The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, May 26, 1884, Image 3

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OVmuiifArKKOK TIIK city.
Clrea'atla;; Library at Warrick'
I rag Ktor. JtOllI
C.A. Handrail, l)eiiiit, nuc
Cfnsor to Clutter & Alamliall.
Teetti extracted without paiu,
bjr use of AltrouH Oxide iiun.
1. Sullnbury, Uentlitt.
AdvertHemiils under tin bead, three cent
per line eacu lusurtioii.
ONEY TO L)AN-Ou real estate by
A. K.
uood house, barn and fruit, and In excel
. - i : . : . 1 . . . . . Iittn.rituufl f nil ulun
2-Htory brick lutities boue ox80 feet, on Mala
treet. ami other aerble laud and lots.
D. 11. V
IOil -ALE-IIouse. lots and wood land by
Joliu ISO n s & 6on.
FOR SAl.K Several residences, cbeap. In
quire ol i. 11. WUeeler & Co.
IiOll SALE Scratch Tablets In all sizes, at
tins oiUce. Ultl
1 .''OK SALE a lot la good location. Tarticu
1 l .r. itlhKllllIm bill
FOB SALE An order for a new American
tfewtuK Macliiue. Inquire at tblsodlce.
TJ'OK SALE 1.000 cords ol wood. Inquire ol
POR SALE t Id paper for sale at thU office
at 40 cents kt hundred or 5 ceui per doz-
1? tion In thl city. Inquire at tUU office tl
1JOOMTO RENT. A furnished room for one
a ortwo gentlemen, iu goou tocauou.
ouire at this office. 71"
r.r-h il"vtt rum mimfl furnished or unfur
A nUlied. In the MacMAirphy house, Iniuire
on tbe premises.
TpOit KENT or sale on lon time, a house
A and two lots WHU goou improvements. My-
ly to K. U. Windham.
-m,tn t0I P Rnml now hniiqf nf f OUT TOOTl) S.
4 - -
r eHd water, good garden snots. $1 per
month in Shaferville. W. II. Sbafkk.
1?OU REST the north store room In Nev-
i !,... ml Ck miim tin utairs. Ciood
location for restaurant or boarding house, rents
cheap. Appiy vo in. i.cie. "
mo KENT A house. Inquire of Chaplain
- wngnt.
T OST A Knight Templar charm in shape of a
JJ Maltese cros. r inuer win iw suhauij o
warded by leaving at thU office. ictf
nr ANTED a g. od sect nd cook at the Iei k
lns Mouse immediately. 75tl
imrAVTEn Two dav boarcri. Apply at
Mrs. tiustalson'8, Sdstrte two doors past
K of X
Meets every Tuesday evening at thes
Castle Hall, in kockwoou uiock. v
itiug Knights are invited to attend.
II. M. Bons, C. C.
V W. H Dykes. K. of It. and S.
Sever Give Up.
If you are suffering with lov and
snrit-4. lass of aDDCtite. Ceil
sr.! riaHilitv. riisnr Jercd blood, weak
constitution, headache, or any desease
v;Hmia Tintii-f. hv all means pro
cure a bottle of Dlectric Bitters. You
will be surprised to sre tbe rapid im
provement that will follow; you will
be inspired with new life; strength and
ontivitv will rptiimr Daiu anD misery
will cease, ahd henceforth you will re
joice in the praise ot Electric .outers.
SoM at htty cents a uotrie uv o. oj.. awu-
erts. jau. oeowiy
These ara Solid Facts.
loah hTfo:l nurifler and system
r.nlntnr vir nl.1T.ed within the TCaCll
of suffering humanity, -truly is Electric
Bitters. Inactivity of the Ldver, Bil
iousness, Jaundice. Constipation, Weak
Tv"Wlnov. or anv disease of the urinary
organs, or whoever requires an appetiz
er tonic or mild stimulant, will always
find Electric Bitters the ueat ana oniy
certain cure known. They act surely
ami nil ir?kU- everv bottle guaranteed to
give entire satisfaction or money re-
fuuded. Sold at fifty cents a oou te u
J. M. Roberts janaawiy.
Fpuco Posts.
5000 dry fence posts for sale, Inquire
of W. S. Wise. 2
A Great Disoovery.
Tliif ia l:li Iv hrins?ine iov to the
homes of thousands by saving many of
their dear ones from an early grave.
