The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, July 20, 1892, Image 3

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Bull Durham
Is always uniform in quality. Pure, sweet and clean.
The Ideal of Fine Tobacco.
A Cure for the Ailments of Man and Beast
A lons-tested pain reliever.
Its use is almost universal by. the Housewife, the Farmer, the
Stock Raiser, and by every one requiring an ffective
Mo other application compares with it in efficacy.
This well-known remedy has stood the test of years, almost
IZo medicine chest is complete without a bottle of Mustang
evasions arise for its use almost every day.
All druggists dealers have it.
-rue- raresT iir n ior.
I mm I -maw 'W w
KT.Y BKOTHKrtS. G6 Wtxran 8t-
SCH1FFM ANN'S Asthma Cure
Niiiw tails to rive inotaot relief in tha went
aassa. and fT--1. nit where tlier fall.
DR. K. BOHI FFMA N N. 8. Tsal. .
Scientific American
Agency fortfr
fnr Information and free Handbook write to
Oldest bureau for eecanns patents In America.
Rrary patent taken out by na la brought before
the pub Us by a notice given free of charge In the
$ titntxiit &vaxfiam
Lanreat elrenlatlon of any adentifle paper In the
world. Splendidly illustrated. No Intelligent
man should be without It. Weekly, S3.00 a
year: UU six months. Address MUNN X Wm
ruKLUUKKa. 9C1 Broadway. Kew York.
Chamberlain's Eyo and SUn
A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eye
Tetter, Salt Rhftum, Scald Head, Oh
Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema,
Itch, Prairie Scratches, Soro Nipples
and Plies. It is cooling and soothing.
Hundreds of cases have been cured by
k after all other treatment had failed,
It la put up in 25 and 60 cent boxes.
-risers, Minsrs and Mechanics.
i) i-V:iZT S3SP FOR AllAtl WATER.
i. ::.iir.g. Chapped Hands, Wounds, Burns,
tc A Delightful Shampoo.
. I d mm
LaS!y Adapted for Use in Hard Water
Whether on the hills Earning ; in
the place of business ; or at home,
u always tills that niche of com
fort a good smoke. Put up In
handy packages, and recognized
everywhere as a Pure Granulated
Leaf Tobacco of the highest quali
ty ; it recommends itself to every
smoker's use. Sold everywhere.
mm - - I s-
Nrw York, rriro 60 rtn.hmUL.
by 1'Kk'. IdvWU TahsUr Kar Cmmm.
I.M. V hnpers hrmrd. Comfortabl.
Eunvfiilwherrallmmrllnfail. Sold bj P. IIlMx,ooly, rn rr
653 Broad Ktw Vara. Wrtu fur omtk at pruuferllLX
Cit-ansrs and biautifie. the hair.
Promo a luxuriant growth.
Never Fails to Restore Gray
Hair to its Youthful Color.
Cure, m-alp dim-aM-s hair falliug.
t"r. and. 1 ou at Dniprit.
l barker's 0inger Tomo. Jt curt the wuiil OtiiKh
ftak ?. Drbility, I utl ignition, fata. Take in time. 40 eta,
HI VDERCORHS. The only Hire core for Oma
a...;., ailpaiu. IJc at lrubit. or litSCOX a CO., JJ. Y.
A Family Affair
Health for the Baby,
Pleasure for the Parents,
New Life for the Old Folks.
oot Beer
Is a family affair a requisite
of the home. A 2S cent
patkag makes S gallons of
a delicious, strengthening,
effervescent beverage.
Dont be deceived if a dealer, for
the sake of lancer urofit. tells tod
some ottaer kind Is "Just as good "
lis false. No Imltatlou la aa good
m the genuine Uiaa.
For Atchinson, St. Joseph, Leaven
worth, Kansas City, SL Louis,
aud all points no-th, east
south or west. Tick
ets sold and baft
gage checked
to any
States or
Canada. For
Call at Depot or address
H, C. Townsend,
G. P. A.St. Louis, Mo.
J. C. Phillippi,
A. G. P. A. Omaha.
II. D. APGAR. Ar-L, Plattsmouth."
Telephone, 77.
