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    I vnR SCHOOL I n
In making yourXselection of Christ
mas presents your attention is called to
our handsome stock of footwear. Our
aim is to keep our stock, up to date at
nil times, "and 'for the holiday shopping
a visit to our store will well repay you'
for the time spent.
We do First Ciss Shoe Repairing.
Harry Adair An Experienced.
Restaurant Man Takes Over Emil Kuehn and wife were Lincoln
'AcKAm TU '.' I visitois Monday of this'wceki ' '--
One Of Cass Couny's Represent-
Home Canned Fruit
Note the prices below. First class
Koods at low cost.
New crop English walnuts 20c lb.
Fresh dates 10c lb.
Fresh Figs 10c lb.
Home made jelly, per glass 10c
Home canned peaches, 1 qt.Mason jar.2oc
Home canned Pears, lqt. Mason jar. .COc
Large can Tomatoes, 2 cans 23c
Large can Plymouth baked beans... 10c
Hall's Cash Store
ative Men Called
' . : "t " ' Miss Lottie bmrth t)f Havelock came !
Harry Adair, a y3Ung man of Kent, ; UD to sbend several davsTwith relatives. : David M. Llovd. a prominent. farmer
br.'M. Hoops was a iincoln.'.passen-1 residing west and north of Murray, de
ger Sunday enefiing. returning Monday 1 Parted this life at his home Monday
noon. evening. Mr. Lloyd has been one of
.. ,' i'-"tri"'Vnn'''' o r. I Cass county's leading men for. many
Market -Wheat 90c,-corn 48c, hogs ,J.. , f iU ..
-m u ' rfn oT i yeais, and his place in the community
$o.l0, butter 20c, eggs. 2oc, cream 28c, ! J . , , , . F T1 A
hens 8c " ' . .' i will be. hard to fill. David M. Lloyd
'"" " " . j was borp in. New York state in the
Some of our farmers are plowing, ; vear of ig4r d Nebraska
t . ....... t . . ' I
and he takes hold of the business here wnicn is very unusual lor tnis time oi wnen quite a young man. Here he was
with the expectation of making" his i year in Nebraska. -.. ' " I married - in 187G to Miss Catherine
j cafe the Ieadinsr restaurant and short! Miss Martha : Goehry is spending her i Totten, Judge Newell performing the
J order house in the city. He brings two weeks vacation from school duties I ceremony oh the 25th day of March of
; with him one of the finest cooks in the at Plattsmouth-with her parents here. I that vear. One son has been lorn to
Miss Olga Neitzel leaVes for Greely, this marriage, a young man who sur
Colorado. Friday," where she will spend vives his father.
; lowa, .with, experience m running an
' up-to-date restaurants closed a deal
I Tuesday whereby he becomes proprietor
I of the retaurant, operated by Osborn
; brothers at Perry TJtterback's old stand
j in the Gund building.
Mr. Adair is a genial gentleman,
i - j - t
j uavuig xiuu a sueeessiui uusiiieascarefr,
i state of Iowa, being Mr. Ed "Booth.
J Booth is an adept in the art of good
cooking, having had the honor of
! cooking for some of the swell banquets
i in that old commonwealth.
i Plattsmouth will no doubt welcome
j Mr. Adair as he is one of the ablest
i auctioneers in eastern Iowa, and it
i will be Mr. Adair's pleasure to assist
i Sam Smith in his Saturday sales. This
j will not prevent him from giving his
undivided attention to the needs of his
! customers at the cafe, and those living
I in the country as well as others will
j always find Mr. Adair kind and court
eous in his treatment, always thought
ful of the comfort and pleasure of his
Time Table
Plattsmoutn, Nebraska
No. 'Jit 1'ncifie Junction. 2 i. n.
No. - Local Express, to Iowa iH:n:s. Chi'
cago and the -asl &:03 i. ui. j
No. 4 Lincoln to Pacific Junction, con
necting with points north, rant !
and south (Exwpt Sunday 9:i4 a. ui. I
No. 2r From Omaha 3:Go i. in. :
No. rYrkht to Tactfic Junction 4:K. . m.
No. C Through vestibule ;xprtfts H:C- a. tn. '
No. li From Omaha !:30. m. I
v o l'J lM-al exrreta. daily. Omaha. Lin
coln. Wruy. and inHrmiHi;t 8i a. in.
. 7 Kft mail. Omaha and Lincoln
Kic.-pt rfund V-' P. tn.
No. Xr Ih-iI rxire js. Iuivilli. Ashland
W:iliimand5?chuvler S:S0i. tn.
No Jv U.rl frfijjht. t'!ar Cn
I ouisviMo and Saulh Itrnd 1" a. tn
l'ily. except Sunday.
