The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, December 14, 1888, Image 4

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14, ff?88. ' -
Tne Evening Herald.
A. Kallnharjr. DeatM, Borawood Uaildla,
Telrpkoa. Sa. &i.
Dr. Ula, OfTlre In ;rin' lira Store, Kel
0ar. Cor. tflxth aa-l tiraalle, Trlrphoae So. 42.
Ir. Wlthrra. DralUt, t'nloa lliorkr
Prof. (Jaynore, of Omaha, will hold
Lin rcgnlar dancing school tonight at
Fitzgerald hall.
Two new consolidated locomotives
were received at the shops here today for
use on the 15. & M.
Milton NoMcs and his company
passed through the city this morning on
the K. C. en route to St. Joe.
The only case of diphtheria reported
today U that of Mrs. A. W. Johnson, a
lady living on "Walnut street.
A social w ill Ihi it'iven tonight at the
parsonage of Rev. W. IJ. Alexander by
the ladies of the M. E. church.
The Sons of Veterans' ball at Fitz
gerald hall last night was a grand suc
cess. There were from fifty to one hun
dred couples danced.
The boys are trying to sharpen their
shatcs on the sand bar todny. Good,
clear ice would be a gieat luxury where
they are trying to skate.
The case, Shoemaker vs. Dunn, will
be tried lefore-County Judge Russell
this afternoon, and a iurv. The suit was
brought about for replevin.
Remember the matinee of "Lost in
London" tomorrow (Siturday) afternoon,
prices 25 and 50 cent", go and reserve
your seats at J. P. Young's.
Chas. Herkon was arraigned b?fore
Jud?e Clifford this niorninir for being
drunk and disorderly on the streets. He
was not able to pay his fine and was sent
to jail.
In Pennsylvania it is said that the
aspirants for postofiiees there average up
about seven for each ofiiee. Plattsmouth
and vicinity as far as we have learned.
beats the record.
The United IJrcthren's church, of Ne-
hawka, which hns recently been erected,
will be dedicated next Sunday. Mr.
Brooks, professor of the college at Gib
bon, Neb., will conduct the services.
Dont fail to go to the Family Mati
nee tomorrow afternoon and see the
great Lyric spectator play "Lost in Lon
don.' Fine scenery, line singing and
dancing. It is a great play for children
ilr. II. M. Gault has purchased
another fine stallion for his farm to re
place tho one which was killed by light
ning last summer. The horse was pur
chased by a Mr. Marshall in "Wisconsin
for Mr. Gault. It is said to be about as
fine an animal as the one he lost.
The report was circulated this morn
ing that County Attorney IJetson, who
had filed suit, contesting the late elec
tion, had withdrawn. Upon inquiry it
was learned that Mr. Beeson had really
withdrawn from the contest and that he
and Gering have settled the affair
Mrs. Morgan, mother of Messrs.
Frank and Clel Morgan, is lying in a
critical condition, at her home. She has
leen debilitated for some time, but of
late she has been afflicted with erysipelas
which has come in contact with her heart.
Last night it was feared that her last mo
ments had arrived, but today she is
slightly improving, but another attack is
expected this afternoon or evening. c
"We desire to return our thanks ob
served the editor of an Arkansas paper in
bis last issue, "to the members of the
Gallusville Cornet Band for a serenade
last night. The band can't play for
shucks, and the music would have drawn
a howl of pain from an Egyptian mum
my but it awakened us from a horrible
night-mare in which we seemed to be
standing at the door of our office defend
ing it against a sheriff who wore horns
and hoofs and had come to take posses- I
sion of it. Notwithstanding the appall
ing character of the music it was the
sweetest sound that ever struck our ear,
and we don't lay the serenade up against
the boys. They didn't mean any harm
and they probably saved our life."
"We now believe that mischievous
rodents can le accused of the most rc
diculous tricks and thefts since the fol
lowing shoit story has been revealed.
