The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, December 31, 1888, Image 3

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liKTrjrrnrrurriirTi'iTi'cici wui not fan:
Mjr bf'i, wjr Impra, would Uod my heart ru dead.
And over all dingn, like funeral pall,
A Mock, deira ahmlow, deep and dark and chill.
Iiici,iiKUfit! oh, my God, the bitter pain
Tliat now comes after all th Joy I felt, until
J Lir-w that all my tniM bad been In vain.
I friUU the purplo abadows drawing near,
Jiim;l!o tliclr diwky light with dying day;
I watch a pale jrounjf moon hong silvery clear.
An rcbuij; creacent in tb beavena gray.
I look aheail o'er ycara of weary waiting.
O'er yeara of aaddtst gtiet and weary pain;
My lorin beurt now changed from lore to bating
Will uevcr echo to your own again.
Ton and took my heart into your keeping',
You swept Its golden atrlnga with cruel might:
That heart which luul till then been calmly fcleuo-
i Into inn? ma tivtniilniin ret llrrht
1 the clouds which lay acroua tbo sky
l toy cad lifo nrw tremblingly away.
Anil .n my heart a new flu&b aecmed to lie
J Jko njhculo dawning of another day.
JJow at love's going all my life U dreary,
TLo cloud contest back that shadowed all my
I -&t-!i LLo ml-Jnlght moon, eyea sad and weary,
JYr.yli.g that doatb will end my pain at lost.
New Orleans Picayune.
r . . "...
put youruiuciouvalo your
llerr KlK'iuhartjr
uiidato thought not: ho hid
liiht at home, ami thc.-.ivh r.ll
ii'2avf-iuy kind to hint he re. he hail
only ono heart's desire, an; 1 nio. t cer
tainly no Christ Child would j;ut that hi
hi.- fchooa.
Still if Fraulcin Frida dcnircd it, sho
tuiiHt know any wish of hers was hi:, law.
Here tho parents entered, good i;i-hbi ;
were hurriedly said, and boon nil was j
The children made a merry ruth for '
tlio breakfast table Christmas morning,
displaying their shoes tilled to overllow-
uig. When eorao or tho rapture had
subsided they asked tho candidate what
ho had found.
Nothing, not even his shoes.
Possibly they had been taken away for
a joke.
Tho children cried out in dbtresa.
At this moment tho door opened to ad
mit Frida, walking slowly, her eyes on
tho floor.
For an instant eho hestitatcd, gave 0110
look at her mother, who returned it en
couragingly, then walked straight up to
the candidate with her hands out.
Sho 6tumbled a little, he sprang to
catch her, and then for tho first time ho
saw that her pretty little feet were vainly
trying to keep inside of hi3 clumsy fchoea.
Ho stood ail instant irresolute, whilo
Frida's lips quivered, and her courage
almost failed her. Then sho was in his
arms, and tho good mother, with tears
in her eyes, drew tho Jittlo ones out of
tho room and closed 'he door. Trans
lated for Current Literature from Tho
IJerlinerTagblatt by llLs J. JI. Iiurgoyuo.
I'lU-rcll Tells tho Story in the Pres
ence of t!io Kin;; lie Ato tlio I'arn and
Ton-ue of n rWis!-iim;irj- Ilroutit to
This Country us h Hhivo In tS.7.
tho Lord of tho
Trie party boarded
ISles and were soon
in tho cabin of
Every woman de&ires, above all things,
lc be 1- ved, and Frida was no exception
tc tho rule, but when it came to being
iwu t'pona et!esial and worshiped from
u distance tho pleasure did not outlast
tl-? n,vc!r.
