The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, December 14, 1887, Image 2

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TIIK l)AtI,V '.! HA LI), I'i.AT'ilOi'Til, N:I-:n!l. :': : . v,' ; ' ' . N ; : ' !;. V. i Iii.JKM liK 11 11,1SS7.
S iyc yiattsmoutl) Daily ijeralb
Publishers & Proprie tors.
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Hccaii(I-cI;iSH uiiitu-r. OHice comer of Vine and
1-lltli Minis.
One copy one jeur in :ulv;iiic by mail ; 00
Ou ciiy pr nioutli. l-y can l-r -m
f Hie cojty per week, by carrier, is
f r.e cony one year, in advance, . . l
O-ittOpyalx mourns in advance,
Tub Nebraska City. .Miincli.unc-n is
nsrain on top. this time lie claims an in
crease of o,000 in population in the uM
inoss covered burgh iu the last year, not
counting tins wild Iniy.
matter. A cabinet ofliccr serves only for
a limited period, and n practically the
representative of a party; a supreme
judge holds his oll'ice for life, with the
privilege of retirement on full pay at a
certain age, ami is supposed to be entire
ly free from all partisan influences and
obligations. To consent to a man's ap
pointment as secretary of the interior can
!.; s iid to commit any senator to his
s'lppoit for a position demanding capac
ity of a different order in every respect.
Mr. Lnm.'ir is a man of cl -ver acquire
ments in several directions, and he de
s'TV s well of the paity which he his
served .so long and faithfully; but it
does not follow that h-j is a proper per
son to invent v. it li the honor and power
of a supreme judge. U'lobe Demovraf.
Texas Sitiny: On the New Jersey
railro id the other, day the engineer
started his whistle as the train was ap
proaching a depot, but when he wanted
Tjik outlook for riattsmouth next year
is very favorable. With paving, sewering,
and grading going on, business will re
ceive finite an impetus, the money paid
out by the city for improvements will be t( shut il ,f 5t Positively refus-d to let
nf rrvrnt assist n nee to our hibni m.r me,, "! in lacr, llie WlllSlie COlilinuecl lo
and merchants. increase iu volume and intensity long af
ter the train had stopped, and the entire
Tiik city council with a little new town was alarmed. Crowds rudied to
blood next spring can be of almost as the depot to see what was the matter,
much value to the city as a railroad, with and gaz.'d upon the irrepressible loco-
a council favoring and working earnestly motive with horror in their faces and
t : . i,i .i .:it ...l.i I . - .. m.
niipiovciiiciiis, i laiisiiiouui win nun tneir lingers in ineir ears. J lie enmnccr
four thousand to her population next worked at the old thing until he fainted
f.i '
I: '
i; :
t i 1
Tiik new higli license law in Philadel
phia threatens not only to drive out of
business the smaller dealers wh. cannot
pay the $5000 fee, but also many who
can pay it but cannot secure bondsmen to
become responsible for the faithful com
pliance with tha provisions of the law.
At'cortDiNf! to"lJrer"Shei in in the tariff
makes all the manufacturers rich, if that
is true hadn't "Urer" Sherman better go
to manufacturing something that is pro
tected instead of running a one hon-e
democratic newspaper in a climate thct
is very unhcalthful for that sort of an
An! That name, Ci.KVKi.vxn! That
message! Can it be? Ah, ha! 'Tis there,
'tis there; the tariff reform strawberrv
riff reft
mirk on H13 left arm. It is, it is me lonir
lost brother, IIiixuv Watkissox. Slow
music. Curtain falls on beautiful tab
leau, introducing IIicnrv with an olive
branch, Groveu with a goose juil, and
the star eyed goddess, wearing nothing
but a broad grin. OiAaha World.
Tiik foreign nations are perfectly
amazed at learning of a country with
more money in its treasury than it knows
what to do with and at the same time
liuds the people who are paying thest
taxes the most prosperous on the fa?c ol
me cann. l-ree i raeie JmnaiM can
hardly understand it. Possibly the re
publican doctrine of protection to Amer
ican industries has bad something to do
with it, "practical results" are more po
rent arguments man ail the line spun
theories extent, be they ever so plausible.
