The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, April 24, 1888, Image 1

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MiMr ill I M
NU3IISE12 .18 1
I-. M. i:i nr.
W K h'X
JAMC4 i'A f I'KUH'IN, .IK.
1'utice .fa ln,
Couocllmeii, Is: w.irtl,
lfYltO (UIIK
- A Maooi.k
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Wn k n veil
I A rAl.iM;tllV
1 M Jon kh
1 lIC A Mil I I'M A N
t M l( MLIil'itv
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V . 't .its SOU.
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1 C I.I.KN. I'KI'.s
t J V J..-1J,
f hkii ;.
. O 11 Haw
Board rub. Work
. IK.
Dsimiy r.eaoirer, -
Deputy Clerk. -Kee-order
of Deeds
Detuty lt-'C'n b;r
Idem of ii-ti icT. t.'ojrt,
Rherilf. - - - -
Surveyor. - -
Sunt, of lul. School.
County Ju iio.
boajid or HUI'
a. n. Tuii.
lAiVll K.fLTZ. Ch'lll.,
A. H. 1I liO.V,
- - 1 lio-e. I'oi.i.ix'K
l!fl;l I KIT! II I-IP Ml
fcXA lI'M I M.l
V. H. fi.i.i
v. .siiuwAi.Tifi!
J. O Kikks it a i: t
A. M M'lH.h
AI.iYX.vm hlXK
IMat tsiaouMi
Weeping W-itel
- li in wood
iiASS lODU' :o. nr.. I o. o. K. -Meets
V'every Tuei'day evenim of each week. A li
transient brothers are respectfully invited to
O. K.. niee-in every a'tereate Friday hi
each mouth iu the Maonic iiall. Visiting
Jtrotlien are i ivtted to attend.
fiiltle) WIMiB X. 81. A
81. A. O. U. W. Meets
rflrv .lieri:iL iTlilav eveiiniit at Iv. ! 1 .
ball. Trautiieat brother are respetiiuly in
vited t attend I'.. I Morgan, Master Work ;
JC. r. IJarntow. Foreman ; Frank l;rwn. over
?r ; I. ii-twen, liuiile ; 4tois llou-ovortli.
iteorder ; II. J. Johnson. Financier; W:i!i.
binitb. Ueeeiver; M. Mnbrl:ht. l'att M. W. :
Jack laui:fcprty . Ii.s:de tiuaru.
CA;H CAMP NO. 3v2. moikk WiiOOMFX
t of Aniii Meets -eciid ami fourth Mi.u
day evening at K. i I. li :li AU tiamitiit
brother are reijuested to meet witii . L. A
jVowoo ner. Venerable Consul ; H. -', Nilef.
V.'oi Thy Adviser ; I, li. .Siiiltu, Kx-Kauker ; W.
C. WiUt-tts. Clerk.
1LA.TrSMUrH I.OD(iH NO f. A.O. V. XV.
Meet every aiforoate Friday evenin at
KockwoodhallatSo'wioe. All transient. t.ri)lii
em are respectfully invited to attend. L.
Larson. M. V. ; K. ltovd. Foreman : S -Wilde.
Recorder ; Leonard Anderson. Iversrer.
McCUniMIE POST 45 C. A. R.
J. W.J.H!c.v .- ".niand. r
O. S. Twit Senior ice "
V. . KATiU , Junior
tlen ..
IIxniiy siKKiuiir.
Maum Dixos
ohaklm k'ki
Akoku-sov Kb v. .
.... J.M.
i diiusr at the iay
...... " ii:ard
... ?eri?t Major.
..Quarter Master Sert.
j . e.ruKTin
neeinz Saturday V4niu
s. (!. UKTK...,
r 'rsonal at'eutloM u. aJJ '.!isliie- Knlrusr
lomy care.
titles P.:if!-.ed. Mistaietn Compiled. Iii
suraiicu W'tilitt. eal Kstatc Sold.
Etelter FicIIiiies f.ruat!.n Farm Loaiv- :!::"
Any Qtlicr Agsacr.
Notary I'uWic. Notary i'ublic.
it'in:i..Ud iAVit:-.
Attorneys - at - Iav.
ifllce ever Bank t Ca- County.
