The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, May 29, 1883, Image 3

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I 'A V -r - bvl7tijiie'-,54VL.
I)i;.i-!.ic ki
mkdicini:, ii-:i:n'Mi-:i:vs,
( )n, I'ain Ill: i 1 - ,
All. I ill la. t v . r thing . '.liliiiiK d ill
h lir-l-cli-, I)i i. tr More I'r-
pf f 1 P ' : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' rotii J ')! l II I
('I. ( " 1 1 1 1. -i j imi met in
( .o:.
1 II!
1 TTv i h;
V.'ill J;i:V .:i;. . I'.I.L all kiii'Ts of
i ". j rt .
.-ill. f.
; -a i !
'.'.' J'.ilililill'J.
1 Jatl:!;
l.-t. 1-3::-
-.m.l AT Tin:
Old Reliable
U 0, tTi " n v fTS J
R p aCK NX r-: r4i V; tf ;
nM hijti j) lr I ; ;- l Q '
rDvfiT7MT T ' yr-Ti "Tj1W DTrjp't i
LfiUUIlAU .1 ii ii L1 tlfliiiU FliL) ;
r . ! d- 1 -1'11, l,(
JrlIN Lii L, U iVL h5 tL r
: ( V-i.; ...
f i t' . - . j l'.-'.i...
Four:!; -': i i m ' ' i ' ' -. . i . .,
ry rLA'i T-Mor ni, - r-n :!!: a :;!'
I J IfCTEf.. h s -a:::
Xhl-i t.. ;:;i..: .: -:e: 1 ,.. -: o..--jr". .i ';':,!-
iower M.ii !-::-.:. Ii i- . -' ! : " "-.! "fi- -v.
V . " . - ,. ... .- .i.
. .. " 1 .. l':.-l. Th.
1 III.'. I I.Al. l.).lKl!'di
7 A Gootl Bar s "V. r:
I l lit. I'll I " I iJOOS. I'ror
ciG.ns- i
S - Just Eeceived j
iL l A I INi: 1.1 NE or I
( J A Challenge 5c CigarJS;;;;:
4 S luny...5'.aef.-:::., r.:a::u - .a;-,at
j Pepperberg's Giirar Factory ; ,nwo hl
VJ a:; i) !
. AT i
F VTlYUif 5 ! Ill
TV -:-,'jr' LJX $
X. wmmmm,
I V ' PhATTsJiouTih N"i:hhasica.
I H Ziffh State &Kcr.rccS:4..CWca:3.2 yOb
rrr.i.i - 1 1 1 : f am wi:i:i:ly
Tiic riallsraonlii Herald Pnfclis&iM Co.
I'or C't i'"l I'ouiii V ! 'ii i l l ! , Kail wiy Till'"'
'l'.ii!'-i. T.'l'iniii" Kvh.i liii-iiii'-i 1)1-
r.-i-ti.ry, It'i-lm-s I "ml. ,v .., - I - 1 1 ! I ! ;!!.
Ji:t l I. STONII. - City i2litr
Notico to Advertisers.
'''! fr IKil.-v :n! . j ! i . im-j t- nr Ti.-:it - '-
in ail wi I is.'iiii-nt - mil -1 Ii.iiil'-t l.i 1 Mi.
I. ii , mi-- M,!i-c I.e. i- I u it. of
'. v in w lii'-u I iii-v :ui' In l.i- in-Tlt. lijiv
I i y I i'mI- --;.i I i;iii. s i,.nl 1,'c
!i. l in I... lot .. i ...;t !i i., in ii mn- m-.-
i iH'ii i I M . i:i -ii n i-1. 1.,
I'.ii-im-i M.IIl;i'4iT.
4. S:ilislur.v, IX-nMs!.
A - 1 :i!Hi-l II til- hall
'I'l'.i-., so pall! hot ;. nil!
.':) and dry W al In-.-.
'II. train Imlli -.
lit- -1 ipii-' :,; i i -il
h ii ! v b I" i if hi.-- cll'j i-1--.
:)!'! lie-
-.n 1.
hit 11-
t and .-.t tins
iiiri -nail v I t r -'
vci ii i
say lii.
on t lu
ll. a -i I)
o. ,,C 1
y ari- :
ill li iys siai t I i" ir M.d
pii il this in .1 iiing", ami
h.g th-ir '"whole. W.; '
'1 ! Mayor's Proclamation should
meet witli a general endorsement, ami
tin' bu-int-s houses close to morrow,
giving nil iii oppoi tunity to partici
pate iu the memorial ceremonies.
i. i -I tiiis morning a copy of
th.- I'.::-.!. Ji'ilerprisc, published at
by Coryell Wiiil-Ts, two eii-
; i ou!i; i : : t i i . 'J'lii:-: is a new
'. ; ii; a!;i! t!i.- Ii'.ys j.n'sciil a ciy
a. -st. !.;".v i" !)!'.'(". !;!i,-.'i'ss to l):r
Mi-s Il.ttJiu I"u!aiji-i Mini ir(-. ri
i. I will In- o; :m il M )Mi IV ia tin?
I'ir-i V:ml m-Ij.ii.1 laiiisj-. Mis Haiti -ii
.ii n vi '!! v iiopiilnr wiili tin littli-
u-i aa
I .!. iiU-.I! v
I i iu lii-r, aail Iht clli-rls in tliis iiir-t lii:
will In- ;i; H(." iatcil, ami ri-cciye
!(' ini ina it s j:Hllv nifiii.;.