Truly is Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs, Colds, Asthma,
Bronchhitis, Hay Fever, Loss of Voice,
T'irtlr linrr ill tiift Throat. Pain iu Side
o.i f7iit. or anv disease of the Throat
and Lungs, a positive cure. Guarante
ed Trial Bottles tree ai J. w.uoucua.
TW.i.r Sirnr lATCte Size S1.00.
For back. Side or Chest use
Plaster. Price 25
Oil""" -
iti.i nAiTniI ii 1 Pnncnmn.
tion Cure is sold by u on a guarrntee.
It cures coas-.rapiiu.
ciinntrc VIT A T.TZEIt is what
riAjv". - - - ,
you need for Coosamption, Loss ol ap
ixstite. Dizziness and all symptoms of
Dyspepsia, rnce iu auu to ww
bottle. :
CROUPE Whooping Cough and
Bronchitis immediately relived by
Shiluh'a Cure. . Sod by Smitu A Black
Bros Dec.20eowdAwly
A Startling IHscovery.
Physicians are often startled by re
inarkable discoveries. The fact that
Dr Kind's New Discovery for Con
sumption and all Throat and Lung
diseases is daily curing patients that
they have given up to die, is startling
them to realize their sense of duty, and
examine into the merits of this wonder.
ful discovery ; resulting in hundreds of
our best Physicians using it in their
practice. Trial Bottles free at J.M.
Robert' Drug Store. Regular size
Open Again.
Wm. Webber wishes to announce
that the Elkhorn saloon is ag4" Peu
tobiuincssas heretofore, the repairs
and new work in the room now being
nearly completed
To the good people of Plattsmouth
City and Cass County:
The committee upon general arrange
ments for the appropriate observance of
Memorial Day, is compelled to appeal
to your generosity aud patriotism, as
the soldiers of the Grand Army did
when they looked back to the good.
loyal people at home, during the dark
est hours of the country' peril, for en
couragement and aid in fightiog her
battles. We do net ask of you treasure.
we simply appeal to you to give us
your presence, and aid and assist our
Post in observing this Memorial Day,
now made a National Holiday by the
American Congres?.
We solicit from every nc a floral of
fering upou Friday next. We ask of
you to save your flowers for our dead,
aud your own, who silently rest iu Oak
Hill Cemetery. A few Cowers from
each citizvii will evidence your love
and veneration for tbe dead soldiers of
the Republic, and will bring to you the
respect aud esteem of his surviving
Send in your donations of flowers to
Post head-quarters early Friday fore
noon, May 30th.
By order of
Committee on General Aarrogements.
New patterns of wall paper and bor
der s received today at Warrick's 7512
Boston Operatic minstrels at the
opera house Thursday evening and a
bis time.
Congreisman Laird scuds us the re
port, of the committee on military af
fairs regarding a new Soldier's Home.
A wrecked engine Irom out in the R,
V. Division of the B. & M. was brought
to the shops in this city for repairs yes
mm - -
See Warrick's stock of wall paper and
borders just received. 7oi2
The city council meet tonigVit in the
council chamber in regular session and
the usuai routine of business will be
Important meeting of the T. A. M.
club at Stadelmann's parlors this even
ins at which all members are urged to
be present.
Tvaiiace fetevenson, beauty uiera. 01
Ora county, was in the city over last
..... a -.1 t c
night, the guest of his old friend, Dis
trict Clerk Showalter.
W.J. Warrick: received some very-
elegant ceiling decorations this morn
. .
A special corps of B. & M. surveyors
arc in the city laying out some new
improvements and new work at the
company's grounas here.
There are four weddings to come off
in this city early in June and still we
hear the occasional whisper that times
are dull in Plattemouth.
Judge Pottenger,the newly appointed
Justice of the peace in the First ward.
is seeking for a suitable room for an
office in the confines of the ward
Prof, and Mrs. Drummond leave to
night for Chicago and Evanston where
they will visit relatives aud friends.
and whero Prof. D. will witness the na
tional convention.
The county commissioners are in the
city today in an adjourned session of
the board. The assessors returns come
in next week when they will sit as
board of equalization.
Judge Newberry, we understand, is
about to open justice's office in the
Union block, w uefe ho cau be better
prepared to give attention to business
entrusted to his care,
A citizen : who ought to kuow re
marked to the Herald that inside of
sixty days the B. & M. would have a
wagon transfer between this city and
Pacific Junction, operated on the same
plau as the transfer at Omaha.
