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J. I. unrun
Dealer in
419 Main st
E B. Elster
" Office
Waterman block.
Snyder x Co
and. . . .
Cora M.Rlexander
Agent for the
Skirt . .
Union block
Sixth and Main
Plattsmouth, Neb
National Bank
Plattsmouth, Neb
F. G. Egenberger,
Mineral and
Soda Waters.
and all kinds
of ....
Stocks. Bonds and Se
curities bought and
B & M
Pay checks
Dealer in
Groceries and
414 Main St.
Are now in
A Fine display of
Pattern Hats in a
few days.
Mrs. Rankin
and Feed
Main and
Seventh sts.
Dealer in
Anheuser- Buach
Brewing Ass'n.
a S Ij LI-S
Pens, Ink
Sixth and
Pearl streets.
The News.
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Of any Cass County Paper.
att. Kfibraska will reioico to hear
that Senator Hayward is getting bet
Customs receipts under the Dingtey
law continue to eu-pasa the most san
guine expectations of its framers. In
the month of October they amounted
to 818,800,000, or an average of over
$600,000 per day and in the first nine
days of November were over $6,000,000,
thus being far in exces of the hall a
million dollars a day, which is the
amount ordinarily expected of the
customs end of the revenue-producing
machinery of the government.
Anotiiee feather in the cap of the
administration is the acquisition of the
island of Tutuila in theSamoan group,
which falls to our lot in the readjust
ment mde by the United State9, Ger
many and Great Britain. This island
possesses the finest island harbor in
the south Pacific, and perhaps the en
tire Pacific ocean, and thus adds a
very valuable feature to the Pacific
territory which has came into the pos
session of the United States during
President McKinley's term.
The unanimous opinion of Admiral
Dewey and his associates on the Phil-
inoine commission that the govern
ment should retain possession of the
Philippine islands doubtless had its ef
fect npon the minds of many voters
who were undetermined as to the wis-
wisdom of our expansion policy, and
whose decision in support of the presi
dent gave in the recent election the
unexpectedly large republican major
ities Ohio, Kentucky, New ork. New
Jersey, Pennsylvania and other states.
Auntie Boutwell, the side-part
ner of Atkinson and Aguinaldo, must
be quite discouraged over the resultof
the election. In a recent letter to an
Indianapolis friend, in which he dis
cussed the question of how the "aunt
ies" could accomplish their purpose.
whatever it is. he said: "First of all
we must get a popular judgment
asainst McKinley; as long as the peo
pie are with him. there is no hope.
The 6plendid republican -majorities in
Ohio. Kentucky, New ork, JNew Jer
sey. Pennsylvania and other states do
not indicate that it will pract.ioo.hln to
get a "popular judgment against Mc
People who are losing sleep over
the frequently repeated suggestions
that England's experiences in India
prove that a large standing army will
De required in the Philippines should
divide the standing army of India into
the population and than see how it fits
conditions in the Philippines. The
standing army in India consists of 225,
000 men, of which one-third are Euro
peans and two-thirds natives. The
population of India is 300,000,000; that
of the Philippines, 8,000,000. Make
the calculation and you will find that
at the same ratio we should have to
keep in the Philippines 2,000 of Amer
ican and 4,000 of native troops.
About the last of the industries to
recover from the depression caused by
low tariff and democratic rule is that
of woolen manufactures. The enor
mous importations of woolen goods un
der the Wilson low tariff paralyzed
the manufacturers of woolen goods
within the United States, and it is
only during the last few months that
they have fully recovered from the de
pression due to the enormous stock in
the country when the Dingley law
was passed. Now, however, the mills
of tho country are running on full
time, and in many c ises overtime.
Demund for American wool is increas
ing, and the last of American indus
tries to feel the effect of repib'ican
protection is gratefully acknowledging
its benefits.
Secretary Gage's propositioT to
reaeem $25,000,000 worth of tho out
standing bonds of the United States
not yet due, the purpose being to put
into circulation a part f the surplus
now in the treasury, will probably
bring tha total money in circulation
in the United States to the two billion
dollar lino. The total money in cir
culation on November 1 was $1,963,
716,148, and the great excess of ex
ports is constantly bringing money
into the country from abroad, so that
it seems almost certain that the two
billion dollar line in our circulation
will be reached very soon, thus in
creasing the total circulation 33 per
cent since the nomination of Bryan
and all this without the free and un
limited coinage. of silver.