Tlicd. A. II. haw h'iri io in
o I t .-1 i i i : i a ijtiantlty of i'liiVLTj of W.
.J. IirssiT, imi liit-v earnestly n'ljurst
aii w!;o havi an I rrt'i paic l' vci.s to
l;-'i!rr tin in to KorkwooiS Hal!, to-
iiiurro.f i'oiLiioon. r.s tiioro will ho a
.scaivi'v ;iiiv wav.
HeUvc-l o.i Waier-teia hill. He
w'1 ; ,lv ,I:":,,' r I,a l c I" rder
' clinch the matt-r, ho thou-ht I e
v ;u! j reIiltn.w ,l!s milit,r,V(.:,r. His !
lo i . iiiirca. ire imiu a
hre i'i t!jc front room, arid there began
the process of denuding him-cif of the.
sin p! us under wear. Vy some means,
ill his eilolt.i to slide :f ''e." UU-
n.ieke I i.p again it, t lie
iov", :a:it : he r !;;. init was redolent
w iih shrieks and ."!' am . It is said
lii rt on his p";-sen theix- is a mark of an
iia:i wiln a torn dei.vk m his hand.
and th it he now takes
i tin' m i itel.
!.C!' aiih ,). 1,. ('t-
la:.i;iv into th
elegant I
..I - . Tl T - I
ni i v creeicu n u
i. ;
s : oil viauiLe s:.
of tin." cottage rei
in t!ie city. Mr. P. building;
ii'i!::-.. i: i.ia-ic all exhibition ol
iwork such as is scarcely
seen in oftue kind in the west.
We congratulate "Hilly-" in so-curing
-M;-!i a ci; hca.e, and the other
s-euriag .--ucli an avaihihlc
tho vo- i
aii. 1
i iv Ivel!og-i icuert.
is ! r U'hl acion yai'
e ...ormn:- .; .so-
lo recaver .vo-.),o,:i) ihim iii'e.i for
'..s matter :is
contained i.i tie; issue of M;iy 21 and "Jo.
-I:1. M. iC. :;:i 'lire, of this cily, is Mrs.
I:--- - it - attorney. Criminal proceed
ings wiil also be instituted at the prop
; cr lime. It -.sipears, upon investigation
i that there was no tru.h in the state
ment that Mr. and Mrs. Uaehcrt had
separated, or that Mrs. JJachert ii ul 1
men acting in a stranre manner in Ih.s
ton. It was announced before tho nmr-rhigf-
th:'.t she would not fdiaiidon the
stii.e, thiit si.o would reside at the Ho
tel I'cilenni, lJoston, iluring the summer
l 1 i ( ii, nil, i'- ton, vim iu i ne r.ii.iun i ,
ami that 1 5 ,ci ei t's busincSs would keep
him in New YorkChicago Tribune.
The countv clerk has received returns ;
I'oi i the following precincts and we j
give bclo-.v tho population in compari- j
son witu 1S2.
. . S'So
Fop'.iiiiiion in 12
Gain 101)
Mr. .Jennings saws so far us he hiss ex- j
.imsncd. the returns show 'a better and I
mo.e uniform rate of assf-.-ymcnts timn j
tisU:'.!, and that tiie returns of asscs-eor 1
La Kue, o:' Lib-. r!y precinct, was found j
v. it !n .ut a ."ingle error in any of the ex- i
l-::si.;:s or fo dings; something which)
lets is it oceiii ;ed since he has been in the
Oiilec. Kvidenliy Liberty has the light j
an m the iiirat 'd ice. Litiertv n- :iiie
ah a 1 ol' t he rest of !k r com peti I ! s by
h iv 'r.'-j; t wo pair of twins during Ihc
at vear. Who has the fin or now.'' "tiiv-;
us Liberty, or give us doacii. "
Few I'.eople know t'ie origin of tho-.;
siieeies ol annti ii- ana .or ei
lit of
itil we rise ro eco. iiii. in ' uaul is
"caerailv :i;);!ie I t :i cla- of ( i-'."o:-lliinjs
who are hei-i t day and there
tomorrow, who are compelled to leave
one tovn -. rn to o-o to alio! her, luivir.ii
bv tl-.-ir fuli iuid dishonest w.-.ys lost i
not onlv t'.H'ir self-res peet hut that .
of their fellow beings. i
Ofcour.-e the thing- tin.-:' sl,arkx
! t:t -u eiitei-ng a town is to try, and
il o-sinti.
I .' . i . ,1. t-.-t.
t 'O.I of 1 1 It'll"
wit ii ;i s.-rie-
iM'sghbors, "then
of t ricks known
-idv to
j themselves arjii oradunlly to the puoi'e.
We have answered the mailt i'-nn
thr;'.-t of our iiei-hbors much aiodnst
our ociter lUvlgment an 1 in I u:u re i
j)rotnise not to jn'o-fiilute oarsei'ei so :
lo.v as to even notice the-s untiiithful i
jliii'js. Wc intend the same as hereto
"foie "to titli t''' only what wo havo
f',r sale for the liencfit of the general
pithlLii .and not for that of our.
Would be Competitor."