A Menster Htrncture.
I spent a long time in wandering about
the Manufactures building. It is the
biggest building ever planned, and it
will have one roof covering thirty ncres.
Senator Ingalls came out and looked at
it the othttr day, and as he gazed, as
tounded at its immensity, he said: "It is
an exhalation! Yesterday it was not,
today it is and tomorrow it will have
passed away. I can see bow you can
fence it in, but to roof it almost but
passes human conception!" Think of
putting a massive glass and iron roof
over a thirty acre field! That is wbnt
the men are doing here today, and I saw
them at work putting up the great iron
trusses which will support this roof.
You cannot conceive the size of this
structure without seeing it. Three hun
dred thousand jeople could be seated on
the floor and in the galleries and 80,OCu
could be seated on the floor alone. The
Coliseum at Rome, with all its galleries,
could only seat 87,000 people, and it was
never roofed except with canvas. You
could put four coliseums on that floor,
and two pyramids as big as Cheops
would sit upon it side by side and leave
room for the Capitol at Washington. It
the great pyramid was taken to pieces
and carried here its material could be
stored in this building and you could
look down upon its masses of stone from
the galleries.
This building is about a third of a
mile long. Thirty great staircases, so
wide that two carriages could be driven
up them side by side, will lead to wide
galleries and there will be a street fifty
feet wide running through the center.
With its galleries it will have forty
acres of floor 6pace, and it tires one even
to think of its possible contents. Chi
cago Cor. Lancaster Examiner.
Electric Light ou HattleHelds.
The ubiquity of electricity is becoming
almost proverbial. From the "brightest
spot on earth" to the blood stained battle
fields is rather a far cry, but there is no
end to the application of electricity. A
recent telegram from Austria described
some experiments of great interest
which have recently been carried out
successfully there. The difficulty of
searching for the wounded on the night
after a great battle has been one which
has long occupied the attention of mili
tary reformers, and the army medical
service in Austria has been endeavoring
to determine how far the electric light
may be utilized for this humane end.
The value of powerful search lights
with reflectors has been proved in naval
affairs, and at Suakiin .and elsewhere
soldiers have found them very effective
on open ground. They would be equal
ly effective under similar conditions for
assisting in picking up the wounded,
but when the battle has raged over a
wide extent of country, or when the
fighting has occurred amid woods and
brushwood, the use of this class of light
is attended with difficulty. Electrical
A Dog's Political Preferences.
Out at Abilene the man who runs a
transfer wagon and smashes the drum
mers' trunks owns a dog. He is just a
common, old fashioned cur. But the
dog votes, and votes right. His master
every morning upon the arrival of the
Texas and Pacific train gets his dogship
to show off before the crowd. "Do you
vote for Clark?" the canine is asked. He
rises up on his hind feet, his front ones
high in the air, his body perfectly erect
and nods his head. "Do you vote for
Hogg?" the master inquires. The dog
gets down flat upon the floor and buries
his face in his front legs, the very pic
ture of negation. These daily perform
ances have come to be well advertised
in Abilene and always draw a crowd,
Should Judge Clark be successful that
dog will be installed in state at Austin
next January, and for two years at least
will be the best fed animal in Texas.
Dallas News.
A Roiling Hole.
In Noble county, W. Va., there is a
fathomless sea, composed of salt water
and oil, i rom which gas escapes with a
tremendous roar. Twenty years ago a
well was drilled there to the depth of
1,900 feet. Some years later water and
gas escaped from the hole with great
pressure, tearing out the tubing and cut
ting a cavern apparently hundreds of
feet deep and forty feet in diameter.
After it ceased to flow a farmer filled it
up and built a barn over it, and again a
few days ago a terrific report announced
another explosion of the well, oil and
water pouring out in abundance. In a
single day the hole became fathomless
and about forty feet wide. Chicago
An Animal Tramp.
