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    inv ..lllll wanted to trael and
I All Of riftll appoint agents. o
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H. N. IXvey. D. Hawkorth S. Waugh
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Geo. E. Dovey. Pres.. S. Waugh. Cashier
H. N. Dovcv. A?st. Casliier.
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a e g g- o-
The Semi-Weekly News-Herald
... BY THI . . .
J. E. MARSHALL. Business Manager.
One Year, in advance 5 00
Six Months, 2 50
One Week, 10
Single Copies, 5
One Year, in advance, .... tl 00
Six Months, 50
Of any Cms County Paper.
HoiTSE RENT Si was governor two
terms.but he will not be supreme judge
any part of one term.
Joiix Sattlek could not 6erve as
deputy treasurer ar.dcqroner both, so
what is the usof talking about It.
It IS pre'.ty certain that the Ne
braska boys can see their services
were appreciated by their friends at
THE political pot is beginning to
boil a little bitsmi the first thing that
is known some of the fusionists will
get scalded. -
The people got quite enough of
Nolcomb while he was governor and
he will be excused from sitting on the
supreme bench.
Among the numerous candidates for
county judge on the republican ticket
T. Frank Wiles of P.atUmouth pre
cinct seems to be the leader so far as
this part of the county is concerned.
The democrats are booming James
Herold for county treasurer. Jimmie
is a tiptop fellow a d it looks wicked
to kill him off w hi e ho is so young.
But such is polit cs nryhow popocra
tic politics.
W. J. Bryan, the free silver luna
tic, it i3 expected has promised to
epeak in I'lattsmouth on the 27th of
September and the fanatics of his per
suasion are in high feather over the
Thk early closing i u'e which went
into effect in Oinah -oir.rtime ago has
been broken. A numb r of the lead
ing merchants have announced that
they will keep open with
next Saturday evening.
Mu. Johnson's runny friends will
regret his deci.-ion not to become a
candidate for sheriff. He could cer
tainly have leen elected, and many
democrats wanti d u opport mity to
attest their app--.c at on of his merit.
The Ohio deraoc.-aiiu convention at
Zanesville yesterday nominated John
R. McLean of the Cincinnati Enquirer
for governor on the first ballot by a
mitority of a half of one vote. The
platform endorses the Chicago free
silver deliverance of 1896 and de
nounces trusts and combines. The
candidates will probably butt their
brains out fighting Hanna.
The News, in anticipation of a big
run of business, has just received a
shipment of two tons of paper. The
subscription list to The Daily and
Semi-Weekly News is growing
rapidly, which is evidence that the
people appreciate a clean, fair paper
that gives the news and does not seek
to besmirch anybody and one that is
not the personal organ of a few old
"We know what American victory
means. 11 means not to oppress, not
to tread on the necks of the fallen. It
means to lift them up, to place them
upon their feet, and to do ali that is
in our power to extend comfort, civili
zation, happiness and prosperity to all
mankind. This war has brought un
der the dominion and protectorate of
the stars and stripes many millions of
our Catholic people, far removed, some
of them, from the American continent.
but we predict for them unhesitatingly
that they will make American citizens
as loyal, as sturdy and as true as those
that are here today." Father Lavelle
in speech introducing President Mc-
Kinley, at Catholic Summer School
Grounds, Champlain,N. Y., August 15.
The free-traders who were in such
high feather over the slightly in
creased importations of the fiscal year
ISO',) have lost interest in that subject
since it is discovered thai this increase
was almost entirely in articles re
quired by manufacturers whose busi
ness had been increased by the protec
tive tariff. The imports of raw 6ilk
for manufacturing were in the fiscal
year 1899 $31,876,342, against $17,558,-
163 in the last year of the Wilson law;
of raw fibers for use in manufacturing
the imports of 1899 were $20,290,727,
aeainst $13,445,186 in 1898,and $12,336.
418 in the lust year of the Wilson law;
of crude India rubber the imports for
use in manufacturing were in 1S90 $31,-
870,342, against $25,545,391 in 1898,
and $17,5!8,163 in the last year of the
Wilson law; while the imports of tin
for use in manufacturing tin-plate
were, in 1S99. $11,843,357, against $8,-
77S.151 in 1S93, and $6,533,352 iD the
last year of the Wilson law. The only
reduction in imports of material for
manufacturing was in wool, of which
the imports in the last year of the
Wilson law, which were admitted free
of duty, were $53,243,191; In 1898, the
first year of the Dingley law, they
were $16,7S3,692,and in lS99,the second
year of the Dingley law.but $8,322,897.