S. fc C Mayek,
A TOUI! or Till COM im:nt.
I i.m New York to Denver.
Trio Diary of a Tramp.
May JO, Tliii!:i!;.y, y or :j p. in.--Wean;
waiting af. a v.aii-r tilation at a lit
tle village; l lio other two liiemli are
.sleeping, lat nn', 1 liave jn-.t ilmm cry
iM'. Vis, cry in;;! the teal i I have
.shed in hoine time, I -u-.; teals ri;;ht
(ruin th'iheait. Tin- ihoi nm I pai t. il
from .Mrs. (iree::, vun kissed iuu
ami saul, ;:m hiolher and tister these
an.- th' liiat hind wonhs lrom a woman
I have heal U since my iim! tier died
word.i from the heait wonl.s that
made us know that there i.s some kiad
nesfi in the 5; ts of some people ; that
prove to in that all the wnild is not
cold. I am done sheddimr tears, and I
hope I shall feel i troiii-r. The m i n
ing I left my father I met Mr Iwpioy
Kopcr on a 1'uiton ferry hoal ; was
t ueher in the Sunday School I
t-llll'(l : 1 told fli 111 I Was fri:itii :IM-.i-.r
he hid iik K"od-hy and aski d me if I.
1 l Uiemliv.-red the ii.iiiienecs the Suiid
SeJiool had over me ? I .-.aid es, but had
1? 1 am the only one can answer that.
I forgot all the h-ssons he l;;u.;!il me
no, not forgot, but I did imt want t
know; I remt-mheitd, bat did m-t
want to cure. I tok everything a: it
came; cared :a;l win ther it wa:i rii.dit
or wronj. I am away from friends
eveiyl.nily, home and I wiil try to
lead a heller life. What, does a man
gain if he gel the whole world and
his.-th his own soul? When J came
out In re, my thoughts wen of gain.
1 ii; ver lor a moment gave any thought
tln'.t I had a soul to save; il wad for
gain J came. 0!:, Cod! give me
at ivnglli, that 1 may grow to he a bet
ter man in the j cars to come, than I
h ive in my past life.
.Iami:s A. Ti:kk.
AiU'::;ov:i, Thursday, May 10. Laid
on grass, and went and v. a.-:hed in M )
hawk river. Sent my part:;' r across
she yu-,peusi !i hiid--; lvi-l to piy
cents toil; gut 1 lb. crackers, fz ib.
cheese; dined on one-half of it, and
laid around till dark; no train topped
at water station; r:iiu commenced ;
looked for bunk; got in car with
bruo in -corn, slept sound, rained.
-1 a. m. 11 th. iot out about C, train
came along, stopped; tried to hide in a
car and was s. -en; got in empty car
and got iircd; started for n stroll along
the track; it commenced tu ram and
blow and 1 could hardly walk, it blew
so h ud: sat down and finished what
we rani ot our.c C; waiked to town
at i onda, miles; on way learned
if s. en in town, along track, woeld he
urnstcd; Welti thivu-h the main htrH-t,
everybody gazing at u; walked to
town at Cauajoharie, about G miles;
i-i town i o : , r. i in (rc!;Mii 1 II !
cheese a;ut loaf bread, were ne'ily
starved: cat loaf bread., cra'jers i.uC j
i iifr'j; "V:iilu i j iawn of Fort Pli;ine, !
-1 mili-s diatr.nt; wulk'.-d to Io wa of St. i
.lohnsviih', 10 miles distant made '2- !
miles today, paetty hard walking; wo
are now o3 miles from Jiuffalo, wait- ;
ing lor tiark, behind a stump, on the j
Mohawk river. j
i; . iu., i i ui;n . uv mn. t augnt
a train and rode to UeWitt, don't
know what distance, but took from
;l:::0 i. m. to 1 a. in.; while in car
spiked tin; door, so that if brukeman I
at water stations should try doors i
couldn't open them. DeWiU ?satowa
'.boat i.iiL-ii Viom isviiictie, unite a !
large town, in which aro the yards of
the railroad ; went in ;) saloons alter
one o clock, and bought ale; thought
we would hire rooms to sleep remain
der of night; could not get any rooms;
went in 1 place lot of firemen iu place;
sat down a-'d Mntr-nt some and ;u? !
it w.ij liiurnimr. thi'mi.
would save, our ii""- - " ue
,-,. - " ,jy' lf any 0,,u
" ...v. like to see lile let them ivy a
I freight train to ride and sleep m ; it
leels just like rnu:g in a hard wagon.
More about Hps young Smith: lie is
a man about : y-arj old, ut does not j
look 2J; he hits been tiitmping for the
p;ist 13 years ; he has not been to his
home in o years; he has traveled all
over the E intern. Southern and some I
of the Western ttates. and is a very j
good fellow; he wants to reach the
next section, Ilochcster, where he ex- '
: pects t 'et a jol) iit his trade. The X.
i Y. . ir. :t 4 track, and 3 I)w for oil cans,
j DeWitt and Luifiilo the 1 Dw, Smith i
j s'y.-;, i: the hardest he ever struck in!
j his time. While getMmr out of freight !
Lit .
for - o4 our ci ackers ; bongnt
me sandwehes in place where hre-
men board regular loenep, made with
(l O-NlINfll).)
