The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, May 11, 1891, Image 1

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mouth JJaily
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I mm
absolutely Pure.
. A. RalKlmrr hat the firlusiir rlifhl to urn
iielata' l-ul Anthi-li- r..r lh- l'uil".
ttaorTcelb lu lliisrily. Ofnrr lloch wihmI
JtTAntPil An !iMivf. i liol l'-in .--C;'ryS7i
to 0 IllOIlt ll! V. Willi ir na--. I" :. r. -i ni
I hi own i-rillou a sii.mIii- N'civ
Vtouse. Hfferi'iiH's m.m i:i i:, i.ock
iox 155, New York.
CASS LOIKiK. No. It... I.O. O. K. iiki-Is -v-
ry Tuecday nl.t :tt 1 1 -i hi l- it'i ral'1
' block. All Odd K linwH ;m- -..nIialiy invited
to attend vh-li vimII' K in i'n- i-lly.
I T K wiiinsi''. N.ti.
f .1. W, r.KlixiK, :.
TT-NJiJIirS OK I'V III IAS. ;:mntlet l.'
IX. .
47. M''l-cvi'i v wi-ilni'-iliiTeviiiini;
u.t their h .11 In v .1 k a li M..rR. Ailvi-itiii
- w
) . knilits are fin di 1 ' Iv in v ii I ti a!ti-id. C. A
Maisliall.C. ; Flunk ln. 11. K. I: s.
VVatermaii Mm k Stiftl. Kooiiis
pen from ::: a m l '.; p ; I-or men imty
6osiel Iiicet:iiK i-veiy Mau-'ay alunioon at 4
'eioc-k .
C. A R.
McCoimlhie I VM. No. I .. meets eyery Sjittir
4ay evening at 7 :::n. in tl.etr liall. Km-kwooil
Block. AH viMtintf i i innii i s .ie invited to
uieet with n-.
:. F. Nile-, l'. st Adj.
F. A l:.-ites. I'o-t "om.
I'AICk'Y A I I I. I. I. INK ;"
JAille.neky and Kke.ncii J'l.ovvEni.
We also have a dr.-s makii.jr ili p irtmei.t. Sat
isfael ion ual aliteeu ..
Sherwood Stokf. IM..VI r.-Mui ni
Carry Full Line of
and am-
8. E. HALL &1SOX
Keep all kinds of builders 'hardware on hand
and will ciipply eimtract rn oa most lav
orable ter.i s
and all kinds otftui work promptly
don. Orders from-the country Solicited
16 Peal St.
DJTicB with Lr. Ehipzian
nor ns
10 : 00 to 12 : 00 a. m. 3 : 00 to 5 : 00 p. in.
9 : 00 to 11 : CO a, iu. 2 ; 00 to 4 : o p. m.
Telephone No 12.
Thorough inetruction? iu Pastel, Crayon and
Free band drawing .
Landscapes, Fruits and Flowers.
Ho. 911, Elm ft. Platt-Htnauth, Heb.
Kstlnatea and Plan of " work I111118114 MJ
Records kekt.
Office in Martin Block.
PrnuauTH - Nkhkama
efflce oTf r Bank at Caw County,
nattamautb . - - - Nebrasha
A. N.
SULLIVAN. Will eIt prompt attention
M rVntnlHtd toP hi. -Office lo
nlo. wSSk. Kaat Side. Plattsmoutb. eb.
The "Business Mens Carniral" to
be given by the "Aid Society' of
the M. E. church will be held in the
Opera house May 21. Look out for
farther notice
I -o rrcjim sI;i :it llniwn it IJarrrtt.
Iifolii-rt CjirlyN- spoilt Sumlny with
frifiuls jit M;iiily.
i;iiii r J. V. Vliil- vvtnl to
ni;ili;i this iiHit niii.
Allii rt I i'.-p;iiii spt nl Sninl.iy
with his si.-U r, Mrs. Myrt-.-i,:it C' ljir
Mr. Oorc Olivrr of C'oinuil
Bluiis is in tin- rily to Liy visiting
f ri-ii Is.
M. 1$. Murphy Jiu'l A. H. IoIl
vi-i- visitors jit tlu- tjte- t-jipitol
Tlic H. iV M. M-dic;il -:imiti cr of
Auroni Ills. w:is i n 1 h- ci t y it s hort
time this morning.