The idea that the appointment of Mr.
Lamar to the supreme bench provokes I there is not a difference of idea and very
opposition only because of his prominent
in the cab, nft knowing any other good
way of shaking himself clear of all re
spoiioildi'y. All kinds of wild propo
sitions were made for stopping the infer
nal noise. ( )iie man wanted to call out
the fire department, another suggested
that they get out an injunction, while
some ot tlie more desperate proposal
that thej' blow up the whistle with dyna
mite.. A deaf old lady in the suburbs,
who hadn't heard it thunder iu twenty
years, heard the noise, and attributed it
to her granddaughter, who was up stairs
making the beds, and she quoted the old
f ouplet:
"A whistling girl and a crowing hen
Are sure to come to some bad cud."
Poi Innately, a railroad mm came
along who kn-.-w something about hys
terics in locomotives, to which this
strang.j whittling is unquestionably due,
and he -went into th ; cab with a monkey-
wrench and a hammer, and jerked and
thiiiiiMcd nljout ' until the whistling
cas-.'tl. iVo:le in tnat town nave Deen
wearing col ton in their cars ever since.
Vv'asiiixctox, Dec. 10. Toledo Hindi :
fiic venerable ex-Judge Ncah Davis, in
writing to a friend here, has furnished
mitcrial for Washington gossips. On
th President's message he says:
"I was delighted to see th' President's
in sge, as I always am to meet an old
lequaintaneo. If it were not indecorous
to a cuse the President of plagiaiism I
should sav he had borrowed the message
horn the stump speech which the late
Chief Justice Church, while the leader of
the democracy in western Anv A ork was
accustomed to make during the contest
between Clay and Polk.
With the exception if the intertal rev
enue taxation, winch he also opposed,
i:nI Mounted U:i;;s the i-atcst C'
in 1";ililoii.ill irclcrt.
rson who is not ia the swim of sly!'
!f has no idea what torture a woman
u endures. lr the past t --ti il-jy.i tlor.
eon n luru erowd of eiitliiisia-.tie wo-
istling each other in- front of a wiu.low
swell jeweler. The writer tried for
aieei-ssive days to ee wli::t v.V u;;i!al
!io female mind, aud along ch-cit
i the other aft-ruiK:i the crowd lie'.'i
linish, and a chance at tlm window : -.a
'1 him.
ry tenii)lin;j haeana, h-.lf peeled, l.:v
m old K"'d i1um!i cushion, nnil a d-little
iin with a chain attaehedi.i y nt its
Nothing elsij was visihli. Fi.i;:ll y,
the mind had Ipe:i made sore w:L j
r, a shining black bn; elmt ojit fror.i
tho black peeling of tho banana and
d ubout the cushion. There was a thin
le gold ling filxiut its ltody, v. hich was
.ed to tho pin and chain. The bir;
I like a beetle, and had a smooth, ray
back and lon;, well funned ley;. A
1 !Hrtr oiened the donr t; admit the
:ty seeker, ainl tho followin;; informa-
as given concerning the ai imal:
''i.:at, sir, is to le the swell thing i:i ladies'
jew. !.v. Tho style originated in Yiici-tini,
.: tho ladies wear two or thre? at a tinio,
a" l il will not bo long bei'oro every fashion
nb!e vtoiiiun iu this city will bo v.-. a ring o;e."'
Wouieii of sound mental eahl er.'"" c-ked
the !i- tener.
"Yes, sir, intellectual wo::i;i. AVe ere
now busy getting out sonic on the order of
well Imown ladies. The baeJu of tho begs
are hard and luhnit of mounting in rubies or
di. a;ie -iids without injury to tho bug, but thi.i
is ' .vely a matter of tasto. Tho rins cn
ci;x i::-.g tho boly are frequently rt in rubies,
tLo::.'h the chief beauty of the ornament is
to tho back mounted. Just iaiagiuetho
fx'.di'.y of wearing a live insect Pet in
diamonds. Why, I tell yon, sir, it is oiio of
the .c-eatest crazes that ever struck the city.
