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    the bond of a democrat had not been
filed at the same time, and therefore
the thing was a standoff and neither
Mr. Manspeaker nor Mr. Schlatcr were
responsible for it. We hold Mr. Schla
ter very highly and would not for a
moment publish anything
him personaly if the facts did not war
rant it, and so far a9 we know there is
no reason for any statement along that
line. People who read the heading to
an article hhould also read the whole
article and many times they will know
more about it if they do so
Brief Local
Little Items Concerning the Go
ing and Coming of People
You Know.
Dt'linur Saxon of Klmwood in in the
city today.
i ne came is noi enaeo. i tie mere
casting of the ballot, the counting of
the votes4 and the announcement
iL. la. t i
me resuu is out an incident, a mere
skirmish to the great battle which wil!
take place one year from this fall
There is more at stake, possibly than
the average citizen considers, and
would be well from now on to study
conditions, study prospective candidates
and look well not only into the past
but into the future. It is noc to be ex
pected that any man or any party can
legislate or assist in legislating in such
a way that every man will be satisfied
It is a question of the geatest good to
the greatest number which needs to be
studied, ond in studying that question
put your prejudices in the background
throw your blue glasses in the stove
and view the situation critically with
the naked eye and with a mind unpre
judiced by petty personal selfishness,
The political and business history of
the past twenty to forty years is with
in the memory of most of us, and as a
voter, as an intelligent citizen who ap
preciates what it is to be an American
citizen, foreign or native born, it is our
duty as such citizen, to study well the
past that we may better cast our ballot
in the future.
y win i
J, It;
The result of the election in Cass
county is not such that the republican
who had hoped to see Old Cass brought
oack where by rights she ought to be
feel hopeful for the future.
is true that in some respects bush
whacking politics has been rebuke!
and for that all good men irrespective
of politics should feel glad. But the
fact stands out boldly the notwithstand
ing Cass pounty is republican by a good
majority, republicans insist in splitting
ineir ticxet, while democrats just as
strongly insist in putting it in straight.
a we nave no sensure to make upon
s. republicans who believe that their in
terests and the interests of the party
( whose principles they believesin can
bast be subserved by such action. It is
their business and not ours. But there
is lots of chance between now and an
other election to think thfse things
over and learn a lesson from the result
in Cass county.
Bllhorn Can't Come.
The following is a portion of a let
ter to Rev. W. L. Austin, and is self
"Nothing would please mo more, if
I had the opportunity or time, than
to go and join forces with you and
your people in a campaign. I remem
ber dear old l'lattsmouth, many, many
years ago, when I was there with my
first little organ and had a series of
meetings and did a great deal of work
in the Hurlington shops. I very dis
tiuctly remember! the name C. C
Weseott, as one who found the master
in my service. I also remember with
much pleasure the meeting I hud with
-4ju at Hed Cloud, Neb., and regret ex
ceeuingiy mat because ol oilier en
gagements I will not be able to assist
you at this time.
"I go to the Pacific coast nearly
every year, around December, and
upend all the winter there. On Febru
ary J, 1910, we sail with a party from
San. Francisco, on the boat China, for
a trip around the world. We will stop
u few days at Honolulu, a week at
Manilla few days at Yokohoma, Ja
pan,. China, Africa, and back to Aus
tralia andNew Zealand, at which places
all the large cities are planning great
mel tings for us. I wish you could go
along, as we may need someone who
lias the gift of taking up collections."
Rev. V. L. Austin and Mr. Bilhorn,
the sweet singer, were classmates and
boys together iu Mendota, Ills.
John Fitzpatrick, for many years on
the police force here, departed Thurs
day morning for his home in Council
Muffs, after a pleasaut visit here with
daughter and other friends.
jf'Wt. and Mrs. W. L. Pickett de
fied Thursday fur Lincoln to attend
the funeral services of Mrs. Pickett's
mother Friday. The interment will
be at Ashlaud be'ul that of her hus
band. ..''
Sheriff Quinton is at Nehawka to
day on official business.
