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t 11,000,000 Set Apart lor
the of That Island.
To lie I'st-il by the rrcrddrnt lu .Uting
the Impoverished Islander. An Amend
ment Lieclariny an Important I'rlnclple
lt feat.Ml Tnulo One 1 illman's Compli
ment to the President Resolution
A lined at the -tulnlarU Oil.
Washington. March 17. AfttT a. dV-
liatf, at times spirited, extending over
parts of two days, the senate yester
day jased the I'ui to Kiran relief ap
proiniatiou bill. As passed the meas
tire fairies SJ,1'3.1hm), the president be
i ii if amliorizt'! to use that sum "for
public education, public works and
other ynverniiicittal and public pur
poses" in J'.n-to JJ.'co. Allen of Ne
l ra-ka ottered an amendment to the
bill declaring the constitution ex
lends over I'ortoKico by its own force,
but It was by the decisive vote
of to IT. .lones of Arkansas with
drew :i free trade a liieudmeut offered
by l.iiii. ami that proposition, there
lore, did lot teach a Vote. Other ef
forts to amend the bill were fruitless.
Tillman's t'omi'Iiiiieilt to McKlnlcy.
Tillman referred to what he said
would be the monumental salaries of
the ofiiei.-ils in the insular possessions,
part ieul.irly notintr the luembers of the
I'hilippiue eoiiimisioii. I'ontker in
foimeil Tillman that he had been told
that the hi-lc t salary of any mem
ber of I he eommi-sioii Would be .?K,
mi a year. "That may be disappoint
ing to t he senator." suggested Foraker.
S." replied Tillman. "I'm trrnti
lieil. I'm always willing to trust Will
iam Ale Kin ley. but it's his bad and
iiked partners that I'm afraid of.
He is a patriotic and noble man, al
though jiit now may be carried off
his feet by the dream of appearing in
history alomride of Jefferson and oth
ers u hojidded largely to our territory."
Vote on nn I niorttiiit I'oint-
Thc yea vote on the mocion to table
Allen's amendment was as follows:
Allison, r.aker. Hard. Iteveridpe,
t'art't-. l.Mvis. Deboe. Klkins. I"alr
banks. I'oiaker. Foster, tlallinger,
lear. Hale. Ilaima, Hawley, Kean.
Lindsay. I.ude. Alcl'ride, MeComas,
Met 'umber. AleAlillan. I'. iirose, IVr
kins. Fritcliard. tjiiatles, Koss. Sewrll,
Shoup. Simon. Spooner. Thurston.
Warren. Wellington, Wetmore .?'!.
I'orto ICieait (iovrriinii'nt liill.
The bill for establishing a civil gov
ernment in l'oito Kici" has been prac
tically completed by the sub-coinmit-tee
of the house committee on Insular
affairs. The bill prohibits the Issue of
Mock or bonds except for cash, or the
isMio of Mock or bond dividends. It
prohibits the rant inir of public fran
chises by private bills, but provides
for a ireneral franchise law reserving
to the leiri.-dat ure the power to amend,
alter or repeal franchises at will, and
also the riirht to purchase such fran
chises. It prohibits the organization of
banks of issue and the organization of
agricultural corporations. The latter
provision is to prevent the agricultural
lands of the island falling into the
hands of a M:r corporation. Following
the law in this country it also pro
vides that banks procuring title to
lands in payment of debts must dis
pose of such land within live years.
AiMt.n at Tin: st.m.kii oir.
Resolution ( tilling Attention to ttie Ke
oent Iiiimrni Ii hleilil,
Washington. March 17. Fitzgerald
of Massachusetts yesterday introduced
the following resolution in the house:
"Whereas, it appears as a matter of
public record that the Standard Oil
company paid in the city of New York
on March lo. J!m, the sum of $17,000,
Um), this amount being an extra divi
dend in addition to the regular quarter
ly dividend of $:.000,0w,; and,
"Whereas. It is :i matter of public
record that this last dividend is $5,000, -mx
in excess of the last quarterly divi
dend paid by this corjoration; and,
"Whereas. It is also a matter of pub
lic record that the price of kerosene oil,
the sole means of lighting used by the
middle and poorer classes of people,
during the p-ciiod of time between the
declaration of these dividends was In
creased .'J cents per gallon, constituting
a tax on every home in the land; there
fore, be it
Jlesolvod. That in the opinion of
congress this action of the Standard
Oil company is in direct violation of
the provision of the Sherman anti
trust law. and therefore punishable by
fine and imprisonment; and the attor
ney general is hereby directed, in ac
cordance with the provisions of that
act. to direct the several district attor
neys of the Fnited Slates in their re
spective districts to institute proper
proceedings to bring the alove named
violators of law to justice."