Th can be worn in tho hair and at the
m--, and tho chain that yon attached
pre-. e-.its them from crawling only just so
far. Ves, I know it muke.i 0:10 shudder to
thir'c of it, but thvre is no tortur i ti great
for a : t3lish woman.
'I--.lensive? No, tho bugs alono co.-,t ?T,
nn li.'O quality of gold and style of :,tones
mil 1 '.epend uiion tho pnrsecf the purchaser.
Thi y : re very easily kept, as all a lady
to d : after wearing ono is to lay it near a
bai:.c-.a, where the odor alone wi!l kuej) it
alive. If tho craze reaches the point we prc
ui . '.here will be men learning the trade of
mounting bugs' backs." New York Evening
It's o:i fiv
..:. ! il '
ri : .t t1;
And li-
TIi-1 ' n
An.! if
An I th,
e i"
:! r
connection with the secession movement
is a mistaken one. That is a substantial
objection in the case, to be sure, but it it
by no means the only one. Leaving his
confederate record entirely out of the
cpuestion, there r.rc still several practical
little of language between the message
and the stump speech. By this messag-
nven to the country an issue between
free trade and protection of American in-
lustrv whrch can no longer be shirked
y his party.
"He emphasized it also by
the sole subject of his message. Therein
' find tbrit br Ima nisi fin fi rmvi
A Chinese Actor.
; must not stir; there are no intervals.
u might ''mar ail by this starting.
mist watch intently the exits and en
4, note tho disguises and transforma
An actor who Las go:io out scantilv
ay reapjiear in flowing robes 14 let
.-umferenco, Vtith a gorgeoui hehiiec
ligh, but you ir.n:;t Le able to ive
ni; ou must look beyond th-j s':rea:r.
,rd ar.d uiustaclio that ha:ig so otMl
.it of his faeo like a veil. You unr
deceived by appearances; "there are
rs abroad." i hat hero 13 not neecs
ad because his head has apparently
it oh" it may be he ha oaiy sufTereil
itmont; nor this man bo alivo because
alking round tho stage with the others
.) are such things as spirits and drc-ar.;t
is man may perehanee be a dream or a
u need an interpreter, find out a friend
laman in the audieiico who can spcali
Knglish a washerman, or a domes
i and sit near liku. Then, when a new
ler airear:;, yoti can make j'our la-
:. You may leai-u "him allee samo
Uim all light," and feel confidence in
cordingly; or it may bo tnat your
or's opinion is unfavorable, and lie
him heap lad, him allee same debbil,
you will expect to iind the now comer
'."ickedly, even though he have no black
lite paint on his faee. Thus vou will
j to separate the sheep from the goats.
AThat lie Discovered.
A 1 .ndsomely dressed j-oung woman en
ter; .! i crowded street car. A long whiskered
eld i- low, wearing a dingy slouch hat and a
suit home spun clothes, got up and said:
"---, take ray seat. I don't lool: as well
o here gentlemen' nodding at several
"but I've diskivcred that l'vj got inoro
and forcible reasons why the senate should mistake, lie confines himself to tin
not be in a hurry to confirm the nomina
tion. In the first place, his advanced ag
is decidedly against him; a man of hi.-
ycars can not be expected to render satis
factory service in a position requiring so
much close and careful menial application,
lie is known, furthermore, to be exceed
ingly dilatory, and uncertain iu his habits,
w hereas a supreme judge should be of all
men the most attentive and exact. But
the most important obj. cti' n lies in the
fact that his legal talents and acquire
ments are of a very ordinary and doubtful
character. He has never held a judicial
oincc of any kind; it. is not even certain
that he ever tried a lawsuit in his life. If
lie has any of the qualifications of a jur
ist, it has not been demonstrated in actual
practice at the bar or service upon the
bench. His rccortl shows that v. iih .tin
exception of several years spent in school-
teaching, his time has been wholly de-
votcel to politics; and the career of a pol
itician is surely not conductive to the de
velopment of high legal qualities.
