The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, January 31, 1888, Image 1

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: li .Smith
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Latest by Telegraph.
Weather Indications.
For Nebraska: Colder, fair weather,
1 itrlit to fresli rnriable winds.
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UOU'l'Y Oi'I'L;KijS.
In-:!jly i m i f, -Clcrii.
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:icr:i ni Di-nic: .'u.iri,
Hurvt-yiT. - -Allmnfj
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V. il. I'ukIj
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V. ('. M!. Ai.T;.it
J. C. 1'.:ji:ni;ai:
... .1 a tmi.K
t t.i.-.'i i;ki:s n
'.I A V.N N.'I l M 'l -V K
r.')::i tv .:(. rr.iivi.sous.
A. 15. Tm.n, .-- l'lii'.l-iisionMl
J.o;:is l'-.i.i .. i 'ii'iii., V.'ccjiiii V::t'T
A. li. Ill KS'j.N', - l..;iiV(-.d
( 1 1 VI G SO (ill ?I; 1 1 iS.
(tASS l.(ii: St;. 1!". I O. f. V. - Mi'ds
-'cv?i".v 1 ur-i! -.y cvi -in .i .f ic'i f'k. Ail
tr:i! .i-'.;t lr .i:-.-J.- i ::" : !i:l!y ::ivi!(- l to
rj::;) i.!)i-;i: :. si. a. o. u. w.-Mei-is
everv :t!i rii i: l-'ii-Liv -.i'ii:: t iC. 'if I'.
IihII. ! i:n i 1 1 :-:-. ; ' ;;- i ' i i : 1 y iu-Vit-.i
-r : -1 . F. V !:;!. , M;:-n f V. m !:iiii-ll ;
ji. A, :nl i-'.ri.ii:u. : 1'. .i. uvtiecr ;
J. E. r.Iur; i ;. i.'ciii !.! .
- 1 1 f Al.l"'! KM - .:-! 1 :i'l:l f'li'.ltll MlW-
A av "vt'iii!'-: m i". h. l! All ti:i!is;cnt
l.liit'l'T-i HIV :Vj"l--- ! V) I'.:- .-! v::h .1-. L. A.
XoVi'iMMT, ( . t r il.i : t'..::-.i:l: 1. .-, Nili'.",
V:-; li v A l vi- ! ; l, 1. :'. il:, l'.;;i;;..:!icr ; W.
C. Will: -V. i ln'-i.
in.vrr.MOi: "i: :.ii;i; :;o. s, a.. r. w.
M r:.-' i'Vit.v l ii'!:;y i-vi'iiiii;: at
l:x-i; .v;iil li.iil v c:'i-1ii:i.. All ' .ui-n-ni lin.-tli-ri
r.-," in! ly i.iviii-t! ti :d t ii-t. .'. A.
iutNi'li'1, M. V, .; ', (in1 -ii. iitiv ii.'.n : S. C.
Wilili'. ii.-i;:i-:l'T ; i.. A. Nowcoiiier. norsitT.
fflcOUlUiilZ POSY V., A. H.
r.ui ::!:.
.T. Vi'. .L.iiVi.i.N' ' '"(...iiiiasulor,
C. S. T !:.- 'S.-!i-;r Vil'U "
1". .. ISA i -: :.:t.Vi "
;-.. Nu.i.s At!jiita:it.
Awi:sr Y.:::v ;i. Q. M.
Mai.on i!' 'N :.::'i'r of tiio Kay.
t'u vii!.:s i " " iu:inl
liKX.l. IlK'l f-Vr;.'t Major.
J.o:i (ins:- .v:.. ..tiunrtor M:is:er Scrst.
AiA'ii V i'.i.; : :' i'tif.t CJiapl.iiu
jMcoti'i -a! ii" h'.y t vi'iiiun
ii.W o?
r-T:: !;! aiU-ntiou t iili :ii:si:i..-ti u trust
to my f;n c.
S:V ft trTlV'Z.
TU:"! '; -.-iii.i'. !. i's::.r.-t- '.iuiCtl, III
nuriiici! ittjii, i.eal ii"t-ite ."-'oKt.
Better racililics U r Falia Loans than
Any Ot'ivc Asiicy.
