The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, June 13, 1889, Image 4

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Tne Evening Herald.
Ur. A. SnHxl.urjr ha Hi txrluolvA rlirlit to unr
lr. Strlnau'K l.ural A nirol lirl ir for l!ir I'nlnli'K
t:trartion of IVrth In till rlty. Offlre lCorknood
Ir. Wither. IlenlUt, I'nlon lliiirk.
How they ore Affected by the New
School Laws Now in Force.
"Will the Staii City celebrate
The iron castings to the Martin
Mock were placed today and the nerond
Ktoiy begun.
According to the Weeding Water
ICuyh; electricity may hooii he the com
mon lighting power of that place.
The poles for the eb-etric motor
v. ires have been .strung along streets of
the lineand are being dressed for erection.
County Judge Russell today per
formed tlnr wedding teniiony for Mr
Albert Lee Hammond and Miss Eva
Ann Haty.
The ipjrstiou is frupu'ntly asked
"What will be done in Plattsmouth on
July Fourth?' As yet not a committee
tm organization has taken the matter up.
Yesterday at the opera house in
Lincoln occurred the graduating exer
ies of the Nebraska stat; University.
There was a class of twenty-four graduate.-.
County commissioners, as the board
of couali.ation, arc having considerable
justifications to make, but htill they re
port the assessor's books, as a whole
better condition this year than last.
The concert and ice cream and
strawberry supper at the South Park
tabernacle tomorrow evening has elegant
weather and beautiful moonlight to back
it and a large attendance is expected.
The Plattsinouth base ball team, as
iiuMUhed Tuesdav. and a rootl delega
tion of PUttsmouth people, were Coun
cil Bluffs passengers this morning, to
take in the Iowa firemen's tournament
and see the base ball game.
The tally sheet of the ball game at !
Coimc'l Muffs today between Pla'ts
mouth and Odcll Ilro?., giv.s the game
to Odell Pros, with a continual
eg" (0) for our boys, while the other side
run in 0 talleys.
Mrs J. P. Young, Mrs. II. M. Hush
nell miuI the twins, have returned from a
two weeks' visit with their parents and
friends at Queen City, Mo. Mrs. Iiush
nell will visit in Plattsinouth for a few
days before returning to her home in
Lincoln, Neb.
--Last night from nine until midnight
Main street was in possession of men and
boys celebrating the election. Fire
works were displayed, and a foraging
committee raised a great amount of dry
gwods boxes and barrels, which furnished
material for bonfires.
O. Tefft came in from Avoca today
with the Plattsinouth gun club badge
living in grand relief and told the boys
they couldn't win it back. A compro
mise was secured and Plattsmouth's
marksmen went out to the fair grounds
to prove their ability.
In district court today the cise of
John M. Carter vs. U. A. Gibson was
heard before Judge Chapman. In this
uit Carter seeks to recover land from
the defendant which he claims he trans-
fered to him in trust, for certain purposes.
The case is piite an intt-re ting on j.
The task of cleaning the dirt from
the Main street pavement will be ae -co-nplished
this week with the aid of
nature's greatest power water. It is
necessary to soak the dirt before it can
be removed, as it is packed very hard.
Two blocks were thoroughly so ked la.-t
night by the fire boys.
Weeping Water Eagle: The little
city of Wabash rose up in arms last Sat
urday, against the crew who favored the
bonds. Bethel the compositor on the
News would not vote because he did not
want to lose his supper, reports say that
lie lost his job if he did not lose his cup
Yesterday the state board of eqaul-
lzntion met at Lincoln. At the first ses
sion of the board some time ago the rail
roads appeared and made a st roug effort
to have .the assessment reduced. The
board took the matter under advisement
and yesterday raised the assessment $-2
per mile makiug a total increase of. near
ly $!,000,00 in the state.
- A letter received from J. V. Weck-
liach'this week, who is on a visit to his
old home m Germany, has good news
for his friends in Plattsinouth. The let
ter was written from Manhiin, where he
is visiting with his daughter, Anna, and
Mrs. Henry Weckbach. Mr. Weckbach
states that he is rapidly regaining his
health, and the trip is of great benefit to
Sirs. Jas. Pine, wife of Yardiuaster
Pine, w& last evening taken very ill
suddenly. During the afternoon she had
s. high fever but at night that was Ld
lowcd by a fainting which greatly fright
ened those of the family at home. Mr.
liDe who had gon-j to Pacific Junction
m-ss summoned home and Dr. Cook was
called- Today she was reported much
Mrliool Text IIooUh Adopted a Stand.
aril lit the County.