Xaral ISourd In Case of War.
Washington. March 17. Secretary
I.oiiz yesterday issued the order con
st 't tit in u' a general board "to insure
otlu-ient prepa-ation of the fleet in case
of war and for the naval defense of the
coast." The order designates the ad
miral of the navy, the chief of the bu
reau of navigation, the chief intelli
gence officer and his principal assistant,
the president of the naval war college
and his principal assistant, and three
other officers not yet named, as the
lonrd. which is to meet once a month
in this city.
Treasury Clerk, tru Hum.
Washington. March 17. The officials
of the treasury are overrun with work
as a result of the passage of the new
financial bill. The applications for the
exchange of old bonds for new up to
the time of closing the department
yesterday amounted to about $27,000,
Vi0. all but about $n,iHNOO0 coming
from national banks. A considerable
number of state banks have applied for
Authority to convert themselves Into
national banks.
Was Orlvfii Out by the 1'ress.
Washington. March 17. The state
department has been notified that the
rorsmn government is aomit to send a
minister to "Washington. For ten years
iic n,.st has been vacant, the iucum
ber.t lea vine In wrath owing to the
merciless ridicule heaped upon him by
mo American parsgraper on account
of hii queer name Hadji Hassan
Gooli Kahn, "With a half doze n addi
tional syllables.
0n. Wheeler at Washington.
"Washington. March 17. General
-het.w .irrlved at Washington yes
terday and was with the president some
time, on leaving me nne iioue uv
ln.l not vet been
accepted, but he expected a decision
xvouui ie reacneu witnin a iew uaj s.
Webster Uavi Keappears.
Naples. March 17. Webster Davis.
United States assistant secretary of
the interior, sailed for New York yes
terday on board the North German
Lloyd steamship Aller.
Sullivan Defeats "Kid' ltroad.
New York, March 17. Dave Sullivan
got the decision over "Kid" Broad at
the end of the twenty-fifth round in
their "j;o" here last night.
Another Veteran of the Civil War l'asaes
to Ills I-onjj Kest.
Madison, Wis., March 19. General
Henry Harnden, commander of the
Wisconsin department of the Grand
Army of the Republic, and the officer
who commanded the Wisconsin troops
that with a Michigan company cap
tured Jeff Davis, died of pneumonia
Saturday evening, after lingering sev
eral days. He Vas born In Massa
chusetts in 1S23. roved the sea for sev
eral years, was in California In 1S38
and then in a docade later participated
In the Mexican war, was several times
wounded in the civial war, captured
Jeff Davis. Was ten years revenue col
lector, and had lived In comfortable
retirement since. A widow and four
children survive.
At the capture of Davis an unfortu
nate affair happened which was after
wards the cause of some controversy
between General Harnden and the
lieutenant colonel of a Michigan cav
airy regiment, but was finally settled
by congress dividing the reward given
for Davis between tne two parties ana
exonerating General Harnden from all
blame In the collision of the two regl
ments. in which two men of the Mlchl
gan regiment were killed and several
wounded, also tne wounuing or several
of the Wisconsin men.
Madison. Wis., March 10.S. II. Tall
madgo, tho now commander of the
Wisconsin CI. A. It., arrived from Mil
waukee last night and will today com
plete arrangements for the funeral of
General Harnden. which will take place
.it lO o'clock Wednesday morning at
the Congregational church. Posts of
the G. A. It. are urgently requested to
send representative to the funeral.
They Wanted to Spread the Smallpox and
Defied the Oaarantine.
Indianapolis, March 11. A special
to The Sentinel says: "Two women
living at Lyons, Greene county, caught
smallpox and were promptly placed
in quarantine. They imagined they
had the chicken pox and were angry
because they were not allowed to go
and come as they pleased. One of
them said she would get even with
the town authorities by spreading the
disease all over the place.
"They started out in male attire. The
health authorities had a man on guard
and he attempted to stop them. They
attacked him and he was forced to
beat a hasty retreat. The next night
he armed himself with a black-snake
whip and when they attempted to
leave the house he gave them each a
whipping and drove them back."
ii.vii.i:ys mill, i5Ukni:i.
I.ohh Said to He ISi.OOO. With I ns undue
to the Amount or ISI.OOO.
