The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, January 09, 1888, Image 3

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"the vYien who fight the dat-
7 eg of LIFE ALONE."
1Vud.,fi n Independent Creation and
1m Able li !! II r Own SiiX'rvir(ui' anit
At lilovo IIT Own iH-sllny 'I lia Story
of tlm I: :lll tii Yu'li:r.
JkwK!.YN, .bin. H. TliH IVv. T. Do
Wilt Talmac?-, J). )., i-ivsK -In d at the
TalKriiLijc tin's morning tin- jir:,t of a
WTiC'S 'f Wl'IIHHIM to till! Vo;:ioll of AllHT-
Vvith pnu t!--;d hints for ni'ii. The
t.u!jt of tliti iI:-' urs; was Tiio
YVom.ii Who Fi-lit Hm; iJattJ.-.s of Life
Alone," and tin- t-.l was from lYoviibn
xiv, 1: '-Evi ry wise o;m;.ti buddeth her
Loire" L'r. Taliiia.-i;" sai-l:
voiiiau a nit re it'J.j'iiict to man, an:,--M'iulix
to I he j:iaM iilii!i- vohiir.o, an ;.;
jiendagc, a i.ort of 1 l!ion;,l:t, ;oni;
t'uiii thrown in to la::!;.; things cvci:
that is tli.' h'Tcsy ci:'- t dm d mid
pliod by kohkj iiii'ii. Thi-s is evident to
tli'-in: Woman's hisiidiior-iHo as oo::i-pnn-d
b man i i e idci.t to lb- boon;;.,'
Adam v.a ; mid then Jv. i-
They don't rci'l the who'. tiory or ti1 y '
Would hi:l thai the ioi ;..;;; and ihehear
and tin; ha'.vl; were created Li-foro Adam,
so that V.ili argument drawn from pri:
ity of creation mi-ht prove thai i!io she. j)
arid t !i- :!; van: jrcati r than man. !.'!
V.ouiaii was an m- : ( mh-nl ereati
and v.a; i:.tcn!-'d,
live alone, to wall; a!
:;!-:;. and !i 'a h.v
EI!.! : i: i. n.-l. j,
al. !;, I-'.ii i.-.'vi ( : ay.
:;. art alone, think
;.!.'' a s ;.!( an-. The
m.-I i'-r i.r.m ti lit?
b is !!.'. cood for
v i!ia:i to ! : :i!
is tfe.'.i ;.! !!: ,' .
for !:" i i lii" i j : .
j- thou : :. ! f..!.l
1. ::.-.
that th: i
i .f v.i ! iicn i.i i hi
ai: l th.
l.lliiti!.- i;.'-t
-. ho aiv ha i ii' 1
n l::li i;i w on! In
i" If if th -y were
l.o i: I ail'I the
:i:os s iha.t 1:" i:i-
tended thai- i:i;iJ; ii:-1 s of ilicm Lho;i'J
Who 1 !:(: ni'-n v.ho, yaraf!."r
jcar, hai .4 avoanl h-.:.'i cn.'j.j'io
1 1 ".!- -i a:-' I tli--at iv il- mi-. , a:i'l coau; i:i auil
iu; to I j- : 1 1: y l nnrcliai:t3
a:i'! l::i'-'i;.:::-'I'-i:1 Ik -i hiii even vl it'll
t'a- r.' is j'.- iiiv to oo. Th.-y arc liitn
!. (1 I'V Ir vi ( s lai.thors.
.11' th.' lali.-l li-s of a:;v of our oilii'.s t'ouM
la'iv.'i on in!
;!; i : v w.xiM lind
ilvdl n va t i ; 1 1 i ! i i ; ; i-1 of .;. i; ;i not ouly
H!T,;;:rI I !:-ii: i h i-S. hut lu.i.-.f.i'iili-S. A
;ri'aL h'.i' n !' moil aajoitiit to iioth:?',
:a;il a woman ly inaiTia.i' mavai to
i.HW of i !i: r ' lio.'ion! ii i. 1 : ; I ; foad' !.! i'0.
