Plattsmouth herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1892-1894, September 08, 1892, Page 2, Image 2

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T11K WI-l-KLY 1IKKAU): lM.ATTSMOl'Tll. N Kim.VSKA. SK 1T1- M WWW S, IS,)?.
A Day at the Calif mi lir.
ist's Training Quarters.
That Is tho Quustlon to Bo Oe I
beptember 7 at Now Orlin.n
- Ti e Creat Fluht Will fce
for Fame and Money.
ir.'T.iwvouav R V to i ma
S tail, lithe. .1 '
broad lira
shoulders I I, ,.
Irrnilt u y, .. ;
have envied, u i:
In'.vj muscle 1'ir,
'I in las II M Ijl!
tn move, its M ii. i:
lo St I'lkl! a I .
Illlll Wi II li'.h ,
tin h n us i .
loir Mil s i f u Li
c II K i li ii ; v. i:
sliai'l-lv, lloHri;i;l
that jiii ittJil.-o
Ai. Ilo wiml.l I, live t l,ui'(,i;,l
of; w ii Ii a -i i-iiji:-, -,m:,.,.1(.,.,,
taei-; lirkht. i:ii,-i!i a m. c. , ,
' e r: . . i I
I ml... :.
ai:,:t'i v ;ive, ui.y;. 1,1.';. . IJ
iiianino nil this, J f.,y-
yiniii (,'i'iiit, only j., I . r-i . -f . l, el
While (i-ills, In f.ifl- a hi; .Vt,,.r f.,,,11,,,1
which he is pniahiaL; with a vim th.
liinki s tiic Ivaiiiiii:,' ipLirtcrs t remlili., a'ld
yon wiil liave'.-ni ith-a ln.-.v .laincs , J, (',,,--hell.
l,.i,l..s when he Is hard i f. work ti-.da-in'
for his l.i.ttlu with Sullivan.
If liny ma- iniat;incs that trainin..; f,ir n
rili eimlcst i., c,il,r.s play, n day with
Corlicttnt W. A.'H pritly summer
cut t a ue nt. I.nch Arhuiir, near Aslmry
lark, would di ahu-e his mind of t he id, a.
f'rom N in tlii! iiioniini nut il 7:"d nt niu'hi
In- (iiliforiiiii pimiii .t. wnrKs 1-Uu ii Tro
j.m, Hwiiiimini;, roiviuvt, walking, playing
liainlhall, punching t. hie, sp.u riiif r
wre.HllinK with Jn pyi wurkinu at'tlui
wrl.-t marhiim or the pulley weights, .
tnkiiiKa live or ten mile walk alun he
ph.eiant New .Ii rsi-y roinls, with his faille
fill Scotch f iilllo Xed at his heels,
i CorhcM, dues not rise with the sun, hut
Ht 7:45 every nioiiiin(; h takes a rmv for
an hoifr untlia lake near the Brady tot-tiih'i-.
Then comes n heiiBty breakfast uf
fruit, ontmenl, soft hijiled cgs, ehois, po
tatoes mid colTee, just hiicIi a breakfast im
ny man with a good appelitw inight sit
down to. In fiu t, Corbet I'm diet, now that
liu weighs 1ST pounds-one pound be'iiw
the weight litMlesiies-diiVcr.s from every
day fare only by t he absence nf pas! ry.
An hour mid a half lifter break fust,
w hen the process of digestion is comfort.
bly under way, Corbet t begins the day's
work 111 eni'iiest. Ili li..i.u l.iu l,...i.
ynchtintf citp ushle, strips off his hile
pinpeu oiiuiil; sum, mm elail only
white trousers, armless im.l. isl.l. i .....l
, , -. "
nint'iiu ul.,...u I... I u .1 mi. I
n.., s up iniii nt cs i lie grip oi ijiii
limids and stretigtheiiH his w l ists mid fore
nrniH by wnrk nt t he wrist machine. Thia
liiiisch) inaking eimt livnnro lesemMes nn
ordiimry water well windlass except tliatjt
is no small mound nt ono point that tha
bunds can easily c lutch It. I'roni tho wind-
lass a cord runs over a pulley at the ceillnt;
and then down to weights weighing ten
pounds, liy turning tho windlass' with
the Imndstho weights are lifted tothe ceil
ing ami then allowed slowly to descend.
