The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, May 10, 1892, Image 2

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TWhy It I That the Kipfrt Manipulator
of Iho Krja of the , Writing; Machine
Are I'artlriilar About the Care of Their
Favorltre Fingers Travel Miles.
Stories innnmernble hare bcfn U11
rf-Iative Ui thu eutfineer and the sym
pathy exihtinj? lmtwtfn him and hw lo
motive. Veracious writers have revel-l
in wntfular tali-s in which the eugiiwr.
npenttitioun mind and the lncomntivr'x
alint animal instinct have tin-
chief and lffwildcring features. Hut the
remarks of a tfirl typewriter the other
Iay oix-n an almost limit U-ra field cf
thought and discuxHion. and discover it
new subject for the dissertation of iny
cliolocal students.
"My typewriter is intelligent." sai l
this hnman tyjewriter. referring to hri
mechanical friend.
"That is, I understand it and it under
stands me. I wouldn't lend it to any
one, its a sensitive little thing, an 1
its resentment at lieing loaned out would
noon be manifested to me when I again
attempted to use it. Skillful type
writers are extremely jealous in tin
care of their instruments. I have sev
ral very dear friends engaged in th
same business, yet not one could obtain
the use of my typewriter, and I am con
fident they could not be induced to lend
me theirs.
Investigation shows these statements
to be correct. Those who have thcii
own machines never lend them even fn
temporary nse, while in large offices,
where the firms furnish the instruments,
each of the latter has a certain operator,
and no one else is allowed its use. Fanci
ful as the idea is that the prosaic writing
machine should resemble the violin in it.
readiness to resond to familiar hands
and its consequent rebellion at lx;ing
used by strangers, there is no doubt in
the minds of the typewriters as to its be
ing a 6olemn and imj.xrtant fact.
"Whatever the reason," said the super
intendent of an establishment where
tyiK'writers are sold, "a machine that
has been constantly used by a certain
Ierson is ruined for that person by some
one else's use of it. This refers to e;
Iert typewriters thoso who do much
work and whoso constant practice has
developed a remarkable rate of speed.
So pronounced has this opinion become
and so luxuriantly has the idea flourish d
that typewriters are usually furnisl:; .1
in cabinets that can be locked and r
then secure from molestation. I know
I no explanation for this queer state of
affairs. Machines are made by the
dozen; the pieces that form the machines
are made by the hundred, yet each com
plete mechanical typewriter has what is
known as a distinct 'touch,'
it A A
-fvju ojeraior may try several ma
chines before she finds one to her liking.
ana wnen sue does no other will she nse.
An experiment was once made for the
purpose of testing this. An operator of
a particularly sensitive and nervous
temperament, and who was particularly
annoying in her complaints regarding
the nse of her typewriter by others, was
blindfolded and tried in rapid succession
fifty different machines of the same
make. To every one's surprise she se
lected the one she had been in the habit
of using.
Few people know the amount of man
ual labor involved in a day's typewrit
ing or realize the distance the hands
travel in a day's work. Probaby few of
the typewriters themselves appreciate
it. Yet their hands cover a distance
they would never think of covering with
their legs unless necessity compelled it.
The highest rate of speed ever at
tained is 200 words a minute. This is
supposeu to be tne result of the most
rapid movements the human hands are
capable of. The person making this
record maintained this speed for only
four consecutive minutes, and has never
been able to exceed that limit. Assum
ing the words average six letters apiece,
1,200 letters a ininnte were written. It
is estimated that to make each letter
the fingers are raised a height of two
inches from the keyboard. Two inches
added (for the descending movement)
make the finger travel four inches be
fore each letter is struck. So this ex
pert's hand in writing these 200 words
traveled 4.SO0 inches, or 400 feet, dur
ing the minute in which she wrote 200
But this is unusual, of course. Very
rapid writing is a speed of seventy-five
words a minute, and this rate is too fast
for comfort. Practical work is ten
pages of legal paper an hour. Each
page contains 300 words. Six hours'
steady writing can be regarded as an
entire day's work. This is a speed
of fifty words a minute, and the prac
tical worker writes during the day sixty
pages 18,000 words, or 108,000 letters.
If her finger trarels four inches to make
each letter, during the day it travels
432,000 inches.