Mark Twain made the coyote f amou3
or notorious, if you please. In "Rough
ing It" the poor animal is described as
the sneak thief of the plains, a tramp
of the desert. Whether he is as bad as
he is painted or not, the California leg
islature has put a price on his head. As
a result within the six months just
passed 20,299 of these lank animals have
been killed in the Golden State at a cost
to the government of $101,995. Kansas
City Times.
Will Be Heard AH Over Paris.
A monster bell, one of the largest of
its kind, specially cast for the new
Church of the Sacred Heart on the
heights of Montmartre, has been com
pleted at Annecy, in Savoy. This im
mense instrument, which, when hung
in its lofty position, will be audible all
over Paris, weighs, with its clapper,
nearly twenty-five tons. Paris Cor. Lon
don Telegraph.
Ad Karnest Student.
City Instructor If you have such a
delightful home in the suburbs, why do
you wish extra studies which will keep
you in the schoolroom after hours?
Suburban Boy This is garden weed
ing time. Good News.
The Best Slan AVas Late.
The best man was late at one of last
week's weddings, and his appearance
after the ceremony had begun created a
sensation. Boston Saturday Gazette.
Itellvs aixl Itt-aux Who Jlrally In
the llianro of lrith."
Thy D'ike and DucIwkm of ltichiiiouit.
were living in a fine hotel on the line d
la lilancliissere, which stcd on its own
grounds and had a fruit and flower
garden extending to tho city ramparts.
Their graces moved in all tho society of
Brussels, nnd entertained a great deal.
The duchess, who had issued ".0 invita
tions for the ball, proposed to recall
them when she heard that Najioleou's
army was advancing. But Jho Duke, of
Wellington, to prevent alarm, requested
that the ball might take place.
Nevertheless, many English families
were frightened awa' from Brussels,
and post horses were kept harnessed in
the Duke if Richmond's stable, in case
bad news from the scene of the conflict
should make it advisable for his chil
dren to le sent to Autwerp. Tho ma
jority of the people of Brussels were
violent Bonapartists, and were prepared
to entertain Napoleon in great style
should he force the British army to re
treat and enter their city in triumph.
So it was that the Duke of Wellington
and many of his officers went to the ball
after tho business of the day had lieen
attende'd to. While the merry couples
were flying around a dispatch from the
front was handed to Wellington. He
asked the Duke of Richmond for a pri
vate room where he might consult with
somo of his generals who were present,
The duchess dressing room was the only
convenient room safe from intrusion.
Candles were hastily lighted on the
dressing table, at which Wellington sat
with n map before him, and having ex
plained certain points to his staff they
all rejoined tho company. They left the
house before 10 o'clock nnd succeeded
in doing so without attracting any at
tention. Very few, if any, of the
dancers guessed how near at hand was
the crisis which was to decide the fate
of Europe, and it never entered the
heads of the young girls that some of
their partners were dancing the "dance
of death." Manchester Times.
The Spider Hunk.
The miners of Colorado who have
built cabins on the mountain sides know
what a pest the small, brown wood
spider proves to be. They throw their
webs over your best clothes, cooking
utensils and in every corner where yon
can get them m your eyes and mouth
Not only that, but they will drop into the
frying pan, water bucket or upon the
table when you are eating. But nature
furnished us a remedy and a friend when
she gave us the spider hawk.
The name is given by miners to z
small, steel blue wasp about three
fourths of an inch in length. He can
easily be recognized by the quic k, ner
vous stroke of his wings. The wasps 1 mild
a nest up among the rafters of your cabin
of wood pulp or furze from the outei
coating of old dead trees. Then they
are ready for business. Every few iniu
utes you can see your hawk climbing up
the rafters with a spider, sometimes car
rying one four or five times his own
Sometimes they get a spider so heavy
that they will fall many times before
they succeed in reaching their net.
