The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, February 13, 1888, Image 2

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,v.,;.r:ASKA, MONDAY, railtl'AKY 13
I i : "l " -I''.'" V- .
" W J i 4 4 y
Tho PiaUsnwuth Daily Herald.
KNOTT t5 113 7l O 3.,
Publishers &. Proprietors.
Tin; ri...Tf.sM)inn iiK'tAi.i
I pul1islitl !v-rr evening except Sunday
Ami YVrekly uvt'vy rhuii'liiy iikiiiiiii. Keni--ttreil
at tlm iMtonicj, I'latt.moulli. Nclir.. s
tfcitiid-cl.iHK iii.illiT. Ofllce corner of Vino anl
Fiflll kllVMtS.
tint copy un j car In i"lr;inr'. Iy mall. . . .? f(
ii i:o.iy pi-r inoiii li, ly i-;ip iiT, .
O iib copy i;r wi'i-k, iiy can i-r l.
KlU W I I K I.T.
O"'' cpy ,,,,1 v'ar. i;i :;i vance, .
Oil'! capy ix i:iii:i.i in aiHiiniT,
...i .v
'I'm: ( 'IiIMV;i Indiana of Wisconsin
have scut a dclcjation to Washington to
nuke :i complaints against ami ai'Mit ap
pointed !y Vil is. lie is li;u;j,-d with
selling thninT from th? reservation to
favorites ami without cotupetitiaii. llf-rc
is a ohm for tin; ne-.v s i t.iry to le
juii turning tin; rascals out. He siion J1
do so :v n if tiicy an; Iiis own crc. lures.
As a couiiii'-ctary oil democratic econ
oniy it is noted that thr pres -lit hoice of
representatives lias ;-."0 employe-? on y.
or U'-arly on;1 to every mi-mlxr a greater
nuinhcr thnii has ever L-on known in the
history f tho house. lVrhaps tie' country
ouedit to 1)'? congratulated the army
of employes is not urealcr, f"-r it is :i Ycrj
Lu:;e and hungry crowd that the democratic-
party is cali -d upon to provide
for. - iiit er ( )c-(-in.
Why don't ic moi rat ic j ; ; n . 1 1 -i that
pi-Ate :-o p. i si.-t"nt 1 y nlt:t this p ,-oj I s
ci'oiioini'-al adiniiii.-tratioii all I'r.r. tr'.ili
r.hor.t it, tln-ir f i!.-e posh ion is a.i
to tli j inti liiv.fiiC! of :r own party.
1 Icre is a:ioth'-r paniph; Ivick of demo
cratic n-foriii v. hi h is rcsp; ! f silly re
ferred t j oit i:-!:ii'.hted lie:
A nr.K .J.;;n .Mc' I ! i.r., who 1: ;s vrved
seven mh cc-i ve terms ;:s m-iy. r of J;;cl-
soll. '"lis-;.. I a (!:;-. let .- all - XV I
t i 1 !e- I .( : . 1 ii e! .:iia ! ':;., i !; r: f-y.i
-. -iliihd'H'S el-et I, hi ..diltj-i i.l t!r'
;.v.n v,-.ieii;:- to th" ncc. -.--itv oi -.'V. i
I hrowh.e; t o: nipt and vicious --cie.;'' r
ruv( rnni.-nt." At the lime of t hut I. -tio:i.
In-sajs, live of the six uh lei ni' n ;iih'
four of th- sis jjoiieem. u wore vim -j i:;e:
::nd diemocr.ds; :i:i'l only two colore i!
)nen htWi minor oi'iets, :ss :ie;::ii',s'L full!
Avhitp men thus favored. The fact i.s.
j'.ceordinj to his showiiur, that the Dem
ocrats had no excuse for their outr:;cou
-onduet c.cejt 1 1 1 : t th'-y w ere drterniir.cii
to irevei:t Kepuhlicans, dt Ijt colored v
v. hito, from holding a municipal poaitio;!)
of any sort. (itole lh'mntwat.
