The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, October 31, 1891, Image 2

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Phut noiit;! P;rlv lli-rall
t my
K NOTTS BROS, Publishers
lhii.-,1 ty, anil'y tftl
Plittitimxiili. Neb. r" t"
m tr.rnii-'li til" I'. a" l-
!(- .r.-i.-il
nici-'ir ire
at ...mni1 ev i--.
O'llc" c.irurr Vm mil I'lfttl tri'rl
Oct cviy, nv, ..-, in .'-in - ....
On tvi(.y, ,:,t' y-' '' 1,1 t ,v " f
Oil e tpy. a 'iMii'hf, hi a ! h'p . .
" On .' I'), r !. :i...iilii . n .: t .
TI'KMM f"ll DAIl.t
Oli i1''' y I il 'I H1 -;
a l.,u,r lino I'l 1 lo-onC-- v.hii h i.o
urn produce ru.nou-. ctinpciui"u
: o.ii-Vii j ..if nor ilc
l i il. i i'!i m. ii ' luiiii.-.1 u'o ol
imiuUy. .
,.o .ii.; liciinily ri f ivor ol the
: 1 1." i" : i i 'i o i.-inn o! !. inters.! ate
coiiinicice act, and v. c I'.einand Ihe
1 ll .a I io.l of .I" I'atlva lr:t;in
n.i iiiUu-1 linen i.l k.i. 1: a in.iiKi !' in
t.) inriuelair iu..l reia-oiiatde r.i!r.-
ti the pro aiecr. and coiu-unii-rn ol
the co. miry.
We favor Hiiih I.'.;
l;r,.vinl :lll'.al
uud it :i i ti exacliui
-Capital nail cori'o'.i
iti.-ist tifoii I'"' Mli
iril.-l'.S., Col
..jlieil la
in a' of t!"
!alio:i ii9 will
"luiv.vr.. U'i'
Oinc i.iy. ; r mum!'
- rati: r:D.v, ocTo:1-"i. l'i
Fill" - 11 I IT i ii " -M"''i
A. M l'ii.'r "' ''Lit f.
For Uf'ji'Uli !( I Ms' l' irt
II. I Mil' tf . Y f ixun
c it, 1 1 ,:ri i- nl : mi,
for PMii ! !i ! :
FOrCier'i n; t!i"
For T Mnr.T :
For "Her f ; " '
For County ('In :
Fill foiiiitT Jrile :
Fort'o'Jn'y Surnr'ut' -a.! lit :
For Conine r :
ForSurrfyur : . ,
For CominlMl'iiipr Ftr-t ln.trict :
-I. Ill (if nil
llii'ilirs ilc-
iiitil'a iaily iiicri'.ii i; the
lie,'!': HtlH'" ft l:ft'.
(-.- ;it'-I ti.i' wit: i'i v. inunii'i in
,-,l,iul :i.U!l Hi Ii ml l.lill m ui in
uoriil hii-.oi v. ami ml- ure in
1 1 1- i ii v mil. i.l. V . it:i every etlort
'ti) iii"i!u- il u hkli'. :.. V. e ciioulil
ni.iki'- ii credit.;! le e.l diit ol
, . Ni-Lr.i.ka'M iu.IiK'tf, an.le (aver
" lau ail luional ai'irupna!iO't hy the
-,iexi l.'i.-lawiu- lor thin ,ia, iiK'.
!tliat our in'!-ierity ntnl n;a'...i'rM
.. in.iy lie fully t xeiii.!i!ieil. V.'e take
. iiii.ii' ia t!n ft. ite We proniw
that ii crov. t!i ami pinver, its !r--iiiit,'
iui l iiooii name have heeit
1.., . ... ... i. -...i....i-;- i
and e heiieve in Hiich policies,
utate i.ii'l ualioiiat, ar . ill jh ottiote
justice ami wnle:i the nppot uuiitiin
anions litei-e cl:ic.-". i lltei' nip
pnrt ia the future, :i; h' ; lit ,)a--t, we
pietist our iiiont iiHi'llienl jitilj;
meat anil tno-t fine eiuleavor.