It was cold up there all alone, and she
v anted t; bo warmed. Respectful hom
:'' mi Jit do for queens, but sho was
o;.!y a loving hearted littlo German girl,
who had passed her sixteenth birth-
ilny, and lx.t.11 invested with tho em
bmidi red bronze slipfiers, which signified
lh t childhood had passed, and she
mi;;!:t la!o her place in tho world as a
yo.irig Lv, and lie called "you,"
of tho familiar "thou" of years
pataiid who had had no thought be
yond papa, mamma and tho children,
tilt the 3 oiing candidate Kheinhart came
to ! tutor to her brothers and keep her
irov. forgetting wliat sho knew.
"ducli time was passed in the school
room, and Franz Uhoinliart soon discov
ered that tho docile, golden haired pupil
woul ) be the sweetest Lrido on earth for
fco-r.o ono fortunate enough to win her.
'Hi t it should be luiuself never tn
lorca mind. As soon would ho have
as!:ed on-? of the royal family to keep his
jmi'sj and mend his socks which shows
of I- .v much advantage is deep reading
and ki.owletlgo to a man in understand
in;; a woman.
j La i not taken very long for Rhein
hart f bceo:no Fi ida's ideal of all -tliat
was jrtvit and gooL His learning she
vener.':tcl, his abstraction covered, to
her, the most profound thinking, whilo
lib careless and neglected dress only ex
cited a longing to take upon herself the
humble tasl; of ministering to tho crea
ture comforts of this young divine, who,
to r.n unprejudiced on locker, was at
mobt an awkward, shy, self conscious
Coal Tar anil Pi lrolcmn.
Forlho past twenty years, writes a cor
respondent in American Florist, I have
used gas tar not only on greenhouse gut-
other parts ex-
ters hi t on benches arid
nosed to d.imini''y :ii m il lliR-)t-.u
Forgultcr3 I havo found nothing better
for making them tight. .My method of
application is to heat it over a very gentlo
liro and apply with n paint bruh whilo
warm. Tho heating facilitates the work,
as it tpreads and penetrates t ! ic wood
more rapidly, besides lormmga hard and
glossy coat when 'cold. Car'o should bo
olervel not to fill tho vessel t;x full, as
it is liable to foam i:ml riV-o over the side
and communicate with tho lire. I givo
my gutters a coat once a year, generally
in August, as a warm, still day is to bo
preferred L
Whilo on this subject it occurs to mo
that possibly souio of your many readers
ungnt ih3 giau to kjiov.- mat cm ie petro
leum is also a great preserver ;f wood.
I havo found it invaluably for green
house stages, etc., as a prime coat lor all
wood work where exposed to tho weather.
It prevents warping and checking and at
tho same time repels water. 1 consider
it just so much, lead -nnd oil saved. If
followed with a coat of paint it remains
on tho surface and forms a solid body,
liuiluings treated in this way will stiller
no harm for several years without other
i. lUUJb M. a ti
v- wlreamer. only distinguished from hun
V Jreds of others by a firm, an all abiding
feliet" in what ho professed
Tin's hero worship, however, did not
blind FriJ.1 to the story told by Khein
hart s near ci -iited blue eyes. She saw
th st loving her in this reverent way he
iTaJ rai aU a barrier between them that
fche alono could remove, and when could
it lo Ixtier lono than now, at tho feast
of the I 'ln;-;sed Christ cluld?
!u could not &3 vet tell how. but it
should Lo done: Uq loved her already, I seen, and there are no fire departments
lio mean- I to sneak of out of the four or live largo
Tho' Japs Don't Save.
You will llnd but few rich Japanese.
Tho rulo hero is that the ivoplo are not
accumulative, in our sense of the word.
They liavo never learned the tliiiosophy
of investment, and they sjKMid all tliey
make. They havo in the past had no in
vestment of money, except ia lands, and
the saving done has been largely for re
building their houses in cases of lircs,
which are very frequent. Dr. Hepburn,
who ha3 been hi Japan for more than
thirty years, is ray authority for tho
statement that a Japaneso houso is
thought on tho average to last only five
years before it is destroyed by lires. The
frame work and tho interiors are Like
tinder, and whole villages are swallowed
up almost monthly in Japanese conila-
gnnjons. ino peopio aro the most care
less peopio in regard, to fires I liave ever
good Santa Cruz
Far re II.
