The news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1909-1911, March 25, 1909, Image 4

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    The News-Herald
KosT for Plattsmouth. Don't knock.
The Journal is doing the knocking.
Representative Taylor, of Custer
, . .,, u court y, a democratic member of the:
Tup. two greatest blessings ofhuman
i life are good health and pood sense.
Entered at the otof?;- at riatt'mnuth. Cam
County. Nebraska. aa inond-cla.- mail ninlii r.
House, most bitterly denounced the
democrats in the senate, as corporation
i . l :n l u .: .'- I
cnariei", iney win nuvc men way 111
all things and the democratic party (
will stand discredited in the eyes of j
the state.
A- L. TIDlJ Editor.
K. O. WATTERS Manner
Daa Taw la Advaoea tl.M
taMeaUu 75
rkttsmouth No. 85 Nebraska No. 85
For Mayor
For Treasurer-
For Clerk
For Police Judge-
For School Iloard-
First Ward-
Second Ward
Third Ward-
Foufth Ward-
Fifth Ward-
HoMKisthe father's kingdon, the tools. He said:
vhildrens paradise, and the mother's "We have seen insurance legislation
world. blocked by large and persistedt insur-1
Six good democrats were nominated ance lobbies working on corporation
on the Citizens' ticket. Why should the tendencies of this reform democratic
Journal fight them? legislature. We have seen corporation
-- . influence on every hand. I want this
IT mattkks little how many other ; t0 g0 out in the state gml want the pe0.
uccess qualities a man may have, if ple to read it that TayIor 8aya that '
he lacks courage he will never get any-j the rairoatl3 have been iegisiaterf
where. against but little this session and the
The men who stand at the top, and , people have been but little benefitted.
the men who are climbing there, stand
above their fellows because they have
the courage of their convictions.
IT makes all the dilFerence in the
world whether you begin at the'bottom
and act from the lowest motives up, or
whether you begin at the top and act i
from the highest motives down.
We have secured no relief from insur
ance mismanagement and corruption.
We have tried to live up to the pledges
of the party and be a reform legisla
ture. And what is the result, gentle
men? We sent a guaranty bill to the
senate which was a depositor's guar
anty bill. The rebublican state con
vention was seduced by the bankers of
"Every owner, editor, or re
porter of a eonscieneiously and
ably conducted newspaper or
periodical is an asset of real value
to the whole community. It
would be difficult to overestimate
the amount of good which can be
done by the men responsible for
such a publication-responsible
for its editorial columns, respon
sible for its news columns, re
sponsible for its general policy.
We have miny newspapers and
periodicals big and little, of this
kind. Rut we also have many
that are not of this kind."
Theodore Roosevelt.
It is not always a disgrace to fail, ; the state and now we behold the demo
but it is a disgrace to fail to do one's j cratic state senate under the same in
best, or to fail becau-e one's cause is j fluences. I have yielded, gentlemen, I
not worthy of success. It is also a dis- have said nothing, but I declare to you
grace to succeed in unworthy things. ; that I have yielded to that senate all I
Not failure, but low aim is crime. j am going to. Run over me with your
- steam roler if you want to but I will
Boost for the interurban, boost for ! not get out of the way. Tanner thinks
the citizens' ticket, boost for the small . more of his corporation than he does
j factory and join hands with the busi- of his own party. I have tried to keep
ness men and good citizens and make ' the hands of the corporations from the
this the greatest year in the history of throats of the people of Nebraska,
j this city. Start right by electing the They will have their way, gentlemen, I
citizens' ticket. That should be the promise you that the senate will get
! first step to a wiser and better admin- j what it wants. They will have their
istration.and the progress and enter- j way with the bank bill, they will have
prise of this city. Vote for the citi- their way with the physical valuaticn
zens' ticket. bill, they will have their way with the
This campaign in this city is one
purely for a better and more business
like city administration. It is for the
purpose of building up the enterprises
in this city and procuring of new enter
prises for this city if such can bo done.
! It is from within and not from without
j that a city builds. Then if you want to
j boost for the city of Plattsmouth, give
! your support to the citizens' ticket. It
is non-partisan and composed of good
i business men and if elected they will
I give this city a splendid business ad
j ministration. Boost for the citizens'
j ticket, and thus boost for Plattsmouth.