Plattmiocth. - - Xkck.vska.
llopro53!it the following
trie! an 1 dru-teatud coinp
Afn?rtc-o V:iTal-S . I. n;s. Ai-t
Coratner 'Ul ITaioa-EiiKlaad,
Fire Ahm.U'1 in-Pfiladetpliia,
Ifotne-Nw "
Ids. C . of vor'.'.i A-aeriaa. Plitl.
Uverool3:r.. 1 1 .:i & t;lobe-Eog "
North British . Merc.iatile-Ha . '
xorwich Ualoo-Fa'aad. "
Sprlnaeld V. & M.-Spr!.jsae! J, "
7.313. r9
S. T.3;'
1.213. IOC
Total Aset3. S12.ii3.771
L03S3S AJjmM niPaijattaisApEcy
Cor. 12th anl Granite Streets.
Gontraetor aad BuLUIcr
Sept. 12-Cql
Wasiiinton, April 24.- Confirmn
tions: Lieutenant C'olouel Comstock, to
le colonil; Slajor J. A. Smith, to le lieu
tenant colonel; Brijulier General George
Crook, to bu major jjeuetal; Colonel J.
1L Brooke, to be brigailier general; J. H.
Hubble, postmaster at JcflcrBon, Neb. It
lias been practically decided at the war
department to assign Major General
Crook to command of the division of the
Misouri, with ln.adpiarters at Chicago.
Prairie Fires in Dakota.
Kaimd Citt, Dak., April i':3. Tiie tim
ber fire which has been b irning for three
dajs past, id burning U( tierce tonight,
fanned by a strong west wind. The tire
m about twelve or fifteen mile from here
in the mountains ofl" any road, no no
definite information us to the extent and
area burned over can be obtained. Much
valuable timber has already b-en destroy
ed and unless rain crmes soon much
more will go. Several small prairie firea
have been seen here lately. No damage
to any extent has been dono by them.
Vordlct In a Noted Murder Trial.
AVicniTA, Ivan.. April 23. Private in
formation from Anthony, Ifarper couny,
says the jury in the case of the state
against Walter Tread well, accused of
murder, this morning brought in a ver
dict of not sruilty. Tie id well is the Har
per county cattle king who l ist fall shot
and killed G. Clarke, thejseducer of his
wife, in a hotel ir. Anthony. The case
has been on trial about a week, and th
verdict meets with general approvtd. as
the act was considered justifiable under
the circumstance. Clarke and Tread well
were partners in business and close friends.
A Chinaman Baptized.
Chicago, '111., April 2IJ. Laundrymun
Chun Sinr, seventeen months from China,
was baptized this evening by the Rev.
Dr. Lorimer, in Imanutl Baptist church,
before a large number of worhipcra.
Chun Sing has been a devout member of
ths Wabash Avenue MUsaion. "When he
was led into the big marble baptistry his
body from his shoulders down was envel
oped in a black gown. After the baptism
Ckvt emerged from the water with his
teeth cliatteriog from the cold. The con
gregation san "All hail the power of
Jesus' nanme" as the white curtain fell
over the baptistry.
Weeping Water Work.
Wekpixo Watkk, Neb., April 24 S.
K. Felton, of Omaha, who has the con
tract for putting i:i the sjstrm of water
works hee4 J.-i-'jau the trendies today and
distributed tlihylrams. !i he woi!;sarc
to b;? completed by July 1, and prepari
tior s are being made for a grand celebra
tion on thf Fourth.
A en?; pa'nyjjhas been organized here to
manufacture preyed .brick. Mr. Boyd.
of Coie;io, patent-e of a dry brick ira
chiY.e, was in town today. Theoompary
intend to put iu cue of his machines at
once, and i xp-et to many fuel are l.OtO,
000 Lriek this se;ison.
Valamir.e Has a B;g FIra.
Yai.entink, Nib.. A i Til 24. A sevtte
!;re octttind l.e t i.t 1 o'clock this morn
in vr, which buiiurt ut tLe Jient of the
town. The lcaiii:g 1 usiiuss block was
wholly destroyed, with cue exception.