Trie feed mill on Chicago avenue,
recently built by Messrs. Hud ley, whs
tlmost totally destroyed by fire at
about 1 o'clock Saturday morning-.
The origin of the fire is unknown, but
it is thought to have b;tn caused by
iths which e-cap&d from the engine.
When tho mi.l was c'.oel in the even
ing, a sru.-ill fi'e. was allowed toiemaio
in i he t ngir.e, in oraer to prevent the
w.iter in the b iler from fre zing, and
it is thought tho door of the funfC-'
was in some manner forced opon, p?r
mitting the gas to e-cipe.
Nearly the en'ire building ai d all
the machiney was destroyed and very
little, if any, can be saved. The plant
was insured for 1.000, but this will
barely cover one half of the actual
cost. The loss to the owners is a very
severe one, as they had just eot-
ten the machinery in tirst-class work
ing order, preparatory to doing an ex
tensive business in lhe way of grind
ing feed durinsj the coming summer.
They are not certain whether or not
thev will be able to rebuild.
Whtt to I I'ntil the Doctor Arrive.
It is very hnrd to stand idly by and
see our dear ones sutler while await
ing the arrival of trie doctor. An Al
bany (X. Y.) dairyman call d at n drug
store there for a doctor to come and
see his child, then very sick with
cr up. Not lit. ding the dccior in, he
left wo d for hitn to come at once on
his return. II" also bought a bottle of
ChamLerlain's Coigh Remedy, which
htr hoped would give some relief until
tho doctor should arrive. In a few
hours he returned, say ir.g the doctor
need not come, as the child was much
better. The druggist, Mr. Scholt.,
says the family has since recommended
Chitmbot liiitrs Cough Remedy to their
neighbors and friends, until he has a
constant demand for it from that part
of the country. For sale by pll drug
gists. J
A I'ttMtor Called.
The Mount Olive colored Baptist
church,in a special meeting last night,
extended a call to Hi v. Samuel W.
Reaily of Nebraska Citj- as its pastor,
and fixed the days of meeting to be
the second and fourth Sabbaths of
ach month. Mr. Beasly will enter
upon his duties aa pastor on the fourth
Sunday of this month, at which time
the church will prepare a pci il pro
gram. An
Kditor tiud a Sure
A. II. DaFluent, editor tf the Jour
nal, Doylestown, O , suffered for a
number of years from rheumatism in
his right shoulder and side. Ho sajs:
"My right arm at times was entirely
useless. I tried Chamberlain's Pain
Balm, and was surp ised to receive re
lief almost immediately. The Pain
B:tlm has been a constant companion
of mine ever since and it never fails. ''
For salo by all druupists.
John M. Leda is still making farm
loans Bt the low rate of 5 per cent in
terest. If :n need of a loan it will pay
you to see him b--foro making con
tracts elsewhere. Office in Waterman
block, Plattsmouth.
Kanker Koala a Ri hner.
J. R. Garrison, cashier ef th bank
of Thornville, O., had been tobbedef
heath by a serious lung troubio until
he tried Dr. King's New Discovery for
consumption. Then he wrote: "It is
the best medicine I ever used for a se
vere cold or a bad case of lung trouble.
I always keep a bottle on hacd." Don't
suffer "with coughs, colds, or any
throat, chest or lung trouble when
you can be cured so easily. Only 50c
and $1. Trial bottles free at F. G.
Fricke & Co'a drug store.
For Sale Residence property in
Murray, Neb. Apply to J. Rmkin.
Cass County liar Pays Tribute
to leeeaxel Members.
Attorneys Make Appropriate Speeches,
EulogUIng Their Business and Per
sonal Relations With Allen Beeson
and Coy Livingston Resolution Are
Friday afternoon waa set aside by
Judge lessen as the time for the mem
bers of the Cas county bar to hold
memorial exercises and adopt reeolu
lions in memory of the two deceased
members Allen Bceson and Guy Liv
ingston. The following attorneys de
livered appropriate addresses, eulogize
ing their bu-iness and personal rela
tioos with the deceased members: H
D. Travis. It. li. Windham, G M.
Spuilock, C. S. PoIk, D. O. Dwyer, J,
L. Rout, Malt Gering and Hon. Paul
Jissse-n. On account of Judge Humrey
being unab.e to present, owing to ill
ness, hi-4 address wa read by C. A
Hit wis.