This provides for the perpendicular
movement only, and it is fair to increase
this distance by one-third to estimate the
distance the hands travel over the key
board in a horizontal direction. This
total sum in inches is 576,000. This is
equivalent to 48,000 feet, or a little over
nine miles a day. In a week the hands
can cover fifty-four miles, and in a
year's steady application to business
over 2.800 miles.
So the vagary of the male and female
typewriters can in a large measure be
excused and their preference for their
. respective machines accounted for.
New York Recorder.
A O attar's Tale,
Mias Beane W. Harris, daughter of a
mm ... 1- - f, f 0SM -
i uiiuk ueaicr in iroy. iN. if., broke a
guitar which her father Lad given her
, ome time ago. It was a peculiar look
I ing but fine toned instrument, which
! had. belonged to her dead grandfather,
, and no one knows how it came into his
; possession. Mr. Harris, in examining
the pieces Unlay, found the following
strange inscription written on the wood:
"March 6, 1880. This guitar is put
together today by a man who has been
in prison eleven years under a sentence'
of life, a prisoner who is a victim of cir
cumstances and today is held as a crimi
nal. To carry out revenge the plan was
so laid that Chamberlain is into it yet
unbeknown to himself. In time this
guitar may be broken and these words
i t . .
rci uy some one, ana wnoever it may
be I ask them to know and publish thLi
"A man may be a state prisoner for
years and yet get square with his ene
mies. I have enjoyed many pleasant
moments even in this prison, for it is a
pleasure to believe that there are those
who fear me as a man. Chamberlain
stood with his hand on his revolver,
Christmas, 1879. Oh, how contemptible
he looked, the poor cur. Yes, he is a cur
of the mongrel breed. Rets of Neb. , crip
ple nine years, caused by neglect of
prison ofhcials."
Read backward the signature forms
the name "Ben Foster." Cincinnati
Commercial Gazette.
Catholic-si. "Paul's ChurehT ... betweea
Fltth and Sixth. Father Carney, Pastor
Services: Din at B mod 10 :30 a. m. Bundav
Hchool at 2 -.30, with benedlettou.
Sunday Hchool 10 a.
Klithth 8ts
and cTetilne. kii-r a
x-siwr iiiqaor war.
To those peeking a rescue from
lujuorn curse or other evil habits J
brought about by morphine, tobac- !
co etc. The Elisor Institute at South i
Omaha offers one of the most relia- ! Christian. Corner Lx-ust
hie and best places to go with the - uXy'S
absolute certainty of a permanent :
cure. Write or visit the institute. )
A Sensible Man. ;
Would use Kemp's balsam for thr i
A I .. . .
iiiroai aim iiitis, u is curing more
cases coughs cwlds, nMliina, bron
chitis, era up and all throat hikI
lung troubles, than any other rem
edy. The proprietor lia author
ized any druggist to give you a sum
pie bottle free t convince you of
the merit of this great remedy.
.Large bottles 50c and $1.
Kpim' OPAL. 8t. Luke's thurcb. corner Third
Mild V In.-. Hev H B. Kuricevs. ator. Ser
vices : n a. m a tl7 3p m. hunday School
at 2 :30 p. m.
tffHMAN Mktiiodiht jnier Sixth Kt and
iranif. Kev. Illrt. I'HHtor. Services : It a. M.
and 7 :: i m. Svnnay School lo : a m
I feel it my duty to say a few
words in regard to Ely's Cream
Llalrn. and I do so entirely without
solicitation. I have used it more
or less half a year, and lirive found
it to be most admirable. J have
Suffered from catarrh of the wor.-t
kind ever since I was a little boy
and I never hoped for -i !--. hut
Cream lialm seems to lo cvn thai.
Many of my acquaintance have
used it witu excellnnt results. -Oscar
Ostum, 45 Warren Ave.. C hi
cago 111.
Wanted: An energetic man
manage branch office. Only a
dohars needed. Salary to Mart
fer month and interest in
he Western Co., Kansas City, Mo.
iv w
I hfhiivi utiAN.- ei vices In new church. cr
i'-r Sixth Hid (in i.ite sti-. Hev. J . T. airl,
ImIoi -Hilda -j.c imi) at ;30 ; I reaching
a' 11 a it ;iTid x in.
