The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, February 14, 1888, Image 1

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ri:oT visa it
gm-v ui ia;Hi;s. LATEST BY TELEGRAPH
a. - "--. - -J-.-r-tw--y . r. 3-n r n-, j j. i- r. T w - , , MM
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Tiv nuier,
Atl. .:::.
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Poll.: III. I
C'o'lii riliiK'ii, li. :iiVi,
.. 1 "
:r ' "
:i s.n i ii !
.) s: .'. 1 1 .ii man j Weather indications.
" S '.m ViV.K I 1'or Xebraska: Colder, generally fair
iV 'aV'.'u ! v. eat her, with cold wave, fresh to brisk
V V.'i 'U.i: ii llOltlierle winds.
! Snowed In.
Washington, Feb. Jl l. Tlic roof of
tlii: ordnance building fell in this in rn
French -.LcE'ssintsra. I Tm? DnnvDTP'i'O V'A!I' !
P.v:n;, 1'Yb. 11. -In tlt-i chamber of j Ulli i I i l 1', 1 1 W IMilv.
I V. !. I . I.
i i) M .Ion I .-;
i '.V - i '.V i-r. i- i:
" I i; "M it v
l S '.'' 1 : I T. N
( , ". .. !:: I
.1 W .!. ; -, n mhma:. : in.j, it hein unnl)le to .support the heavy adopted
(lcpiitifs the uiider s'n-ret-iry for t!io eo'.o-Jiit-g
state the ai tJal of tht; In lo-
Chinese account would txci'ed "('.
000,000 f r:im a. Tlie tmoos havo !( n
reduced 1 (),(!) inn. Aftir a !.:l.:it; ! The V. :n-: T;;l i ;;.. r i:t- -fi
l'rcmicr Tirard called upon thu chumoer
for ii credit of ID.OOO.OOO frrnc., 20.000
less th:ui oi ii;in;illy :ir-ked. '1'he credit
! weight of snow upon it. The damage i.
estini.iteil at :0,0O0.
A Dakota Bsnk Goes Under.
li;Jlll V til' i-!'.' -
Cl.-rU.' -Ji)iii
y li i i..
Id. !(- .T I I i N
ll'.lll' I'.
'li-k . ill-! : J : ' V lit,
i:rvi"-. r.
Atlxl iic;, .
Sil lit. m i 'lib r!i ; -.
County J:i i;; '. - !U:.-.iaI.i.
i.: '. i: i) r v l ' i:s.
A. i;. I'l-iii'. ... i-;.;t; siiiimi ii
l.i it: i I' -H. I . :i'i:l , V.'i;i-j::! Wuli-r
A. IS. I1 i. . ; , - jc. :.: .viiixl
Tho Poll Book Thiof.
ir.NT, !., l'V!. I I.- The dtf i tivr."
who vcre put to work on the poll hook
robbery reported Sunday, hit upon a clue
i a i-.i:i.i. 1Jk..uwooi, J J.i k., Ftb. 14. The Ccn
r.i::: i:ii. ii: ;i i.M j tl'ill CJity IJaiik, of Central City, closed its yesterday. Nearly enc:uh evidence
i .a t nitini.u i ,iou,.s to chi-. Liabilities, $:0.000; as- aecuimdated i:ov to warrant the arrest
'" - M i-i i sets, ."?.jO,O0O. No banks iu this citv are of Ilia party suspected.
.I.e. Kii-.i.n::ai: nllected ly the failure.
a. Maikh.i: i m
.: s :V-r in 'ii I Postal Changes. Ckk-stok, Jowa, Feb 1 "William Me-
Wamiixoton", Feb. 11. New post- j -Monadic, an old man of ?o, was run over
ollices have been established :it Cruh.nn, by u switch engine and killed in the r.
Unison county, I). T., and Craceville, road yards yesterday afternoon at ."
Under the VViioois.
("H S( Mil i ri HS
v -.- i.' i'. ; - : . i ! i
(.iuthriu county. Iowa.