Their worthy title has spread far ami
wide oyer the continent as a by-word
"Rats," and we were obliged to txprcs.
ourselves by the same word when we
Jis eae.l to the story. Itats have even beei;
found guilty of stealing a woman's false
teeth. The woman who suffered the los
is the wife of a farmer named Levi Cole,
living near Bock Bluffs. The man whs
heard to compl tin of the trouble caused
i im by the rats, and he had finally made
up Lis mind since the above misfortune,
to extinguish them by "rough on rats."
or some other terror to mbs. His w ife on
retiring one night a short time aj;o re
moved her teeth and left them on n
tab!. Jlxta wrra heard ransackiug in
the room, but the thought that they would
conaid r fal-e t-eth of any value to them,
never occurred to her. In the merning
the m istir.itors wrr. dincovercd to be
mUsin?, and he ha ssuncc Len able
tn sec-ore her lost treaUru
A Surprised Young Man.
An instance occurred last night at the
Sons of Veterans mask ball which re
minded many of such scenes as are
frequently revealed upon the sudden
reak of day which strikes a car load of
loye makers as they are rapidly pulled
from a tunnel. The actions may not
have been similar to that, but tho hot
lurning words which were poured from
one ear to another certainly corresponded
with thore let loose under 6uch circum-
stances. Ik-fore tho masks were lilted
many pleasing conversations occurred
between the young men and several supposed-to-be
A young man who presents somewhat
of n female Texnression even when his
countenanco is not hidden from view by
a mask, attired himself in a low-necked
dress, while a stylish hat partially cov
ered streaming golden tresses which
reached the waist of this much admired
beauty. By the aid of modern science,
the young man managed to build ad
ditions to himself which, when completed,
passed him off in the regular form. He
was sized up much by the young bloods
who remarked to themselves: "I wonder
who she is, I must not go home before
meetinT her and bavins a dance. She is
a beauy, and I believo she must be i
stranger for I do not ever see
ing that figure on any previous occasion.1
She danced with several of the young
men, and all were apparently mcch de
lighted with her company, her graceful
dancing, her charming figure and musicul
voice. One of the mashers danced with
this young ldy, and being an intimate
friend of the disguised, the great secret
was divulged to him, which suddenly
opened his eyes and he was about to
thump the deceiver when he was sudden
ly huslud up. The two made it up to
seure a ooint on a fellow thev had "had
it in for" for a short time.
The victim was secured and intro
duced to the young lady, and amorede-
lirhtjd voung man could not have been
found in the danco hall last evening.
lie was gradually led on by this treach
erous young female uutil he commenced
to opt n fire: lie admired her very much
and tho talfy which dropped between
ihem nearly fastened them to the floor.
The young lover revealed many secrets
which he would not have the boys know
for anv sum. For his sake (tor we
know he will suffer much as it is) we
'.vithh -ld many . of his expressions.
hen all masks were removed, lie was
the m ;st miserable of men and especially
when -jjven the laugh by the boys.
duel v. ill probably be the result of the
St. Paul Herald.
Nc v. ton Beers has got a play that the
.nasses can see and be pleased. It pos
-esses Jill the mystery, emotion, and vig
orous action of melodrama, and is well
icted iv a capabla company. In the
third act is introduced the Rajah of
Singapore, also the Pan Pipe Singers
who do some fine old English Songs.
with lihtnin changes. The play
really lyric spectacular, and is an ab-
iolutj success. The scenery is all new
ind b antiful. Especially grand is the
seen-- in the last act representing Job's
vision, where the auditor is translated
from Ramshackle Cottage into a world
of clisi'olt ing beauty, in which legions
of cehtial beings are seen floating in the
air. The play is in five acts and the
scenic effects are the best efforts of La
fayctt-.- W. Seavey of New Yoik city.
Lost in London will be presented a
the Yv'aterinan opera house tomorrow
afternoon and evening. Tickets for both
perfor. nances now on sale at the regular
Wives? Buy your husbands a pair of
tho o beautiful plush slippers at Slier
wo-jd s. tf
After The Postofflce.