The lire originated in' the wine room of
Fiifjjer & Strickland's saloon, and burn
id rapidly south to :;;lr?!;d street. The
buildings destroyed were Kirn's salmon
an I dwelling, GilJefs butcher shop, Fis-di-r
& Strickland's saloon, Fischer's
dwelling, Ling's laundry, fhe Ray house,
Lewis' d t ug store. ITariigan fc llailey's
abstract office, Mhs Jnsmer's millinery,
the Cheny County, Spain Bros.,
guicial i-. V;.r rlis , a ml the bank of
Valentine. By r.lmost (-upeihurtiap ef
forts the red dt stroycr was finally check
ed. At en? time it looked aB if the en
tire city would p. and this may be at
tributed to the fortunate at eioe cf wind
at the time of the fire. The loss is esti
mat-il at from 20,000 to l30,000, which
was only paitiy iniued. It is impossible
to get a list of the iiinurcntu at this time.
The Earth Trembled.
Fascisco, April 24. The steam
er City of Jtcv Yort, yljich an i veil yes
terday from China, brings details of tn
earthquake in YitLnar, prefect of Lin An,
which Chiniens of the fehip Ping, report
cd to the governor of yunnam, that
from the second day of the twelfth
month of last year there were ten shocks
of earthquake, accompanied by a noise
like thunder. Yamcns. in cities of
Shihping Kiensnui, were cith r knocked
down or split right down, and the tcni
plfs likewise, Ju Shihping more than
half of the houses are falling down and
large n-mbers are cracked and lent, 200
people being crusLed to death and over
three hundred injured. In the town and
suburbs over lour thousand people are
either killed or wounded, tight or nine
tenths of the hous; s have fallen down
and the rest are cracked and leaning
over. At Kicn Shui in the city seven
were killo ! and many wounded. Iu the
northwest suburb from three to four
hundred houses were overturned, an
about three hundred people killed and
half that number wounded.
Tnsrtnnielrlcal rhynlcal PeTelnpmrnt.
Periect symmetrical development is
rarely found in man or woman. Of
course, those w ho work with their hands
and are ninth on their feet generally excel
In form, but there i.s a tendency in all fni
some limb or parts of the body to become
stronger and better developed than the
others. To occupation can be attributed
this disparity, which, however, unless
marked, is not of frcat significance. Kx-
cl tiding from consideration that class
given to hard manual labor, v.e find that,
in the majority of men and women, after
the age of maturity is reached, the upper
Lair of the body does not retain its rela
tive development and strength as com
pared with the lower half.
Of course, the solution is easy, the
labor put upon the lower limbs is greater
than that, which falls upon the arms to
do. The business man, when told by his
physiciuu that lie must exercise, insists
that ha has till that he needs, for ho is
"on his feet from morning until night,'
and the hardworking housekeeper thinks,
too, she has quite enough, and gives the
same reason. We find these people strong
on their feet, but comparatively weak in
their arms. Circulation in the lower hall
of the body is good, but in the upper part
it is less free, and less blood is attracted
to it. The natural adjustment is de
stroyed. Nature intends that a certain
portion of blood in the human body should
enter and distribute itself throughout the
muscular system. If, however, large
muscles, like those of the arms and trunk,
are liisuflicientlv exercised, and as a con
sequence grow smaller, then the blood in
tended for them is diverted elsewhere. It
must be taken up by the internal organs,
and the liver is the one organ which,
from its peculiar construction, will bear
the greatest increase in the blood supply.
liosujn iieraiu.
The Fear of Drafts.
Fold dust in rooms cannot bo got rid of
by any amount of sweeping and carpet
beating. The only thing that will remove
and replace it is a current of compara
tively pure air from the outside. Except
in very told iveatber there should always
be two open windows in each room on
opposite sides. "If we should follow that
advice," the horrified reader will exclaim,
"we should all catch a fatal cold. Don't
I remember a dozen colds I got by being
exposed to a sudden draft? Only a few
nignis ago, wnen i occupiea a seat near
the door cf a theatre, the door was left
open during the intermission, and the
draft, though pleasant enough, gave me a
bad cold. No, thank you, no drafts for
This logic seems good, yet it Is utter
sophistry. As a metaphysician would
say, the draft was only the occasion, not
the real cause or the cold. The real causo
was ths foul, hot air in the theatre, which
demoralized your skin and relaxed its
blood vessels, bo that they were unable to
react suddenly and endure thi healthful
cool air irom the street. In other words,
it was not the draft that gave you the
cold, but the sudden transition from hot
to cold air. Such a transition is alwavs
injurious to the skin, whether it be from
both to cold or from cold to hot air. But
if you are not overheated, a current of
cola tur is never Injurious. Tha Epoch.