V ileiioiiitie the tiraml I-laml
plaliorm of the d Mioi'i'aiic p.'.rty an
fraiiH-.l with the indii) -rate Miir,i--to
miHl a I iitnl ileci ive: wherein
.jyt;ipatliy in rxprei-t'eil v. hi e none
is feh; wherein ln-l ; is ji.opie.I
w.'kmi; none is reiid.-ii'ii; .ii Tiin
purpo.icH in c nvoi.'ril .'!iich ti'. e not
eiitei taineil. 1.1 r.i:p;o. i in iiii-i in
ilictnieat we poi.H ,o .he j.iel '.n.e.i
frienilrhip for .l.e .voidier. yhilf ut
the name time i! 'nincraiic prrly
has alwaye proch-imeil r t.i'n i ihe
urantiti of liber;.! p-.i 'on ; io ihe
Iree.-ilver planU, i.iie.u e' io oeceive
the tutpportem oi Ir v n; itnliui
ite'l coinaje o. niiver. v.hi'ti it is
knu'.vii tliut many o .ie '.eud 'rs of
the party are oppo. ' to 'nc
trine; to tilt failure In f;ivr thr re
lief frutu tihorhilant ficit;lit rates
while it wni airaid hi either nf.
prove or ceiiftiire the nctiou of iM
iii-tin-; alien governor for vetoing
tin' Neivherry hill.
We (lenouni'P tin detnoeratic
pr.rly for 1 1 rt insinuations iipainst
the integrity of thr stiprctuc court
of the natc as an tlfort to make the
jtl'lieiut powers siihordinnle to
xjlitical Jiarties nnil us disgraceful
to n j.olitical orK.uii7.atin.
We ilenounee the ileinocratic
party for its iloitl le dealinj; with
the civil tttid political rights of the
people, wherein it appears to favor
free and iiritrannm li-d f lections in
the bt.ite of Nehracka, but never
raises its voice iiainet the political
outraLTi rr'ii'ticed iiL-ainct the re-
puhlicati voters, while and black,
throughout the democratic f tatcs of
th south.
We Hrraicrn t!t democratic parly
as the enemy of labor, Ncheniinjj tj
break down the defense of protec
tive laws, to block the wheels of
home indiictry, itnd to dejrr.-ide the
riasnes of the p nple-a party con
trolled by aristocratic and sectional
tendencies, the legacy of slavery.
Then-publican party of Xebraoka
appeals to ttie intelligence and to
the integrity of the people of this
r.-ut stid .rot -cd ci!irt1 W4
The republican party of the etate
oi Nebraska ijives renewed expres
sion of its devotion to the princi
ples of the republican party and de
clares that those principles, as ex
prenu'd by tiie national republican
convention, bhouM fie the strong
toint of union between all repub
catrs in the state of Xebranka.
We connralulate the people upon
Ihe nijrcious prosperity attemlinjf
Uii development an. 1 growth ol the
Mdteof Nebraska during its twenty
lour years. of statehood under re
publican adu.inislratioii, and which
ban brought us to the frotit rank
imon-; the leading states of the
Onion; and we can fearlessly assert
Ik at no state which has been con
trolleilby democratic powrr.durhi"
uy cmisiderable time of the aiae
period, caa coniiare with us in the
econounc.'.l management of public the rap . I ratio of increase
in t-i'pulatioii, v -.i 1 ill aad general
yro.perity, n il .-. ithstaiH'.i.vj the
fctci lua; ih-ie ic wiihiu ihe
borders of tin; state a number of
riiHi-'nlij-ficd per.-oi.s who took a .
unlade of the general Ihiaucial lie-pre"sio-i
which swept over tl.e n
tiro couu'ryto pave tlieir v: y into
i-nrporary prommenee hv (leehiim
Inif n,'a..;.-t the v.ellare nf o'.irpeo
pc and rtanil.Tii: tiie fair name of
,. ui 'i i..
wu. r.a.i. 1 ui. .lion infill lir(i'il . , ,. .
ml the rich -.U. vi-oro,:lv enhi- IT may truly be raid that the dem-
ute;l bv tin? eat r 'i'ii haiid i oi r,..r ocrats are o:i t'.if run throti-rhout
l.iriuers. l..".e pr-diuced sue!, I mi:,!. ' c nlire country
Il u I crops .ni l Mien nni ivaieil prinj-
invite vupporL
The Iowa prohibitionists a
Rood opportunity this year to vote
in a manner to materially the
temperance cau.-c. Will they do it?