At last winter's session of the state
legislature, school laws regulating district
schools were considerabl y changed. The
annual meeting of the school directors
must be held on the last Monday in June.
At this meeting the taxes that are levied
must be certified to by the county clerk
on or before the first Monday in July.and
to ayeid trouble school otlieers 'should be
prompt in making this report; und before
the meeting adjourns the minutes must
be read and approved. The dirrector
must make a report of the annual meet-
in" to the county suprintendent within
ten days after it is held. County Suprin
tendent Spink will visit the school dis
tricts and receive the director's report on
the following days:
At. Water. June :.". lssil- at
I n
Klmwood, June 27, issti; at Greenwood,
Juno IKS'); at Plattsinouth June 2t
At a meeting field last year at Louis-
villi. f dele. rates aimointed for the
' " r
purpose of ascertaining what books hat!
best be adopted to secure a uniformity
throughout the county, the following
books were selected:
Readers McGuffey's Revised. Spell
eis McGuffey's Revised word list; Mc
G alley's Revised speller. Algcbn.-
Llementary algebra; Hay's higher alge
bra. Geography Eclectic Elementary
geography; Eclectic complete geogra
phy. Grammars Harvey's revised;
Harvey's Elementary; Ilaryey's Euglish.
Eclectic copy books. Arithmetic
Hay's new primary; Hay's new intellectu
al; Hay's new practical. Hay's new high
er. Physiology Eclectic guide to
health; The House I Live In.
Ladies Pure Lisle Thread Vests, high neck and short sleeves, regular
1 trt n i
Ladies Jerey Ribbed Lisle Vests in lavender and flesh colors, reduced
from 1.00 to 50o..
Ladies Jersey Ribbed Vests, at 25 cents each, well worth 35 cents.
Lrulics Jersey Ribbed Vests, at 15 cents each, well worth 25 cents.
Ladies' High Neck Corset Covers, trimmed in embroidery with nar
row tucks down the front, reduced from 35c to 25c.
Ladies' High Neck Corset Covers, handsomely trimmed with em
broidery and narrow tucks, reduced from 50c to 40c.
Ladies' Corset Covers, V pimped, front and back richly trimmed with
embroidery, reduced from Ctic to 50c.
Ladies' Low Neck Corset Covers, trimmed with embroidery and her
riii bone braid, very pretty, reduced from 75c to 00c.
Ladies' Square Neck Corset Covers, trimmed with embroidery, re
duced from 31-00 to S0c.
Should not fail to look over our stock of Children's Muslin Underwear
and Dresses, which we are closing out at a less price than they
can be manufactured for.
and embroi-
t . - Comprises our stock of Children's Muslin T nt 1
1 Underwear which sold as high as 50c a AjUb
Ofc garment. These goods arc made up of a jt
good nualitv .muslin and trimmed with
25c each, embroidery. 25c cacti.
I . Comprises our stock of Children's. Muslin JjQ, 2
LOT A underwear, which sold as high as 70
g cents a garment These goods aae ele- Q,t
gantly trimmed and made up of the best ,
35c each, oVmusiin. 35c each.
T f Q Comprises our stock of Children's Muslin -n q
h01 d Underwar, which sold as high as 1.00 a
Qfc garment. These goods are made up of q
- the very best of Muslin and handsomely ,
50C Each, trimmed with embroidery. OUC LaCll'
At the firemen's meeting Tuesday
night no business of importance was
transacted. Plattsinouth companies will
not be represented at any of the tourna
ments this year.
W. S. Young and wife left this morn
ing for Superior this statu.
Mrs. John Cummins, Mrs. Drew and
IJyron Drew were visitors in Omaha to-
Hev. J. T. lUird left for Omaha on
the flyer this morning, expecting to re
turn to Iiellevue.
Mrs. Adams, who has been visiting
her brother. Perry Walker, returned to
her home st Hurchard this state today.
The delegation to Council Bluffs" this
morning to attCLd the firemen's tourna
ment and especially witness the ball
same between our team and the Odell
Eros., was as follows: T. W. Riddle
and wife, F. Herrmann, J. A. Davies,
Chas. Parmele, Tom Parmcle, Ed. Fitz
gerald, E.J. Streight, Win. Streight, II
Elson, II. X. Dovey, "W. II. Baker, Philip
Kraus. C. II. Smith, Sam Waugh, June
Black, Chas. Sherman, Henry Tartsch,
James Patterson, Bert Pollcck, Chas.
Millet, Tom Patterson, Sam Patterson.
John Schulhof. Harry Green, Miss Lida
A Mighty Smart Dog.
Lincoln Journal: Yesterday Miss Emily
Binns of 421) north Thirteenth street went
down town shoniiiir. While on the
street she dropped her pocket book, con
taininir 18 in cash, and failing to find it
gave it up as so much money gone.