"1 was midshipman in the English
navy," said tho capiin, "serving on
board her majesty's good thip Scorpion
thirty years ago, when slavery was still
an institution of this country. The
Scorpion was dispatched from "the Med
iterranean to join tho Atlantic sijiiadron
in tho I'.ight of lSenin. and had orders to
put down tho slave trade, then unusually
active. Iieforo we had i.een three months
on tho coast wo captured half a d;;:eti
dhows. Vewero informed r.y a mis
sionary that there was u eann or leot
about a milu inland, where slaves and
ivory wero exchanged for rum and
money, and as our instructions wero to
extirpate tho evil wherever it was to be
found, 500 marines and blue jackets of
tho squadron wero marched to attack
this depot. Tho resistance we encoun
tered was merely nominal, and I believe
our small forco could havo taken all
Central Africa.
"Now it happened that Carambo IV.
king or sultan of western Foulah, had
died a fw days leforc tho attack, and
Lis son (permit mo to introduce to your
majesty a reporter of Tho Kew York
Star) his son, I eav, succeeded him as
Carambo V."
Carambo smiled i:i" a melancholy sort
of way at this recital, and tears came
i:ito his eyes, which ho turned away lus
Lead to conceal.
"Tako another drop of Santa Crcz,
CV.rambo," suggested tho captain. The
king complied, and tho captain con
tinued his story.
tiie ki::o in eattlt:.
"Intelligence of the breaking up of
camp, and of tho consequent of
sup; dies in cash, ruin ar.d muskets,
reached Carambo by carriers early next
morning, and bunung with ardor to
havo revenge, and signalize tho begin
ning of Lis reign with a victory, ho
Loaivhed an arujy down to tho coast,
which reached cur camp four days I iter,
cul promptly began an assault. To do
his ma jesty nothing but justice, stripling
as bo then was. be led his savago legions
like a hero, and though his warriors fell
thick and fast around him, he jumped,
rnear and buckler in hand, right intoour
line of iii!o pits with hi-3 weird war crv
rrnuhil iti Vi'lio Co Into Korlrty anil
.i:ul .VlKcruulo Tli ore I jy.
The subject of going into society to
gether is ono of tndicss discussion be
tween men and thiir wives; theso favor
ing., insisting on it; those oi
p . iiig, ridiculinir. protesting acainst it.
Wonuii iften carry their ioint by de
claring that if their husbands will not go
out they will not, either. A just or gen
erous man is averse to keeping his wife
at home fimply because he considers
social entertainments of any and every
kind ; ".t lipid and disagreeable." Ho knows
that sho delights in them, and that for
her to relinquish them is a Ksitivo sac-
riiice. There is no more reason why she
muld stay away than why ho should go;
antl, tlieretore. ho goes, but rroes n ine
taut I y, with ill will, and, as it were, by
It may seem singular that sho should
permit him to, knowing sis she docs how
hat. -fill the thing It seems downright
!i in her and women aro rarely
!i but f he believes that sho cannot
aiiord to release him: that her frequent
ing i-eeieiy wiihout him is the Iw-ginnlng
of t'e. ir separation, of their leading dis
lirs t live:;, of their steady divergence,
lifrlehef ii.-av not bo correct, but it is
i li.t r i
m:s :i
13 D
mi &
se: u-sell;,
lie t
f .
1 J V
.1 ;
n a .
n: v,
i: i
Lcnee is foe not warranted in
ing her pesiiion to the last?
rate, she maintains it. though
:ii great cost, greater often than
vs. Uer husband resents more
bis dragooning into stx-iety.
uts on his dress suit, or orders
,"- for that iiurixjsc. without a
rr of inward bitterness of his wi !''
exaetingness, of bis 'e.M.-i-i--: a
wrong; and tIokvi.i.g hiaaiy produces
namtuai c:ssatisiaction and cvmeism.
