Plattsmouth herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1892-1894, August 25, 1892, Page 4, Image 4

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    Till WKKKl.Y IIMKAIJ): I'LVTlSMOri 11. XKIWASKA. AldrST . 1S02
THE HERAXiD. t,"-J'" -kxai win .i.,wci.ii.iith.t
'. Ill van and it-ell have all along
wanted Mr. Miamp iKjinitiatt'il by
j the independent. An inspection
of it-- fill's, however, will disclose
the fact that it was imposed to "a
1 third c;ni 1 i l;it' in tin- race."
l'fHl.lSHKI 1.II.V KM KIT MNll.W
Z2TT :::tt mcrw.
One Year (in iiilviiiu el - - - f' W
Six months :) Wi
liy Currier, per week "
Ono Your in mlviiiu't. - SI
If lint paid in iiilviini i', . - i
Six mouth-. Tj
Three inont Ii- i
THAT democratic commercial
eilitor of Detroit isn't able to pre
cent his side of the case nearly so
ably as the Cas county democratic
editor. 1 1 the democrats can do no
better than with Uarr of Detroit,
thev had better buv al home.
Telephone :).
ClvOl'XSK AMi IK I IT would suit
(he republicans of Cass.
Tin; New can now liowl for
Sc!i..inp until Hryau laps his barrel.
1'lvANK WH1TI- will make a good
chairman of the board of public
w icring is made the
deiiHieralic nominee for nltonn y
gcneral, will he tap his barrel':
Ck'i if.VsK AND ! IllM.bnX j a
ticket which would be of aid to the
congressional and count)- tickets in
Cass coti tily.
TllKK'li is nothing (he m.tlb'r with
Stephen A. 1 a is and hit. labor as a
member of the 1 (i;ud ol public
works will show ii.
The tarilf iie-tiou is a pretty
hard one for many democrats to di
gest, but they cau all realize -the
fact that under the workings of the
Melxiuley buv the laboring man's
daily earnings buys him more than
it ever did before in this country or
A I.I. of Itryan's and Sherman's
never work among the I ass county
alliance people was in vain. The
Cas delegation at tin- .Nebraska
City i oiiveniioii didn't vote for the
Young Mini 1 1 1 o p i 1 1 1 . nor will the
rank aad file of the party in -November.
William has lo-t hi grip.
Ir w
Tilt: lieutenant gnvei norship va
cancy on the republican ticket
could be nicely '.lit d out by plac
ing there (he name of Robert II.
Windham m Cass,
I! I"' a givml sight one
oiug miles ;,, f-ee .that ol
the elo.juent Matthew
the platform, gavel in
democratic .-tale con-
y the lortly forms
ivlan Sherman
Gering- on
hand, at the d
Veutio,-, ll.mlu
of Kditor Charles
and Hanker William Henry Curing.
Tllti democratic educator savs
the government makes a man rich
in this country ami that in other
countries a man must yet rich - ii
at till by hi own exertion. J-uch
Mutf is supremely m1Iv, but if true,
it would seem to a man up a tree
that man in this country possessed
large advantages over those of
others. If all ou have to do in
this country is to "press the button
and the govrrnient does the rest,''
what in thunder is the impover
ished democrat standing
growling for; Such distinguished
ami millionaire democrats as Hriee,
I'avne. Rockefeller, Hookwalter,
Scott, Hewitt, Whitney, Alt-eld
Hoyd and thousand- of others
started in tin'.- country poor boys
and men. Any other poor boy or
man ought to he able to do" as
well, Gould Jiim-elf started p,,or.
' '' ie money a man accumulate.-
the more ready capital he has
to lake advantage of opportunities
to invest. 1 hat is. the only adv
age he has over the man who
ics- and even
knows. Kverv
Mr. llorr's rtcent speech at Platts-
time. When a democrat is predict-
only be
cases o
sensible peron so
me man with a vc r-
;e intelligence also knows that th
I- the o 1 1 1 v country i h i '. ,, ,
'arlh of which tliis.'aii be truthfully
;"d. I he laet is, the.-e c;
n: v
innip iiii'iiedi'itt
p. in
l"l..TTsjlnl"ni in to be pitied if the
outside win 1.1 should happen to be
lieve that The Kvcning Sore-Head
had reached ' the topmost rune; of
local journalism."