Li u iiuivkuUll
I il L i 2 1 w L- i-.UUK SO
Hcpresent the i'oilowing time
triu.l :i:ui fire-tcitcd companies:
American C 'utr.'.l-S . ?. x.ia. Asnu Sl,23S,loo
Corami'i-i'i! L'.iioa- Ki:iii:-."1, " 2,5W;,3H
Fir As .i'Ia:i-.i-r. ILuidflita, 4,4I."),5TC
Prar.klir.-l'hiliu'.fli.Iiia, " ?,!17,10(;
Homt-XVv York. " 7,(-55..K9
Ins. C), of vort!i America. P'aii. ,; 8,471.302
J."!vrp:irkt!..:'.l'.':i & i;j,bc-Kii " CG153.7SI
Isort'.i :irilih x- ialiie-Ku : " 3,3"f',75
Norsvich rr.ion-Kii.v.'lar.'I, " 1 ;2i.iCt
SpriasSield i & -M.-Spnugrieia, " 3,M-1.'S
Total A :-sat3,. 542.115,774
0oS83 A-! tni ilia paiaat ta-sASGiic
rr3 f 3
a 1 b e a d u
ast 1 3 tf 3
U2ipB8H3 Falls
Gheap Prices
Tho Antt-Socialist Bill Referred.
Diklix, Jtn. 30. The debate on the
anti-socialist bill was resumed today. It
was iinslly referred t a committee.
Death of an Eminent Botanist.
Boston, Jan. 30. Professor Asa Gray,
the eminent botanist and profenr of
botany 111 Harvard college, died of par
alysis this erening, nsjed scventy-seyen.
Vice President Potter s Condition.
Chicago, Jan. 31. Vica President
Potter was better today and decided to
continue his journey to New York, al
though against the advice of his pliysi
cian. He will probably go to Florida
in s short time.
Detailed to Kill the Czar.
London. January, 30. Advices from
St. Petersburg say that a prominent army
officer Bhot himself fatally recently and
before dying told the surgeons he was
a member of a secret society and had
been detailed to assassinate the czar, but
had preferred suicide. A searching in
vestigation is 111 progress.
The Pope's Rich Presents.
Bat.timobi, Jan. 31. A correspondent
for the Sun iu Koine has furaished au
interesting description of the gifts to
Pope Leo, on the occasion of the jubilsa.
So far 7,000 cases of articles have been
handled, and the end is not yet. Uy to
January 13th presents to th value of
10,000,000 have passed through the
hands of ths Vatican inspector. Even
that sum has been exceeded in money.
The United States has outstripped every
other country in cash donations.
Tho Whittler Homestead.
Chicago, Jan. 30. The statement was
made a few days ago that John G. "Whit
tier had denied that it was his wish to
have the Whittier homestead at Haver
hill, Mass., purchased and preserved as
a monument of affection for him and
his poetry. This appears to havo been a
misstatement, as the times this rooming
prints a letter from Whittier to Miss
Francss "Willard, in which he expresses
his gratitude at the proposed movement,
and hearty wish for its consummation.
A Dsouty Sheriff's Forgery
Red Oak, Jan. 30. IT. T. AVest, of
Villisca, late deputy sheriff of this city,
was convicted of forgery in tho distrist
court yesterday. The crime was com
mitted while lie was In office, and when
the note cam due he, in his official
capacity, served the notice of suit upon
the parties whose names he is convicted
of forging, two Swedes living near Vil
lisca, and attempted to terrorizing them
into acknowledging the signature. F.
II. Jerome, a note broker at Villisca,
bought the forged paper and loses the
amount, as "West has no property. It
was for $123.
Bogs's Blood Purifier and Blood
No remedy in the world has gained
the popularity that this medicine has, as
a hold on family medicine. No one
should be without it. It has no calomel
or quinine in its composition, consequent
ly no bad effects can arise from it. We
keep a full supply at all times. O. 1'.
Smith Co. Druggist. j25-3mod&w
Again Sentenced to Hang.
Dubuque, la., Jan 30. The jury in the
Barney Kennedy murder trial reported
today, after being out sixteen hours.
Their verdict was guilty of murder in the
first degree, and the punishment was
fixed at death. Kennedy was convicted
on a former trial and sentenced to hang,
but secured a new trial on ground that
one of the jurors was not a naturalized
citizen. His attorneys will now move
for a third trial because one of the jurors
in tho trial just concluded became in
toxicated during its progress. The gen
eral opinion is that Kennedy will be
hanged as the jury ordered. If he does
escaps through the courts he will never
escape the vengeance of the tribunal of
public opinion.
Begs's Cherry Cough Syrup.
Is the only medicine that acts directly
on the Lungs, Blood and Bowels, it re
lieves a cough instantly and in time
effects a permanent cure. Sold by O. P.
Smith & Co., druggists. j25,3ai,d-w.
Try O. P. Smith & Co"s K. of P.