ItisqiittoaNimple matter to send the
weights up once, but the third or fourth
time the hands of a novice Wome so
cramped and tired that he Is quite willing
to stop. Corhett's muscular hands, how
ever, will send the weights ceilingwanl
over eighty times without a puuse. Light
exercise at the pulley weights and tossing
the "medicine" hall follow. The former
M lengthen the arms, shoulders and back,
mid tliu quaintly named sphere, which
weighs ei-ht p. iiiuls and looks exanly
like a Mir. ovci , i-ou a liusi l.nii ....f
nun h the sa 1110 ',-iv,i, e, as the Cithfori
Illlll Ills l olliniuii. ,,;s I I.'lf e.lleli u-ll I. Ii
Alter 1-nlf itu I nan i f this .-tut of wm !.
CoilMti'seyes I f,. h.-m.ihall tin,,', j He u ati 1 x p. t t plan r, t i. ,
sa tie e;:;,.s ,-f l,;s I ri: n: !: I
llloi-.' than in.y
lia-ii! ha !l e,i 1 n
oil,, r Oi.i,. i n.
m.i t-Uii.;,,,! 1 v its I
,1 l.n.-c,
i.e-ii. ii
a, 'il hw
'. I,. 1:
pi n
IM I!-' f
' r, I'.
1 He! I
t,n . 1
ai.,! '1
el ll . a
- iii 1 !,
1 1 -V.v ir.
a Kith ki 1
'. in!. . WI,
- tlo'll ti l- V
1 ! .
-; f
'o 1
: w ;t!
Illex .
o.-ea 1
tin- I
t-r li.
v I : 1 1 I ' . 1 ! . - . , ,
paint, iliie la;,. ,
m bUKbt i
I 01' lltl I, ill!' ,'i, I 1. ..f - this l, ..-t
foil-. II !.!;,, , ,., t ' . ' 1, .111:11,,,, k. ..., I,
ArK-i-rs-i ,r - '...:,. i ,1, ,.. ,
of I'C",:;,- ! ; t, .; -. '!r, n,;vs ,1 r-"i r , !
to see the veil: ... all,;, tc, u ho i-a c,,,.e,.
U'lai'tll.,!,- iui-1 1 !..,i.k el. lie, who ll-e
''"' '- I "f i;i::ii-...ii an, I :,-.vM ilep.ui,
liiiiisea' l Ke- a i-e:,t;- i.ian, .mm.! . ,tM,. .,.)t
tiui-rs oiiiv Iroai il,,,, ,,t ,,. mtrepi,!
Ii!.i;'m.i-ii.;ii u !.. "Pikv'- IV-., K,
bust:" on his bjK, a m tjL. lU.t:c,.,r
that it reads.-
''Hest Sulliv-in or I 1 tsi :"
Corhett has hid hul his mi;ilNtic waijoti
to a star, for I.e tie l.uvs that, he wiil whip
Sullivan and U con.e. world's chaiupiou or
leave the rim;.
The trinkets t'u At call upon CorK-it are
tl' . 1 1 ly Mil VI cil li ri'-M-li, II. , i; -, ,l li,. ,;,
Liimiii men, iiimI t hey i:-.iia.iy iij.jii' ..i .
tin- Calil'oriiiaii will shy extended lnu-.-!
M .1 .;!: "Will. .Mr. ( r!t ! ! t . l.-nl to , c
3 -ii. iJnii't knmv jnii, hut I'm-t'ui nl.tile
lunacy .ii you ami 1 j'it wanted to lii.,;i
ill ami w Nh j on Miecei-s.''
Cm I -fit nlwiivs li:iki-s tin; friendly hand.
Low mill hnvH 'Thank you." Thcio is
I.othin if the liluw hard iihout liim. I
remains silent many times under vf ry try
i:e: i irciuiistani (-. link tin main r win. I.