His wife is unconsciously bringing about
wnat sno is trying to avoul settled dis
content with her and the conjugal con
dition. It were belter she should let him
obey his proionsity than thwart it thus;
for alienation would be slower with free
dom than with fetters.
What a deal of mischief is society, fri
volour., hollow, insignificant society, cap
able of doing! The dragooned husband
feels that ho is a social impostor; that he hospitality by partaking of it in
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Linen Table Sets
woul r scon tell her so, and in tho
time she reveled in innocent dreams of
the future.
Hi would soon havo a parish, of
course, and sho would work hard; oh,
yes. and do all ho told her with the chil
dren s classes: but if sho could only look
a httlo older; such a curly head and baby
faco would ill become a cofieo table sur
rounded by Ileavcn preservp us! Frau
Doctor this, and Frau Professor that.
Oh, eo. She will knit and, mend liis
socks, brew cherry cordial for his cough,
keep hL loks dusted, and never, never
lose tho loorx leaves of Iuj sermons; any
thing bu-i tak? htrpluco a3 Frau Fastorin
and rec;-ivo all those ay iaspiring ladies.
T - 1 !'.- ij7r intrk lrtrtt-iiw nr
plis v.ii la-, rvi-3 lived oa hers, felt sure
ho h":? rca-1 her thoughts, and hid her
Lluhirr; taco boliind a huge pila of un
n.oiidcJ tiocks.
Foor Vrznz never dreamed tho blush
as for l.Ln: he saw himself throucrh his
1 1 1 " - t A 1
going o:i v. un uiuo iias, wno could not.
under repeated explanations, be made to
understand that tho square of a number
w as nor il.c same as twice.
V."a3 tho child duller than usual, or
to it that i3 could liardly se tho slate
through t.:o mict of a vision? a vision
of a litllj room eaialler tlian thu, oh yes.
tut warm, with eurtams ana hreligbi if
haj r-!. Ives on three sides with books,
and L-ct-ks are a a stand at his right
In t":Tii-'dla of tho room there is d
tabl v.-:.i a green cloth, and a napkin
foldo.; tumoaa lasmon unaer tho lamp.
There L a work basket too, and t be
longs to a dear iittk? wife whoso feet are
on the ;en.icr, a bttJo goioen haired wife.
vbe-e r.c4iio u Fri Ja. But he must liavo
spoken i.ic naroe r.Ioad, for siio looked up,
"Did you reok to mo, llerr I'rofes
J'ardon, irc. j tut thought
f lates to-ni.?lF i"3 Jittle ones and I, for
t -::ri: of tho Chrut "Child. "
if vou wui usiei I yc fll tell them
l.,M.f '
So, v. hilo the good n0ther in the nest
room dressed mo. ums tne
cantuaaic tutu li - legenns ai now
cities. This danger lias thus been an in
centive to saving, but above this there is
httl-?. Seven-tenths of tho people, at a
roug'i estimate, live from hand to
mo.ith, though the' postal savLigs banks
whjclj liavo lx?en introduced bid fair to
teach them dhTercntly. Interest is high
and tho banks make money. There" is
not a largo government debt, and the
mo: t of the debt is held at home. Frank
G. Carpenter.
the oxen in tho staLlo tte noJ,
Babo with their breath; y how the wise
worshiped lum Ten.rp. t,5a
death. Iwptizeu raif And of how
the C'hrii Child fills the,M)8fl of
, ,. tu knOWS WIS I
drveitiU tho little e i opened wid
with the samo wo" jey reit every
yoar. vjud they ran to haj f T Sun
a it s-." c1 1
1 ti the arrr
' iTicvts. O.
3T ine
. rL-r-Jy
Smtrsrllna: Larp In a CoCIn.
