The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, January 25, 1892, Image 3

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or in lact anything in the
jtlciiiiteG Satisfaction-
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business, advertise it and let
every Farmer should
and Vine St.
PronounreH Hople, YeiSnved.
From a letter written by Mrs. Ada
E. I In rd of Gridnn, S. I ).. we quote:
"Was taken with a bad cold, which
settled on my Inner, cough set in
and finally terminated in consump
tion, l-iiiir doctors :;;nv me uj giv
ing 1 could live lnt a .-hort time. I
fjiivc injself up to my Saviour, d--t
-1 1 1 1 i 1 1 - 1 if I could not stay with
my friends on earth. I would meet
niv absent ones above. 1 y hus
band was advised to get Dr. King's
New Discovery for consumption
coughs and colds. I ifave it a trial
took in all eight bottles; it hascured
me and thank God I am now a well
and hearty woman." Trial hottles
free at F. G. Fricke & Co.'s dru;;
store, regular si.e. aOc. and l.tM).
F. G. Fricke Ac Co.. Druggists &
Pharmacists, Union Hlock, I'latts
inouth, Neb. desire to inform the
public, that they are agents, for
the most successful preparation
that Ja as yet been produced for
coughs, colds ami croup. It will
loosen and releave a severe cold iu
less time than any other treatment.
The article referred too is Cha hut
Iain's Caugh rcmeby. It is a medi
cine hat has won fame and popular
ity on it's merits and one that can
always he depended upon. It is
the only known remedy that will
prevent croup. It must be tried to
be oppreciated. It is put Up in ."
cent and ij-I bottles.
nj a. new ponecicu
scientific method
cnntiot fail unlusn tlio
chso In bevond human
aiii. Yon feel improved
t ho first duy, foci a hene
lit verv day : hwoii know
yountul'f a kiuK aiuotic
mwi ia body, mind ami
hiNirU Drains ami Io:-m-3
cixl:I. Kvery obsoicto
to hatipy tniirripd life re
moved. Nervo force,
wili.encrry, brain p'v.e;-,
wIi,mi J'ft 1 1 1 i kf ir lost ;tr.
restored by this tre:ii
nient. All smslliin t wijjii
ix:rt ions i( the body ::
JuiVRd iwi Rtrerictho'iOLi.
Victims of nhnscH nnd
cxwe.--, reclnim your
innnhood ! SuaVrers from
folly .ovcrworlc.tll h::lth,
regain your viijor! Don't
despair.rvpn if in tln lust
titam-'t. i'on't be dislieait
oiled if quacks have rob
bed you. Let us show you
that medical suit-nco
timlnfs honor ptlll prist; here no band in hand.
Write lor oar Hook, with trzplanatiunn & proofs,
Oiailed sealed Tree. Over 32.000 rerrcaces
SCH1FFM ANN'S Asthma Cure
Naror fails to give instant relief in the worst
caw, and m'Strt amrca where otaera fail
Trial Pacaac FKIEB DmreUt ar ay MalL.
Iddraa DR. R. BOmFTllANK, fit. Paal, aTlaa.
I, tii 3 Lluuor Habit, Positively Curet
Itcsn be givon in a cup of coee or tea. or in ar
tictes of 0d. without tlia ktiov. ledge of the V
r.on takinK it; it Is absolutely liarmlpf sn. v.-i!.
cfl'ect a permanent and pjicedy cure, w heiiirk
tbei atiutisa laodcrate (!riiiii'roran alcoi-o!""-wreck.
a complete cure iu cvsry instance. 41 page book
FREE. Adiirefaln cinfi'lcrice,
ii.DEl VEC'FIC OO. 1 ib Raw SL, CincMtnatLO
Office honra from 9 a. m. to S p. m. Sunday
from 10 a. m. to 1 p. m.
Specialists in Chronic, Merrona, Skin and Blood
Conmltation at office or by mail free
Medicines sent by mail or express, securely
p&cked, free from observation. Guarantees to
eare qniekly, safely and permanently.
The most widely and favorably known epeeial
ista in the United Btatea. Their long experience,
remarkable skill and universal success in the
treatment and cure of Nervous, Chronic and But.
pical Disease?, entitle these eminent physicians
to the foil confidence of the afflicted everywhere
They fruarantee:
awfnl p II sets of early vice and the numerous ovils
tfcat follow in iU train.
speedily, completely and permanently cured.
OBDERS yield readily to their akiilfui treat
raarauteed cured without pain or detention
from business.