. -
tiiaii. iinl s i in Jt id 1 keens mi s:iriin u-.i,.,l
The iiftcrnoon's work, differs little fmni
tliat of tlic luoi-iiirii;. l'nr half mi hour
Corbet c works at the pulley weights, do-in-:
Ij i -t tiHiiailiiiiuiis ninl tiresome tie-k
. w ii limit n muii uf im put iciicu or a spurring'
: win-1 from Trainer Iielani y.
i Whi n the pulley weights In-Kin to tret
i tin il ami Hie linlf luitir has kuhu Into hi-
toly, Corhett plays two nr tliri-e more
fiaiins of liaiiiliiall an. I tln-n dons the
I hIom s in ih,. liaiiiliiall n.nrt mid spars f..r
j ten nr llftn n niinilti s wit Ii Jim Italy, ll.i-
fcliifty yi.untr lioxri- wlio fonclit a ilru'.v imt
lo.u apiw,!!, Iii .Mi Anlill,-. ).i!y
! ill il ii it l.ri fune ( 'i.rlii-! t's i.uri iau' iail i;. r
, with il t :;t, i on,. 1,111111 jy im h.i I- I
! Iil-iws arc m nick, but Il.ilv i'iiii :ivui i.,
t.riiri- ( in l.ii t , uliili- tin- latli-r pr.n :
lali'iiifi his favonl.- Iilmvs mid ti
- I
I " "I- I'i'-rcinv c;..'S li'V.i- f,,j-
iti.-lant 1. jvc I in,. i- i, f his i ojiniii m ; I,,. ,
! " 'i'.'' k on ),., t ,1S a , ;,t and in I i.e
' l'iiM !:.-. tho Iri -Iiiii.-iii'h pro-
"'''I w"ld weep p.-a i:i-een tellMof I
envy ii' ill it-il ie,a:u.t the Californian. !
When Corbet t is well warmed up by his
work Willi Dalv. he hurries im,, il,.. inn..
red barn, where the training ipiartei-s
proper are locaieu, strips lilmseir literally
to the very "ImlT," dons mi abbreviated
pair of white tights and a pair of gloves
and then sails into the lllllicliitur liuir ti-itl.
a ferocity and vehemence that must nmke
.urn iinioniinnio lent tier sphere heartily
V, wish t hat, il, were en. ...r.. .... '
, M'""i'ii4 titer
t.,. t. I
aloiio star stale ranch on the back of a steer.
For thirty minutes without a pause Cur
bed lights the bag us fiercely as t hough
right and left were being sent with malice
prepense at the headpij-ee of Mr. John
Lawrence SuUivmi, of Uoston. Again nnd
again tint but? strikes the celling with a
report like a rille shot, coming back spite
fully at Corhett's head each time as If it
woald burst itself for joy if it could only
flatten out that aggressive pompadour
just once. Kach time, however, Corhett
deftly din ks his massive heiid, the disap
pointed bag misses his pompadour by a
hairbreadth, mid as it flies back receives
a terrilio short arm right bander that
knorks it oblong, jf Corbet t wins at New
Orleans that same blow will he the one
that stamps the word champion on bis
After Corhett him punched the round
bag into innocuous desuetude, he occasion
ally varies the monotony by making life In. ,.f i,i
own invention, a picture of whiehlippears
in mis article.
The thirty minutes of bag punching is
fuost exhaustive work, hut when it 's
ended Corhett is as fresh as ever and his
breathing Is but the merest t rille acceler
ated. He then gets n cold bath and a ruh
down, dons a sweater nnd is off at tmce for
a ten mile run nnd walk over rough roads.
Another bath, dinner, a single good cigar!
a few games of seven tip, and at I0:a0 Cor
hett turns in for the night.
"I was never in such good condition in
my life," Corbet t said to the writer. "You
have Recti me train all day, and I want to
tell you that I have worked just as faith
fully every day since I have lieen here. I
was sick when I fought Peter Jackson
sixty-one rounds to a draw, but as 1 am in
perfect condition now 1 expect to make the
best, fight of my life in September. If I
win I shall defetid the title of champion
against all coiners. If I lose I shall retire
from tho ring. Further than that. I only
( arc to say that, win or lose I Omit :t -
next, .season in my new plav, u.-ntlemnn
Jack.' "
Corliett wiil hi- twenty six years and
seven days ol-1 when he Un its Sullivan
lie was horn at Saa Kr.iiiejseo. ami l:js fa
1 her an I mm her were nat ives i.f 1 1-,.:
d lire
eiv;n-,' In.
edae.-n i.,11 a' t (,.