Maple 6rove
Special Correapondeuce
Will Patterson was visiting Maple
Grove friends Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harmond Beck were
business visitors in Plattsmouth Satur
day. Adam Hild and wife of Fight Mile
Grove spent Tuesday at the Louie Puis
; D. Murray and family spent Sunday
wun airs. i.ou l.omcr and sons near
! Mr. and Mrs. (I. K. Fritzputrick and
! sons, Uov and Arnold were Plattsmouth '
j visitors Monday.
Mrs. H. Beck and daughter and M
Commencing with
Nov. 2 I will give
25 per cent oil' on
all trimmed hats.
Corbet t spent Tuesday
Florence Fleming.
Mr. Preston and Louie Larenseii of
the winter with her sister, Mrs. Clara
Hartung. ;
The Johnsons who have been farm
ing the old L. C. EickhofT farm the
past several seasons will, move away in
the spring.
Herman Kupke hauled out a fine new
six-horse power Lauson gasoline engine
Tuesday afternoon. . Our if armers are
The local school started ' on its . holi
day vacation Tuesday afternoon, when ,
school was dismissed until the first I
Monday in January. -The
shooting match given last Thurs
day by John Aires was well uttended
and proved quite .interesting to a large
number of contestants.
John Kupke has purchased the John
Deming farm of 130 acres, known as
the old George Mattison farm, con
sideration $100 per acre.
A large number of farmers took part
in a wolf hunt last Monday east of
town and the boys succeeded in killing!
two of the pesky critters. .. ,
Harold Tool left for Clay Center,
Kansas, where he will enjoy the glad
Christmas season with her aiHter,
Turner McKinnon and family.
Mr. and Mr. F. Wolf are entertain-
I ing Mr?. Von Lackum and daughter of
Omaha, they anived last Saturday
evening and will remain 'until aftor
; Beside his wife and son, the deceased
leaves surviving, three brothers, being
Joseph of this city and George and
John living on a farm in this county.
One sister Mrs. Clint Totten survives
The funeral of Mr. Lloyd occurred to
day (Thursday,) at the Presbyterian '
church in Murray at 11 o'clock. Mr. '
Lloyd had been ill for some time prior j
to his death with chronic stomach '
trouble, but until a few days ago it was j
thought he was not dangerously sick. :
The community sympathizes deeply ;
with the grief stricken wife and son. in ',
their bereavement.
Meet At Glenwood-Dr. Hall j
Takes 1st On Cockerel -1 st j
and 2nd On Pullets. j
C. E. wescotf s Sons
"WhJe Quality Counts."
i !
i i
We S Wish You
C. E. Wescotf s Sons
"Where Quality Counts. "
The Glenwood Poultry Fanciers As- j
sodiation met at Glenwood this week j
in their annual gathering, and the deni- I
f-o Zens Of the Other Side Of the nVtT were j will on tbethdayof January A. 1). lSi,t
, , . , . o'clock a. in. of said day at the t'outh tKor of I
(surprised When prizes were awarded! Court House in said county. b11 at publtc aoct
F.y virtue of an order of Sale U.sued by June
koixrtson. Clerk of tbe Uistrict Court within and
for Cai count)'. Nebraska, and to mo ilirectod. I
' on score cardq bv tho iudires Dr J to the hijfht bidder for cah the followinf real .
, UJl SLurt litrus uy im JUUJ,LS. lr. Lot numbered four 41 in Work
li. nail oi tnis city nan a lew
lwr.-.rli'r..r ..!-.... .. 11 of Jacob t". Swet'twood. HarriMMi U. JnrtU00d,
" " - "h "... ...t... : Ksie Sweeuvood. Nathan K. Sweet wood, la'l A.
round was a little finer than anvotliers. Sw-iwoi. Fiovd setwo.d. Wild; riiernd
ni hhmi nun iwovemi oy ine .ivinjion Loan
Of Special Interest To Women.
IenS i numtiered eighteen 118) in Tountc Hnysaddidua to i HeCOrtl-J leirllil.
lllf.livtl I mii-Hiwjin.vjM iiuiu.v .icuro,u.luci
fniiTul ihnt thn lWr.r unturml and liuildirjr Aswiation MaintifraffBiiutBaidde-
" - fnilarm I'attmouth. Neb. November M .