penty tuat i-'i iu deuce ail calam
ity taikrr-i ari.i add to tiie Kr.'i:;'il
and eu: h'.!--a.i.-iii o.r the repi:i.i. in
We con.-r.itnla'e President Harri
son upo.i iii.- eminently wire, loyal
rid courageous ad mi nisi rat ion, and
c!erl -:e o'ir iil.:-i!u'e lonfidnue in
bis'.'rity, alniily nnil pairio
tibin, fil l pf''d';e Jii'ii our cordial
pii-i '.i't i.l , "'I - ',' "-har.'i of tiie
A If )IT the only qtiertion at issue
in Ohio now is bow lar-je
Kinley's majority be.
CTlIE campaign bars will have but
about ii : n- iiionth's ri Kt a.'ter next
Tuesday, before the w ill commence
tr; 'i:i, but t'.n'sbri. f renpiti: -will be
dulies devol i,e', ojsui him as the j a great relief to the county. ,
fuel IMK ' IrU'lliO Oi UK" .'l.l'.IOil
Ye r. jiiii':; i.l tile ix-nloralioil of
di-rii i : v vi.or a it.'. i.iie i;iai:f.iii in
THE Iowa v tate register says that
the cniiil n l of oir lor. 1'jn n;,. n Wheeler will carry the Htate by V2X'.)
under tli. Jidui'; lii-nd ol .i,iit- jiy, notwithstandinj; t!ie dis-
lea's favorin' e.o i, la u -s (i. Ulauie. , ,i i -
VYc approve oi the nlver coi.,a-;e ! 0!lt'cll"n in ,h" fCPubhcao TunU
it a ainii- ' : uiiii iiCCOiijioi pro., im-.O'i.
Ci Oi i.l '
by v.;,:, h
ilv.': .
ddud '.' t
but .e (!
fiye o, ilvef
liab'e to ut.
every ci.y e
Uninn i.i a
troii-i .:.'.-r-
'.'. t!:
;.". -Ii
: ':.!
,i i t v
H u'.i
'ut, .
' T II K alliance i-s a pol:ti'-al or;:in.
' iatio.'i hits made , very little
1 tiro-rer 3 in lov.-a and Illiiioin. The
iiii.i.u i d p iiicy r ,HCt j m ,ave ,)0(. too
l t!:" ti 'Oi.le of J ' .' . . . , . A.
i-i. !f iii ihe i-001' fid I rues 1" luh in those
.ley o, ilu' ieo'.! ',
.iie ii -iiu.-c. ,.;ic
!;i;Ii.:i!i .i Ciiii-
.j i
.e of ii' ... ,
pr'i.Jeri'.y ; i aid''.i!ly d"
mi'v ro ; ;. i" ni ly iienr.
r.d unlh.i :! rv'i!::';.' for
thrive well.
calamiiy jinr to
it d and
1 lie free
oi cilver
HAVE you tioticed fince the
McKinliy bill has been put into
;h aclical o,-K.".-Btioii and its f-ITecIs
became known, that the democrats
il!!-: i.ctio.i of the lona id'.i:! i-
ti n p. ii ty this year plainly ilciimn
Mi:i.cs, us has ofi n been claimed,
iuai ihai pmiy lints imi labor in
t'.i..' iulci'i-stsi of true teinperani e,
but on the contrary, is directed by
d 'Hiitoiies that desire the ih f 'al
ol the republican party. This
claim whs fairly proved when St.
John caiivasr'ed the rcpublieail
di.-tricH (d Xew York ttate
ti'.oronghiy, tlu-rc I y defeat hg J. I j.
111. line mid a..-i.-.tinr li.nver t;h ve
laud to carry the stale. In Iow.i
t!ie republicans have parted a
stringent plohibitory law, and this
yee.r they will Man.: or fall on that
iH.-ne; yel, .vit h-tand in thir,
Ihe pldhiirtionniti :) have a
in tl.e field which there ia no hope
to licit i.nd it can only nerve to
d- f.-iit the republican parly and
jeopardize the lemper.ince cause.