1'l.tli, ,-. .., ( oi-
! hett I
;' Net a.i.i ImiiV.
'.'VI I' l)l,.r, ;;, I
riiii:. II.- I,. 1.
,11 I' I .ill.-s, ,l,le
1 in si-; rn1111.l1
prov ed an,, th, r
I 1, nt. .!,!.. I. .1. 1
He U
he s,
' ll
I I '
in.,! ,1:' 1
1 1,
K. ileal 'ii, ! ii-i:!, t.) ,j
an, I lluii.ini. K M.c.i,.
easy marl;. ( nr 1, -s i,,i
IS' -A
was the .,i.,t y, u.iai.l ,l,;iu vw,, j,,,
son, i'.-!e i , ,1 (,,)-!,( is rt ft., p '
ill. tall, ami e,,ii-e,(iu ,a ,y .4 ,, 1, J
re.ii h than Sniiiv'iii, hut he will weinh
ulioiit twenty pounds lt Ihaii Iho chaiu
piou. The hat tie nt the Olympic cluh, New Or
lemis, will he fur the world's championship,
a purse of f ::.,n,Ki and a wauer of f 10,000
a suit, more money than was ever heforc
fought fur iu the rint.
Tin republican county ronvon
tion of C "ii i county is hereby
Called to meet ;it Weeping W'iilcr
Saturday, ( ictolicr 1, nt VJ.'M a. i
in., for tin- purpose of placing in
nomination one senator, two repre
sci.tativcs. our representative,
v wiiiiiiitKin i (1M
i Thir.l .liHtriol. one nttornrv
. -
one oonntv commissioner for tlx
ami for tin- traiiMiction of mk-Ii
ii- '
tlar liiiMiiefs as may properly 1
come In-fore it. Tin: ba.-i of repre- j
M-ntation liein fixed at one dele-j
ale. Inr every fifteen votes or i
major fraction thereof cat for;
(ii ore II. Hastings ior atloi iini-y-'
general at the general election of;
lvm. and on.- at lare lor each ward
and precinct. j
I'I.e irs fur the i-clcctioii of
del. 'ules aiei'.illi-d ',,- Sal unlay. ;
.'; li. I.e.- -Jl, ;1 tlie id. ices al.d !
v.illi the repn , .-illation f,,r i.;u-,
war-l am
A voca
. in.
prrcmcl as foil
-it it
A voca,
-1 d. l. - i:
l.i';ht Mile drove-Seven
j.-;. hi i ii il ,-i li, mi, p
l.'hliwood ,i ili ie-ates
dock, s p. in.
uvc I iv, ood - threi'di l-Lrnies,Al o,
7:oii p. in.
Liberty--Seven de,-M;Ucs. Ledger
olii a , 1 ' ii ion, T.i'.i i p. in,
Loui.s Hi,- .... Seven (l,-l,-..:,f,.s
j I'l-lit olliee, - p. i:,.
I ill I -I ....... . t; .... i i . ....
.... ...i.-.. in, iiw 1n-U-i4.ll.'-;, t,.
liloie school hotl e, 'J p. in.
Xeh.iwk.i, live ilclcatc-s, Sturm's
oH'u-1-, N p. m.
iMait-inoiilli, seven (leli-i;ate.-,
Taylor school lioiise, p. m.
K'ock 1 51 tit;".-. 1-t district, six dele,
gates'. Murray school house, S p. m.
k'ock Mulls, second district, lour
ilclc.o-atcs, K'ock Mulls school house
p. 111.
Salt Creek - .-een deleo-ates,
Cileen wood, Tali) p. ni.
South Ik-mi - four delegates,
school house, 7:.'t'l p. m.
Stove Ctcck-iiine delegates, G. A,
10. hall, 7 p. 111.
Tipton - six delegates, Wilkinson
iV Stophcr's ol'lice, ti. p. in.
Wccpinjr Water-live ilclcatcs,
C iiscndc Hchool house, 7:H0 p. m.
I'lattsinoutli Citv. First Ward
IvisTht delegates, White's office,
4 to 7 p. m.