The star service between CastleviUe to
Aurora, In., af't-r Feb. l. will be reduced
v--.-: I."'. ;
i v !'.,i- -i.
tl.ll. i !:: ! Ii. 1 s
The Bucket Shops Heoon.
S'kw Yokk. Feb. 14. Tho 1-uiket
I'. Miit ! two tnps a wee, omittm- Aurora sho,. ...j.i,.. ,,. ..... ,;.. .,.,, :v
' , . , unu 'i?liuu,, aL liidepemlent, lncnibing
i-v ; :: t.::-.. l-'i i.l i v
l;.ii;. 1 1 : .! !: :ii-l '
iti-i i.-.t'i.-i i. ;'. i-: wi.iii
i. :;. :!...!: .. ; .,-ti. ,-.
i 1A "
. r. .. . :.i..t-is
. . .:.! ' :.: K . ..1 I'.
:'r- ;n:i-Kuily i::
. ! ;! -i:i!i ;
..: ..i , ;-::i, i irr.-ii-r :
; the distance three miles.
I ... .
tt.juid Transit.
IJai.timoiik, Feb. 11. A company was
were, all open aain vrstenl.iv moriiini; '
conduct in;; business as usual.
;it I
Koiik" t'i::v-i lor II i ry t li I:it; a ul Cut;.
Inuly A iiif-i i-:i:i A iius l!.i c- Al.ansi ;
I'tit tli!" l'rt..ipt'i- Away. j
Wiii'M the ii'-avy v:!i::;a (i,cs it: --;
tai-! e fVi-n TiKirc .-::;:;-i ty t',:,:! i-, lii . ui ii, I
or the li- niin- l.:i!y ! .' K: impriti' n: ! v i i it j
tho win;,.- us ii .;-! i in s-:.;-.-Ji of 1 ,, . (v.-r !
who hi L-!i:nt .sch-ihi! time, ::l pr,' I
tlii re tioitls i:it. ovi rt!:e fi m! ii;.!it-; n in,!;. i
l.::!.'itly v. !:i-.ji;- v.!:;i-h t.iems to .s-.-y: j
heaven, this tinn liu shall not -s-;:..,. n:e!" '
or, 4,i.;t iM::,e.; if.t ; !i lo,-i jni; tjii-," .i.;ilt '
:-C.:.'.:;::-.'ms i it. i "i-tly lepei.f . . I by l i: , - j
K,r.- i!i '!ilio.:e I u".;vy ili.;i:ior le::'i:ii- la.!y i
tiu-ti l ': prompter isat his work. j
Nirip'-.-in-' til" proiiiiiU'r hail iisl' --;;,
r v.-:uVw.i I.-. ,.-. !: :'!:e;e J.l.-iyiil;- ;,f ;
low'' with tlie irate -1 re: i !,..! r i !; ..; k-:h to.-, i
tho al'ey to :. e. ii-us or Mitpo- ho su l-
d.ii'v .;;;: . : ii..- . !" :-ee. ui!.il to p;-.v his !
hi!!, w!.it w..:::-i 1,,-t::- result V.v. f;.
t 'i.' l.i. oi:." ,; vvo:;l l -o:::i) out :.:ni an- j
j -''':: " e 1.1 1... :;:i-M ;i inoisriosJtion oi" llie star j
;:::! ra-.' the; iniiiihtenco of tho :unhVn-'- for
I'v o;- r-e;e.s u.-.tM s!:ti iht.m n il. If ii.
v. . .) i' : ;-ov .m! ti; :L t':o j'i'o::ip! i i !ii:::;i-
t::::i !.e ::-.:-.U-:l. r.::Uhut, ;:r:.