"Stirring Up" an Oil Well.
nen mo ursc nusii or a well is cone.
the torpedq agent is called in to irtcreai;e
the prod notion. In shooting-a well from
CO to 100 quarts of nitro glycerine are
used. Thu is lowered into the hole ia
shells cleverly contrived to prevent a pre
mature, expiosion, anu men me "go
devil." a chunk of iron for exploding the
cartridge on top of the glycerine, is
dropped." In a. rniiunt; ov tvo an explo
sion about as loud as a firecracker- will be
heard, while the casing in the hole will
rise a few inches above the derrick floor
and then settle back. The response from
the shot will not come until ten or twerity
minutes later, then the well flows freely
and at 3" increased rate. In the course
of time tho'well refuses to How o its own
accord and is classed among the "pump
ers." Two-inch tubing Is run down to
the producing sand, and the same ma
chinery that was used in drilling the weiT
is called in' to do the pumping. From
time to time the tubing and sucker rods
are drawn and the well cleaned out or
treated to another dose of glycerine. This
explains why the derrick at a completed
well is never torn down. Rufus R. Wil
son in San t- iariwisuci jJurQultlc,
Virtue in Onions t:tl Heef.
What is the most strengthening food
for a convalescent? Well, you know, the
beef ie,i fhspry has been exploded. The
most life giving and Uicetiblo food that
can be given to one just recovering from
an illness is chopped beef. Just take a
pound of the finest round of raw beef, cut
off all the fat, slice two onions, and add
pepper and sait, Then phpp the onions
and meat together, turning them pver and
over until both are reduced almost to a
pulp. Then spread on slices of rye bread
and eat as sandwiches. People talk about
celery befpg a nerving but let me tell you
that there is nothing which quiets the
nerves without bad results L'kc. onions.
The use of them induces sleep, and much
strength is obtained from them. That is
my ideal food for thpse ponvalesping pb
for any one who is in a weak state bt
health. Kansas City Star.
The Teeth of Whales.
The teeth of whales furnish one cf the
remarkable features indicative of fhf
origin of that animal. They form a com
plete but rudimentary set, characteristic
of a more perfectly developed land manv
nial. but disappear shortly alter birth,
performing no function whatever. Globe-
Story of a I'lctnre.
A enrious story Is told about one of tha
paintings by the famous artist David,
which is included in a collection about to
be sold at Brussels, Belgium. It bears
the title of "Family Portraits," yet only
one figure is represented on the canvas,
that of an old lady seated in an arm chair.
The chair itself was of a later style than
the date of the paint in;;. In gpite of tliesa
peculiarities M. Van liet, the la to
owner, had purchased the work. lie
then had it cleaned and carefully scraped,
in the course of which operation Cie
f.i'iiily "portraits" were successively
brought to light. It was afterward as
eer! aired that the old lady, who had sat
to David for her portrait, surrounded by
all i he members of her family, had
gradually quarreled with them all in turn
it:d had had their portraits painted over
one by one, until Khe alone of the group
remained, sitting in hut preposterous
looking chair of hers. Home Journal.
Problems to I'o Solved.
When the mind bridges over the past
fifty years and contemplates the enor
mous advance which has been made in
the practical application of so'-'f ' -
everyday wants, it i,.v:o.-s -y.ii i-i -iKig iij.iu
there should still be many absolute neces
sities unfulfilled. Among these are a
miner's real safety lamp, a perfectly
method of blasting without risk of ex
plosion, electric lighting economically pro
duced from primary batteries, improved
methods of arresting decomposition ia
animal substances, a perfect method of
insulating telegraph wires, etc. Doubt
less, however, these and many more
Etartling scientific inventions .are problems
which the uear future will solve. New
York Press.