A woman i iaiuiiuic oiK. i.ic iho marria.m
l latio:: is: ('.cral hiu:-hi".i thousand tims
.:-ti i' ol;" t!:an a v.-oinau haaly marri-.-i.
jSLiiiy a 1 i"i-!'.'. iu.sica-l of ti w;vath of
r:uio 1!. ). -.' ins, lai.-ht .ro-;-vly
ioar a l.iiU'h of i:.-t:!'s anl nihtsliadt',
int'oail of the Woduiii.L: Jhuvh a
1'iore :'iioj)riati tma would lj tliu
J 4-:id Mart h in Said, and iaslcad of a
laiMV.( t .-f oonfool ionory aad icos thcro
jiii;;',; !.o mort aj-i'.roj'riat- ly spread a
i,;bii' fovcied witii j'.j.j'cs f Sodom,
v.lii'-'.i aro outbid-.1 an I in- ide ash.-s.
I-.Iany an attractivf woman of f;i!.d
sound. :(:;.:; in ot!u r thi.i.';s has mariied
one of thosi-men to ivforiii Jiim. AVJ:ut
was t'.;' ri's'iili? J.i!:c when a dove noiic
that n vullnre was raparioiis suid
criK-1 r't a!::uiio n foriu ir and r.a:d : "I
liav' a. mild disii:i. .n, and I like jo:;ee,
.rid was brought in the ouiet of a
iiove 'oi.', anil I will hrin, the vulture to
t!'.e s;i me liking hy marrying him." So
or.e day, after the ::!iure li:ul declared
lie would io ii!) Li:; earnieoroiw habits
and et ;Le l.)nj;in: for blood of llock and
herd, at an altar of rock covered with
jnoss and lichen the twain were married,
U bald headed cajole ofticiatiii.-x. the vid
tare sayiii;;: "With all my dominion of
earth and shy I theo endow, and promiso
to love and cherish till leath ilo us
part." Iut one day tho dove in
her flight saw tho vulture busy at a
carcass and cried: "Stop that! Did you
r.ot promise me that you would quit yo'.ir
carnivorous and filthy habits if I married
you?" "Yes," said the vulture, ''but if
vou don't like my way you can leave,"
find with one an.tcry stroke of beak and
mother tierce clutch of claw tho vulture
left the dove eyeless and wingless and
lifeless. And a Hook of robins flying
patt cried to each other and said: "St-j
there! that comes from a dove's marry
ing a vulture to reform him."
f I-jp.v a woman who has had the hand
ut a yotio.- inebriate oilercd. but declined
it. or who w;b e.shed to chain her life to
ii man :el:i;horof bad temper end re
fused the shackled, will I less God
thi-oefdioiit ail et.-rmty that sho escaped
that'iiv er.K:!:.un.
LVid'.-i all ibis, j-i tn:r country alout
1.0(0.0''0 m- n were i-acriiieed la our
civil war. and thai decreed l.('!)0.C00
v;::ie:i lo celi;-::cy. - I k.3 that, s-i;ice
ll:e war ;w ral armies i men as large a.s
the 3-Vder.d ;s;'-l t'onfed r:;:e armies put
tog:. t her l.-ave i.v;i u under malt lie-uois
t,: l l:?;:lietl fpiri;s so full or i.L-T.cil in-gre-i
! that the work was done more
ruy.idJ;, ;u-. ' th--; Au thus fell while yet
Aoir.:g. And ii" '", men arcole.- troyed
vcrv M-ar l y strong drink ljeforo mar-j-ia-V.
ti::it " i l thy twt-rdy-thne
years iinee the war 1.1."0,C00
i:itu 'X' ! crets 1, l.jOd.OO
vciiii i: t' celibacy. Take then the- fact
that so many women are 'unhappy jn
their mari-h
.laughter i"
j it'.a o
imii;'-. h l' '
a:. 1 the met tnat t'.io
'J. I "!. :"0 iiu-n by war and
: 1 decides that at least that
:. c.inen be ttnaliianccd
le-t io;ae-- io with a cheer
for life, my
in a potency ar. l a:-prej.rialene&. i'r.nv
1 saw in if before- v.lau u so v.?.
