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    Be Not Hsbamcd.
Observe the opportunity, and beware of evil; and be
not ashamed concerning thy soul. For there is a shame
that brineth sin; and there is a shame that is priory
and grace. Accept not the person of any aprainst thy
soul; and reverence no man unto thy fallinpr. Refrain
not speech when it tendeth to safety, and hide not thy
wisdom for the sake of fair-seeming; for by speech wis
dom shall be known, and instruction by the word cf the
tongue. Speak not against the truth; and be abashed
for thine ignorance. Be not ashamed to make confes
sion of thy sins; and force not the current of the river.
Lay not thyself down for a fool to tread upon; and ac
cept not the person of one that i mighty. Strive for
the truth unto death, and the Lord G d shall fight for
on the ti.;d of railroad oTrr.i.--i-
the nower to tit raeniTi r rates: l
bill .-OT'-.i. f.: - the brewery t'ron t;.e
Hadley Raps
ed to $20,000,000, in 1870 to$:,000,000, ;
in ICO ) to $ 1012.0' .10, 000, and in l'.WS to i
J18l.r,(K(.ooo. The fiirures show that in ,
1907 the number of letter and jiost j
... . i
cards sent through the posiui system rjovernor Hadlev of Missouri the enuallv us friendly to the breweries us
of the United States whs (i,if(,(MHi,()00t other vlay gave out a ftinKiinr state- it was to the railroads. The brewery
as against 3,20:1,11110,000 in the German ! meat, which is in the nature of a re- downed saloon has long been recognized
Empire, 3,;jr,!t.000.00(i in the United vit'w c,f the wo:k and emissions of the : by everybody familiar with the fa.ts
i:xi;the rj.:irc i"i n-ui..
local ov.'.ion in ikies over 'J'.oo i r.:
habitants; a county UT.t 'nil; the bill
increas:';; the dram-shop; the
corporation franchise tax bill; the bill
providing for a r-. vision of the bar-.Vir.;j
laws of the state; a bill providing for a
b'V.rd of ev.'.rol for the ek vmosyn try
and penal institt.ti ns of the tato; the
election till it Kansas City r.r.-.l St.
Louis making chances in thee'ectlon
1 laws and provk'.irc for the appointment
of a bipartisan election board; the bill'
providing that cases on appeal should i
: not be reversed on account of the ,
, technicalities not nrTe:tinj the merits
of the litigation, ar.d the bill ptovidj
i'..r home ru!- for the large cities of the
state. Only one of these bills the
home rule bill, was political in its char
acter. i "A bill prohibiting railroad companies
1 from granting passes to persona otht r
than employes and tho-t? engaged in
: works of religion and charity, has been
passed by Congress and most of the
states. Yot, by the action of the f en-
ate. this bill was ('efeattd.
"The action of the Senate- in defeat
ing laws for the regulation of the
' liouor tra.Tic imlicated that it w;.
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Kingdom, 1,119,000,000 in France, and
1,067,000,001) in Austria-IIunpary. Tho
telegraph messages sent to the Uuited the liquor tratfie and public service cor-
States in 1907 reached the enormous 1 portions. Here are some excerpts
nnmi, .f iw mm nno ooo in thia .v.n. ! from his statement:
nection it must be remembered that
legislature. He handles the Demo-' as one of the pronounced evils of the
eratic senate without gloves for defeat- i liquor tratlic. It recommended the law
ing ail measures seeking to regulate I enforcing their separation, as I also
recommend the law conferring upon
residence districts in the large cities
the right to exclude the saloon there
from. And I alio, cs a matter of regu-
"This legislature furnishes the most
I . . . . ... . ! 1 j... 1 ..I.I. 1 . I
i sin:iiiLr contrast oi rood enr: mid work- i lation and oi revenue, asueo me ictri -
the telephone is a large competitor of tha js t0 ,)(J fl)1)n( in ,,K history of j luture to increase dram-shop licenses,
the telegraph, especially for long com-' this state. Hy reason of the action of I All of these bills,' along with a county
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mercial messages, and it is growing in
favor each year. In nearly every step
of the worlds progress during the last
hundred years the United States has
been the pioneer. Washington Post.
the senate, the list of good measures i unit bill, were passed by the house and
and defeated in the senate. This much
should, however, be said in favor of
the Democratic members of the senate
that they, at least, showed their t p-
that were killed far exceeds the l:?t of
good measures passed. The senate was,
of course, absolutely dominated by the
Democratic, member-.; and although a
majority of the Democratic members ; preoiation of the action of the twenty
- .seemed disposed to be fair, they weakly out of twenty-two breweries in St.
Didn't Mean Anything. 'permitted themselves to be dominated 1-ouis which in the last campaign op-
"One can't help knowing." said a by a few radical partisans whose inti- posed me and supported the Demo-
dandy, "when one is guml looking ,na;e relations with the lobbvints of cratic candidate for governor.'