' :i ...: i".:; .': 't.-e ;;'. ,: ir.f!, ilicix the "... J
: -.. :t:..:i ' t!:o :::.,; v.-. i 'rovn r:oru ;.; : I
.1 .!-! a ! Ii r oi! ' i:iVi.l:lo!V. .e
p:i.-. - -o "f! :ie:;oi.,,', r-tth-r tiian to
e.o;y'..t. V. c are w i ! ! 1 1 1 : ; i-imH our
e:it::e ''i in! er i ood -. at i. S;.:;h-s v. e
l::i e ;i I ii;.;e 'f.alitity and olTir them
e: V low. I'ulic.K :; to I Ills per v.ud,
making the he-t !ai:d,n.! ol tiieja .u vn
yard-; lor Vt.n . ;;,,.. ..t
sly!.-, 1 ii iv::! , j,, r einl. Ir. s-i ;
kill'!-. ..' ii.; V I V e.'.vr-t J.lici. Il ,,,,i
o cents per yard l: ,. ;r. . . N'.'oo'iu J;.,-.-We
ofj'.-r at cost. elr:i lu-: I. idi- s
n: "ie 1, (..-". v.oi ih s i. (ai. now ; ") -ei.;.
line lii aw v.oo .'i ee,.i-, now ''.- ei.i' !-
I ii
; v. c
1 1 III ,'l
.1 ;;y .-ve: :. "
l-i-'M hr:'- ii i
e.'o.V'-o i "f.
oi'l !iv , i ; V
C. Wiilef-s.
'ii I'. Ii.i l AM iliiil .e.-i!
1 - i !?.. :-i v j- ii ii-. I,. A.
I ,i---, ; ' :. i . ..!e-.,
I'.. Sniun, i: i.aii.'o r; V.
Still Buried.
Vikxna, Fei. 11. Two thiKisau.I mm
incorporated iu tills city yesterday which nre still continuintf the efi'ort to rescue
propo-r-tt to send merchandise and mail the i)a:;8eneei on tlie mail ir-:!:: on the
by electro-automatic power over elevated Arliic r-n.'ilwr.y, bu-i.-d by to- avalaiu hr-.
railway ars winch cannot lun oil" and
rsi. i'i si. : ;; :.s
.M.-.'i- .'.. i ' file.
Hock wi ;:.!.' .:! i.
ors :oe r--;i.- -l' : y
4it?-;o', AS. l.V. : i
vu.:.-. 'a.-.-
.1. V .;.'!! i :
!. S. i ivl- . ...
K. a. r--i r-s
I i--i I. N I.:-, -i . . .
Al'Ol'-i!' I'.-i::'s
M to ."i-.' ..
4'i t::.e :
l:i:v ;. it.
.i .; ;.!? : .
.A I. I'll . V' i;i"-:
Alf.-ii.i.; - al.ii'.
:: A' '. s. a. . r. w.
!': i.t.iy v eiiii; al
Mi :':i iivi.lii
I in :-;i. "i i. .1. A.
:i. I -ii. :i..;'i : C
A. Vn- 'i.:- i . vi-r-t i-r.
" o I iit::;lei-.
i.. :.
' ;.";- i o-' i :: 1
... ... V. rt. M;t-i,i-.
.'.. i;il ei M:i-.-,-r ::".;?.
i'e.-l ('lia;iliiiii
eve:. in
T. A
V i:,:e.I .itt..';!: i
to my eare.
V7" Z"rJFLCi.I3.
) a!i !ieriie- s Jininist-
T::!.- I-:- : .-.i: :. .!. A -.-:! ''l, l.-l-sur.'.i.i
it 't ;.:: I -1 ic Sotil.
Uelter Faciil: ie-. v aiaviti l"a!i:i r. i.irs tliif.
i. f .v.i - S-jir, 0iA-
I'iuH.-irt:;ir::, - X t:i-:tsJtis.
to make the line of transit from ISalti-
more to Washington in ten mint tes.
Some very prominent business men -and
capitalists have engaged in the enterprise.
Oguilala gots a Court Nouj.d.
0.:.M.r.Ai.A, Neb., Feb. 1 i. Tlie Keith
county court houso bonds carried yester
day by n good majority. The bond ara
for .$18,000 instead of $1,00 as rept rted.
i here isa ratification meeting to light
i'crsotial I'ur.iratojs ::j- k;-ts if GcrjI-rs
C"lipi-il iVoiu liu: N.-v.-s..! j..- en,
Oscar Wilde is (if the o-, l!;:;r tho
Twentieth ct nturv will sec i:i; '..'ee'e i; l
development all in the hands of wenteM.