In all previous instances, appointments
of this kind have been given to men of
recognized standing ami experience in the
legal profession. No'man has e ver yet
bvcn elevated to tht aug-ust and illustri
ous tribunal whose "reputation i s a lawyer
was open to any question...- For the 'first
time in our hi
to make a supreme
ual whose course of life has always been
such as to unfit rather than to qualify him
fur the duties and responsibilities of the
station. It is a political appointment in
the strictest sense of the term; nn I the
senate has a perfect right to reject . it on.
that account. The fact that Mr. , Lamar
lias been heretofore confirmed as a Cabi
jjet minister counts for nothing in th's
single proposition whether the countrv
will maintain a system which protects its
great industries and secures the home
market for its products, or will abandon
that svstem and turn over its m inufactur-
ies to foreign countries."
J-Tiysicians should carry tho whys unci
wherefores of health and diseaso into tho
f aciiliej under t heir care to tho extent of
their power. Hygieno and sanitation should
come to to understood through the family
doctor, if in no other way.
We do not mean that doctors can spend
time, of which they hare so little, in ex
pounding these matters fully to their pa
tients, uor can doctors carry about i i their
little medicine chests a never failincr sunnlv
of brains to bo given to those not well fur-
nihed in that way, nor a supply of self de
nial for 1 hose who will gratify their tastc-j
and whiin3 at tho cost of health; but wordjof
wisdom set thinking men and women to
Studying for themselves oa these subjects,
and may even cause the heedless and un
thinking to pause and consider.
Tho time will come when doctors will be
paid lor keeping the people well and for giv
ing advice on these topics. Mrs. E. O. Cook,
il. L.; in Demorest's .Monthly.
Yellow Fever.
It is a well known fact that tho character
of tho fever is different in different years. A
remedy tliat answers admirably ono year will
answer at all another year. 1 he doctors
of ..very city tliat suuers rrom yellow lever
hav-e their experiences with the fever to tell,
a?:-l tho thing v.-hi.'h punnles them the most is
t':e treatment which appeared to be so
i A- :a?t jry i-i ono epidemic produced the I
r.i :.c li-..v-:trous results in another. It is said i
thaO e. Florida physician, who mado a great
as V.
poii i
The young woman sat down without thank-
nio- ti:o old fellow: and, slyly raiicmj at a
woman whom she knew, whispered:
'Ilov do you like my gallant country
hor-si- r? Don't you think that ho would cat
quite ,i figure in a dime museum
'T-iiss," said tho old fellow with a smile
which clearly bespoke his unconsciousness of
the iladyliko ridicule, "I b'levo I left my
Ihk: -..ioook thar on thaS seat, urn you
pica.. e git up a ruinit?'
The young woman got up. The eld fellow
sat d-jwn, and, stroking his whijkerj, re
marked: 'IVj'-ivo I'll jest keop on a settla' li3iv, mis.-?.
I sloo I up so much at tho dime museum j:st
now that I'm sorter tired. I've got a leetlc
more i toliteness than theso hero gentlemen,
but I have diskivered that I ain't c;ot nigh so
much sense." Arkansaw Travele
story, it-is gravely propose-d refutation as a yellow fever doctor in 18G7,
ireme judge of an indi vid f'-'T1 "ly ?;hisky j" T to
J ? - hi; it-.t:en:.s. 1-or tl.o next epidemic, Lqw-
evi v, v. ..-;:iv ae.e.i as n cieauiy potion.
T.'iera i- n doubt that other fevers which
prevail during a: epidemic assume the yel
low lever typo and paa3 for that disease. In
the pidcruie of ls;s, in I"cw Orleans, some of
the moot e:rperienoed of the ihysieians insisted
th it ia some parts of the city tao prevailing
tit.. 'as? was not yellow fever at oil, but a fever
tfir.ilar to it, wuieh thfy called pernicious
fe-. v: It was a 3 fatal as yellc fever, how-e've.-,
cud much more difficult to treat suo
vfnllv Florida Letter-
Four CiTillzIns Forces.