Why, I got off at a small station tho imUic servi(.c cor,)orati(ms was
other day In the country, and 1 must
ject of general comer.t. The record of
(innfnca llvflt I nffrnntml St iTunt il.ifi.
of attention" the senate can best be understood by
"It doeFn-t mean an yi hits," said hit "Wn"tf it with the record of the
nenu. wny, wnen i get out or mi
. m . . . - 1 ...It 1 t 1.1 1
iitanu central station j ninet a crowc imc nuuse passeu una ine senate
of men who yell 'Hansom" Hansom!
at the top of their limps.."
killed the public sen-ice commission
jbill; the anti-pass bill; tho anti-dis-I
crimination bill; the bill conferring up-
A Peculiar Wish.
Young Chan Illame the linkl My
future father-in-law has been iml'icted
for forging a check for 10,000 marks.
If he Is found guilty, then I cannot
marry his daughter; and If he Is inno
cent, then I get nothing by way of a
dowry. My only hope Is that he will
lie net free ami also that ho li hot
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Nerve. i
Ho was only a tramp, tint he wai I QlJgfJ O
tnere witn Hie nerve. r.riieiniK nit
fashionable lunch parlor he iiomi'ous
ly seated himself at a table, devoured
a i Icklo and dropped seven lumps o!
sugar and two biscuits Into his coal
pocket. Then he sampled the hors
radish, drank a Klass of water and
glanced at the menu.
"Well?" unapped the tall waiter Is
the low-cut waistcoat.
"Well, how'dy, pal!" called the
ftranuer affably. "What yon got tf
"Everything," responded the wnlM
In Icy tones.
"On iiiy word! Oot. any welsh rab
bit ?"
"How do you serve It?"
"Any way you want!"
The tramp moved his chair out a
few inches.
"Well, give me the l"ft hind foot
old sport. I want it for luck."
And helplng'hlmself to another his
cnit the tramp dodged a saucer anr
vanl'died Into the niuht.
Property and Proprietors.
The rights of property have been so
much extended that the rights of the
community have almost altogether
disappeared and It Is hardly too much
to i-ay that the prosperity and the
comfort i and the liberties of a great
proportion of tho population have been
laid at the feet of a small number of
proprietors, who neither toll nor spin.
Joseph Chamberlain.
Lightning Flashes.
Accumulating evidence shows that
light nlnfc Hashes may have a much
more varied structure than was for
ruerly supposed. Photographs by A.
Larsen, a Danish photographer. Indi
cate that flashes may be made up of
small electric discharges, or rushes,
of which 40 may follow along nearly
the same path In half a minute.
Just What She Wanted.
Mrs. Nurlch was In the Jewelry
Btore. "Here are some new souvenir
spoons we have Just got In," said the
clerk, placing a tray for her Inspec
tion. "Oh. ain't those lovely!" she ex
claimed. "I must have some of those!
Our cook makes such lovely sou
venir!" ,
Cult of the Garden.
There never was a lime when the
i Interest In gardening was so keen as
It is now. (lardenlng has become the
, hobby of the wealthv ami well-to-do
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How a Plattsmouth Citizen Found
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My kidneys caused s.e much suffering
and there was a dull, tired ache across
the small of my back that distressed
me a great deal. If I stooped, my
back pained me Beverly and in the
morning when I arose, I felt as tired
as when I went to bed. Hearing Doan's
Kidney Pills fo highly praised, I pro
cured at Coring & (Vs., drug store and
it was not long before I was thoroughly
relieved. (Statement given June S,
On December 21), KKiS, Mr. Tiekoet
tor, said: "I cheerfully confirm my
former endorsement of Doan's Kidney
Pills. Ih ave had no trouble from my
kidneys since this remedy cured me."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milbtirn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name -Doan's-ant)
take no other. H- t
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I)wney's. Gering sells Lowney's fine
Notice to Creditors,
Omntyof Cum. County (ourt
In the mutter of tho I'Mntc of IVtor Turn, di--
CVh' tl.
N.itic" Ih hcn-liv nhrn that th rmlitur i f will mwt the Ailnmimtri.t -ix of puuI h.
tiili'. iH'furt-tilt-, I'liunty Juilft uf CM1I t ounty,
Ni-hr-1-.l-ii, nt thi County Cdurt mini in 1'lnttn
mouth, in Mini CiniMy, ami on thi '.'In; ihu-of v
-nili. r. l".t, nt 10 uYlock A. M. i-noli ilav, fur
tin-1 uriuMHof .r nnrif tli.-ir e liiirnn fur cxiinii"
mi' i mi, ml Minnii'iit ninl ullounnio.
Lowney's fine cardies at Cering's.
Notice To Creditor.
In County Court
Ktii'o of Ncliruslia. j qu
Cam County. J'
In ihc niatt r of (he cMai of Anna Kruwltk. de
ceased, Noil.-.; in liiT. I y (tivrn thill the .:rdit..r of naiil
ri'awd will meet ll.e AtiniiuiKtiator of m.. es-Ii.-e.
I ton-ine. County j,K, f t l clinly
N.-hrii.-k. at thpCouiiiy ,t rra,m jn Ma'u.
mouth, jneuiil f ounty. on th.-aint dwy of June
I'niji. ini.lon thoL'lMiliiynr i mbrr. I'.V.i. ut 10
o il.wk A. M., eai'h d.iy, for I In. inirpoHo ,,f prn.