There are knockers, we know. Our
contemporary, the Journal, in days
! gone by, under the management of C.
I W, Sherman and under the present
rV'The only Baking Powder
? i Vm m-dz trom al Gra?e
t ! ft Cream cf Tartar
management has done much to injure
the business and business enterprises
and business industries of this city. Pay
no attention to the Journal's knocking.
It is easy to knock, it is silly to knock,
it is ignorant to knock, and the Journal
is knocking. It is wise to boost, it is
helpful to boost, it is sensible to boost,
it is benevolent to boost so let every
good and fair-minded citizen join hands
and boost for the citizens' ticket and
! thus boost for Plattsmouth.
; What is the bais of the character
istics of a people? What is the btd-
rock upon which the foundations of in
j telligence and morality rest as they
support the towering superstructure of
a civilized society? To answer that
question we must go back to the be
ginnings of society and look at the first
nota'jle ditFerenoe between the savage
and the civilizing man. We tied that
it consisted in steady daily labor and
t secure possession of the fruits of that
J labor. Then any pursuit that does not
involve steady daily labor, any political
or sociological pursuit that does: r.ot in
volve security in the possession of one's
property, is inevitably subversive of
civilization. There is much in current
' matters that has its true and repulsive
character revealed when it is brought
to this touchstone.
The grief of the Plattsmouth Jour- j best to secure the election of the c ti-, Journal has been knocking on this city the republican city of Des Mones, la.,
nal over the matter of the republicans zens' ticket. It will help to boost your ; for years and years and years aid it is has also adopted this non-partisan
endorsing the Citizens' ticket, is per
fectly silly. Six as good republicans as
there are to be found were nominated
on the Citizens' ticket. Why should not
the republican convention endorse
Do You want your home city to te
alive and full of life and enterprise? If
xo, then rustle for the citizens' ticket.
You and you and you can do much for
your heme city. It does not call for
your money or your property. Do your
home city. It will give us a better j Bti11 continuing to knock.
city government; it will help to secure uut boost.
Hon t knock method, and why should not Platts-1
mouth adopt it? Who can be harmed
factories and business enterprises for, WE are now in the beginning of that b' ivin ""tsmouth a better and
the city; it will help to secure a city I geasoll of the . which -t ., more businesslike administration? A
park; it will help to secure the iter- posed tQ bc pro?)er a!U, natural to feel , on Partisa" administration would be j
urban railway; it will help to reduce ; lan?uid: only the powerful and the lucky ju:,rter no ligations to pay political
your taxes; it will help to furnish more ' are su,)poseii to be able to get olT with-i debts t0 publicans or democrats at
work for the working man; it will help ! out a gpell of fever Why? The an. the expense of the tax-payers and the
to furnish more business for the busi-1 gwer ajways js ..q Ppring feVer al- 1ublic lreasurv- Whv is jt tnat evcry
ness man; it will help to macadamize j wayg affects .ple that way." Some ! is askinS the question "What is
the avenues; it will help in the better-1 (layg we shall realy beiievei instea(i 0f ha matter w'th Plattsmouth," and in
ment of the entire city. Will you boost , ',: the same breath answering their own
.,, .. . , i ipl i merely repeating parrot fashion, that
Or Will you continue tO knock.' The ' nnpstinn "Thorp U er.mpthintr U'rlmlr,,
J 1 everything has a cause. When that question 1 he re is something wrong.
1 day comes we shall not be languid and ; You aml yu and "oa have time
a 'u. ...iw.ii.. ni ; ,u., m... ., again asked this same question and
For Hoi Fires Gel Egenber-gcr'sCoal!
Sure satisfaction every time you light a fire if on
top of the kindling is ebony fuel from our yards.
It's heat and lipht giving and slate-free when it
leaves the mines, screened and cleaned again here
and served to you full weight and with celerity of
delivery. Order any way that suits you. Both
giving this same answer. Let us elect
half or wholly ill in the mfdst of a
world in which life. vigorous, pure,
exuberant, -is bubbling over, after the a non-partisan ticket and see if that
winter's rest. The only kind of sick : wi" not furnish thc remedy-
that are out of harmony in the spring
are the sin-sick.