"As the heart panteth after the water
brook i, so panteth my soul after thee, oh
postoi'iee. My tongue thirsteth to lick
the stamp, and mv loins yearn for the
salary of $1,200 a year. When shall i
com ., and how long shall that unwasher
demo -rat continue to stand behind the
boxes and hand out my mail with
sneer t Have I not prayed day and night
f-r the success of the republican ticket
and at the great rally did I not carry
torch, 'and when someone asked 'what's
tlic m .tter with Harrison?' did I not
shou' at the top of my voice, 'He's oil
right : When I remember these things
my s :il is feverish with impatience, and
even i i my s'eep I cry out, 'How long,
O L-..-.1, how long?"' Ex.
J.r.iton Beers' Lost in London conpany
will -,:ve a grand Ladies and Children's
M ;t; re tomorrow, presenting tho play
"Li t in London" th same as
at i.' yit, and you can reserve your seats
for v t ne at 25 and 50 cents. You will
mis- : rare treat if you fail to go.
A Christmas Present.
T. - ry 10c cash purchaser at Slier wood's
will '; entitled to one chance on a 2.00
pair of skates.
"Why freeze or starve?" is the pointed
qii'sthm asked by the manufacturers of
' "Garhui 1 Stoves;" and we would add:
Why buy a poor imitation when for the
sai;;:' price yon can get the genuine
"Gat!jnd:" Sold exclusively by
Johnsos EBOTiiER'a. "
IsmghtoT Sail I
Our Odds aT:& Ends of
AT ABfll'T
One Half Original Value.
Odd Pieces of
IDress G-oods
Marked Way Below
Our 50c White Merino Vests and Pants
are the best value in the city.
Our 73c Camcl3 Huir Vests and rants
sell clswhere at $1.00.
Our $1.00 National "Wool Vests and
, Pants well worth $1.25.
Our $1.00 Scarlet Vests and Pants are the
Lest goods for the price offered.
Our $1.50 Camels Hair Vests and Pants
worth $4.00 a suit.
Our $1.50 Scarlet Vests and Pants are
our regular $2.00 quality.
K;eiB.iiaii t Sal
Mr. Louie Foltz of Mt. Pleasant, is in
the city today.
Mrs. Joe Klein, who has been visiti:.
friends at Cmaha, returned home this
Mr. John Rucdy, of Hamburg, la.,
uncle of Mr. Miko Grassmam, returned
home this morning, after a few days'
visit in the city.
Riddle House arrivals: Jno. F. Toft.
Omaha; A. Pichup, Omaha; W. J. New
mann, Chicago; J. J. McDonald, St. Paul;
C. F. Barnard, Omaha; W. H. Curtis,
Omaha; L. W. "Welch, Omaha; D. L. Fil
ley, Omaha; G. W. Irving, Omaha.
--Some bold imp appropriated three
pairs of pants which were hung out in
front of Joe's clothing frtore this morn
ing. Two pair were valued at $7 each,
and the other at $6. They were taken
between the hours of seven and eight.
A New Year's Cift.
R. Sherwood will give to every Cash
purchaser of $2.00, or over, one chance
on the beautiful doll valued at $15.00.
There will be a regular meeting of the
Y. W. C. T. U. tonight, at 7:30, in the
Presbyterian church, to which honorary
members are especially invited.
Ladies! Call and see the full line of
gents velvet and plush slippers at Sher
wood's, tf
The City Meat Market is the best place
to buy fresh meats, pork chops, poultry
and game of all kinds. tf
T liavc TValcIics from $3.00
to $7.00 Tor Geullemen and
am able to suit any one In
price and quality and war
rant all ?oois sold to be as
represented. Cive me a call
and sec for yourself.
New York Smokers.
"There does not appear to be a.ny
decrease in smoking cigars and cigar
ettes," said an old tobacconist to an
Evening Sun reporter. '"Here arc
scnio figures about the manufacture of
theso goods in tins city. Tho cigars
manufactured since Jan. 1 last were
G-12.C33.74!); the cigarettes, 491, S)7fl,C20.