R. li. Windham, who had been made
chaitrcanof the committee appointed
to pass resolutions, read the following.
and the same were adopted:
Whereas, Allen Bceson, a leading
lawyer of this bar, has been taken
irom among us by the baud of death;
itiei efore, be it
Unsolved, Tnat in the death of Mr.
Bceson, the profession has lost an able
lawyer, the Cass county bar a manly
coilegue, and each individual member
thereof a friend, and the community a
conscientious citi. n and man cf a high
R jsolved, That in thus paying' tri
bute to the memory of the departed,
we regi et his removal f i om our midst,
and mourn for him as one in way
-worthy of our respect and highest re
ga d.
Resolved, That this ht artfeit testi
monial of cur tiitjli at tr elation of the
deceased oo spi td upoa lhe records of
he court, and that a i et tititd copy of
the same be given lo the stricken fam
ily to who:-, wo extend our fu.lest sym
pathy. R. B- WlNDIlAM.
Matthew (;ekin';,
s. M Chapman.
W iikreas, It has pleased the Divine
Architect of tho L'nivei&e to remove
i rum our midst and call ty his last
home our brother, Henry Guv Living
stou; and
Whereas, lis dissolution and tak
ing oft" was caused wnilo responding to
a call of his country, and while
prompted by a high ord r of patriot
ism and devotion lo its cause, he was
m tiction, and, as a soldier, killed, and
WHEREAS, His youth andmtnhooJ
was r-pt-nt in this city, where his many
admirable qualities of b th mind and
heurt endeared him to his friends, and
as a young member of the bar of Cass
county he evinced taints of a high
order and gave much promise of a use
ful and talented lawyer; it
Unsolved, That in the death of
Henry Guy Livingston the community
in which he lived and where he rests,
has lost an admirable character and
brilliant citizen, and the bar of Cass
county has lost and mourn tho depart
ure of a young member of unusual tal
ent and a lawyer pos-sessiLg such bril
liant attainments as indicated bright
prospects and promises for the future,
and, therefore, bo it
Resolved. That the bar of Cass
county tender to the family of our de
ceased brother their 6incerest and most
heartfelt sympathies, und that a copy
of these resolutions be sent to the fam
ily of our brother and be spread upon
the records of the district court of Cass
county, Nebraska.
R. B. Windham.
13 y it on Clark.
S M. Chapman,
D. O. Dwyer,
l'intrirt Court Notes.
State of Nebraska vs. William Full-
ride. Defendant lined $100 and costs
for selling liquor at Nehawka without
a license.
H. R. Neitzel vs. O. P. Stewart.
Judgment for plaintiff in sum of $13.50.
Ezra Murphy vs. George W. Garri
son. Motion for new trial overruled.
Defendant given thirty days in which
to file bill of except:ons.
William L. Whittemore vs. Herbert
L. Bennett et al. Hearing on applica
tion of plaintiff for receiver and on ob
jection to the jurisdiction of the court
over the subject of appointing the re
ceiver submitted.
Judne Jessen adjourned court at 3
o'cl c' this aftcinoon uotil 1:30 p. m.
Oectded Against Stall.
The case of tho S'.ate of Nebraska,
ex rel., C. Lawrence Stull, relator, vs.
Frank Otto, treasurer of school dis
trict No. 2S, was decided . by Judge
Jersen in district court last Saturday.
This is an action wherein Stull asks
that the court issue a premptory writ
o' mandamus to Otto, compelling the
latter to register a certaiu warrant.
The relator also asked that the costs
of the action be taxed against the de
fendant. The court refused to grant
the writ, however, and accordingly
dism'ssed the application at relator's
How to Save Doctor Itills.
We have saved many doctor bills
since we began using Chamborlein s
Cough Remedy in our home. We keep
a bottle open all the time, and when
ever any of my family or myself legin
to catch cold we begin to use the
Couyh Remedy, and as a result we
never have to send for a doctor and in
cur a large doctor bill, for Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy never fails to
cure. It is certainly a medicine of
great merit and worth. D. S. Mear
k!e, general merchant and farmer,
Mattie, Bedford county. Pa. For sale
by all druggists
WANTED Several persons for dis
trict office managers in this state to
represent me in their own and &ur
roundingcountie9.. Willing to pay
yearly S600, payable weekly. Desira
ble employment with unusual oppor
tunities. References exchanged. En
close eelf-addree-ed stamped envelope.
S. A. Park, 320 Caxton Building, Chicago.
Clippings From County Kxchances l)lsh-d
no for "News" Kradt-rs. f
From the Nehawka Register
Liwsoo Sneldon purchased tho Wes
ton property while in Pialtsmouth on t
A. F. Sturm biught thre arj of
corn from Benoett Criswisior of
Plttt-mouth last week.