1 he i; .f.V r t b t church m etn every
Snhhatli event" )' at 7 -.15 in the tii.seliie t of
Hie chucrli All ie Invited to attenu then
Kikmt Mkthoiuht Sixth t.. tietweu Main
hikI Pearl. I'ev 1. K. Krltt. I. I. nastor.
ervlcc:H m. 8 :0o p M Suiid School
!:: a m !'ray r meet! jt W ednesiiay even-lK
r j
; rum a.n Pit ar. vi kin an . turner Main and
N'liih. I. v v tte. Mstr. Servicee usual
hours. !-uiii ehool :30 A. M.
Sv. Y P.m-ii ' . KVQATloNA
twee; Fifth rtlnl "sixth.
jraniie, be-
t.i..Kf ! r rnvr. Mt. Olive. ' -ak. between
leinh .,i,.f I teventh Kev. A. Hoe well, ias-toi-.
sn . ,.s ii . m. ;md 7 p. n Prayer
i- eetiML''ay evening.
An Uneven Trade.
A Brooklyn boy nine or ten years old
began several months ago to save money
to buy a pony. His parents and rela
tives hnmored his whim, and having
ample means they helped along his ac
cumulations very rapidly. The young
ster had no idea of the purchasing power
of money, but he had started out with
the notion that when he filled his little
iron bank he would have enough to buy
the pony. When the bank would hold
no more he broke it open, and his mother
counted $i0.15. "That is not enough to
buy a pony," said she. "Then I guess
I'll take a tricycle," said the boy. The
tricycle was liought, and the boy started
to explore Xn neighborhood. lie was
gone about two hours, and when he
reached home Lo had no tricycle, but he
held his hat carefully under his aim.
'Oh, mamma, look at these pretty kit
ties!" he exclaimed, displaying four
small kittens jut-t able to walk. "1
traded my tricycle for these." The boy's
parents have not yet been able to find
the other party to that bargain. New
York Times.
but in
si way.
Some Foolish People
allow a cough to run until it
beyond the reach of medicine Tl
say "Oh, it will wear away,"
most cases it wears them
Could they be induced to try Un
successful Kemp's Hnlsam, which
is sold on a positive guarantee to
cure, they would see the excel leu t
effect after taking the first dose.
Price 50c and $1. Trial size free. At
all druggists.
Villi. Mi .) V
h'i"itis ill v. :i'i
!! nieetii.u. (.
t'l'llti i ;U t it
from K:.'i ii it
"ni'TH l'Al:R
VkhI, : as!. -f.
i A. tl). ; i ,.:
trayei mri:;t:.'
: wr b nil v i
r .hi Mock. A!h in street., (ins
ie only. evi-r Kinday af
'k. Ki .ih- open week l:y
f : . ii i. .
HKU.Aii(.-tey .1. M.
r 'Vic s: -unday School,
' ' t, 1 1 in. ami 8 p. ai. ;
iii--.r y iitt.... ; choir pia-
CIAU5 -SOrt? csr
fan aeaaa . . a
ovmi Minus
Vftnct017fESSI1ELL SWttT.OUH MUM SlitmS
The wisdom of him who journey -eth
is known by the line he select.-;
the judgment of the man who takes
the "Hurlington K'otite" to the
cities of the east, the south, and tin
west, is never impeached. The in
ference is plain. Magnificent Toll
man sleepers, elegant reclining
chair c;irs and world-famous dining
earn on all through trains. For
information address the agent of
the company at this place, or write
to J. Francis, General Passenger
and Ticket Agent, Omaha.
The Telantogrragh.
Speaking of Gray's telautograph an
electrician well acquainted with the pro
moters of the Writing Telegraph com
pany said: It is current gossip with
the electrical fraternity that the telanto
graph is to be handled in connection
lil. Al T-a 1 1 1 1 .
witn we ueii teiepnones. inat is, a
general company controls the device. It
will form local companies in the usual
manner, and in working with the Bell
telephone people place telautographs
with telephones. Thus a man will be
able to talk or write as he may see fit. If
ma "hello" is out he can leave a note.
Signatures and legal documents . can be
transmitted, and you gentlemen of the
press can call up your city editor, tell
him what you have, receive his orders as
to space and write out your copy, which
will be instantly reproduced in your ed
itorial rooms. ' It's a great scheme and
will work nicely harnessed to the tele
phone. Chicago News.