Cut Hcres for Plattsrrsoulh.
1). I. Coryell, of Ilrownvilie, is r.ov
in tiie cily for the purpose of sitpu'y
iag all who desire a iirst cl:;ss cyclo
pedia, lie represents the Johnson,
and we learn tiiat many who have the
American Brittanica concede this
new work vastly superior and con
firmed their decision by ordering the
Johnson. Cut rales have reached th.
ranks, am! row is the
lime to buy, before regi
again established.
i '. r r.i' tj are
CRCiNA'Cs HO. !27.
AN DliDIXAlsCK. ' E'Uiih d an ordi
nance to vacate certain portions of all
streets and crossings running north
and south and cast iiiut west and cor
rect the lines thereof .-it natcd between
(Jranite Street tn the north, the citv
boundary on the south, Mid the city
boundary raid the Missouri Liver on
the cast ami llurlinglou Mis-ouri
Liver Kail lload ground on the- west.
1 st. 15e it orihiined by the mayor ami
c'.uneii of the cily of I 'hitisnmuth, that,
all s". rci ts running ma th and he
re !ac -1 the average width of fii'ty
tect i.;-ie id of seven tv feet as the Siime :.t pies.-ut. That id I streets
n.a-iirg 1 :u:d e-l i e reilui:eil to the
average width oi" ;i ft v i'.et instead of
ei;:'nty feet ie th.
2d. That the
. -.. e now appears,
pei .'.' i- of this ordi
uunce shall only i-Xi
id in .h streets
and crs!ngs within ': In-Uowing
boiinilaiies to-wlt: Le' -.v.. . a Granite'
s-treet on the north, the i iy boundary j
on the south, and the city b- uialsry ;
ami the Missouri Kivcr ou ti.e, c is! ,,:ni
the Ffi'.riington and Misso ui Livt'r Kail I
l,o.l nrniliiiti ,; tl-.. ,..t I
whole of t !;.! i oi 1 1
i of lh a-k tt: ei t
iy mg ' a.-: oi i oe ei i ine oi y : r.-t street
exttuding thence ca-t to the riht of
way of the lhuiingiou ar.d .Missouri
Uiver K
I ! d;a.
ltd. That sorb -'oi cis
thereof:-! r-o s'.mli
turn to the owrcr of
protiei t v.
and poilions
revet t ;m.', rc-
ie. iioiitting1
1th. .This ord'muscp lo be
in force
a fur ill; due p.i-s.,go imd publication.
Services at tho Presbyterian
IChurch Last Sunday.
As is well known, it has long been
the cu-toiu in iSthiieka, tor the G. A.
II. to ob-erv: the Sabbath plior to Iec-orati-iii
Day, as a nu iuirini day upon
v.tiieh the order invites sunn--eh rgynein
to picju h a . i mull nip:ojii ia'.e lir the
oeca-ion; whirh M ii''e- lie.' order at
tend iu a body. Jat S ibbith, biing
Memorial d iv, the Ih-v. Mr. liaird, ol
tin; I'resbyteiiaii ehtiii h, was invited 10
pre-udi th" anu.i d eill'n. At a lew
iiiinutts of 1 1 o'clock, the middle n.v
of pew s being reserved, tie: (I. A. ii.
headed by command! r .Strode, tiled i.i-t-i
the church. Th- venerable (Jhaplaiu
Wright ii-d-:ing Mi . IJ iird, wlio took
his text from Judges A'l ", aa lollow.- ;
And the- Angi 1 of tin- Lord a pp. a;ed in.
to him, and said unto hiia: The I. rd
is with liee thou mighty m :'i of a!or.
The Ilevefead (ie!il!cia-ia pro:'.-' led
to d;..casi in a masterly way, the
causes which led to the war, ho'di.ig
the scrii-iuia! view, t!
t "we .v. 'iit be
uiipvt to tin; iio'ac.'s ta d i c. l r the
i ,
pov.ei.s that he are ordain d of (Jod,'
that incases where govi laiaents be
come cp;irc-ii ve and tyrannical, beyond
Jidnntnec, when the inalie.-iabh: lights
and manly privileges... a: o ludilessiV
trodden iiinh r foot, that in siiLdi eacs
it is duty to a-serl Ins rights and
throw oil' tin: yoke eeaif art -e-rt to
aims and ail the honors of war i uj be
the result, yet he proved by the evidence
ot Jcil'ers'-ii Davis, Alexander II. Ste
vens and otln-r leaders of the coufo.i -r-i:cy
by thir spxeh-s in Congie s,
immediately prior to the jcbellian, ihat
this was the best ;ov.riimeiil und r
the s'.in ; and that then fore their
attempt to destroy tin; natio.i
was w .'inion ami ti ca heroe.i ;
and that the soldiers r"r:o went out to
battle, went for no loye of carnage or
riot or plunder, bat to preserve the
glorious union, their Iioines and their
li resides ; and that in this case it was
not only justifiable to go out to battle,
but was one of the most glorious ex
amples oi sen sacrihciiig bravery on
lie a!ju argues that the cause of the
South w ;i3 a mistaken one; that the
dogma of state sovereignty was falla
cious, and if one state had a right to
withdraw7 at pleasure from a compact
so solemnly entered into, so had an
other ; and if a state had a light to
separate, so had a county from a state
and ;i city lrom a county, and so on
ad infinitum', until chaos and anarchy
alone would be the relic of a once glo
rious republic. Then la; depicted ia
tile most glowing, ele-yaiit and s.-hednr-ly
lan jtu:;go. tiie death and sufferings
of the heroes who sacrificed their lives
upon their country's alter ; culogiir: ,
the bravery of those who had sui vived
and w ere thr-re present and the noble
motives which prompted i'.c-.a '.; t.