MMitinu (heir foi ;ainii.ution, wliustment
anil allowiinre.
Six ni. nt In. are allow ul fr the rtnlilur of Ka'il
Ion to im-M iit their rlMiios ail one yenr for
the Ail.-niriiBtiator town liadt suite, from the
JIM day of June, VMM.
Witni nB my I and and m m! of hi.I (-.,niv ,.,,, i
nt I'lutl imoiith, Ni linu ka. tl.m IW h day of May
I.' 'i'.
Ai.t.i N J. Hk::siin,
()iinly Jiiilite.
Notice To Creditor.
State of N. liraska, i . ,
County of Cam. i -'nt Court .
In thenmtirr of the iKtole of Wn.lav Krowien
, N V" h' n '" riv,'n ",a, ,"' ni!itors of sjiiil
ilenniuil will mif-t the Adniuimtrator wild wil'
uunexnl uf niiuI .laie. Ix.lore me. Ceuriiv Juiliri.
o( CahMCoinilv. Neliiaikn. nt the County Court
riMim in I'lutinnouth. in mu.l County, on the '!(
duv of Juno. rum. at tioYI.,. k. A. M . raeii day
f,.- he ...irie ,.f rii nTi,- their rlaims for t:J
minalion, BUjUKtmenl and allonance.
rux moiitriH hi. iiiiuwui lor Hi eri ihlon of raid
,,.,-,.u.,, I,. .ii-8ent ihe.t rUini i. ii,.,l one y, nr for
the Ailmiiiii-tiator low Hie Mini -tale, fro:n tho
2I' "ay of .Ion... l!Kii.
Witnens my hand and m-ii! of raid Count v Court
n'liittnnojlh, Ni-hiuska. II. u i:i'h, day of May,
11-8 ISKAI.
A I l.l-N J. IIKI '-iin,
(bounty Judk'C
. . Ill County Court.
No:ice of Final Settlement.
Sta'eof N'ehraKka '
County of Cans. I '
In the matter of the cflale of fritli rick IK
I.ehiihfiff. de-aKed.
Toall iiei-on" intrre-tiil: Von are horvliy no"
til'iKl that the Kxerutr.x of theiHiaie of rniler
irk I). lrf ha liliii her final ro
.ort aNl .etition lunyiiiK Hi. rein lor final net t le
nient of mild estate, that her hi-. mini U- allowed,
ai d Hint ti e pi'twinnl and mil estate he usnutm-d)
to hi r a provided by the term of the last will of
anid d.Tened. and duly prolia'i-d and allowed by
thin court.
You are furtlir that ihrre will be a
henrinit iiKn paid petuion In-line Hi if court in the
county court lo in at i'liiitrnniuth. in aaid crunty.
on the lf.t day of June'ltU. at lll'o'eiwk A. M.anil
thai all ohivetiona, if any. niuit be lilod on or bo
fore Mid day and hour of heurmR.
Witn.M my hand and the neal of the county
cjurt uf airl county thin Jf.h day of May: l'.Ut.
Al.l.KN J. HliKSON.
ISKAI.I County Judtte.
Legal Notice.
Statenf Neluadka. i . .... . ,.
County of Caw. Is" In County Court.
loMaviua J. IIokk'.. andSophonia Hritrus. his
wife, and unknown heir aid devmeea of HaviUK
J. Uriifirx. decenKid, S. N Mernam. and the un
known heire and devivcci ?of S. N. Merriam. 'dt
eeaeil, and the I'lnon, i Company, of New
York, a 'liustee, d. ferdum.. You and enrh of
you are hi ri by notitied that on the IMlh day of
May. A. !., 1'if. tieorye J. Stohlnmnn, plainlitf.
hot. in til. d In. l etiiion in the dimru't rnurt of
( u-i. munty. NehrH-kii, KMiun'.t naid defendantn.
i theohiis-t and pratei of which is In nmiove cor. cn.iid . from hm title hi .1 to iruirt the title in
Ins ti Vk lni mil mle vninv t.l iniu an. I I -I"' day of June. I'.iil.
, ., '" . . , I W'tnen my hniid and Kenl of wiiil Cniiilv Court
(lowers when they are Krown, but take . fi.,,,.,,,,,,,,,),, Nebraska. n, ,Tt Z S
I. ,-. .1s,1 l,, nresetit their rliom. ,.n ... ... ' " Heeiion ,w.tow nulnp 11". ranite
oe A.innnisirini.x to KettleMiul eetnte dim the
an ac tive part In tho culture of their
favorite.-. Kst ate Mapa.lne.
f.- AI..I J. II : vn,
County ,luilre
II. in Cusp county, N. in the Haul i.hnn.
till and avaint Hid defendanta and ea' h of them.
You and each you are ii-iiuin-d to aiwwrr aaid
fM-tition en or fa-tore the Ut h day of July, liXtt
tall thi J4lh day of May. II'J.
lil.oHi.h J. STlllll MANN
. . . . I'laiiititf.
It y A, 1.. Tteu, llin Attorney. j:.k