The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, November 24, 1888, Image 4

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The Evening Herald.
A. Kalinlturjr. llratlHt, llot-kHuotl l.uildiiiK,
, Telephone Jio. :.
II r. Slslnx, OfUce la Crrinic'N lrun Slorr, Kn.1
deare Tor. &ixtli airl Uramlf, Telf liono .No. 42.
Ilr WIHiitx, I tin I'uhilci IHnlUt. 1'nlon
lllwk, o-r Krlrkr' lliiiif Store, l'ltluiuiitli.
Ca Paul's liiin li. OaU. between
Filth and Sixth. Father ta'iiey, 1'aMor.
H-rvlrea : Mass at 8 mid W :: A. M. Sunday
Kehoul at 2 ::sti, ili iHiietlietioi..
Christian. rorner Locust anil Kii?ltl SU.
Hunday School 10 a.m.
Kpi'(iii..-SI. Luke's 'liureli. eoi tifr Tliiul
and Yin.-. K-v It I;. Harti. i.aMer. Ser
vices : II A. m. a it;' M. Sunday Seticol
ai 2 i-. m.
(jKlttl.W M tTllnllI.sT Collier Sixth St
;riTiit-. Hi-, lillt. I'ii'Hir. ScrviciH : II A. M.
and :'' I". M. Sunday :-eli..ol la ::; A M.
I-isyti-i:a v. -Main. l.rtwren Sixth ;ii l
'.Seventh. Kcv. . T. Hair , I'if tor. Scivie". hour-, linn autl evening. S indaj
bi li'X'l a je.
KfitHT Mktiiomst. SKlh St.. It-twcti Mail
and ivail. Rev W. R. Alexander, pastor.
Service : 1 1 A. M.. 7 ::xi I'. l. Mil (I i. x hoo:
ti :'JO l . m . 1'rayrr iiiccti Wednesday evcn
iiis;. I1RI;MN riCMiMK.KIAN. M ini I'll"
Nuilh. R.-v Will.-, pasit r. S-hUts : iiMia
iionr-i. Sunday M-iiooi a. m.
Sw:h:iIim ('(xcisn; ATloNAI. - Craliilf, le
te;a I'iIUi ami .Sixth
,fr,. T. Kciiipstcr presented her
Jiusl;uil willi a young son l ist Thnisd iy
M-.-n arc but the whiskers on th
c'lcsnut known as life Lincoln Journal.
A newly et -ibl'islied paper in X. vr
Jersey is called th-: Tftuj'ie. It is prob
ably edited by a woia m. Lincoln
. Jula Ilasscll issu.-d a marriage
licence yest-rday to .Mr. John Bucking
him and Kru'. ,, ',h iA
W -eping Wate..- "
Won l -r w'.. it tin? m ' .-' r of t,,r
orohesir.i has againt th llfcit.w.u, tli
city, th- mmiger of t'i; op.r.i,
himself and every bo ly i
Ui-!n y lir- s. have inovcJ a 1 r
ftnl fiiino into tlu-ir luinlK-r Viir.1, i'"l
from all appL-ar.ino s tlii-y intf si.l to lio
tlit-ir work l.y fsteam in the future.
Miaijr You 4 ti;k-ph :u 1 to 1''. !5
lllio.l .-.-t, m iin.:r of "An.lrews Okt;
Co.'at X..-lrak:i City last ni-ht, an
wis inform il by him that th.-y ha 1 t
put out a ni'ii, 4-Stainlinii IJ-sm Only,"
b;ron? S o loc-k, :i!ul all the seats sohl
for S itunlay (tonijcht) an l lie lup -d he
c mM say as much for Plattnoiitli
when they arrived litre next Thursday
The authorities should have a wif
to sty t th larje crowds of younjr mei
who assmMe in the post office even
i-vening while the niiils are being dis
tributed, and spit tobacco juice on th
;h,.r by the gallon as ladies pass by. anrl
41 11 the room with smoke. T'ney should
la :ompelled to desist, as no lady desires
to piss such a crowd and listen to theb
foul mouthed expressions, which the;
takc uo caution to hush up in the pres
ence of any lady. The postmaster is do
iiiii whit he can to put a stop to thes
unmanly actions, and the sooner ti e
in itlcr is followed up, the better.
It is reported that Xo. 5 goinjj west
this morning, was being switch-, tl i t
3Ialvern. A locomotive and an emp'y
car were standic on the track, and tl
train was coming so rapidly that th
engineer on the first engine, fearing :
collision, opened the throttle and jnmpei
off. The coach was struck an
knocked out of place, beini' turned
half way on the trucks. The front en
gine was under a full he id of am
started forward. As the core
passed all posts, standing near the trie!
were broken off. When the bridge b
tween Malvern and Glen wood wv.
reached, the car came in contact with tin
jtressle work, and smashed things up s
hadly that trains were delayed for sven
Siour today.