'Kverv wi.-.: v. oraan i uil kth her bouse,"
that is, b t woman 1 e h- r own architect,
lay out her own plan s, ls bt-r cwn sitjcr
i"or, achieve hi r own d-tiny.
j ii.. : . . .1... .,-1.. ,1-IU irk
liirlit tJ' it'J' of lifo- tiloiio I congratu
late von on yout bflppy escape. lu jic(
forever that you wid not to invi
e;ato !je faults of the other sex, when
oa liav faults mough of your own.
Think of the t-eivuvments you a vou I. or
Ibo risk ( f unas.imi!at.:d temper which
vou will not have to run. of cares you
will never have to cany, mvl ;f tha ). v of outsido u-ti ulnes-r from
Vhich marital life would have 1'arlially
ilcbatYe 1 vou, and that you are free to
fto and ee'iae as pne who has the re.pon
eibiiilie:; of a houseliold c:in rel-ion
1, Cod has rot given you a
;:ard Jot r3 compared with your
asters, When young women shall
taake up tbt-Jr minds at the eiart that
iia:x;uli:io com)ainom-bip i, not a neccs-
eity in order to liappinc3s, and that thero
is a Ktron pvobabihty that they will have
to light tho kittle of life alone, they will
lie Kf-ttin tho timber ready for their own
fortune, and their saw and ax and piano
t;harioned for its construction, tinco
"livery wiso woman buildeth her
As no Ijov ought to 1 brought up
without learning uomo business at which
he could earn a livelihoxl, go no girl
ought to lw brought up without learning
tho wieiice of M-lf HUpport. Tho dilii
cnlty is that many a family go nailing on
tho high tides of success, and the hus
band and father depends on bis own
health and acumen for the weJfaro of bis
household, but one day ho gets his feet
wet, and in three days pneumonia- baa
closed his life, and tho daughters are
turned out on a cold world to earn bread,
and there is nothing practical that they
can do. Tho friends of tho family como
in and bold consultation.
' ( Jive music lessons, " r.ays an outsider.
Yes, it is a useful calling, and if you
have great genius for it go on in that
direction. - IJut thero are enough music
teavhers now starving to death in all our
t owns and cities to occupy all tho piano
stools and sofas and chairs and front door
su ps of the city. Ik-side that, tho daugh
ter lias been playing only for amusement,
and is only at tho foot of tho ladder, to
llso top of which a great multitude of
masl crs on piano and harp and lluto and
organ have climbed.
"Put the bereft daughters as sales
women in stores," says another advi.;er.
But there they must compete with sales
men of long experience or with men who
have served an apprenticeship i:i com-mei-ee,
and who In-'gan as shoplysat 10
years of age. Some kind hearted dry
goods man having known tho father,
now gone, says: "Wo are not in need of
any more help just now, but send your
dau-..Iicrs to my trtore and I will elo as
well by them as possible." Very soon
ouesuoii comes
Whv do not tho
female employes of that establishment
get as much wages as the male em
ployes? For tho simple reason, in many
cases, the females were suddenly flung
by misfortune behind that counter, while
the males have from tho day they left
tho public- school lieen learning tho busi
ness. How is this evil to In? cured? Start
clear back in tho homestead and teach
your daughters that life is an earnest
thing, and that there is a iossibility, if
not a strong probability, that they will
have to fight tho battle of life alone. Let
every father ami mother say to their
daughters: "Now, what would jou do
for a livelihood if what I now own were
swept away by financial disaster, cr old
age or death should end my career?"
"Well, I could paint on pottery and
do such decorative work." Yes, that is
beautiful, and if you have genius for it
go on in that direction. But thero are
enough busy at that now to make a line
of hardware from hero to tho East river
and across the bridge.
"Well, I could make recitations in
public and earn my living as a dramatist.
I could render 'King Lear or 'Macbeth'
till your hair would rise on end, or give
you 'Sheridan's Ride' or Dickens'
Pickwick.' " Yes, that is a beautiful
art ; but ever and anon, as now, there is
an epidemic of dramatization that makes
hundreds of households nervous with the
cries and shrieks and groans of young
tragedians dying in the fifth act, and the
trouble is that while your friends would
like to hear you, and really think that
you could surpass liistori and Charlotte
Cushman and Fanny Kcmblo of the past,
to say inching of tho present, you could
not, in the way of living, in ten years
earn ten cents.