They never give up, but keep on tryin
till they succeed. When the spider is
safely placed in the nest the female
hawk deposits her egg m the dead body.
The hawks lives only in pairs, as far a
mv observation goes. They becoiue
rather tame. Great Divide.
Malay Weapons.
The national Malay weap'on, the kris.
is said to have been invented by a Java
nese monarch of the Fourteenth cen
tury. Its varieties are said to exceed a
hundred, and there are in Javanese no
fewer than fifty names for them. It
varies in size, from the two feet wavy
blade of Sulu down to a mere tooth
pick. But the peculiarity is that the
weaioii is never ground, but kept rough
and sawlike in edge, by scouring with
lime juice or the juice of an unripe pine
apple, sometimes mixed with arsensic;
and it is on this account that kris
wounds are so dangerous.
Old specimens are so eaten away by
this practice that the blade seems
formed from a bunch of wires roughly
welded up. Such krises are highly
valued, and some of the ancient ones,
heirlooms of chiefs, with grotesquely-
carved and inlaid hilts and sheaths, are
almost unpurchasable. Chambers'J our
nal. It Often Depend.
A certain prelate had among his sub
ordinates an honest and simple minded
clergyman, who was in the habit of pre
fixing to nearly all his replies the Latin
word "distinguo." One day the prelate,
wishing to divert himself at the expense
of the said clergyman, in the midst of a
large social gathering, gravely said to
"Mr. Thaddeus, would it be right, in
a case of emergency, to baptize an in
fant with broth?"'
"Distinguo" (that depends), replied the
ecclesiastic. "With broth from your
kitchen, it would be very wrong indeed,
but the broth served in the hospital
under your management might very
properly be used for the purpose, as if it
is not pure water, it is not very far off."
Storie Scelte.
Muscular Exercise and Health.
As many diseases, prominent among
which are these of the abdominal and
pelvic organs, are the consequences of
congestion, and as good circulation does
much for the prevention of 6uch con
gestion, muscular exercise, by improv
ing the general circulation both by in
creasing the activity of the heart and
aiding in the venous return, will do'
much to prevent a large class of dis
eases. Dr. J. M. Rice in Popular Sci
ence Monthly.
How Watch Crystals Are Made.
Watch crystals are made by blowing
a sphere of glass about one yard in
diameter, after which the disks are cut
from it by means of a pair of compasses
having a diamond at the extremity of
one leg. New York Journal.
A uluiill 1'ouimI ling.
At the railway station of Fuents
Pnlnicra, near tint town of Ecija, in An
duhihia, a man whose face was half con
cealed in a $.1ouc1hmI hat approached tho
at at ion masttT and handed him a 1mx
and an open letter. Then the mysterious
individual went away. The ofticial road
the letter, which was without signature
It simply informed him that he had just
received a present. He immediately
opened tho ltox, and was astonished to
find that it contained a ncwlxirn baby,
richly clad. A switchman who was
present took pity on the little tiling and
offered to adopt it then nnd there, and
the station master was glad to get rid
of it. Tho switchman took it homo to
his wifa. She was delighted with the
present, and while undressing it a lettoi
fell out of its clothing upon tho floor.
This, like the one which tho station
master received, was also without signa
ture. It was as follows: "Whoevei
takes this child and cares for it will be
happy." When the good woman's sur
prise was over she resumed the work of
undressing the baby. During tho opera
tion a heap of bank notes fell from it?
clothing upon the floor. Husband and
wife carefully picked up tho notes and
counted them. They footed up the
handsome sum of 12.5,000 francs. Now
the station master wants that baby, oi
rather that money, but the switchman
won't give it to him, and a suit is jk'TkI
ing in the Spanish courts. San Fran
cisco Bulletin.
Some "old Iron" from Culm.
Two very rusty and very ancient look
ing cannon, which look as if they had
been buried several centuries, were
taken off a freight train at tho Fort
Wayne depot yesterday. They were un
mounted nnd were boxed up carefully.