Mrs. F.dith Donnelin returned home
Thursday from Line tin.
Ralph White of Nebraska City vis
ited in this city Thursday.
C. A. Clark of Chicago visited the
C. h. Weseott s Sons Thursday.
Mrs. Joint W. Crabill was a passen
ger to Omaha Ihursday morning.
... II. Weseott is looking over all
that is worth seeing at Omaha today.
Miss Helle Martin, a sister of Chas.
L. Martin, is the guest of Mrs. II. D.
Mrs. C. A. lierggien and her daugh-
ttr, A.i.-w Hannah, spent Thursday in
Mrs. J. II. Donnelly and her sister,
Miss Julia Herman, visited in Omaha
M. Fanger went to Omaha Thursday
to meet his new milliner from New
York City.
Mrs. S. M. Chapman visited Omaha
Thursday and brought her son, John,
home with her.
Protracted meetings commence at
the M. K. church Sunday evening. A
cordial invitation is extended to all.
Mabel, the seven-year-old daughter
of Chief of Police Amick, who has been
ill with diphtheria, is now convalescent.
Mrs. Clcorge Sayles, who has been
visiting her son and his family, re
turned to her home in Cedar Creek
L. F. Sallee, of the Nebraska Ma
sonic Home, went to Omaha Thursday
to learn how the election went in Ne
braska Tuesday.
Miss (Jrace Fitzgerald captured her
audience at the ramiele last night
when she'sann "LoveMe, and the
World is Mine."
Mrs. Frank Wheeler accompanied
her husband's sister, Mrs. S. A. Wood,
as lar as Umaha on her way homo
Thursday morning.
Mrs. T. A. Astle, wife of a Burling
ton conductor, departed Thursday
for Schuyler to visit her parents, Mr.
ami Mrs. Hasberger.
Mrs. (3. G. Smith, who has been vis
iting her friend, Mrs. Thomas Wiles,
departed Thursday morning for her
ionic in Havelock.
Protracted meetings commence at
the M. E. church Sunday evening. A
cordial invitation is extended to all.
The Mcsdames Albert and William
Weteneanip accompanied the boy to
Omaha, where he is receiving medical
treatment from Dr. Clifford.
James Smity ond son Marion,
of Kmerson, la., were in this county
Ihursday looking at the rich dirt
with the view of purchasing a good
Mrs. Mary Mctiowan, who has
been visiting her brother, Dr. W. D.
Jones, family ond other friends, de
parted Ihursday morning for her
ionic in Los Angeles.
Railroad Building.
Two parties of engineers employed
by theNorthern Pucific Railway Co.,
and three crews connected with the
Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound
Railway company are racing for the
first location of a line into the timber
belt on the north fork of the Clearwater
river in northern Idaho. The Hill peo
ple have located a line on both sides of
the river from Ahsahka to Dent, 15
miles, and is extending it up the
stream on the north bank. The
Milwaukee engineers have located on
north bank between the points named
and are now working on the south
fork. Eastern ond western lumber
companies with extensive holdings
along the river are obliged to remove
the timber within a specified time and
the railroads are necessary to handle
le products. ,v
Mrs. John Brady and her daughter
returned home Wednesday from
Norburne, Mo., where they were vis
iting relatives.
Nebraska Beet Sugar.
John Petrie, of the live Ntoek de
partment of the Burlington, who has
just returned from a long trip to the
west and northwest, says that there is
nothing in all the west like the beet
sugar business in northeasrern Colo
rado and the North Platte valley in
western Nebraska. - The beet crop has
been heavy, and the harvest is now on.
The crop in the North Platte valley was
unusually heavy, and the prospects
are for an increased acreage next year.
