The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, July 29, 1892, Image 3

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flf yjOURHAM HEWS Ml "U ,
I H THC X. V;: J,-T,r ; -r rt-. rxtit
I Both Sides of the Question
1, should be looked Into.
the Intelligent smoker uses CLACK WELL'S
A Cure for the Ailments of Man and Beast
A long-tested pain reliever.
Its use is almost universal by the Housewife, .he Farmer, the
otock Raiser, and by every one requiring an effective
other application compares "with it in efficacy.
- his well-known remedy has stood the test of years, almost
yrCicine chest is complete without a bottle of Mustanci
:.;:'IMENT. .
ons arise for its use almost
lx i. agists and dealers have it.
Kjwmmm mm air
ball. A.V.OrJ?
SC HI F FN! ANN'S Asthma Cure
to give tnntknt relief in the worst
Ml and tfcM wre wkrra stbrra fiUJ.
mai riifi VVK E af DrTf.t mr by Balk
UK. t. BUmrrMA NN, Bfc Part. Blnm.
Scientific American
Agency fort)
Par Information and free Handbook write to
Oldest bureau for securing patents in America.
Krery patent taken out by us is bronebt before
the pablle by a notice given free of charge in the
gtitntxfit Jlmmnw
Lanreet circulation of any scientific paper in the
world. Splendidly Illustrated. No intelligent
aa should be without it. Weekly. SJ.OO a
year; tUO six months. Address MUNN. St CO,
PPBUHm 3Q Broadway. New York.
fcC5I.L.x- JiKUTHEKS. 68 Wunn Tier? YcrS. IMfi- Bf -fa iLl 2. : 5P1
- ,
saTnTvTlnn'g Eye and PHn
A certain euro for Chronic Sore Eyes
Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, OL
Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema,
Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples
nd Files. It is cooling: and soothing.
Hundreds of cases have been cured by
It after all other treatment had failed.
A Is pat up in 25 and 50 cent boxes.
HZ .
) u u m S3 CT1 IBB
J I fTJI lsr
For Atchinson, St. Joseph, Leaven
worth, Kansas City, St. Louis,
and all points nr-th, east
south or west. Tick
ets sold and bag.
gage checked
to any
States or
Canada. For
Call at Depot or address
G. P. A. St. Louis, Mo.
J. C Phixxippi,
A. G. P. A. Omaha.
H. D. APGAR. Agt-, Plattsmouth.
Telephone, 77.
And when this Is done
every day.
tSJ utaw'tAU Iiid W hi. pern hear. i. Camfnrtsl.lo.
8a.-. f-w.ful lireal Irruinlimfail. So!d by V. Illimx, onlv , F') CC
65 3 llruaUj, .t lurk. W nw tur buuk of pruoisl ilLC
ni?ii;is., and Uautifit the hair.
Jt I fuim.K- a luxu.iant pmwth.
4 J Never Fails to Bestore Gray
''. ?, 0IIair to its Youthful CoKr.
A'ii -ui m!p diwa? Hi hair iaUuio.
7 . w.oinfl MUt lni..'irit,
e rrkcr Crinuer Tonie. 1: run s tile w.irst Couch.
I.tiiitra. Ih hilitv. Ini!Kction,i'aiii,Takeiutiiiie.iOcU.
The otilv mire cure for Corns.
oivp lul ja.u. ijc at Jjrugistj, or JJIdC'OX a CO., N. Y.
A Family Affair
Health for the Baby,
Pleasure for the Parents,
New Life for the Old Folks.
oot geer
j"is a family affair a requisite
oi ine nome. a. 3 cent
package makes 5 gallona ot
a delicious, Btrengthenlng,
effervescent beverage.
Dont be deceived if a dealer, for
tbe sake of larger trofit. tells von
come other kind is "lust as Rood "
'tis false. Ko imitation la as good
as the Keiiuine Uuub'i
for Farmers, Miners and Mechanics.