My advice to all girls and all unmar
ried women, whether in aflluent homes
or in homes where most stringent econo
mies are grinding, to learn to do stme
kind of work that tho world must have
while the world stands. I am glad to see
a marvelous change for tho better, and
that women havo found out that thero
arc hunt!relo of practical things that a
woman can do for a living if she begin
soon enough, anil that men havo been
compelled to admit it. You and I can
remember when tho majority of occupa
tions were thought inappropriate for
women, but our civil war came auel
tho hosts of men went forth from
ncrth and south, and to conduct the
business of our cities during tho patriotic
absence, women were demanded by the
tens of thousands to take tho vacant
places, and multitudes of women who
bad been hitherto supported by fathers
and brothers and sons, were compelled
from that time to take care of themselves.
From that ti;no a mighty change took
place, favorable to female employment.
Among the occupations appropriate for
woman I place the following, into many
:-f which she has already entered, and all
tho others she will enter:
Stenography, and you may find her at
nearly all the rcpcrtorial stands in our
educational, political and religious meet
ings. Savings banks, the work clean and
honorable, and who so great a right to
toil there, for a woman founded the first
savings bank, Mrs. Prisciila Wakefield?
Copyists, and there is hardly a pro
fessional man that eloes not neetl the ser
vice of her penmanship, and, as amaniir
ensis, many ef tho greatest books of cur
day havo been dictated for her writing.
There they aro as florists and confec
tioners ami music teachers ami stationers
and bookkeepers, for which they are
specially qualified by patience and accur
acy, and
Wool cngraviiig, in which the Cooper
institute has turned out so many eniali
Ced, and
Telegraphy, for which she is specially
prepared, as thousands of the telegraphic
ofheos would testify. j
rhote'graphy, aiul in nearly all our j
establishments they may bo found there
at cheerful work. .
As workers in ivory and gutla percb.a
and gum eListic and tortoise shell and
gilding and in chemicals, in porcelain, in
terra cotta, in embroidery.
As postmistresses, and tho president 13
giving them appointments all over tho
As keepers cf lighthouses many of
them, if they hail the chance, ready
lo do as brave i thing with oar and boat
as did Ida Lewis and Grace Darling.
As proofreaders, as translators, ns
modelers, as designers, as draughtswo
men, as lithographers, as teachers in
fcchools and seminaries, for which they
axe espc-ckuly endowed, the first teacher
of every child, by divico orr.'ingcnient,
being a woman.
- As physicians, having graduated after
a regular course of study from the female
colleges of our large cities, where they
get as scientific and thorough pre;)araUon
as any doctors ever had, and go forth to
a work which no one but women con! I
so appropi iately or delicately do.
On the lecturing platform, for you
know the brilliant success of Mrs. Liver
more and Mrs. ilaiiowell and Mrs. Wil
lard and Mrs. Iathrop.
As physiological lecturers to their own
sex, for which service there is a demand
appalling and lerrihe.
As preachers of the Cor-pel, and all the
protests of ecclesiastical courts cannot
hinder them, for they have a pathos and
power in their religious utterancc-s that
men can never reach. Witness all those
who havo heard their mother pray.
O, young women of America! as many
ef 3-0U will have to fight your own bat
tles alone, do not wait until you are
i'ung of disaster, and your father is dead
and all tho resources of your family have
I )cen scattered ; but now, while in a good
house and environed by all prosperities,
learn how to do some kind of work that
tho world must havo as long as thiworM
stands. Turn your attention from tho
embroidery of fine slippers, of which
thcro is a surplus, and make a useful
shoe. Ilxpend tho time in which you
adorn a cigar case in learning how to
make a good, honest loaf of bread. Turn
your attention from the making f flimsy
nothing!! to the manufacturing of im
portant somethings.
Much of tho time spent in voting ladies'
seminaries in studying what are called
the "higher branches" might belter be
expended in teaching thim something
by which they could support theuisi Ives.
