creek was
in the city today looking after bust
ncss matters.
Mrs. Henry Donat and son Frank,
spent the day in Omaha, going on No
15 tins morning.
John Wagner and John Buskirk,
of South Bend, transacted business in
Plattsmouth today.
William Puis and Alfred Gense-
mier were in the city today looking
after business matters.
J. M. Campbell, of Union, was a
vinitor in the city last evening, and
registered at the Perkins. ,
Ed Barker, is in Cedar Creek today
starting a new car for a prosperous
farmer in that vicinity.
hard coal. Every one was about out,
and the present cold snap makes the
base burner ones best friend. "
Don't fail to attend the Parmcle
each night and see the best moving
pictures that money can buy.
Miss Susie Brittian spent the day
with Omaha friends, going on the
early tram this morning.
II. G. Frcy, Burlington agent at
Cedar Creek, is in the city as a wit-
ncss m the Bower vs Burlington suit
L. M. Orr the real estate man was
a passenger to Omaha on the morning
train today.
John Albert and wife spent the day
in Qmaha, looking after business
Mrs. Eva Reese and daughter.
Mrs. J. W. Baylor and little son
Bpent tnc day in Umaha visiting
Mrs. John Vondron and daughter
Miss Rose were visiting in the met
ropolis today, going on the morning
J. E. Mason has ac'd nl to his stock
a full and handsome line of posta
cards nnd has lately received a lot of
fresh fruit, tf .
Mrs. W. II. Lair, who has been visi
ting her daughter, Mrs, Charles Freese
for a few days returned to her home
at Havelock this morning.
R. A. Troop, went to South Omaha
on the morning train today,
where he shipped a double deck car
of sheep last night.
Mrs. W. T. Scottcn and daughter
Miss Lorctta, called on their Omaha
friends between trains today.
County Judge Beeson today granted
marriage license to Fritz Lutz and
Miss Mata Puis, tho wedding to occur
Mrs. William Taylor, who has
been visiting at Ralston, Nebraska
for several days returned this morning
on No 4.
Prof. Harrison and W. C. Ramsey,
were called to Dunbar last evening
to attend a meeting of tho Masonic
order, expecting to return today.
John Opp of Nchawka and Miss
Anna Black of Nebraska City procur
ed a marriage licenso and were joined
in matrimony in Omaha yesterday.
Claus Jess and family departed for
Hugo Colorado, on tho morning train
today, whero Mr. Jess will engage in
0. P. Edmonds, from tho Iowa
side, was an over night visitor in the
city, returning to Tacifio Junction
this morning.
Tomie Moore and wife, who have
been visiting relatives and friends
in this community and near Union
for a few days returned to their home
at Walt Hill, on tho morning train.
J. W. Newell and wife of Omaha
arrived last evening and were tho
guests of relatives over night. Mr.
Newell returned to Omaha this morn
ing, but Mrs. Newell will remain for
a short time.
Mrs. Joseph Klein, of Lincoln,
who has been the guest of Plattsmouth
friends for u Bhort time, returned
to her home via Omaha this morning.
L. D. Switzer, of Weeping Water,
and C. R. Jordan, of Alvo, arrived
last evening and will meet with Mr.
Frederich and hold the regular session
of the board today.
0. E. Moreland, B. F. Eikleberg
and wife and Miss Bocttcher, of
Tabor who have been conducting
services for the Holiness people in
South Park, closed a two weeks meeting
last night, returning to Tabor this
J. W. Tubbs, of Omaha who has
been employed for soveral days re
pairing the boiler of the light plant at
the Masonic Home, returned to the
metropolis on the morning train today.
From Wednesday's Daily.
T. P. Kennish, wns called to Omaha
today on business.
William Holly, the clothier vas a
business caller in Omaha today.
B. F. Hyde, of St. Joe, was calling
on the trade in Tlattsniouth last
Earnest and Leroy Bentner were
Omaha passengers on the morning
train today.
Miss Effic Benedict departed for
Lincoln this morning where she will
visit friends for a time.
A. II. Rawlins was in the city on
business today departing for his
home on the morning train.
George Lindon and wife npent
the day in the metropolis going on
the early train this morning.
C. Hostetter was an Omaha pas
senger on the early train today where
he was called on business.
Mrs. Carl Kunzmnn, went to South
Omaha, on the morning train today
where she will visit friends for a time.
Henry Guthman left for Waterloo
on the morning train, having visited
Plattsmouth friends for a short time.
A. Kaufenberger, of near Cedar
Creek, transacted business in Platts
mouth today, coming down on No 4.