Visiting HITS, j rhristmns
! ! When the scoring was nil done it wa9
Aooipn Kucnn wno nas lieen 1 arming
ii... L"-:. r..i : e 1...
iik rviiiii- vjiiviiivitT iitriii ihiki'im i . . i -i . u. . ., ....
i Weeping Water dined with 1. Mun.y l,rro and Louisville for man vears will .. "
. , , . . - - uii tm-Kcrri aim iirst ani secoiui on
leave lor nis own j.iace near hew:u-u in ; pu,lt.ts This spCllks wc fof ,)r
the spring. .Hall's intelligent breeding. These
The school children were thought- j were no chance birds for it will re-;
fully remembered with boxes contain- j meinbered that about a year ago the
ing candy, nuts, etc. by their respee- j Doctor invested a piece of money in a
tii- teachers at the close of school j cockerel purchased from a poultry;
Tuesday afternoon. ; j fancier at .Maitland, Missouri, where
Mrs. John Luetchens very kindly ie-! thoroughbred stock of 'all kinds abound. I
niombered Ye Scribe with a fine fat I The Doctor has given some attention!
gcose for Christmas, for" which .he has j to the raising of good poultry anil h:is
our thanks. Too bad that Christmas : some of the linct looking birds in the
only comes once a year.. ! state. His success at Glenwood in the""
and wife Tuesday.
H. l!eck and family and Mrs. C'or
bctt were visiting with I). Muarry ar.d
family Friday evening.
Kd. Murray. Fritz Lutz and Mata
and Laura Puis attended the dance at
Mvnary Saturday night.
Mrs. II . 15eck and daughter, Mar
: garet and Mrs. Corbctt were visiting
; Mrs. Ray Davis and children Thursday.
; K. F. Oaks ami wife of Jefferson
t t'ounty returned to their home Mon
i day after a month visit at the Kuster
j holtz home.
i ('has. Mutz has moved into one of H.
! ('. Long's honses, and John Durman
moved onto Chas. Chriswisser's place
; vacated by Mr Mutz. Mr. Mutz will
It is doubtful if any nll-.rr newspuprr
in the United States ofiVrs so tniu-li
that is of interest to women and of
value in the home as does The I'hioauo
In the d ii'v issues :in
boinjr levied upon and taken as the property j to be found a daily pattern MUtaMe lor
home dressmaking, thedaily bill of far.
chatty society news and Mine. Qui
Vive's daily feature of answers tip":;
beauty topics. . On Monday app nr-:
"Martha's Management." devoted t
household and culinary topics, while
j short light reading for the whole fami!
In County Court. ' , ;3 aiways found on the editorial,:.
Tuesnay the 22nd inst. -Judue IJecson ' On Friday appears Dr. Withrow's rum
granted probate of the will of Simon U. I ment on the Sunday school le.-M.n. ai:.!
.ludkins which was set for hearing be-! throuch the week will be found cri.-p
fore his Honor that date. On the same reitws of the new books. In th Sim-
day a final decree was entered in the I dav-issue a complete section is dei.:. !
iai fmouth. Neb. November -JS A. 1).
Sheriff rai. Countv, Nehraa.
estate of Delilah J. Standley. Miss
Gertrude I'eeson, the marriage license
clerk was busy that day writing li
censes. One was issued to Dr. J. F.
I.rendcl of Murray and Miss Marge ret
Our merchant report a line holiday j rillf? against breeders of much longer" -Lueile Jameson of Weeping Water, and
trade.considering the fact that so many j experience; indicates what cool beaded one to Nicholas Schaefer and Miss
of our people took in the corn show at j judgement will accomplish. We con- j Eunice May Barker.
Omaha, where thev encountered all ! gratulate the Doctor on hi;
No. In", (inula K.xprc.ii
N'. Ui: NVI.rika Atnil
N. !". l.M-al Freinlit..
Nc. lnl
No. im;
I .oca I Freight
m. p. h n rtnfD)iie t
Time mtWl
Tabic j The pPular 5c Cigar. H
j work for II. C. Long and Mr Durman
will work for Chas. Chris wisser next
a. in.
.5:0- p. in.
.2:0? . in.
:':4 u. ni.
UK)'! a. m
. . 1:15 n. in
UtfSt pll( iijU-Cr id-Ornll t'V Rfltoa
it't rruK. Brl-'osiffprd Dentil 0 i th M.ddie West.
ptct. discounts to citt ihsitoks
n Mor l air.. i, I;.k . mi A ram. OtUH. NEB.
The news items of the home com
J The things in which you are most
J The births, weddings, deaths of
the people you know.
lThe social affairs of our own and
surrounding towns.
TbM ara tha luad of facta taia papar
it yoa ia wry iaat. Thar ara .
cartainlr wortk Uj aabacriptioa prica.
5e V
Short OrderVt-AuH
o o
C. A. Marshall, dentist.
January magazines are ready at
win's. .
John Chase from near Avoca spent
j yesterday in the city.
