Plattsmouth herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1892-1894, August 25, 1892, Page 8, Image 8

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Ex-Miycr Richoy Cives His
Ideas on tho Subject.
The Sewer Extension May Have to
Wait, that Something More
Important can b Built -Other Affairs
hlchey on Improvements.
Kx-M.ivor K'ichcy" is one of the
most original of tin- progressive
citizens of Plnttsmnnlh. He is a
business man. He is a large prop
erty hulili'i'. Hi' lias t.iitli in the
town. He is a practical man of af
fairs. For these ami various other
reasons his opin ons have ami
ought to have weight. In talking
about the improvements s nggcsted
ami affairs in general with a num
ber of other, in tho prescnceof Tlllj
llEKAI.n, he t. liked s ib.-t intiallv an
"Now I liave given this improve
ment matter my careful con-odera-tion
ami I will tell yon what 1 be
lieve. What we now spend should
he ho spent us to show. Let our
works lie seen, t'ntil the present
time I have heen opposed to the
building 01 a City Hall hy the city.
Thin was because I l)elieved the
time and eonilitioiis were not such
an to make it advisable. The right
time seems to have arrived. We
have no opera house, and, although
men have signified their willing.
ncs to go ahead ami build another,
possibly they have not considered
the idea which seems to me a good"
one. It is Hits. That a few indi
vidunls, or a stock company, build
u modern opera house ground
lloor with strect-iloor storerooms.
Then have the city put the second
ftory to it for a City Hall, police
court room, council chamber, and
the various city offices, It could la
located where it would show off to
advantage. It would be of perma
nent value to the city. It would
aid in pushing the re-building of
the opera house. Lt would furnish
a much more satisfactory manner
of using this surplus sewer fund
money. Hut, in case the city rulers"
do not look favorably upon this
project, allow tne- to suggest
Let the city nay to any individual
who may propose to aid in the com
pletion of such a work: Go ahead
and the city will exempt you from
taxation f r a certain period of
time. In case the city does not
want to do this, it might say to
these projectors: Go ahead and the
town will agree to rent these tipper
roomft for council room, mayor's
oflice, clerk s olhce. police head
quarters, etc., for a stipulated rental
for u certain number of years.
This, with what rooms could be
contracted as .office suites to pros
pcrous lawyers, would make it an
inducement to capitalists to in
r . , ' ...
iiuy 01 inese propositions are
worthy of consideration. There is
something practical in them and
each of them. The opera house is
to be rebuilt. Some progressive
men have already their plans out
lined and the cash ready. The
IIliKALD wishes that the best policy
for the city as a whole shall be pur
sued, and it is with that end in view-
that this talk is given to the public
The men who have the rebuilding
matter under consideration are
those who are willing to listen to
reason and who will give consider,
ation to all pians. us consider
promptly, but maturely, all sug
gestions and then do what is best
for all concerned.
l'lattsmouth m moving forward
The Case Not DJdded.
Calling the attention of Judge
Chapman to the reported condition
of the bridge tax injunction case nt
Nebraska City as written up by the
Press of that town yesterday, the
judge informs Tin; Hick-ami that he
lias neither made nor announced
any decision in that case. That
having allowed plaintiff to amend
its petition, he ordered copies of
the amended petition served on the
city and school district, defend
ants, and gave those defendants
time to examine the same and be
heard further in the case.
the judge said the matter would
be disposed of when finally sul
mitted and he had arrived at a con
elusion in the premises; that if
anyone else lUcided the case sooner
than he did it would be no unconi
tnon occurrence in a law suit, al
though the speech ami decision cK
livered by the court, being the last
one, generally knocked out the law
ns laid down on the street comers
stud at the taverns.
TllB IlEKALD tenders its cordial
nynipathy to the warring democrats
of Cass and hopes to see them hum
Lie, united and contrite in Novem
ler. They shine bent as minority
leaders and the people seem to have
-ecogiiiied this Met at last.
The New s is not in politics, and
therefore does not -re things
through party colored glasses, .o
that its criticism is just and unbiased.-
-Kvcu ng Pirate.
The II. A M. is hauling dirt and
tilling up the bole on ihe site of the
old Wheeler block. The intention
of the company is to level up all
the ground west of the depot and
utilize the whole for yard room.
There is ample opportunity for a
great deal of improvement in the
depot surroundings ami even a new
depot but no. we believe that sub
ject has been exhausted.
"1 am simply in the newspaper
business to get even with my
enemies "- Milton I). Polk.
The boys have a good joke on
ludge Chapman. The judge went
fishing last week and dropped back
into bis boyish habits and sported
in the water like the American
small bov. Like the same bov he
ifterwards enjoyed the clfects. For
several days the judge has been
loctoring a blistered epidermis.
Kditor Sherman has presented his
laughter Mary with a handsome
new piano.