If you are going to bo teacher.:, or if you
have so much assured wealth that you
can always dwell in tho.:o high rogioiv,
trigonometry of course, metaphysics of
course, litin and Greek, and German
and French and Italian of course, and a
hundred other thing::, of course, but if
you aro net expecting to teach, and
your wealth is not clab'ished beyond
misfortune, after you have learned th
ordinary branches, take hold of thotkii.d
of study that will pay in dollars and cents
hi case you are thrown on your own re
sources. Learn to do something better
than anybody else. Buy Virginia- Pen
ny's book entitled, "The Employments
of Women," and learn there are live
hundred ways in which u woman may
cam a living.
"No. No!" says some young woman.
I will not undertake anything so un ro
mantic and commonplace as that. An
excellent author writes that al ter he bad,
in a book, argued for cfiiciency in
womanly work in order to success, and
positive apprenticeship by way of prepara
tion, a prominent chemist advertised
that ho would teach a class of women to
become druggists and apothecaries if
they would go through an apprcntiee;;hi)
as me n do, and a printer advertised that he
would take a class of women to learn the
printer's trade if they would go through
an apprenticeship as men do, and how
many, according to tho account c-f the
authoress, do you suppose applied to be
come skilled in tho druggist business and
printing business? Not one! One yon:. g
woman said she would bo willing to Iry
the printing business for six months, but
by that time her older sister would be
married, and then her mother would
want her at home. My sisters, it will bo
skilled womanly labor that will finally
"Uut," you ask, "what would my
father and mother say if they saw Iv. aH
doing such unfashionable work?" Thvov.
tho whole responsibility upon tho pastor
of tho Brooklyn Tabernacle, who is con
stantly hearing of young women in all
these cities who, unqualified by their pre
vious luxurious surroundings for the
awful struggle cf life into winch they
have been suddenly hurled, seemed lo
havo nothing left them but a choica be
tween starvation and damnation. Thcro
they go along tho street at 7 o'clock in
the wintry mornings, through tbo tin: h
and storm to the place where they thall
earn only half enough for subsist
ence, tho daughters cf once prosper
ous merchants, lawyers, clergymen,
artists, bankers and capitalists, who
brought up their children under tho in
fernal delusion that it was not hi; h
toned for women to learn a proiiiahie
calling. Young women, take this affair
in your own hand3 and let there bo an
insurrection-in ail prosperous families in
Brooklyn and New York and Christen
dom on the part of tho daughters of this
day, domaneiing knowledge in occupa
tions and stvles cf bucincss by which
they may bo their own defense r.nd tli'df
own support if all fatherly and husbandly
and brotherly hands forever fail them.
I havo seen two sad sights the one a
woman in all the t:lury of her young life
stricken by disease, and in a w eek life
less in a home of which she hael been tho
pride. As her bands were folded over
tho still heart and her eyes closed for the
last slumber, and she was taken out amid
tho lamcntationa cf kindred ami friends,
I thought that was a sadness immeasuTa.
blc. But I have seen tomothiug com
pared with which that scene was bright
and songful. It was a young woman who
had been all her days amid wealthy sur
roundings by tho visit of death and bank
ruptcy to tho household turned out on a
cold world without one lesson nlxnit how
to get food or shelter, and into tho awful
whirlpool of city life where strong skips
have gone tlown, and for twenty years
not one word has 1 ecu heard from her.
Vessels last week went out on tho At
lantic ocean looking for a shipwreck -d
craft that was left alone and forsaken on
the sea a few weeks ago with the idea cf
bringing it into port. But w ho shall
oyer bring again into tho harbor, of peace
and hope and heaven that lost womanly
immortal, driven in what tempest, aflame
in what conflagration, sinking into what
abyss? O God, help! O Christ, rescue!
My sisters, give nti j our time to learn
ing fancy work which the world may
dispense with when hard times come,
but connect j"0ur skill with the indis
pcnsablcs of life. The world will always
;vant oOijiOthing to wear uid t-omething
to cat and shelter and fuel for tho loir,
and knowledge for the mind, and reli
gion for the soul. And all these things
will continue to be the necessaries, and if
you fasten your energies upon occupa
tions and professions thus relateel tho
world will be unable to do without you
Iiemcmber that in proportion as you are
ekillf ul in anything your rivalries become
lois. For un killed toil, women by the
million. Bat you may ri: o to win ro
thero are only a thousand; and still
higher until thcro are only a hundred;
and itill higher tiil there are only ten;
and still higher in ko;uo particui ir de
partment tiil thei is only a unit and that
yourself. For a while you may keep
wares and a place through the'.l.'
sympathies of an e niployer, but you u i 1
eventually get no more compi n-ati-ni
than you cm make' your-eif woiiii.