Point this memoiiai day, and the day
wc st. i apart to decorate t He graves of
our "unrcturning brave." Thesenvmn
was one of the finest we have ever lis
tened to in this city; and the "JJoys in
Blue" listened with reverence and
memories of days ever t ;? he held
CiV.4 vveiii i.iouseil by t he fle&nt
vvord:; from the sacred desk.
Council Prcccsdings.
M;ty 2tii, 1SS:J.
Council met in regular s'yi-icr. last
n'''lit iit council cluifu.hf r, and was tidi
ed : til order by M.iyor Smith. All
members of council were present.
Minutes of last two meetings read
ami approved.
The following t-ills were read and
referred to the finance committee:
Alva Drew, buryi:i" J.
J. M. liobr;j. '
.1 r " - "d51
" " . oiiupson, cleri:
J. V. Yv'eckbaeh, salary
mayor and extra seivic
JMchey Kros., lumber. . . .
W, I'ottenger, police judgi
?i 1 C O j
. 28 sO
125 00
42 00
105 20
Gl G5
50 00
F. fiorder, rent for lire en
1'. 1J. iliirj-hy, ciiief police.
lleoort of street commissioner lef er
red to finance committee.
I'etition of citizens for opeiiing of
Day strict, referred to committee on
streets, alleys and bridges.
Petition of citizens to put in cross
ings on Chicago avtnutt and across the
creek, also to compel property holders
to lay sidewalks on north side, of
Jranite street and city to put in cross
ing on Sih and t'tli , referred to com
mittee on stm ts, alleys :ra;l bridges.
Petition, of citizens to lix bridce on
Pearl street at the crossing of Sixth,
also on Marble rdieet referred to com
mittee on street?, r.lleys and bridges.
The judiciary committee reported
Ordinance No." entitled "'An Or
diiumce lerpii: ing side walks to be
constructed 10 feet wide from Second
to Sixth on the north at.d south side of
Main street. Peport received and
adopted. Huh a were suspended and
ordinance, put on second reading.
Jiceiise to sei! vinous, ppirititous
and ma it litpmrs ia the first ward, city
of P1att.-uior.ili, was er oded to An
drew Krin.
Druggists permit to -eii litpaors' for
medicinal purposes wan granted to J.
M. Roberts.
The contract for city printing was
let to the IIeuald Publishing Co. ',
Committee on G re and water report
ed'On'trie ciara of Use department for
salary. Referred back t tha commit
tee for correction.
The city engineer was insti uctcS1
nuike estiiraites of the cost of openpg
Main street, from the present termi
nus to Maiiien Lane and report.
Moved and. carried that council meet
tomorrow evening at G;.10 o'clock to go
in a body and inpect Main street from
Sixth to Maiden Lane.
Moved that ordinance Xo. 127 bo
placed on second and third reading:
"Ordinance entitled; An Ordinance to
vacate certain portions of nil streets
and crossings running north and south
and fast ami west," and correct the
lines thereof situate between Granite
street on the north, the city boundary
on tho south, the city boundary and the
Missouri river on the east and the 31.
& M.R. R. grounds on the west."
Ordinance adopted.
The chief of- police reported that the
best place for a city pound would te
south of John Shannons stable.
Report adopted..
Adj uirneJ.
The FlattSffiouth Club Coats Mal
vern 2 to I.
Special to JleraW.
3lALvtnx, Ia., May 20.
Game cloned at 3:13 p, m. score as
follow : l'lattsraouth 2, 4, 7, none, 2,
none, o. none, total, 20.
Malvern 1, 7, none,-l, none, ncne,
1, none, none, totl 10. Time of game
SI0,0K) us a. Test.
iTWe offer 1 6.0(10 in I J. s. lov.
ISonds as a reward to any one who
will produce h pet of Appletons
"American Cyclopa- lia," edited liy
Georg'i Ilipley'an.I Charles A. Dana,
that is not aa Prof. It. D. Hit. h- nek
D. I)., LL. 1)., Tre.s. nf the rnion
Theological Semiiihry, Xev York.sayH
it has been " M anipulated in thuln
ti rest of tho Rom in Catholi - Church
against t!ie-Tiut!i of History."
n:i i.'.t lioN'. a
It. M'ol TDK!). M i . i.i
in: a i : i a n
ok :oNuni;ss, w.:?iiino-
.Johnson's Universal Cyclopadia is
a wink which is found in the Library
of Congress to answer more quest inns
satisfactorily than any other vvoik of
I1:" wsiy srnxt'Kii'TioN i;kks ai;;:
c-' ji:ak!