We are informed that Alba liobson
and wife moved lo Plattsmouth la-t
week. Wo are not iuformed us to
what business he will engage in
The noit-e made-in Halting out the
ice gorges in the Platte near Platts
mouth and at Louisville must have re
sembled the bombardment at Ltdv
smith Hon. E. M. Pollard return d S ttur
day from a visit to Grand Island, to
which place ho bad goi o oo a tour of
inspection of the beet sugar factory at
that place.
Farmers are shipping in baled h ly
fo feeding. We claim to h-ive tho
richest soil on tai th, and can baat the
world raising anything that willgiow,
and yet, two years out of three hay
and potatoes are shioped in. Why is
this thus, and why don't we raise more
of both of these crops for home con
sumption? A large number of Masons from this
place attended lodge In Weeping Wa
ter Friday evening and witnessed the
exemplification of the third degree.
Those who went from here were: II
M. Pollard, J. M. Stone, P. V. West,
Dr. Pollard, Morris Pollard, Pleasant
West, R. Case, G. L. Sheldon, Vilas
Sheldon and Wm. Case. Tho degree
was conferred on G orge Smith, train
di.-p itcher at Weeping Water. After
the ceremony a sumptuous b-inquet
wa served.
Elmwood Week's lleview .
Recorder George Hay and wife came
outfiom Plattsmouth Wedtesdiy and
visited fr'mnds and attended the Hay
Hayes wedding.
M -s. W. A Sweaii ig.ii and Miss
Fern G-eenslat went to Berlin Tues
day, where they furnished v- ca! and
instrumental n u-ic for an enUrtait
m :nt.
The new switch-boa d for the tele
phone exchange aniv. d the li st of
the week, and will be put in working
orae.- as soon as tne p-des are pu'. up
and the wires strung.
John Hooker has purchased thres
lots south of the Robotham prope.ty
in the southwestern pa t of town, and
will commence the erection of a reti
dence as soon as he c in secu.-o a car
From the Louisville Courier.
Tom Beverage of PlatUmou;h is in
town again working in Pankonin's
harness shop.
Charles Heitzhausen came down
from Omaha Sunday afternoon and
spent the day visiting with relatives
and friends. Ha went to Plattsmouth
Monday morning to viit with his
brother, Ed.
A. B. Dickson, one of Elmwo d's
popular business men. wis in town
Monday morning enroute to Pialts
mouth, where he went to serve as a
juror in distt ict cou t.
Otto A. WuH, the jolly little cigar
manufacturer of Piattsmouth, was ia
Louisville Wednesday taking orders
for his well known brands. M . Wurl,
as is his custom when in town, paid
The Courier office a pleasant call.
L'niou Ledger.
Eli Etton went to Plattsmouth on
the noon train Tuesiay.
C. D. Newton went to lNattttnouth
on the noon train yesterday.
A. O. Pearsley went to Plattsmouth
yesterday on a trip for business and
W. II. Mark was in Plattsmouth last
Saturday receiving medic il treatment
from Dr. Humphrey.
E-nest Smith went to Pialtsmouth
Wednesday, being called as a witness
in the case of Grimes vs. Baxter.
Reese Delaney went to Plattsmouth
yesterday morning to testify in the
Murphy-Garrison suit in district court.
Miss Mabel Whipple went to Platts
mouth last Friday evening to vi-it her
relatives and attend a teachers' meet
ing. Charles Donat, the Plattsmouth ci
gar manufacturer, was in town yester
day and made this office a business
Isaac Pollard and Lawsoa Sheldon,
two of Nehawka's leading citizens,
passed here yesterday going to Platts
mouth. Mr. and Mrs. George A. II y of
Plattsmouth changed c rs here Wed
nesday, going to E mwood t attend
the wedding of Mr. Hty's brother.
W. II Djdson returned home yester
day evening from P.attsmouth, where
he has been doin? jury duty in district
court. He is only off on parole, being
excused until Monday.
The work in the stone qu irries has
been going along nice y this week,and
consideringtbe condition of the ground
the work has been quite satisfactory.
The working force this week h: s been
from twenty-five to thirty-five men and
seven teams, and Mr. Kolkmeyer lr-
forms us that a much larger force will
be put on soon as the weather depart
ment supplies the right kind of
Mrs. Calvin Zimmerman, Milesburg,
Pa., says: "As a speedy cure for
coughs, colds, croup and sore throat
One Minute Cough cure is unequaled.