DoiiUy and saccessfnlly cured in every case.
torrhoea. Seminal Weakness. Lost Manhood,
Nifcht Kmis6ions, Decayed i-'acultied. Female
Weakness and all delicate disorders peculiar to
either sex positively cured, as well as all func
tional disorders that result from youthful follies
or the excess of mature years.
CfpirtftirO Gnamteed peroranently cured,
Oil iUtUI C removal complete, without cnt-
home by patieat without a moments pain of
AQllPO PuPO The a,rfnl effects of early
OUIC uUl C vice which brines organic
weakness. destrorinK both mind and body, with
all its dreaded ills, permanently cured.
nPC P? aJtQ Address those who have itnpBr
Ul UCU9 eU themselves by improper m
dnlpence and solitsry habits, which rnia both
mind and body, onnttint; them for budtnesa,
study or marriage.
MARRIED MES, or those entering on that
happy life, aware of physical debility, quickly
CfSond 6 cents postaoe for celebrated works
on Chronic, .Nervoas and Delicate Diseases.
Thousands cured. ri7A friendly letter or call
may save you future aafferins and shame, and
add (rolden years to h fe. CSSo letter answered
unless accompanied by 4 eents ia stamps.
Address, cr call 00
1409 Douglas St.,
ronflitlonSof tbe liniiian furm hui- :-h uiiy titm 4
! i'-v-1. !. cf rAr.i-Thi'ii. nianrt ail ptak. atnjitrrt.
lit (i-vl.iH)(l, Il-cjJv VKHim n ti. I iMrti ot tlie.bonjr
T.liirh lirtVM JiiMt er tvi ot.ihjri aVI1'
Tintural size, due to ill Leulili, iibUB.. eiri -f.e. r
unknown cuii.;n. 'I'ln'r Is one meilioil fiu-l
only one, y wbicti tins nwiy ln ju'coiiii'li"!""!.
Jncreaneil flow f klMH t any part, priHlncMl ly
i-lnilenpDnrMtim i linit aiitouinlicully, creates iiew
tinxiiiMono and vlyor tiy tlm name luittinil Iux 111
the Increase of nlw fiiuj ht reiiL'lh of luiiwle. lhm'i
lie reJulloe bee mso litt le quuikn jrfM. hv o:My
means to 1 tlio nntuo. I N V KSTKi TK,
'i'hrrr'n no Irnp bark of nnr 0H1 r. Our ay
will come when tlio p'll.lio knows clearly 8 len e
from frau1. Write us lor hist ruction, full oVmtip
tlon, proofs, references, etc. All sent you iu pluan
f eleti letter wi' boia coxt of on kind.
Safe and Re lable.
"In buyincf a couh iiKMliciti'.r for
children," cays II. A. Walker, a
prominent Iruit of Option,
Utah, "never to le afraid to buy
Chamberlain's Ctm;h Remedy.
There is no danger from it and re
lief is always sure to follow. I iar7
ticularly recoil 1 mend Chamber la in'n
because I have found it to be safe
and reliable. and fiO cent bottles
for Bale by 1', (1, Fricke. & Co.
BucklciVa Arnica Salve.
The Uest Salve ia the wtr!d for Cute
Bruises, Sores, Ul ;-rs, Snlt Iliu uiu. Fever
Sores, Tetter, C'h:i; ped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, arid nil Skin 'ii nations, nnd posi
tively cures Piles, or no pay required.
lf is ifti tr.ititced ti yivi- sutistuciion, 01
Money rt:fndel. I'ri. e 2" eeuts per box
!r sale bv F. Q.
Do not confuse the famous Hlush
of Roses with the many worthless
jiaints, jowders, creams aud
bleaclies which are tlootlinof the
market. (iet the genuine ot your
druo-L;ist, ). II. Snyder, 7." cents per
bottle, and I guarantee it will re
move your pimples, freckles, black
heads, moth, tan and t-unbiirn, and
,ive yon a lovely complexion. 1
Electr:c Bitters.
This remedy is becoming ko well
and st, jj) as to need no special
mention. All who have used Klecl
trie IJitters 'siiiy; the same sonjjf of
praise. A purer medicine does not
exist and it is guaranteed to do al
that is claimed. Klectric IJitters
will cure all tliseases of the liver
and kidneys, will remove pimples,
boils, salt rheum and of her affec
tions caused by impure blood.
Will drive malaria from the system
and preveift as well as cure all ma
larial fevers. For cure of headache,
constipation and indigestion try
Klectric Bitters. Entire satisfaction
fiuaranteed, or money refunded.
Trice 50c and $1 per bottle at F. G.