Miss Dor;i I'ricki- .-prut SuihIjiv
with n-ljil i ! in Ashhiml, n lurii
iiij Iioiiii- this iiioiiiinu.
Virgil Mullis i ncrr ji( Ihr
o-Ii-Im :it-! ("i il:ir ('in U rollt r mills
caiiii'ilowii S;iliinl;iy vriiiiiii.
Jjiiik s I'ellir is looking :iftt-r th
iiil ri-ls of his liiiihiini iV Lojiii
;i-.-ociatiini in .Ni l n :is City ti-l;iy.
Icr '!; i in si ii la :i t I trowu vt Harrt-t t
Conn' ami s.-r your sh;ilov n( Ihr
I 'u s! ian sorijihlc Tliurshiy
veiling. M;iy 1 Ith.
They hail two slight wrecks Jit
C-lar Civck last week hut Jisiile
from a small lo.-s of propi'fly no
oilier harm w;is ilofie.
Nebraska ciiar ma t: u fjiet ll res
made '!.)!) ei:irs iliiriuf the
3';ir b'fcl jtinl eonuiiied nearly- luili
ji millions pounds of loluieeo.
W. V. Drummoml wjis iu Lincoln
Ial week mid tried two c:ises
knockini;- i!it ;i Linctilii lawyer in
caeli one, which m:iile him feel lirst
Liiditv-six cars of --d;ir t ies were
brought in from the e;ist thismorii
i 1 1 to be forwarded to the new line
which is beiu.iv huilt to Hot Springs
Its :i 4-reat schcim-, in order to
close the mouth of :i professional
black mailer to appoint him to some
empty honor, where he can d no
hiirni mill then see him ch::iiv;'e his
The program for the LTymnastic
exhibition at the opera house Wed
nesday cciiii:i;" appears in to-djiys
i;ih r and m.ov.s m aiH iiesiiwii
that it will be a splciidid eulerUiin
meut. Mr. j. Marten the a-ent for The
Kuinht Jewel, a K.ofl'. paper re-
ct-ntly delivered ;i line iold ami
morocco portrait album to the K. of
I. lod.irtr ill ihiscity that is indeed ;i
beautN .
J. Cm. Oldham delivered some ex
tra tine fat cattle to Messrs. Halt &
Otto this niornin;-. They were thor
ouhbretl I'olled Angus and have
noi been excelled for beef cattle on
this market in many a day.
The honorable commissioners of
the county of Cass were in Kjigle
hist 1'riday, called here by a peti
tion to have the apple trees along
Fourth street cut down from (J to O.
We luive not j et heard their decis
sion in the matter. Kaglet.
V. II. I'ickens. the prince of the
hustlers on carpenter work, added a
full story to Geo. Weidnian's commo
dious mansion on Seventh street
last week anil begun putting on an
addition to Dr. Black's residence at
South Park.
One of the finest samples of nice
portrait work m crayon ever
brought to this city may be seen in
one of the windows at '"The Fair.
Mrs. Caple is the artist, and her
work is a testimonial anyone might
be proud of.
A. V. Atwood, a prominent real
estate man from Fremont, spent
Sunday with his father and brother
S. II. Atwood, in this city. Mr. At
wood used to reside in Plattsinouth
and could not help but note our
solid growth and substantial im
Win. Anderson -whose death oc
curred yesterday was a resident of
this city thirty years ago and kept
store at the lower end of Main street
in a building now used by F. S.
White for an ice house. EdRuffner
clerked for him at the time. Mr,
Anderson married Ella Ruffner, a
cousin of P. E. Ruffner, in this city
in 1857.
I Joseph Morrow, who has been
with Dr. Brendel since returning
from hia last course of lectures, has
commenced the practice of medi
cine at Eight Mile Grove. Mr. Mor
row is a young man greatly es
teemed in this community, where
he is so well known, and Dr. Bren
del speaks very highly of his qual
ifications. He takes with him the
best wishes of a host of friends.
Murray Banner.
The boys claim that Thayer's ac
cession to the governorship has re
sulted iu Kd I'jirroti's promotion to
a . ; . -i . i ic ; . po-i!io:i as nuiil
I'hil Young's room has been drc-orjit'.-d
beautifully and looks neater
than ;i new pin. If he does not sell
his stock very soon, he will open
up an eniiit lien line.