No betteu evidence of prosperity
can be found than the rapidly increas
ing demand for freight carriers on the
railroads and lakes. Grain, coal, lum
ber and iron men are complaining bit
terly that they cannot get cars and
steamships to move their freights,
despite the fact that every nerve is
being strained by manufacturers to in
crease the supply of vehicles for trans
portation. Car shortages are reported
by the large companies at from 1,500
to 5,000 cars, and already the iron ore
producers of the northwest have char-
tered vessels for next season's service,
thus insuring a greater amount of iron
ore thau ever before known. The
American Car and Factory company,
which is manufacturing steel freight
cars has recently taken orders for
over $14,000,000 worth of new cars.
The time is rapidly approaching
when Japan, China, Korea. Siam and
the Philippines will consume every
pound of the south's surplus cotton,
manufactured or raw, and make her
absolutely independent of the British
or European market. Every farmer,
laborer and manufacturer in the south
should have deep concern in America's
Asiatio opportunity. There should
not be a discordant note from the
Roanoke to tho Rio Grande in support
of a policy to extend, protect and con
trol tho markets of the Orient. Hon.
John Barrett, Cleveland's minister to
Mrs. Ada Ashley Hill was arrested
at Aurora, III., charged with the mur
der of her mother-in-law, Mrs. Eiiza
Hill, by pouring acid down her back.
Mrs. Hill died November 5, as the re
sult, physicians swear, of acid burns.
The deposit of vapor and hoar fro6t
on window panes is prevented by coat
ing the window with a composition re
cently patented by a Belgian, consist
ing of water, glycerine, sugar and
comaria, the resulting compound be
ing transparent and rendering the
window clear at all times.
The invasion of Cape Colony by tho
Boers is believed to indicate an early
general attack on the British position.
There are fears that the Dutch farm
ers will tarn per with the railroads to
prevent the movement of British
A Missouri couple were married the
other day after a week's acquaintance.
The Kansas City Journal admits that
there was nothing precipitate so far
as the bridegroom, was concerned, as
the bride possessed property valued tit
New York City, Brooklyn and Jer
sey City milk dealers have formed a
gigantic milk trust, under the laws of
Dele ware.' Articles of incorporation
were filed at Dover by the Pure Milk
company, whose capital stock was rep
resented at $30,000,000.
A steamer arriving at Liverpool
from West African ports reports th:it
an English trader named Thompson
and five men have been massacred by
natives at Lahore. A force of Sene
galese has been sent to punish the
Sportsmen who have been out over
Wabash and surrounding counties in
Indiana say that quail were never so
numerous as now. Tho birds are In
prime condition, in spite of the failure
of the wheat crop. Big killings are
reported daily.
Spain's Greatest Need.
Mr. R. P. Olivia, of Barcelona,
Spain, spends his winters at Aiken, S.
C. Weak nerves had caused severe
pains in the back of his head. On
using Electric Bitters, America's
greatest blood and nerve remedy, all
pain soon left him. He says this grand
medicine is what his country needs.
All America knows that it cures liver
and kidney trouble, purifies the blood,
tones up the stomach, strengthens the
nerves, puts vim, vigor and new life
into every muscle nerve and organ of
the body. If weak, tired or ailing you
need it. Every bottle guaranteed,
only 50 cents. Sold by F. G. Fricke &
Co. 1
What Paper Coal.
Ladles who go chopping have little
idea of the cost of their trip, even in
such a minor detail as the cost of paper
for the packages they have sent home.
A Baltimorean has recently compared
the weight of paper with the food sup
plied to the purchaser. In one day's
purchases It is said that the paper
wrapping amounting to about 10 per
cent of the total. In a Hat of supplies
costing about $1.40, he found that the
paper which was weighed with the
provisions cast U cents.
eraln O! 6raln-OI
Remember that name when jou
want a delicious, appetizing, nourish
ing food drink to take the place of
coffee. Sold by all grocers and liked
by all who have used it. Grain-O is
made of pure grain, it aids digestion
and strengthens the nerves. It is not
a stimulant Out a health builder and
the children as well as the adults can
drink it with great benefit. Costs
about one-fourth as much as coffee,
lfc and 25c per package. Ask your
grocer for Graln-O.