History will give the administration
high credit for the financial manage
ment of the war with Spain and the
war that followed it as an unwelcome
but unavoidable sequel.says the Globe
Democrat. The cost has been far less
than Wc8 anticipated before hostilities"
began. War taxes were wisely im
posed at the beginning of the conflict
and the country, in spite of greatly in
creased expenditure,has avoided a for
midable accumulation of cebt Most of
the expenses of the war were charged
up during the last fiscal year ending
June SO. The deficit for the year was
S9,000,000, much less than any of the
estimates. This year's prospect ia that
the treasury will keep even, or nearly
so. K 3 venue is increasing and expen
ses falling off. The navy costs but
little more now than on a peace foot
ing. Congress appropriated $80,000,-
000 for the authorized army of 100,000
men. The cost of maintaining the
army in the Philippines is not yet
closely ascertained,butit will be noth
ing unusual except in the matter of
transporting troops. Manila is an ideal
base for convenience and securlty,and
campaigning in Luzon will be no more
expensive than elsewhere. Carrying
army supplies in ships is the cheapest
method known.
Homing m the condition of the
treasury indicates that heavy taxes
will be necessary and those in exist
ence bear lightly upon the ptople
There is an ample balance of cash on
nana. ine unitea states came out
of the war with Spain in extraordi
nary good financial shape, and paid
large sum to the defeated nation in
stead or asking one. At the end of
modern wars,"as a rule, both combat
ants have contended with huge addi
tions to national debts and have been
compelled to meet the emergency with
increased taxation or, for the winning
side, a demand for immense indemnity.
TTfl f . i . ,
v ueu war wnn spain Decame a cer
tainty the average estimate of the
probable cost was about $700,000,000.
That was the general judgment, and
the great difference between that fi
ure and the actu tl expenditure is the
just measure of the financial efficiency
and foreeight of the administration.
There are two factions in the fusion
ranks in this county. If they should
fail to fuse there would be six little
bunches of dissatisfied, disgruntled
politicians the two pop factions, the
democratic factions and last and least.
the free silver republicans.
The fusionists have the birrest iob
on their hands thisfall they have ever
had to elect any part of their ticket.
This is not a good year for the roar-
bicks. There are eood croos and
money is too plentiful for their cause
to prosper.
Dr. John G. Palton's reports for the
last year tell of 1,102 South Sea Isl
anders won from c innibalism to Chris
tianity, one missionary alone receiv
ing 200 adults into church member
The imports of Argentina from the
United States during the first three
months of 1899 were worth $3,500,000,
being worth naarly double what they
were for the first three months of 1893
The truth is, heresy is becoming
very unpopular,, and it is very, gen
orally believed that efforts of this kind
result ever in greater and erreater lib
erality and latitude of belief in relic
r . . - -
lous mailers. Sectarian cords are
loosening rathar than tightening, and
those who have been so ready to de
nounce the least departure from the
new established creeds are beginning
to see that calling liberal interpreters
to strict account does not keep even
the faithful from trying the fences of
the fold.
Tl !.r . f. , . -. .- .
j.uo ciuzens oi oponane, u asn are
raising futds for the erection of a
monument to John Robert Monaghan,
who wns killed in Simoa during the
alt ck upon the British and Ameri
can marines by the followers of Ma
taafa. Monaghan was well liked in
Spokane, where he lived, and $2,000
nas already been subscribed toward
the monument.
A figure has appeared in a quarry at
Vest Orange, N. Y.. which bears
resemblance to the traditional matures
of St. Anne, and hundreds of devout
Italian Catholics have gathered to do
nomage to what ther recard as a
miracle. The figure appears to be in
relief from the white rock and about a
foot high. It stands some fifty feet
from the ground, so that acces9 to it is
Investigation at the Chicago stock
yards in regard to the recent ad
vances in the price of beef brought
out the statement that never before in
the history of the American cattle
market has there been such a demand
for all kinds of meat as the present
time. The demand for export cattle
is enormous. The statement is made
that the prices of all cattle will be
higher next year than they are new.