The two pieces were consigned to the
World's fair and listed in the way bill
sent to the custom house as "scrap iron."
This "scrap iron" came all the way from
Cuba and goes to make up what will
probably be one of the most interesting
exhibits at the World's Columbian ex
position. The two old cannon were secured by a
United States naval officer detailed on
World's fair service on the site of an old
abandoned Spanish fort on one of the
West India islands. It was on this
island which history and tradition says
the son of Christopher Columbus built a
fort to repel invaders, and the two can
non were said to have been part of the
armament of the fort. The guns were
made in Spain and brought over in one
of the vessels attached to the great navi
gator's fleet. The valuable relics w'll
probably be a part of the government
exhibit at the fair. Chicago Times.
Treatment for Overheated Hor-s.
Dr. Zuill says he believes that in most
cases horses are exhausted from brutal
indifference on the part of the driver
more than from ignorance. On hot daj'g
he says horses should be watered at short
intervals with all the water they will
drink, and their heads frequently bathed
with cold water. If tho horse appears
to bo much exhausted fifteen or twenty
minutes' rest in a shady place will often
afford sufficient relief. If at the end of
this time evidence of exhaustion con
tinues, nothing will give more prompt
or efficient relief than to bathe the en
tire body with water. In more extreme
cases, when tho exhaustion is complete,
the animal must be secured so as to pre
vent him from injuring himself until he j
can be removed in an ambulance, and
in the meantime ice should bo applied
to his head and ice water to his body to
reduce the temperature. Stimulants in
the form of alcohol are indicated, but
should bo used with the greatest care,
and alwaj'S under the supervision of a
veterinary surgeon. Philadelphia Led
ger. Relief Map f New York State.
One of the important exhibits of this
state at the World's fair will be a relief
map showing each city, village and en
tire canal system, the rivers, churches,
institutions of learning, etc. The canal
system, Niagara falls, Hudson river,
etc., will be conventionalized. The
county lines will be denned, the heights
of mountains above the sea level and
bodies of water will be accurately
shown.- The mai will be on the scale of
one mile to the inch, and will enable the
observer at a glance to see the topog
raphy and geography of the stat Al
bany Journal.
A Sure Cure for ISad Suns.
An Armenian woman was arrested at
Angora a few days ago on the charge of
having poisoned her son, Artin, a young
man about thirty years of age. At the
examination the woman made full
avowals, declaring that she had taken
the life of her son because she could no
longer stand his misconduct. "The
woman was afterward subjected to a
medical inspection, the physician de
claring that sha was not suffering
from mental derangement. Levant
An Iceboat ltun by Steam.
An icelxjat of new design is to be tried
next winter. It is well known that the
ordinary iceboat is entirely dexendent
on the "wind, but the new vessel carries
a steam attachment which renders it en
tirely independent of that source of mo
tion. The craft is of the usual iceboat
form, but is provided with a small
boiler carrying 230 pounds pressure of
steam and a small engine working on a
pair of cogged drivers. Milwaukee
An enterprising Xew Yorker, tempo
rarily sojourning in England, has just
published a "Guide Book to the Haunt
ed Houses of London." There are over
1,000 houses so designated in the great
The most expensive municipal hall in
the world and the largost in -the United
States is the city building of Philadel
phia. The largest clock in the world is
to be in its tower.
On a small twig recently broken off
from an apple tree near Gainesville,
Ga., there were twenty -six apples the
size of a large hickory nut.
Every Month
raany women suffer from Kscssslva or
Scant Menstruation; thsy don't know
who to confide in to get proper advice.
Don't confide in anybody but try
Female Regulator
Specific for PAINFUL, PROFUSE.
Book to ' WOMAN" mailed free.
Kvld by all llmiflalt.
ittorney HfI.iiw. Will :lve prompt attcntloi
', nil IxiHiiiccN li trusted to lilui. Olltue In
Union block, Kiit Hid. J'IhUmiiouUi. Neb.