Oasb Prl.cs foP Photographs.
For the six best photographs of
farm scenes along its line in Nebraska
and Kansas,the Burlington route offers
six cash prizes one of $20, one or $10
and four of $5 each. Photographs of
growing crops, harvesting operations,
feed-lots, poultry, cattle, barns and
creameries are particularly desired.
No limitations as to size or finish are
made. The contest closes November
30, 1899. J. Francis, General Passen
ger Agent, Burlington Route, Omaha.
Dr. H. H. Haden,Summit,Ala.,says,
"I think Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is a
splendid medicine. I prescribe it, and
my confidence in it grows with con
tinued use." It digests what you eat
and quickly cures dyspepsia and in
digestion. F. G. Fricke & Co.
To Patron of '-The Newa."
All accounts, including subscrip
tions, advertising and job work, are
due and payable to George L. Farley,
the present owner of the paper.
C. S. Polk.
I A. W. Atwood sells glass.
The following are extracts from a lecture
delivered by Judge J. R. Clarkson, of Omaha, at
Waterman's hall. I'lattsmouth, Neb., November
1C. 1S39.J
There is an all pervading inquietude
among mortals. They seem linked
with disease, misery, restlessness, dis
satisfaction, inconstancy, a feverish
agitation over trivialities, a despair
ing uncertainty of action, a vague in
definite purpose to do some indefinable
thiDg, the execution of which they
know not how to undertake.
They are inharmony incarnate.
They cry for something better, for
peace, for rest, for content, for health,
for happiness.
They grope blindly for the desirable.
They clutch only tho unsatisfying.
What can they do? What can they
do? " '
If one is in the shade and wants the
sunlight, he must step out into it.
If one is in the beat of the sun and
wants the cool and shade of the house,
he must betake himself inside.
If one wants tho seclusion and quiet
of the woods, he must go to the woods.
If one wants the ocean breeze, be
will find it at or near the ocean.
If a mariner wants the benefit of the
trade wind, he must put his vessel in
the path of the wind, not lie oft a hun
dred or two of miles, and expect the
wind to como to him.
If one wants peace, rest, content,
health and happiness, he must seek
their source.
If one wants something different
from his usual experience, and is
shown tho way to eoraething different,
he must not demur because in his
quest for the different he encountres
a fundamental differenco between
what he has had and what he seeks;
what he had, and what he gains.
Jesus said, "Ye cannot servo God and
For thousands of years men have
striven to be well, whole, have.un
availingly syught happiness. Hither
and thither they have wandered in
search of what they have not found.
Every conceivable material fount has
been tapped in the vain hope that its
waters would prove a panacea for
fleshly ills.
Scarce a material product of the
earth but that has been brought into
requisition to furnish its supposed
furtherance of the desired end the
health and hsippiness of mortals. With
what effect? Have material means
made mortals well? Have material
expedients resulted in the production
of happiness? Have material methods
banished disease, sin, misery, death?
Are not mortals born through suf
fering; do they not soon learn to sin
and to love eiu; aro they not diseased,
unhappy, tormented, racked, worried,
fretted aod annoyed; do they not die
all pretty a7:h as thoy did thousand
of years ago, and that, too, dispite of
never ending struggles to bring about
a different order of existence? Has
not the time come for a trial, at least,
of different remedies, spiritual reme
dies which God has always prescribed
and which, past all doubt, in the wan
ing years of this cen'.ury He, once
more, has brought conspicuously to
tho notice of tho human race?
Christian Scientists say and prove
that God, tho Kingdon of Heaven, the
Holy Comforter, is not a remote possi
bility, a locility, a corporeality, a
something to be sought in doubt and
despondency ever keeping tantaliz
inply just beyond the reach, never af
fording a satisfying assurance that the
"Kingdom of God is within you." God
is hero, now, to be had, to be enjoyed,
to be obeyed, to be worshipped, to be
loved with all one's heart and soul and
strength. So long as men refuse to
obey specific instructions as to how
they may find God; so long as men per
sist in disbelieving the positive, ciear,
oft repeated promises of God's helpful
presence to those who do His will; so
long as men remain stubborn in the
belief that they, better than God, know
what is good for them; just so long
men must not expect to know God,
must not expect 1 1 is helping hand. If
Jesus was God's son, and Christianity
is based upon the fact that he wa-;
it Christ is, always has been, and al
ways will be, God's son, and Chris
tianity is based on Christ's eternal
sonship; if credence is to bo given to
the Bible, and if the Bible is not
God's word Christendom has not yet
found that word; then Christ Jesus
was on this earth of ours for a pur
pose. What was that purpose? Was
it not, as the Biblo teaches, to save, to
destroy and to fulfill? Save whom?