Furniture That Pleases
-Aifi!t4i!4A a. aa. aa.
Old Winter with his reign of ice and snow will
soon be gone. Those chilly blasts will be a thing of the
past Spring with its new demands will soon be here,
and you will need some new furniture. Our line is re
plete with up-to-date, designs and patterns, which
sure to please, and at prices, which are sure to appeal
to the prudent buyer. See our display, we are glad to
show the goods and quote you prices.
Why does the-Journal wail so much
about the great republican party in the
Have you read the Plattsmouth Jour- Iust? The JoUr:,al has a!1 ux to Prin)
nal's silly twad lie about the republican The J,,urm'1 wants 'ou t0 vote for ,its
party? Every year for ten years the,"' The law requires an ordinance
Journal has at every spring election de- to be PuNed one week. One issue in
voted itself to denouncing the repub- a cek,y P"l,er U euiient. For five
lican party and abusing the candidates : yT lhL Journal has bwn Uet',inB the
nominated by it. Why this silly slush city treasury by publishing the ordi
of sorrow, woe, and wail for the re. nances in the daily and chargi.ig for
publican party now? The only reason ! six issut?s whl're one issue in thu Hmi"
under the sun for this silly and ignor- i weck,y wou,d have betn !fl''d,'nt
' ant slush is that the Journal is afraid . This is the Journa1'8 raft wn the city
i that six good republicans will be elect-! treasury- The ,ax Payers the bills
1 in this city, if the citizens' tor 8ix issue9 il,8tead of one or two'
ticket should be successful. That i8 1 le. tue Journal has an ax to gnna.
the sum total of its sorrow and grief, TIS is the time whcn everyone ha9
for the great republican party and I the opportunity to do something for
great leaders in years pone by in thia ; the enterprisje an(, busine88 develop.
Cltjr' ment of this city. It is not asking for
There have been many lies circulated yur money- Kvt'r ood cilizen who
in tvgard to the citizens' ticket. Irre- has the wellfare of thi" Bt heart
sponsible and unworthy persons are 8h'Jld vote for the citizens' ticket. Vou
busy trying to make it appear that the 8hould 8olicit n11 yur ttiemU t0 vote
itizens' ticket is a prohibition ticket. . for the citizens' ticket
Look the ticket over from top to hot-1 yE won.n suggest to our neighbors
torn and if you find a r jhibitiopist on 1 (own the river to be on the lookout for
the ticet come to us and we will give ; the great Hood of crocodile tears the
V J ,u a rt'w,;rtl "H".. Every man on the; Journal,, j,lst now bedding for the
i ... .,
Y -i wmy. nommauHi lor me future welfare of the rep-.iblicun phrty
Y purpose of civingthis city a better and i this city. It is really a sickening
more busii esslike ndministrnt
A. U- . . A t .1
lor u.e purpose oi caKing tne ttdniii:- elf-respecting republican. Can't some
istration of city affairs out of politics. ne give the silly thing a cathartic of
Muslin Underwear!
X We are showing a fine line of med
inm priced Underwear.
Made of fine muslin, double
stitched, taped seams, trimmed
with Val Lace and wide In
sertions, each 25c
Same as above trimmed
with G rows of Insertion tun
ning up and down 35c
I'etler grades at
each.... 40c, 50c, 65c and 75c.
Made of fine grade of mus
lin, double filled ieims, hem
stitched rullle or rows of
tucking 25c
Same trimmed with I.ace
and Insertion or Kmbroidery
at 40c and 50c
Made of fine muslin, felled
seams, trimmed with rows of
tucking and insertion on
yoke, hemstitched sleeve and
neck 50c
Same trimmed with very
fine grade of lace and inser
tion or embroidery and inser
tion at 75c and $1.00.
Made of fine mus
lin, trimmed with
! in. flounce, 3 in.
lace, 5 rows of tuck
ing on rutllo, ! inch
dust rullle under
flounce 50c
Some trimmed
with very line lace
and embroidery at
75c, 1.00,1.23,1.50.
The lk'mocratic city (,f Galveston, the extract, of decency? It needs it,
;H;;Mg; j Texas, has adopted this method, and Rd mods it badly.
E. A. WUR.L.