Tuesday evening the ladies of the-
Presbyterian church will entertain
their friends at a sociable to be held at
Chaplain Wright's in the second ward
All who attend may feel assured that
the evening will be a very pleasant
Mayor Smith returned this morning
from Chicago and Cincinnati where he
has been on a hurried business trip,
Our Mayor, however, found time to
make am official visit with Carter liar
nson. who entertained him with Presi
dential prospects of all parties.
Omaha is a daisy town. Yesterday
they had their regular Sunday shooting
scrape, aud tbe mob rame near having
a lynching matinee over it. Beside
the shooting scrape a man was acci
dentally killed by the cars; a drunken
man came near killing himself by fal
ling in a cellar, and one or two fighting
6erapes wound up the Sunday record in
that city.
Programme of Exercl for McCon-
ihio Pott G. A. R.
lead-quarters McC'onihie Post, No. 45,
G. A. R., Department of Nebraska.
I. The members of the Tost will
meet at their hall at 1 'clock p. m. and
move out from their quarters at 2
o'clock, standard time.
The Adjutant will arrange the Post
in one division in charge of the Post
II. The colors will be carried at the
head of the column with a color guard
of four comrades without arms, with
the martial band in froat. The com
mand, when bo formed, upon Main
street, in front of their quarters, will be
presented to the Commander by the
Adjutant, who will take - charge of the
Post, and who will give the word of
command to movo forward to the
cemetery by the way of Washington
III. The carriages containing the
floral offerings and the committee of
ycung ladies in charge of the same.
will head the column, accompanied by
eight mounted guards wearing side
IV. All members of visiting Posts
and all soldiers who do not belong to
the Post, are invited to fall in with the
column and accompany the Post to the
V. Comrade Joseph W. Johnson,
Maishal of the Day, will take charge
of the citizens' procession and form
the same immediately in the rear of
the column,, and will be in charge of
the line of march.
VI. Comrades Poisall and McMakiu
will have charge of the preparation of
a platform upon the grounds donated
to the Post, and will perform such
other duties, as may te necessary to
carry forward the exercises at the
VII. The committee having general
charge of the Memorial services, will
ascertain and report the number of
grayes to be decorated, and will place
suitable flags, with names, at the head
of each grave.
The following programme will bo
observed at tbe cemetery ; -
1st. Music by the choir.
2d. Prayer by the Chaplain, from
the ritual.
3J. Address-by the Commander.
4th. Music by the choir.
5 th. Oration.
6th. Masic by-the'ehoir.
7th. Benediction by Chaplain Al
pha Wright.
8th. Decoration of graves according
to ritual.
VIII. All ciizens of Plattsmoulh
and Cass county are requested to unite
with the Po3t in a proper observance
of Memorial Day.
IX. In case tbe weather is unsuit
able the exercises will be held in Rock-
wood Hal!.
By order of th'e committee in charge
of the general arrangements.
Killed by a. Rattlesnake,
The most painful article we haye
been forced to chronicle for some time,
happened at the house of Mr. W. N
Webb, who lives about four miles
northwest of Elliot, several evenings
since, Mr. Wabb's child, a bright lit
tle girl, while playing in the yard was
heard to scream, and its mother run
ning out got there in time to sea a
large rattlesnake glide off. Mr. Webb
was in the field a long distance off and
it took the frightened mother some
time to summons him, so that before
the child could be brought -to town,
something iike an hour and half had
elapsed. By that tiMe the poison had
spead all .over the little one and she
died the next morning. Avoca Herald
The co:naiittee appointed by the
Fair and Driving association, to viait
the grounds, locate the different build
ings and draft plans for the work neces
sary ip ho doue to put the grounds in
shape tor fair purpose?, completed their
work this week and in a short time their
plans will be in the bauds of those se
cured to put them into effect. Jt is
claimed by those competent to judge
that the race course and the grounds
generally will be second to none in the
state, when completed. This should
encourage our people to enter into, the
matter with spirit and make the open
ing fair one that will be favorably com
menved upon by the entire state. W.
W. Republlcau.
Judge Vanatta has moved h:s office
into the Sherwood block, corner of
Main and och street, where he has fit
ted up a li'ce office with his sleeping
rooms attached so that he will always
be ready to attend all piofossional calls
The judge has only been in Piatts-
mouth about a year and a half, yet he
has built up as good a practice in that
time as any attorney in the county and
has fully demonstrated his abilify in
his profession as among the best; he
has had years of practice and always
attends promptly to all business he un
dertakes, and we bespeak for him
brilliant future in Cass eounty. (
An Attempted Rape.