But that pocket book had a different
destiny, for Le Grand Boynton of 1813
S street owns a dog that ought tw be
made cashier of some bank whose cashier
has gone over into the dominion of the
Kanucks for his health. Boynton's dog
found the pocket book in question, and
carried it home and delivered it to one
of the children, who in turn handed it
over to Mrs. Boynton. On examination
she found Miss Binns' name written on
the cover, within, and passed the purse
over to its proper owner, to her great
This is no imaginary tale done by a
high-handed affidavit editor, but a
true and genuine story of an honest dog.
Tliis dog was never known to investi
gate anybody nor yell stop thief, but
just saves the money when he gets a
Our entire line of Ladies' Chemisetts Collars in
dered, reduced to 2oc, worth as high as fcl.00.
Black Spanish Guipure Flouncings, 40 inches wide, at $1.25 per yard.
P.lack Spanish Guipure Flouncings, 45 inches wide, at 1.75 per yard.
Black Chantilly Lace Flouncings, reduced from $3.50 to 2.50 a yard.
48-inch Black Drapery Nett at 81. G5, worth fully 2.00 per yard.
We are still showing a very complete line of Children's and
Misses "White Dresses, prices range from 50c to $3.00, which we guar
antee will be a less price than the material can be purchased for. Sizes
from 1 to 12 years of age. These goods are made up in the Nain
sook and Swiss, and elegantly trimmed in embroidery.
A Genuine Cv in i on Portrait given away. We will give free to all persons buying goods to the
amount of &2o or more, an order for one of our Genuine Portraits of yourself or any person yaw
may choose. Sample of work can be seen at our store. We have also made arrangements with
a large frame manufacturer to mount ana frame tliese portraits jor our patrons zn me uesu iilv
at one-fourth the usual cost of such frames. You are not, however, obliged to purchase a frame
at all, or you can purchase it at some other store- Remember, that you need not purchase $25
wortn oj Looas at any one time, out at aijjerenv limes, aire!uiuLi ulu,v lutiuuuv
iic door East IFirst JTatioraal ESniik.
ACayoinat Wllkesbare. Pa , Which
Does Much Damage and Threat
ens the Heart of the City.
YVii.kesbarkk, Pa., June 13. A. dis
astrous cave-in sook place In re late this
afternoon. The Ilollcubreck & lkllman
vein mines are situated under a thickly
settled portion of the city. Th y are a
thousand feet deep and for years past no
coal has been supposed to be mined in
that portion of it underlying the city for
the earth would sink. At 4 o'clock the
crash came and one of the principal
thoroughfares of the city is filled with
crevices, from which gas escaped in hugh
volumes. The owners of the houses aro
greatly alarmed. The men in the mines
had all they could do to escape with
their lives. Some of the mules were
caught in the workings and killed.
Eight hundred men and boys are thrown
out of work. The mine owners' loss
will be over $100,000. The loss to
property owners on the surface will be
double this amount.
The best fly paper in town, at
icks. 7-6 w2
I will pay the highest cash price for
good rice pop corn. J.P. Antii.l.
Fine Job Work a specialty at The
Herald office.
Isnoranca Is Bliss.
Weeping Water Eagle: Last Friday.
June 7th, the first installment of the
100,000 B. & M. bonds became due and
was paid off. The debt is now reduced
to $S0,000. The interest will decrease
ia the same proportion. Now that the
court house bond business has been de
feated, the people will expect a brief re
spite from the burdensome taxes of the
Ready for Business.
The Plattsmouth canning company to
day had the furnace fired up and the
vats, boilers, engines ai-d all machinery
were given a good inspection. The
work, it is thought, will open Monday,
as it is expected a sufficient amount of
peas will be at hand to commence with.
Off fpr Grand Island
This morning a delegation of nearly
thirty men, including the Ii. & M. baud,
marched down to the depot and boarded
No . 1 passenger train . They will rep
resent the Plattsinouth Liederkranz at
the Nebraska Stated Stengerfest, which
assembles at Grand Island to night for a
session of four days. The active and
passive departments of that society
elected Geo. Weidmaun and Chris.
Koenkhe as their delegates with voting
power to help select the place for the
next sa?agerfest and chooa the delega
tions to take part.