The Freak" Unslaes.
It is about time for public opinion to
ill a halt in tno museum "freak'" busi
ness; the public display, at so mucn a
head, of wretched deformities of mis
shapen creatures. It i.s time to suppress
the posters that reproduce these mon
strosities in yet more aggravated distor
tion, compelling unwilling eyes to rest
upon their huleousness at every street
corner, livery intelligent adult, man or
woman, knows that the sight of a repul
sive deformity can and does lead to the
gravest consequences, and it will not be
necessary here to be more explicit. Pitts
burg Bulletin,
A Nat to Crack.
The something called lightning will
melt a cold iron rod in a hundredth part
of a second. A hard razor will drop like
water in time quicker than thought. But
that heat is not in t ho lightning, but it is
made at that point at which the lightning
meets an pbstae'a. Tims from tho uu
come substance or potentiality may go
forth which is a harmless traveler until
something retards it. This exilo may
meet its first foa near the sun's disk, au 1
enough of It may escape to go onward
and meet a second obstacle in tha envi
ronment of planets. Professor Swing ia
Chicago Journal.
Very Itud Manners.
It ought to be clear to any one who has
the most elementary knowledge of the
laws of etiquette that to disturb others
needlessly in the enjoyment of a dearly
purchased pleasure is evidence of very bad
manners. Musical people sutler more
from such interruptions than person.i
wiiose ears are not similarly refined can
imagine; for the true colors of a W agner
ian score ar& ae exquisitely delicate jiml re
lied as the evanescent films and colors of
a soap bubble, so that the mere rusriin '
of a fan or a programme mars them.
ilenry T. Pi nek iu The Cosmopolitan.
A New Wajun Tiie.
A recent English invention
is a covrn:
for u:-e m
run. Ti.-'j
assist tvo
gated relied ste.el wagon tire
towns where street cars are
object of the invention is to
wncel to get out. p" ho traiu iiii au'd
thus avuid ckii;i!ng or i ho wheels t.v.l
the wrenching of vehicles and horse..
The invention consists In what may per
haps be described an a series of slo;-pin-r
projections on each side of the felloes oi
tho wheel. St. Louis Republican,
' At 1o) V.:iK(,-s V;rt((4in.
Bright green moss h-'.s Veen discovered
crowing at the bottom of Lake Leman, in
Switzerland, attached to the calcareous
rocks 200 feet below the surface. TIoss
lias never been fouuel at so great a der.'.'i
below the surface of the water, and it is
considereel remarkable that chlorophv 1,
the green coloring matter of jdants, eou'.-j
have been so richly elevelopeil at so uivat U
distance from the light. Giobe-Democrat.
I-arset Known F!'ver.
Tlie largest kuown flower Is the raffief ia,
an extraordinary parasite of the forest trees
of Sumatra, which measure.-, ihrce feel in
diameter, weighs fifteen pounds and has
a calyx holding six quarts. The odor is
that ot tainted meat. The plant consi-i-.j
only pf the fJovtr, e.'otvuig rtire-ctly ' 6ii
the stem of its host. Arkansaw Iraveler.
An ICr.g'. isb Invention.
An Englishman has invented a brake
by which any person In a cornpartmujii
car eau turn n leet uiul slop the tra:u.
At the same time a white elisk will appear
outside of the compartment to notify the
conductor in which carriage the brake has
been useel. Boston Buelget.
A Novel Costnmc.
A New York society woman had a ball
dress made of white satin which had be
fore making been run through the press.
of one of the great tiaille, so that her cos
tame was the ncw of the day. She wop,
the prize for the most novel costume,
Chicago Herald.
J "o rests and If a in fall.
It seems idle to discuss further the in
fluence of forests upon rainfall f re m the
economic point ef view, as it is evidently
too slight to le of the least practical im
portance. Man has uot yet invented a
methoel of controlling rainfall. lleiry
Gannett in Science.
It is a false iioiicr iha s responsible
for grievous" evil, that a cheap teacher ia
gooel enough for the summer term, bo-
cause all the pupils are smalL
Bargains !