An Atchison (Kan.) milliner i matt
ing two bonnets from cornhu-k one
of which is to go to Queen Victoria
and the other to Helen Gould. The
one deaienated for Miss Gould will be
the prettier of the two, as her youth
will permit of more color than could
be worn by the aged queen across the
eea. A similar hnnnet made bv the
same milliner two years ago is now in
possession of Mrs. McKinley, wife of
the president.
Full line of Quick Meal gasoline arid
Blue Flame oil stoves at .Ebinger
Hardware Co., at reasonable prices.
The republican electors of the state
of Nebraska are requested to send del
egates from their respective counties
to meet in convention in the city of
Omaha on Thursday, the 21st day of
September, 1809, at 2 o'clock p. m., for
the purpose of placing in nomination
candidates for the following offices:
One judge of the supreme court.
Two regents of the 6tate university.
And to transact sucb other business as
may properly come before the conven
tion. The several counties are entitled to
representation as follows, the appor
tionment being based upon the vote
cast for Hon. M. L. Hay ward for gov
ernor in 1898, giving each county one
delegate at larere and one for each 100
votes and major fraction
Adams 19 Johnson....
Antelope 10Kearney...
Banner 2 Keith
Blaine 2!Keya Paha-
Hoone Kimball. ..
Box Butte SjKnox
Boyd 5 Lancaster..
Brown 5:Lincoln
Buffalo ....13; Logan
. .."i"
. ..
... 3
Madison. . . .
Nemaha 16
.. K
( Jto?
. 8
. 8
. 4
. 7
. 3
Dougias. . .
Kilmore.. ..
Frontier. . .
Gosper. . . . .
Greeley ....
Hooker.. ..
13 Polk
3 Red Willow
W Richardson
1 Rock ..; ..
97 Saline
4 Sarpy
17 Saunders
U;Scott's Blurt...
9 Seward
13 Sheridan
3 Sioux
4 Stanton
2; i hayer
4 Thomas
19 Thurston
14 'Valley
. 9;Vashington ...
.... . 4 Yavne
hi Webster
9 Wheeler
is! Total 1.0--0
It is recommended that no proxies
be admitted to the convention and
that the delegates present bo author
ized to cast the entire vote of the dele
gation cf the county which it repre
sents. 7t is further recommended that
wherever two -county conventions be
held the selection of a county commit
tee 6hall take pluce at the first con
vention and then in every ease the
secretary be required to promptly ad
vise the stnte committee of the organ
iz ition of t-uch new committee with
the names of officers, members, post
office address and rame of precinct
represented by each.
Omaha, Nebraska. June 23, 1899.
R. B. Schneider, Chairman.
P. O. HtDLUND, Secretary.
The republican electors of Cass
county are hereby called to meet iu
convention to be held at Weeping
Water, September 16, 1809, at 11
o'clock a. m., for the purpose of elect
ing twenty-six delegates to attend the
state convention to be held i'i Omaha,
September 21, also twenty-four dele
gates to attend the judicial conven
tion to be held at Nebraska City, Sep
tember 22, and to place in nomination
candidates for the following offices.
County clerk, couuty treasurer,
clerk of the district court, county
judge, county sheriff, superintendent
of public instruction, coroner, county
surveyor, one member of boatd of
county commissioners for Second
commissioners' odistrict, and for the
trans lotion of such other business as
may come before it. The committee
recommends that tbere be no proxies
reoognized, but that delegates present
cast the full vote of their sev- ral pre
cincts and wards. Primaries to select
delegates to 6aid convention will be
held on S.tturday, September 9. Rep
resentation is based upon vote cast for
candidate for governor, Judge Hay
ward, in l.QS, bein;? one delegate for
each twelve votes or major fraction
thereof, and one delegate at large for
each precinct or wa:'.