The Louisville Courier-Journal of
Cass county m ints a little sneei
ihout THE Hllh'ALI) and its repre-
seutative's mission in that town
last week, to which we may reply
by saying that more people at and
near Louisville read The Hek-ALD
tlpin read The Courier-Journal or
my other newspaper, and the post-
iflice officials will bear out this as
The New York Sun is the ablest,
the most manly, the most cour-
igeous democratic newspaper in
the Nation today. It is reading the
emoeratic managers some very
wholesome sermons these days.
As the democratic journals ;iri. too
cowardly to print these sermons,
THE llEKALU proposes to furnish
the people of this district with
Disaster invariably follows a
newspaper whose policy changes
and shifts like weathervane, with
every gust of wind, for its honor is
too elastic for stability, and its best
friends become suspicious of its
motives. Evening Pirate.
On Sunday Aug. 2S lS'.rj, there will
be an excusion over the II. & M. K.
R., leaving Plattsniouth at H:l! n. in
arming at ISurlingtoii lleach, "The
(ireat Salt L.:ke of the West." at 11
o'clock a. m. Returning, will leave
llurliugton lleach at 7:;) p. m. The
fare for the round trip will be but
$1. There is no finer pleasure resort
in the west than Hiirlington Beach,
a body of water two miles lor,g by
one mile wide. The celebrated
steam boat, "City of Lincoln," makes
regular trips around the lake, ac
companied by a superb band of
music. Sail boats, row boats, and
bathing, the finest in the land. A
magnificent pavillion standing out
in the lake, supplied with a No. 1
brass band, free to all. People pay
hundreds of dollars to go to some
noted water place ami get no more
than they can at Burlington Beach
for a dollar or two. The bathing at
Burlington Beach is equal in every
way to Salt Lake, I'tah. Very truly
yours, The Salt Lake Co.
Watermelons at the Presbyterian
church Friday night.
Dispatches from Creston, Iowa,
state that the Blue Grass Palace ex
hibition there this year is greater
and better than ever. The state ex
hibits are drawing features of this
year's exposition, and among these
the agricultural exhibit of Nebras
ka is the most extensive and at
tracts the greater attention. The
stock exhibit is very large and
covers a broader field than ever be
fore. That new opera house ought to
be started in time tc be finished for
the winter campaign. It would be
an awful lonesome winter in l'latts
mouth without an opera house.
The Silver plated Bryan seems to
have about all the joint debate
business on hand that he can at
tend to and he has declined to nice
the lion. John C. Watson before the
people. There is not nearly so
much confidence in the democratic
camp as there was a month ago.
Good wages, plenty of Work and
low prices at the stores have dis
couraged our William.
Go to the Presbyterian church
Friday evening and eat water
melons. m m
It is said that Church Howe, who
is well known to have been out of
politics for a long tin:-, is about to
re-enter the di.zy whirl ami become
a candidate for I'uited States sena
tor. He will tin 1 Senator Paddock
very hard man to defeat. In fact, it
is concede I that if the republicans
have a majority in the legislature.
Paddock will be his own successor,
The few who are now opposing his
re-election will all swing into line
before the campaign is over. Sew
ard Reporter.
An employe named Sharp fell
from a crane in the B. A M. black
smith shop and sustained a bruised
Judge Archer sends to The Hek-
AL1 a communication in which he
reiterates charges against the
sheriffs-office, denies those made
against him, and declares that he
is not on trial, but that he is willing
that the public shall decide. The
communication is too long to pub
lish today and does not
add niu;h material evidence
to that already submitted
This whole matter has reached a
stage where an official investiga
tion, with the witnesses under oath,
is tin-only manner in which it can
be satisfactorily settled, and both
sides express a willingness to have
the affair probed to the bottom ami
seem confident of their ability to
show clean records tor themselves
and bad ones for the other side.
Meanwhile the whole community
hopes, for the credit ol the city and
the county, that alFairs are not so
bad as they have been made to ap
C. L. Cadle vs. Mrs. Nellie Archer.
Suit in Archer's court for rent.
Z. W. Cede vs. Richard Oldham.
Suit in Archer's court for taxes
amounting to $1S.()0.
There will be a teachers' examina
tion at the central school building,
Plattsmout, Aug. l.
K. L. Siggins vs. John Vorhis. (
Uus suit was dismissed at defend
ant's costs.
The Anton Seiler vs. Chas Van
derventer case has been granted a
charge of venue from Archer's to
the county court.
In the district court clerk's oflice
Fred S. Clinton has tiled a suit for
$1,173 damages against Neheiniah
Klepser. This suit grows out of a
disrupted land trade near Weeping
Peter Nelson and Krnst Rasmus
sen, two Swedes employed at the
stone quarries at Cedar Creek, came
to town Friday and tampered
with the llowing bowl until they
became obstreperous. Officer Black
grasped hem with the strong. hand
of the law and landed them in the
city bastile. This morning they ap
peared before His Houur Judge
Archer, plead guilty to the charge
and were lined 5 and trimmings.