Gov. Ilovi) might appoint oneof
the Cass county democratic lawyers
to Judge Field" place ou the dis
trict bench. We make no charm-
for the suggestion, governor, dive
the hoys a lift.
j ClIAk'I.KS C l'AUMi:i,i-: is now
avowedly a candidate for the demo
'cratic nomination for state auditor
I'J'IIH JlKKALU wants to see all the
iCass county boys yet there. The
imore the merrier.
! OU democratic Gen. Sickles' of
New York declared openly in the
Chicago convention that twenty
live thousands I'nion soldiers in
the Kmpire state would vote against
drover Cleveland.
Mw. Mc M kk. says tl at clothing
proposition stiil stands. If The
Journal has an idea that it is a
"bUilf." why doesn't he call it'r The
able editor would now be in a bet
ter position if he had adhered to his
fust statement - that he "was not in
the clothing business." We believe
he hit the nail on the head that
Mm. HhiYAX might take a few more
democratic alliance men to Lincoln
from Cass county and have them
file some more papers giving him.
the nomination 0r the ho called in
dependent party for congress.
Tllli IlKU'ALK is the representa
tive newspaper of Cass county. It
has no enemies to punish It isn't
run as the organ of personal spite.
Kvery republican has the same and
equal rights as any other rerubli
can. No disappointed ambition
controls its utterances. No repnb
lican has any excuse to yo else
where for a hearing.
Tllli Jui kXAb still persists in
lihtiny its man of straw. The
Journal's talk about Judge Field's
"defense" at Klmwood is mere bun
combe. The Journal knows that
Judge Field is not ou the defensive
in this campaign. The republican
candidates and the republican
party are decidedly aggressive this
year. The defense Mr. Ilryan and
the other democrats are trying to
take tare of.
howler- wan! to
a. id without !;
laborers t(, a j,
aliitience, ami
gocerniUept ii,
laem. n,e ,,,v f
government to do just evicily wh i
they jireleiid to believe it i- i,,i;:.
for others give them wealth with
out labor
r i r mi - ve, I
-''ioll of i'el
they wan;
do i in- job
oi'e king
ve, arable mother (,f
iw K'eid lives on the o',,
ivciu homestead near Springfield,
Ohio. She is a woman of striking
appearance-tall, white-haired and
well preserved for her advanced
age, for she is within a few months
of h'J. When a correspondent
called on her recently she was
dressed neatly, but with great
plainness, in a gown of black and
white striped calico, with an old
fashioned cap of white lace on her
head. Mrs. Keid's memory of the
events of her younger j ears is ex
cellent, and she tells quaintly of
her son's departure for college.
'When Whitvlaw went away to
school," she said, "he had a hard
time to get along. One day I
packed up for him a crock of but
ter, a loaf of bread, a sack of meal
and a boiled ham. I wrote him to
get some buttermilk to mix with
the meal and make some cakes,
lie wrote tne back that it was the
best meal he had eaten for a long
time." Mrs. K'eid preserves with
great care a cedar tree her son
planted near the portico of the
house when a boy.
TlIK republicans of Cass have no
use for mugwumps and profession
al traitor. For this reason The
News of riattsmouth has neither
standing or influence iii the repub
lican party and never can have.
Tins J 1'kx.i is still talking
about theories in regard to the tar
ilf question. This seems disloyal
in the face of the fact that OJrover
Cleveland said -"It is not a theory
but a condition that confronts us."
Cass county did not get the va
cant place on the republican state
ticket, but that will make no differ
ence in the loyalty to the party here.
There are very few sore heads in
Cass county.
Wis are authorized to state that
The News nor no writer connected
with it speaks for Judge Field.