Thk man who culoi.ed tluitjati am'
ipciiks in endearing tcniis of Jeff D.-vis.
i.s as totally devoid of patriotism as cvci
IJ.nedict Arncld v.a?; find that the panic
him ii should heap ;;!i:m? on tlio. ImckI of
( 'haplain Iozii'r for his jiatiiotic, n::!nl
uiteranccs at llie (J. A. II. ino'ctin; tl.c
!her veiling, is not to 1j wondered at.
T!:i s.t::ie critic flippantly gay ''Kooody
l'Ut cii-.riks :;nd cowards who aro i.fraid
of their shadows lx-lieve that secession
nnd rcheliioii are incijiicntly active." Vc.
Xo one w ith a thimbleful of brains wouh'
cure to r. !cl, if lie could trai.jjdj tl;
I. iwi liu.lerfoot with perfect indifferent.-.-,
aiul ix-iln the cuds desired without en
dan;jerin'j his ppr.-onal comforls in tin
leii. tce; l it b t! cr.ll down up;. n him
ti ; c in -it; j Ci-'.t ieisir.s of Ki p!iliiv-ai :iev
par.trs. Kvvii tl.;tt is partly baiaix td by
t'u- fav. rdiii: hyoocritts of the I?.'u
press, who s and tw'.v wlure tiny stooi
b.'foiv tic war, if not openly in favor o'
treason tiny r.poloLjizc for thos-c that are;
ns was eviil. need by the editorial in last
Saturday's Journal. A man who i
capable of uttering such stuff as wa
printed in tho .Jotrnc:l Sulr.rday ihouhl
not bo allowed to live in a loyal, intblli-!'..'!-.
t comnumity. lie shou'd be trans
oi ted tvi a warmer climate, in li, u
of anything better at hand, some f ;iosf
loyal (.') ?.Iissis?ippi towns wuuhl j;robab
ly di) for r.w hilo.
Kansas Ci i v. Ma , Feb. 10. Tar. E.
II. T.-dbott, the editor of the IcU'rai;
Aqp, cam.: in from Mexico l.i-t ni- t.r. In
conversation with a reporitr he said: "I
find that the -rout dii'.iculty in incr-.-r.s-injj
the commerce between Amjric:?, or
mo.-e especially t'i cor.i:u.-re'al
centers oi tho vv:-t, K City, !-t.
L u'.is.Oiin'ia and Ciiie iero an..! Mj.i.-o. id
tiie debiy in passing t!:rou-'; tii. Air.cri
C:i:i ci:-t-)u; hoes- ;;t Kl Wo i iroi ds
fchippt-d in to ?.;..xL-o f:o::i the tommer
cial centers of th ; v,vt ' The cu.-ioui
hou-ij is miserably managed, and is on
lt: -ted in the int.-rc-vs of VA V..l rnd
not in the inter, si- of the United States.
There are at Id P.;-o a l.-.rr;u;bi-r of
bn?kc!s whos.! l.u-.::;: .-s it is to s e tiiat
floods shipped int. Mc?dco are p is-;- .1
through the custom house i:i orre t
legal for;u. Tii.-y work in the interest
of KI Paso, and it is an easy matter for
them to lrii! about delay by picking
some ai!t god flaw in the papers necissary
for tin. gooiis ti p-iss the custom house.
When I was there the cutom house was
choked up with goods that had been on
hand for months, and were detained for
no valid reason whatever. The Mexico
merchant orders his goods and nukes his
calculation-!. (.. ti;.r ;!; :,i ur.iv.- i:i !
. . .' i
a lea.i.iia.ile . ami alter ln:liig unl.oy -
cd ai.d put out by drlay of from three
weeks to two months in the Kl 1'aso cus
tom house, he becomes disgusted end
gives no more orderu to western firm.-.