Cures Chafing, Chapped Hands, Wounds, Burns,
Etc A Delightful Shampoo.
Specially Adapted for Use in Hard Water '
Not m KourUhlnjr Diet.
An old Scotch servant attached to
the household of the famous British
logician. Sir William Hamilton, was as
proud of his master's fame as if it had
been his own, and, having picked up a
few of Sir William's technical words
and phrases, brought them into piny on
every possible occasion.
One day a gentleman who was fond
of drawing out old John for the amuse
ment of the company said to him, with
an engaging air:
"I suppose, John, now that you've
lived so long with such a great roasoner
as Sir William, you are quite able to
conduct an argument yourselfr"
"Weel, 1 winna say sao mucklo ns
that," replied tUe old Scotchman, with
tho mvdesty of true genius, "but if )
cunna conduct an airgyment, I'm think
in I could draw an inference."
"Could you? Let us see, then? There
an Eastern proverb, you know, about
the wild ass snuffing up tho east wind.
Now what inference would you draw
from that?"
For a moment old John looked non
plussed, as well he might, and then a
gleam of sly humor twinkled in tho cor
ner of his dark gray eye, and ho an
swered, with a grim chuckle:
"Aweel, tho inference that I wad
draw from that wad bo that ho might
snuff a lang timo before ho grew fut!"
David Ker in Harper's.
Polly Saved the Valuables.
Wo had moved into a newly built
house, which had all tho modern im
provements, the electric bell being one
of them.
It was a cold winter's night. Mr. and
Mrs. J. were traveling in Europe and
the servants were all gathered about the
kitchen fire. Polly was also near the
fire, but in the dining room, which was
np stairs.
She used to see our mistress ring the
bell for the servants to enter, and, like
a lever bird, studied on this for a long
On this night Polly was all alone,
when suddenly the door opened and
two men entered. The room being
dark they could not see the bird and
legan searching for valuables, for they
were burglars.
Polly now proved her worth. She put
oiit her claw and pressed the button of
the electric bell.
It brought the servants to the dining
room, where, after a short struggle, they
secured the burglars, who were about to
make way wnth much of the valuable
silver in the dining room.
Polly was fed on dainties for some
time as a reward for her valuable as
sistance. Cor. New York Recorder.
An Old Buccaneer,
"I recently met a survivor of Pirate
Lafitte's band of freebooters," said
Thomas Haines, once a lieutenant in the
United Ctates navy. "He was a tough
looking specimen, and must have been
well past eighty years of age, for it is
more than sixty years since Lafitte had
his headquarters on Galveston island
and preyed upon the commerce of the
Gulf. The relic of those half forgotten
times was an inmate of a Jersey City
charitable institution and was not much
inclined to discuss bygones. He -said,
however, that Lafitte was a very hand
some Frenchman more than six feet in
height, well made and possessed of won
derful talents as a commander. He
ruled the toughest lot of men ever con
gregated on one island as though they
were a flock of lambs. Occasionally a
lawless spirit would rebel, however, but
his days thenceforth were brief and full
of trouble. Every woman who came in
contact with Lafitte fell in love with
him, and he was as safe among his fe
male friends in New Orleans as on Gal
veston island surrounded by his armed
buccaneers." St. Louis Globe-Demo
Production of Portland Cement.
Mr. Giron read before the Engineer's
club at Philadelphia a paper on the trade
of the world in Portland cement, in the
course of which he 6aid that the present
annual production in Europe amounts to
over 20,000,000 barrels and its commer
cial value to over 7.200,000. The first
factory was established at Northfleet, on
the Thames. The process was so crude
that in 1850 only four factories were in
operation. In England there is now
over 8,300,000 barrels made each year,
The process is much the same as it was
twenty years ago. The raw materials
are chalk and clay, both pure, and al
though inferior processes are employed
they make satisfactory cement.