'Extra Biliv"' Smiih's d;:!:-I::er J:
lx.-o:i xivvn the rijjht by the Vire-iiila leg-L-iature
of placing the stale se: l mi tho
monmnent over her father's grave.
I'rofe-s.sor Van l"5cn.-chtfinf Vcs!ryr.n
u.nversirv owns oj;e or t lie rare.-.!: :;r-ms
M::!:-.:: ti;
a:, i irj . .::!.: .-.e.'i i.u:ii;'Ci:u
; ri-e V i" :.:. 11- k-. U would bo refauJ. i
an 1 the Citizens are ju!;:lant. The 1 toard I of (ixvel: pottery in existence. It is
of tmilfl will iiaiimMri-jtA S.ifin t l . r . . Athenian v:;so which was made 1.00'J
- - - - - vv. " ' " i-v -
tiu tlu: town nil count v. AVith t!i
oulv mill l,'t',, North ..,,.1 .Th,r rrwc-"' lue(n n-""t (,(
I l hfisf ili.i. if Sntun li. Tiover -wi:i :iine
Greely, Colo., a new court house and to endure tho and bh K.dv sjiectuck'
numerous other improvem'. nts Oa lala j nf the bull llglits, attends the earlier
booms. I enes ot the brutal show.
Queen Victoria dislikes tlie elect n-
Trying a How Plan. I light and refuses to have it in Ie r
WA?uixoroN, D. C'., Feb. 14.--The 9 CO l,a,acc's- "!l- Ii:::5 t I-tJgtn -nmtted .;..
X1. t i . of the roval Vitciits to itt lltr-e i witii . lee--
! o00 dismissed army ohicers nno have tric lauu- - jt ..... slvo,)itl . -a
i.f.,,, . - . . . .
nan Dii.s oelore past congresses tor rcii1- Balon
taitment are trying n new route. Th Jlme. Gereter, VIi.-e recent fttfhtre isi
supreme court hits decided that the dis- I op'ra created a seii.sali'.:;i in mv.- ici.l cir
missal of an anuv oliieer who has lieen V""8- 13 now Kving-wiih her bv.tlKr. I,'r.
(Jerster, in New York, win re sh:- is ua-
dt rgoing treatment in tho hope of reeov-
coui t-martialed must bear the signature
of the president. The practice has been J cring her voice.
for the secretary of war or the adjutant I John Brown, of New York, has been
general to sign these dismissals. This j the tailor of every president sinr-o Andrew
'1 V"
q a i . ti "
4 t, u- i vj p. " .-. , n r
iNUilA: Ch .2GEI.TS
Iiepfvjt-eiit th'j? followiii' tin-o-tfie.I
a:bl ihj-tcstod comp ime.s:
AmeriL-in (';;' : '."-S' . I. mis. Asset-! .I.-jriS.lOO
Coniiae:'c;i:o I'e.'eti-V.,: itul.
Fire Assii'!;.t:..-.-;!:;:;i.:v.I;.,i;i,
Fraui;! i a - I'll : il: i:i, "
Il.sae-X Vi :' .
Ins. Co. ef Vr 'i A'-:e-i;'l. riiit. '
i.:v.r:ictb :i ! en -;; --ICiiij "
Xoitii it.-.-u;! M-resr.riitf-Iia
Jierieii I'.-: ::-;::;":.: i !. '
lrhua.'!-.l V. .v .vI.-S linf.fivM. "
decisiou restored M ij. Iiunkle to the ru-
tired list and gave him a large amount of
back pay. At least 200 officers are now
trying to take advantage of the decitpon
Soino of them were dismissed from, the
active lht and some ftoui the retired list
All claim that the president did not sign
th-j orders of dismissal in their cases.
Ths letired-list officers have the best
prospect of succeeding. It is difficult to
I see how an officer dismissed from the
active list can get reinstated, for Lis place
has been filled by promotion and th
senate lias continued his successor. There
can bo only a certain number of ea-ch
grade on the active list.