Let ine r.iy to all women who havo
air ady entered upon the battle of life,
that the time is coining when woman
shall i:f;t only f,et as much salary :eid
wages ns men get, but for certain s(v!e-i
of employment women will have higher
salary and more wage:; for the iva:-'i
that for some styles of work they have
more adaptation. But- this justice wi.'l
como to woman not through :.;: y : ei:: i
ment of gallantry, r.ot I -cause woman i ;
physically weaker than man a::d there
fore ought to have more oo:isi ieration
shown her, but because through her liner
natural taste and more of manne r
anil quicker x-rce;tion and more delicate
touch and more educt; ted adroit as :-:s i;h.
will in c-ertahi callings be to her employer
worth 10 ji-er cent, more, or !20 v cent,
more, than the other sex. She will not
get it by asking for ir. but by earning it,
and it shall be hcr's by lawful com jito.-t.
Now. men of America, bo fair rr.d
give the women a chance! Aro you
afraid that they will do so:no cf yot:r
work and hence harm your prosperii'c..?
l?eioemb.'.r that th: re are scores of thou
sands of men doing women's work. Do
not L
d! God knows the end from
the beginning rai l he knows how main'
people th! ; we.-- ,-' i
and when K g'-is too nai win ...e
world and if need be start another, God.
wid halt tho inventive faculty, which,
by .rod; icing a machine that wid
d th-- work of ten or twenty
or a hundred men and w. men, will
leave -la;t number of coplo without
work. I hope that thero wiil not be in
vented another sewing machine, er reap
ing machine, or corn thresher, or any
other new machine fe.r the nest
years. We want :o more w hands
andiron bands, ai.d steel hand and
c'.cci ric hands rubs: itated for m. n ard
wo:.. it'll who wo::H otherwise do the
work and get the pav and earn the live
lihood. Bui God will arrange all, and all we
havo to elo is to do our best and trr.' t
him for th; lest. Let mo chee r all
worn:.!! lighting tho battle of life alone,
with the fact tint thousanels of women
have i:i that way wo:i the da'. Mary
Lyo:i, fotmdcr cf Mount Ilolyoko female
seminary, fought tho bute alone; Ade
laide Newton, the tract di-t rib? iter, abaie:
Fidelia Fi'.k, tho con -.(.-era ted mi-sionury,
alone; Dorothea Dix, the angel if
the insane asylum., alone; Caroline Iler-S'.-h'l,
tho iudi.-pcasabio re-enforcement
of her brol her, alone; Maria Takrsewska.
the h-iolno of tho Berlin hosp'ud.
;':: -: Helen Chalmers, patron of t-ewing
: cb.ool: for tbepooi of Edinburgh, alone,
.end thousands and te:u of thousands
women of whose braery and self sacri
fice r.nd glory of e haraek-r the world has
made no record, but v. !:o;;e deeds are i l
the heavenly archives of loiivis who
foe ".hi tho battle alone, and. though uu
rocoguiaed for t!;e short thirty or fifty or
eighty years cf their earthly c:;i-ie;:t e,
shall through the ejuintiiiion ages f the
high' r world bo pointed erat with the
a.h'iu'iing cry, "These are they w ho e.-amo
out of great tribulation and had their
robes wa-ihed and made white in the
bl o l of tho Lamb."
Let mo also say for tho cneour:!gem":Tt
of all women fighting tho battle of life
alone, that their coniiict wiil se:on ::..