A Dnrssels Iaco merchant had received
from a Delgian", residing in Fcris, an or
der for a largo quantity of JSIalinca
I no goods wero carol u!ly packed r.i a
loa 1 coflin, which was dispatched to tho
Pai is address as containing a corps?, ears
a Faris exchange. The I'aris ucrc3:nr.t
had to wait so long for tho arrival cf the
'body" that ho fit Icncrtli complained to
tlio manager of tho Northern raijv,
wl:. informed him that tho cchin
bevn detained at tho frontier owing to
t!i'-' iion-pomplianco with certain pre
scribed formalities relating to tho trans
mi. sion of .corpses. Our taerchaTit nt took train to Quievrain, dressed Ln
sol.-mn black and with a mourning band
round his hat, and wearing an expression
of profound sadness. Dut In spite of In'.;
em phatic protest against such an act of
do.jcraticn the officials insisted cn open
in;: tho coffin, when the truth came to
lig.':i and the. ingenious smuggler was
fcil-ca mto custody. Nov Voik TtJo-
Paying Dearly.
I: i a small vilkigo of New England, a
fov.- years ago, some of tho young girls
acquired habits of eating starch, colfeo,
Ciovc i and tho like, to improve their
complexions. Tho liabits increased by
indulgence, and tho girls consumed largo
quantities of theso substancesall good
in their place, but very liarmful when
of 'A mod hai! hail hai! thai! AuicoV
Ho was wounded on tho rigl.t temple
with a sword, and captured alter n des.
perate struggle, whilo those cf his party
who did not diiperso wero also taken
prisoners. It was an ugly gash you got,
"Ves, MciFra Farr'l," said Carambo,
turning tho right t ide of his faco toward
tho narrator, mid showing a scar stretch
ing from the outward corner of tiie eyo
down lo tho jawbone. Tho mark was
barely perceptible, but it was there, and
no miotake.
"Before Carambo left his canital for
me anaeii, tuo captain continued, "he
had ordered tho roasting and eating of a
1 orlugueso missionary priest. Did you him, Carambo?"
"l es, answered tho king, simply,
ate l is cars and his tongue."
"les, I remember. It was for this
that, while wo released his subjects after
a ciay or two, wo tool: tho monarch him
self prisoner to tlio Inland of Ascension.
We uko learned that ho bad sacrificed
fifty cf tho lato king's wives on his tomb.
and was about as sanguinary a young
man generally as might ho picked up in
Central Africa."
"I was ho Napoleon, spoke up Car
ram bo, proudly, ns ho gulped down an
other snifter of fc'anta Cruz.
Tossibly. I visited tho islandtwo
months after, and found Carambo liand
and glovo w ith the roval marines who
garrisoned tho place. lie Had learned to
smoke, and drank ell the rum he could
get with great gusto. He wore a pair of
long v eiungron poots and a grenadier s
big shako, v. hich were ail he did wear,
and enough, too, ia that hot climate.
The shako was distorted into tho shape
cf a crown, and with tliis on his royal
cranium ne eiaiiieu atxrat the inland, and
accepted tho title of king with infinite
pare. I saw him dozens of times after
tliis when calling in for coal and water,
end found him growing so demoralized
that I wrote to the admiral, who, in turn,
represented his case to tho government,
wiiit tuo resuit that ho was released and
perverse s; srit. lie is m no mood to en
tertain or bo entertained. Ho is lored to
death, and his countenanso shows it. He
yawns behind hand or hauT-'iorchjef, end
for the moment fairly despises his wife,
noticing across the room her animated
manner and obvious gratification. Uis
look anil air and gait are funereal. If
ho wero burying a friend ho would, he
lancies, led more cheeriul. Stealing
into a coiner, ever and anon, to glance
furtively ct his watch, by Hunks that it
mutt have stopped. Has there ever be
fore been ro Jong an cveiiim;? v. iio
indicates that she is about to leave; but
ho knows whr.t that means, and resigns
himself to another leaden-footed hour.