4, t S-V.Tti
I A Railroad Grading Machina
' ' Sx' Joiit;lH- Vzb- i"1- Ir. M. B.! Pug'.i, of this city, 1ms received letters
::.:7s.ol ; p;-.teiit on a maehiua for dointr railroad
j.L'r..jt'tr : ... . . .
.. ( tl( .5 graaing winch promises to entirely do
! away with toe old methods. The ma-
iei t: A:s,,774 (.j,5:ie known as the ' steam cablo grad-
. . r," and consists of two consolidated en
W.i.Ul .iJ "-it tu.a fata iU Ltl;jilCUb gines of 100 horse power each, which Jire
j placed side by side, and both at the same
j time work in ; directly upon an upright
' shaft containing two large sheave wheels,
j one lo feet and the other 12 feet in diam
eter. On the shaft directly over each
Z ft S ! !,.:.., ... ,.-...1
g h y m ' s . : . : r
t z: I? :i i wli.vis lii'ice.l nt nnv ri'i'iiiml .lict'inpi
o id .i ii vi- : - a ....j.....
out on the line of grade. There are two
endless cables passing around the -sheave
; wheels to those on beyond. These cables
: run between five ar;deveii miles an hour.
Ordinary sc.upers are used and plows are
; attached to the cables every 20 feet, mov-
Ln 3j trt ! ing each from one-half to one yard of
!L D.Ccli.s Vr" " itiV. liilDS ! tarth. The machinery will remove blast-
; ed rock, using hooks. The grder moves
from point to point hy the power of its
SillijUO i- diill jjUidl ilu ' iu any tTcl'- Civil engineers an 1 rail-
way contractors estimate, using one-half
1 mile cables, that the machine will trove
j from 10 to IS yards of earth in ten hours,
J'l" O "t Ie" "a"r.J"' fit g ' costing not to exceed -1c per yard and 10c
Vi-Ott' ilv wi for rook for :uiT haul under 2.C0D feet.
-Cm I
i The St. Joseph, St. Louis and San Fran
' eisco II lilwiy is oue of the first to adopt
C'Ivf 11T i iPTT'S! i i- The total weight of the machine is
Jlliil 4.V lJ.L'il jtr.tlvcton5 complete.
donnsons time, ami sun ms rnoars go
marching on. lie recent Iv stient tinvo
hours with President Cleveland and took
orders for seven stiits.
Henry Fielding Dickons, bom of tho
late Charles Dickens, tho nov. ii-t. is ;j
lawyer who has a high reputation f-r
wit and eloquence in the London courts,
lie is clever in cross examinations
epigrammatic in his oratory.
The queen of Portugal is an :-cco:a-plished
jiotter. When s taving at the.- t.-i-
ide last year she constantly visited an
important factory close by and was s;o
interested that she took lesstr.s i:i the
wliole process of manufacture.
Probably tho richost woman in Now
England is Xrs. William Oa-. -.mell. of
Providence, whose fortune is .;i:;
at from $12,000,000 to !;-20.000.0iiO. Tiro
foundation of it v.a.s hiid i:: tlie days
when Boston's East India trade was in
its glory.
Charley Hawkins of Amoriens. Ca .
has recently been expc-rim.-siikig iti rat
raising, and by caging the o:ii.:ein i.i'nvk
rat with a number of whiio l:::s
prod need an entirely new hi.e.l of ro
dents. From the center of tho I.!.dy'.ic!c
they are perfectly white, while th.;- iur.,1
and shoulders are black, like tlie t-.i::io:i
rat. They are very j;e;itle ar.d rua about
at will all over the town.
Dr. O. W. Ilohnesisone of tho familiar
figures on the Boston t 'loronghfar-es. Ifis
genial face and rotund form are recog
nized by most of those he meets. a?:d
even though they may never have be:n
formally presented to him, th. y recognise
him with a bow as lie passes by. It may
not ba generally known that Dr. Ilohues'
amiabie wife is still his faithful counselor
and friend. She is not in tho best of
health, so she did not cccoinrwuiv him to
England last year, but she i:-, far from 1k-
ing an invalid. 3Irs. Holmes is one of
the dearest of old ladies, and she is al
ways on hand an the Dea. on street homo
to welcome the manv visitors who comr
to pay their respects to her distinguished
and popular husband.