"My associations," says Judge
Field, "have been, are now, and will
continue to be vkdusively with re
publicans." TiUi Silver-Tongued liryan is
coaching Matthew (lering as a side
partner lor the present educational
campaign, and the air is growing
chilly in the icitiity of the 'rotund
tonus of Hanker Curdling ami K b
tor Shi'i man
II II the xivptiou of good con
trol ol his temper and tact m pla
cating party enemies, Matthew
(lering is the equal of William Jen
nings liryan. The fact is, they are
very neatly equal is orators and
This Hiskald gives it out cold
that the republicans of Cass county
will elect no man to any office who
draws his political inspiration from
the throat-cutting News establish
inent. That hybiid sheet is doing
all in its circumscribed power to
injure the republican 'party and
genuine republicans, and no repub
lican has any excuse for tying up
with traitors and would he bood
lers. Real republicans do not fly
he black Hag.
A.NY newspaper reporter is liable
1 1 make a mistake in reporting the
speech of a public man and it is
never considered indignilied to
correct a mistake. That The Khn
wood lu'ho's m ill made a mistake
in reporting Judge Field is evident,
and it would be fair to the republi
can candidate and manly in The
I Kcho to make a correction. Repub
licans never want to take advantage
of any candidate of any part).
That is not the way they win vie
t ories.
SiMSAKlNii of taxes, now that the
subject is up for consideration of
the council at the instance of The
Kvening Pirate, we have a few facts
to present. The entire amount of
taxes paid by The News office ami
its "force" so-called is ,;iN.7:t and
the major portion of this is paid by
the "force," and the force has no
interest in the alleged newspaper
except the salary he obtains for
setting type. What taxes the Ilur
ton interest does pay is paid by his
wife, with the exception of $.8I
paid on that wonderful ollice.
IT fs currently rt ported
Matthew dering will be temporary
chairman of the democratic state
I.S the opinion ol The l'latts
motith Journal Mr. Jerome Shamp
is now "a very poor scholar, and
that I will make a slim race," and "Mr.
Bryan's friends need not worry." It
Mr. Shamp had refused the alliance
convention and dial he will show nomination and told his alliance
the country Iii it Mtyau is not the j brethcrn that Hryan was a little God
only Young Man l.loquent in the J and that all that was needed to
First district. make the poor men rich in this
-- country waei the election of Grove,
HwYAN'8 truckling to the "hide- j Steve and Hilly, Mr. Schamp, in the
pendents" seems to have resulted i expressed opinion of The Journal.
in utter laiiure. me AcnrasKa
City convention yesterday refused
to endorse Ii tin. The alliance peo
ple are not to be caught by the
chaff of Uryati and Sherman.
would have been "a far-siehted.
patriotic statesman, whom the alli
ance members ought to follow."
And the democrats still talk about
an educational campaign!
There is a possibility that the
Rev. J. G. Tate is not eligible to oc
cupy the office of lieutenant gov
ernor, and that gentleman has
withdrawn in the following manly
K'epiililioia State l eulrnl cuiiinittee.
.GlS.NTLKMISM:- My eligibility to
hold the ollice of lieutenant gov
ernor has been called in question.
The points involved in my case
have never been passed upon by
our supreme court. It is more iin
portant that republican principles
shall prevail at the coining election
than that I be lieutenant governor.
Helieving this I feel it my duty to
solve the doubt in my case in favor
of my party. No act of mine shall
disturb the harmony or interfeie
with the bright prospect for suc
cess. Therefore I hereby withdraw
from the candidacy of the ollice ol
lieutenant governor, and in doing
so I desire to express my apprecia
tion of the unanimous nomination
my party gave me. Yours for suc
'c. J. G. TATis.
The republican slate committee
placed the name f Thomas Majors
in the vai-ant ticket. Majors needs
no introduction to the people of
Nebraska. He is one of the be.-t
known men in the state ;.id his -e-lection,
under the circumstances,
is undoubtedly si lengthen !ng to
the ticket as a whole.
1 he ticket will be t k eb
Wn.t. Tin.: IlKiv'Ai.ii, which is
Judgi; Field's particular organ,
please explain by what hocus-pocus
Judge Field, with his decision in
the bridge tax case, would be able
to lessen the freight charges ove
the H' M bridge? An anxious
public breathlessly awaits cnligbt
cninent. - Journal.
The Journal knows that (he Tin:
IlKk'AI.P exploded that silly stiilt
about Judge Field and the bridge
decision, on the very day The
Journal cauieout with its buncombe
articles on the subject. There is
nothing in it. Judge Field never
claimed that his decision, if mam
tained, would lessen passenger or
freight rates over the bridge.