Following is given the place of hold
ing, time and delegates each ward and
precinct are etiiled to:
Avoca Aroca 2pm
Center Manley 2pm
Eight Mile Grove Heil sch house 4 p in
Elm wood Murdock 8 p in
Greenwood Alvo 4pm
Liberty Lynn's hall. Union 3 p m
Louisville Hassemeier hall. .7 to 9 p m
Mt Pleasant Lrsual place R p m
Nehawka School house Tpm
Platts prec Taylor school home.. 8 p m
Salt Creek Greenwood 8pm
Stove Creek Op hse. Elm wood... 8 p m
South Bend School house 7:30 p m
Tipton Lumber office. Eagle 8 p ni
Rock Bluffs-Ist dist. Rock B... .7 pm
Rock Bluffs-id dist., Murray 7pm
W W prec Cascade sch P m
Weeping Water City-
First ward G. A. R. hall S to 9 p m
Second ward-Council chin to 9 p m
Third ward Powell's ha!t....K to!) p m
Plattsmouth City-
First ward Perkins house- 5 to 7 p m
Second ward Turner hall 5 to 7 p m
Third wd Richey lum ottire.. to 7 p m
Fourth wd Council dim 5 to 7 p m
Fifth ward io. Park sch hse .5 to 7 p m
M. M. Butler. H. G. Beardslf.v,
Chairman. Secretary
Independent Judicial Convention.
The peoples' independent party's
judicial convention for the Second
judicial district in tho state of e-
braska is hereby called to meet at Ne
braska City, September 12, 1S99, at 7
o'clock p. ot 8alu aav ID lDe ai
trict court room in said city for the
placin" in nomination of one judge of
the district court in said district, and
to transact 6uch other business as may
properly come before tbe convention.
The representation in said convention
will be: Cass county 20 delegates;
Otoe county 20 delegates.
W. F. Mokax, Chairman.
Robert J. Vass, Secretary.
Irritating stings, bites, scratches,
wounds and cuts soothed and healed
by De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, a
sure and safe application for tortured
flesh. Beware of counterfeits. F. G.
Fricke & Co.
It Wu a Hut A ii 'I Dry Week Iu Most
ConntU-a of the State.
University of Nebraska, Lin
coln, Auj:. 2'. The p ist week has
been warm, with scattered showers in
the southeastern portion of the state.
The average dailj' excess of tempera
ture has been between three and four
degrees. The maximum temperatures
on the first days of the week ranged
from 90 to 104 degrees.
The rainfall of the week was very
light, except in small areas in Rich
ardson, Johnson, Saline, Nuckolls and
Franklin counties, where an inch or
more fell. Light, scattered showers oc
curred in thecentral and southeastern
counties, while in the northern and
western counties little or no rain fell.
The past week has been an excellent
one for haying. 6tncking and thrash
ing. Most of the small grain is now
either thrashed or in the st;ick. The
yield of wheat in the northern coun
ties is generally between ten and fif
teen bushels per acre. Hay is gener
ally a good crop. The dry weather,
with high temperature, hat been un
favorable for corn in most parts of the
state. In parts of the southeastern
section, where the moisture was suffi
cient, corn has advanced rapidly
toward maturity, without injuo1. In
other parts of the sta e it has de
teriorated somewhat in condition and
h:is ripened too rapidly. Good pro
gress has been made with plowing,and
a little seeuirjr has been done. The
ground was cetting1 too dry to plow
well in most sectious by the last of the
week .
Soul luaxl it Sfctiim
Butlor Warmer weather maluiing
corn very fast; heavy hay cr'ip.
Cass Good week for maturing corn
crop; ground rather dry for plowing;
pastures g"od; sorjrhum and millet b-j-lug
Clay Lite corn improved; sorghum
ready to cut; plowing for fall wheat
being pushed.
Fillmore Corn will bof tir;hay crop
good; late com And fa'.l plowing bene
fited by ruin.
Gage Corn mituring very fast;
ground in go d condi:ion for plowing;
much grouud plowed.
Hamilton Corn injured by hot, dry
JtlTerson Fall plowing p-ogressing
rapidly; corn in txivilent condition;
hay crop line and -xcellenl quality:
early apples plentiful, but l;ste ones
Johnson Corn ri pt-ning;-iomtj wheat
and oatsdiimagcd by rains; fall plow
ing in progress.
Lancaster (rood week for corn; fail
plowing in progress-: considerable fall
wheat will be sown.
Nemaha Corn growiug well, espe- !
cially late crr; e-srly apples plentiful;
ground in good condition for plowing;
grapes plentiful.
Nuckolls S -me l it-! torn dnmaged
by dry weather; some rye sown;
ground in tine condition.
Otoe Co n is hardening in some
fields; pistures good; hay fair.