The remains of the late Jerry I) in:
her arrired here lat night from Citli- f
Xevada. They were accompanied by !i:
wife and brother, Patrick. Thu- bod;
was conveyed to his parents" resideno .
Granite street, to await the obsequio
This morning a large number of
;X athered at the home to take a look s.t
iheir deceased friend, but as nearly
week hi passed sinci his death, th
casket was not opened. K'ery face i.
ihi sad home was moisteutd with teur
ind the assemblage on a whole presentei
ai vt-ry aff jctive scene. The parcntsin
:!ier relatives were about overcome witl
-rrief.aiid his wife.whojclung to tlie ca-k t
which contained lur whole affection, a;
parently had lost all hope of any futui
brihtn ms, and moaned a- though h-1
heart would break. A sadder scern
4-ould not be picture ! his relatives hen .
who have not seen him for years, cou!
not look upon his face th n, and
thou 'lit was a verv severe blow to all.
A large number of the A. O. 1L, of which
he was a member, gathered at ins uonie
to pay him the last tribut-s of ic-sptct,
und they followed the hearse in the p:o
revsioii. The remains wen; conveyed to
the Catholic church about 9:30, where
high requiem mass was hId, after which
the procession moved to Oak Hill ceme
tery, west of the city, where intcrnvnt
tiMt'k pl5t. II- was not shot, ns was
first rported, but he cane to hi-t deatl
by intl until Uion of tlho""'t.iai-l h"ri
On Wheals This Standard Com
pany With Its O d Excellencies.
Reinforced by a superb Chorus,
to Visit the Leading Cities In the
West in Their Beautiful and
Homelike Buffet Sleeping Car, the
On one of the side tracks in the Mil
waukee yards stands the queenly palace
sleeper, "Florence," beautifully illum
inated along its sides with landscapes
and (lower pieces, and bearing on either
side in lu avy embossed letters of gilt,
the legend. "Tin; Andrews O.iera Com
pany." Within this moving home of one
of the oldest and most popular mu-ical
organizations in the. country is found
very convenience known to modern
car building. The '"Florence" is the
property in fee simple of the company,
ind the latest evi I -'lice ,f i,s merited
"(to-pcrity. At one nd is the otlice of
he business manager; the centre of the
car is occupied by state rooms, and a
via'-iotis drawing loom elegantly lilted,
while the farther end is fitted with a
fiminlfti kiti hen where a white aproned
Ethiopian presides over range and but-r.-iy.
Thus all the chances of annoy
mces expei ienced by theatrical people
lui-mg hotels are avoided, and a social
ind domestic life made possible, not
otherwise enjoyed.
The Andrews Opera company is a his
torical organization. It was born, and
las grown and prospered with that young
jiantess, "The Xew Xoithwest." The
Vudrcws Concert compmy took the road
in l SS7 . In l?o the well known An
Irows Family bellringvis were organized
in 1 made several successful tours. It
as from thes.j beginnings that the
Vndrews Opera company was evolved,
he il -a of that gifted musical family
i iving all along been to advance to tin
ligher plain. t;f opera which they now
)C-oupy. Their aim ha., been legitimate
pera. and in the splendid company in
lu ling over thirty people now with
hem, this dream is realized. As public
dueators of retln.-d musical taste the
Y.n Irews Opera company have rendered
i valuable service. "Excellence" has
ieeii their motto, and today the name
'Andrews" is the most valuable musical
rade mark ii (he v.cst.
There is nothing labored about their
illorts. however. Light opera meets the
lopular demand, and surely there s
nougli life, love and laughter in theii
epertojrc to sa isfy all reasonable de
.nands. This company will appear in the
'Mascott" at the Waterman Thursday
.Thanksgiving) night Xov. "2U.
"The Plattsmouth Orchestra."
Since the worthy leader of "our orches
tra," has opened lire upon us in our local
;onteuiporary, when no direct reference
i is been made to the would-be musicians
in the columns of this ptper, it behooves
us to take advantage of such an excel'ent
opportunity to express our opinion con
cerning the opera house orchetir. As
the father of the article which appeared,
stated, when the orclustra was organized,
the IIkhai,P leut them an assisting hand
several times, un4 nothing has beer,
thrown out in any shape resembling a
dur until the day following the Murray
aid Murphy performance. The only
.tatement then made was while making
reference t their orchestra we said: "Wt
.vere enabled t hear a little music be
tween acts, which is seldom our privi
lege." If theatre-goers were afforded
the pleasure, of hearing one harmoniou
strain amoug one continued blast of dis
cords and breaks, that oue little strain
.vould be recognized with as much ap
preciation as would au oasis in a desert
to a thirsty and fatigued traveler who
Uad about succumbed. If the leailei
would select music for his orchestra such
13 could be touched "by them, the pub
lie would appreciate it, but their past
e:Torts remind on3 of a poodle dog trying
to carry an elephant, as a comp irisoi .