'lie- Mcrc'iaiu buys goods I'.n ea Ii,
pays freight, store rent, iiiiiu am i , ciei I:
liire, interest on the money in veiled, rind
sells th. ui on a credit ol' li to(' m u:ths
and realizes from 10 to per cent.
l!ut the greedy, rovinir CJ" "hook
agent goes to the niercnuiit'.s eti. lom
cis with a sainpln booic that costs him,
nothing, obtains their subsi riptions be
fore bo orders a copy, has the books
sent to him on credit, pays no Ireihts
no store-rent, no clerk-lure, no insurance
n interest, gels cash on delivery of the
books, and as a ride, receives a com
mission of -10 per cent.; and rather than
be obliged to combat his rninity lrom a
rival house, the publisher has been
forci.l to give him nearly all the profits.
It has often been S lid to us that some
leading publisher -ight to take the in
itiative and protect tie; badness from
the rapacity of the irrespoii.shlc "ir
'book .-igents," and 'has "heie tit tho
.ubiie by bringoig the subscription
prices of all bocks down to the
level of oilier li-r.-t class good.? ; and af
ter years exin i ience in the business
we have decide I to start tin! reform by
reducing our prices..
The ro!its, fur example, at 10 percent
off jo the CV" hook-agent on the three
leading c elopedias would hens follows:
Hriltiinica, 21 vols., cloth, d0o, profits
$-12; Adplc.ton'is, l(i vols., cloth, fso,
prolits S;:il ; Johusou's S vols. cb'th,$l,
profits ..'2LG0.
We shall adhere to our old ride not to
employ a canvasser whom we would not
invite to our homes and introduce to
our families. '
X CV""book agents'' need apply, but
other nwn, who wiil furnish credentials
of good, and are willing to
work fyr ;.';u-;iii;:ble wages, may addn ss,
fwr full particulars
V. J, JOSSXSOX & i.e.,
1 1 (Jrcat Jones Street, New York.
Clieprcscntcd in the eitv by
1). Jt. 'OiiYLLL, (Janvassor.
iSurveyor Cien. StL vensou went to his i
home in Falls City.
Wi!! Vn.-u p;iiti a business visit lo j
liOiilsvpdo last night ;u.d rt turned this i
IJol't. Fitzgerald catne in i'r m I'.eat j
rice hist evening and ironies bridge J
Uunduig boonvno-.
- . .
?di-s jr:ite Kline went to Idmailn this
morning couldn't stand it awav from
her biotiicr any lougcr.
Capt. S. P. Y:in itt;i went so Lincoln
last night to couit. We ofrourse nvnu
the District Court.
Geerga AViile left last night for the
Otoe Iteserviition
...c ne con
..o what he could do.
Mrs. Yv'm. Martin went to Lincoln
this n-ornSne to spend a, r.cck visiting
friends ia the Capitol city.
dipt. 11. O. Phillip?, of the South
Platte Laud Ccmpuny, pa-.-r 1 through
to Lincoln this morniyg.
Uliarley lVUec, of tho Aw'-iurn 1V..-1,
left Inst ev'.-niug i'or his .tuties iit that
place after pendh.g sniuhiy with his
parents in tliis cily.
J. W". Colin left this mornir.g for Ia.,
where he will invest in stock if he sees
a prospectfof a.sutlieiect renumeration.
Mrs. Iltnton, mother of Rev. Mrs.
Mullis yho lia bea."vi'siting. h-er daugh
ter in this ciry. re.turjied honj to Iohh j
last cveniDp". . - .
Mrs. Miuniek, of Pulls City," of
Mrs; Dorringtoii, 'who has been Visiting
in the citj- for the pasf-wcek or two, re
turned to' her hdiae ttJis 'morning.
D. S. Draper went lo Omaha last
night with his pockets full of corn we
mean corn in the ear not in the "juice,""
as samples. "Wchope his speculation will
be profitable.
Miss Sara Yt'ordcn left this morning
to spend her vucat ion at her homo in
Independence, Iowa, when "she will re
turn to resume lnr ditties in the lligli
Miss Lizzie M alone left IV;- her home
iuTopekn, Kansas, this morning. Her
many lriends in -this city i oih social
and professional viK" miss i.i r the com
ing ye;"-. ".; :
Mr. cud Mrs. L" I be it Iuk , of Oniuha
are in the cily the guests of Mrs. D's.
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sago and 'Mrs.,
Cooper, "'Their visit includes buduesi
us well as pleasure
"Wnjv II. Picker..!; the carpenter, ai
Edgar Young, hisipnrentice, left I
night for a erosiiecti:;.'..oii r
Dakotiih. Thev take iiuT:
which indicates they don't propose
walk home.
,T. P. Young re hi rued last night from
Queen City, Mo., u li. he enjoyed him
self with old acquaiutalis. Mrs. Young,
tarries for a week, and PiilWysires us
that it was hard work to compel "he- to
he a "w'nldcr" for even (hat length ot
Mrs. Geo. V. Thomas, of Wappelo,
la., who has been visiting friends in
This city for tho past four weeks and re
ceiving" medical treatment from Dr.
Meade" returned home lat night much
improved in health.
Quite a delegation from Plat If mouth
delegated fo Omaha this morning, eon
sisting of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. S. Smith,
Mis. CM- Holmes, Mrs. Dr. VT ley,
.lames Mitchell, Miss Flora Smith, Mrs.
Warren, Mrs. Johnson and others.
Samuel Rector. William Case and J.
"W. Cox. three of Cass county's represen
tative men from Weeping "W 'liter, were
pleasant callers at the H'ekald oth'ce
to-day. Come again gentlemen, our
latch string is alwavs cm the outside.