Mr. Petrie says:
"There are now three sugar fac
tories taking the product of that part
of the beet erowimr territory. Thev
are located in Brush, Sterling and Fort
Morgan. At Fort Moriran and Brush
the factories are slicing about !KK) tons
of beets each per day, while the fac
tory at Sterling getting iects'fwin
both the Union Pacific and the Bur
lington, has a greater supply. The
beets are the finest in quality and the
raisers are getting a good price for
them. Sugar beet trains are now be
ing pulled out of the North Platte val
ley to those factories, and the rather
long Haul is making considerable bus
iness for the railroad. Next season
the new factory nt ScottsBluff will
be in operation and the haul will be
reduced, but it is probable that the
tonnitge will more than make up to
the railroad the loss in mileage. There
is no question about the future of the
North Platte valley. You get the
combination of an irrigated country
raising sugar beets and a sugar fac
tory in that territory and the way
quick money comes in makes some
other lines of industry look sick. At
Sterling, Fort Morgan and Brush
about ten thousand head of cattle will
be fed and enough sheep to bring the
live stock total far above $l(K),0(K).
The stock is fed upon the refuse syrup
the pulp and prairie hay ond the com
bination makes fat cattle in a short
''It would Im hard to find the range
country in a better condition than
now. The ranee is excellent, the sea
son liavinir been iust the live
stock on the range is doing well. You
have heard that most of the live stock
has been taken from the ramie bv the
high prices. This is not true. The
rangenien have sold what surplus they
rind and nave kept the stock that
will grow into money. The railroads
have handled a heavy stock tonnage
but there is p'enty left up there for
itfxt ycar.'M . : - i
"Stockmen in Burlington territory
liave done well. Cattle men have ha
good feed and have sold at liieh nriees
r r -
Sheep men have'done the same. There
doesn t anitear to be a thimr to kick
about in the west and the nnrthwi-Nt
The country is prosperous and traffic
conditions are all that we could ask
Want Column
.1 i
Card from the Sheriff.
1 wish to thank most heartily mv
friends who stood by me during the
late political campaign. It is good to
have friends and I know it and to their
efforts, early and late, is due my elec
tion. 1 thank them again, and hope to
be able some day to show my apprecia
tion in a more fitting manner.
Carrol D. Quinton.
oost Plattsmouth
Plattsmouth Cigars
Herman Spies,
Bernard Wurl,
William Hamilton and
Ptak & Bajeck
William Weber
I Weyr
William Budig
Make them.
ich k Had mini
At the Red Cross Drug Store.
I The Best!
That is what our groceries
are. Our Store is filled with
not bargain counter stuff,
and you would do well if
you would give us atrial.
If you want some special
delicacy, call us up by
phone we have a full jine
WANTED Young men and women to
fill positions paying $900 to $2000 per
annum, oig demand for stenograph
ers in the Government service, as
well as in private business life. Our
new method of teaching shorthand
' by mail insures as thorough and
practical a training at your own home
as is obtainable by personal attend
ance at any business college in the
country. We guarantee success
Complete course for small cash Dav
ment; balance to be paid when you
secure a position. Trial lesson free.
Central Business Institute, Central
Building, Washington, D. C.
FOR EXCIIANGE.640 acres in Kimb l
county, fine. Will exchange for
Cass county land pay difference. 80
acres Cultivatep, in Eastern Kansa
lor l'lattsmouth property. 8 room
cottage to exchange for western land.
Fifteen acres close in for Cash.
Windham Investment Co. G6-4
FOR SALE CIIEAP-At Smith's barn,
l'lattsmouth. Neb., a new carriiure.
Lady owning same has quit keeping a
horse. It must sell. sw-tf
Do you want an
If you do, get one who has
Experience, Ability, Judgement
Telegraph or Write
Robert Wilkinson,
Dunbar, Nebr.
Or call at the News-Herald office and
we will save you trouble and expense
in getting dates and terms.'
Good Service. Reasonable Rate-
Smoke an
J And be Happy f
Stat of NrhrwIiB. I , . ,
County of ('. ( In County Court.
In tho matter of thiUtc of Jacob F. 8. Steo-
iwr, dvemuwd.