Photo card views of I'lattsmouth, 2
or 5c at Ncmetz & Co's. ,
George P. Meisinger was in from
j Eight Mile Grove Wednesday.
i Ralph White of Nebraska City called
on his friends briefly Wednesday morn
I ins-
j E. Worth of Pender came in Tues
day for a holiday visit with relatives in
this city.
Ed. Skilesof Leads, South Dakota
r arrived Tuesday and will visit relatives
during the holidays.
j Carl and Louise Ebinger came down
j from Plainview Tuesday to visit with
I relatives during the holidays.
' w y 1; .
irs. ioe Cameron is spenoing ine;
holiday season with her parents, B. F.
Marler and wife, at Mynard.
Carl Humphry and wife of Des
! Moines arrived Wednesday to visit Mr.
Humphry's mother for a time.
i Photo post cards of Taft at Platts
j mouth. Now on sale Ten different:
views at Tic each. Ncmetz & Co. next
to P. O.
J. A. Hannah and wife and child left
Wednesday morning for Osceola, la.,
where they will spent! the holidays with.
aufenberger who has
been attending the school at Peru, re
turned home Tuesday evening for the
Xmas vacation.
J. Mason has taken a lav off during
kinds of opportunities to spend their
Lemuel McGinness, who is now sec
tion boss at Richfield, was up Monday
on business. He likes his work very
much and is doing nicely, but says that
his wife has entirely lost sight of one
of her eyes.
Louis Neitzel intends to leave for a
short visit with his relatives in South
Dend, Indiana, and Chicago, 111. He
will take the afternoon train next Sun
day, and will probably be away the
balance of the week.
Conrad L. Miller, wife and children
arrived from Ogden, Utah, last week
for a visit with relatives until after the
holidays. Mr. Miller looks decidedly
prosperous and hearty. He likes the
j west and the west is surely doing
I well by him
I The section boss on the Rock Island
i uiiiwui, .ui. Ayionvi naa iuii uvei
and killed by the noon train Jast Fri
day, while attempting to remove a
! hand car that was on the track when
the train came along. The Greeks: in
the crew jumped for the their lives and
escaped injury, but the boss sought to
save the car and lost his life in the
' The Christmas cantata given by the
children of the M. E." Sunday school
last Tuesday evening in the Woodman
hall was well attended. The "perform
ances was well rendered and greatly
enjoyed by those present; if reflects
great credit on the managers and re
sulted in atkh'ng something like $30 to
the treasury. It was an innovation for
m r a a.
iviuraocK and seemed to strike argil
sponsivc cord.
-3. TitHe excitement was caused
by a mix-up between the Stachctzki
and Carl Bauer families one day last
week. No blood was shed although
the atmosphere was rank with filthy
hot air for a time. These people should
get together some day, on the out-
i skirts of the village,- and do the Kil-
and anticipate he will do
more in the
We sell the Monarch Malleable Range.
Kroehler Brothers, Coates Block.
to women, containing Mme. (.ui ie s
beauty page, "Hints for the Home
Dressmaker" by .leannette Hope, Mai -ion
Harland's page. Dame Curtsey's
"Novelties in Entertainment," smietv
news and many special articles of. in
terest to women. The Sunday M aga.ine
of The Record-Herald Ls full oT good
stories, in verse, wit, humor and mis
cellany, with many beautiful illustra
tions. It has the real magazine flavor.
the hoi if lavs nnrt ?Arvirf rrl vontcrrliiv
for Alliance to visit with his daughter, j kenny cat act' You wiU remember
Mrs. Clement Koke. . , j the'e wn nothing left of them but the
000000000000000000 0
0 0
0 0 0
i the city Monday and will be the guest
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Smith during the holidays.,
Mrs. Gardner residing on ' Washing
ton, avenue is confined to her house
with an affliction of sore eyes,
can hardly see any thing at all.
other. )
Mrs. .Lec Sharp departed for her
former borne in Michigan Wednesday
morning, where she will visit her par
ents over the holidays.
ge . t. Matthews or Chicago who is
' the general storekeeper for the system
1 xt J- H- Burnett and wife of May wood, ! a day or two this w.eek.
'Neb.; who have been guests of James: , . , . '
! Sage and wife for a time departed ! wJ?n ,Burley of Denver, . arrived
! Wednesday . morning for Chariton, i S? yJ f f! 1 will visit
lla., where they will visit, friends for Plattsmouth friend, over the holidays.
-f-wjnv - -: Mr. Burley was a one time resident of
t - '
We Wish all Our Friends and Patrons
E. (G. nwj & s
- j
: the city.
OTOllIA. ;
Ihs K:nd Yh Havg itiwars Bought
I of
Basis tis ?