In t'.io development of the race Jlr. 1,1a t
thew Arnold recognizes four great civilizing
force There is, he says, tho jxjwer of con
duct, as shown by England in her religion,
industry and lovo of public order an-J. staoil
ity; there is the power of lieauty, ijre-ei.ii-nent
i:i Italy, where tho common people arc
b!r:i critics of works cf art, poetry an-J the
dra:i:; there is tho power of knowledge, po
tent iii Germany, whose people, without a
tru? end widespread culture, yet have a
clear sense of "tho necessity cf knowing
scicu" ideally' (that is, with aeeuratj thor
ough. i-s) what needs to be known; and last,
thuv is the power of life and maimers, cf
which the great example i? France, where,
as 2Si Arnold and that fino ob.-crver, 11am
ert'i'i. agree in testifying tho general iutelii
gc.ici. is so apt and tho general behavior so
con;-; ius that the educated man may talk
with .he peasant as with an equal. Ilurix-r's
TIio Cook's Keaso:i.
A I It of conversation took place last week
Ix.'tw ;;i a BDston lady and a friend's cook.
Th ;" aiily in which tho latter lived have re
cci.i I;." moved from a noisy street-to a ipiiet
C'ii", ;. proceeding which chanced hoc lo
plea - the cools. The mistress wa:; rh -whig
an I I friend over tho houso v.-Iien tho hitter
said i the cook:
"Vahave a nice, quiet place, here Jtlar
garct. with none of the noise of the old
"I 's the noise of the city that I'm after
liki..' meself, ma'am," returned Margaivt
"L'o you" said tho lady pleasantly. "Oh,
I iIgu'l. J can't stand tho rattle und tho roar
of tl.o noisy streets of tho city."
W:-y likely not," Margaret nssento,".
nrlmly. ,lI s'poso most likely your brain
isn't r strong as mine, ma'am.". Boston Cor
Fro riil?nce Journal. 1
I th
"I fa-,
j -.lf uii !
y il
o:.t ;'
It wa.
fcllo.v v
1 ic 1 .and
erable p.
the sil ve
iled just
them in r
niaa to-.!
in turn i
e! ion v,
down vci
"1 hue
Then I:
ho grasp
and pres ;. .
he applit
itlivrs ha
rniin' a si
the coin.
: hrr,
1'att ry;.:
ly pretty
of relief,
ami left
broken li.
lie w:.:
fed that i
all :.- vi
bine,!, 'i
coins, lie-,
sin a ex;;
gin.-hcl 1
ero c, pe.
is t!i c '
di-t may
A T.
The o!"
two do. i
n4 met,
of th' c):;
under th.
when the
of the ti
sago ovi .
through :
cal preei:
This is
skill, am!
the apie,"
mining c
flr.r dc
with VAi
sold o
! 5 ! r
0- '(' .
t' --:
f - '
Dr. V.. ".
iel' ast
!H VTilsi-'S
i he. M( i ,
l al'-oho'
lr -lo:,, s
'.!:!. :sie'
resra- nre
rr I'l elt .'iei
ii at rr'ii''
ir.i:ii. self.
'.enliiiiis o'
rsi lue;-
icct-iiit en .
fa cine r.u
y i s fo
ve w:ll sei,
:ee tri let1.;.
:i(il ' lVei-t :
ill J. '.V;.
Fo:; Sa
itsidi tie e
block v.
1CUSC of
me pant;
t went vs..
lUtl VOL!
mSUt m -
4 UHL.
Sept. U
r ? -f r--
1.-st fiiei:'.-?,
. fr.', ifU
-t l':-i..n,l,
.' l:i.
'.e . e'l -oa.
ess in i lio
: r.
:.i n:e cigars
. ocr your
:'. e:i passed
r si or,- l:;te
ore :t wor
eil conrid
the loss cf
.a 1 thrt he
I h" spread
The young
:.;i ed each
io: tif ve;:
:;d the last
- ''
This time
Ii hend
' tier -IV in
' r, t which
:;;er, all the
fray, there
L-aranco of
::d hi If the
red willi a
i extreme-
ived a sigh
:i c-'ccliniige
.irtling his."
ietims (f n
lp!:ia with
em :;.;co;:i-
le of two
ether with
be (listi;;
en by a in?-
id t ie l;id-
l':e i'ine.