Yesterday morning, the foul crime of
an attempt at rape was perpetrated
n this city a crime too abhorrent to
be mentioned without every good citi
zen feeling sliauia that such beastly
acts come to paES in our city ; and this
is the second crime of that nature the
public ha3 been given here during the
last few months. John Spiitthoff.'the
man who made tho attempt, is a for
eigner, coming to this country from
Holland, about a year ago, and being
employed in the boiler department of
the B. & M. shops here as a helper.
The child upon whom he attempted to"
perpetrate he crime, is the six year old
daughter of George Grebe, a German,
and a machinist in the shops.
Splitthoff has been occupying a room
in the same htU4; with Mr. Grebe's
laruily, boardiug himself in his room.
Yesterday murning Splitthoff enticed
the little child into his room locking
the door and then attempting the act
which doo not nesd or will riot be par
ticularized:'1 Shortly afterward, the
father learning ot tin: affair, brought
the child down town to Dr. Schild-
knecht's office, where the Dr. examined
her and found that' she happily had
escaped any serious injury.
Chief of Police Sage was at once dis
patched to arrest Splitthoff, whom he
found on Main street, and at' once
lodged him in jal. -This mornilig he
was brought before Police Judge Wiu
tersteen, when an interpreter was pro
cured and the warrant read to hi in, to
which he plead guilty, and the present
necessity of taking evidence was thus
obviated, Judge Wintersteeu binding
him over to the comiug term of court
in the :sum or two inousanu
dollars, and having no chauce of bail,
he was lauded in the jail.
Splithoff is a man twenty-five years
of age, and does not look to be the
dirty scamp that he is. He has em
ployed no counsel as vet, and is either
ignorant of the enormity of his crime
or else is very indiffer-nt as to results.
The temper of this r . .munity is not
smoothed in the learon7 such dastardly
crimes as this, and the mutterings are
man', while expressions that hanging
is too good for such fellows, are fre
quent. '
The little girl. Agnes Grebe, is a
bright child, only six years of age, and
it i3 littte wonder when such crimes as
this come to light, that this, or any
community become exasperated, and
demand with one voice, punishment
for the offender to the full extent of the
law. A little six-year old child in the
hand3 of such a man, pppeals stronger
than words to the right of any "com
niunity onexorable justice and the
fall andrcomplete extent of the law in
puuishmg the brute.
' . fX' Broken Bone.
MathewFeather, a young man in
the employ in the employ of Dan. D.
Johnson, met with a serious misfortune
on Thursday last. While holding S
R. Lamont, his employer's trotter, by
the lariat, the animal became playful
and in his gambols kicked Mr. Feather,
breaking the thigh bone of the right
leg ia a -shocking manner, the frac--
tured " bones' penetrating the flesh and
producing " a . yeny aggravating woun4
Drs. Thomas & Hall were summoned
and set the broken member, and at the
present writing the patient is doing as
well as could be expected. Weeping
Water Republican. ."
The regular meeting of the Board of
Trade oughfc to occur next week, the
first week in June. Would it not be a
commendable plan for the President
to set tbe machinery at' work and grind
out a session?
.An interesting event will be the ap
pearance of Mrs. Landry at. Boyd's
next Satui day evening. Mrs. Langtry
is drawing crowded houses with 'land
ing room at ft'piemium, all over , the
Country, aniiherv engagement here
promises to b highly gratifying, both
to star and management. Mrs. Lang
try's charming acting is -universally
admired. Omaha. Republican.
Collection Notice.
All parties knowing themselves to
bo indebted to me will pleass call and
make full settlement at ontfe, so that
hereafter we can conduct a strictly cash
business. Please give this your imme
mediate attention.
d59w3w - Robt. Sherwood.
Iu the Future
When you have a cough aud want re
lief, think ot Kemp's Balsam for the
Throat and Lungs; a guaranteed reme
dy for those diseases. Price 50c and
$1 ; trial size free Respectfully, .
apr 3 4m W. J. Warrick.
The best beef in tae city always can
be found at Peterson Bros, market.
233dtf '
Call and see Us.