It is pleasant for children to take. I
heartily recommend it to mothers." It
19 the only harmless remedy that pro
duces immediate results. It cures
bronchitis, pneumonia, grippe and
throat and lung diseases. It will pre
vent consumption. F. G. Fricke & Co.
jjhh, . .
s, tf"Vj uuac culcij iiihj
fir cashes and salves
and far beyond the reach of mere local remedies. Those who rely upon them for a cure lose valuable time, meet with disap
pointment and allow the disease to take firmer hold. Only a real blood remedy can reach this troublesome and dangerous disease.
S. S. S cures Catarrh because it first cleanses and builds up the blood, purifies it, makes it rich and healthy, stimulates and
puts new life into the sluggish worn-out organs, and thus relieves the system of all poisonous accumulations.
Mrs. Josephine Polhill, of Due West, S. C. writes : ' I had Catarrh, which became so deep
seated that I was entirely deaf in one ear, and all inside of my nose, including part of the bone,
sloughed off. When the disease had gone this far the physician gave me up as incurable. 1
determined to try S. S. S. as a lat resort, and Ixnjan to improve at once. It seemed to get at the
seat of the disease, and after a few weeks' treatment I was entirely cured, and for more than
seven years have had no sign of the disease."
S. S. S. is made of roots, herbs and barks of wonderful tonical anil purifying
properties. It is the only vegetable blood purifier known, and a certain and safe
cure for all blood troubles. Send for our book on Blood and Skin Diseases, and at
the same time write our physicians about vour case. Thev will cheerfully give von
any information or advice wanted. We
J. N. Will of Mvnard wa
a P.atts-
mouth visitor today.
Frank Dickson of Louirvil'.o was a
ccunty sest visitor today.
L. jl. . May field of thu L tuisvi'le
Courier was in town today.
W. C. Di UL'her, fr'Tn near (J een
wond, m .de 1 HE N i:vs a pleasant call
J. II HeCiier and .1 teob !Vi! were
in town tod.iy from Fight Mile
I . C. Todd i nd I (' Gt mi:. ell of
Xeh'iwka ere uii.on- tie vis tors in
tho city today.
Colonel li. T. Ilm hfo.d f ih - L -ui.--ville
Kicker was weU - tuo i-hII-t : t
theS' hea: q ;arl-i : uji;i .
Geo-go Fni fie d and wif. of Al.;a e
are in the ci ' v foe mi x -i 1 i i- t
with the f.tmi.y II. C. Mc.Maie:..
(i -Orge H.le-, T. F. 1 'urns, (i'-o ge
flulhert, J hn Suiton. G. F. Cu.ltr
ind George Sutti n of Gi ten wood w re
in town loaav.
Elmer Garrison and sis er. Mai, and
T. V. Itichafds :ind sister, Anna, of
Alliance, are in the city for a visit nt
the heme of H C. MeM iken.
Isaac Pollard, th'3 well known tip
ple grower of Nehawka, Neb., has
written a pamphlet f. r the purpose of
encouraging horticulture a mo g far
mers. Mr. l'ollard is one of tho best
authoritiej on anple culture in the
Missouri valley. Glen wood Ooini n
A representative i f a sug:ir factory
at Ames was in town jesterd iy, with a
view of inducing Cass county farmers
to go into the beet raising business
more extensively. He offers to pay
the freight on the beets and aleo to pay
the same price as is bei'-g paid at
Ames. He went down into the county
yesterday afternoon to intervieV some
of the farmers, and ex reel to make
an extended tour of the county before
returning home.
On the train Sunday evening we met
our o'.d time friend, L. C. Eicketf, ex
county ti easurer of Cass county, Ne
braska. Mr. K ckoff had been down to
Waukomis and other point looking
aft-jr his land interests. lie stated
that that m:ide his fifty-fourth round
trip from Nebraska to Oklahoma since
the first opening. We nrte in the
WauVomis Hornet that Mr. K ckotT is
one of a company that has been or
ganized there for the purpose of erect
ing a large hotel a that place. Ren
frew. (Okl.) Tribune.
31 UN DAY.
I). C. LiK jo t f Union was a visitor
in the citi today.
L. C. Todd of N .hawka was a county
eoat visitor today.
William Gilmour was a pjesenger
this afternoon for Lincoln.
D -. II. 15 Wallace of I'n'on was a
Flattsmouth visitor tod-iy.