Pawnee Corn is getting quite hard
and will be a ia ge crop; millet good;
plowing for fall well i.long;pas
tures need rain.
Polk Corn crop maturing nicely,
except some thickly planted, whjch
needs idoit moisture; many plowing
for f;tll grain.
Richardson Heavy rains put
ground in fi le condition for f ill plowf
lner ana sseuine; corn maturing
Saline bine weather for ripening
corn; plowing progressing rapidly;
pastures goo I .
Saunders Corn maturing fust; huy
tine; fall plowing in progress
Judicial Convention.
Nebraska City, Neb., Aug. 18
The republican judicial convention
for the Second judici il district in Ne-
brasKa is hereby called to meet at Ne
braska City September 22, 1809, at 1
o'clock p. m. of said dny in the dis
trict court room in said city for the
purpose of putting in ncminaiion one
judge of ths district court in said dis-
1 1 ict, and to transact such other busi
noss as may properly be brought be
fore said convention.
The representation in said conven
tion wiil be Cuss county, 24; Otoe I
cnuatv. 2,'i: bonifr one delegate for
each hundred votes cast for Hon. M
Li. Hy ward in 18!S, or the major frac
tion thereof.
M. L. Haywako, Chairman.
Jesse S. Matfs, Secretary.
The art of seLf-defense is inculcated
early among some of th'i wilder tribes
of the Caucasus, who instruct their
childron, us soon as they can walk. In
the use of the dagger. First, the
little ones are taught to stab water i
without making a splash, and, in the I
course of time, incessant practice1
gives them an extraordinary command
over the weaion.
"De Witt's Little Erly Risers did
me more good than all blood medicines!
ana uioer pins, writes ueo. 11.1
Jacobs, of Thompson, Conn. Prompt,
pleasant.never crioe. thev onr con-
stipation, arouse the torpid liver to ac
tion and give you clean blood, steady
nerves, a clear brain and a healthy ap-
petita F. G. Fricke & Co.
Helmholtz itrain.
Prof. Haniseniann of the faculty of
pathological anatomy at the Berlin
university announces the completion
of his study and investi-gation of the
brain of the late Helmholtz, which, he
says, developed the most astonishing
fact that tie world's greatest mathe-
matician, physiologist, physician and
natural philosopher during the past I
four decades had been both an epilep-
tic and a sufferer from hydrocephalus. I
Triumph for a Brahmin Scholar.
The highest of the graduating hon
ors at Cambridge university, in Eng--land,
goes to a colored man, a Brah
min from Bombay.
Spain's Greatest Need.
Mr. R. P. Olivia, of Barcelona,
Spain, spends his winters at Aiken, S.
C. Weak nerves had caused severe
pains in the bacK of his head. On
using Electric Bitters, America's
greatest b!od and nerve remedy, all
pain soon left him. He says this grand
medicine is what his country needs.
All Amorica knows that it cures liver
and kidney trouble, purifies the blood,
tones up the stomach, strengthens the
nerves, puts vim, vigor and new lifo
into every muscle, nerve and organ of
the body. If weak, tired or ailing you
need it Every bottle guaranteed,
only 50 cents. Sold by F. G. Fricke
Co. 1
Th OrijrLn of Whist.
The game of whist originated in
England. It is believed to have devel
oped from the older game of triumph,
or trumph. which was played as early
as 1350. In fact, in that year sermons
were preached denouncing the game as
one that tended to take the mind off
the truths of religion. In 1841 whist
Is first mentioned In English literature.
Dark Coder Water.
The depth to which the sun's rays go
down Into the water has been found
by the help of has been
found that at a depth of 553 feet the
darkness was nearly the same as that
on a clear but moonless night. Sensi
tive plates left open at this depth for
long time showed no light action.
Quickly euro constipation and re
build an l in vigontte the f ntiro syetcni
iiovor grip-; or nauseate Do Witt's
Little K-irly Risers. F. (. Fricke & Co
A Bridal Gown at tits ltttl of MiiI1l.