J. J. Pollard of Nehawka was a
Plattsmouth visitor last evening, hav
ing some importance business to look
Mrs. N. E. Brittian, of Council
Bluffs, come down on business this
morning and spent the day in Platts
mouth. William R. Davis, of Nchawka,
came to Plattsmouth last evening to
look after business matters of im
portance. E. W. Mauer departed for Lincoln
on the morning train today where
he will look after business matters
for a short time.
Legal Notice.
State of Nebraska,
89. County
County of Cass. Court.
In the matter of tho estate of Abel
Bcvan, deceased.
To all persons interested:-
You are hereby notified that there
has been filed in this Court the peti
tion of Catherine Bevan, widow of
said deceased, alleging therein that
said Abel Bcvan departed this life
in said County, leaving an estate to
bo administered, and praying for the
appointment of an administrator.
You are further notified that a
hearing will be had upon said petition
before this court at Plattsmouth
in said County on the 8th day of
March 1910, at 10 o'clock A. M.
That all objections, if any, mubt
be filed on or before said day and hour
of hearing.
Witness my hand and the seal of
the County Court of said County
this 8th day of February 1910.
866 County Judge
Notice to Pay Up.
In tho most friendly manner pos
sible I desire to notify all who are in
debted to mo in any amount that I will
expect a settlement of their account
at tho time of the coming pay day. It
is absolutely imperative that all bills
be paid and no further notice will
be given. If you owe me in any
sum, you will avoid additional cx-
penso and legal difficulties by calling
upon me at the time specified. If I
owe you, present your bill and you
will get your money. Again I say
that this is positively the last notice.
70&75 t-f M. Fangcr.
Remember the raster.
The people of Mvnard
appreciate a good man in the com
munity for thev reeentlv
the pastor of the Methodist church
at tnat place with a nice Galloway
robe as an evidence of their liking
for the preacher and in appreciation
of the good work he is doing. W.
uuiispie was responsible for starting
tho good work which was responded
(o most heartily by the rest of the
people there who appresiate Rev.
iiarrcii ana his work. We received
this notice yesterday, but it got
lost in the shuffle and only turned up
this morning in the editor's pocket.
Believing however in the adage "Better
late than Never," we are glad to let
the readers of the Daily News know
all about it.
State of Nebraska.
Cass County,
In tho matter of the estate of Mary Morgan
Notice U hereby given that the creditors
of said deceased will meet the administrator
of said estate, before me, fount y Judge of
us v uuruy menrasKB, at ine t'ounty Court
room In 1'lultsniouth, In sold County, on the
KHh day of February 1010 and on the 22
August 1010 at 10 o'clock A. M each day,
for the purposo of presenting their claims
for examination, adjustment and nllowunce.
Six months are allowed for the creditors
of said decensed to present their clulnis, and
one year for tho administration to settle
said estate, from the 19th day of Februaiy
' VVilnnHs m v hnml nn.1 nnnl ..f l.l rn, ....
.... , ........ ... ... ui nniu . ..Mill Y
Court. At. lMHltumnlith V ultra i-l-a ..
, - -' . - I'Vi', (Ilia 41
day of January 1010.
SwH) - County Court
8G-H v
In the Matter of tho Estate ORDER
of Waolav (called Juir.e.-O TO SHOW
Krowlck, Deceased. CAUSE.
This cause came on for hearing on the
petition of Will J. Strelght. administrator
of the estate of Waclav Krowlck, deceased,
praying for licenso to sell l ot SI, being the
West half of (he West bulf of South East
iiuarter of North West quarter of Nee. 12,
'1 wp. 12, Hge. 13 E. In Cass county, Nebraska
or a sulllciect amount of the same to bring
the sum of !Hi.9; for the payment of the
costs of administration, there not helnir
sufllclent personal property to pay the same.
It is therefore ordered that ail persons In
terested In uld etate appear before mo at
he District Court room In l'lattsmouth,
Cass countv. Nebraska, on the 2 1st lnv nf
of Feby. 1U10, at 10 o'clock A. M to show
cause why a license should not bo granted
iu sbiu nomimsiraior w sen so muen or tne
above descriled real estate of said deceased,
as shall be necessary to Day said debts anil
expenses. It is further ordered that this
order be published In The Se mi Wrtklu Sevt
Hcraiit, a semi weekly newspaper puollsiied
at l'lattsmouth, Cass county, Nebraska,
for a period of four weeks next nrlor to the
d ate of said heaing. Dated this 10 day of
January, 11)10.