To all penmiM Inttmtmi:
iYJ'l' ""T ""''' ntil tht a petition ha. bean
filed In thin court for the wlminietration of the
muteof Jacob K. Htenner and that Inri Stenner
hat been nominated a Kuril administrator, that a
hearing will he hul utu.. ...... . ..... . l. - . . L
day of November. 19US. at nina o'clock A M. at
on, , me uy 0 flattumouth. Nebraska,
brfora which hour all objrctkM thereto rouit be
filed. Hy the Court.
SlCAIiL . AfcLHH J. Brkhon.
M' County Judga.
In County Court
SUta of Nehra-ka, ) CQ
Can County. Jb3v
In the matter of the eatate of Mary Miller, do-
To all permne Interentml:
You are hrhw nnliHml 1L.I - ..!. i i
di.i i . aui .... minion naa oeen
u C"15,,1, ,orI.ho '"wtration of the
entaU of Mary Miller, thnt David J. Pitman haa
oeen nominated m auch adminiatrator.' and that a
nearfnv will h h.l ........ . i ...m .. ...
j-Z i m T ! J, ' """" "n on me Bin
day of November A. D.. UiOO, at eiKht o'clock A.
M.. at my office in the City of I'latUmouth. Ne-
m?T. '.V oWoctione thereto
mut be tiled. By the Court.
Byron Clark and Allem J. Iltnn.
W. A. Horkrtiion, County Judge.
Attorneya. M.j
Bank of Eagle, Eagle.
Nehawka Bank, Nehawka.
Bank of Murdock, Murdock.
First Nat'l bank, Greenwood.
State bank of Murray, Murray.
First Nat'l bank, Plattsmouth.
1 All CV A
JHIlabl 3 Iti
lltnt Appliance, lljh-Or jit Drutl try letiM
till Mcm. But-f quipped Of n III Of
fltt ll tlM MidwU Wctl.
M fleor Paiton hik , Itlk r.rn.ra. OMAHA. NEB.
Notice of Election.
Before the Board of County Commlaslonera of
the Count of I'ama N.K...L .
In the matter of the organization of Liberty
Drainage DUtrict,
To all whom it may concern:
Plirmianf a th imlm Kr k 11 1 s.
CommiMiionera of the county of Caiw. Nebraaka.
rnierro on me imn aay of October A
D.. 1S09. and by virtue of the authority veeted iti
hereinafter dacr,lJ. I 91. E. Rowncrane.
County Clerk of Can. County. Nebranka. do
nereoy give nonce tnat on the ZXth day of Octo
ber. A. I 1MOK A li- T..L.. II n j . V ..
McCJ"rJ'1 ' W. Conanl. l.uella B. Taylor. Jea.
... B.Tld. Barbara A. Taytor. M. O, McQuln.
k Hh. " N. UKue and F. II, Mc
Carthy, filet) in the office of the County Clerk of
Cam County their petition in writing and aim
their bond with eurety thereon, all In manner and
form ae by law required, and which bond and
U7,tyitMreon ? t.he 2nd d,y of November,
A. I).. HUM. anntvwawt l.M n.. L . . !
prayer of Mid petition bring for the oritaniution
of Liberty Dnnnaire Dintrwt; Mid petition beins
nwa unaer the provinlonii of an act panned by
fi'R"" he t,overnor 'hereof, March 27th.
An Art In frimvidA tnm Ji.ii.i. .
drain wet land; ami land auhjert to overflow; and
any land which will he tinu,.!
to build dykee and leveee: to coniitruct, atraight
en. widen, deepen, or niter any ditch, drain
tream. or watercoume; to riprap or otherwuw
protect the hank nf anw atMAn. m .
- uin r 1 1 w con-
struct, enlarge, extend, improve or maintain any
drainage Hyetem; to coniitruct, enlarge, extend
improve or maintain any ayetem of control of iur-
face WatflV n. vunnina . I . 1 . ..
r.. ; - - wwwrr, anu mo rignia.
obligation and powera of mich enrporatioiui.