The business can stand tha present tariff
and would show a wonderful increase
were it not for the cliques, rings and
jobbery ut the Kl 1'aso custom house
Knglish and German goods pass through
the Vcraciour custom house, which is
admiriib'y conducted, anil where there i.s
no jobbing. This is a great advantage
to Knglish and (ieinian merchants, and
it is no wonder that they are securing the
greater trade, which naturally and right
fully belongs to tin; United States. As
lon as this obstacle exists it will be im
possible for Kansas City. St. Louis, Oma
ha and Chicago to compete; with tin
eastern cities fur th:; Mexican trade which
can ship by water route. Tin; only hope
t!ct I can see for the commercial centres
of tin: west is th opening of the new
southern route and tho location of anoth
er cu-tom huiise at Laredo." Z'vvs-Difs-itil-Ii.
Kov; Men Dig.
il we know all he methods of approach
adopted by an enemy v.e arc the better
en;. bled to ward off the danger and post
pone the moment when surrender becomes
in; ' liable. In many instances tho inher
ent strength of the body sutiiet s to enable
it io oppov. the tendency toward death.
M i'y howcv r have lost t!ie:-e forces to
sue'i an extent that there is little or no
h !;. In oth'-r cases a little aid to the
We ikciled
' I
wiil ma!:e all tin- diiTer-
n. between sudden death and niMiy
o -t s u :eful life. Upon the '.: lep-
..: .- id a c.Mto!;. cdl or any ti'.:d !e of
throat or lunv-. gi ve ticit old ;.!.d
v il known 1 1 v ! y !Jom-1k-cs 'b-riuan
S.Mip. a c::i-i Till trial. It v.:!! prove
'v!iat thousands say ot it to be. tho "benv
iaeior of any hoie.e."
SciiKf.jin. Atxir.t llt'z'ns betters.
?.Zr. i'hiUH gets wbcut :."(;) bejrinj lotter.5
i'..-: i-v !::y, ainitl-.e mail of this kind which is
r; (- i vi A I v our rich daily wm l.l co:i-
; .i.i.e ! i.e s-.ijjfdy of c. ljro jiari.-i factm-y. !
'i i.: , let t ,r v.-iil s.t:rt U.n 1 pen i-s all ovor ti o ;
i i ...;;:iry to writ l:i.r i -t ; ; rs t t'in cmav! tuU'.z j
: la-.-utionecl iri ii, utul 1 !.;ivc iwi told by ,
.' : i jih ii iiiiie-ei ijji-:ii 1 1-.i -i. n..-.
I ;-.' v.s scores of now alms-asking cerre-,-iiients.
I publisheil a r.ewspap.cT
1- ; ! about I'l-csiilent Cleveland's charities,
in whicti I told how he frequently gives away
ido and ijOO bills i:i rusy.Hisa to letters which
e.'.eite his sympathy. For weeks after this piiblmbed the "White House mail was
burdened with begging letter.-; making refer
cuey to it. and Sam Tildcn's private sceretary
i.i.c-otold me L'aut tlio greater part o Mr.
Tildea's mail was made up of letters from
l.'e.T.ars. Tilden never raw these, and it was
o:ly in a few eases that these letter.; ever
;v.;. hil his eyes.
It is the same with tho mail of W. W. Cor-co.-an
and C. 1 Huntington. Huntington's
);:'. ters come from all parts of Europe and tho
United States, though there ara more from
th l'acific sloic than anywhero else, lie
lees not read sueh letters closely, and usually
.'it.-hes them -into tho waste basket. 2Ir.
c- cvrau's letters are replied to with n
priuU'.-l form which states that his secretary
i directed not to present sueh letters to him.
as be is unable to meet the numerous de
mands which they coutuin. Tho letters
of all kinds, and the check exhibited in n.u j
oi them is, to say tho least, remarkable. One
woman had a husband worth S"0,000, but she
would like to be independent of 1dm, and she
wriies Mr. Corcoran for a donation largo
enough for her to live,upon its interest.
Another woman wrote for a barrel of salt
pork, and a third wrote for a lavender silk
d ivss to be used during a president's iveeji
tio'j which was soon to come oil. Frank G.
Carpenter in New York Mail and Express.
In tlie Cliinoso Capital.