Judge Field is not a fool nor are the
people, and The Journal knows
that, too. It can fool no one by put
ting up a man of straw and then
demolishing. If you can make no
head way against Judge Field with
out attempting to put words into
his mouth he never uttered you
had better give ;:p the light man
fully. Fairness pays, even in politics.
t Hiii in cases of
and then only as aids and subordi
nates to the civil authorities."
However platitu lions this migh1
sound at other times and in olln r
circum-tanees, ai the this time ami
under the exi-ting circumst luces it
is nothing more or less than a sop
to anarchy. Its meaning is evident.
II the Mulligan democrats had
averred in so many words that thev
didn't approve the u-e ol the militia
to put down the lolence com in itied
by strikers, they would have ex-pi'e-sed
themselves not a whit more
V ''awns . , hile actual or virin:,!
' iir is -ii. in,- ,,M mi 1 1 1 ,..i.. . ,1. .
w . ... ... s i,M'-s, 111!
p-atform of the Michigan demo-c:-.ts
i- a distinct encouragement
to the forces ol disorder. Then we
i.v- a proof to the corporations
hai seek to protect their property
and ,ih' lives oi iiieir non-union em
ployees: "We denounce the em. dm i
tiy private individuals and corpor
ations of armed bodies ol men, no
matter under what pretence, a- a
menace to the peace and welfave i,f
tin- country and state, and we de
maud at. the hands of our leinsla
tors the enactment of such laws as
win in the luture prohibit the em
ploymeut and uses of such forcer,
ami provide serve punishment
therefor, to the end that I'inkerton-
ism ami Kindred onranizationyi m-iv
be relegated to obscurity and (lis-
Not a word of censure for the
murderers of the I'inkerton men
i I. .. . ... -. .
me rioters ot lu-ur d'Alene and
Hulfalo, the thugs and incendiariet
"'C uomg their best to make
the labor unions an abomination
and a curse. Not one strong and
manly word in defense of the right
of freedom of contract and labor.
oi one word in denunciation of
the brutal and vulgar despots, the
.Masters and Grand Masters, who
are leading organized labor to its
rum. Instead of that we have this
putrid buncombe:
'W hereas, Recent labor troubles
at Homestead and elsewhere
caused general disaster and great
J j i " nil
Whereas, This convention de.
sires to affirm the democratic doc
trine that all such disputes should
be settled by fair and judicial arbi-
oaiioii; merelore
"Resolved, That it is the duty of
the state legislature to establish a
proper tribunal, with powerto sum
nion defendants before it, adjust all
disputes, and enforce its judgment
by proper process; that we pledge
tae demoetacy of the state of M ichi
ttan to the establishment of such a
tribunal, when laboring men and
alior organizations can have a fair
hearing and proper redress.
If the Michigan democrats mean
i compulsory arbitration, they
mean a doctrine and remedy as far
removed as possible from demo
cratic principles and as impossible
us squaring the circle. If they
mean voluntary arbitration, they
mean nothing. They might just as
well say that the multiplication
table is a remedy for labor troubles.
Next the Michigan democrats
give a couple of resolutions pro
b'sting against the finployment of
convict labor in penal ami reform.
titory institutions. Of course, they
have nothing to say about or
.gainst the Force bill. Men who
witness immoral attempts at the
bibversion of social order in the
orth with indifference, are not
kely to be much concerned about
ie subversion of social order in
!' South. He.-ides, the labor
nioiM are not inleiested in the
l,rt'e 1 ill They are too much en
aged in iipplj ing the doctrine of
rce foi their o n I leuelit.