Our advice to them would be for them te
play such pieces of m isic as would b
within their reach, and during th-ir idh
nom jnts this s;ason. practice tli3 inus'u
they are now practicing on for the bene
fit of th J public, for th j coming season.
The leader guaranteed the manager to
fill hisopjraho ise and infor tied hiai that
their in.laence upon tli3 public would
draw a full house every time, but wi-
have as yet failed to see the crowds ei -
large, bjt onthi contrary, they havo b-jen
falling short for souu tint J. If th j leader
would give h'n orchestra the sam peice
of music t play each time until they
mister it, it certainly would be much
more appreciated than half a iloz?n or so
and no music at all, and get the instru
ments in tuns once to see what a good.
anTTd chord sounds like. Oar advice to
I them u. p,jy .omothing you can h in lie
and the people will not stuff cotton bat
tin in their ears :i3 some of them do now
when you play.
Graid Entertainment
At Waterman's oera house the evening
of Tuesday. November 27. Givm by
Mj. II. II. Ilendersliot and son, assisted
y the best local musical talent, under
r.h aat'cs f tl-e 7. I-C
mail Mfl
; it 5? ? J c-j Im i a? is a t$ m v- x&W
Ladies' Modjeskas.
IJluck Ji:igonul Cloth, Fur Trim
med, only 87.00.
Black "Extra Quality IUncle Cloth,
Spike Fringe; Trimmings, I3ell Sleeve,
only $l0.ou.
r.lack Frie.e Ci.i'.h, Hall TninminK
Quilted Lining, Astrachaii C lifts :;iid
Collars, only $1-1 .On.
lh-i)wn and Tan Urocaded Alatel
lasse, l'Jush Ii.ill Triinming, Flush
Cutis and Collar, only $15.00.
Silk Flush, Plush l)all Trimmings,
plain Satin Lined, Chamois pockets,
only $15.00.
Black Astrachan Cloth, Spike
Trimmings, Satin Lined, only Sl.
Fancy Silk Striped Cloaking,
Call Trimming to match, Quilted
Satin Lining, only $"20.
Seal Pliish, Klegant Plush Ball
Trimming, Satin l ined, genuine Seal
Loops, onlv 2o.
Elegant "Seal Plush, Beaver Ball
Trimmings and Collar, Quilted Satin
Lined, only. 32. 50.
Our Plush Sacijues are iinished with thp hest pf Quilted Satin
Limn". Chamois Pockets and Genuine Seal Loops. Any guarantee
failing to meet the representation in wear given our garments, will he
replaced hy a now ouo,
Jlr. J. K. Keithley, jiroprietor of the
Weeping Water Rejjnbficau, was in the
city today and made a pleasant crjjl at
thii olliee.
Jlrs. John Stewart, who has been visit
iurr her father, Mr. Sparks, of Lincoln,
returned home by the flyer yesterday
Mr. J. J. Walters, wife and child, for
mer resid-nts of this city, arrived by the J
fiver vesterday afternoon from Garnctt, .
Ka?. They will visit the home of Mr. J.
C. Stewart, here.
The Qospel Meetings held every
Sunday afternoon at the v. M. C. A.
rooms are growing in interest, last Sun
day there being the largest attendance
since moyiug into the ujw rooms, which
proves our young men know a good
thing when they see it. Mr. D. A.
Campbell, Prof. Ciiatburn, John A.
Davics, and Mr. II. F. Chapin, are or
ganizing a Literary Society to meet at
the parlors oue njghj: in he week. This
will be quite an attraction tlds winter
for the young men. All young men who
are interested in such an enterprise
should call on the above named gentle
men or the secretary at the rooms. The
young men are trying to have a larger
attendance tomorrow than last Sunday,
although that was the largest yet. Full
ctoheitra tomorrow; at 3:45, commences
a fifteen minute song, j;reciding
the regular m?etin g.
The jury which was sent out yester
day on the Ellis case, returned a verdict
of guilty. EUU will probably receive a
sentence or two years.
Only oni month until Christmas eve.
We take great pleasuc in wishing you
5.11 a merry Christmas.