'l'lii.' I:rm
1 i
f. &. fvl. 1 Ima Tabic.
ooir; vi-. "f. : .in: i?.s'.
No. 1- 5 : J a in. No. -I :'J p. in.
Nil, 3. li :40 p. Ml. o. -!. Ill :.:n a. !li.
No, .". li :: 5 a. ,. t; --7 p. m.
No. 7.--" ; . in. No. .-'t ;-,it a i".
No. ! :17 p. in. No. in 'J : 1" a. M.
No. 11 -G:i-5a. in. 1-. -!i:li) . i;,
A"l trai: s rii'i daily by wavof "tualia. except
N'os 7 and ri v!ih:ii run to and fr in seliiijler
daily exei-pt SMiday.
No. 30 i.s a Hful) to Pacific . f 1 1 ik 1 : i at fW.a m
No. 19 Is a stub from l'ae::ie . tiiiol io:i ;it 11 a Ml.
GS-O rr-CJ3
Win. ilerold &
fry Go3. Notions Boots f.M Slices
or Ladies and Gcids
lie kftps us large aiid well
As can be found ar.y plaec in t!i eif valid nijilce
jou prices t!:s;t d li eoiiip li.ioli.
. j;ents lor
p up; m
HarDcr's Eazsr
Hi 1 o
C. F. SM I TH,
The Boss Tailor.
Mai.i Sr., Over Meri;- s' i-lo e Siore.
Has the Ih st and inos t
of samples, Indli f oreiun
v.o-olens that ever cain! w
river. Note thcuo pries:
onipkte stock
and domestic
!-st of Mi-.oi!r!
Bu- iness suits
from l to v:3."5. dr-ss suits, syr, 'to $43,
pants f'4, s."). ir,.r0 and up vards.
C-Will ol1!ir:;nto, d a f.t.
Prices Defy
- Otll,iwiiOOj,
M 'J
1'fenerviition f i-.a'.a- ! -ei'i - teialty.
fttti ixlrtu'tu' i:l'Juil j r.ln u.e of Lauyhing
All work warranted. Prices reasonable.
'''TZC KIHI.-'V p,. oi; I'l. .TSMia'tll, Xii
" e have tar house fiiifd wl:5i
And are preprr d lo deliver it daily to our cus
tom is in any r-i: iit ry (ic-iied.
T- 3T, 1
At store on
L i o:iier-! v. i;',!-.
.Siy.'ii StiTft. We ia:-k a tr"pee-
i-Uy i f
TrarxiNrc, pacxii-tg
Lo;.dhi Cais ru; lnu: sea us or
Tolephone 72, - - Flattsiao-a.t5.
A x
Thq City Bakery,
t-;: i i:-.
New Ere; land
ftvrt a p.! a fH a
4 W bbl
rielii'S pri-'Ciired the ?nie.- of I. J. strayer.
of Oma'n. wh se r-;a
il;y ia In making
this ligu, ease.
Purchase a five or ten cr-nt lonf ai d you will
convinced o; i.s Mem.
Drs. Cave fc Smith, the painless
denti-ls, will be rc idy for business Apiil
27th. Olllce in Union Block over
Citizens Bank.
Bargains I
Ho' clc it Co., li.-ive Miexi eh (1 JiNxck Sc J'inJ
sail with
9 -
j i"n: -. i.i: -on r.-as i,m:,;
! ileceo ai tlie N. W. ciii ii. r oi
I'-rsii m y rei i
t'.hn and lllh KH.
Sai l property eon dst -i of
!'!: v. i 1 1 1 a L'ood
I oo;n, I w n ai
id well and eity
: Ftory and a Ii.i'.f house f -i.
'roles and one p i:.liy
i water ; t-WVPty-M'Vi n l.ej.iln;.
pie 1 1 rei, lied
i!! I.iixll. If
i. ii a i i;.
an aouiii.aiiee s.aa I fr, H
i;ve i i . -
led i.i ii.,. ( i:
rr. l'l:.ltM'' oct!..
err r
ii ti
i:. I
y a I AVill
i a'! 1,'i.f iiK sf 'i'
!ii';n I'doid., h.-.ct
Sollt'lC St I j'.IM 1
r sr tion 1 1, lownshii)
ee ;,..'. Noi'thwest
I", range l i; r
quarter ser ti.n S.
piic: -2,0l).
tov. n.-iiiji 1 -Jt i angi; 10;
Yi'iMdiA?.' i'c D vii :s.
n v liii" of Briissill
at the D.ivlight store.