Now Try This.
It will cost you nothing and will
surely do you good, if you have a
Cough, Cold or any trouble with
Throat, Chest or Lungs. Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds is guaranteed to
give relief, or money will be paid
back. Sufferers from La Grippe
found it just the thing and under
its use had a speedy and perfect re
covery. Try a sample bottle at our
expense and learn for yourself just
how good a thing it is. Trial bottle
free at F. G. Fricke & Co. Drug
Store, Large size 50c. and $1.00
Tlgera' Bones.
Consul Denby, of Peking, China, re
ports that in 1889 from one port, Ichang,
there were exported 13,000 pounds of
tigers' bones. For use as fertilizers
the only use intelligent people seem to
have for dead tigers these bones might
be worth $150, yet they were entered at
a value of $3,000. They are to be used
as a medicine. From them will be made
a "tonic." which the Chinese invalid be
lieves will impart to him some of the
tiger's strength and fierceness. For the
same "medicinal" reasons 9,000 pounds
of "old deers' horn" were valned at
Many of us who are filled with disguft
at the folly of 6uch absurd beliefs are
now keeping up old customs and habits
that are almost as absurd and expensive,
in the light of modern progress, as this
tiger bone tonic. Rural New Yorker.
A Great Surpriee
Is in store for all who use Kemp'f
Balsan for the throat and lungs the
great guaranteed remedy. Would
you believe that it is sold on its
merits and that any druggits is au
thorized by the progrietor of this
wonderful remedy to give you a
sample bottle free? It never fails
to cure acute and chronic coughs.
All drugpists sell Kemp's Balsam.
iarge liotues oUc and $1.
Itch on human and horses animals
cured in 30 minutes by Woolford's
eanitary lotion. This never fails. I
Sold F. G. Fricke & Co. druggist,
The First Step,
Perhaps you are run down, can't
at, can't .-Icep. can't think, can't do
anything to your satisfaction, and
you wonder what ails you. You
fiiouiu iu--l iiu- warning, you are
taking the firt step into nervous
prostration. You need a nerve tonic
ami in KIcctric Hitters you will find
the exact remedy for restoring your
nervous system to it normal, healthy
condition. Surprising results fol
low the use of this great Nerve
Tonic and Alterative. Your appe
tite returns, good digestion is re
stored, and the liver and kidneys re
sume healthy action. Try a bottle.
Price ")c, at F. G. Fricke & Co's
drugstore. ii
At-tttle , jrip Ef.f r e rice in a LigMt
TVf .1 M r T- . .
nr. ;itiu inrn, i.oreu l rescott are
keepers of the Gov. Lighthouse at
Sand Beach Mich, and are blessed
with a daughter, four years. Last
April she taken down with Measles,
she was a mere" handful of bones".
Then she tried Dr, King's New
Discovery and after the use of two
and a half bottles, was completely
cured. They say Dr. King.s New
Discovery is worth its weight in
gold, yet you may get a trial bottle
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We offer 100 dollars reward for
any case of catarrh that can not be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F.J. Cheney & Co. Props, Toledo,
We the undersigned, have known
i. J. Cheney tor the last lo years,
and belive him pefectly honorable
in all buisness transactions and fin
ancially able to carry out an oblig-
a! "
anons maue Dy metr nrm.
West & Truax. Wholesale Drue-.
gist, Toledo Ohio.. Waldmer Kinnan
& Tarvin, Wholesale druggist Tole
do umo.
Hall's Catarrh Cnre is taken inter
nally, action directly upon the blood
ana mucous surfaces of the system.
Price, 75c. per bottle. Sold by all
Druggist; Testimonials free.
0-0 - TQ-
House Furnishing Emporium.
WilEKE you can get your house furnished from
kitchen to parlor and at easy tearms. I han-
die the world renown Haywood baby carriages, ako
the latest improved Jieliable Process Gasoline stove
Call and be convinced. No trouble to ehow goods.
I. Pearleman
il she taken down with Measles, 1 T V 1 HOTAiT" T7 '
ie and at Detroit treated, but in 1 V-X .
, she grew worse rapidly, until " V
A Full and Complete line of
Medicines, Paints, and Oils.
r-resenpuons tareiuiiy Compounded at all Hours.