K. A. W. Sueli, the geiiiJll. ilgellt of
i!.e wholesale drug hoii.-e. o ' 5I' j
Unices Co.. was i ji t he ci't v to-djiy.
Mr. Sued i
one of .the brightest ;
trjiveliiig' men on tin
road ; jiud i f
he would change his pol it it s and
talk pioleetion to Amerii'i indus
tries, he would be ji wiiuiVr beyond
Mc.'hikeii i 1 1 : 1 his force nrebuy
to-day gliiding and si noot h i u g olf
the bji.-e luili ground- in tine shae.
I'rank Morgan has put up ji big
sbo.vv bai-k r-'op. JK , erl ir-1 ng his.
lirm. which .-i
'I I it me lor a
u i t of c i o t ! 1 1
s." And
luick but
placed .-o I J j :"
sol IU' one
will p rob; ib
ly get the prollerii'd
Ivl 1 'arrot , t he coi n peten t and ac-j
com nun lat i ii g car checker for the; 15.
M.. dming the lii econo
... . . . i .t. i
liiv wluc M recent iv strucn nun loan.
las be.-n d.ail.-d to carry the nuiil '
from the depot to the post olhce, a i
nil that he very much dislikes.'
icor"" 'riiii'.-fni. tlu- colored man. :
loses his job. after having' paid 1.1
for the contract. I'.ut there seems
to be no help lor it unless ttie gov
ernment has to jiccept tin- man at j
the depot, which they will probably I
do at an earl v date. j
Messrs Neville, k'ichry. Chapman!
and Clark returned this morning j
from their hunting trip up to the!
lieailwaiers of the lakhoru Valley.: report having had a line time .
uid judging from the nice lot of,
lucks sr. 1 1 e, curlew and other lea t h - ;
. i i . . ... : 4 i . t !
creil ga me I liev i n oug 1 1 1 mem
we have no reasons to doubt it.:
The editor of the Herald returns :
tlumks to the party for being kind- i
Iv remembered with ;i nici- lot of
The half column of slush in the j A.'-t!:m..o De.-..!,"!
Jotiri:;d of Salu.ilay night, about -vjust (lf 0i,t,.sl ; t i.enss are
the river appropriation committee.,.,, ;R.qnaiuled with W. IF. Ander-
can br answered by saying mat iiiei
Omaha mil St. Louis papers were j
the authority for our statement, and ! 0'clock lUi,l0,- peculiar circumstan
we don't know yet but what those A corresoondent for an Onudia
pjipers -were correct. At any rate
we consider them more reliable
than the Journal, which has been
jumping onto everybody about this
river business, until a responsibili
ty wjis assumed by Sherman; then
suddenly it becomes an apologist
for neglect and faithlessness.
From present appearances it
would seem that Ruby, Tobin and
Nelson would be tried some time
next week. The prosecuf ing ;ittor
ney will bring up the case soon as
possible if they decide to plead
guilty to the charge which may be
set forth in the information. If
they plead not guilty it will take
longer as both the accused and the
state will have to prepare for trial.
The boys seem a little down in the
mouth ond declare that when they
get through with this scrape they
will return and live it down and
show by their future lives that they
intend to do what is right. Eaglet.
William C lives up east of
Ileisel's mill. The hoys Saturday
told him. as it was his birthday
they had made up a purse and
bought him a pony keg of nice beer.
He thanked them heartily for their
kindness and was about to carry his
keg home, but finding it a little
heavy he gave "Uncle Ned" a
quarter to haul it up to his place
The boys instead of getting beer
had filled an empty keg up with
water, which was carried into the
house and after great care on the
part of Mr. C. it was duly tapped
and Mr. C. has not been seen since.
The boys think he has been water
foundered and talk of sending Doc
Mathews up to visit him.
County Court.
Hearing on claims against estate,
John H. Marquardt, deceased.
Claims on file allowed and decree
Petition of B. C. Marquardt, filed
for probate of last will and testa
ment of John G. Renken, deceased.
Hearing June 2nd 10 a. m.
Citizens Bank of Plattsmouth vs.
T. B. Stokes et-al. Suit on promis
sory note $75.00. Default of defend
ants entered. Judgment for plain
tiff for $80.46.
Hearing on petition for probate
of last will and testament of U. V.
Mathews, deceased continued.
Hearing op petition for appoint
ment of Samuel Waugh, adminis
trator of estate of William Hayes,
deceased, prayer of petition granted.