A few years ago the entire product of
the kilns was put on the market, but the
fineness of the Continental cements led
English makers to improve their pro
cesses, although even now English ce
ment i3 not as a rule as firm as Geneva
or French Portland. New York Even
ing Sun.
Photographic Paper.
Photographers were obliged until re
cently to import from Germany the pa
per used in their work, our own manu
facturers being unable to assemble the
necessary conditions of material water
and workmanship for the production of
papci suitable for silver printing.
A process has now been perfected in
this country whereby a very ordinary
paper is coated with a thin surface of
sulphate of barytes and answers admi
rably for photographic use, bringing out
in the finished picture a wealth of de
tail formerly unknown in the art, it be
ing lost in the texture of the paper em
ployed. E-ineering Magazine.
A Clever Bit of Workmanship.
In a museum of curiosities at Salem,
Mass., there is preserved a common
cherry seed or stone hollowed and fash
ioned like a basket. Within the basket
are twelve tiny silver spoons, the shape
and finish of which cannot be distin
guished with the naked eye. The name
of the artist who constructed this littk
wonder has been lost, bnt the actual ex
istence of the thing itself will not bo
questioned by any
witch headquarters
Chicago Herald.
prom the old
""v State.
luder Torrid Kkies.
Oh, for a li'une within tslht of the sea!
Oh, fur a cot wlllilu sou ml of tho wave!
(Hi, for tho salt wind, so fragrant ami free,
.Siiiifltitrof meriimldriiM, cool In their cuvcl
Oh, for "ho oi'-i 8ky, smokeless and fnlrl
Oli, for the wave simrkles lxrn of its binilc!
Oh, for deep hri-allia of the slronif vital air,
C'ri.--i wilh tho freLiiess of milo after mile!
Oh, to jilune down In tho life clvirifr main',
(iii eri and trutittiiurciit, where sea creuturc
roum. Then to he tossed ly the billows again
IliKh on their crcbt like a bubble of foam!
Even Care's self would grow merry an'
Lightsome and youthful and happy of heart.
Washing away, in the liquid delight.
Stain of tbu city and mire of tho mart!
When tho unpitylng dog star Is hl(?h.
When the parched pavements are hot to th
feet. When not a clond shadow softens the sky,
When not a mist wreath assnages the hem
Oh, for tho salt wind, so fragrant and free,
SiiiKing of merniaidens, cool In their cave!
Oli, for a homo within bight of the sea! -Oh,
for a cot within sound of the wave!
Elizabeth A k Kits.
A Luckless Youth.
A Calcutta clerygyman vouches foi
tho fact that a young government clerk
in that city has tried three times to
marry the girl of his choice, but has every
time leen hypnotized at tho altar. Tin
last time ho tried when he got to Li
turn to say "I will" he fell down in a
stupor, which lasted several hours; then
ho made another attempt, and had an
other fit. Probably the would be bride
was a snake charmer of India. When
at tho altar she thinks of how she will
manage tho young man in tho years to
come; the magnetism of tho thought ii
communicated through tho hand that
holds hers, and tho young man gets a
preliminary idea of how things are going
to be with him.
Possibly some spiritualist might ex
plain that some one of the other side,
out of compassion for him, is striking
tho cup from his lips every time he es
says to tasto it. There is a whole lot in
that spiritualism and hypnotizing busi
ness which men do not know very much
about, but surely that j-oung man, if he
is the least bit superstitious, will give
up that particular girl and decide in his
own mind that some good spirit is try
ing with all its might to draw him away
from what would be liable to make his
life a lively one. Salt Lake Tribune.
A Lens That lias Keen Ttegun.