Cologne Lasting and Fragrant j-23 tf
Parties having received statements
from mc will saye costs by calling and
settling by February 1.
46d&w2t O. M. Stbeight.
The Natives Be&innlnQ to D! Out
of tho Drifts.
ItocnESTEit, N. Y., Jan. 30. On the
New York Central roads between Syra
cuse and Buffalo there were several live
stock trains when lat week's storm came
up. Efforts wero made to run tht-sn to
points whero the stock could be shell; r
cd, but in snite of all efforts nearly fif
teen car loads of cattle and lios ds
tined for Boston and New York wer to death near Palmyra, ami sev
eral car loads at othfr points.
New Yokk, Jan. 30. The fury of the
storm which began Thursday, and which
swept the railroads and eastern New
York with snow, was not (spent until Sat
urday afternoon, and the railroads, up to
that time completely at its mercy, began
a vigorous light against the drifts, mul
unless more snow falls today the block
ade may said to be ended.
Washington, I). C, Jan. 30. The sig
nal corps station at Nantucket reports
upwards of fifty vessels in thfi ice near
there, and from Great Point to Tucker
nuck Shoals, mauy of theiu are adrift,
having lost anchor and chains. The let
is ten inches or more thick, and the most
powerful tugs enn render them 110 assis
tance. Most of them will be wrecke !
unless prompt assistance in rendered th 111
when the ice breaks up.
Nebraska Bills in tho Houso
Washixoton, D. C, Janaary 33. Mr
McShane introduced in the house today
u bill to pay Tobias Castor $ i, ((() for
horses stolen by the Cheyenne and Sioux
Iudians from a point know as Oak
Urove, in JXuckells county. 2rj.. 111
1804; also a bill to remove tho charge of
desertion standing against the inilitarv
record of Geort'o W. Madden.
Mr. Dorsey introduced a bill to pen
sion Capt. Ben. Contal and to remove
charges of desertion.
the five per cikt j::i.l
Senator Manderson'3 resolution in I 1m
senate today calling on the Secretary of
tho Interior for information as to the
sale of public lands in Nebraska, and
whether five percent of the net proceeds
has been paid to the state, is supplement
ary to tha bill introduced some weeks
ago by Senator Paddock providing for
the payment of such unpaid sums which
is now pending before the Committee of
Public Lands. Vvrheu in the seriate be
fore, Mr. Paddock succeeded in securing
the passage of a similar bill which faihd
in the houso. "With the cooperation of
the entire delegation he has strong he; e
of more complete success at the present
The Hatfleld-FolcCoy Feu::.
Charlkstowh, AY. V., Jan. 30. Gov.
Wilsoa has decided to order out th--militia,
and put a stop to the IbvtfirM-
McCoy affair at once, he having SMti.-fl-d
himself by thorough inquiry that th-.'
reports from the scene of trouble werr
not exaggerated.
This evening Governor Wilson's rep
resentative returned from Logan county
and reported that the belligerents on
both sides in the Ilatfitld-McCoy affair
have disbanded and the trouble ended.
The governor has countermanded the
order for the militia.
Frightfully Crushed by Cars.
Minbukx, la., Jan. 30. At 4:1.) p. m.
while an extra freight train was twitch
ing here, Frank Jones, 22 years old. in
attempting to jump on the snow plow,
fell in front of the plow .nd was dragged
a considerable distance, the engine, ten
der and one car passing over himj cutting
off a lower limb, one hand and crushing
one shoulder. Thero is little hopo of
his recovery.
Pensions Cranted Westerners.
Washingtok, Jan. 30. The following
pensions were issued to Nebraskans to
day: Mexican war Ira N. Tuft. Omaha
Original Joseph J. Sperry, Fairfield.
Increased Joseph P. Smith, York; Clif
ton Newkirk, Blair; Isaac Lent, Lincoln.
British Craln Trade Review.
London, Jan. 30. The Mark Lane Ex
press says: There 13 no demand for na ive
wheats and it is impossible to sell except
at a decline. Foreign wheat values are
only nominal. Flour is graatly depressed.
Foreign declined G pence per sack. Corn
steady; oats dull.
James Rcdpath Dyirs.
New York, Jan. 30. Tim physicians
of James Redpath. jouaualbt and leetur-
er, has given up hope of his patient's recovery.
Father McFaddsn Sentenced.
Dublin, Jan. 30. Father McFadden
was today sentenced to three months im
IIoiv tieu. ;i;ii:l l)ii!l.-ti ii: I
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Mr. V.