Everything must havo an end; linaily departs, and his faco for tho mo-
TV) ".I", f i t i I. , I,,, ,1 ..'!. I .
-w.i. u i.i.m.Lu v, nu pleasure, imme
diately dispelled by tho remembrance
that there are to bo five evenings more
of emiilar boredom within tho coming
week. Ho dreams of what he haa under
gone and miidt undergo in tho torture
chambers of society; his sleep is broken
and feverish; ho rises in tho morning
despondent and irritable. His wife may
dimly suspec t the cause; but sho lacks
tho intelligence, jx.-rhaps the magna
nimity, to relieve him of his onerous obli
gation. In tho end lie wilj !e very likely
to throw i; off, and it will be accom
panied by no littlo of lu3 old affection
and sympathy.
lne women are few who would make
good their declaration of surrender
ing society if their husbands should
flatly refuse to escort them. They think
they would, and for a whilo they might
abstain; but tho enticement is too great
to bo long resisted. First, they will go
out alone occasionally; then frequently;
at last regularly. Women who have
dragooned their lieges for several seasons,
and then acquitted them, may run the
risk of losing the early placo occupied in
their heart3 (is not such loss mutual and
unavoidable, with most couples, in any
.... i)
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taken alone, and in excts.
lji less than a year four out cf the six
girl j were under the doctor's care-. The
cutlet? eater became the victim of insom-v-i. was so nervous and timid tliat
Lit1 things aiode her crv and tremblo
vnth I???. - Tlio ciovt, eater had be
co:o victim to uyCrui. and was in a
deplorable Etate. Th&sa who tho
at;ch Iiabit learned to the full extent
the meaning of dvsnensia. Youth'
pent home, cn swearing to
Cueen Victoria. That was the last of
Lim I saw until I met burn on the wharf
half an hourarro, running a cotton truckl
rorliaps Carambo can tell us how ho
came nerc.
11ns arambo did in very bad, but
etill mtclligiLIo, English.
It appears that in Ins absence his sub
jects choso another king, who marched
poor Carambo down to tho coast with
l.oCJ otiiers and sold him to American
slavers. Ho was again cold for SLSCO at
auction in hichmend in lbo7 toapkmter,
v. iio treated him kindly. Ho was among
those arrested by (Jen. Fuller as contra
band of v.-ai- in 1852, and of coura matt
free by l'residcnt Lincoln's proclamation,
lor tno rest, ho came north alter the
war, worked in various capacilies. but
!?L2g a man of great strength bo liualiy
deci!cd to work along fhoro until ho
couid make mone' enough to run a kai
somining establLJiment. '
"Cut your name is Jict Carambo now?"
queried the reporter.
viy name is alwars Cararn!o." .m-
svered Ins iouJan' majesty with dignity,
-but they call mo John Howard, and X
live at 4.H High street."
Jxcn lovo freedom abovo everthinrr.
and when they have it they are more
amiable and. patient than when it is in
any way curtailed: Husbands who have
been exceedingly disagreeable at home,
co long as t'ioy have felt constrained to
discharge social duties in their own per
sons, have behaved quite decently after
turning over these duties entirely to their
partners. Tho average woman gets rid
of her romance and sentiment by five or
sis years of connubial experience (the
first year will answer for 'the average
man), and prefers domestic peace and
toleration to tho cherisliment of tlio lof
tiest meats. Junius Henri Brown
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I- IE3
I LAI If "VC ITIf, Ml!.
A Small Econoruist.