Hie outsid-.? of the emperor's palace all
ihnt- any Europe :m ha-5 ever seen of it shiee
rh days of Marco Polo ;s ideal, a fciiry
vd.:ce. High waits shut in the forbidden
.'i;v; n moat surrounds them; nnd tiieu there
,-i-e the glistening yellow tiles, tho roof-; built
by t he old Mongols in imitation of their t mis.
Then, there is thegreea hill with its tree.;, and
mLco roofs climbing up it. Tho cat ranees
are of diep blue, bright green, golden rirag
oue.I, with here and there a touch of ver
milion. Tho sky is blue above, tho sun shines ;
and thero in the roadway sics a child stark
naked, its face so dirt y that it is impossible
to S' 5 what it is like, its head misshapen with
disease. No wonder the present emperor
never cares to como outside, and is supposed
nev.T to Lave done so. Tho world inside must
be f::r more delightful, if it matches with
wit'.: those glittering fairy roofs.
Import does not speak well of tho young
emperor, lie is described as unwilling to
learn, sickly, ami frov.ard very ready to
fling things at people's heads if displeased,
acd altogether cut out to commit some great
folly if he ever becomes really the ru'er of
China. He receives the high oflicrrs of the
empire kneeling on their knees, he alono cit
ii: g in state; but behind a curtain sits the
veigning empress, hearing ail, and really rul
ing China. St. James' Gazette.
At the 3IouJi of tho Con;o.
The fact that fifteen to twenty-live steamers
a month are now arriving at the mouth of
the Congo illustrates the growth of commerce
ia that regie;-, since Stanley showed the im
portance of the great river. Ono ocean
I t . a.uer has fdivady ascended the river to
1 (.: ma, City miles from tho sea,. and the best
(. h umels are being marked by baoys, so that
ieep draught vessels may sr.l'ely navigate the
lower river. Little hotels for the entertain
ment of travelers have been built at Eauar.a
and lioma. One reason why the whites on
the lower river enjoy far better health than
formerly is said to bo because they havo dis
carded canned meats and now raise their own
la -f. Cattle thrive finely at Eoma, and it
takes a steer every thrco day3 to feed the
whites who are now living at that station.
Chicago News.
Haw Lepnisy is Spreadir.c;.
According to M. Besaier, a member of the
Paris Academy of Medicine, leprosy, far from
disapie;irmg by degrees, is spreading rapidly.
Since the extension of the French colonial
possessions, soldiers, sailors, trad'j-3 nnd mis-s-i-onaries
have fallen victims to it in large
1: umbers. M. Besaier, therefore, exhort3
phjsicians in all countries to study the fell
disease, in order to find a raeans of counter
acting its ravages, for it has active focuses cf
infection in every part of the globe. The
malady is transmitted by a bacillus shaped
li e that found iu tuberculosis. Pittsburg
LiFh on Tin-; i:our.
AVliut tho Itoof of tho Tull Tfiu-oic-i:ts I
to tho Jnvtltcrs V.'ilhiii A Vanl fr
Dry-lug ClothcH Slreiinj; 1'iuco Uuriiij;
tho Hot Souhoii.
Tho baby seemed to lo making for the
edge of the roof us fast as very rapid 1'K-o-inotion
on its lumds and knees could carry it
"No, no! Come here pet," fiid the mother
calmly, anil the inf.irit hulled and then
turned ami sat d nvn.
What u place for r. baby that was on tho
roof of u six story tenement house in Ikiiti r
street, tho tallest house in tho neighborhood,
with ii view somewhat recalling u scene :i
the Ithodo Island coast, with here end tli- re
u black roof to repn-seuL tho inky bowlders,
hero and there n pair of steam to suggest the
clouds of spray made by the conHici, of the
waves and rocks, mid all i.round t!io white
and paie blue c-qiaiixc n.' t he uppi r air.
"Aren't you afraid to let your baby play
around here:'' 1 imjuired oi' the mother, sho
and the infant and I being i.1 1 only ones up
there, end I not only feeling the polite n-'ci s
sity of haj ing some'diing, but Wi'ig i illy
curious to know how u mother c;utd I t u.
Ijuby out of her arms in f ie-h u p!:u-e.