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..C 1,:-
NVI ; 1: ,
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."' f y.i
I.M all
e 1 : 1 V 1,
entire Winter .'.mds at ei.-!.
hav a I.;,;.' iHi.itiiiiv .-in.!
r i'ii" in vent iy, we reduce
il t!..'. ;.;..tids niih'-r than to
H'.- are willing In ;.. II our
Staples w!
!i"-r them
-. ! Ti
t " cents per yard.
y..- i. 1
J.i a i'ev-. 1 ! 1 ' ; . a 1 e : tie
ws;.; enle.t . i. Wo w
boys t ". 1 1" ;-,-t t tv
I,e?e uf u.i I.ih-v.t. sii
A'.'e oniil.f 1 .'.I ii t
lt. v;..s,'. Lt-'
(..:: !''.. iilM.i., v.";.'-!ii e Lie
l-...l;e;:.-, ;. V t-, I .
th i-i!ii,!-uiy ii;el J'lit n ; ti.:-i;-.i..;!;
Sal-',' 1 -i"iv i.ii" i i 'i. . e v.'c.t. l.i 1-
u .;':; .:A c-i.I.'-l hhn .iu t.
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Le I. I V
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n. ;;'-ee:i :.., we u i'i
,le military
laijhi line.
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.iri. I V". O Wet-'.! ;
j.;t'j:-;, ami hi 1
.i.i:iu-.I wi;1:nat
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w.-ni i i'::'A
caii-' l 1: i
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t:-l iUr ciitli i- i
,o !.'.. .:lv .
:;.:,; ...i. 1:1
lei'I.iie; tu::.i.,;
ic-,-:, n.vl
drlli i:i:;-.ei-, C,
fi ;:i in :.
Bt.;iv. 'i '
Kl-cat co.-i-).i::.:
i.tit wo
;; tn Niii'ii'.v'eei '. '.Ion.
.-'!' j.'er::o:i.-iiJy, !ait 'jo ne-.ik-s,
j f..t 1!k '. a:ir sv::ii tit.) ! v'-i-
v. . :v e;;i. ) so! i.ei iy ;:i bu.r-.ibii!-:
' I i'or t '.ii.' ea;.:t: 1.
in t...v:; ---.uM ...-'': c.t! :a
ilu sxo u; ;!. 'list:!, ne-.e'..
a' I. 'ee-att'.i', 1 !;:.;!
; !,.;::.!. TI." beys l-'-. -,.t.l
e:i. '. 1 1 - .Jit, soeii.,; tlit.l'. i':-
vile I'...:".I.- ...t t:!..1 i L.1L. t..:.i,
;: a .I:v? ei'innr'.l, i ' ."
-.: !;..: n.: .,.:!!;.c Vuvi.:'.;.'.! :!:.
Lit:; !.e-e: . ,' by c.) '. ! ;,
. .-."-I .:-.. f.v iit to see us C'AiL
.i .;e.l . ;.i.'..i- r.t.-.l v to
,;! w Jul i: i-y
vi:o vv.ij civio: :-.-;:i!y
b:ii 1 il .a:-; ti.- 1
I::tJ ..."A :vl .. : t
very l i-,,. ( '..i'u ii
liiakill t I.e vA
v.u . i -. fur sl.iat. (.'ii.gham .,-t. dress
s.yb'i Hi n':, ;i r xaid. Dii -: i .U
all 1. in. I ; at tin- v ry btwc-l prices, l-.nn
"ci I:ls per y::l-i lipwiUil. Wuuli n
V. .! u!!i-r ;it c.i I, el I a I'n". i ,a i ies ca h -iiwre
hu.- , wmlli n .w "
iine ii'.ivy woul t'! ce:.t-, now '.'.'; child
ren's line lii.bcti wo:th a', cow :.o. I'n
(ler ware 1 1 1 H.-.1 go at l.,'v J're a-, w;
v. ill not ke p tli m over.
Our dents Si! ver ( b ry "bii'ii'o I-bi.l-i
aie i . 1 raw rs, fumier jiiices .' ti '''.
j :..:nino iiiirls
and drawirs, extra quality 7" now .V.
Our Seal l"l. all wool shirts iind h ,MV
i lin" tpialily -Vl.Oi) now 7.1
Our scarlet . .1! wool shirts and
ers. line quality Hl.'J'i iccy l.(,0.
Ours; a:! l all-wool shirts and
i w
tuaiity :?!.7" low l.2."