.; Still!.
' et -.i-een tho
:'-.!u-t tun
biw.dth of
alciil.ii ions
work 1m;:c
i drill.; met
; wo sections
.'hns a pas
: burrowed
I the
as 1; leal'ed.
i charge of
of the best
-. " . ... I ..1.
EtOiam w mom am
K, - t '
1 lUi
ci ' n u c s
''!. 1S.S."5.
V ' i I i
r shuttle,
- e;r cash
h Branch
-.Iii J
r-iv:mlil(; I-:r.v and Ileal Estate Ligation u ppeciaUy. t ( l
leclleuiri made in all j.arU.uf the State through com peU'tf button ; f
IVivons dtsiiiiir the liest ot FIliE IXSUIiANCE can get it by :!
plyin at tin's olKce, either in the old Pho-nix, of Hartford, aEtn; , of,
IliU tforil, (Jnccii. of Liverpool, IVhigaru, Western, Traders of Chic ;.
2o Letrcr companies can he lound anywhere, and the rates are as io'.v
sts can lie had in any reliable company.
VVc have an exceedingly large list of .Realty for sale, both !;n
proved ami uiiimproveel, including pome ot ihe desirable r .-:i-dence
property in the city. 11 property is wanted either within the
old town t he or in any of the additions to the city, it can bo
through this cfiice. Persons having proerty for eale or excha:.;ro
vx iil consult their best interests by listing the game with us.
5- -e
J S:S2
Ikl 64 Bmf3a Pasfe
Tiro loveliest residoiiec locality in the city can be purchased at '.hi
ohice lor xliO, in payments of oi e-third down, balance in one ; :;d
two years; or h.wn, balanci! in monthly aynie:its. Anyone !e-.-iring
io vi.M-t this locality, whether they have in view the purcha of
a lot or nor, by calling at our oflice will be driven to the Park fre of Romcmbei the pl.u-e,
Mil $ U iJi A Pq a sff2
A Sample Copy of Van Ton-Page Weekly
The followin.:-- comparative statement of u number of the most prominent wee' '5 s
i'"1"1-""1 eio j linen ,-ii ius, mhiw-3 cfinciii.sively that the; Wceklv
C.I'jhu Democrat is fror.i ." to r0 percent the cheajiest.
Weekly, St. Ltui;, -r-.
Wceklv liernblii-aii. t. I.ntiis, Mo
WVeHv ' r'l.nue. f'liicazti. Ill
Weekly Times Clii-nnn. Ill
Veekiv 1 ter-O-jf aa. l'lee:i.. 1)1
Wei kly li:i'iin-r. U.i,e;niia',i, 0
Week It 'on-in reial-f ;aolle. C iiicinnuti. t
We- k,y Times. cw York f.'i'y
Wei--ly Sun. New Yrk City
vvtekle Weri.i. New Y.nk f'itv
10 ''njoi
S l'a'-.
'a ;es.
I'UV'.v .
10 C 'liima
mi C'iIuai s
f; c uiii 1 1 s
5(5 C'oliiiiins
! Coluinin
M I'ohiinu
MS (' blinin
m e'.iiiiniiM
Til 'i.l nn :is
fill "ill:?UMS
31 Per 1
$1 00 per
l.f:0 per
l exi per
t -03 per
yi.i-5 jici
fl 00 .er
.00 per
Si .oo per
$1 fio per
; r
fourteen Columns of Solid Reading Matter
rctvur ui mo u.Oje-uemocrat.
Ti e;:f lie -nt
I. '-. i e-:
ia, !! :ii
v t lie u e
'.r'enial !)
itiiu; ia i:e:i: li.
s et Ti.w
ii i S; t r-
ii:i f ''ie
l ;-,.-li li x
1 (K) :i ti'
pi (-iii ill Cl-
- r
! vrf ivp(:
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DAILY, per annum, $12 00
Tlil WEEKLY, per annum, 500
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Globe Printing Company, St. Loui
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Sugar Cured Meals, Hams, Baco n, Itrd, dc, I c.
ot our own make. The Lest Lr.mels of OYSTERS, in cans nl
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