An interesting story ii- nt;: cneci to
the wedding dress which worn
by the bride at the recent marriage ot
Bancroft Gherardi, son of the rear ad
miral, to Miss Mary Butler at the lat
ter's home In Paterson. N. J. Its ab
sence might have delayed the ceremony
but for a well-stocked wardrobe. Some
time ago Henry Butler, ensign on the
Olyrapla, of the Asiatic squadron, of
fered to buy goods for a wedding dress
for his sister In China. It was faith
fully awaited and expected, but failed
to arrive. A few days ago came the
explanation. The merchant from whom
the purchase was made, instead ot
sending tse dress to Paterson, forward
ed it to Ensign Butler, who was unable
to send it to Paterson until after It had
undergone on Admiral Dewey's flag
ship the experience of the great battle
of Manila bay. Thus it was American
ized. Blotches and excresonce, which bo
often annoy people, are nimp'y efforts
of nature to throw off impediments to
the proper performance of her duties.
Ilerbine will aid and assist nature in
in her work, and n-ure a skin clear
and beautiful, entirely free from all
imperfections. Price 50e. F. G.
Fricke & Co.
A Papor Church.
Bergen, Norway, boasts of a paper
church large enough to seat 1,000 per
sons. The building ia rendered water
proof by a solution of quicklime,
curdled milk and white of egg.
A Oreat Scheme.
Browne "What Is your object in vis
iting Spain at this time?" Towne "I
want to be on the ground early so I
can have first choice of castles." N?w
York Journal.
He who seeks honor of men. must
become their slave.
No one knows the unbearable torture,
the peculiar and agonizing puin.
caused by piles, unless they have suf
fered from them. Many believe them
incurable. This is a mista Ke. Proper
treatment will cure them. Table r's
Buekeye Pile Ointment is an infallible
cure. Price, 50c. in bottles, tubes 7oc.
F. G. Fricke & Co.
"Tattooed Ladjr" on the Cable Car.
One sometimes hears rumors of
women resorting to tattooing as a fad,
but the designs are usually made on
some part of the body where they will
not be visible in ordinary conditions.
A woman on one of the Broadway ca
ble cars, the other day, however, car
ried a conspicuous tattoo mark on the
back of her hand, a little to one side.
Her bands were bare and bro'wn, hav
ing the look of strength and much ex-
weise. One fancied that she belonged
to sailor or flaher folk somewhere, and
that she eould lend a hand when neces
sary with the best of them in manag-
tng a boat and similar work
"Our baby was sick for a month with
severe cough and catarrhal fever. Al
though we tried many remedies she
kept getting worge until we used One
Minute Cough Cure, it relieved at
once and cured her in a few days "
B. L. Nance,Prin. High school. Bluff
dale,Texas. F. G. Fricke & Co.
Itarely does a "green hand" give the
long-suffering editor such an oppor
tunfty as that below, noted In the
Catholic Standard and Times: "Here's
a story of a thief," said the enthusi
astic yonng and new reporter, "who
secured a room at a local hotel and
robbed other guesti of their money
What sort of head shall I put on it?"
un, saia ine eaixor, suppose you
mke 11 'Scoundrelly Roomer Gains
Parrot Art Not Thrifty Kir. Is.
Many animals in desert regions nev
er have any water except the dew on
vegetation. A parrot in the London
zoo is known to have lived fifty-two
years without drinking a diop of wa
ter. Kodol Dyspepsia Curo cures dysnoo
sla because its ingredients are such
Lthat U can,t help doitur BO' "Tho puh'
lic can rely upon it as a master remedy
'r a" disorders ansiner from impor-
fcet digestion." James M. Thomas,
M. D. ,in American Journal of Health,
x. Y. F. G. Fricke it Co.
For Sale or Rent Store room
and dwelling combined, 34xo8 feet,
known as the T. V. Davis store, in
Murray. Inquire of J. W. Edmunds,
Murray, Neb.
From Thursday's Daily
Following is the rnng of prit.-- ,-i
the Chicago board of tra lf m)v.
furnished by M. S. I3ri trjjr-. column
sion merchant:
Mav ..
' ' - i
' ji'j. " 7.".
30 ::'',
-. '4
:i i,
' Corn
May ..
i s?rt ..
l9-330 20'i
in:-, it (t ii .ii
jlUV.'S'l. 1W, "
'-'lJ.U'-i ilsA
Dec ili.
S5pt ,
I Dec
1 Laid-
1 Oct
8 n
s r.
8 i'J
' i:
Short Ribs
jr. is
i.i i74.-jo r, it.
i: r, -j ii
.- r.