O- -earl t all-wool shirts and
cry., tine (jiialiiy sV'.fi) iu- l.-io.
l W
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v. 1
.... S . ,
tiicf, 1:
l:i::i .". :ra :
Calc.t'lo V; .:
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J N.
i.i :
O.lO (.1 b. ei:.
it! m:!; y v.-..y j
lliao oi 1 ; -
Tiiou : 1 v.:: : '
JtuiN. ;.;; i.--;. i
tii.ii. T::-t y i
orally v..
yMi-s (il,1.,
cerl::;'! .
of tLe:.:
riv-a co. ,:.ti:;:
u-e th-jir t.iTi.
ii:i-o.:;,ii iiil t!..- ;i
uiiii-.-e, Cis.-ii
r.-.i-i .vl.-li a e.r.'c:
eavy t.) I'se cyos
Thar cloth r-i rr.
stufr.s, tui-l tlio e::.,
cjsiiy. They
or sas'aos, aie I ii
ihvcv-Iou'u ntorsel v
a:i obii so L-r;;e 1
ti'.: (
. . ' r ...
; :iiei::.
M' il'A LLY ,S CliKAP.
Our per (;. L. dis::;int. on ( Io iI;s, is
I to
t:;i good. We arc
out our enti.-i! .toi l,
has such an op;;;. -tun;
conomi'tal buy; r., t i
q'!;ililies for so littb;
termined Id
id r.t v r b
.' I-eell l.i'i'i I
. i 1
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i .;. I -.: ,
r..'. itil tl:..
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t j ;
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' .'bl.-tl 1
, .':j..A
t; "Ti s w
u, eoui-i i.;e.:ry oi u
r.I'vrrT. o2 t!io rie!:r:-i
:.lcr;is eft-;, raro r..rl j-.'l-.I.i i:i vbb- . ;
:i.::'.iy yoti vr- n blbo
b::.:-i.::,' f-. ;:jlm':i;ty wit'i
u tl.j Ue'-ci-cail ct t'. r
It. HjwU.j ISA. tiJ .Sl. li.
u a uJ
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Li U fc. Ci
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A Ji. C...i I A.
V. iiol.l.-.-, I.M
L ..Oli'Geil'l
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I.;.!: I
buj m
4T4 Mjyjk Mwr
Suifur cured li
IJiicoji :ii:i l!;; Ie ;.t vjtrktty of Sjiu?hc fonnd in
i !jo m i : Lot.
bow appeal;
c:t! o:'fi.-eb
ivj li Lrlo er
s;i.o-e lite net.
Between these .':
at arcs and tu - b;-
i.i ir.os'; c-e
CO li'S', .;
I v.'iil s-jii :ii cL;..:,;) : s :uij
coiin.'Cti lion, i l r i 1 i-.-sin-ci r'ii!b
'"''.'"(. a mm uii.l iSijO lie.
oi !:
liiuib'.-c in the lyirv una 1 dclr
:ir jitil ffilincrf.;.
I jU (, Ctli street.
wrcttiei-s, t'i(-iv to e.sist a sti-a:..'
of Every ral-:'.i ejirl, near;:
has her favorite, r.tnl for him she worits lie
fiiio--t cnbr.i..:ei-ifs to graeo him if Lo b'j ;
vie'. or or eoiit.o'o hiit it be L-o tltic-atotl. 1
ms'.mbles tho i'eeli:e; of the fc-uilai
v,hr. worketl her Lui-lifs colors v.nd wjaeb-.-.i j
J..-", Kv.r '-.-V:! V. ell brelVC'lV ill thO illC-lTV 1
joiit. Toliio Cor. New York Tribune.
A SK.lcy Camp SIotc.
A Sibloj camp itovo is ti great nhec t iro:i
fuiincl, tunica i'f..-;iJo down, and funiir.h.. :l
widi enough .m:iil s'.cvo p.';w ;:t l';2ii:;ei; '
pvob-ude from the tail. The iunael is abctt
threy feet high and two f e.-i r.ero.s tho U.-i-to;:i,and
in its conical sides is cut ad .:
large enough to admit small stove w.r h
The hearth is the earth or surrl of lb u-:t
floor, and a piece of tin or sheet iron Ibr..t. a
which taw yutV'i I'll projeets is faslc;.." '. i
the tent rocf. Thus il:;e i. Ii i.s eor.if '
in a uiii! teat even with ih then;:-.::: .. -.- t:t
'S t- '') de;vs. be!-.AV z..o. 1'Iacd v. iia .- t.r
wood, ilie stovv i:a a iuds'j au.i-;.yii.'g v. ;.y
ihvif.'iitv' ;;i::fks ot ilu eai.v-- y-.'-.l : ; i
Tri Tf. r, -v?
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