Second Wnrd-Kiirht ikdepatee,
school house, 4 to 7 p. m.
Third Wanl-Klevcn delegates,
Kichcy's lumber office, 4 to 1 p. 111,
Fourth Ward-Nine dclecrate no
lice court, 4 to 7 p. in.
Fifth Ward-Four del chutes
school house, 4 to 7 p. in.
Weeping Water. First Ward- Five
d-de-atcs G. A. k hall 7:.') i. 111.
Second Ward -Six delegates conn
cil chamber, S p. m.
Third Ward -Three delegates,
ridball Ac Fuller's lumber office 7;:l
p. m.
Total number of
It isreconiinended that no proxies
he allowed, but that delegates pres.
cut cast the full vole of precinct.
It is further recommended that the
secretaries of each ward and pre-
ton 1 101 warn to j. I,, i iiMiiin, sec
retary ol central committee.
credentials of each delegation
soon as possible for tabulation.
It is further rri-nin nw.,wl...l l,.,t .,
full precinct ticket be placed in
nomination in -h i-niin.r 1,1,,..,
and iiroiitrlv i-ertilieil to .-..unit.
clerk. J
It is also further rerotintioiwl.wl
that all primaries in 1'lattsmouth
city be conducted in accordance
with the state law troverninir nri-
maries. Ok-lavimi Tvki.t
A. L. TiMiit.ix. C hairman.
Near at Hand.
The outlook for thecomino' fair is
very bright. The twenty-sixth an
nual fair will commence one week
from next Tucsda v Scotember t.t
Secretary Miller is very busy now
looking after horses for the speed
program and promises the natrons
of the fair some fun vi,;i,;i;,,,,, ;.,
the speed proirram. All in tides
that last year only had one prem
ium will this year have two. and all
premiums will be paid in cash.
I he merchants are etica-ino
space fast for their displays.
A l,irt;e display of farm products
will also be made.
To those who have as yet tailed
to secure space lor an exhibit Tit !;
11 1. h 1.11 would advise them to
so .it nut ,- In line th,,. ,sjMC,- ,,.
Set ret, 1 1
ll!l McLanisciri tu to exhib t up.
r grounds tint inu- th
the ciicus thrie u;i! 1
otin-i )i.i,-i s n! anni-i ai, n
;r.i 1111,1.
"'.iiH (an- impidv,
w 1 : 1 4 m , , , ! any 1 t 1 ! , 1 1
! !' ' iti .,- I.ein- .-, ,,,
'' H''' ' 'il' III ,'!!.,.
1 on,-. ,.
!v t!.i
j I 1 111 1
j Iho-c
1 V , I '
' -1 t : .
.' Ill 1,4. I
: t 1 t 1 r .
: oa ,-p
! I. ....
1 ' ' 1 . . 1 1 , a 1 : i i 1 , .
! ' 1 ' 1 1 1 : i 1 1 in
' -i .01 1 !,.;,.
ll!,! . I
111 1 1 1 1
1 J'IU s, Nllltl!
;, ' V. I ,4 K I,, ,(
' 1 at hum.-, h,., 1 v
' tl cm, lop,.. (' -
1 . .
1 : 1 1
Children Cry fur Fitdwr's Caito
Wlmi r.y wim ,iik, - K.w her OasMnx
Wltrn slt WM fcOiihl. sits cri,-! f, c. ,
V lien 9h. l,,v(lIm, .i ,m . . t,.. ,,,,,0V, .
"Hien h I-,!,; ri (. , . .
To kcxcp the skin clean
is to wash the excretions
from it off; the skin takes
care of itself inside, if not
blocked outside.
To wash it often and
clean, without doin any
sort of violence to it, re
quires a most gentle soap,
a soap with no free al
kali in it.
Pears' is supposed to
be the only soap in the
world tnat has no alkali
m it.
All sorts of stores sell
it, especially druists ;
all sorts of people use it.
l-.Xpl I it-Ill l-.l
sn.i'1 ai,,i ic,
A 1 -r ' i , an 1
-.!!,. 1,1 v
I.I II I, I,
11 Correspondence
(treeiiwooil, .el..