Fricke & Co's drugstore. 5
A Fatal Mistake.
Physicians make no more fatal
mistake than when they inform pa
tients that nervous heart troubles
come from the stomach and are of
little consequence. Dr. Franklin
Miles, the noted Indiana specialist,
has proven the contrary in his new
book on "Heart Disease" which may
be had free of F. G. Fricke & Co.,
who guarantee and recommend Dr.
Miles' unequalled new Heart Cure,
which has the largest sale of any
heart remedy in the world. It cures
nervous and organic heart disease,
short breath, fluttering, pain or ten
derness in the side, arm or shoulder.
irregular pulse, fainting, smother
ing, uropsy, etc. His Kestorative
Nervine cures headache, fits, etc.
It Should be in Every House.
J. U. Wilson, 371 Clay St., Sharps
burg, Pa., says he will not be with
out Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds
that it cur.'d his wife who waf
threatened with Pneumonia after
an attack of "Iy,i Grippe.' when
various other remedies and several
phy sicians had done her no good
ivobert Harber, of Cocksport, Pa.,
claims Dr. King's New Discovery
has done him more good than any
thing lie ever used for I. tine
Trouble. Nothing like it. Try it
Free trial bottles at F. G. Fricke A
Co's drugstore. L,arge bottle, 50c
and. 1.00.
A Mystery Explained.
The papers contain frequent no
tices of rich, pretty and educated
girls eloping with negroes, tramps
and coachmen. The well-known
specialist. Dr. Franklin Miles, saya
all such girls are more or less hys
terical, nervous, very impulsive, un
balanced; usually subject to nead
ache, neuralgia, sleeplessness, im
moderate crying or laughing. These
show a weak, nervous system for
which there is no remedy equal to
Restorative Nervine. Trial bottles
and a fine book, containing many
marvelous cures, free at F. G. FricKe
& Co's., who also sell and guarantee
Dr. Miles' celebrated New Heart
Cure, the finest of heart tonics.Cures
tluttering.'short breath, etc.
Cough Following the Grip
Many person, who have recovered
from la grippe are now troubled
with a persistent cough. Cham
berlain's cough remedy will
promptly loosen this cough and
relieve the lungs, effecting a per
manent cure in a ver3' short time.
25 and 50 cent bottle for sale by F.
G. Fricke & Co.
Startling Facts.
The American people are rapidly
becoming a rase of nervous wrecks
and the followtng suggests, the
best remedy: alphouso Humpfling,
of Butler, Penn, swears that when
his sou was spechless from st. Vitus
Dance Dr Miles great Restorative
Nerving cured him. Mrs. J. L,.
Miller of Valprai and. J. D. Taolnr,
of Logansport, Ind each gained 20
pounds if an taking it. Mrs. H. A.
Gardner, of Vastulr Ind, was cured
of 40 to 50 convulsions easy and
much aeadach, dizzness, bockach
and nervous prostiation by one
bottle. Trial bottle and fine boek of
Nervous cures free at F. G. Fricke, &
Co., who recomends this unequailed
Kly's Cream Balm is especially
adapted as a remeby for catarrh
which is aggravated by alkaline
dust and dry winds. W. A. Hover,
Druggist, Denver.
t , -. 1
How a Itlliiitom " l'liiiiff 'plilnn'a Iff
t MrKnly Jt ilorlfle linn I n oinrMi.
! L'Ht Thurxthiv four irenl l"iin n ."sit
i :tli(Ut a i;ll. iu :l ryi l;iin lintel in tlii
IjrilV. s;ivi Ho" l'i.fl iil pin 1 'I'niis.
i'lie pohli'vil 'li-eiii -n in .vhieli liiev
weru eiiiT;i'''l was I r nig ti t l' an
abrupt ciosu by a remark from 01m ol
tlm pa it v.
IIlo!' he sai'l. ' II is ilritikin
a leinona'hv Why, B hadn't tie
waiter ma'le :i 111 kf ? Didn't oil
order link y ? '
Mr. B slowly shook his l ead, look
u ti:i;tl pull at his Mraus and thi n
aside the empty tumbler.
"It's all right," he said. "I asked for
.Surely vim have not iriven XiV
'I've rjuil drinkinr. if that's what
you mean,"' B confessed,. somewhat
Unparalleled astonishment was de
picted on the faces of his three com
panions as they leaned forward.
"Well, why iu time did you do that?"
cried the first speaker. "What in th
worhl has happened. B ? Is the
world corning to au end, or are you do
in it on a bet?"