Mankind. Destroy what? Sickness,
sin, suffering and death. Fulfill what?
The law, God's commands. Save a
few thousand mortals, who, through
Jesus' or His desciples' personal pres
ence could be reached and moved? No!
Mankind, all mortals, the world, in all
places at all times, under all condi
tions. Save from what? Fom th em
sol fee, from bondage to the ilesn, from
sickness, sin suffering and death.
Save, how? By destroying self, free
ing from the flesh, annihilating sick
ness, sin,suffering and death, casting
out devils, evils.
Before the sermon on the mount, ho
healed the sick. After the sermon on
the mount he healed the sick. By his
healing he attracted his auditors. Af
ter they had listened with profoundest
interest to that concise, incisive con
densation of all that can bo said on the
subject matter of a righteous life, he,
with them, descended from the moun
tain, the exalted thought, and healed
their sick who came to him, thus
demonstrating that his sermon was
founded on practical, though spiritual
Truth that the man of righteous life,
the man who walked with God, who
accredited God with all perfection,
was empowered to destroy evil as it
existed among men, because evil was
contrary to an ever present God uni
versal Good.
Nor did he maintain that he alone
could demonstrate God's power and
presence, nor did he or his disciples
so teach. When he sent forth the
twelve, this was his command "And
as ye go, preach, saying the kingdom
of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick,
cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast
out devils." When he sent out the
seventy, after other instruction, ho
gave them this "And heal the sick
that are therein and say unto them,
the kingdom of God is come nigh
unto you."
After the resurrection, in his last
talks with the disciples, these were
His statements and injunctions: "All
power is given unto me in heaven and
in earth. Gove, therefore, and teach
all nations. Teaching them
to observe all things whatsoever I
have commanded you; and lo, I am
with you always, even unto the end of
the world." Again, "Go ye into all
the world and preach the gospel to
every creature."
"He that belie.veth and is baptized
shall be saved, and these
signs shall follow them that believe;
in my name they shall cast out devils;
they shall speak with new tongues:
they shall take up serpents; and if
they drink any deadly thing it shall
not hurt them; they shall lay hands on
the sick they shall recover."
Instantaneous healing of acute com
plaints is frequently brought to pass
Practically instantaneous healing of
chronic diseases, which for years have
defied a cure through material means,
is no rare occurrence. Persons who,
time after time, have been under the
surgeon's knife, with nothing towards
and actual cure affected, with the
necessity of another operation tilling
them with dread, have, as a finality,
in utter desperation, despondingiy
turned to Christian Science, and been
effectually ard permanently healed.
Christian Scientists claim that in
destroying sickness, sin, suffering and
death Jesus made it clear that they
did not originate in God, because, as
God'a representative oa earth, to do
His will, and to show men how to do
His will, he would have made no at
tempt to remove or destroy creations
of God. He would have known that
what God had made was perfect and
good, and that if God bad made sin,
sickness, suffering death, they were
good, eternal, and not to bo effaced
from human consciousness. As he was
here to enlighten concerning the
Father in Heaven, he would have
known and so instructed men, that any
puny human efforts to escape from or
mitigate inflictions visited by G id
upon mankind would be rot only futile
but in rebellion to God's wish and,
therefore, from any point of view, to
bo renounced.
If God did not make sickness, sin,
suffering1, evil and death, then they do
not actually exist, because He made all
things that were made. AVhat then
are they? Christian Scientists say:
False creations of a false, mortal, ma
terial intelligence which arrogates to
itself a power that God does not pos
sess, mortal conceptions of life and
intelligence in matter, falsities not
countenanced by God, because, as be
fore said, Jesus' mission was to destroy
them as works of the devil, evil,
and to show men how to destroy them.