LIVKK'Y AND l i;i;i) STAC!.!-.
o i , ,1 o 11 (. iv, -o w 1 1. ill, .eli.
K. P. JOXKS ,V CO.. J'koi'.
001 i 10
llest rigs at tin' InWe-t rates. 11 o O
o 11 .tiretii Please everybody.
The oldest mid most reliable place in town
Reelstere.l l'liy-iihiu :,n, l'liiiiinacl-t
Special attention jjiven to Oflice
i Tactice.
Kock PLLKI S . X'KU.
AC!!. NT I-dK' Al-
Tuner of Pianos and Organs.
I.cnve Orders ni l.elinhi.ll Urns.
Plattsmoiitii. Ashland, Wahoo.
Qqs liii'icls,
I'ealcr in
All kinds of fresh, salt and
smoked meats.
I m ike the best f kinds of sau
faes and keep a yood Mipply
constantly 011 hand.
between Main ami IVnrl
Plattsmouth, - Nebraska.
HAVE St'KKKItKK rroin the Irri'KiilBrltiea
I'ueuliar to their si unit toiiu.l iiruuiiit
ttud iit-imitiii-ui relief iu
It ( l. IM S AM, I',.,:,-,M f t,.. Kl.lnev-i.
ot r 1111,1 I t-nary 0.-Kriiis, in Itri -lit rt
a ''''V'l, ,,f Ki'lnevs.
leiai l I.h.-r, liieiailiir Mi n.-j I,,,,,,,:
ra.e.i er Ulete iti,. hehn-y W,-i;hn,.
11. i iM.eil ,, r (jtu,-.
rut i'Ai:u uy
" I I I W- , i , 'ipwanl, Iri.-!i
... r 1 tan . i . i i ,i'r i ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1'. ,11 ci 1 1 1 s a p. 1 1 1' , .
1 . ) ! Point cait.t, ns, T.iiuLotir tutisiiti ciii1;,hl-, S '.
: f .1. (...L, ! curl.-.ii, s,-r,-,-,. :!l ; !.,i:. and fancy, tahie silks t. " 'hT',
,r Vjji f I IVtiiii., Portietes. Also a line litieof vvi,;,l ""'"' Ut
I ". M j ! liu.' ; ,.vi. -i j. vices. I
-; - - "l ! I drapes, hlc-u-ln .j t.tlii,' ilaini- uiili ill ' 'n,i ,'-4
i.: - .'iu.,ii,vti,i'y;,i.,,Il!;;i '; ; : 1 , ;-'r ' (
Still continue to be
In the Clot hing Business.
This is fully (Unnonstvateil by the i'act that they
h;ive sold if" tl thisprintn
They own their goods as low as mortal man
can buy them for spot cash.
SECOND - - -
They sell them to their customers at as low
prices as mortal man can sell them and make
a living.
They are Square and Honest in their Dealings.
Those Three Reasons are theKeystones of Their
ow to snow their appreciation of their
increase of business they propose to
away to their customers a Handsome
Book, entitled "The
Atlas of the World'
4,. 4Usi .,,,.,,,,i
yuuim ivr unj iiiuciiuiu
p urchase or in a running account. They will
gr ve them a copy of. this valuale book free of
ehi iige
M ayer &
The Clothii ig Kings.
r, riiat
of 3'ours Iihs
cen turned tor
ucli lieutitio; its
ttiind anotlici' t
we know you at
latliino;. It will
its rtviiectability,
'U you one of flu
$tist receiveil.
Spi'iiig tvloiiSG Clcqiihi
Will soon he upon iiij- a,
tains, linens, etc. vAV a
this line, we can sell yott i
yard, Inrain as low :w
rmn httv cents upward. 1
xiNEW : DQ
with ns. We have handled then
that we could sell them much die,
stock vvf have di.-r.'irded the t'ornie.
alile to sell 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 tit a verv low price,
pl'ice-, - i l'V 1 1 1 11 '
lieliiL' ail new
ha ve iti-i itci-iU i
i i;ci;r:iil ,1,-w:;' Uv htite, I.l.h H-n'S,1,,!'
J lU i r. I A ,i -i kj 1
Columbian 'World's Fair
to every person buying
V 2K f( ..Id,,,..
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