"Why should I be afrmd:'' she inquired;
"I was ns good ns b.n-n and up hero
on this roof, and no harm came to mo ot it."
"Itoofs aren't to the poor what, they era to
the rich," she continued, :;ecii:g tho look of
inquiry in my face, in nil probability. "I
was born in this house, and when I vr.s a
little woo thing my mother1, God rest her
soul, ued to bring me here for the fret h tie
in lino weather and ths cool breeze in tho
summer. When I was a little girl 'twas bore
that I came after ;;eho 1 to play at store and
lionso and v.iih my doll c.;;d little playmate-;.
When I g'-t big enc-t: .-ii to bo allov. cl to : it,
up a litt! late at ni.jiit bi relsiitl came, t-
h tlie lads a:sd young girl.- at their incrn
l ie;-;, dan;-i:e; a::d c ..:eg en I 'iirting c;:d
Miiging and cntertaiuiiig oe.e auo'.Lcr. Ai.'l
io you know it was a. feai her ia tho cap .i' a
boy or girl to l-el.ere. isyet for t'.f mat
ter of that , f r you'd r. -ver hud i.ho way
ward or t':e v.dd ;:) hero once they l.ave
yielded to tho life of tie- greets.
And when I got to be a
cr.r.h girl, and
later yet, when I v. ee.t re.-'
my widowed mother-, te.hie
tory, ic was slitl i-er t:.
.. my play cv.d geol to.
may se m : tre-: ; c.e vi ry
ti-:-4t ij lh; o:... o lny
-.'vi ry tl-rmg tx-od th,;- v. r
siile e-t' nejiiey cid t;.-
church. I'ilJij to :;;e here
to work to !:;
1 bt- o Li u j'-c-i
c.-.-..:u for y... :.t
;-.a;:y. Ah. tea.
i j e
to y-;;- tati-
ric.-itli ed- .t.;, i". i
ce.rie v 1 1 ;:;-ce,nf-.:ts
, : .:
ca i;.:s sl
" Twas here that I learned t tlrmc?, to tho
jii'j: ie of the aeeer.;:on thai him w ho is ltor,
:ny husband could play bo: tor than aity boy
in the ward. Night uTttr L;g'.;t, in nil tlv
flue weather, John would ce::i. up hero and
play for the girls of the hot'.ee. cud "tve frier d ;
lor t ho gir:s oi t
ii:o iic;'.ruuorcoo;t. .
WC. !
hoys enough wo would dance wit': them, a:i 1
whim there were not ea; h girl would take an
other and bo partners. It is fast tho rarae
now. Any night, e:gnt months m t:?e yc-r
you'll find so:uo of them here, dancing a
sparking, an i tho old folks sitting about,
keeping half nn eye on theyou-e.g one?, w hom
they pretend not to seo at all, th -ugh f.-r
that matter, when you have children they aro
seldom otT your mind, in sight or out. You'd
think, may be, they'd bo afraid, dancing on
tho edge of the sky like this. Not a bit; I
never gave a thought to tho danger, and I
don't suppose they do.
"I wonder if you understand what a tene
ment roof really is. For instance, it's all th-
yard wo have, and it's divided up so that it
rightly belongs to one floor tart's two fami
lies each day in tho week, excepting Sun
day, for them to hang no their wash. Well,
some practically never uses it, for the good
reason that all they wash they can hang in
the open windows of tho kitehe::. Some use
it only about once a month, and soir.o hir.g
tho whole air full of linen each week. Eat it
belongs to a different floor every different
day. and no ono would think of r.eing it for
ok;hes on any day but their own without
asking permission. Eaeh family puts up and
takes away their own clotheslines eneh day,
.tud, mind you, even then the soot of the city's
.'.o gathers on them
firet that the
be wiped before cicLhes a:o hung on
ro? plants j:
again, do ve.-.i
--e i ;i .--a nnrci r-i
crrtli around tho ege yo air icr' They uho
belong to the different t eautite, n::d in th
smnmer one vies with the other to : ee who'll
keep their's tho greenest. Soni5 tovcr bar
any luck in growing things, a red tho best of
tho boxes don't amount to m i eh, owing t-
the heat of tho sen shove and th tin below
dryiugup the little earth there is i a thorn,
hut it is pretty much all that many a tene
ment child sees of tho cTuntry the tirst few
years. 1 was 13 years old before I ever saw
more than the City Hall park and tho E :t
tery park, and then, when I went up into
Westchester county to my uncle, who h n r.