List ot Letters
Remaining unclaimed, in the Post office
at Plattsmouth. Nebraska, June 12, 1889
for the week ending June 1, 1SS9:
Rachlor. Josie Miss filunt, Win
Hoes. Scban 11-irton, J H
Ciainrlue. KuuU Clutter. Wn
Cullev. Win Cainkaiil, W II
Carroll. Mrs Anna Cla'k. C
Carroll, Mis Cora Collins. Hillle
Christeusen, Christian Oonley, Mrs Emma
Enirel.Kalph Evan. Henry
Fitzgerald. II A raf. Fliil H (2)
Gresulee, George Gardner, Fred
Gillrran. .lack Hawley, G L
Honn. G W Hawley. Miss Mattic (2)
Heuileiyren. A F Hall. William
llansrliaitt. Mm W M Heasly. J H
Jackson, Mrs Nancy J Johnson. Mm Ellie
Johnson. Gut
KruKel. Julie
I,eon:ia;l. William
McDonald. I
Martin. Miss OIa E
Macuinber. Malou 31
Nichols. Mn A A
Osborn, K H
Parker. J Wiufleld
Snider. Mr Nettle
Simpson. V i
V lie, Mrs Alice
Kellv. Join Cleveland
I ai;tenclilager, Katie
Marshall U iforGO
Maytield. 1 D
Madison. N K
Moore t'has K
Movacek. Miss M K
rainier. Andrew
Suiin&ider. Mis Saloiije
Skinner. Mrs Loi It
Taylor. Mis Floy
Walker, u w
Williams, I 'ha.
Persons calling for auy of. the above
letters will please say "advertised."
J. N. Wise p. in.
Save money and trade with Will J.
Warrick, dealer in drugs, medicines,
paints, books and wall paper. 7-0 w2
Now is the time to buy wall paper.
We are making special prices and have
a large stock to select from.
7-6 w2 Will J. Wakiuck.
Special Sale
of fine French Flowers at Mns. John
son's. Regular prices $1.75 to $2.50,
now $1.00 to $1.25. Also special sale in
Infants' Lace Bonnets. Call and secure
a bargain. tf
Warrick's is the best place to haye pre
scriptions and family recipes filled; pri
ces the lowest; drugs the very purest.
7-6 w2
100,000 People Perish.
More than 100,000 persons annually
die in this country from Cosumption.
which is but the child of catarrh. $500
reward is offered by the proprietors of
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy for a case
of catarrh which they cannot cure. The
Remedy is sold by druggists; 50 cents.
The lareest stock of wall paper and
paints; the most complete stock of inedi
cines; the purest drugs and lowest prices
always, at
7-6 w2 Will J. Warrick's.
at the new Tabernacle in South Park,
the King of Lemonades and Ice Cream
will be in charge of that department
and a good Entertainment assured.
Only 60
(Dos to
Days More.
Time is flying and our goods are selling. Don't
wait until we are out to Pueblo for you will
never get such prices as we are offeriny.
Ladies Glove "Web 25 cent Slipper, will sell for
Kid loe, 75 ct bhppers, will 6ell lor
" Low Crescent, 1 25 Slipper, will sell for
" Oxford Tie, 1 75 Low Shoe, " "
Glaze Dongola, flexible, 2 25 Shoes, will sell for
Fine Glazed Dongola, flexible, 3 00 Shoe, will fell fur
" " hand turned 3 U0 bhoe, will sell lor 2 40
4 f (i " a no
2 40
Dr. C- A. Marshall.
XlQsidont X) outlet.
Preservation of the Natural Teeth a
Specialty. Anesthetics given for Pain
Artificial teeth made on Gold, Silver,
Rubber or Celluloid Plates, and inserted
as soon as teeth are extracted when de
All work warranted. Prices reasonable.
" French " " " 4 50 " " " 3 75
Glove Grain, S. S., 1 50 Shoe, will sell for 90
We also have a great man' bargains in Mens, Boys, Misses and
Childrene, that we have not space to mention.
It will be to jour interest to call and get prices before buying
Grand! Gifts Given Away at
3Da,37-ligkLt Store,
Every purchaser of One Dollar's Worth of Goods will receive a ticket, and
any person presenting the number of tickets as below will receive the gift as set
opposite the number of tickets:
8 Tickets gives you a silver plated Sugar Shell, worth $
1 0 Tipkets gives you a But'er .Knife, worth ". ". ". . . . ".". ". . '. ".
12 Tickets gives joa a new ttyle Lace pin, worth ......... , .
25 Tickets gives yoa a set of Roger's Teaspoons, worth . .
50 Tickets gives you a set of Roger's Knives, worth .... '. '. V. '. W . .
30 Tickets gives yau a set of Roger's Forks, worth .
50 Tickets giyes you a set of Roger's Tablespoons, worth ............
100 Tickets gives you an eiegant walnut 8-day clock, worth 12 00
ZTirot-Glocro Goods at Bottom Frioos.