1 b!s V tV
. Ui t III
1 -have r.
We have
aliiiut three veai. am
c.iinnieiided ii.s ii. e m 'nun .' n
tuuidred tp. i i ii; i of c;;'.inh
ru- ........j......... . ;
(jtiivies is, "1 I'm Ihe I. est remedy that
1 have ever iired. ' lb r eKriiiiee
ir, ti:, it v. iieie jiai'lies cum iniied it.i
u-e, it never fails to core. J. II.
.'ioiil iroinei y, A. I liriijih ts, le
c.ii'ah. Iowa.
Win ii I bej;an tirin- Ely's Cr-aiti
I'.ilm imv calatrh war , o I a l I laid
I'i'itd-.icl'e the v. hole time n'ld dir..
el. ii't'i'd a lar;-e i immm ,,f Chliv
li.a.i. r. That ! a.-" ulinn: t enlirelv
lie :.p care. I an I have imt lu-.d head-li'-he
rcieace. J. .-im.iiiu n.,t-,i line'',
Colin. J'
A I'orL'bAiC l'AMILT.
jFffir: "Hi. U il. I.'-tn, t!,..,t y .ii nlnnri
f"-m t.i 'e.ltcii .HI ' t'i i:..' lu.-t li'-w luliiir ? J)n
kii ii I uu, )"U ul.ij keuia u tn uhcuj
er me."
Kate; "Iilnn't l:n": I eirf-.ntv do nut
rr.i" m.r f- n I'i lh..t 'I i.-i '.
Ji.SMi: : " w r.l. uur ritrtli l.:l I'cwmrnth
)im lialii Uiiitli up Iminluig,
fur enuii-iii
Till' journal hu-i c.i.'ed to talk
abu'ii .'UKinley prices und now
tills lue yoim men that they
rl.oubluot vote lor protection i.u
'.vaes are no belter in coiipciiuc ucc
of it. The free trade paper cannot
be blanii.'d bir making thee state
meiits, for it mut t have tome object
i' n to tl j. to k -eji on t. J ' I ' !e, L
as a matter of fact the people know
that under the American ty stein of
protection belter wages are paid
than in any o.her country, and they
nbo remember that back in the
"fifties" wheiH we had tree trade
that wages were reduced workmen
until left the hIioiw ntid caused o'jr
uianiilactuiTrs to close.
f -r-
I'KOF. LtVDA is too well and
favorably known in this part of the
county to rojuii; any personal
mention from us, but for the benefit
of those in other parts if the
county wiio are not pert.onally
acquainted with him, we ih riie to
state that he is a man thoroughly
capable of filling the positing of
county fcuperiutendent. 11m iiuli
ficatioiis are unexcelled by any
other candidate in the field, while
his pleasant ways and excellent
education especially fit him for the
position. I'iluiwoo l leader, (ind.)
TilK republicans of Iowa, warned
by the disaster of two years ago,
have been bard at work evrr eince
the campaign opened,
for a full vole next Tuesday. They
came to the wise conclusion that
wind amounts to little in a strung
republican Hate if 3d,f) or 40..O)
republican voter etay at home on
election day.
This is what elected Hoies, their
only democratic povrrnor nince the
organisation of the republican
parly, und they have determined
that it Fhall not re-elect him this
year. So they have thoroughly
organised in every county, town
ship and (school district und the or
ganization lias for its one object the
getting out of the republican voters
to the last man when tiie poiia ure
If they ettccrei!, and they n f.n to
be pretty sure of Hiicceediug in that
enterprise, the alleged defect ion
here und there of disgruntled re
publican leaders will not count for
anything when the ballots are can
vassed. State Journal.
have reared to iihiiri the uieanure?