Main talk is besi When the
ibor anarchs ate raging to the top
f their bent, no party can afford to
'tit them on the b-ick or haggle
ith them for their votes We are
'iry to see the Michigan demo
rats doing so It is a mistake. In
he present condition of things it is
lore than a mistake. The demo
ratic party outside of Michigan
as MiiMiiiini.'li for dickering with
lie labor tyrants. For that matter.
e don't believe thai the majority
f the Michigan democrats have,
'hey have been made the victims
f ti resolution committee c m
osed of imbeciles and sneaks.
how much better olf he
in some other country
'I i-oii t lie X. V. Sun. I'eniei nitR'a
We are sorry to say it, but the
truth compels us to declare that
the platform adopted by the demo ;
cratic convention of Michigan hist
Wednesday is about as cheap and
n isty a sample of deinagogisin as !
e n. ne seen laieiy. i nree-tourths '"si on an untried lawhe is in clover,
of it is a cringe and a crawl before -After the law has been passed and
organised labor. At a time when I 'ts workings demonstrated, his
the militia at Homestead and at j floundering would be amusing if
Huflalo is the ole barrier against j distress was not so apparent,
anarchy, the Michigan democrats j "Twas the same way in regard to
think themselves called upon to as- the resumption of specie payments
set t that -the civil ant honties of the ' ail(1 every other good law for which
state are constitutional conserva- '. the republican partv is responsible.
tors of the peace, and the military I democrat has no use for facts and
called into reouisi- ! history. Such practical thimjs are
real emergency, I 1 uesonie to him. He delights in
j dealing in dreamy theories, in pre-
, dictions of awful calamities, t ml in
j imaginiii",
would be
than his own. lhe thorough-bred
northern democrat doesn't believe
in home or anything home made.
He never did. Some other state is
always-to him better than his
own. The southern leaders--to him
tire better and smarur Hum those
of his own section ,,( the country.
He i- ti blind idolalor by bii th, edu
cation and practice. Jiis time is
spent in trying to prove that other
people are a great deal better than
his own can ever U, ll( H. yvc
really pity him.
Mr. Sherman starts off his won
derful clothing cpi-tle by the de
claration that his assertion about
suits being trviKI cheaper in Canada
man in the I nited States was "dis
puted by a bold blulf." Now, thi
4.1 1 . .
"inn was only a proposition lu
ll, t. McMaken of this town to giv
the crippled taiilf prophet a practi
c ii demons-ration. (Of course a dem
ocratic editor would not like that
Mr. McMaken wanted to send for
suit of clothes to Canada and lay it
down in Nebraska beside a suit sold
here of American manufacture
With the two side by side there
could be something- settled. Hut
tins was too much like business
for a democratic editor or manager
to consider as anything but a"bluff.
It would be entirely too much like
an educational campaign in reality
t ...
-xo. ne couidnt accept that
proposition. He sits down and
writes to his democratic free trade
friend at Detroit and asks him to
helu the democracy of Cass make
out a case against his own country
inn great editor's reply bears
"o mi-, iihKALP'.s assertion that
the democracy presumes that its
audience is ignorant and credulous,
n.. ...... .
..v n in- inn wiui the declaration
that "several Detroit houses refused
to give quotations except to intend
ed purchasers." Such a statement
is unworthy a great editor. There
is NOT one reputable house in the
city of Detroit which will refuse to
give prices and he knows it. If he
can find one and will send his ad-
ll.-c 1
...v.-.- llr we win give him a col
umn advertisement in Tills IllSK'AI.Ii
tor one year. tree.
ri i . . . - .
mis womierlul democratic De
troit editor follows his silly opening
statement with one still more silly
you ask about Middlesex goods
but N'ONK of them seemed to know
inything about them." Isn't that a
beauty as a democratic argument?
Not a merchant in Detroit who
knows anything about Middlesex
goods! There is surely great need
of a campaign of education there
if such a statement is anywhere
near the truth. Hut it is not. This
eminent Detroit democratic author
ity then proposes to go stilt farther
away from home and talks about
what can be done in England. Then
he follows with table.
If there is any one thing that a
democratic editor or manager
knows nothing about or conceals
it if he does it is tables of figures.
He has for so many years "figured"
to prove how the republican partv
was bankrupting the country and
how the demoeraiie calamity howl
ers were going to elect a preident.
ami laih d . regularly in his cal
culations, that he is wholly at sea
when he tackles figures.
This (h llioi latie editor quote
Detroit and Windsor prices in ".sum
mer tweed sack coats" ami evident
ly believes that the Cass county
ueuiociats don t lyiow that Hi
nunc uian one qualit) of
Next he gives the prices on "sum
mer tweed Prime Alberts," "clay
worsted" "black cheviot," "winter
ter tweed" and "full dress."