The greatest refracting telescopes yet
known are made by Alvau G. Clark, of
Cambridgeport, Mass. So fine is the
work required on the lenses of these in
struments that tho glassmakers- com
menced work on two disks' from which
a 40-inch lens is to be made four yeas
ago, and only one has as j-et ljeen sent
to Mr. Clark. If there is the most mi
nute speck of any kind in the glass it is
rejected. A disk torty inches in diameter
and ten inches thick costs 8,000. After
Mr. Clark has determined what curve
to give the glass, an iron casting is made
of the size and shape required. The
disk is revolved upon this and ground
with steel crushmgs.
Next, eight courses of emery and an
adjustable tool are used, and at this
stage measurements are made with an
instrument that measures one thirty
thousandth of an inch. The final shap
ing is made with beeswax and rouge
and even the bare thumb does it part in
the polishing. The lens must be so
exact in its curve that every ray striking
it shall center at a predetermined
mathematical point. Public Opinion.
Latest Klevator Safety Device.
An invention consisting of a quadrant
with projections placed on the wheel of
the starting machinery, together with
an electrical arrangement by which the
door of the elevator shaft on each floor
is connected with a pair of magnets con
trolling a lever, which prevents the
starting wheel from moving unless every
door of the shaft is closed and locked, is
the latest elevator safety device. On
opening the door the current is broken
and the armature lever i3 released.
The machinery cannot be started un
til the door is closed again and the
armature lever withdrawn. This in
vention can be supplied at a nominal
cost to elevators in any building, and
there is neither reason nor excuse whv
every elevator should not be equipped
with it, thus placing one more safeguard
around human life. New York Tele
Our Population.
Final tables issued bvthecfnsns rrfiW
compute the entire population of the
United States in 1890 at 02,979,766. Of
the total population 7,638,360 are col
ored, comprising 7,4.0,048 negroes and
mixed blood, 107,405 Chinese, 2,039 Jap
anese and 58,808 civilized Indians. The
foreign born inhabitants numbered
9,249,54 1 , and those of foreign parentage
numbered 11,503,675. The figures given
regarding civilized Indians do not cover
the entire Indian population, which is
put at 325,404, though this total includes
some wmtes. rsraastreet s.
Aged, but Vigorous.
The Rev. Elijah King, aged eighty
nine years, an energetic Baptist preacher
of the old school, which surmounted
every obstacle, walked from Parkham
to Wellington 7J miles the other day
to attend a quarterly meeting. If that
doesn't illustrate old time religious
vigor we should like to hear of a case
that does. Augusta (Me.) Journal.
Hanged Himself with Barbed Wire.
Hans Ungman, aged sixty, a prosper
ous farmer residing in the town of Fish
Liake, committed suicide by suspendins
himself from a tree with barbed wire.
Cor. St. Paul Globe.
Tuberous beeronias for winter nc.
must be kept in a cool, dry place until
thev insist on erowincr. When thfv re
fuse to longer remain dormant pot them
and let them grow.
During three weeks eightv-one cases
of horses overcome by the heat were re
ported to the Philadelphia Society for
the Prevention of Cruelty to AnirnftK
(tallr-aglng n CrUle-al Journalist.
A very slight and jolito criticism in
dulged in at the expenso of a cavalry of
ficer who was riding about a week ago
at tho horse show has assumed the pro
poitions of a serious event. Tho oflicer
in question rmt a letter to tho writer
saying that lie could understand the
critic wing tho horsemanship of jockeys
and grooms, but that ho had no business
to pass any remarks on that of "gentle
men or officers." Ho forbade tho jour
nalist to mention his name, and wound
np by adding that his solo right was
that of the stronger and that ho would
prove it if the offense were repeated.
The journalist in a second paragraph re
marked that he did not think he had
acted improierly in criticising the per
formances of horsemen who rodo in
public place to which admission was ob
tained by payment, and, referring to the
letter, said he could not believe that it
had been penned by a French officer,
and was convinced that it waa a foigery.
ThereuiMjn the cavalry officer sent twa
of his friends to tho journalist with a
hostile message, and in tho duel that
followed he wounded him in the arm.