Tiie b'tj'.h is tint wh'-u of they be-
WO't' l ' I til : 1 M Mi ). ,( o.i'l
nd to force lileu ..' of eheari Mini "V
In the p:y!ueiit of v -es 1,1 every
worisiioM, tniil. factory, fioo; .',.il
fiinii, a ii-1 1 "irt t tin sc.ilnr:
i .i . r ii... ..:i . I
I ll I: wa ! oi i.:c HMI-..IH .in I . r
weaiu-iingThe ,airchasi- power of ! R'n.their campaign of uiistepreM-n
the dollar which would be used to 1 t.Uionj.he voier says no, Mr. Deino-fjit.-e'oa
'e lh products of ihe farmer. ' Crat the bill baa not had that elTect
Wt ure in I.ivor of biix hir ev.-ry, TJw ,,I2i i,,,.,.,.,,.,! owr m,,!.,.),,
dol' ir os crid s liny o t - r dohar. . , ., ,
We dc.iand the main!, n.i.iee of -ul I" ' rcwuut, manufac
th, Airt'-rican hy.-t 'i.i of protection ' tured pood ere never ko cheap
to Aiii' in l istry iinJ labor, the nor farm products no high
policy t:int run net n Kieniineu wit i
eve, y period of our nulional pros
perity. We admire th ce tiin of that
fiTO'C slai' Siium, t i ! ! i.i i tl Mc!Ci-i-
ley. jr., whom the people of Ohio' ',!l
triil eia-o' t iieir i .x. ,, -f.xf.r at a' Tim
la isn Bignifirant f act that not a
i single altack bss be.n mad. upon
i the republican nominee for pl.ei ilT.
ruirv rci ,.e tn it hn i liar-
reocfiiilion of hn inaimliCTit ser- oc:.r a tinnpotic 1, h!. tibili'y above
ic-im to Iheciun'o Ue:!.so com-' i on Bt)d uttacK s would be use
ne.,1 r.nd enu irh that t iih -y o, re-
eiprocitv by which the Central and 9H 11 My ,,e 1' J"-'"!"- "JO,
?tilli American nations Htid the ' that he r.-il! r.ot ,'" outs'.le of Cass
tucklcn' Arnica Salve.
Thk bkrT SAt.vt in ilie world fur Cut
I'riniM-pt. Kr . UUiTii. !iilt Klii'tiiii. Ki Vet
Sorer, Ti Ui r, t 'li .) - A IbimU, (Till Muni..
(' r-i, iu il nil r-';.in ri) tmin'. mi. I ni
' vi-lyiurm I'd -r, vr uo pny r.(ij:re'l.
it i- ii if ui.'.. i.l to L'ive iiluriiiri, oi
il.ore y rm'utn'.e.t. I'riee "J"i e nt p t ml
l'"iif',f hj K. O. Kl'-i ; A Co.
T'ir. C. I. jot'rs, of 3ii-lit 'Hill
Iowa, says: "l have used Chainber,
Iain's I'aiu H.ilni for severe and
painful burns with better etlect than
iinything I have e,-er tried. It re
lieve the pain inMantly und enres
w ithout lea viiu; scsr." Pain Halm
is o.ii'o. the n.o.-t tin ful medic in. r
tb'tt !!tty fniM'ii'i rut Iii provided
' .; i, i-rl".v....y ..'I' ..i O.i.a... o.
lame back, rptuins, bruises, tooth-
nrhe, ear ache und like ailments.
One application will relieve the paifi
Hilda fair trial insure a cure. U)
cent bottles for mile by V. G. bricks
4 Co. Druggists.
ALittU Vina Etparian ca It a UgZt.
.Mr. and Mrs, Loren Trescotl are
keepers of the tiov. faghtho'i"e nl
Siiud He. n h Mich, mid ure bh".icd a dull).' liter, four years. Last
I. April she taken down with McnileK,
it. llowjij with (Ire. I'bul ( etieh ond
turned into ti fever. I lie t. is at
home and nt Detroit treated, hut in
vain, she grew vorse rapidly, until
hhe was liier"" haildltil of boi.lci".
rhef! tried Dr, Kiiiv'a New
t:-;i ! iift.-r :'i- v i-1 Ivo
Mod a huff bottles, wurt 'ou:pli lely
cuiid. Iluy ray Dr. New
Di scovery in wr.rlli i's w-i; lit i l
Cold, yet yo.l may (et a (ri.. Lottie
free id 1'. ti. Friikty Di ii;;r(ore.