'There is no bet about it."
' Sointi oue beeu talking prohibition.
to you?"
"Signed the pledge?"
The man ravo it up.
"Come," he said, "tell us all about
it. Perhaps it will help Billy here."
For reply the abstainer reached into
his waistcoat pocket and pulled out a
small newspaper cutting. He passed
il over to his three companions. It
Li'uor llubit Cured!
Dr. S "s preparation is inf.illiable.
Never fails. May be taken iu coffee
without tasting. Wives and mothers
slum Id try it on wayward husbands
and sons. For sale by all druirists.
There was a moment's silence, and
then B whispered in gloomy tones:
"I I can't be sure, of course, but
I'oi afraid my wife is on to me. I
found that paper on her dressing table
this morning, and considering the
amount off colTee whiea I get at every
meal, I guess I must be hoodooed.
Anyway, I bring me another lemon
ade, Jimtiiv, and see what the rest will
On the strength of this confession
the rest were not slow iu ordering a
bottle of extra dry. and the confessee
did not care to protest.
What The Tots Say.
Marian was in a room with her
mother, where she saw upon the wall
the illuminated text: "What is Home
without a Mother?" Spelling it out
she said: "Mamma, why don't they
put the answer to that conundrum up
there?" "'What is the answer?" asked
her mother. "Au orphan, of course."
answered Marion with great satis
faction. "I guessed it easy."
Freddy was sent by his mother on an
errand. In a few minutes he returned,
his face pallid with fear. "Why. Fred
dy!" said mamma, "what made j'ou
como back so soon?" With a forced
smile Fred answered: "There's a dog
on the sidewalk. The beau-ti-ful-est.
great, big black dog you ever saw. I
thought I would come back and tell
you to let nurse go with me and take
Sister Nellie, so she could see the dog.
too." .
Mabel was sitting on the floor play
ing with her doll when her aunt called
to her: "Mabel, put down your doll
and come and shell these peas." "Oh.
auotie! ' answered Mabel, "you make
me do everything, and won't let me do
any thiug!"
Upon Benny's return from his first
day at school his mother asked him if
he had learned anything new at school.
"Yes'm," he replied confidently, "I
learned the difference between a hori-
ticuiar and a perpizontal line."
I'hiladd ihi'i Titiv.a.
Overheard at a Keception.
4 'Will you hear uie?" said a man to a
"Probably," she replied, "but I can't
promise to listen."
A fellow said to a pretty woman:
"Can I see vou home?"
"You may try," she smilingly mur
mured; 4 'that's" my husband coming
Sometimes the feminine sarcasm was
bestowed on a member of the same sex.
A girl said to another: "Do you think
he likes me?"
"I heard him say he found you very
amusing." was the reply.
Another dialogue began with: "I
am engaged to Bob Grant."
"I am so glad." the companion girl
exclaimed. "I was so afraid he would
never get over his affair with me."
In oue iustance an exchange of con
fidences began with: "Marie, I quar
reled with George and I told him never
to call again."
But he will," the other said, sooth
ingly. I know, but we are going to move
to-morrow and I forgot to give him
the Dew number."
A matrou was shielding her daughter
in a quiet nook, so that she might
hastily tie her gaiter."
Kate." the mother whispered, "be
careful; there is a man over there who
can see you."
Kate demurely responded: "Oh,
pshaw, mamma, he doesn't know I
know he's there." Philadelphia Press.
Xo Tronble for Him.
"Do you think you shall always be
as fond of me as now?" asked Kid R.
Lee of his voung bride.
"I'll try."
"Try. There will be no effort needed
to keep my affection for you un
changed." Oh. of course. That is where yon
have the advantage. People of your
age are always very set in their ways."
Indianapolis Journal.
A New Haven man has worn the
same coat for thirty-five years.
Sarlhquake3 to the number of 533
have occurred iu China ia the last nine
and one-half years, an average of
about one a week.
Tin man Hml Ilia O n lln on lha
Sul J -rt Swf- llolal liilf.
He was an elderly gentleman with a
Mieawber-like appearance. J I" stood
look i hit at a number of men engaged
in hoisting a heavy safe into the lifth
story of a larf building on Chestnut
street last Saturday afternoon, says the
Philadelphia frr.s.i.
After gazing fill" some time at the
tackle that was being arranged, he ac
costed the man who was diiecliug the
work and said:
"Will you let tin' speak to you a
minute, voung man?''
"In a few minutes, I'm busy now."
replied the rigger.