J. M. Davis and J hn Soangler we-re
in town tcday from Murray.
Johs Krickson of Greenwood pro
duct was in town today on business.
E. A. Burton, one of Murray's busi
ness men, made Thk News a pleasant
call today.
J. 11. Ramsey of Louisville was in
the city tcday, and a pleasant caller at
Tite News otfice.
Elmer Eikenbary of Memphis, Xeb.,
visited relatives in this county over
Sunday, returning this afternoon.
F. F. Everett, republican committee
man of Weepiug Water precinct, was
among the callers at The News oftice.
A. L. Cox, the implement dealer of
Mynard, was a business visitor iu the
city today. Ho was a welceme caller
at this
Fred J. W. Warren and M. M. A'den
will open revival meetings at the South
Park Baptist, church. The public is
cordially invited te attend these meet
ings, j
Presiding E der Ijter Van Fleet I
of Nebraska City conducted theserv-'
ices at the Methodist church last eve
ning, after which communion services
were held.
W. D. Wheeler, F. G. E,'enber
ger, II. B. Groves, Matt Gering, Ed
Fitzgei a'd, Jacob Tritsch and several
others left this morning for Lincoln to
attend the democratic state conven
tion. Marshal Spence of L .uisville
brought in an insane man named Gust
Anderson this morning. The board
of insanity; upon examination, recom
mended that the unfortunate man be
taken to the insane hospitalatLincoln, J
and R. W. Hyers took him to th itasy- '
lum today.
Few realize hat a deep-seated, obstinate disease Catarrh is, regarding it aa a simple inflammation of
the nose and throat, little or no attention is given it. But, however insignificant it may seem at first, it
is serious and far-reaching in its results.
The foul secretions entering the circulation poison the entire system. . The stomach, kidneys in
fact all the organs -feel the effect of this catarrhal poison, and when the lungs are reached its progress
is rapid and destructive, and finally ends in consumption.
It frequently happens that the senses of hearing and smell are in part or entirely lost, the soft bones of
nuu ucanui cj, lhujiiij; ilicusc suiici mg aiiu gicauy uisugunng me lace. W nile sprays,
may give temporary relief, no permanent benefit can be expected from such treatment.
make no charge for this.
Order to Show Cause.
In the District Court of t'ass County, Nebraska,
David I'ltnian as Guardian )
lor Atlanta J. Cable (
pantord I.. Cable, et a!. i
This cause came on for hearinc upon the peti
tion of David Pitman, guardian of Atlanta I.
Cable, insane, praying tor a license to sell her
interest in the north half of the njrthwest quar-
terof section twenty-nine (2i, and the south
ii.) all in township eleven (II, ) north of range
thirteen ( la.)
in ttie county ot eass. Nebraska.
including her right of dower and homestead, and
that out of the sale of said property there shall
be ascertained the amount equitably belonging
to said ward and the same to De invested by her
gii.trdiaii. ami the proceeds used for her mainten
ance and support, and be separate from the joint
interest of tier husband, Santord L. Cable, in
said land There is no personal property or
other etate out of which to support the said
It is therefore ordered that the n-Nt of kin and
all persons Interested in said estate, appear be
fore me at the office of thecleik ol the district
cour:. on the second day ol April. A I . 1 . at
one o'clock p. m . to show cause why a license
shcuiid not be granted said guar nan to sell said
land described in tins notice, ami why the court
should not sepcrale the interest of said ward in
sai l land tnini of her said hubaud
An.) that ii..tice to be puLlish. d in The
Semi -Wkfki y Ni- ws Hkkaio It. r three succes
sive, weexs belt r- the day of hearing
Dated this hrst iliy ol March. A I).. I'.nm
Hai l. Jt-SNt-N. Judge.
iiyron Claik and C. A. Kawls, Attorneys.
i. M. Spurlof-k, Attorney. J'Ih 1 1 smoii t li.
Notice of Administration.
Notice by publication on petition for adminis
tration of estate. In county Court. Cass county,
Nebraska. In the matter of the estate of Walter
Jenkins, deceased. To whom it may concern.
All persons interested in said matter are hereby
notified that on the Mthday ot March. HKMI. Mary
lenkins. widow of said deceased, tiled a petition
in said court, alleging; among other things, that
the said Walter Jenkins died on the 1 tih day of
March, ls'.is, intestate: that he was a resident ot
said county at the time of his death, and was pos
sessed ol an estate situated therein. Petitioner
prays for administration thereof, and tha' letters
be grantee! to H. N. Dovey. You are hereby
nonhed that if you fail to appear before said
court on the rtth day of April. 1!M). at V o"clock a.
m .. and contest said petition, the court will grant
the prayer thereof and appoint H. N.Dovevor
some other suitable person administrator, and
proceed to a settlement of said estate.