In October, this year, tho number of
cigars manufactured here was 73,0G'.),
GCU, and the number of cigarettes 51,
11 5. CCD, 5?.747,200 for the same
period in lSe7.
"The cigars manufactured this year
are a litt!c stronger than in former
years," enniir.ued the speaker. "This
tj of eou: -c duo to tho fact that the
lccvrs are stronger. I. lind that the
majority of m-olrcrs prefer a strong or
ir.ecaur.i i :ri:r because tncvt contain
mcio Ihtvcr and produce A sweeter
smoke." I -
Our Odds and Ends of
ilks, Velvets
Remnants of Above Goods
One Half Original Value.
Colored Velveteens
Reduced to 40 cents a yard, worth
05 cents. Full Lines of
Of ToWga:i.sT.i,i OVhunters,
Jocky and Alpine C.'ips, Children's
j Cashmere and IMush Hoods, Chil
j drens Zephyr and Angora Hoods,
! Ladies' Hoods and Facinators.
Holly HenfccMfifs.
Our Stock in above goods is
very complete, and we are show
ing some very llicli Goods in Em
broidered Silks and Linen. Full
Lines of Colored, Bordered, Scal
loped, Iriitiel and plain white.
The annual meeting of stockholders in
the Plattsmouth Loan & Building Asso
f iiition will be held on Monday Jan. 7th
1 -SO, in G. A..R. hall, city of Platts
r..utb, for the purpose of electing a
board of directors for the ensuing year
.'!-d for the transaction of such other
uoiness as may properly come before the
uieeting. J. n. Youxo,
Dec. 4, '8S. tf Sec'y.
Call and look nt the Bon Bon Boxen,
Matol Boxes. Tooth Fielc Holders.
IIe Knives. WhUk Broom, etc.. In
Oxydixed silver, at II. SI. J AUII 'J.
Also 4old Chains tor hoth Ladies and
(ientlemen. Charms. Hina, Uold Pens
and Pencil, a splendid assortment of
everything: to be had in a First-Class
Jewelery tore.
Wool boots with rubbers reduced to
$2.00 at Sherwood's mens arctics only
85 c at Sherwood's sold elsewhere for
"W. II. Baker has the
stock of toys in the city.
Slier win & "Williams' mixed paints, the
best in the market, atFricke & Oo's. drug
store. 8-tf.
Plenty of feed, flour, graham
meal at Heisel's mill, tf
"Wool Boots and Rubbers
$2.00 at Merges.
Why pay big prices for sewing ma
chines when you can get a New Howe ut
R. Sherwood's for $25,00?
Clocks at II. 11. 4ault's from
$1 OO to $20.00, warranted to
ivc sat ifuctiou or money re
funded. For Rent--A pleasant front room
neatly furnished, only one block from
Main street. Inguire of J. 1. Unruh. tf
J. II. Donnelly has a fine display of
silk and satin suspenders, plain and em
broidered. He also has a fine line of
fine initial handkerchi- fs. tf
A house to rent in a good location, and
at reasonable terms. Call at this office
or corner of Marble and Sixth streets.
Wool boots with rubbers reduced to
$2.00 at Sherwood's. Men s arctics only
85c at Shi-rwood's, sold elsewhere fur
Why go to grocery and dry goods
stores for arcticts when you can get them
for 85c nt Sherwood's?
There is a-fine stock of holiday goods
at W. II. Baker's. Those who wish to
make selections before the finest grades
are sold, can have them laid away until
they are ready to buy. tf
Mrs, Simpson will receive h few pupil.
in muic, on Saturdays, at Mrs. Living
ston's residence, corner Sixth and O.ik
streets. Plattsmouth, Nov. 19, 1888. tf
See Joe's Goods, g?t his Prices, and
then let your own Judgment decide
whether you can do so well anywhere
e'se n3 at Joe'. - tf
The Hsiht running Howe at Ruber t
Sherwood's only f25?00. .,
Cur Odds and Ends of
savy IRibbod Wool
Hoso, Sizes frexn 61
to 9, reduced to 50c.
a. Sair, wcrtli from
75 to 90c.