...i. ,, power oi eminent domain, the crea
tion of dellta. iaaliina' nt nuMtibhu ....
levying of aimial aiuH-mmeiita on auch real ae
tata and eaarmenta therein aa may be benefited
by auch public work, and defining the dutii-a and
powera of public ofliciala. ' And amendment
That the fmnn.lo. mmlj ff ik ... n. -i.
ri- . . . . V ueriir urainage
Diatnct aa fixed and determined by aald County
Htiiunrra are u IOIKJW". IO-Wlt:
Commencing at the center of the Miraouri River
where If intenu-f-fa tha mm . ...I . i i.
tion hne of aection twenty-eight 2S), in town
ahip (101. range fourteen (14). in the County of
Caaa. Nebraska, thence continuing due weat on
aaid half aection line through aectiona twenty
nine and thirty 129 A SO), of aaid townahip and
range to range thirteen (M, thence continuing
due weat through aection twenty-five (2ft) to aec
tion twenty-aix (26). thence north eighty (SO)
th,-n5e.u? X"1 OM hundred and aixty
(1601 rod to the half aectmn line, thence north
on the half aection line to the northern boundary
of aection twenty-three 2.1). thence due weat on
the north boundary line of aaid aection twenty
three ZI0. with aectiona (if Own and sixteen (16 &
111 on the north and aectiona twenty-one and
twenty-two (21 & 22) on the aouth. to the north-
. iiCT oi m-ruon iwenty-one Vli; thence
aouth one mile to the aouthweat corner of aection uu. tnrnce due eaxt on the lection
line to the nnrthraat corner of aection twenty
aeven CI), thence one ami one-half mile to the
half aection line between aecUina thirty-four and
iniriy-nve t.M at .mi, thence due eaat on the half
aection line through aaid aection thlrlv-fiva. t:iM
to the center of aection Ihlrly-aix (;!), thence
aouth eighty f0) rwla. thence eaat one hundred
andai.ty(lfiO)rod to the aection and range
line, all In townahip ten 10', north, range thir
teen (13) thence aouth to the aouthweat corner
of aection thlrfv.nn 111 . A , I. r..
County line, thence eaat on the county line forty
vw na, inence aum tntltoe County one hun
dred and aixty (1(10) roda. thence eaat fortv (40)
roda til the renter nt maiA .. . . i
aouth one hundred and aixty (ItiO) roda to the
...-.u.rrnui on lum aection line to
the center of the channel of the Miaaouri Kiver.
thence up the center of the Miaxouri Kivcr with
ita meanderinga to the point of beginning. All
of aaid land, in Otoe County being in townahip
nine, north of range fourteen.
All land owner within the bounderiea of aald
nroi.oaed Liliertv Drain... .ii ...
concerned, are hereby notified that an etivtlnn
will be held on ' riday. November 19. A.D.. 190
Wtwapn th. hnnp. nt .:..kt .'-I.-.L . la .
o clock P. M. at the office of the County Clerk of
the County of Caaa. N. hraeka. at I'lattamouth in
. mai ai aam election the queetion of
the formation nt oi.l I :1 ... r. :
ahall be determined and a Hoard of aeven direc
tor "hall Iw elected, aaid boor 1 to take office
contingently on the foimation of raid dia'rict.
In Wllneaa Whereof, I have he rein to aubacrib
ed mv nHlf-ii.1 aisnBhiH ... r'l . I
.it . w. niuir. tifra era
affixed the m al nf Caui. Mni.
office in the court houae in the city of' Piatt-
inuuin, in aaia county, thnt 20th day of October.
Byron Clark and W. K. RoHKurRAna.
W. A. Kohkrtson. f Vunty clerk of Caaa
Attorney for Petitioner County, Neb.
ISKALi (5.8
Majestic Theatre
Under the Management
Prof. H. S. Austin
Program Changes Mon
days, Tuesdays and
Tonight and To
morrow Night
Illustrated Song.
3,000 Feet of Moving
Soig Production.
First Show 7:30 Sharp.
At Low
Round Tup
On sale every first and third
Tuesday in each month to tvery
part of the Southwest. ' "
Hugh Norton, Agent. '