W itness my hand and the seal ot said county
court at Plattsmouth. Nebiaska. this, the i:!th
dav of March. A. D. l'."HI J. li. Dot olass.
-eal) County Judge.
First publication March 1:1.
Legal Notice.
In the district court of Cass county, Nebraska.
Annie Mary Huber, et al- J
vs - NOTICE.
Philip F. Huber, et al )
To Christine C. Huber:
Y ou are hereby notified that on or about Oc
tober -ioth. ls'.tit, plaintiffs tiled their petition in
the district court of Cass county. Nebraska, for
the purpose cf partitioning to Annie Mary
Huber. George F. Huber, Minnie Huber and
Carl Huber. minor heirs ot John O. Huber,
Philip F. Huber. Christine C. Huber. Carrie
Krouse, Catherine Tapper. Mary Duerr. II. E.
1'ankonin, liank of Cass County and Margaret
Green, the undivided one-half of the west half of
the northeast quarter of section twenty-two
in township tw.Ive d'.'). north ot range eleven
(111, in said county and state, for an ascertain
ment and adjustment of all liens and a judgment
charging the costs and expenses of said partition
to such parties in said action as the court may
deem equitable, and lor an accounting of all
rents and protit.
You are required to answer said petition on or
before the Pith day of April, A. I). It-ui. or it will
be taken as confessed.
Annie Marv Hciser. et al.
Rvron Clark and f. A. Kawls. Attorneys.
hirst publication March 64.
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General fierchandise
fc -fc
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See nearest Hurlington ticket
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FOR REN 1' Small piece ot iaud neat this citv.
Enquire of W illiam Morrow.
Salter's Hie
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What is ttr
saiw i as ar twrranti t rroilnro. V
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10 ftkg of rare firm irM. salt Ruth, th a ard
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send thin yajaaMaaa-! Catalog
nr. witn 4JT, -i 4 ,1 w"iJ aiona.60.
loc. to Balzer. ' 1 imrf1" u :
Notice to Creditors.
State of Nebraska . i -...
County of Cass. s' County ( ouit.
In the matter ol the estate of Thoman lloimcs.
deceased .
Notice is hereby given that the creditors of said
deceased will meet the administrator with will
annexed ot said estate, before me. county judne
of Cass county. Nebraska, nt the county court
room in I'lattsmouth in said county, on the ,th
day of Mav. A. I. I9ni, and on the th day ot
October, l'.ni, at ft o'clock a. in., each day for the
purpose of presenting their claims for examina
tion, adjustment and allowance. !ix months
are allowed for the creditors of said deceased to
present their claims from the 7th day ol April,
Witness my hand and seal of said county court
nt I'lattsmouth, Nebraska, this ltth day ot
March, li"!. J. E. Duuoi.ass.
(Seal) County Judge.
First publication March l:!, 19m.
Legal Notice.
Toiymnes (irocery company, T. W. DeLong,
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance company.
Sumner li- Day. Susan Dav and liraineed Kel
logg, impleaded with Everett li. Day, et al., you
ana each of you are hereby uotihed that on the
!th day March. A. D. num. Isaac W. Teegarden
hied his petition in the district court l Cass
county. Nebraska, against you. the object and
prayer of which are to foreclose a certain moit
gage on the w-est half ot the southwest quarter of
section in town II. range 11. Cass county, Ne
braska, given March l!th. ISKT, for $I, K), ex
ecuted by K. E. Day and Jennie Day, payable to
Daniel D. lohnson. and by mesne conveyances
and assignments vested in said Isaac W. Tee
garden: that payments have been made by said
E. E. Day on said mortgage debt from time to
time till September th. IN ; that there is due on
sa'd mortgage to said Teegarden the sum fl.
iU t": it is asked that the intere ts of you and
all defendants in said actiou be adjudged junior
and inferior to said mortgage lien; and that said
land be sold to satisfy plaintiffs claim and for
equitable relief. You are required to answer said
petition on or before Monday, the -M day of
April. A. I). 190. Isaac W. Tei-:;ARDKN.
First publication March 13.
( l'latt.smoutli No.
Nebraska No. 4.
1 OK.