Thero ii one word written over tho fg'v-i
el' many of them, 'and that word i- !;
spair. My sister, you need appeal : lb.';
Chr;..t v.ho comforted tho ii-.teis of ii: tl -any
in their domestic trouble, and who
in his l.;;t hours forgot all the pangs if
bis own hands and feet and heart as bo
k oked into tho face ef maternal angub.h
and called a friond'rs attention to it, i:i
substance saying: "John. I cannot lake
care of her any longer. Do for her a ; I
would havo done if I bad lived. Bch- Id
thy mother!" If under the pressure of
unrewarded and unappreciated work yo;;r
hair is v. 'h'leningand th: wrinkles come,
rojoleo that you are Hearing tho hour of
e.-,capo from your very last fatigue, ai:d
may your departure bo as pleasant as
that of Isabella Graham, who closed 1; r
lifo with a smile and tho word "pea.eo."
Tho daughter cf a regiment in any ai:ry
is all surrounded by bayonets of dt-fen . e,
and, in tho batik, v.-lievever fall.1-, sh.- i
kept safe. And you are the daughter vf
tho regiment commanded by tho L- .! ei
Hosts After all you are not fighting
the battle cf lifo alone. Ail heave a. is
on your side. You will bo wi-o t ap
propriate to yourself the words cf &ac:od
One v.-h-- kr.s i.j st.yrias to sr.:;
I have ou h'oarJ;
Above tlic renrai - ,A l!)---I
hear iny Lun!.
Ii hek'.s i:k: when tho biil-iv. s sraico
I sli iii r.t.t fa!!.
If short, "lis shari.; if lo:i", 'tis light;
IIv U-inaui-s s.'.l.
In tho recent rational convention of
!arborr at Bul'falo tho .-:uc.:-:ti;-.u cf f:uh:-ti-
j luting some other : ign for the red and
white stripoel barber pole was dktu-cd.
and it has been engaging the attention t:f
. gentlemen of the tonsorir.l profcicn
', ever since. It is said that in early times
j barbers served the public in the cajiaetiy
j ot surgeons rd-o, and that t;t.
polo sym-
. boli-ed an
rni wetuid, wan riobon prev-
ious to tho !. tiiug of blood, iz war,
; George II, of England, who decrc-.d that
henceforth the trade cf tho barber : ho aid
be foreign b und indopcrdont of the
practice of surgery." Despite tho fact
that the strijKd polo is tho rymb I of
blood letting, it seems to be tho opinion
of conservative barbers generally that no
other sign would bo so. fclleclive. New
York Sun.
CroT-.s Versus iarrtwtit
A flock cf i-Ikhu lou crow-3 r-r.s.-.iri
Ovfi- t'aninuiuivillc. O., were nt tacked
tbo other afternoon bv thrice their iiniii
ber of English sparrows, w ho e or.ipk-ti. ly i
routed tho bbj birds. Several c ." I
were disabled', and crio was t'ouiit't ivit'i
boiii w i-ccKcd out.- New York Su;i. j
An effort is being made to reach tho j
Finns, of whom there are about i,CL ;,
000, who are said to be iu a btate of duie !
EpLritual darknesa. 1
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V. lol.I ..- Al.:.
O-zy -c ' r-"y ?
I!:.;o , i'.o on a.:., liif l" -t v:ti i ! V d' aii: :io lol,l in
llu: mar! ot.
i;".:r ::!:.
I wii! .-vi! a- el; a any otli';i- niarl.ot in th; ('ilv :m! I o!t-ty
:. j : ' .1 '.:;, :iiu! ivsj.vtf;:iiy roiieii ymir pati'imain'.
' . ' v'o i;t' :i::(! Mi' inc. te iilo'.s Illoek, tith stltt t.
to sr tr c "Ww tf jci c
Tho saiito (jt::i!ily til o-him's 10 ct-nl. c!;t;!itr litoi l.otiM- v.tst ol
tin- .M i-.i.-.-i.ti. Will lie see It: tiiMlti; ou!. ( 'aii ai 1 eoii ii. t il.
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Parlors, ivdrooM'
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Where a iiKiini fit-flit f-t ..-!: ' ''; :-A Mini l';;ir I'rie!H
:ifyti& t&- c iS-ii .k2.-a
.Uit.M-at .MAUN A.NU -
Jdxatiia.v Hatt
tJ va- Z Jj. tkli ie .-LvJ
PORK IACKi:i;.S and im;aj.!.i:s :n KL'TTKU AND KCCS.
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5 1
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add. 3 J Juv jm i.
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.'.Nil lU.l'.MI. Ol IN
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