! . ' 1 .Vo.ii U-r
ie: l!;e. bo-:
V "': '.AV OS Tr.TJ RTACU.
r'-;eh the pr' .-;.::: oc.-at .e' lhe:;t-:-e.
'Ck'r? r.-.we -v.: . ;ae ere r sv -ire: v::.-:
i:- : we!-, i ivarke-'y .: i-e.:-;;:,::;!. (fur.
is j e-;e.: :: tl;e javeey: ;; i ; rriOyto s e- i! ;,
it. if ::.: ; tor is ie.' v. . 'i up j:- the. '-blf!
.' I: is ,.f.rt t::e:e-.;.:r,:. : i : ;:i iri:rl t.., -i
lit! with a v.-. .1.1 v.!:; .! t- l. ! :ee .e tl: sle. e,
v. h-.-i t ero..:: to ei;..' .- : '. I . rhiq..: ..-.v:i
-v!ie:i to stiritp i.N f..,. l.o.v hi : Ie:a;!. y. i
i'e:-;.'ii ,,. th:; rtn-;.. ,'; t.:e i;-.,H-L'y fa!;::!:.:.-v.-Lh
iej j.!::y L: i:-.-; eeese;:;. :! m tee
pro.. i :. Jf lii - iee- ha.-; l:ee.! lii'O
EeHtcl in-.tny ti::ies h i:-:a ceery s -eeeh
::::'l ivery I'Ota'l of tee e. Ilea j:i hU
l:. ':cl. ITevei-.::-.;.'.--:, i t !:i-: hat' I .l-.vay.;
1: h!.i tli;- 'r;:-e;.:' .t i.n This ir, a vohi ::o
v.Li.h t!:e .:: ::e! i of ::::, natiaauLtv
i'"-': i t!:'j su: t v.eei . .1 i'."iijv.;: i:i ov-' ir if
e.. li.-il j!i :ri:i t j di t ;?'.' : ' ;'e i.a;'v. ef ire
b ;oh ef the play, eve:-; cih -i-pu;.;o i.. :C;1
ovei- wii!i rude plan.; - i : : for ihe r,:;:yo,
and. "ci:-. s" for r: vt ,. : .. in
th-' b.;o!:, of -..;: :ve. efiel:en ::'! ih.- :: l'j:V
etas, but IhcTo a ii'.; ,i er mo of ..i:':r
"....l-.t v. ho nro ii"ver isib'.- t-j Ike :::: 'he:e;
who inui.t .I wl;-.:i ... pe: f. :::! th--ir
j-::'t. Tlteivfove the . o:.:n: bi 'ok . . :r. :: h: ,
eaes for the f'.-.s i.iaa. I i bo sko::3 i I-, it
'.lira t.i the bt.;if the -vro.e-j ii:t i:::.; et.e;;
llie t'.r.ii who i::a::::a:h:h s l": ::-n;:
Ivr'rA ;tw::y v in ' he ; : ii ,vLi-!i i,ri. e..
by ono or i;v,,'(t blow.: i ev vyiah;-.!; u-. ; f ,
theeali bey, wli::,o i'tt-i:i--s i- is b. warn t.he
actoi-.s when to be ci ilr- 1.V: oat Tor tl:: ir
cues; cues for -i'.et:. !;:." cv f'.:- ',"
cues for colore 1 ;;.;hls in tho t.I:.-..-s.
:.::i! music cues ioe the creheslra, t!i-.uh
these hv:t arc ge:ier::i: c- -rtakied .-.; i.i the
dircetor's score. A'! i' : (ure"ti j;; ; ;;:;;;
many moro arc contained in the ..eota;;! bee ,';
uvd given hy tho pror.:pt-.r to ih.; r ro-jer iv
sonsrt the tiif.nfr ih.e-.
i ; nos so ce.t
iorlv and ov,-n
tn in
ten's fine libbed v.iiitii .":'(, now bo.
der wale niii.-.t go :.i io-v . :
v.i!! not k e, tlieio cvi r.