Ohi 1 1 ih ry .
DIED Mrs. Wash Snvder, ;i sister of
Mrs. M. Waybrights :tnd Wm.
Brantncr of this city, this
morning at eight o'clock jit her
home jit Kdison, Neb., after ji
lingering illness of several weeks.
Dropsy of the heart w;is the im
medi.ite cause of her'death. The
deceased wjis ji member of church
and died impressed with the bless
ed fjiith iu ji happy hereafter She
leaves five children, tlu- voiitigest
bei ug ;i bout eigl. t ea rs old, and a
k ; u, , busbaul to "mourn her loss
T,1(. fllI1(.r:,, u.,;. ,.,k(. ,..,. lw(
o'clock to-morrow jit Ldison.
Died At the family residence in
I K'oek ISbilts S:il nril iv ni.. lil l ri
MargJtret Walstow. wife ol James
Walstow, jiii old resident ol this
The dec-ased was nearly eighty
years oll ami seemed to have ilit'il
. i i j . . r : ..i.:m
I 1 1 1 e i e 1 1 1 1 o i a eo n ge.- I I t I 1 1 1 1 1 ,
though slu
had been ailing for
The fltuenil took phice
some time
n k th
aliernoon Jit the
I Three Grove cemetery. Her hus-
band, James Walstow. was the only
i immediate relative present. The
decejised had resided in this county
,)v,.r 1 h iri v
,ea rs.
Notice to Bmliers.
If boys do not stop bathing- in the
I'laite river near the waterworks
crib they will be arrested and prose
rilteil to the full extent of the law.
Their bathing there is a public
nuisance, a damage lo the reputa
tion of the water company forelean
liness and will not be toleroted.
Govern yourselves accord i nglv and
s;i ve ci ists.
n:ulro.ol Notes.
The work ol" track laying" began
on the I'nion cut-off last Monday
morning under the supervision of
i Mr. Thomas Kcjit i iig jmd has been
i progressing at the rati' of a mile
per day. I he track laving" force
! numbered .about seventy-live men,
but will be increased to one hun
id red the coming week. The back
! spiking" and surfacing is being
'kept up jis the track is laid, and
: the road is being completed as they
; go along". The fence gang, nuniber
iing ten men. are also at work, and
: the force will be increased so ns to
I enable them to keep along with the
! track laying. L'nion Ledger.
sou 1hc. WL.;,itHy Glenwood l.ianker.
, , Saturdav eveiiimr at S
paper says:
Anderson had been very ill with
the grip for some time, and from
the effects of the disease his system
was much depleted. All medical
treatment seemed unavailing to re
store him to health, and a few days
ago gangrene made its appearance
in several places on one leg between
the thigh nd knee. It was thuilly
decided that an operation would be
necessary, and Dr. Kautman of
Omaha was called on to assist the
local physician. ThelYeratioii was
to have been perforiiTed Saturday
afteriioon. Anderson was placed
on the operating table between 4
and a o'clock, the preparations were
being m;ide to administer chloro
form, when it was noticed that the
respiration of the patient hail
ceased. The physicians examined
him hastily and pronounced lum
de;id. He was lifted to ;i bed and
the motion induced artificial respi
ration, which continued for three
hours before it finally ceased and
his family were fully convinced that
he was indeed dead.
The funeral will occur to-morrow
morning from the Episcopal church
Anderson was aa years old.
Marriage license issued to Mr
Harris G. Todd, and Miss Alice
Brown both of Murray.
Justice Archer's Court.
Henry Rehse vs. John Johnson.
Trial had. Action for wages for
labor. Judgment for plaintiff.
The canning company cases are
continued to May 18th.
Base Ball Meeting.
There will be a meeting of the
base ball association at the county
judge's office to-night.
Dr. E. L. Siggens has returned and
may be found hereafter at his office
over Gering's drugstore. tf
Brown & Barrett, successors to
Wildman & Fuller, have an endless
variety of wall paper and borders
all new colors and designs. wtf
C. H. Jaquette does none but
"first class" watch, clock and jewel
ry repairing. Neville block. Sixth
street. - tf
" I had a severe attack of catarrh
and became so deaf I could not
hear common conversation. I suf
fered terribly from roaring in my
head. I procured a bottle of Ely's
Cream Balm and in three weeks
could hear as well as I ever could,
and now I can say to all who are
afflicted with the worst of diseases,
catarrh, take Ely's Cream Balm and
be cured. It is worth $1,000 to any
man woman or child suffering from
catarrh. A. E. Newman, Gravling,
S flTTMl f m
We are showing ji beautiful linr
and thr latest imvelties in rogue at
prices from JfL'.aOto 10.00.