Christian Scientists ask if God is
the author and the maintainer of sin.
sickness, misery and death, how can
men ever hope to be rid of them, how
can men by their frantic, though feeble
struggles, their shallow human in
genuity, thwart the design of the
eternal Almighty that these evils
shall be?
Christian Science is a knowledge of
God and man, of real existence, of real
Being. It is a gradution from blind
belief,, conjecture, and even pure,
transporting faith, into an under
standing, however feeble, a realiza
tion, however faint, of the Supreme
Being Spirit and His spiritual cre
ations. It is a renewal of the Chris
tianity taught and practiced by Jesus;
taught and practiced by their follow
ers until church and state became
united, and dogma, creed and doctrine
largely took the place of simple,
saintly, consecrated lives and obed
ience to God's, not man's commands.
In its ultimate it mean? for us what
the apostle Paul writes in the 4th
Ephesians, that "we all come in the
unity of the faith, and of the knowl
edge of the Son of God, unto the per
fect man, unto the measure .of the
stature of the fulness of Christ."
This knowledge of God and man
is to be bad, to a limited degree, al
most at once, and any one to whom
even such limited knowledge has come
can, to some extent at least, heal the
sick, alleviate suffering, and help the
sinner. As such knowledge increases
and there attend upon its possessor a
proportionate self-abnegation, an
earnest striving after holy things, a
sincere, constant yearning to know
and do God's will, and a firm obser
vance of that will when known, there
comes more and more the ability to
perform what seem wonders in heal
ing the sick and sinful, restoring the
dying and transforming the human
Thousands of men and women suffer
from piles, especially women with fe
male weakness have this suffering to
contend with in addition to their other
pains. Tabler's Buckeyo Pile Oint
ment will quickly effect a cure. Price,
50 cts. In bottles, tubes 75 cts. F. G.
Fricke & Co.
t Don't Ml to tpjf
Jkxa .jjfalnj, MUH BMtW OMti
condition of tho Stommch
of Lhrmr. X
I IOrUaaitIMt(.at dratattim 4,
A Narrow Escape.
Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada
E. Hart of Groton, S. I). "Was taken
with a bad cold which settled on my
lungs; cough sot in and finally termi
nated in consumption. Four doctors
gave me up, saying I could livo but a
short time. I gave myself ap to my Sav
ior,determined if I could not stay with
my friends on earth, I would meet my
absent ones above. My husband was
advised to get Dr. King's New Dis
covery for consumption, coughs and
colds, I gave it a trial, took in all eight
bottlos. It has cured me, and thank
God, I am saved and now a well and
healthy woman." Trial bottles free at
F. G. Fricke & Co. Regular size 50c.
and $1. Guaranteed or price refunded.
The Secret of Miles' Sure ess.
Gen. Nelson A. Miles thus speaks
of the valuable training which ha re
ceived on a farm: "I lived as a
farm boy the happiest days of my life.
I think such a life had the greatest
influence on my after success. It
taught me habits of Industry and
economy, and its freedom and inde
pendence caused me to acquire the
wise habit of thinking" for myself."
"I wouldn't be without D'Witi's
Witch Hazel Stive for any consider
ation," writes Thos. 13. Rhodes, Cen
terfield, O. Infallible for piles, cuts,
burns and sktn diseases. Beware of
counterfeits. F. G. Fricke & Co.
Where the Great Foreata Are.
A table In Science shows that Can
ada leads all other Countries in the
extent of her forests. She p ossesses
799,230,720 acres of forest-covered land,
as against 450,000,000 acres fn the Unit
ed States. Russia Is credited, with
498,240,000 acres, about 48.000,000 more
than the United Stas. India conies
next with 140,000.000. Germany haa
84,347,000 acres, France 23.4CG,450. and
the British islands only 2.695,noo. The
table does not Include Africa cr South
America, both of which contain im
mense forests. It may surprise some
readers to learn that the percentage of
forest-covered land Is larger In several
European countries. Germany for In
stance, than In the United States.
Dr. W. Wixon, Italy Hill, N. Y.,
says, "I heartily recommend One
Minute Cough Cure. It cave my wife
immediate relief in suffocating
asthma." Pleasant to tako. Never
fails to euro all coughs, colds, throat
and lun troubles. F. G. Fricke & Co.