farm, I had enough to do to tell alt tho-o who
vented to know what the country was really
"Then here's where rainy of the men in
tae tenement
iirouq-'a tho Lot
jest and vl.o h.-st
e r eeherirg hea.'
d bo g'reJ to make
wee.' her. Yes, it i
bedroom we have
come-, and the ro:
-.1 v
use of it for the same purpose it it was con
sidered right for them to do -so. Oa such
uights tho windows are thrown open back
and front, and tho women and children that
are too young to bo trusted make tho best of
what draught there is, while the men with
a pillow and a blanket, or sometimes with
no. king at ell tut their rege tar clothes and
an old coat roiled up under their heads, turn
in on the roof, until it's that thick with men
thai an old soldier onco told mo it reminded
Irhu of tho dead in the trenches on a battle
field whero ho was iu tho war. Eut before
there's any goe3 to bed at all, every one in
the houee sits up thero to cool oi?, and I
really think in all the year thoso are the hap
piest hours wo poor people ever spend.
"They even had a death on the roof a few
doors below, last summer. It was a poor old
German gentleman, and he was very low and
sinking w hen they brought him up, thinking
it would revive him, which it did, poor man;
but it was in the other world ho felt it.
Nothing bad like that ever came to this roof,
and I am glad of it, for some would always
1 thinking cf it, and the place would not be
the same after. Eut we've had a little of
everything else, I'm thinking, and to ma it's
tha best place there is and tha ono w here I
have lived tho best hours of my life, child,
girl and woman." New York Ccr. Provi
dence Journal.
Railway Under the Thames.
The new railway under the Thames is rap
idly approaching completion. It will tap a
number of congested thoroughfares, and
though only three miles in length, will be cf
immense service to the population of Lon
don. It extends from near the north end cf
London bridge to Clapham Common. Chi
cago Herald.
. l. - i - i (!..;. .. v-t, o:i. .. 'V.i
t: o c;r.i' ra e. u'.lUil-'. ' adiotioll to ! ec mstru
: l:: at of the t:-.i-:,--ir.d. li j has e.ihib-
' '.ted l'tl:e Acad.-my oi Seieiics somo lino
j picture-.! iiiu.-.tratmg tho charai-t.-ristics of
! diouiiluin 1. 1,1 ds at tin- different hours of tho
' day. T he '-. . a ot dowi-u''ol' thu curly laorn-
ing undergo -s iatercsing changes through
the uction of air currents set in motion by
tho sun. Arkunsaw Traveler.
r:-aii t ot l'ractlcal .Jfk-.
Tho vii tint of a so c alled "practical joke"
was buried iii Brooklyn the other day. A
chair was pulled away when he .-.e; about to
tit down, and he fed, reeeiing injuries
which !-ojn ear e l his deeth. There is no
ii!t"i:n r trick ihat ran play ujaji their
ftdlows than this. Tiu J'.r.ol:lv:i incident
ought to piit a step to oho speei .1 of "practi
cal j (king."' No.v York Tribune.
'mft i'j-i-o Stall- Mimry.
i The Congo Free State has had its own
noney coined in Belgium. Tee silver coin
' was ti'iish. d a few monl -is ae,o, n:ni the nickel
end coppi.r coin.; oi" t live, two an 1 ono
j centimes value wera th.Lked in Deeember. ceil! on" i ; i ,ua! to ouo-lif th of oe.n eel.t.
' 'i ho ini.'i.-e on one side of tl ;...', as of lie: t:l
I vcr coins, :'; the s(ar ao- pt: -! 1 ,r th;.-Hag of
tho Free t.itate. t.'iiie.igo Nou:..