Full Line of
3 inch Zepher (oghams.
IJreton Zypher (iighams
A F C iigluim.
Domestic Gighions.
Henrietta Sateens.
Egyptian Printed Cottons
Silk Striped Madras Clieriots
Fancy printed Clmiiibrays.
Beautiful line of Solid
Striped, Brocaded and Polka
rapid tellers.
Cno Dcor East of tho
Remember that R. O. Castle & Co have an immense stock of
And Guarantee Satisfaction in all Things
Gymnastic Exhibition.
The following is the programme
to be given by the Turnverein at
the opera house Wednesday, May
i;j, 1891:
OvertHie Orelientra
Mldress Philip Andres of Omaha
Sons.'. Double quitrt-t.e of tiie lunivcieiii
Tableau, repre minj,'a gymnasium.
lUlils unit members of the Turnverein
Calisthenics Boys' class
Zither duet. Evelinen Polka Masurka-WBoeelc
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Festner of Omaha
Exercises on horizontal bars,
Members of the Turnverein
Seleotion Orcheura
Wand exercises.. ..Members of the Turnverein
Son g Double quartette of the Turnverein
Club swinging Otto Wurl
Exercises on parallel bars,
Members of the Turnverein
a.Traumbilder Fantaie-.Lumbye
Zither olO'j b A GruMans Diarndie...Umbanf
Mr. Julius Festner.
, la. Hercules. I the Spartan Warrior
Tne Dying Soldier.
Statutory,. Deata ol Thesius.
Admission 25 and 35 cents. Re
served seats can be had at J. P.
For lame back, side or chest, use
Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25
cents. For sale by F. G. Fricke &
Co. and O. II. Snyder. 3
I am now prepared to deliver ice
to any part of the city. Telephone 72.
tf H. C. McMAKEN.
Croup, whooping cough and
bronchitis immediately relieved by
Shiloh's Cure. 4
The fragrant Heliotrope in bloom
wonderfully cheap at Moore's Green
House. dtf
"The Fair" has only a few more
velocipede's left, whjph are being
closed out at cost. tf
3 iIfiS
We carry a complete line of Gor
don's Fast Dye Hosiery for liidien
Jind childrrns wear Guar;iiitcd
jibsolutelr stiiinlrsw
A good ladies ribbed Test at 10c
Fast black ribbed vests at '.ltr
Hlack lisle Thread rests Jit 45c
Silk Mixed vests at 75c
Full Line of Childrens imderweiar
Our linrol hla k and white l-loan
cings exceed Jitivthiiig ever before
shown by us at prices as low ji.s liKt
Black I f n ri t-t t i Sateens iu
Dolt effects, entirely new and
First liational Dank
Our Clubbing List.
Globe-Democrat aod Herald $2.25
Harper's Macazine " " 4. CO
Harper's Uazar " " 4.fc0
Deniorest's Magazine " 3.1
Omaha Bee " " 2.40
! 1 oledo I51ade " " 2.45
j Lincoln Call " " 2.15
i National Tribune " " 2.45
The Forum " 5.55
Inter Ocean 2.25
Lincoln Journal " " 2 30
The Home Magazine " " 1 85
Repairing of fine watches a spe
cialty at C II. Jaquette, Neville
block, Sixth street. tf
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia
and Liver Complaint? Shiloh's Vit
alizer is guaranteed tojeure you. 2
Go to C. H. Jaquette, Neville block,
Sixth St., when you want engraving
done. tf
C. H. Jaquette carries no stock but
will do you as good a job of repair
ing ever done in the city. Experi
ence TAXKB, not money. All work
satisfactory or money refunded.
Neville block, North Sixth St. tf
We sell men's working pants and
blouses at a discount of 20 per cent.
We are closing out this line of
goods. tf "The Fair."
Brown & Barrett have the largeet
and finest tdock of wall paper and
borders in Plattsmouth. wtf
"The Fair" has just recei'ed a
new invoice of hammocks, croquet
sets, boys' express wagons and doll
carriagee. tf
: iA