But it is important that I should
Hpeak to you at once," persisted the old
-Very well." exclaimed the other,
impatiently. "Hold on. Dan. Now,
then, what is il?"
Do you think it is safe to attempt
to lower that sitfe tip your way?" in
quired the "crank." hesitatingly.
Certainly! I know my business."
"That's all very well, young man;
but I'm a leetle bit older'u you an'
know more about this world'n you
"Yes; all right!" shouted the rigger.
Go ahead. Dan."
'But hold on. young man. 1 have a
better way. lf you will let me show
yon "
Stand back there, please."
"Yes. But I'm afraid you will let
that thing drop au' hurt somebody."
"No da nirer."
"Now just wait. If you will just
throw that rope over what-you-call-it
an' then bring it through thethiug-um-bob
I think "
"I think y ou are a d d old crank!"
"What ! Voung man "
"Stand back, old fossil!'' shouted the
rigger, "or we'll drop the axmaravcl
ous. as you would call it, 011 your
head." "
"Vou impudent j oung rascal! You
should know belter than to address a
man old enough to be your father iu
that manner. Will you try my way?"
"No! That settles it,oM stiek-iu-tho
mud. (Jet out of the way?"
"Hum! Fiddlesticks! Young men
these days know too much for their
breeches anyhow. All right! All right!
You folks had better git far back. That
wild, impudent boy will let that thing
drop as sure as guns are made of iron.
If he would only try my way he might
save life and labor. But I've warned
And he retired to the rear to awnit
What JIih Cargo Was.
One of the best stories Joe Jefferson
tells of his early barn, storming days,
says the Albany Ai'ius, was of the
time when the company, under the
management of Sol Smith got stranded
in a little Mississippi town, and didn't
have enough money to reach the next
stand where it was to play. Luckily
it was in the summer time, aud the
river was full of II at boats plying to and
fro with produce and live" stock. It
was a case of going the whole hog or
none. So Sol Smith, who was an
eloquent old actor, finally prevailed on
the skipper, who was going down the
river with a load of hogs, to give the
actors free transportation. It may be
imagined that the trip was not enjoy
ably spent in such unsavory company,
but actors were not as particular in
those days as they are now. One
evening the passed a palatial
fiteamer, the deck li'led with elegantly
dressed southern iadie.s and gentlemen.
T he captain 'tailed the skipper of the
flatboat: "Wha! boat is that?'' "The
Marv Ann Jenk in of Uinitnierpsort."
"And what kind of a cargo have you
got 011 board?" i. not inii'-h of a
one only hogs ami actors." The roar
of laughter that went up from li;e deck
of that steamboat at this announcement
must have made tin- engineer think
The Ufii-wliiiii ;irl.
The whistling girl does not corn-
monlv come to a bad end. Quite as
often as any other girl she learns to
whistle a cradle song, low and sweet
and charming, to the young voter in
the cradle. She is a girl of spirit, of
independence of character, of dash and
flavor; and as to lips. why. you must
have some sort of presentable lips to
whistle; thin ones will uot. The whis
thug girl does not come to a bad end
at all (if marriage is still considered a
good ocupatiou). except a cloud may
be thrown upon her exuberant young
life by this rascally proverb. Even if she
walks the lonely road of life, she has
this advantage, that she can whistle to
keep her courage up. But in a larger
sense, one that this practical age cau
understand, it is not true that the
whistling girl comes to a bad end.
Whistling pays. It has brought her
money; it has blown her name about
the listening world. Scarcely has a
non-whistling woman been more fa
mous. She has set aside the adage.
She has done so much toward the
emaucipaption of her sex from the
prejudice created by an ill-natured
proverb which never had root in fact.
But has the whistling woman come
to stay? Is it well for women to whis
tle? Are the majority of women like
ly to be whistlers? These are serious
questions, not to be taken up in a light
manner at the end of a grave paper.
Will woman ever learn to throw a
stone? There it is. The future is in
scrutable. We only know that where
as they did not whistle with approval,
now they do do; the prejudice of gen
erations gradually melt3 away. And
woman's destiuy is not linked with
that of the hen, nor to be controlled
by a proverb perhaps not by any
thing. Harper's Migazine.
Moonshine Whisky.
Whisky made by moonshiners seldom
becomes a week old. and very often it
is drunk warm from the still, having
the effect of broken glass on the palate.
It is frequently adulterated, tobacco
being added to make it bite and rattle
weed to make it bead. In the moon
shine districts almost everybody drink
men and women, old aud young and
the mountain boy on pleasure bent
carries a quart bottle of the stuff. Re
package of snuff, aud a six-shooter.