The regular teachers meeting was
held at the high school yesterday after
noon. Mrs. Simpson will receive a few pupils
Onr AssortintMit surpasses
anything heretofore attempted
ly ns in this Department, and
our customers will he surprised
at onr magnificent display of
Laflies' anfl Misses
and at very Low Prices. Ve
are showing decided novelties in
Stripes, Checks,
and Solid Colors !
with Plain,
Bell or
man ia9
Sure of Success.
"What business are yon in now, Brigs
by?" "I will manage Prof. Asteroid, the
e.iftinent scientific fecturcr, this season."
"There's no money in tljat. The Ject
ure business is played out."
"I kuow it, but I have secured a couple
of prize fighters to give boxing exhibi
tions before and after the address. That
ought to fetch 'mi,1'
The Bohemians in the western part
of the city created havoc among them
selves last night. A young man whose
name we were unable to learn had rented
a house from his father-in-law who had
eft some apples in the cellar of the
house, winch Ue claimed, bgt the son-in-law
contested that they belonged to
him, when he rented the house, and re
fused to give up anything. The old
man had made up his mind to have what
he thought belonged to him, and while
the young man was at work in the shops,
yesterday, he went to the cellar and car
ried away the fruit. Last n'ght when
the gqn jn:law peturned from work, upon
learning of the course peisued by Jhe pld
man, he went to his Ijousj and pommel
ed him severely. It is reported that the
old man was laid up in bad hape.
Because he had no Garland Stovk.
Buy one of Jonxsox Buos. sept22-dlm.
A nice li,i of silk and linen handker
chiefs and mufflers just received at .L II.
Donnelly's. tf
Two or three fresh milk cows for sale
at Holmes' barn. tf
Itcmember you save , cts. on every
dollar by trading with Elson the One
Price Clothier.
Dry rot in timber is said to ba con
tagious, saws and other tools otu ryin
it frora Lho infecttd wood to scunu
timber. -
Sale !
Kid Glcve
We shall IT. r nil of our Kid C.Iovcp,
woith fr.nn 1.15 to $":,0, lit the Xomi
nal I'i ice
This includes everything we curry in
Stock of Dressfd. Suedts, Custors, niid
lliiving (tlovcs.
IJuttoii eiinppon's lhst Colors and
Pd icks, now I.S0, worth f-j.flO.
4 Uutton Sinisn's Best Colors and
uiacks, now, w rth $
4 liutton Our Own Fancy Embroidered
Hacks, Colors and Ulack, now $1,150,
w rth $2.00.
5 Button Bon Mnrche E.xtra, Colors
and Black, now $1.50, wnth $1.7o.
8 liutton Moefiuetaire Suedes, Colors,
only $1.50, worth $2.25.
(i Button Mosquctairc Sm des, Colors
and Black, $1.50, worth $2.00.
4 Button Castors, Colors, only now
$1.50. worth $2.00.
Suede Gnantlet Driving Gloves, Colors,
onlv now $150, worth $2.25.
(3ur $4.00 Beaver Shawls in Greys and
Browns, sold elsewhere at $5.00.
Our $5.00 Reversible Velvet, in Greys
and Brow ns, with Fancy Border, is decid
edly a good bargain.
Our $7.00 Beaver good heayy Shawl.
Very pretty line of colors.
Our $it.00 Beaver, superior quality,
elegant patterns, well worth $10.(.0.
Our $10.00 Bcfiver in Greys. Tuns and
Browns, entirely new patterns, and would
be decidedly cheap at $12.00.
Compiles Everythii g in
German Knitting,
Eider Dow n.
Fairy Floss,
Shetland Floss,
Comforts and Blankets.
10x4 White Blankets at $1.25 per pair.
10x4 White Blankets, good weight,
only $2.00 per pair.
Ifix4 Whjte al Wool Guaranteed,
only $ 4. Go.'
Our Country-made White, at $1.75
He OTianiiq
IBoots aund
PECIAL Sales in Ladies' Fine
worth $..00.
VU Three Dollar Shoes is far better
j" OH Two-Dollar Shoe nothing will
IME is going on and our goods must
QoME think this is just a blow.
OW all we ask is lor you to give ns a
NI) to see the goods will convince
other dealer.
'RICES Low is our Motto.
"?. . 33 O US
--The election is pyer but T-Tmptfiy
Clark still haa plenty of leal and wood
at his yard on south 53rd street. Orders
tak-n at central telephone office anil
M. B. Murphy fc Co's store. Canon City
$7.25 per ton; Iowa Lump $4.75;
Momosia $5.00; tf
O. P. Smith Si Co. have the finest dis
play of holiday goods ever brought to
to the city.