C. J. Potter, formerly oi of the 6olitl
boys of Plattsmouth,' now of McCook
-. . . . il.!.
passed tiirougu tiie City inia mummy;
enroute to his old home in Buffalo, X.
Y. We wager a dimes vorth of tooth
nicks, when Charley returns he will
bring a lemale BuHalite with him.nndit
is not engacrcJil for the "Wild Wild West
Ailveiiisi iui-hii 1 1 t -r ihl liea l, iluce ci; lit
I'.-r 1 1 iu ea.-li I ii sci i ion.
Mo.i". To loan
' van ,t W mitey.
I n'ii ii
if K. IS. Wlii.I-
On i' nl,.l
I.y siill!-
.a k. is. w lint -
oi: Ui.N r
A lliilli
1 0 O I
: i:i: r
i t leiii-e
In ;'. Ire i.
In k'..ii. lne:..llnn
l II. K. r.ilnier r
II llii ei!
I. W. .frimli.e-
f.Oi: i:r.Ti:i;S I.m.iU al Wi.i'N ml. ami .-H-l.l
iMlly tiie h;nl acle lntl ami llielellni.
j,' UK NAl.i: -An eider It
Sew he; Mai-liine. 1m
ir a new A ini'i lean
I llll l' ill 1 1 1 1 -4 OlllPI'.
J.'oa SAI.K-
V. . s. j.
1.0 ij e.H'.ls nf whikI. Iiniili(i nf
l,-"Oi: SAI.I-:--OM i.a.i.'is. fur Kale at IliU ellle.-
al in cents )t limulit-il or ; ceiitu in r ilu
en. ,f
I 'OK S M.I-
loni r In! s I n'.'e! tier III t'nml Iuru -
' i io:i in l ii is ell v
lll'lilile al lilli nlllre if
;.' S A I.K A eiiml soil i v, atei ui'M.'l' it'.r ran
lie .nil ;lil elleaii. Will .'iv.' elmiri' lie
t u een a l;:i -e ;im sm all one. 1 ei in-; ami liner
1 1 1 : i . 1 1. ii ..mi on u;.iil.-;il, llf
S.Mllll.'l I'.r.WK I'-ltos.
5,"'Ol ' , I ) A lie 1 1 on ;i rira'. Haiit.ini! has In
toee. . I vvner ran reili'elu In I l r I 'i t ' liy
paying for tins nutier. 7Jii
J'ob'NM)- A folilicK Kev In a pallida. I ruarli In
tin city. Owner can liait it at tliis ollirr.
A Vi KI -Two biai'ksiiiit iiVaml .t lilaek
unitli lielier at SelinelUiaehei .shop, witf
ANTKI): illiiiiii; room uliI at Slaill.'
inan's Jlestaillaiit. OoimI hiil'i-s anil
steaily einpluyiiient. ittf
y ANTKD Day lio.inler ut Sta.lIemaiui'H
' ltr-taii'.i'it. The I eit of Ihku'iI at
rcaAmalile teiniH. 7J-iltf.
IVAMKII t'.V tin-lilst of .Iiinr, a lirst-rlasH
' house oT r or i; rooniK. in r.ooi loratiou.
i rave unnl u itn .1, i). himpson, Wi-IIh, l aro
& I'n exprri-n olllre. 7 1 tf
T A.tTKD John r.aijfr lias tutu lit the Stehl
man place, corner o( 71 Ii ami inc. ami is
piepareil to aeromimnlate the pulilie in tin;
'.ay of lioariilCK and luihin by the week or
month. IO111I
AN'I'Kl) I'ifteen hnmlreil taim- pi;;'ons
llellveled 111 l.llli-oln. .N e hiasK a. a t oliec.
W ill pay Si. 5o per ilo.-n deliveri-a al vour de
pot. IC. U. Con'nok,
1 1 1" Hrry. I.inrohi Spm Isiiii-n's ( in!).
t o:st
Ii Mil,
A Hole for sr,"?! 1 11 fnvni- A Ii..irnu
ami uiveli hv I'hns. Kul.v as nrinriiial iimi
-M. I., ituhy as seriiiily. am) ilnr the the l-t o
N'tivemher, Ijss,;, lias lieen hni , ami all p 1 ni.s
are heretiy iiit:t:cl not o piurliae .saiii 1 :.e
as I have iiever tiaiiileried mv inlerei-i j
I-"!.-. AN.IiiKW k i: a :. .-.
l'lattsmoii! h, ;e;a 21, Is-:;. 7 !''..;,-. :;
That the undcrsigne,',
hainl and tor .sale, t,o;:!) i
of Tomato plants; ."oft'iS;
plants, and 100,000 s
plants, after the 18'h of
v. ill
.111 ee
u . '.I
ill I' I li s
I'D I A l IJ
orders with A. Chirk, I'. d. Jan-s.'.'s. :md
(ifiiee vt Thierolf, or id ii,v re.ii'ieneo
on Ninth street.
7d-!Jwti' Jul IX K. Lia:;-fiY.