All this The Journal publishes
and sets back in its chair and gives
the democratic yell - "McKinleyism
is a system of robbery."
The mind of the average demo
cratic editor or manager seems in
capable of comprehending a large
economic question like the tarilf.
At least he pretends to believe that
the difference in the taritT laws of
Kughind and America is responsi
ble for all ills to which mankind is
heir. He apparently cannot com
prehend that the protective tariff
law builds up industries in thi
country, and thereby furnishes em
ployment to working people at bet
ter wages than anywhere else on
the globe and increases the value
of the farm product by making a
mouth has given the taritr prophet greater demand for it at home ani
of The Journal and his democratic ' furnis,llinsr the American laborer1
followers more worry than anything with orf with which to
ti,..,. - . . purchase it.
.; liul IIIIl llll i!!.ll!l.T 1 , r !1 Mlinr '
From reading democratic litera
ture and listening to democratic
speeches we must conclude that the
democratic managers believe that
if the tariff was reduced so as to
give this country practical free
trade that the manufactures of the
present protected articles could and
would pay the same wages as at
present and then sell the output
greatly reduced prices. In other
words, that under a free trade sys-1
tent this country would enjoy all
benefits as buyers and still retain
all the benefits i ow enjoyed as pro
ducers of what is made here . the
same as if the protective tariff was
in force.
From the Xew York Sun, KleiiKieratic.)
Mr. Josiah Ouiucy of Massachu
setts ought to be ashamed of him
self for writing such stuff as this to
the villiauous and seditious World:
"The fundamental issue of the
present campaign is too clear 'to be
disguised; it is plutocracy against
democracy, the rule of favored
special interests against govern
ment by the people."
f here is no such issue in thiscain
paign, or we have no plutocracy in
this country. This is a government
by all the people. A plutocracy is
a government by the rich only.
Mr. A-tor. Mr. Yanderbilt. Mr. Rock,-
f..ll.... XI .. .... ..
.11. v..iiiiegie, ,'ir. Whitney
and all other rich men have only
one vote each, like the rest of the
Neither is there any rule of "fa
vored special interests against
government by the people." It is
impossible under the our political
system. The will of the majority
prevails always, and it settles the
business policy of the republic
with a view to the benefit of the
whole, and not for the special bene
fit of the few. Kvery citizen can
vote as he pleases.
The World has been engaged in a
nefarious attempt to stir up social
disorder mid array every conserva
tive interest of the I'nion against
the democracy, which it pretends to
represent, by inciting riotous as
saults on the rights of property.
Incendiary talk about a plutocracy's
trampling on the people conies
naturally enough from Pulitzer,
who is a foreign adventurer trying
his best to make a plutocrat of him
self at the expense of the popular
welfare. It is a disgrace to a man
of Mr. (Juincy's honorable, distin
guished, and patriotic American
incestry. He knows better; blithe
imagines in his mugwump delusion
that he serves the democratic cause
by encouraging such deme zogism
and sedition.
Away, then, with the pernicious
ind fatal demagogism of the un
American World with its anarchy
ror revenue only! The further Mr.
(Juincy keeps from such associa
tions the better it will be fur him
and the better he will Mere.. ti..
emocracy, to which he is so honest
ly devoted.
TlIK democrats are worried about
John A. Davies and William II.
Newell. They have need to be
Hefore this campaign shall have
closed both of these gentlemen will
have made some talks to the citi
zens of Cass county which will
show the emptiness of democratic
O.MS of the best posted democrats
i the district privately boasted
aturday evening that The Platts
umth News had been seen and
itit it had been pledged to give
id to the democrats in the coming
impaign. This is neither sur-
rising nor discouraging to repub-
lere is
IK the Cass county democracy
will go into the state convention
and give Matthew Gering the solid
ami loyal support he deserves
Cass county and Plattsmouth will
get a better advertisement than
that illustrated book will give them.
A 1 k T;( r.i ra luutn ile u .
We ! ti ii lei he ltd. I' ,
We will ili.w n y,ir (irever ( '.,
Ami liis see. ai. I. A.llni IS.,
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