I wish to notify the public that I am
nowxpen for business, at Joe McVey's
old stand, where I have ia stock a full
line of Kentucky whiskies, St. Louis
beer, wines and ciears &c, as good as
the best. 57dtf IT. M Boxs.
The Memorial services held in Rock
wood Hall yesterday afternoon were
largely attended, although it is a la
mentable fact that the larger part of
the audience arrived at the Hall alter
the services were more than half con
cluded. Elder Burton, of the Christian
church, preached a strong and abl
sermon which was listened to with tho
closest attention, despite the interrup
tions made by late comers. The Elder
closed his discourse by reading an ap
propriate poem, and all who attended
the services felt that it was good to be
present, and that the occasion and the
service was a mo9t appropriate one. -
The following are among the arri
vals at the Perkins:
F II Hall Lincoln; C S Hart Lincoln
C S Hungeford Chicago; O M Rurhana
Staplehurst, Neb.; C F Price New York;
W C Orthey Chicago; C F Whitney,
city ; John Clements Elm wood; II J
Stave Chicago; Wra Stokes, Daniel
Briggs Peoria; August Meyer Omaha;
.u-B&um St. Joe; S E Barackman agent
Boston Minstrels; F L Miller Burling
ton. . . .
Se thc'particulars regarding Decora
tion Dav, and let us all do our part of
the ffw - 'a this National holiday.
Splithoff, the rapist, now in jail told
a reporter this morning that whisky
was the trouble with him. He said he
bought a pint Saturday night and was
drinking it buuday morning. How
ever, Policeman Sage says ho was sober
when he arrested him. and it was likely
a dodge under which Splithoff tried to
shield himself.
Crown Mills Flonr.
W. F. Allen, the old Cass county
miller, who is now running the Crown
Mills at Ashland, has his flour on sale
iu the Plattsmouth market, Dovey &
Son keeping it always in stock. A
trial of the Crown Mill brands will
prove to any that it is superior to any
flour in the market. 300dw48tf.
For a handsome suit, substantially
made, in the best of style, and from
any quality of goods you may select,
Call on K. Dressier, Merchant Tailor,
In Sherwood Block. 13dlm
.... Notice for Bids.
Notice is hereby' given that bids will
be received by . the City Clerk up to
Monday, May 2Gth, 1884, for doing the
city advertising and printing for the
fiscal year commencing June 1st, 1884,
to June 1st 1885.
By order of the City Council.
- J. D. Simpson,
.. . . "City Clerk.
Trytha Banana plug che wing to
bacco, it is by far the finest plug chew
ing made, Matt Schlcgel sells it. ltf
- The best corner for business in Platts
mouth, that is off Main street, for sale;
consisting of two factional lots, which
as a good business 'location are prefer
able to those on lower Main street.
For particulars . inquire of J. C. New
berry. 72tG
A good two horse farm wagon for
sale. - Enquire at Bennett & Lewis.
The Boss Clothier of Lincoln, has
opened out a clothing store in this city
where he would be pleased to have his
old customers call in, on lower Maiu
street, one door east of court house.
Assorted tiuts of Diamond Wall Fin
ish may be found at Fisher's drug store,
revolving sign. 49dtwtf
Twenty-five cents in advance will
entitle you to use of the Plattsmouth
circulating library for one month.
45diwlin W. J. Warrick.
2 if teen per cent discount on all cus
torn made work hereafter, at Sher
wood's for cash. To establish my
business in every department on. a
strictly cash basis this inducement is
made in all custom made work. .
Under tbe reduction a shoe that
costs $9.00 now, costs $7.65 for cash.
A boot that costs $3 00 now co3ts $6.-
; A boot thatcpsts $6.50 now costs
$5.60 cash at Sherwood's. 58dw8tf'
Diamond Wall Finish at Fisher's
rug store.- 49Jwt'f
Sweet Potato Plants
Leave orders for your sweet potato
plants at our hot beds in town at - the
Blue House in Billings' addition or at
Chas. Robine't. Orders left at trie lat
ter place will .be filled the following
morning. . Rogers a Chandler.
Falling out of the hair may be pre
vented, brashy hair made sofr, and the
growth of hair renewed, by the use of
Ayer's Hair V'gdr wldCt
If you want to get you a broom that
will give the best satisfaction for the
same money ask your dealer for Dor
ack's brooms d2S-lmo
Pasture. "
Two hundred and forty acres under
fence, with running water, and one
half mile from the city. Apply to
5ltf W. S. Wise.