! 1 e.din is l.ow f ert.l. i: , g an xeelh V. market
! for tho hor. s and nudes rai.-ed in Auolruiw
j Ler;;;'3 ! i- ared.r ti.ccd
j b'-.'.k'at .
Xo r.-tio-dy in i ie- v. odd h i-- g .im d
i th" !': it oily th.'d Ill's !m dicim- li.i-. as
! -i hold ci i' .mile in.-t i :: -. ?,". one
! j-hoii'i.; be v,-'r:io:;; it. It ie ' a'.omel
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Sold bvV. .1 Warrick.
Use L'r. Ll.ieh's idieumatic Cine it
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The sr-.m bird r -medv for liver com
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Dr. Ii ack's Uhemn.vtic Crr. has
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lad ten in this ":',.-ami county thai'
inv and all other medicines put together.
lAir sale hvJe-milh cv i Hack.
U.-e Dr. iibu k's liiieumatic Cure and
throw away your cane and crutches.
For sale bv Smith 5: lilack.
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Cor. 12th nnd Granite f-t reels.
Sept. 12-Cm.
MASfFACTUirnn or and
Choicest !:h;:Is cf Cigars,
including our
Flor de Popperberco' and 'Euds
always in stock. Nov. 6, 18S.1.
1 must iiitiky room ir my
Large Stock of S
(mmuio; :ti!(l tlu'rofori will reduce nil leather ooiala 20 jir
cent, lielow reoular jiriees lor c:i.-li 1 1 1 v -
11 Go -de lCaYlxod ii Plain figures.
l.rtiiies I'reiieh K il ....... 00 'Jo tier cent. Ii.-cMint $1 00
Luilies.' ! 'rt -neli KM -I " ' 41 " r()
Lndie.s' jJriht Dorioola I 0(1 " "
Ladies" Idioht Doii'ola .......... . " " " 2 1
Laeies,' i id ............... :J 2.j " " " 1 SO
!)al!e' Peli. (Joat h' ."0 " " " :i 00
Ll'li-.':-' J' '. C,n:t 'J '2 J S
.".e'Ts hurt Mini's . . N () l - " (' to
Meif.s f-iiucs 4 ; lk 4i " i (10
Men's ...::"." i. oo
.Ml-I f-5 bhecs ... 'j :A) " " 'J 00
Ci:il!iv:i.s "Li 1 lie (iiant Sehi'iu Shoes,'' the. hest in the market, game
reilueli n. y.nw i.-. vi.'.ir elianc'.' U lav in a eheaji MtJ)jjy.
: i. :r r -1 - r t
'U k Uj a V a is Pi a if 4 A i & k EL I ,
GliV3r c2i 2'tLc.":-zaxq, Proprietors.
Ve hi v ) eii,isi;::-'iy on I r : : i . 1 tic !:!;. t atnl L'(h(-.'-t lint of iii-;,f
I .: I C! i
Ami evei-vthit:'.- to suit, the de:i:a;il our trade. (Jive- u:s a trial,
Sottth S.Mo Main St vt et, Iietvacn Fifth and Sixth.
v. aor.KsAi.i; Ae.i
Oeef, Pork, Mutton, Yea! and Poultry.
Z invito all to give mo a trira.
if r-irrrwfinnin muaixaj
Sno',r Cured JIcat. Ifams, Jhicc-is, Lard. etc.. etc. I'kIi Oysters in Can and Bulk
at lowest living prices. Do ni,t to rivo me your j.i:triiinyc.
cr r-T
J vv'V -
9 l.-rAl -"-
-ixrii si i;i:i:r, bet. main and vine.
x 1 1 ri r f.
r:- f 1'
W h B ! C & M L' f f S ! '
' N At :'. A 'C lie,;";.
Sugar Cured Bleats, Hams. Bacon, Lard, &c, I c
ot our own make. The lcst Lrands of OYSTERS, in cans and bulk, at
prsng Goods
i ! ail i- iiids in their hcaiton.
r, y
!;;:tui, ix
um a- zj.t i-i. a
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