Judge of the District Court
To all whom It may eoVlrvm; Notice Is
hereby given that The Brunswlck-Balke-Cvllender
Company of Chicago Cook
County Illinois will on the 2Kih ilv rf foil.
eary 1010 In the Town of Plattsnouth Nofof-
rasna on tun, struct in front, or the Hotel
iiiley Hlock. at 10 o Clock A. M sell at Public
Auction by virtue and under the nmilliinna
of a Chattel Mortgage, the following des
cribed good and chattels, vis Two 4x8
eclipse Carroin Tables numbers 1S20S and
i.-iL'HN cues, i uo Hacks, Hridgo', Ball Hacks,
KullHr cover, nnd two sets of (Vmposiik n
Pool Halls, all belonging with the said tahlis,
and any other flxtun s thereunto belonging
The reason. for said sale ure us follows on
May the tit b. I'.MK) 11. E. Itand executed
to TI.e Brunktvli'k-Balke-CoUender Com
pany ten Promissory notes of f 10.00 each
drawing interest at the rate nf six per cent
per annum duo In one two three four five
six seven eight nine and ten months after
(lute, and to secure tho puyment of said
nolo he executed a Chattel Mortgage of
even date therewith on tho Chattels above
de.scrll)ed to the Krunswiek-Ualke-Collender
Company, which mortgage was Mod in ilio
olllce of the County Clerk of Cass County
Nebraska on the tilth, day of May VMM at
!) o'clock and 47, minutes A. M. and duly
recorded. Tho conditions of said mortgage
are such that in cuse dcfuult should be (nude
In payment of either or any of snld notes,
or if the mortgagee should at any time deem
inoniKeivcs inccuro i. smiu he lawtull
for suid mortKKs to take Immediate oosses-
sion of said Chattels and dispose of them at
miotic aiiriioii.nnu out or tne money arising
from said sule our all that remains tinoaid
on said notes, together v.itii all charges,
costs, and expenses incident, thereto.
I hero is now due and unpaid six of tho
above described- notes, those falling duo
October tith., November tit h.. Docomler
lilh. Iltofi and January Oth., February tith.,
and March tith., WIO. the last mentioned
nolo being dun by virtue of default under the
said mortgage, a total of (). with interest
at per cent from the Hth. day of May 1IMM1.
and the said mortgagor having dcfai.llcd
In the payment of said sums, the mortgugce
now seeks to foreclose. No suit or proceeding
at law has been instituted to recover-tho sums
herein sought to lie collected. The proceeds
derived from tho sain of tho promtrty heroin
doscriliod will be applied under the condition
of the Mild mortgage.
Dated this 7th (lav of Fevrunrv 1010.
TheBrunswIrk-Balke-Collender Company
By It. 1). Windham, Attorney and Agent.
Por Infants and Children.
Hie Kind You Han Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
41 instruction in witnt color, art leather, brnsV
I and copper, noma decoration a irsna op
portunity to I rn an. when you once know
il, you esa osnt (i e4t On I of miner in your
home Best o( inxruciion bv teictaer who tpent
nun? yean in art cetueit in the esit. and in
Atherg Haiis. Wnw for free particular.
Mrs. H REX COTTON. 607 Bet Bide., Omaha, Nth.
Children Cry
H I I t ! -I-1- 4-1- S- B- 8- -t--
atW V
Smoke an
And be Happy
Do you want an
If you do. get one who has
Experience, Ability, Judgement
Telegraph or Write
Robert Wilkinson,
Dunbar, Nebr.
Or call at the News-Herald office and
we will save you trouble and expense
in getting dates and terms.
Good Service. Reasonable Rate.
John Durman
Expert Blacksmith I
lias taken charge of the Wil- T
liam Puis Blacksmith Shop
4 1-2 miles west of Murray. I
All kinds of Fine Horseshoe- ?
t m and all kinds of Black-
smithlng. Satisfaction guar
anteed. ' Call on Him.
Eggs and Cream
I hlw wnrn W I nn..i.. i l
pait tlx veart. and alwayt find they are far
aunnplnr tn all Athu kl K J .1
comfort and durability." W. 0. JONE8,
, , , nowara vo utlca, N, Y.
If I COUld IkIcm inn SnlA m
tones at Brockton, Mattn and show you
how carefully W. L. Dougla thoet are
made, vou woM iut ku
their shape, fit better, wear longer, and
aro ui greater value than any other make.
' ' ",:7NI" W.I,.JoiiKiiummB and price
Jl!?.,ul7,'?lllJ! m T0" W1" w lIoui:laIhm.i,
wrlie tor Mail Orclrr ("atmn. W.l,.l)ouiila. Brockton,
Joseph Fetzer
Tin ui , - iiBeSSSSBSel
At Low
Round Trip
On Bale every first ana third
Tuesday in each month to every
part of the Southwest.
Hugh Norton, Agent.
v m iev
'rt i ; m