. I --t leceived
caiptii :a.d n:g
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Ipini oo Dav'ps' c.,I'iiii!i on nnd page.
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A large mount of remnants
Calico at
ill Die
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Week bach's.
very low :
Firo Insurrnco written in trio
Stn?!, Phoenix end S-?anforrl by
Windhpm l Davics.
Call ; n I examir:" our holies Short
bo kets, tii latest t-h-ielfs at J. V. WVrk-!)a(-!i"s.
Our slock of Mi
no I prices low. ;it
liiii' i v yi : y Comjil; to
the Daylight store.
-No more j) ii
i:s. (.'avi-it Smith
of (Ir-u
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1 I-Und, Neb., foinui ij' of Ci u
0!iio, ::n: opening up ele.unt
dentd loo ns, in Uuio i Block over
z 'us b iiik, where they will Ii j prepared
to till, or cxlrart teeth, wit hunt tiiej
least pain. Their n .'w proc ;ss of ext rict
ing and ilil in g teeth is juitenteil and e on
trol'ied by them only. They come highly
recoinmeiideel from Grand I-l.iud wh-ro
they have b en for nearly tv i year, this
bbing ilv-i third oiii-c i.i N ;r t-k-j.
they have opened and ::ro iw;v control-
B?S3s Cherry Courjh 3yrup.
I the only iiK-dieine Ih it acts directly
on the Luiig-. Blood nnd
lieves a cough instantly
effect 3 a permanent cure.
Smith oc Co., druggists.
Bowels, it le
itnd in tinia
Sold by O. I.
iu, d w.
Call and see v.h:;t Dr?. Cave is
Smith can do for your old aching teeth.
Aching t.-olh can be Mie.-essfully treated
jind jillrd, and be made 1 i-t tor year:-.
Old roots crowned u, and ma 1 a look
beautiful. Teeth extracted, ami artificial
teeth inserted at once, and mad look as
natural a3 life. Ollie e in Union Block
over Citizen's Bank.
Dear love. I f i:riet;-:ies think ho'-v It would be
If tJ'on H.'iouidst love nie; if. on such a day,
J day-of v. -jader: thou slioul I.-t come aad say,
1 1 r.e the..; or but me uess tliy pla--If
onee thine eye:; :,houM l.ri;;!ite!i s'iil lenly;
If ou ihy step should o delay
JiecT.n-- cf n:e; if inc thy hand should stay " J
A neeI!e:-s ii-..-tat.t in ir.y own! Ah. me! '
l"ro:n such i.nujrir ia.rr I v.-a.? and Kia:t,
Ar.i' d.i'.l .'ia 1 worf ;i.-;s li;V"s eiid '.iors
Uef-jre the lender Ltiiiiiy of ir.y dream
Aad tlion I v. hiper my impatient heart.
'R.; still. !o. co:T:''ir?.ed. O l-.eart Of ritne?:
Thou art net all t-reft; t'...-i'&'iiii i lljiiii."
Hop "till C:.uMu in 7'Ue Outury.
ft. f uus:u.v.-.T m
Flirty white chair li.lic Ui.-.i arc aTways
lecomin-r imfa-sceacl n:id setting torn, to
the mortification of vigors, Lavo ct lent
Fu?cumbed ta the rt.rm of aLuso and nr
now Wing discarded by sensible LoiiaeUeei
f rs. A substitute for t.-ieifi, thut i at ccice t
protoetiou for hand -o:j:--s iurijiturc ur.J an or
nama.nt, c. n bo made ed" two l-road bands of
plusb, say dwp ruby cr-Sr, vk i U a'pufTtrJ ani
Catherc-fland f rich at:'n (:ni:n:.l Kiiaelc)
i.isert?d Let-o. ;i n:v Lordered with heavy
laoe-. Thfo flan f.'tcnoJ to tho Lack of
chair, and tvi it ij substantial ii will remain