Ho thus proved that ho was "Le plus
fort." liut tho affair is creating a great
sensation, tho prevailing opinion being
that the argument employed by tho offi
cer was, to say the least, utterly illogi
cal in fact, this unlucky episode has
brought once more on tho tapis tho
vexed question of the expediency of
military men displaying their prowess
at races and hor."o shows. Paris Cor.
London Telegraph.
AVlll Live in a ;la4 Houe.
At tho city of Dinard, in the depart
ment of Ille-et-Vilaine, France, thero
lives a man distinguished Ioth for his
originality of ideas and for the fullness
of his money bags. Ho has been speak
ing and teaching for a long time upon
the necessity of men beginning to lead
lives of greater purity, so that they need
not be afraid of having all their deeds
under tho incessant supervifion of so
ciety, lie is himself willing to submit
to the trial and wants to find others to
do the same. He has determined to
have a three story house built all of
glass. A dwelling of such transparency
would not not only allow its inhabitants
at all times a splendid prospect in every
direction upon the beautiful country
surrounding tho place, but also expose
the minutest details of the daily life of
the people in the to the inspection
of the entire city.
The originator of the Moa has found
an architect willing to build the house on
condition that ho receives payment in
advance. Cut there is no renting agent
that will take the agency for it. If it is
to be a lodging house for bachelors, tlit-y
say, they may be able to do something
with it, but tluy cannot find a female,
they think, that would consent to li e
in a glass house. Nevertheless tho old
gentleman is determined to realize liu
idea. Chicago Herald.
Tree Trunks Filled with Sqnirrels.
Woodchoppers on Dr. Price's Lenapo
farm report that squirrels are very
numerous among the trees. When the
choppers began last fall thero wero
several acres of trees standing and tho
squirrels were not numerous, but as the
trees were cut, a few at a time, tho
little animals wero driven from one
place of refuge to another until all were
gathered into a small space, and the few
remaining trees aro filled with them. A
man who had been working among
them says some of the hollow trees are
packed so full of squirrels that tho tim
bers creak every time tho animals draw
a deep breath.
In the morning when tho men go out
to work they are met at tho railway
tracks by the knowing little animals,
which feel secure because tho gaino
laws protect them at this season. A
gentleman who has seen them say3 that
they do not offer to carry the kettles of
the men, although they do not object to
sharing tho contents. West Chester
(Pa.) Republican.
A Sad Story.
A contemporary relates that there was
a tragedy in the composing room of a
Philadelphia paper the other day. Tho
compositors were busy at their cases
when one of their number, a young
woman, fainted away, and she was con
veyed to her home. Another compositor
finished her "take, which proved to b
an account of a suicide in another city.
There were forty compositors in the
room, bnt this particular copy fell to
this particular young woman, and the
suicide was her affianced sweetheart.
Electric Light in the Paris Tunnel.
An installation of electric light is
being laid down in the Baticmolles tun.
nel, near Paris, in which the incandes
cent lamps are placed at a height of
about fifteen feet above the rail. Tho
light is received by plates of burnished
tin covered with glass, which reflect a
soft and agreeable light into the car
nages. isew xorK limes.
A Queer Case.
O. E. Cruse, of Kingston. Ont. . riied
, 7 7 - -
on Good Friday, and when his father,
Thomas Cruse, formerly auditor general
of Canada, learned of it he said: "I am
going to die myself tomorrow. Yon can
bury us together on Easter Sunday."
The old man died the same night.
A String of Advertising.
If the advertisements in a nnK
lished in Boston last Sunday had lx?en
pasted together column upon column
thev would be 233 feet Ion
feet higher than the Bunker Hill monu
ment. New York Commercial Adver
tiser. Blacs snow latelv fell in the
of Geneva, Switzerland, a phenomenon
which was once thought to presage the
black plague and other calamities i.i-.t
is now known to be due to a
--- o
the snow.