In purchasing a refrigerator see Hen
ry Boceck's new stock and . get pi ices
before purchasing. 59tf
All the best houses in Plattsmouth
will sell you Bremner's choice crackers
at reduced price by the box or barn-11,
and don't you forget it. Get these ana
you get th'e best, tf
Train Time,
Under the change in time passenger.
trains leave the depot here as follows:
No. 1 west, 8:15 aj ru..
No, 3 west, 0 :50 p. m. ' '
K. C. St. J. & C. B. north 5:15 a. m.
.i i u u t m u p m
C. B. & Q. , north, 7:45 a. m.
Omaha stub north 8:55 a. m. ,
" " " 5:40 p.m. 1
Trains arrive aa follows
No. 2., Denver express 0:25 p. m,
No. 4, " 9.25 a. m.
K. C. St. J. & C. B. east 9 :45 a. in.
M t u g :35 p nu
C. B. k Q. Omaha cast 5:30 p. m.
The (Jreat Lung Medicine, IfartWt
Golden liulsam, is Worthy of Praite.
"Your Golden Balsam is giving
good satisfaction. We are selling it
right along." F. C. Corbctt, druggist,
Marshfleld, Mo .
"My mother, now over 50 years old,
suffered' 20 years with an irritating
Cough and Bronchial affection. Last
winter, she used a few bottles of
Marsh's Golden Balsam and was en
tirely cured." (L. M.Smith, Topeka,
Kan 8.
" Marsh's Golden Balsam is the best
cough medicine I have ever sold."
Gus. A. LeDcis, druggists. Cedar City,
" I took a severe Cold and Cough and
for months was threatened with Con
sumption. Marsh's Golden Balsam
saved me." J. 8. Stewart, Omaha,
Marsh's Golden Balsam, and Marsh's
Golden Blood and Liver Tonic, are for
sale by Smith & Black Bros.,druggisti,
Plattsmouth. Large bottles 60 cents
aud $1. Trial size 10 cts. dCtwl,
Sportsmen, Attention!
Agents of the B. & M. R. R. will sell
tickets at one and one-fourth fare to
attend the touanament it Plattsmouth,
June 10, 1884. For transportation over
Union Pacific, parties wishing trans
portation will write the undersigned for
same, giving number of persons who
wi6h to attend.
J. W. Jknnjnos,
Sec. State Sportsmen Ass'n.
State papers pleas copy. 69dlw
Some Foolish People
Allow a cough to run until it gets be
yond tbe reach of medicine. They
often say, Oh, it will wear away, but in
most cases it wears them away. Could
they be induced to try the successful
medicine called Kemp's Balsam, that
I sell on a positive guarantee to cure,
they would immediately see the excel
lent effect after taking the first dose.
Price 50c and $1; trial size free.
Resp'y, fapr3 4m W. J. Warrick.
The Ice Man.
Jos. Fairfield has established an of
fice at Monarch billiard hall, where he
will contract with consumers to supply
ice for the season at the lowest terms.
If your Mood is vitiated cleanse it
with out delay by use of Ayer's Sarsapa
rilla. Safe and effective. wldOt
Ar, Charlie Warren's, the old reliable
barber's, shaving 10c, hair cut 23c,
shampoo 25c, sea foam 10c, mustache
black 2."c, Shop opposite opera house
give him a call. d31ml
Parlor and bedroom sets in all styles
at lowest prices at Boeeck's. 69tf
ClotLes, Hair, Nail and Tooth Brush
es, Comba, &c., nice line, at Fishers,
east Main street, 49dtf
An agate watch charm and two'doo
keys. Call at this office, prove prop
erty, pay for this notice and get the
Diamond Wall Finish, best and cheap
est, ready for use by adding hot water,
at Fisher's drug store. 49d&wtf
for sale Br . .
Notice to Contractors.
Notice is hereby given, that sealed
proposals will be received at the office
of the City Clerk of the city of PUtts
rxouth, until 7 o'clock p. m., on Mon
day June 9th, 1884, for building win?
walls and grading two approaches to
bridges on Sixth and Pearl streets
The City Council resorve-the rhzht to
reject any aud all bids for said work;
Specifications for said work can be
seen at the office of the City Clerk. -
Bids must lie made separate for grad
ing, and for. wing walls. 69tl2
Joseph H. Fairfield,
Ch'n Streets, Alleys and Bridges.