His will was of Iron, stoutly declared,
But his wife merely smiled and was not
at all scared;
For his will could be bent with facility
Her "won't" was a furnace that melted
it straight.
New Zealand Sound Financially.
The New Zealand budget shows that
the year closed with a surplus of
The truest wisdom is a resolute de
termination. Na poleon.
Constipation means the accumula
tion of waste matter that should be
discharged daily, and unless this is
done the foul matter is absorbed and
poisons the system. Use Herbine to
bring about regularity of tho bowels
Price 50 cts. F. G. Fricke & Co.
Send the News to your friends.
Pimples Turn
to Cancer.
Cancer often results from an im
purity in the blood, inherited from
generations back. If ew people are en
tirely free from some taint in the blood
and it is impossible to tell when it will
break out in the form or areaaea can
cer. What has appeared to be a mere
pimple or scratch has developed into
the most malignant Ouncer.
"I had a severe Cancer which was at first
Ml, four Y.irtrhea. that I thOUKtlt WOUld
PCMJU pans BnBji & was
treated by several able
phyniclans, but lu unite
of their efforts the Can
cer spread until my con
dition became alarmlnir.
After many nmnllm of
treatment ana Krowing
steadily worsf. I de-
K elded to try 8. S. S.
which was so stronirly
recommended. The lirst
, bottle produced an lm-
xi provement. I continued
the medicine, and in
V four months the last llt
y tie a cab dropped off.
' Ten years have el a used.
and not a sign ol me aiaeatte nas returned.
B. F. William.
GUlsburg, MUa
It is dangerous to experiment with
Cancer. The disease is beyond the skill
of physicians. S. S. S. is the only cure,
because it is tne oniy remeay wnicn
goes deep enough to reach Oancer.
(Swift's Specific) is the only blood
remedy guaranteed Purely Vegetable.
All others contain potash and mer
cury, the most dangerous of minerals.
Books on Cancer and blood diseases
mailed free by Swift Specific Company,
Atlanta. Georgia.
EflflYRQYAL PILLS mmm ....ay w
arc. alwtr, raUsbi. loca M
.ITS In u4 u4 iAl mrullia'
limumUiailiilKiu. At Ursula". T Ma 4.
lo Manip far pArtlewiara. teatimonlmlJ 4
"Hellef fr radlra," M Utur. by relara
Ml l.000 1MiiM0lila.
CalrCa tfcM ill Wo,w
SoM bj all Ucl lnwf IMa, "M1 L,A.UA-,'A.
A 0
has been added to the well
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With Stool and Scarf.
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mid Stoves
I. Pearl man desires to call
attention to the trade that he
has the largest stock of stoves
and furniture ever shown in
Plattsmouth and that he can
not be undersold by any dealer
in the great state of Nebraska.
lie made his purchases before
the recent great advance in
prices, and is giving his cus
tomers the benefit of that fact.
Tliee are facts which you
cannot afford to overlook when
in need of anything in his line.
If you are wise you will take
a close look through his stored
rooms before buying.
Opposite tho court house,
Plattsmouth Nebraska
Plattsmouth Coal Yard
Bay, Corn, Oats and all Kinds of Fo-d
Constantly on Hand.
Has now stock, new rigs and
is prepared better than ever
to tako care of
fl General Live ru Business
Quick trips made to all parts of the
county. Low prices and court
eous treatment assured.
lattmou1h, Nr-hraska.
Otfcrt the very test facilities lor the
prompt transaction ol
Legitimate Banking Business.
STOOKS. bonds, nold. irovernruent and local
securities oouitht'and sold. Deposits ro
oelred and Interest allowed on the ee rt fl
ea tes. Drafts drawn, available In any
part of the D. B. and all the principle
towns of Europe. Oolleotlon made and
promptly remitted. Highest market
price paid tor county warrants, state
and county bonds.
H. N. Dovey, D. Hawksworth S. Waugh
F. E. White. G. E. Dovey.
Geo. E. Dovey. Pres.. S. Waugh, Cashier.
H. N. Dovev. Asst. Cashier,
F. R. GUTHM ANN, Prop.
fates SI and $1.50 Derail
Centrally Located and Com
fortably Furnished.
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