They gave an order on the proprie
tor of the quarry for the amout and
were allowed to go.
A.J. Johnson Co. commenced
suit in'Judge Archer's court Friday
against William Sehildknecht on an
account for SK'ii. The case will be
heard August -3.
Hiram Taylor vs. Martin Projr-t is
the title of a new case tiled in Jm'ge
Archer's court. The suit was
brought to collect $aU'J7. It will
come up for a hearing on the 27th,
.The commissioners are not at the
Court house this week. Mr. Button
is at Denver, and Messrs Loderand
Tritsch are at their homes. Next
week they will beat the office again.
C. C. Parmele is at Nehawka to
day, but his auditor-of-sta!" boom
is in town and growing like a weed
in damp weather.
Judge Ramsey yesterday at bis
home united in marriage Adailv.
Liggitt of Mills county and Jolni C.
Secrist of Fremont count, lif a.
This is the couple who made ai it-
tenipt at getting married at Jiie
court house recently, at which tine
the bride fainted and theceren
vas postponed. The present
Secrist went through all right
time and The Hewai.h wi-hes
good luck during the rcmaind
the voyage of life, etc.
I Law) er II. J. Whituiore of Lin
was a court house visitor todaj
Hank Pearson was arrested
taken before Judge Archer, cha
with having stolen a pair of s
at the ball park July 7. lie pie
not guilty and his trial has 1
postponed until Saturday. Iuihe
meantime Pearson is at libert
his own recognizance.
Chas. Shubert was arre
charged with lighting Satu
evening. lie claimed to be
cent and the trial will be
Thursday before Judge Archer!
W'.T. and Cus King, father nd
son, were arrested Sunday evenng,
charged with having too nijch
liquor on board. Mrs. Kingpulip
eleven dollars for the father'sip
pearance and both were allowe to
go until this afternoon. Both Be
llied their guilt.
Phil Harrison vs. Phillip Krlia
2ft IIcadcaavtc7&
Cail and See Me
was eet for 10 o'clock today before
Judge Archer. At the appointed
time the defendant and attorney
were on hand, but the plaintiff
failed to put in an appearance. The
defendant agreed to confess judg
ment to the amount of 4.25 and the
case will in all probability be Set
tled that way.
The Kings concluded they were
guilty and paid their tines $5 and
costs each.
John Teatuni was allowed to go
this morning by pa)ing the costs,
lie was on a plain spree.
A.W. Crites vs. J. W. Hendee.
Suit for damages on contract. This
is in Archer's court.
M. B. Murphy - Co. have tiled at
tacliineut suit for .fJH.lO against
Frank Conkling in Archer's court.
Lilley Burke appeared before
Judge Archer and tiled suit for 1,
against John Carnes. This amount
is claim to be due Mrs. Burke's
minor child for labor.
The sheriff is this afternoon sel
ling the W. S. Wise real estate in
which C. 11. Parmele has a mone
tary interest.
lv. If. VVooley of Lincoln is a court
h ouse visitor today.
Allen Beesoti has obtained a
temporary injunction against the
M. P. R. R. Co. restraining it from
putting in ga. i s at the crossing at
his homestead grounds. The com
pany had notified Mr. Beeson that
it would put in these gates, which
compel him to open and close two
every time he went to or from his
place, unless he paid 111 lor putting
in cattle guards. The lawyer be
lieves he can beat the railroad com
pany in court and he will give the
matter a test.
We will have our oflice in the
White building, west of Keefcr's
harness shop, for the purpose of
settling up our business prepara
tory to opening up again. All
those knowing themselves to be in
debted to us will please call and
settle. M. B. Ml krnv Co.
L!9t ot Letters.
The following letter list remain
ing in the post oflice for the past
Howinim, f!en. Xixun, I. .
Crisiiiiin, Will Pence, Sum
(eieUtiinn, (m-i Peiirtnan, II II
(iil.sim.i; W Smiill. W H
(iraves Mrs Muria M Sleveiis. Kil
Harney, W II Taylor. Frank A
Johnson, I'lins. Vuiitleet, h" A
Johnson, I.ynk ilnioth. P I,
Keetnes, Mrs Jennie Wnlker, Halt ie A
Keiicht, Win Wilson, h't-v I.
Persons calling for the above will
please say "advertised."
II. J., P. M.
SEPTEMBER 1 he will open in the Stadelmann Block
F. S. lYldtas Store.
And watch this space Daily for
JOE, The Clothier,
Just Opened
Nolo A&ent for Fahst JSeer.
'Cold Tea Whisky," "0. F. C. Taylor Whisky,"
"Old Crow," "Guckenheimer Whisky." '
I I.
l A 111