The- Lending
Coustuntly keeps on hand everytliin
you need to furnish your house.
Plattsmouth - Neb
aV. Y
Paid up capital f riu,fMio.nn
SurpluH lu.ouo.Otf
rs the very Iient facilities for tlie promp ZZ,
transaction of liKitlmate ,
Ht.oplr m liorirlti f.iilil if(ivi,ii t IfL.l .a- A.
:iiriti' lioulit Mini AoM. l-wNlt.i recwl ved t
md liilereHt allowed on Mm ceili neater'
oralis orawn, avaiiitnin in any part or tlie c
United Hlato and ail the, principal towns olJf
Kurnnn. u ic
lal .
Highest market prion paid for County War
rants, Ktale ana County ImiikIh. .
John FttzKurald I). Ilitwkxworth o,
Ham WaiiKh. K. K. While '
(lenrKe E. Dovey
John Fitzgerald. h. Waiih.
Frufident Jjolfe' to
W. If. CtJSlllXf;,
I'l l shli lit.
' il l'.-I'll riilmt.
(H)OT H EOiin
Cnpitnl Pnid in - $CO.OOG
F It iliithiii.-m. J W .JoIiiimoii. K H (.reused
Henry Kikenharj . M W Morgan. 4
A (Joimor. W Wetteiikainp, VV
II CushiiiK
A general LaiiNiti Liihi'iichh traiiH
;ieteI. JutcrcHt ii Mowed on de
Call on
ri.ittstnouth - . Nebraska
Catholic .St. Paul's Church, ak. bet wee
Fifth and Sixth. Father Cauiey, 1'a.stor
Services: Mass at 8 and 10 :30 a. m. Uuhda
School at 2 -:m, with benediction.
Christian. Corner Locust and KU'hth Ht
Services morning and evening, fclder A
Galloway pastor. Sunday School 10 A. M.
Epihcoi-ai-. St. Luke's Church, corner Thlr
and Vine. Kev. H U. Hiupe. pavtor. 81
vices : 11 a. m. ai d 7 UiOP. u. Sunday Bcbo
at 2 :30 p. m.
Gkkma.v MKTiioniHT. Corner Sixth Ht. an
Granite. Kev. Illrt. Fantor. Services : 11 A.
and 7 :30 p. m. Suuday School lo :3u A. m.
Pbkbhvtkkian. Services in new church, coi
tier Sixth and Granite sts. Kev. J. T. Ualn
pastor. Sunday-school at a ;3e ; Freaclilu
at 11 a. s p. m.
The V. K. s. C. k. of this church meets evr
Sabbath evening at 7 :1S In the basement
the chucrh. All are invited to attend the
First Mktiioiiist.-Sixth St.. betwen Mai
and Pearl. Kev. I.. F. Brltt. I). U. pasto
Services : 11 a. m.. H :00 p. m. Sunday 8cho
9 :30 A. m. Prayer meeting V ednesday even
inn. '
Gkkman I'kehhvtkkj an. Corner Main an'
mth. Kev. W'ltte, pastor. Services us'ii
hours. Sunday School 9 :30 A. m. '
Swfkdhh Conorf.oatioxau (iranlte. bt
tween Fifth and Sixth. j
Coixkk.d Baptist. Mt. Olive. Oak. bet wee
Tenth and Eleventh. Kev. A. Ho well, pa.''
tor. Services 11 a. m. and 70p.m. Fray
meeting Wednesday evening J
Kooms in A aferman block. Main street. V.o?,
pel meeting, for men only, every Sunday '
ternoon at 4 o'clock. Kooms open week daw
from k-30 a. rn.. to : 30 p. in.
riV,THJ 1iAKK nacle. Kev. J. t
tvood. 1 a.tor. Seivices : SuiJay Bcho
o a. m. : J reacMig, n a. m. and 8 p. r
jrrayer meetlrp Tuesday nhiht ; choir piJ
tice iriday niKht. AU are welcome. 1
to It