A house to rent, handy to the busi
ness part of the city. For infoi rnation
call at this omce.
Elson, the One Price Clothier, te selling
the Chicago Hats at $1.90.
Plenty of feed, Hour, graham and
meal at Heisel's mill, tf
Ht Boeck's furniture stock is acknowl
edged to be the finest and most complete
in the city.
The holiday stock at Smith & Co. 7 is
immense this year. Call and see it.
If you have a watch, clock or jewelry
of and kind you'want repaired good, take
it to II. 1L GanlL AU work warranted
ptr pair, is xtta large hc, hi 1 : r.i rally
tidvu tisi d as a big I aip.iii at 5 ( 0.
11x4 "White In I trial is lull " r"
at $i.50 a air is a ttl l-aieain.
$4.50,M tstt in liiMiM lhd Lb iktl is
good value at $5.(0.
$0.00, Itid Bbn.ktt txtniwt) in tl
12x4 Ihd BlMiiktt at .(.( p r jair,
made tip of the fimst wt 1.
Brown niidCiav n.ixtd Blniktlf, at
all piit-ts.
, Onr $1. CO Ct infill, fdr pn.r (.tctl
Our $1.50 CYn. f rt, gt t d tti ibly.
print n.lid, ltd lit ing, 1'dNd with
white batting.
Our $2.10 rtntfcit, tt 1 lil.t,
weight. ;
Our $2.50 Ct ihfoil, lwr prrl aluts:
Xo. 1. Favt Cobittl ( l.inlz I'lint,
While Ct.lten Filhd, txlra i.e aid
weil''. .
Xo. 2. Fi.pcy Si.lne. mI.1 ltd lin
ii)s, eb gent line of uUi n h Mil lob if.
C)ur?:5.25 Iiiijoittd (lnlz lilttiiiH,
vei v fni.f-v filliltf d. ixllH ' I I l' V I iliht.
Our $4.1 0 I- me J i rt y 1 1 1
S-itine, vtiy nhilx ,i
. ' ' . . . a
lnt1, fizo
Undei vear.
Ladies' M hitt Ut lirt. V if.Sill ttifth
ed, Silk bound, at f.O c i.ts tuth. Paidfl
to match.
Ladies' Extra Cue. H:ifi;r ,i-alily.
White Jleiino Vests, .It in y i il l t d i-h vt s
nt 75 cents each. I'aiits lo n t.tih i.t n ine
Ladies' White Wool Vests. Silk JViil d
antl $1.25.
Ladies' Natural Wt tl Vifts ni,d
at $1. CO t ut h, worth $1.25.
Ladies' Scarlet Vests artl I'l.i fs. f n tt lh
and soft, on'y $1.00 i nt h.
La dies' St-iiiht Saxeny Wool Vn-tsaiitt
Pants, tintst quality, at 81.75 inch.
Lalii' Camels Hair Pants and Vrsls
Betluced tt $:1.00 n suit, w orth $4.00.
Full Lines of Children's, Mhste and
Boys' Underwear. White, Scarltt. Natur
al and Camels I Irtir at Low pi ices.
Seal Plush Wraps.
Our line of 1 lush Oiiimei ts this smson
are made up of the best grath s of I.t n
don Dyed ami Listcis Seal PIcsIhf, mid
Every Gaimiiit Guarau'etd to wear.
Our Plush Jaekcls nt $15.(0 are very
Our English Walking .7 j: kt Is. three
quarters h ngth. at $25, well woith $:!0.
Our $25.00 Plush Sat qui s, sc-Jd tlse;
wherc at $:i0.( 0
Our $:;0.00 Plush Sattptts woith fully
Onr $:)5.00 1'lush Sat tpits wt.ilh fully
Our $:;7.50 plush Sat-qms sJd every
where at $45.00.
Our $45.00 Plu.-h S.arijUis, regular city
pi ice, $5.i.
Sin e So
Hand-Turned Shoes, selling now for only $.'5.50,
than ever put on the maiket litre before,
tqual ours.
be sold.
you that we are selling ciuaptr than any
Dr. C- A. Marshall.
Resident XJcniGt.
Preset yation of the Natural Teeth a
Specialty. ' A pot Jit tics'giyi n for AliJ
.tii Fn i-iNo oh Extract ion pp Ti-.KTjf.
Artificial teeth made en Gold. Hiher,
Ilubber or Celluloid Piatt s, ai-d intittd
8 soon ug tci th rc CNtrafted whtp de
All work warranted. Prices rt asonabie,
AU work first-class; west Fifth Street
North Robert Eher wood's Store.