Extra Good Values in LADIES'
per Pair.
All BepairtaaeTH t
Muffs , Boas,
-A. 1ST ID
Black Coney Muffs, only 65 cents.
Black Hare Muffs, only $1.25.
Black Imitation Monkey Muffs, only
Black Real Monkey Muffs, only $5.00.
Silver Hare Muffs, only $2.00.
Opposum Muffs, only $2.50.
Lynx Muffs, only $5 00.
Imitation Seal Muffs, only $:.50.
Beaver Muffs, only $6.00
Children's Muffs and Boas, only $1.50.
Full lines of Black Coney, Nutria,
Silver Hare, Opposuiii, Lynx, Raccoon,
Chinchilla Fur Tiimmings, at very low
Best Quality Feather Trimmings, only
40 cents per yard.
A Chance on the Fine Doll
Choicest Brands of Cigars,
including our
Flor de Pepperbergo' and 'Buds
always in stock. Nov. 26, 1885.
C. F. S M I T H,
The Boss Tailor
Main St., Over Merges' Shoe Store.
Has the best and most complete stock
of samples, both foreign and domestic
woolens that ever came west of Missouri
river. Note these prices: Business suits
from $16 to $35, dress suits, $ 25 to $45,
pants $4, $5, $6, $6.50 and upwards.
tiPWill guaranteed a fit.
Prices Defy Comoetilion.
Personal attention to all Business Entrust
to my care.
Titles Examined. Ab.starcts Compiled. In
surance WritteiT, Beal Estate f old.
netter Facilities for ma'ting Farm 'Loan than
Any QthGC Agency.
Sal I
Cur Odds and Ends cf
77i Order to clear
up Odd Gar
ments in this Dc
partnient we have
marked them at a
figure that will
make them tf in a
hurry. Call early
and jret best choice.
Blankets suid
White Blankets from $1.7." to $7.
Grey Blankets from $1.5 to
Scarlv Blankets from 3.5) to $!.
Extra Good Values and uali
ties from 1.00 to S-UJO.
Ladies' Heavy Skirts in Satin,
Knit, Cotton Blush and Cloth, at
verv Low Prices.
Dr. C- A. Marshall.
-.71 U T W V.rV-VJ..'?-7'
Hesident rc-ntit.
Preservation of the Natural Teeth a '
Specialty. Auethttics given for Pain
less Filling or Extraction of Tekth.
Artificial teeth made on Gold, Silvery
Rubber or Celluloid Plates, mh! inserted
as soon as teeth are ' xtracted whin de
All work warranted. Prices reasonable.
FiTzcr.KALi)-8 Block Pr.'.xrsMotTTH, Nkb
I 4 foran Incurable case of Catarrh
I 1 MJ UtkeHe! by the proprietors of
Symptoms of Catarrh. Headache
Obstruction of noee. discharges falling' into
throat, K) me times profuse, wutery, and acrid
t others, thick, tenacious, mucous, purulent
bloody and putrid ; eyea weak, ringing in ears!
deafness, difficulty of clearing throat, xppcto!.
ation of offensive matter: breath offensive:
raeli and taste impaired, and general debility.
Only a few of these symptoms likely to bo pres
ent at once. Thousands of cases result in on.
umption. and end in tho pxave.
By its mild, soothing-, and healinjr pronertloa.
Dr. Sara's HrmoHT rurw. h ,7 r' ' 'l1
' pi, vnwn. ax,'.
The Original
ASJW Liver Pills.
IUrthl Vrnrtn.
y. . j. 1 1 ,
est. easiest to take. One Pellet a Dow.
rraUck Ceadache, III lion Ileadnr hr
I TineK, CousUpaUou. Iudleektin.?
lf C S.i ts boweU. a cf. by drurjisU.
r- J