Spaniih fadies are being opened up
to our trade upon favorable terms
and by wliiiii all tl.e Hiirplus
pnir'n ;- 4 of our eoiiiilry n'ny tied n '
nm ket unl by which nil our people
aUnll receive ia exchange therefore
count to employ a deputy, tied
that (1 man will be ( ho -ten that wiil
CoUri'nile Io the circess of
Edsou'u adi.iini jtr jtion.
dipt W. A. Abbett, who ban i mg
been with Mi. ure. Pr. 'vil auj
biilTi, 1' -:d r-'j mid 1 i
lSrke.-s, 1 'eu Moines, I owr. und ji
one of the bc-M known fn.d r:iO' t re.
ft'"iid lui-ii:"!"' men iii i'ih' ritv
-(irt: "I fn h- :i!y ti the j. t,(. 1
oiialilifs of CT .niibeTh' in' Couc h
IVetio-dy. If.ivuii; i:-. (J it hi my
f.m.i'yior the j,,ot ii.;t.t years, I
can vrU ly KiV it )H I II ';iii. fur
JJr either f -1 l -- or erorp." iilii.i lot.
1 I.'.-.; for r.l l.y I', (). I'lid.e V Co.,
without nr t'tielier i yon enrir to the rrwu
wu.-n li Li I a-at ii.-.i'iTi-.! Iiit l. I -hi ic i-i.m
n i.i-leiilMii: 1 . .ti .iinl iai.-nre ml iiniin.v
liu In inai. in . r t t.r ii :ru Imii: i
r-iu Ii'lhin In a uy l.iua-j In I eictiaiK Ikut
nil clnii ina to iiiu.tai.i-t in i.i tntr ! I "ill
in ini-ii I.i l.r it t.u nil ll. lull m ' finm,' hkI
il.w wlial I.i i. tit irii-r uil ri it'll inlii hit
)dj eiit.'rt.illi In- it t . 1 1 . U i-; m. I In Uio but
ni'iiitli V' hi liiivi. aai r.,r. .i .in iittith.ritrin,
V'liilWIiuM. Iiiymir j'liyi iileiiiiuit'i'ini't'iiti il.
Vi'nen lu i.n ii t nil (il your IMei imiii. n in l.iii i.lii.r i iil-.iT luv Hu piu.liif IkjT
ynu netcr K'i ti Uio eily.'
KT: "IViiy J. uiili., ymi irtll rnnkd mt
7iim. I bnvfjoiily (.nt. itiiiirtitif iiiriiriniituai.
b it it k irir;in,r .nr il iiuti i.ii iini.
vrry wiiimti el uiiythinir new hut hnt
(He ni'At f. da) a I riinr luc lull Uil' iirinilun
on Hi ta'Y u J!m.rl Sol I'iiihuuk-I
AihI it-.' a trunonu it 11 tn v. H i. f r It
rreiliy tunii-lHt H it piu'iih fi r H e t.oia
li.i.i-i ii. -lil: l.-atHT l.itnKiM'ii Ui liitt nminirii.o
tint ho lu i.n.1 n I. r art, tit hn run nl
rno run m ire nn 1 l-iii r liilnriiiiiii.,n nn
till. llii.Tl 1,1 ti:o ll.ij bui niollur MJi
Hint It m I i it Hi it it. i i.i , i r nn b it fimii...!
h iui.'i-..rf. Id i hu i a m.-n e li nl it U)
tint mil v nmilr ritni.r mnii. inn l.l.i ,
i wi- hiivi -it fir of ail i.l tin in,
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A lilnral ofler - only $1.(0 for
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J. M. siix;;f.i.iiAcicf.i.
ll Ntrtl Kift St, P.v.u n luth
8!7 419, -I u, Utii, tiu.
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andtliui are enabled to undersell all competitor w 'f
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Thin firm has the ex
clusive agency of the
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guaranteed for
one year.
A lare line of Cop
perware, tinware, and
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Ni:ttKA3KA. V
Platts jvin.
bOO U.S. HUN'Oi-t.iibd til buildioff BUerj
Call and sec; us at the corner
ilth and Elm street, one
north of Ileisel's mill.
Kvcrytliing to Funiisli Vour House.
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A Full run! C'niiipltt liuo of
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