N uns veil in o.-i.tntnt in tings, ca.ih meres,
shodii ch.'ths iu ail the latent
des :it
. Henry lioeck in: elegant line of baby can luges
for sale very cheap. Also a nice lot of
refrigerators and the '.u'ge-t stock of fur
niture ever lrou;-ht to l'lattsmouf h at.
prices that can't be discounted. It will
pay you to ee him. d2!htw2-tf
It will pay you to read Vises col
tiinn in this paper, jou may lind jint
what vo.u u ant. 'Mil
Crackers ut Dennett &
Two thousand yards of dress goods
iit loc per yard, cannot he i::iitchtl m
this citv under 25c, ut IlerrmannV.
i a trill Sell Any (a.ials it I
'a-R-cs fli'Sow TIcjM tiolcd by
Large stock of 4th of .July goods
just received at Warrick's. dTOlGwl
Carpets'. Carpets! We Will not bo
undersold by anybody. Come and
convince vourcclves. Tied Ilcrrnian.
Premner-.s Crackers at Si adleman's.
Asky our grocer for Dremner's Crack
ers every time. Take n.o other.
Please remember that for the next
j CO days you can get great bargains in
boots and slices and clothing, as I must
reduce my stock in those lines, wh
out fail. OUtfJ Jos. V. Weckbacii.
Wanted. Everybody to Know
That after this date I will sell my en
tire stock of carpets, consisting of
1'ortv-three different desirable patterns
AT PRIME COST. Call aud ex
amine. . JO-j. V. WKCKIJACir.
May 8th, 188:5. - 01 dtf
Tvi o Jio;:s's and lols i'or sjiIc
n tcrsii.s to Milt. ih;iiIi:sit.
Iuqiiire ol'
till" 55. 18.
Peterson IJros. Sell
Rest sugar cured hams :it loc.
JJest breakfast bacon at 15c.
Rest shoulders 11c.
Rest dried-beet 15c, .
Notico to the Germans.
There will be German school in sec
ond ward school house. It will begin
Monday and last during- vaca
tion'of publicchool. For instruction
each scholar w511 pay 50 cents a month
n advance.
Children's' s n
cheviots and linens a,
Lewvn and JIartin's 5 and
cigars for sale at Warrick's. 3t.
A Square .ileal
Can be had at the City Hotel for only
25 cents and lodging at Same reu. onable
rates. Farmers and Commercial Men
will please bear this in mind. ti&wtf
Those Tobies 2 for 5 cent at War
rick's take the cake. 3t.
While goods. A large and varied
assortment at Herrmann's,
Parasols and fans. The largest and
most complete assortment- at Fred.
Herrmann's. -73dwtf
The way those ToMes arc celling at
Wilrrick's is just jmjncnse. TSd'Jt
Uicinuer's Cracker
. Warrick has just
J lU 1 1 Tl i c l" - li i -em
Brocade dress ' giv
xjis reduced to 15c?
- o-d.Jh1
voice of pnp6r shades
A nrwlol-of . A. n.v
mure toOlf
Monoy Uavod.
Uy buying your tfood fr ca
II. linker. 1 will giifirnntoo to
2 per cent, on iIichh kohs
dr., lf you will Jove mo t
h ive nil the new hliilh
nuns ri ilin-r and olbcr he"
'lienpest line of ladiiH. iiii.lTTTri
IlodorV ill tho dtV. A fniu- 1,.lA
mid ulsteiM to b(! cloM-il rei'iirill..UJ
'01 r
i nni, JJ( nf V.'lIiKr ill iiiiriiMulM unl r..
I ----- UHM fIIIX
f-tock comphde hi all depm InicuU nneS
.linn oe ciohcii oui 111 jiimicd tiiao fr
cash. Jivc mo 11 cull and mivo mono
T.VhVtwtl' W. II. It.tiri.-ir
Ihithday cards at VurricU'n.
dno ;jt
J'l.yiT.SMOLTJi; May jyth, 1 bS.'f.
All mid IcI'owh arc nqtiefitcd to meet
til their hall on Wcdiicwhiy, May llOlli.
( 10:1101 row ) ut 2 :.lo o'clock for the pur'
p se ol joining in i.hiiHo with tho (. A,
in cel. brating Memorial day.
Uy order of Jami:s .McAVim.iam.s,
I'.I'.Oah, N(;
3. I5. SIMlOi,
CITY, of London,
QULLN.of Liverpool
F I H K.MAX FUND, of California
a m idticAN j;xi-ni;s8 CO..
W'M.I.';. KAKCO & CO. KXI'ltlCSN."
;. i.n. i.wo.i.i block, will. Johnson irua
losa-sl sales! il
If yon are wanting anv of tli above, now Ia
the time lo liny, h-i we mean business. All
otlies ynods at reniaikalily low
li ices.
'Good oods and Low
Is vvl;at rl every lime. Give us a call.
sells tho j tidily celebreelat RUSSELL
which embodies all the best feature'
of which art is master. Its excel
cclcncc is recognized by the
prominent furnishers
throughout the
The lioscm of the 1 csl hand
spun linen. The fit and work in;
sliiT unexcelled. 3Ia'e to ordea a
2 r-i l 5, Uii eJJ
t. t-i s ci c r
tho .
cither -i v
' i T. i t rrt -r
vo.o. o. o ML i il.
!erYa f iJUivjjiiO per a Mou
cVk oP a'"0own at
Aji"ivett .vtw2-t h, 188:5.
1 hour apj-td7ITty minutes.