For millinery and pattern hats or
anytning m the line of ribbons,
nowers or tne latest styles and de
signs, call on the Tucker Sisters in
the Sherwood block. tf.
Am Awful Indian Cattou.
In India, np to within the last few
jreaxs, the wife) either according to her
-wishes or otherwise, was cremated on
the same funeral pyre that converted
her dead husband's remains into &hes.
Philadelphia Press.
"John." said the dealer, "where is the
iey to this self locking safe?"
"Insoide, sorr. Itll not be losht there,
jtorr," retained John. Harper's Bazar.
The Army and tbe Church.
The Austrian war minister has issued
an order to encourage religious feeling
in the army. He finds that Austrian
soldiers do not attend divine service ac
cording to the regulations. Inasmuch
as the encouragement of religious feel
ing is regarded as of great service to the
military, the army must henceforth go
to church at least once a month. Like
wise, young officers in command at
church must conduct themselves in a
more reverential spirit than has beer
observed lately. Berlin Letter.
Some genius in Syria, named Mousa
Rhouri, has discovered the secret by
which the silkworm makes silk. He
can make the silk by machinery without
the aid of the silkworm. In this way
tne cost or making silk can be reduced
one-half. A manufactory is to be started
in Georgia soon by a Syrian colony. To
manufacture silk in this way a large
tract of land has been secured on which
to plant mulberries, and the emigrants
expect soon to make their fortunes.
Meehan's Monthly.
For a number of years. I have
been subject to violent attacks of
inflammitory rheumatism which
generally lasted about two months,
On the first of this month I was at
tacked in the knee and suffered se
verely for two days, when I prenred
a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain lialm
and it relieved me almost instantly.
I therefore most cheerfully reco
mend it to those who are similarly
afflicted everywhere. R. D. Whit-
ly is a very prominent man in this
place and his disease was widley
known as he suffered aucn severe
pain. W. M. Houstan & Co. . Mer
chants, Martindale, N' C. 50 cent
bottles for sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.
The Leading
Advertising: - and - .Dob . Work
Constantly keeps on hand every thin
you nsed to furnish your house.
A Floating Ftra Engine.
The floating fire engine, propelled by
steam, which has been lately built for i
the service of the prefecture of the port,
made a short trial trip in the Marmora
recently. It steams twelve to thirteen
miles an hour. Livant Herald.
Tw Bina-uiar jaay
A former mayor of Concord, Fla., late
ly died in Cabarrus poorhouse. The
town of Concord has only contributed
two white males to the poorhouse, and
tl other one was also an ex-mayor.
Marion Free Lance.
For years the editor of the Burl
ington Junction, (Mo.) Post.. has
been subject to cramp colic fits of in
digestion, which prostrated him for
several hours and unfitted him for
bnsiness for two .or three days. For
the past year he has been using
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy whenever, occa
sion required, and it has invariably
given him prompt relief. 25 and 20
cent bottles for sale by F. G.
Fricke & Co., druggists.
According to the census of 1890,
Chicago takes rank, by virtue of her
population of 1,098,576 people, as the
eighth largest city on the edobe.
Most of us desire, at one time or
another, to visit a city in which so
many persons find homes, and.
when we do, we can find no better
line than the "Burlington Route."
Three fast and comfortable trains
daily. For further information ad
dress the agent of the company at
this place, or write to J. Francis,
General Passenger and Ticket
Agent, Omaha, Nebraska.
The Missori Pacific will sell round
trip tickets May 9 to 14 inclusive, to
Portland, Oregan, the Presbyterian
general aisembly being held their
May 19 to June 2. Tickets good un
til May 19 and returning inside 90
days at $60, going via one route and
returning via another. Apply at'
ticket office for particulars.
Plattsmouth - Neb
Library ;
', Own a Dictionary.
' Car should be tauten to
i international i
a Ten vears roent in revirin?. 100 edi-X
tors employed, oyer $300,000 expended.
Sold b7 all Booksellers.
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specimen pages and full particulars. X
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A Cure for the Ailments of Man and Beast
A long-tested pain relieyer.
Its use is almost universal by the Housewife, the Fanner, the
Stock Raiser, and - by ereiy one requiring an effective
No other application compares with it in efficacy.
This well-known remedy has stood the test of years, almost
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