A large contract for Ptd mils hn
been placed in Bekrinm in r.onnfvririn
with the new Turkish railway to Sa
lonica. This is thoue-ht to an nnt.
come of the recent coal troubles in Eng-
Every Month
many women suffer from Kxc.v or
Scant Menstruation; they don't know
who to confide in to net proper sdvics.
Don't confide in anybody but try
Fnrnaia R&milnfnr
Specific for PAINFDL, PROFUSE.
Book to "WOMAN" mait.-d frre
Hold Uf all lrgtU.
I Will give prompt atlei,
j to all biiHliieHM enlriiHted to lilui. onic
Uulou block, Kaxt Hide. I'lattMiiouth, Neb.
The Leading
Constantly keeps on hand everytl
you need to furnish your house.
Plattsmouth - N
f-M up capita! t,jso.
8urlti loj
it the very bent facilities for tbe prf
iiaiif itciion oi ligmmaie
Hanking Businos
Btocko, IxiikIx, gold, government and loc
ilillllef Douglit hliil Hold. lepoHils THC.
iiid iiucn-ht allowed on the certl
Drafts ilrawn. available; In hiiv rmrt. r
United Stated and all tbe principal tw
Highest, market price paid for County
rants, State ana County bonds.
John Flteraid I). Tlawk'WM
oam vvaiign. K. K. While
;orge K. Dovey
John Fitzgerald. H. Wauirh.
i'reeideut Cu tU
J. W. Joid
-ooOT H EOoo-
jCiizeis - 13qi
Capital Paid in
J F It nuthinari. J W Johnson. E 8 O
I llfiiri' kl tr ci.l... ... Rt U ........
A Connor. W Wettenkamp, W
II dishing
A ener-il banxincr buniiieH8 t
acted. Interest allowed oi
Call on
J'lattemouth - . Nebi
LATiKiuc-St. Paul's Church, ak, hi
rum aim iMxin. rather Carney, I
Services : Mass at 8 and 10 :30 a. m. H
ncnooi at -i. witn benediction.
Christian-. Comer Locust and JJIifl
services morning and evening. KJoi
tallov.ay pastor. Sunday bebool 10a
KPIH'-nPAI. St I llls'a 'till !-. .rnJ
and Vine, K. Itui pens' pantoi
vices : 1 1 a. M . aLQ 7 0 P. af . bundaj
at z : v. m.
Uekmav Wkthodist. comer Sixth
(iranite. Itev. Illrt. fast nr. Krrirt"S
and 7 :30 I'. M. Sunday School 10 :30 Al
Pkesbvtfri an. r-'ervices in newohtir
pastor. Sunday-school at 9 ;30 ; Pn
at ii a. a p. m.
The . 11. H. C. E ol thl church meet
sabDatn evening at 7 :l In the basen
the chucrh. All are invited to attem
Fikst Mkthouiht. Sixth St., betwe
and Pearl. Rev. L. F. Britt. L. I.
Services : li a.m.. 8 :00 P. m. Sunday
-..sua. m. irayer meetiiig weduesd
I C i-kman fKKSBVTF.KiAN. Corner M
j.ev. v me, pastor, service
hours. Sunday school 9 USO a. m.
Swkkdhh Conorfoational. Gran
tween Fifth and Sixth.
i . ""i. i'n. onve, wan, i
('HI .1. Ul. I. tT u -r. . f . .. .
tor. Services 11 a. m. and 7 JO p. m.
meeting Wednesday evening.
Yoi Men's C'hritian Asoci
Looms in aterman block. Main stre
pel meeting, for men only, every Sum
tenioon at j n'ir z.
. . - - " . wiv. ihuviiin uuco we
iu : JU p. in.
WOOd. Pastor. Servio-a. fci,fo-
9 a. in. : Preach irg. n . rn. and .
t,lr.I"'K9""fl luesday night: ei
uirnuay nignt. All are welar.