A ITlfjhtuI Blunder
Will often cause a horrible burn,
scald, cut or bruise. Buekleu's Ar
nica Salve, the best in the world, will
kill tho pain and promptly heal it.
CureH old sores, fever sores, ulcers,
boils, felons, corns, all skin eruptions.
Best pile euro on earth. Only 2 ctx. a
box. Curo guaranteed. Sold by F. C
Fricke & C . drurgi.-t-.
Suffering Ylcarlnualy.
Father to Son "Why don't you sit
down. Tommy?" Tommy "This
morning I asked you how mrny niad
a million, an' you said 'darned few.' I
told teacher that in arithmetic tlu-s,
an' that's why I can't sit-down."
He Wat Keady.
"Will you have your sausage now,
sir?-' said the waiter to Mr. Dilling "Ye.?. .im prepared for the wnrst."
A free and easy ox ticetorntion is pro
duced by a few doses of Ballard'
Horeiioiind Syrup, in all eases of
hoarseness, sore throat, or difficult'
of breathing. Price 2r and ."0e. F. G.
Fricke & Co.
Beeeham's Pills dispel tho "blues."
Crippled by
Thoso who have Iiheuniatism find
themselves growing steadily worse ail
the while. One reason of this is that
the remedies prescribed by the doctors
contain mercury ami potash, which ul
timately intensify thetlisoast by caus
ing the joints to swell and stiffen,
producing a severe aching of the bones.
K. S. S. lias been curing Rheumatism
for twenty years even the- worst cases
which seemed almost incurable.
Capt. O. K. Hni'lK's. the popular railroad
conductor, of OmIuiiiIiIu, s. !., had an xwn-enc-c
with Khfunmu-ni w Uicli conviiici j luuj
that thtrc is oulv
ciirnfor that pninful ilis-
irreat sufferer from iiiiik- J
cular Klieuuiati-in for f
two yearn. I could ire I
.... - i i l -
from any meilii-i lie pre- I
scilhcd liy my phvsicinn. "JcTA A -'
I tiioU about . lliliien 1 1. t - ltfh'.V X
ties of your S. . s., and ' ' " k '..n
now 1 am as well as I ,
sure that your lncillel ne r m'V J
cured me. ami 1 would t '- '1C?j"r . . J
recommend ii to any min : V'-. -sullei
uiir, from any bl iod disease."
Kverybody knows that Rheumatism
is a diseased state of tln blood, and
only a blood remedy is the only proper
treatment, but a remedy containing
potash and mercury only aggravates
the trouble.
& Blood
being Purely Vegetable, goes direct to
the very cause of tin- d i-ense. jial ft yy;--
nutrient cure always resiiks. It is the
only blood remedy guaranteed to con
tain no potash, mercury or other dun
serous minerals.
Books tiinild free by Swift Specific
Company, Atlanta, Georgia.
i:c. a .tz.i:i: u,r
Has now stock, new rigs and
is prepared Vir-tter than over
to take, care of
fl Genera! Livery Business
JuieU trip- rnade. to ail parts of tho
courtly, r.ow prices und court-
o.j, treatment assured.
ii VUI.KN SIX I II A. VIM sx..
I'liil i III oil lb, Vcliritsli :i
Leading Liveryman.
The Ijest .il i ;., lurt.ii!.. d t,i a, ho-.r 'and hi
-rics a': a - re s.rl, r.
eo'iveu.en! hn e-1 :: j, !. I'M ;,r
men . u : 1 e iii v.
Plattsmouth Coal Yard
i'C !r- ' V-. ! (:.
-'i. On'- -ind ali Kii K !'. -1
Ci'D-l.'tnU Oi: il-'i ii.
m rhl.kv1r' Fwllik Itaianl RrmaA.
In ittmil f .r j.r-l-o'r. t. Muioulili f.
MrlUt for Ladle." " "" rrmru
Sold bj aU Local bruwiua-
rfr, v (Irlglnal llnlr krn,mr. jr.
a4 tut r-:ii... i.uiLh ft-k jcZ
f'.l V-V4 L-rn.'" tor '! tm jri.iua rf
t -- v"!'lli ,. .1 ;b rll.twn. Ta'eXW.
T4SJ skVvJn.olhrr. .''"' dtngmm n.t-.u'i- V
mi lit