A lift I o boy whose parents wero al
ways 'discus-sing'. way3 and means 'in
his presence wa3 ccnstantlv i-eminr7f.d
of tho expense of everything until
n.u K-i.ii it.-..sons oi oomestic econ
omy were sunk deep in his soul. When
he was a years old somo friends visited
tho family, having with them a year
old baby. This was such a fund of
uengnp riisr, the small bov's parents re
marked that they should, like such a
cauym uieir own household, and they
looked at him to see Iiow he would take
Du,-:!jL3uui. uat, was their sur
prise when he answered gravely;
"v.. tui.tun c anoru it: -Detroit
Trco I'ress.
iTWHJBe$i5in YoiU'lDsWe PocM
tiiJurjuice of the Apaclies.
t-aii i ires alter covering a
"ilcre, said tho captain. phi!csorh
icaliy, "you liavo a king in your midst,
and yet you do ahnott roval liomaTc tn
A v
marc.i oi twentv miles on n rl.-nrl
prairie. An Aacho would make at least
hfty tiiiles inlhe same tirao over roujrh.
roc-y ujcunta ii piles, and not feel liTilf
so tuuc.n fatigue tlio soldier woidd In
mr.-uig Ii!.; screcf miles. Cavalry can
net '.Turk in such a countij-, and whito
Eicu cannot comnete with natives in
their own stronghold. Philadelphia
I Eecci-cL
That FraiiK" Can utli Son Las before purchasing Christina
i'resents. Trices are such tliat it would not pay toeross the
street, let alone going tu Omaha, this year. All they rsk is
To show
every lord cr tci-dL-tant lord that comes
along. It is very fcinguiar." New Vert
ir. ...
A TeUIng Aiument. '
4 It is now noted t!ia.t tlie abchtion of car stovo will make a clear cain of
tiie space in each car which tho heater
or-cunies, aSJ t!iat each train of seven or
ciaht cars will thereby bo enabled to
carry twonty-iire or thirty more passen-
. .- Biuiit lor iiigu- .
vent to be employed with clTect in in- '
icing the use of steam beat i::ctead of
r- f -nl'roada. Itr.j.j.-raU to tho l
Charles II. Ball, cf New York city,
owns a monkey which is attracting con
siderable attention. The animal is &
years eld rnd weighs six pounds. Ail
cf his joints are double. Among the
many r.ccomplih;nects cf the monkev
is bis ability to talk. Not only can hu
say papa," ''mamma" and "cuckoo" as
will as any parrot, tut ho win", when
hungry, say. "Jack wants his grub.
Hie Quiul n Prr-i'Vt'
Tlio quail lia! tho gift cf prophecv. In
somo parts cf Tyrol the number of his
cil's is l-elievcd to denote the nrice of
a ii
i-.:t:i ii ii sigmiying a gulden, in
oilier -pai ts, if ho calls six tiris, tho yeai?
wiil t-o a bad" ono; if ciiit "f ines, it will
be telcra! .iy proc-pc-roust btvi thouid ha
yon the Fine Goods and C.
thing you could ask tor in the line, which will be sold if thc-v
have an opportunity.
op port i
czu t.-n times or bevond Hint mimi
everything will dourish. Audubon Ma-:-!
ajii"j. - "
i At Dijon a convict under a crntenco cf '.
twenty years' penal Eurrt:do was
E-kcytical, but Curious.
rjusborid I liad my fortune told today.
ho You don'k bc-heve in that sort of
thing, do vou?
W.-Isw l, It is all fooliiancss, the
Will go farther t'lis year than ever before. Don't Fail to
call and see the Display of fine- goods.
fbank. oApnuTft & aow,
fovoy Block:, Plattsino-Litla.
Xo. i.5:lo a ri.
N.. 3', -C :4 p. m.
VO. K 6 :17 a IH.
No 7.--T iai (. in.
Nn. 6 :17 p. in.
Time "(Table.
No, 2 I 3 p. in.
Ni. 4. lo -jto a.
No.'e 7 .-13 p. in.
No. 10.-3:45 a. tn.
:ted f l -'ro ) T'l'Lor. j""d f'-r
No. 11 6; '
At tr,- r'i " v f- vr of