:;r (,', nls .Silver Hit : .'.h;. ioo
and !.'.:,. t -. former pri, .; .ho n.,v
, i . ,t i j 1 1 ;il i : v 7" now ho.
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l.aro-ie. tvery att?r.da:.t at the-rjrand oiicr.i,
is familiar with the cotitriv.mcv iiaced Le
hind tho footlights iav.r.j'.Iiately iu fVcnt cf
the director cf theorchejtr.t, v. h.i 'h resembles
a much n:sgnifil quarter sect iua of walnut
laic!, above and eiih-.r sid-j cf .hieh is oe
casi'nally scon a tatul hohiin-r n baton or ,
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portion of an ooen book;
knows that beneath strttctaro with tho
lower half of hi.-, body sticking through a
trap in the rtage the prrnrre.r tit:-, invisible
to tlio aadieijce kit m p.hiia. view to every
oae o:i tiio stage.
losii.'g n:s rrrpor.T.vrcE.
In Germany and Frani??, and until qnit
recently in England, the j-rer.iptcr Oi-ea- iee.
this positiou sit every per 'f-i-inaneo. whether
tho production i-; cei.rj. pia-.- : rr.eetrxch.
Ti:e positiou is very tv.Ivc.iita.- rt:i.; t-- loth
prompter and actors, though v.iv '-u - jwcrsj
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U-et the box is a valuah! . aid 1 1 ihe j .ro:.v : cr :
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iice.r tlie stage in r. t:-:;va
tii.res hear eve-ry Il::e
twiee, tlr-i by the y.-.-oi:.r.
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Stlm Iilk for Horses.
Skim milk has been n-ed for horses on a
few farms in Denmark ami iS.veden, tans
saving grain. One man sor.ks his oats in
foar to six jounds of milk for each horse.
aiid claims that tbey thrive exceodingry web',
bat odds, "always boil tho miiii lirst." Chi
caro Times.
There ij-oae great troublo among the vottn"
men of the nitseut dav tbev are nskamed
to take off ttxa'r coats and et down to hard
work. They -want to bo r;e:itevl ; they want
to get rich right awav. Tbe crown in clory
of manhood is labor. Francis Mainbr. actr-.i. who.:
The Amcri.'.-aa .t.
levering the .l:;p::y
though eveti thli
a:: mdispc:: eliht fa.-t
matie I i eiitatieti.
ou.j. -ii iro.ii b:s tr.-
hi tho iag i.ear !
r.ven ar.d the coaii !
'.vhie'a he operates b;
"il'.o l ight side of the :
e.i e wifa toe pr
mto use a i:
wiaea is V'ktiti to at
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e-:i eh ... i
oi'i-i' '
;e. whiel: i; net th? j
:JUrm,t Pure Fruit Preserves. 15c a ih
tcbo r.ronvner) i-j not, ho vhiTers hoarsely '
O. I. sideb' The "O. P." sigain.-i; "Ocp ! -.
i its proa:; ter,"aivl a direction that no "jay"' e r : ; i'i ' ?J. r'J? C pi " f"' ' o,; r'"?!!': T IS pn r A n nVT
cottld fail to understa-J, though a long way i 2 11 ' i H DiP-iirS.
Thompson's Relish," Something Newand Nice
r - f
i.-- t
bit of r-.lativ
past the 1-iiat wheivlit- knew his rhrht hand
frcusi Lis k-it. G-ooi prompters cultivate a
distinct, uoaotoiioas whisper that can le
heard all over the stue without pnetratin-
b'cyoad the orchestra. This bain-- the ca,
the ajvant ire of iiavin the i roaipterout of !
t-ight of th audience ii gradually appealing i
to stage managers ia ochcr countries. Bern- j
Lardt, when on her first visit to tkw comitry, j
v.-as r.meh impressed -with tho system and id j
understood to have intreJueed it where sb3 1
apxic-ara ia Paris. Chicago Xews.